The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1932
Page 8
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JJCATHRVIU/E. .(ARK.t .COURIER FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1932 *M y*',— ' , , ft ;Gounty Ginning £>'"£ More than Tenth S'™;, ' of State's Cotton * Ifl^steippl [county ginned slight- JjP ; B»re trum. >0 per cent of all th; &tton ginned In Arkansas prior to jinutiy IS, ind'slightly more than ' one'per ceut ol 811 the cotton gin..Bed In the .United States, according , U> the Utest »*port of the bureau : : of:the census. ' . . . ^'.•'•Mississippi oounty ginned 107,99: •' bUes prior to 'January 16, which Is ' more Uyan do'uble the record of any • "other'Arkansas county jxcspt Crit• UnoYn. which' ginned 85.615 bales -The WU1 for the state of Arkansas 'iits 1.6M.043 bales, while the total for the United!States was Just short of-16,000.000. Last year to the saint, 'date Mississippi county had ginned 99,922 bales, while the loial for the state was only 858,970. Following are the figures for the , : leading cotton counties of the state to' January 16 tills year and lor.l year. ',': 1932 1931 Ashley .. '. 25,105 Chicot 28,921 Cl»y 39,188 Columbia 36,021 Conway ;; 25,115 Ciilghead 65,486 Cilttcnden 85,615 Crbsi 30,278 Desna 29,085 fcaiilkner 38,635 Greene 25,318 Hempstead 29.1C4 Jackson *8,635 jeflerson 66,968 Lawrence 21,322 Let 33,<68 Llncphi 30,413 .Lonbke , 71.840 Mississippi ......;. 167,992 Phillips ..: 37,583 Poins«tt 60,187 Pulaskl 33,225 St. Francis 51,689 White 39,967 Weodruff 33,762 Ifell '25.452 18.287 20.88E 10.10' 13.85' 11,935 31.94 53.781 18,68' 17,40: 13.8GC 10,48" 13.31S 23,997 40.801 11.45' 22,16: 13,986 35,31 99.922 30,121 27.32' 19,22 33,96 16,43 17.49 13,87 1932's First Queen of May Elementary School News, The total enrollment, lit SiHrb'ury Mlwil ilurlng the llrst semester was .532. of whom 93 pupils were drbp- jpod. leaving a net enrollment, bl 439 i pupils. O( (lie M9 pupils 403 ware : passed to a higher grade and Z41 iwnre retained. Twelve were listsd,,os 1 mcster 179 were passed 'and 23 failed to advance. At Lange 200 werj promoted and seventeen retained. Tlic age grade table compiled for Central school showed 69 j>cr cent pupils of normal age, eighteen psr Cent under age and thlrlsen per cent over ugj. At Langc 07 pjr cent were normal. 27 tent over miri six per cent under age. Small mid-term classes i:nve caused the local system consHcr- nljle dlfflcnlty from an ndinlntstrn- Students of Ashlaix] College, Ashtund, O., may be n HUte ahead of themselves, but they've already nnmed Mary Ann Sciii'bsrougn. above, Queen of (he May us well ns the most lieautlful co-e;l ID school. Her home Is In Nova, O. SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN : - By WM. E. McKENNEV SecreUiy, Aiwriean BrUte L«t»e -.- We have heard a great deal about psychic'bidding at contract bridge • ir. trre past y«ar. Does It really pay? I : am practically convinced that very few—if any—psychic bids are rtally profitable. ; It is iiuUe true that you occasionally may make one that works •; idVi'ritageously and proluces very -.effective results. You have gained :«n -.that, one hand, but you imme: : fci«t«ly -set up. In your partner's ' nilhd « mental hazard. He Is fearful tbat, on the next temrt you m*y put In another psychic b!d and he Is forever endeavoring to pro- t«t 'your psychic bids. •I.havi heard many players, after a psychic bid goes wrong, 'condemn their partners <ahd say, "Well, he ' ought to-hare i known that it was : ' a "psychic. I wis In an Ideal position—third ham! with two passes— to make a r psychic and he should 'have looked-for it." Again yon wll 1 hear » good player say. "Well, I like to use psychics whan I am playing, with a .parlner who understands them." so.I am beginning to By SIS.TER MARY NEA Service Writtr Just what happens tQ trie mineral and vitamin content of various common vewUWcs when they are cooked? This subject has b:en studied hv a numlwr of investigators in nutrition and they have made SntcresUn« and valable ve.porls. Exnerlments have shown that the iietbod of cooking, the manner in which vegetables are cut for cook- the pxlent. o( swvfBce during cooklnir. (lie amount of wal- useii and lhe general care observed in cooking and serving have to Co with the loss 3C flavor minerals and' food value of cooked 7eectablcs. . The mineral loss for vcge'.nbles wonder If, evett when you are play• In^ with a "partner who fully, understands psychic bidding. If you are rteht and entitled - to use this method. ; '•i am almost convinced that psychic bidding between goor" bridee players today is part of a tvstem; e. g. all players using psychics will say "I never make a nsy- cWc bid second hani unless it i? overcalltnK an orlzinal bid bv mv opponent." The next remark yor hear Is. "Watch out for mv thin' hind bids—e=ireclallv mv third hand nn h-iimns." Tt is quit? true that an Intelligent player will not make f r*v.chic bid second hand If one of the bpoonents has nagged. It V»TK) docs not contain an original Wd. the chances are 5H-50 that hi 1 -Jassed among "roots nnd tutera' "s Itss thnn for (hose known n "stalks and leaves." Cnbljae;. eel beel-Rrecns End onions are t!:i heaviest IOETS o£ minerals durln rooking.- Although spinanh Inse none of its calcium. It, does tos* iiuch of its Iron content unles 1 nropcrlv ccxikcd. PracltcaU 1 ' "11 t>" Tiinerals lost from vcgciaKes re -nain in the wiier in which lhe> vfire cooked. This Is why it's si 'mnortanl fo utlliKC the water. The destruction of vitamins i Caused more generally bv exoo ot wise. Qutek cookini!, little wnt- r and the habit of cocking green having eniere-J vh'tlr grades too lals to he passed or : to \K considered as failures. Thteo pupils were double promoted. "' An age Krade table prepared for Sudbury school for lhe first semester showed Ga per ceiu of the pupils to be In their normal grade according to their UBS. Twenty per.tenl were ovc-r-age for their «rad«'and eleven )1;r >?nl wers.Jriffcr-ng'}. Nonnal fits Is considered us six and jsvcn years for lhe nrsl grad;;'seven anil eight years for the second grade; eight nnd nine years for.tlit third nraile, etc. A new system of Ktndlng was in- nui!ur:(l«I in the prlmnry grades'ol Hlie c:lty school for the past semes- jkr. Tlie letter system was discarded In fnvor nf Uic two designations. "saiKactory" nnd "unsallsmclbry." Fur Ihc- llrst semester the marks In the first three Grades at Sudliury totaled &t per cent "salts uiclory" ni:d 1(1 per cent "unsatisfactory." At umtral the ixjrcenta'j- •s in-erc 83 anil 17, respectively, !.-liile Lm^e rc'iiorled the same per :cntiiRjs as Sudbury, 84 nnd 10, respectively. The honor rolls for the grade 5c.Vic.ols were announced as follows: Lansic- schooli Fourth Rralc, Joe Rlicdcs and James McMnllen. Fifth grailL 1 . Wynema McDonald. Sixtt r.ra<ie, I.eora Mcl.cod, Sarah Pauline Kvrard. Catherine Johnson, Clnrlyne McLeod, Anita Stiracks, ClirLstine Turner, and Morse Koch- ttl?.ky. Sudbury: Fourth i-'rnde, Dorothy Cross, Mildred .Muir. Eugenia Crawford, Alice Hester. Amy Morris, .El- clse Ramey. Jack need, Belty Sa- llbn. Fifth grade, KMhryn Litvertv. Jovce Sumners. W. II. Davis, Jessie Miller mid Alica Sallbn. Sixlh grade, Bonnie Buchanan. Winifred Crawford, Sue Dainey. Jessie Llv- ngslon. and Jane McAdams. Central Ecliool: Fourth grade, Bille Leggctl. Hussell Farr and Har- cld Nnthnn Rosentlml. Fifth ijrnde, live standpoint. Due fo sriiall groups entcrhiy nt inld-temi and the dlf- ficulty of nlting them In the rched- uli-s |]roi);rly, the local system l« eliminating entering groups fo> January at lhe two smaller schools Central nnrt Lang?. The cli"--? ^-iu ic accepled at Sudbury unless they become toa small to Justify. If a ;rcii|) IE comuoscd of only ten twelve puulls It rsqutres as mi-h of the teachers time as docs a graun of JO or mars. Already some ot the groups hav become so small as to necessitate consolltfallnn .with olher schools. For instance Sudbnry has no 4n Control no -3B and Linve na fiB Ccntrnl had no sixth grade for I\K first femtster bill ha, a CB group Ihi.s semester. Central'win scon be- "imie rally a five sra"<lo" school The various schools arc working mlustrloiisly on their art work In ccntcfls during the spring under aiilicimtlon of lhe country wide the direction of MSss Winnie Vir- yll Turner, county supervisor. Proud I spent Wednesday aflermxm Kkron News Notes iJadick Wants Title at Stake with Canzoneri PHILADELPHIA. (UI')—.Johnny Jadlck will fight a return bout with Tony Canzonsil If the defeated champion is willing lo fight tor the HjjlilwctglU title now held by Cannone rl. j This , opinion was cxpr?ss;d by ! Johnny Bums, Kensington fishl •: promoter, who said lie hud first ; discovered ttie fistic ability of Ja- dlck in hh Cambria A. A. club. "While I am not his manaasi'," Burns said, "my nephew, Tommy j White, is and I know they'll lislan jlo me when I say not to fight un- ibis the title Is ai slake." PHILADELPHIA. (UP) — American Inventors Day. cue of tlie features, of th; Third International Patent Exposition, which v:i|] lie New Low Prices On Shoe Repairing ladies' Half Soles 50c with held at the Municipal Convention I Mr. and Mre. Paul Ford. Hnll. will be Held on Fob. 5. i Tom Hart mid Fred Mason mol• orcct lo caraway Tuesday on iws- i fncss. ' j Vetrum Aiusttn, small son of Mr. inul Mrs. Hanip Austin, has recovered, from an attack of loii- JilllllS. Nailed, Sewed or Vulciini/i-d Leather or ttubber Heels 25c Men's Half Soles Oak 65c 1'anco 75c I'rime Oak $1 Korry Kronie _- SI.25 Hex'Oak SI.50 Rubber or LeiUlier Heels 40c PROGRESSIVE 103 So. Second St. All puffed up on herself, no doubt, M»s. Sadie Necly'of Half Moon was " ttic Mary Eli " b?Ih p ' 5lds ° r ' had Mr. nnd Mrs, Raymond jor-: Ncw York whc " lhe c: " lierai " :i11 dan as her guests Sunday • '•"''•• A boy was born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom Hart January 24th Mrs. ~ •' Gosnell ml strong iulccil vet'ctables un- overed are excellent means of pre- erving color. The presence of so'.la as a destructive cnect ontlievltn- ilns and It tends to brsixk the colls f vecetables. mnklnc lliem miushy nd causing loss of fuel value, cerca Pr:ncl asked her to pose for this picture at Miami Beach, Fla. Bertha May . Stromer of and Miss EdUh. Reames nnd Mr. Willie Reames of Yarbro siKinl I ha weekend with Miss Ozeal Richardson. Mr. Sharp nnd family moved to this vicinity Thursday. Mrs. Roy Hart was the *v*k end aucsi of her daughter, Mrs AJvin Hruncs of 'Promised Land. ' • Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Walker, Paul Ford January 2.. Miss Annie Bell Ryan and Ellis Clarence , and Colic? Nichols were the dinner guests of Mrs. Walter Ryan Sunday. The young people of this community were entertained at the home, of Mr. anil Mrs. Tom Richardson Saturday evening. Mrs. Albert Samlford of BlytV?- ville Is spending lhe week with her sister. Mrs. Tom Harl. A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Glover AUCTION SALE Saturday, Feb. fith at 10 A. M. At the Dilliihuuty Farm, one-half mile north of Yarbro we will offer at auction the following: 10 .Mules 5 Wakons 1 Lot of Miscellaneous Farm (equipment Including Cultivators, Stalk Cutters and all kinds .1 of Turning Plows and Middle Breakers ALL SALES FOR CASH . Mrs. G. W. Dillahunty Tomorroiv's Henu BREAKFAST: Apples, cooked with (IRS. cream, omelet, toast, milk, coltce. LUNCHEON: Corn fritters, svnip creamed celery, rye bread, raspberry gelatine, cookies, milk, tM. DINNER: Bnkcd white fish, I0]>ed sweet jwlntoes. broccoli wil'i Dutch saure. French endive salad, aprlcol whip, milk, coffee. Delia Fay Sykes and B111I2 Brewer. There is no sisth grade at Central The seines'.cr honor roll for. Sud- bnry include;! five pupils. Dorothy Cross. Mildred Muir and Amy Morris ot the fourth grade and Bonnie Buchanan and Sue Ramey ol the sixth grade. Of the 202 pupils on the Central school rolls at the close of the is- Courier News w»nt Arts Pnv GEMTHEATRE Friday and Saturday Matinee— 2:30 - Nteht— G:<l r Adm.— Matinee- and Night— 10 and 25c =ure to the air than by heating hut not all the vitamins are sus •eptiblc to these factors. A olan -ourcc of vilamln A Is less linhi inl'irv by exposure to air th^n in animal source, is. In fuel, nw>' oorts suffer little loss of vitamin A vhen properly cooked. Acldifr Saves B Vitamin Vitamin B remains unchanged by heat- as lone as the natural ncidltv if food is maintained. As the acid s neutralized this vitamin is rap- destroyed and Its destruction may become complete In a'strongly ilkallne solution within an hour. Exposure to air and the duration •>f the healing parted have marked effect on the destruction of vita- '• •nin C. Heat alone, even at n high | temperature. ' causes but a small i holds as many pood cards inercentagc of los? of vitamin C in and he should not | foods. Prolcnecd cooking. Is the cause of inntrccssary loss of all three vitamins. So far as is known, vitamins D ind E are likely to be affected by irdlnary cooking methods. Baking is rccognl?«l as ! •nethod of preserving all mineral*. Next conies steaming or pressure osv-1 -.coking. The method which laser 'tie skin cf the cook Is the one 3f cooking in as .small an nmoun* if water ns is possible to prevent burning until the vegetable is tcn- ier and letting lhe water rook awa<- until only enough is left to molster '•he vegetable- for sen-lire. Tti!' •nethod closely resembles stcamlne "or most of the extracted nutrient; to the vegetable. Both flavor and mineral conten 1 See 'Alias the Bad Man' wilh Ken Maynard And His Hoi-se Tavzan Also Serial and Cartoon Sunrlay and Monday Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 30c «s hi.i •-:'» in a hw t.hut mav deceive him TPtb-rt hand. aPer two nisses. if w'iir: hurrt contains IC?F than Hl"Vs._it. !•: or'v ril'^al to »<*um -1h»t. ..fourth hand tm a bia rvnlmmn nt this, nclnf vniir' noivin^n'c frirn nrr . ir^TTnp_T,incr HfOoratlcn. *«. *TO Writ', or belt''-, rhlr thir h 9 "' 1 's i TWIT h'H Sr all nro^ihWIy '-on anf \»i P'r rio'v Void en n| ^^li fli'"-V Ire strength to tfrm « <">mc hv thr '<*~^."ent.<: if thev Fhould bid. ;-.'ir«T« u nn ouosl'mn h)it t'n?' r«»<*|r. hM^lnv << ttirill'ne. an" 1 »-!?«n wwrlT t'm""). >irM uc ti v » tf P*f_. r^flOts. hi)* T fi^rnlv bell^v 1^»t.' ^H««(h result* *11^ tK«»r> r>fT^*. In t^e folfowln*? hand rm vour Trtrtn«T*<; fallnrt, to p^nl* *vr to Alqrn ^*oa i ".' i nf tV» that cnnr tw pflrtn" vr»* ^^^^i*- (Copyrtijlit. 1 is ft r^v piilrAc: <a fqr the expert ire retained if vegetables arc rook- d whole and in thoir "lackels" i-henever it's at all possible. Th- more cut surface that is exnw luring cooking, the greater the !os- flavor and minerals. If vcsela s must be cut. cutting their P^rvice. Inc.! j'engUiwlse rather than crosswis Increases lhe losses. After vegetables ere prepared fo :ooktnii they should not b; nllnwe n stand in wMer for a !on« tlm .cwnpwty aid. |sojoilrn In water before cookin e . Tf.c custom of uddlris soia |preser\'f th° color nf vcaeUWe; RITZ Last Time Today'' Mntiucr—2:30 - Night— Aclm.—Matinee—10 and 30c Night—10 and 35c SEE 'Forbidden' with Barbara Stanwyck Also Cartoon and Comedy Saturday Only 1:30 Continuous to 10:00 SEE Tenrod and Sam' with Leon Janiiey Also Ncw Serial—"Galloping Ghost", and Cartoon. Children Under 12 Years Admitted for uc Adults—2oc KROGER STORE Bargains For Friday, Saturday and Monday PURE LARD 5-Lb. Limit Lb.3c With 50c Meat Purchase Other Than Pure Lard Sundav and Mondav \dm.—Matinee antl Night— 15 and 40c Together agnin — The Most Romantic Lovers on the 'Screen! Armour's Lb. lOc 2-Lb. Limit With 50c Purchase of Meat Other Than Sliced Bacon SUGAR Pure Cane I In Cloth Bags Limit 10 Lbs. 45c Fryers »^ Hens Sirloin Steak K. C. Baby Iteef ( Fresh and Tender Pound CHEESE Wisconsin Cream Lb .17 CHITTERLINGS 10 Lbs. GOc 5-Lb. Pail SPARE RffiS Lb. 8 AH for Fun — Fun for All! Laffs A-I'lcnlv: WWKSS I Like Your Nerve with _ T.orella Young Also Mows nml Comedy MATCHES Swan Full Count 6 Boxes lie PICKLES Sour or Dill Quart 19c SALT MEAT Lb. PORK ROAST . Ideal to Slice I,I). 9' J BEEF ROAST K - cT S, B r bf . BEANS Pinto, Navy or Great Northern. Lb. CRACKERS C. C. 2-Lb. Carton 19 C BROOMS 5-String- Special Each SALMON Chum 2 Cans 15 C Pineapple Libby's Rosctiale No. 2'/ 2 Can Can I2\c Corn Pride of Illinois 2 Can. 3 Can Limit an 9c LETTUCE Firm Head Each APPLES Delicious Lb. 5 ( Swe«t Plain or Mixed Sweel ORANGES Large Florida Dozen BRUSSELL SPROUTS RADISHES Fresh Runch 5 ( ORANGES Smail Russett Dozen W SPINACH Crisp and Tender Lb. 7 1(J / 2 CABBAGE New Texas.Green L'o. 4 C GREEN BEANS Fresh ;*. 12 OYSTER PLANT Fresh Bunch ID 1 Quart 25c 8 Pound Pail SOUP Vanilla Wafers Ib. 19c Van Camp's Tomato Can 5 C I FIG BARS Pork & Beans Country CJub 16-Oz. Can 5c r -SKES3 Grapefruit Fey. Juicy Fla. 5 for

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