The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1967 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1967
Page 2
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BIythevllIe (Arfc.) Courier News — Thursday, January t, 1967 — Pagt Thret Zanuck Decides To Get Tough By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer Second of five articles on the revival of 20th Century-Fox NEW YORK (AP)-Darryl F. Zanuck moved swiftly after 20th Century-Pox summarily canceled his independent production of "The Chapman Report" in 1961. The producer took the project t» his old boss, Jack L. Warner, who agreed to release the film through Warner Bros. Zanuck's son Richard moved to the War- ner studio to produce the movie that had been rejected by economy-minded members of the Fox board of directors. It proved to be only a fair success. Zanuck the elder was devoting his efforts to a war epic, "The Longest Day." Again he found himself up against the Wai Stret-dominated board of directors. He had to present his script and budget for approval, and the directors were reluctant to okay his production estimate of $5 million, plus overhead that i might add another million. The board finally approved the film but insisted that big- name stars be included in the :ast for bbxoffice insurance. Zanuck agreed. By May of 1962, he had finished most of the, photography on "The Longest Day." He was ileased with it. He recognized he movie as his one great chance to regain the $4-million losses of his previous independent films and to redeem his reputation as a movie maker. But he was worried about how 20th Century-Fox would release FIRST m '67 — Theresa Ann Golatt, age three days, poses with her parents, Earnest and Bernice Galott of 620 Shivers Street. Theresa, born 9:15 a.m. Jan. 1 in Chickasawba Hospital, is the first child reported born in a Blytheville hospital this year. The Galotts have four other children, ranging in ages from four years to 11 months. (Courier News Photo) Hal Boyle By JAMES E. WALTERS MEDIA, Pa. (AP) — For a guy who was just able to tell a penguin from a pigeon, I've been getting a liberal education about birds. Also squirrels. It's likely to prove an expensive lesson, too — with me as the pigeon. And one extending into the foreseeable future. It all began as a family project. We had noticed a shortage of Japanese beetles and an abundance of birds in our yard during the summer, the birds must be etting the beetle grubs, we concluded, and decided to reward them with a feeding station during the winter months. There also was the hope the beetle-eating birds would stay around for another summer, of course. A quick inspection of available bird feeders - and their cost — prompted a decision to build one. This came to $2.10 in redwood and screws — plus about five hours of Daddy's time. It was installed on a fence post about four feet outside the kitchen window and filled with 49 cents worth of wild birdseed. One day ; passed, and another, with nary a bird. Finally one brave little fellow circled around the feeder and landed on a nearby tree. A couple others joined him. But they flew away without eating. The next day was the big one. What a joyous moment it was . when the wife, breathless, raced upstairs to report that a bird actually had landed on the feeder and was taking tentative pecks at the seed. We stood there, hand in hand, feeling like parents seeing their first baby together for the first time. And then the word got around to the feathered world — and to the squirrels in a neighbor's big tree. Soon the bird feeder looked like the flight deck of a carrier, with birds taking off and landing every minute. I bought five more pounds of seed, this batch with a few more big sunflower seeds that the big blue-colored birds with top knots-blue jays, we were sure-seemed to like. That was another mistake. The blue-colored birds promptly began pushing aside the rest of the seed to get at the big seeds, knocking smaller seeds all over the ground and creating a meat. For some reason other birds refused to eat much of the stuff on the ground, preferring that in the feeder. We bought another five pounds of seed. Then we discovered two squirrel* iprawled «erois the feeder, their nom buried in Mwi. If chased away, they'd return as soon as we would leave. Our seed bill mounted daily. Maybe it would be well to forget the entire project? That's not really fair, said the man selling the bird seed. The birds, conditioned to accepting the free food, will not bother to hunt food and may starve during the remaining cold months. LONGEST GUN, in the non-Communist world at least, is this 120-foot cannon weighing 200 tons, to be used in high atmosphere research (or the U.S. Army by Martin Company. The gun will fire a barium "bomb" that releases a luminous vapor clone) to measure electric fields and wind velocities a hundred mfles above the earth. Not* Of Men In Service Lieutenant Danny M. Pugh, lias recently completed the AQIR University's Squadron Officer School at Maxwell AFB, Ala. His wife Darlene is from Ca- ruthersvilto. Sgt. James M. Tucker, ion of Mrs. Viola Tucker, Route 3, Blytheville, it serving with tht 9th Infantry Division'! 3rd Brigade in Vietnam. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chick asawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Freda Paxton, Plaintiff, vs. No. 17054 Edward Earl Paxton, Defendant The defendant, Edward Earl Paxton, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Freda Paxlon. Dated this 21st day of December, 1966 at 10:30 o'clock A.M. GERALDINE LJSTON, Clerk By Betty Coats, D.C. Ed B. Cook, Attorney Percy A. Wright, Atty Ad Litem 12-22, 29, 1-5, 12 "The Longest Day," which by now had cost $8 million. The company was still pouring millions into "Cleopatra" and was in the process of losing $50 million in a two-year period. It as taking desperate measures to avoid insolvency. The entire Westwood studio property was sold for $43 million; (lie back lot went for a real estate development, and the studio buildings were retained at a $1.5-million annual rental. After taxes, the remaining $32 million from the land sale soon vanished to make up losses. Feature films were sold off to television, and oil was pumped from fields under the studio. "Fox is liable to sell off "The Longest Day' fast to get money coming in," Zanuck was told by his adviser, attorney Arnold Grant. He suggested hiring of Zanuck's own salesmen to oversee 20th-Fox's deals with theaters, so the company would go for long-range profit, rather than a quick buck. Zanuck agreed. In May of 1962, Spyros Skour- as was re-elected president of 20th Century-Fox, though he had undergone surgery and appeared to be losing power to other board members. Samuel Rosenman, a major adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, became chairman. Zanuck went to Rosenman with his proposal for an independent sales force to handle "The Longest Day". Rosenman rejected the suggestion, and then indicated that he had another appointment. As he left the meeting, Zanuck's temper flared. He said to Grant: "I'm going back." On June 2«, 1962, Zanuck hurled the gauntlet. He issued a press statement declaring (hat the Fox board and its executive committee had taken over running the company and most members "have had no experience in the motion picture industry." What the company needed, he said, was "a new president, new policy, complete reorganization of every department and branch." Zanuck concluded: "I have been inaudible lor entirely too long. Now, as the largest sinjle individual stockholder, I intend to make my position clear on all major matters." Next: The battle won with invisible aid from Howard Hughes. Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Thursday, Jan. 5, the fifth day of 1967. There are 360 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1781, Benedict Arnold, Colonial general and of the Union message. In 1952, the United States signed an agreement to provide $5 million to India for technical economic aid. Ten year ago President Dwight D. Eisenhower appeared before a joint session of Con- traitor, as a British brigadier | gress to ask for authority to use general led a naval expedition | U.S. armed forces to resist any which burned and plundered Richmond, Va. On this date: In 1608, the Indians captured Capt. John Smith. In 1903, the last spike in the Great Northern Railroad track was driven in at the east-west junction point in the Cascade mountains. In 1933, former President Calvin Coolidge died. In 1949, President Harry Truman first called his administration the "Fair Deal" in his State Communist aggression in the OH THE BEST BUY Are you overpaying for pain relief? An agency of the U.S. Govt. authorized tests of 5 leading pain relief tablets. -. found none stronger or faster than St. Joseph Aspirin. Yet St. Joseph Aspirin costs less than half as much as "extra ingredient" products in test. It's 100% pure pain, relief power. Contains no added caffeine or drugs you may not need. Get St. Joseph Aspirin,.and get... Middle East. Five years ago - • The French government stationed armed reinforcements throughout Paris to cope with left- and right-wing agitation that appeared to threaten public order. One year ago — The former Senate Democratic majority secretary, Bobby Baker, was indicted on nine federal counts oE tax evasion, conspiracy and other offenses. Read Courier News Classified: HOHEFASTIR. STRONGER! ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN NONE SAfER, PURER! Dr. Fred O. Wagner announces the opening of his office at a new location for the general practice of DENTISTRY At 519 WEST MAIN Blytheville, Arkansas Office Hours By Appointment 8a.m.-5 p.m. Monday thru Saturday Telephone PO 3-1000 mm Featuring Nationally Famous Cannon Products Stock Up Now At Big Savings! 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