The Times from San Mateo, California on May 15, 1965 · Page 6
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 6

San Mateo, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1965
Page 6
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4 - JtnHalM lljr. 'Cfntrtf BUSY BEES A cluster of boost formed around this signal - light standard at the intersection of Broadway and Hamilton Avenues in Redwood City yestcrdav. Pedestrians gave the light a wide berth. Earlier last week birds imilt a nest in the popular Redwood City standards. (Times Photo) Lettuce 'Like Gold' In Happy Salinas - SALINAS HP) - Salinas Valley lettuce has turned into green gold this year because of favorable n eal her here and poor crop elsewhere. ; "Farmers arc getting triple the price they did a year ago and harvesting almost twice as much. It's simply a case ot supply and demand, says Harold Writers, head of the Federal State Market News Service office. . "Overall lettuce supplies in the country are lighter," Writer says. "There's good demand In the East. The Salinas Valley crop matured early this year and got a late start last year." This combination boosted the f.o.b. average weighted price this week of S3.B3 a carton of 2t heads. A year ago it was $1.24 and two years ago S1.08. Lettuce prices bounce around Actress Weds In Las Vegas LAS VEGAS, NEV. fUPI - Actress Angle Dickinson and Burt Bacharach were married here early today in a brief and simple ceremony at the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel. The ceremony was performed at 3:30 a.m. by the Rev. James Whitehead. Best man was television actor David Nelson of the "Oizic and Harriet" television scries and his wife, June, acted as brides maid. The nowlyweds did not an - nounte plans for a honeymoon are listed in the "Summer Camp" column in today's Classified Advertising section Saturday. Hey 15, 1965 from day to day. And they vary sharply according to size and quality. The 24 heads to a carton is Me large size. Car - lot shipments as reported by FSMNS Friday were 2,344 for the season compared to 1,616 in the late maturing crop of last season. Peak harvest is stilt two weeks away for Salinas Valley. or source of summer let' luce" which farmers Deem lo harvest in April. Salinas Ietluce commands pre mium prices. Thursday, for c ample, prices were running 14,00 S4.50 here compared with $3.00 to $3.25 in Santa Marra, and $1.25 in Arizona where pro duction was "not heavy. Lettuce growers hero have not been involved in the agricultural cry for importation of Mexican workers heard so much from California farmers since the Dec. 31 end of the braccro pro gram. They've found adequate' domestic crews at $1.40 an hour1 it was $1.05 a year ago and 32 cents a carton on a piecework basis which brings substantially higher pay for experienced BELLTIINGEK IS TIRED PISA. Italy (AP) - An electric system is being installed to ring the bells in Pisa's famous Lean tng Tower, and It is going to save Ezio Ghllardl a lot of climbing. Every day for years the last bcllringcr of the tower climbed the 293 steep steps to ring the belts. Judge Mulls Ruling On Senate Switch SACRAMENTO (UPI) - The! California State Senate's re - ouesl for a state court ruling on reapportionment rested to day with a judge wtio saia it might be "pulling the cart be fore the horse." Superior Court Judge Frank . Finnegan heard arguments Friday on a motion to throw the senate might be acting prematurely by seeking a ruling before the legislature has enact - i a reapportionment diij. The senate's court action is aimed at obtabwe a State Su preme Court ruling on which of tne state constitutional provisions on senate districts, if any, Still stand. The question arises because e senate is under federal court order to remap its coun ty - Based districts on a population basis by July 1. Law Violations II is imoossible. to da this without violating at least s of ihe provisions of the State Constitution, such as the ones limiting a county to one senator and a senator lo no mare than three counties. However, other provisions, such as the one prohibiting the division of a county into districts, are in question, The senate has passed to . the assembly a bill violating sever - sta'e constitutional provi sions including these three. If the isumbly amends It, It will have to return to the senate. Attorney Phill Stiver, whose original icdcrat court sun re suited In the order for the sen to reapportion, told the Judge thai the current senate action should be dismissed be - Muse li'e senate already had voted on its bill, making the question "moot. No Controversy Afier the judge qucstlncd whether it was proper for the court to rule before trie legislature had completed action. Silver then added he considered Ihe senate suit "premature. He said the reapportionment plan was "not yet ripe tor adjudication." Selvin replied that Ihe senate was not seeking a ruling on its bill, but on general constitution at provisions governing what it might become. He said the leg islature should not be asked to gamble" on passing a possibly Burns Staffs Cow Palace Burns Detective Agency ptoyes will take over security duties at Ihe Cow Palace June a job handled far years by oti - o;uty sncmrs deputies. Sheriff Earl B. Whitmore said loday that he was notified of the change by Ed Dlran, Cow Palace manager. Diran's office confirmed the report. The move had been contcm - nlated for some time. Sheriff's Capt. A. B. Prara said it was understood when he took over chief of the security force a year ago that the job would tie temporary. He said he was told it was an economy move, uit - cmy depu ties get $3 an hour, whereas the Bums agency will get $2.50. Daly City police will continue to handle crime investigations and make arrests. Patricia Neal Going Home . HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Ac tress Patricia Neal, who nar rowly escaped death from three major strokes Feb. 17, will leave for her home in London Monday. Miss Neal, 1953 Academy Award winner for "Hud," was temporarily paralyzed and her speech was affected by the strokes. She was at one lime listed in "very critical" condition, Successful brain surgery led to the dramatic recovery, according to writer Raold Dahl, her husband. Miss Neal is expecting a child In July. VANITY 5 - Day Special! J O00 include! OPEN SATURDAYS PENINSULA WOOD PRODUCTS 138 1 7th Ave., S.M. unconstitutional measure. Selvin cited legal precedents, emphasizing a recent (jolorado reapportionment case where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled mat trie r'nte courts should settle state constitutional questions on an already - approved reap - psrtloiimcnt plan there. Federal Suit Silver coubted that 'he senate admittedly unhappy over the reapportionment order nao ac - ed in "gcod faith" by bringing the stale action while .'u appeal senate could return to Ihe fed eral court for more guidance, Mr. Silver can ignore the Constitution of the State of cal ifornia with a wave of his hand, but the legislature cannot," Sel vin said. Flmegan questioned whether, a controversy yet existed which me court couia juagc. Selvin said It did because there were differing views on what the legislature's rcappor tionmcnt plan should, include. FRANCES PERKINS First Woman Member of Cabinet Dies NEW YORK (UPI) - Fran ccs Perkins, S3, who as the na tion's first woman cabinet member led the U.S. Labor De partment through the hectic New Deal era, died here Friday night. Miss Perkins went lo Wash Ington in 1933 as Franklin D Roosevelt's secretary of labor She resigned in 1045 after ho!d ing the top labor post longer man any otner person in nis lory. A spry, dark - haired, dark eyed woman of New England heritage. Miss Perkins did not permit repeated public ana pri vale attacks to deter her from playing a leading role in pro moting landmark social legisia tion', including Social Security and unemployment insurance, during the bleak depression years. There were 15 million unemployed In the country a the time. Miss Perkins entered a hospl lal two weeks ago for a routine examination. While there she suffered a stroke. At the time of her death, Miss Perkins was lecturer the New York state School of Industrial Relations at Cornell University, She did not stray from the public eye after leaving the La bor Department. Former Pres ident Harry S Truman appoint ed her lo the Civil Service Commission in 1946, an assign ment she held until 1953 Miss Perkins maintained her Interest in current issues until her death. She had pushed hard for national health care insur ance in her era. When It was passed by the House last month, she recalled that almost got it during the New Deal days." Asked once if her sex had ever handicapped her In public life, she replied dryly, "yes, in climbing trees." Although Miss Perkins achieved a national reputation as a sociologist before entering the Washington scene, it was her connection with FDR that brought her fame. ' CABINET 360 Teachers Face Firing in Union Fight SOUTH BENDInd. (API - While opposing sides argue effects of a classroom boycott, school board officials prepare contract terminations today for 360 union teachers. Members of Ihe American Federation of Teachers, AFL - CIO, who have refused since Tuesday to teach, voted again Friday to stand firm on their demand for face - to - face negotiations with school authorities. "It's no longer a question of salary and money," said George T. Bull, federation local president. "It is a question of Ihe right to negotiate and discuss with the school board." School Supt. Alex Jardlne, who warned that teachers not returning Friday would be fired. ordered attorneys to prepare contract terminations. Jardlne he expected notices to be in the mail today. The teachers III have 45 days lo appeal. No classes have been can celed by the boycott as parents, administration personnel, re tired teachers and even some gifted pupils filled the gaps. However, one school official reported a sharp increase in disciplinary problems. Some mothers kept their children from school, saying they feared trouhle. There is definitely very little learning going on," Bull charged. "We hope the public is aware Ihe schools are merely babysitting with Ihe children." He said the school board had difficulty filling jobs last fall and "we don't see how they can restore the schools to qualify education by firing 360 of the city's 1,400 teachers." Jardlne countered, "We can do very well. We have many retired teachers, a large supply substitutes and volunteers from all over the area who want help staff our schools. They're doing a good job." Jardine said, "The l.ioo stai warts who remained on the Job' are displaying much more intelligence than the striking teachers." Federation teachers began their classroom boycott alter the school board adopted a $5, - 200 wage scale for beginners with bachelors degrees. $200 above the present salary but $200 below union demands. Local Leaders Head Council Several San Mateo County leaders were elected to positions with the Bay Area council re cently during the organization's annual dinner. Established In 1945, the Bay Area Council is a voluntary or ganization supported mainly by business and industry, with add cd participation by leaders in government, civic affairs, labor and education. Its purpose civic and economic development of tne nine - county Hay Area. County Vice President is Mel vin B. Lane, president. Lane Book Company. A vice chair man of the council is William E Roberts, president, Ampcx Cor poratlon. Elected to the Board of Governors were Charles Black, as sistant to .the president, Ampex Corporation: Supervisor T, Louis Chess; J. Hart Clinton, presl dent, San Mateo County Development Association and editor and publisher of The Times; T. J. Hallinan, vice president, Title Insurance and Trust Company; William C. Hern, vice president, Colonial Bakeries, Inc.; Frank B. Ingersoll, attorney, Carr, McClellan, Ingersoll and Thompson; Redwood City mps Mayor John Rosselll; E, R. Stalllngs, county manager, and James A. Wood, publisher, Bur - lingame Advance Star. BUILDING? JSL i Si or REMODELING ? I IMPROVE Why mevel Let our experts Improve your home. We'll handle everything, from start lo finish. Work It guaranteed. Nothing down; low monthly terms. Give us cell fodeyl FREE ESTIMATES ROBERT CONLEY CONSTRUCTION CO. CALL ANYTIME i - 9332 347 - 0220 967 - 0929 eeeeea ' SOPRANO SECTION is shown rchcarsi tig for Mozart Requiem to be presented Sunday evening at 8 p.m. at the Firs t Congregational Church of San Mateo. AssemblyMen Set Election The San Carlos First Assem bly of God Church at 737 Walnut Street announces It will have a special weekend of services. Pastor Mclvin Grams states that the activities will begin with the Men's Fellowship of the churcb having their election ight on this evening at 7:29 p.m. Officers of the organlza tion for the coming year wil be chosen. The meeting will be held at 2343 Brittan Avenue, San: Carlos. Mrs. Ethel Snooks. Sunday1 school supt., announces that the Loyalty Campaign of the faun - day School will continue with emphasis on the "family altar" tomorrow at 9:45 a.m. The nev erend Grams will give a presen tatlon on the need for and es tablishment ot the family altar. In the morning worship serv ice Ihe Reverend Grams an nounces he will speak on "The Spirit of Praise." at 11 a.m. AskMexican Workers for Melon Crop SACRAMENTO (AP) - Some 919 Mexican Nationals have been requested by Director of Employment Albert B. Tieburg to work in Ihe East Riverside County fields to help In harvest ins melons. Tieburg, who said Friday the request was forwarded to Sec rotary of Labor W. Wirtz, declared Ihe action was taken in anticipation of a labor shortage In the area In June. ' "We shall continue the all - out recruitment of domestic labor that has been under way all year, but every present In dication Is that we also snail need foreign labor for the meton harvest," Tieburg said. The state's labor troubles be gan with the end of the bracero program, uec. Ji. In addition, Tieburg has re - ouestcd that 3,213 braceros be Imported to help harvest the Salinas valley strawoernes ana the San Joaquin asparagus, Wirtz has yet to act on any of the requests and ras asserted that all sources ot domestic la bor should first be tapped, The only foreign workers em ployed on California farms are 342 JaDanese Nationals and 80 Filipino Nationals in the Salinas area; 408 Japanese in the San Joaquin delta; and 94 Japanese pulling tomato transplants in the Coacnciia vauey. In map making, the time honored Mercator projection shows the world as a flattened cylinder with the polar areas stretched out as wide as the Equator. Thus Mercator maps depict Greenland as twice the size of South America though It actually is only slightly larger than Mexico. YOUR HOME NOW! Mozart Requiem Here Tomorrow Ths Mozart Requiem will be presented tomorrow evening at the Congregational Church of San Mateo, with the 60 - volcc Chancel Choir directed by Patricia Hudson. The string orchestra Implementing the choir Includes: Lawrence Short, Gall Waring, Kris Weckenthlcn, Jean Featherstone; Hobert Fcatherslone, Alice Powell, Ja - net Doughty, Eltcn MlndcJ, Gay Currier, Ellen Foley, Alan Clark, Carolyn Mcintosh, Kathy Ranney. S. Leslie Grow Be at tne lasavant organ. Aid Doubles Viet Rice, Pig Output WASHINGTON (AP) - Presl - 1 dent Johnson needled the Wash ington press corps Friday as he spoke informally to members of the American Association of School Administrators in the White House rose garden. Johnson reiterated portions of a speech he made Id the nation Thursday in which he said the United States has helped South Viet Nam double its rice and pig production. "You don't read about any of those things," the President said, "It's awfully hard to get them printed." But, he said, the press demands Instead that the govern ment provide a briefing officer to tell how many planes dropped how many tons of bombs. And if the government doesn't comply. he said, "they'll subpoena us up to the Hill - the Freedom of Information Committee Until barbed wire was Intro duced about 1880 the gTeat plains were an open area dom inated by cattlemen who could control the natural watcrnolcs with hired gunmen. BBeK I took a Helicopter Ride, ate Hot Dogs - and Daddy bought me a BICYCLE af - COJMff BUY - SELL or SWAP SUNRISE to SUNSET SATURDAY & SUNDAY 12000 BERRYES5A RD. AT SAN JOSE NEAR 13th and the; BAY5HORE . THIS COUPON GOOD For One PARKING TICKET EDEE DRAWING FOR AMFM rilCE TRANSISTOR RADIO a SilurdiTi onlr Olrer iiplnt Jim i, IHJ ! mm m J Soloists include: Gertrude Spalding, Zelta Adams, Inge - borg France, Edward Adams. Lucius . Crumnne, and Mark Baer. Members of the Chancel Choir are Zelta Adams, Ileen' Allison. Norma Jean Bomar, Jane Chat - Naomi Eide. Lois Eloson, Doris Evans, Jnne Fairchild, Trudi Friend. Shirley Hayes, Louise Henderson, Patricia Housholder, Nancy Howard, Ann Hullberg, Ellen Kumraer, Elizabeth McConaughy, Karen Paulsen, Mary Parker, Haiti Recs, Gertrude Spalding, Carol Stromquist, Valna Van Duker, Bonnie Williams. Constance Achilles, Virginia Blumer. Emma Crawford, Margaret Doc. Dlddy Edison. Mary Jane Foltn, Ingeborg France. Mary Haylock, Joanne Jeremiah, Helen Kelso, Alice Koyen, Marilyn Mariel, Posey Mooney, Clara Reeve, Caroline Rcinke, Margaret Slonelake, Edward Adams, Philip Bar ton, John Boozer, Ford Cooke, Lucius Crumnne, Darryl Lewis, Fletcher Means, Walter Delano, Edward Edison, Winlield Fair - child, Frank Haylock, Edward Hoy, Edwin Howard, Ralph Kummer, Richard McConaughy, McKay McKinnon, William Mooney," Charles Recknagel, Robert Reinkc. Paul Reshatoff.i Wallace Ruland. and Ashton White. ' I RUG CLEANERS Dl 3 - 1431 OX 7 - BB45 JU 3 - 2113 1585 EL CAMINO REAL MILLBRAE Remember, Mr. Bene Gr"e 1m Clean . . . So 15 on Cath and Carry tug Cleaning

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