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Passaic Daily Herald from Passaic, New Jersey • Page 12
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Passaic Daily Herald from Passaic, New Jersey • Page 12

Passaic, New Jersey
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telephone passaic 2000 Tin; DAILY III AIJ), WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 30. 1 IWCZ TWELVE CLOTHES FOR THE SOUTHLAND I 1 'X 1 'I 1 I Nevo of City of Clifton School Estimate Board to "The Dock of New York" fel0 will he or ih lat tute 1 morrow fe compM chan, will 9ie bg do Krl Oi. pheunt aria wiil appear headed the popular cifJun Cen Broadi'Urct and ron in Pirates Ien. I-Kt IV ffe Worlds great. cun, I sen in a comedv foMy At Heniy A Co, in "The Renreesa "Tie Three G-od Night Barnd Follies" and In novelty set will sire appear T' photoplay is Rid Chaplin tn "Rklrfs Runda. srnlversvy wrek jrin be inaugurated with atx super headline ta. Mae Murrsv Is coming aon in tjerin Adv. CAPITOL, PA58A1C. Victor Hugos furnous eUir "The Man Vtho Ls-ugls." is to the Capitol Theatre tanot-mw lo begin a three-day showing it is a drama of Jove inrtgue arid psMlon and is ular, huge and magnificent. The leading parts sre played by Conrad Veldt and Manr 1'htlbtn. 'Ths Msa Who sound production, was tw yeats in tha making and ha been car ed on of the outstanding picture of the current theatrics! sessn by critics who hsxe seen it. Tne picture is so long that Its lari presentation will begin nightly at Ml With "Th Man Who Laugh' will be comedy. "Bumping Along." Lynn Cowan, famous master of ceremonies, wl! I heard rd seen on the Vltaphon, and there will be a Movietone new On Sunday Milton Sill will open in 'The Barker adv. Would Exclude Thoe Suffering from Cold from Public Schools A circular has been rwelvrd If feuperintendmt of Rchool Georgs Smith from Dr. Jreland, head of ths health department of the Rials leprtmnt Of Education, requesting that all rhlidrsn with evidences of colds be excluded from the hoola. Thla order woe given to protect the students in schools from the Influence spread Huprltitendrnt femlth attended a confrsme of principals and su-prtntendarvts In the Newark Kur-trial Hchool Ut Friday when Dr Ireland outlined th new hesltJ) and safety program which has been prepared at the request ef Dr Charles Eiflot, commissioner of education. Latin Club Present "The White Slave Tt, Latin Cluh. nf Clifton lllfh hool, presented short play "The White Slave" at the close of school New Law Would Create Commission to Study Question of Rural Roads Fashions crested for southland wter an? "diffarenV enough to refreshingly new, but not radically what hat been wore. Certain ensembles have, instead of the coata worn lately, little IIh tack jacket. Tho dreto ia different because of change in lines that give drooping movement Tithe mid-silhouetto toward tho back nd concentrate some of tho lullnc at tho back tho akirL Two of Monaiour Lolong'o model for the southland art sketched. The Dhows WHATTHfc; MANAGERS SAY ABOUT THEM MONTAUK, PAifiAIC. Today will clos th engagement Eddie Iarrio and his all collegiate show. Georg Bancroft In Trsnton, Jon 10 (Ay) How to puli more tnsn one-third Nw Jerseys farms out of th mud Is ths problem to be solved by commission proposed by Governor Morgan F. Iron. To carry out a pledge mad In lha Governor a inaugural address to aid ths farmer in alt ways pos-slhls, Assemblyman Wlllinm If Knight Camden, majority leader, introduced a Joint resolution creating commlMlon to study ths question of rural roads. Th development of a program of secondary road Improvement and methods of financing am improvement are among th leading subjects which wouid bo considered. A study of the rural road problem by the Rtat Department of Agriculture disclosed that of the II miles of unimproved highways. 1 17 miles were township roads Many of thee wer Impassable for motor vehicles during certain seasons of ths year. "In large majority of townships the ros4 under the supervision of th local committee sre being give the asms treatment that they received when horses comprised th mHv power for both passenger and farm products," William Duryee, fetat secretary of agriculture, said In hia annual report. "It la now recognised that these method! ard antiquated and that there la an Insistent demand for some belter method of township road maintenance so that these may serve as feeders to ths main highway sjitem" Th secretary said that ths de 7rg HOUSE OP TALM7ES X. ,4 A STANLEY FABIAN THEATRE TOMORROW TO SUNDAY, INCLUSIVE Meet The Board ef fechaol Estimate will hold an imfmrtant meeting this afternoon at 4 clock in the office of My William P. Jordan In the City HalL Th purpose of this meeting la art oa th lH feudgt drawn by th Boatd of Education, wlch la an Inrreaas over last year's figure. Th meeting as peftpiincd from yesterday. I 'tans for a fheatro and dinner party were formulated at a meeting of tha Valentin fir wing Club at a mealing held at the hum of Mrs. L. Itobiasun, 44 Mina avenue, recently. Mem bets present were- Mrs Fred Kmitn, Mra. Raima, Mia M. Hut-cliff, Mrs. William Rmyih, Mrs Wesley, Mra. Cod gon, Mra Baiter, Mrs. George Robmeon, Mrs. Yung-wtrt. Mis Youngwirt, Mias Wesley and Mrs, Leonard Robinson. Ths next meeting of the club will fee held at the homo of Mrs. Raiser. J2I Fourth street. Mian Mrs Contantin, IS Knapp avenu, la confined to her home by illness. 4 partment's survey showed about $4 000 000 tn tuwnehlp funds was pent annually, adding "that witn this heavy expenditure and ths genera! dlsMtisfartlon existing In regard to their condition. It Is evident that present methods of maintenance are inadequate. Th total improved mileage of township ronda wxa placed at 1.031 by the department, of whhb 2.021 miles were gravel. On January 1, 127, there were 143 miles of concrete townshiprcada, IS of tone block, 41 of sheet asphalt or macadam on concrete bare, 24 of bituminous concrete, 142 of bituminous penetration, 27ft of surface treated macadam, 191 of water bound macadam, 150 of cinders and 12 of miscellaneous surface. Hunterdon County had the greatest number of farms on unimproved highways Of the county's 2,404 forms, 724 were on dirt roads. Union County had three of itf SIS farms on unimproved highways. Cumberland, with t.140 farms, the largest number of any county, had 754 on dirt roads. Monmouth County has 2.872 (arms, S28 being on th poor roads. Atlantic had 24S of it 1 874 farms on unimproved roads: Bergen, 228 of 1 190; Burlington, 700 of Camden, 216 of 768; Cape Stay, I2S of 41. Essex, 27 of 884, Gloucester, 799 of I 224; Hudson. of 4S; Mercer, 415 ef U2; Middlesex, 296 of Morris, of 994. Ocean, 101 of 666; Psasaic, ST of SOS; Salem, 1 02 of 1.90 Homerset, S97 of 1 249; Sussex. 914 of 1.297, and Warren, 958 of 1 872. that threats that bs would complain to Senator Edge brought only curses In reply. He ts employed In the Sense document room. Pretests Tariff Boost on Glass A. L. Haskell, Passaic Dealer, Appeals to U. SJBody (Special Bleestefe Is Tke Hld.) Washington, D. C- Jan. 10 Thin plats glass, used principally for au-tomohil wind shields, should exempted from the proposed increase in tariff on plat glass. A. Hiskelt, president of th Triplex Glass Company, of Fassale, told the Hous Committee on Ways end Means at hearings on tariff revision. Mr. HoafctU sold ths potential demand for thin plate could be supplied only by Importation. As the dutv on plats gloss amounts to 32 to It cents foot In th sixes used tor motor vehicles, this represent We AfciMwtegd Myalrry lra XaiTpaa ef I He Rprrgb ONE WAY STREET mmip ef Wy THKATUI. Mats. Wed. Hal. stir Cheat Thai Mat, fe feat. Mat. DRAPER gurny rw eit t. it at rtu vmwyi Kr Meta TWare fe feat AMUSEMENTS -t-aaa arti fe CHaraa. OTSFXW MtOIX (ND Mate Me A feat. ta RTPtlara Up. fa eeh rW. Oearg Sue's Mali mrnmi 1N0.6 Awards DHcmristoIIine 1 Superintendent Smith I a on the 1 Value of Higher Education I): her Exercises Mm itud.rtft wtr (Ttduaui 1 from SrhMl Nft. 4, of Alb.n!,, ofiorooon. Th, frodu-I tivn oMfrtoM voro In th rhot. HiipM-lntmdant G.ort. J. Rmlih, aha woo tiro pfUeliial apookar, 1 to lha chlUrn of Iba oatua i of fctf har ducalloo, axplalnln Ilia nd for It In lha aupeaaa of Ufa 'jtiI ahowlef bow only hard affurl iwural it. Mro. Arnaa B. Uai-Iharaon, mam- of lha Board of Murallon. lha bsoka an tho conattm to lha atiidoMa. olonal John H. Adamaon. of lha Board of Education, lha aartlftcalaa. pa rlaaa waa praaanlad by Mlaa i Jwbbin, orhooi prln- at Cram a It baa la. Traa of tho yrainmar orboola ,11 hold aiarrlaaa for thalr yra-1- ntlny claaa tbla aflarnoon and lo Hchool Bo. i. of tJa la wanna, hrbool ho. I. of Allwood, hold i 1 air axarrlaaa thla aflarnoon at I orhoola whlla Btbool No, H. of lakavlaw, haa Ita aaarrtaea loniaht In tha hlI arhord audl. iifi mm. Via werk sxretiee clot to night When Behnol No. 1 De exere! at tha high seh'wil utMtorlam. Commissioner Andrew ditilisri wr? bn tha principal her at twa exerrlae at h'JtAe No. 4 and I. Cnmmireton Air. Ane XL Msrl'hereon will th cnnatituiloa book 1 Colonel John H. femadaon fuftnf president of tha Board of 1 i )uttvti Will present th ferltfi- 1 school Commissioner lr. We- il J. Lents wlti he the ej-eaker at Hchool No, exercise, ieheel he. fi. lha coremencemanl exercise fr eleven student of llihua No 4 am ha held this afternoon at 2 r.cfk in tha an hoo auditorium, 1 Mr, Chambers wtU deliver th prln- a 1riret and Colonel Adn.m I preeettt tha (Uplomee, i -'im Le Vance ta principal of I Ihe graduate arei Martha iuodmonfi, Mary Oaaida, Kiiwood 1 ehf, inrenoe Trie. Km ''xrrn, Martin Ixchne, Joseph guaie Mavoakl, Kdward ve. Buth IeAr and George EI- Clifton Choral Society Presents Oratorio at H. S. Vsty Voices end Four Soloists Unite for i Mendelssohn Offering i Nt verst huftJred pereone heard a eraterla, Elijah ojn fey the Clifton Choral Me rtv at tha Senior IHth Uchool ButherforJ last night, under uttcea of tha Woman a Chap ol Umro Kplecopal Church of t'erferd. Tha fnuaical number ere ted fey Ir. WitUam WUdo, ajctor of tha eoctety and or and choirmaster at tha imrch. Th amy voices of th aeclaty Jere augmented fey guartet of well known soloists; Ora re Kerns, ngprant soloist of It. Bartholomew Church in New Terk; Amy lerman, well-known concert eon Earle Pplcer, Brltteh hart and guest soloist et th New Bjrmphnny FhUharmonlo Or (etra, and Judaea House, leading fnor of the National Broadcasting empany. 1 he oratorio opens with tha fore mimgs of Ehjeh. prophet. In the jwn of Samaria In 139 B. Kere there baa teen a drought. m4s)i declares that no rain or nr aid fall until th peopt -MMtee worshipping idols. Ilia word doubted. Elijah seeks a hah, chief tha PamarUiea. and teat the ophet's god against worshipped fey the people hen fit deeceada at Elijah's call le cause takes atep forward, but yot until rain comes are tha peo- convinced of th prophet htnga. he second portion ef th ora-r' la gifts ever to choruses of nkegivirtf and further warning a part of Elijah, At'vs Bees Hagmeir. graduate of Erenk Farce School of Ae 'mpanista, was at th piano dur I th performance last night, Mid-Week Service Lakeview Heights Reformed i 'iurrh ton.ght will hold mid-week -tvac at the home of William i Aon, I East Fifth street. The re will fee Wltneeelnf for sa CeraTdyne BtoRar woe gvee it pjtrv In her boner at the home of Iwsire WsSSer, of Valley road, e'd, pftcenUv. Guests were: Kaiser. Doris Key-' Canden. Virginia Mar i ibara Van Ness, Marion Cesyd' Ieirv Fori Dear. Frank BeiUv. 4 Benneu and Wuiurns Col- a duty of approximately 20 to 48 per cent, on ths valu of the glsis oa compared to tTn)red State selling prices, Mr. Haskell explained. "In view of the fact that ws have ei rated a business with an annual sales rate of nearly 15.000.000 feel protection in the form of Increased tnr.ff would work on unreasonable hardship upon us as long as we are now paying as high price for one-eighth inch glass as being charged for quarter-inch glass," Mr. HaskeJl told the committee. "The annual production of plate glass In tha Untied (States la approximately 123 900.900 square feet," Mr. Haskell told the committee. Tii automobile Industry uses annually in tho neighborhood of square feel of plat glass," Mr. Haskell Informed th committee. "If demands were to be satisfied with laminated glass a minimum of 129,990,000 square fret of this glass would required without any allowance of process rejections' "I want to see the proprietor, Ja the gentleman In?" "Yes. I min." "Are you th proprietor?" "No, Jm th gentleman; th proprietor is In th back room." Fenn. fetat Froth AMUSEMENTS TOOAY A1 Wilton in The Sky Skidder Lila Lee in The Black Pearl BUSTER BROWN COMEDY TONIGHT B1LVER NITK TOMORROW ALICE JOYCE in THE PASSIONATE ADVENTURE Star Cart In SOUTH OP PANAMA Funeral Services for Mrs. Roto Key Todsy funeral service for Mr Boa Key, wnty-lght, 47 Van Houlea even who died Monday ftr prolonged Illness of several fear, trsr Mid (Hi morning af (ha home ai ta o'clock' and from tha Hue-uen Orthodog church at 10.1 'flock. Interment will follow Et. Peter's cemetery. phe ta survived fey hr huehand. Michael, (wo sons, Stephen, eight, and John, sis. Republicans in Council Went Confirm Sigler Council Majority Is Against Naming of Democrat to Board of Health Mayor Appoints Him Tha City Council, a committee of tha whole, laet night, MfuSed to eonftrm tha appointment of Jam C. Htgler to (he Board af Stealth. Mr, Bigler, who la prominent In Democratic circles, was apposed fejr tha ItepufeUcan majority af the Council betauet of his politics. Councilman Harold Van Orden, af tha Third Ward, led vigorous fight for th fonfirmatton, but as the only lUpuhllcan ta vote for Mr bister. Th two Democrat! coun cilmen, Hubert C. Herr and Charles Froehitch, voted for the appoint ment aa a matter of tours. Mr. Bigler's hams was submitted to tha tty Council by Mayor Wil ilsrn Jordan several weeks ago but runflroifttlon was deferred, pending consideration. It la aaiil that the Council will confirm lha appointment of any Republican that th Mayor msy submit, Reformed Church Men Hold Annual Turkey Dinner Hackensack Pastor to Be Principal Speaker Tomorrow at Church Hall Th. tUia.itr. A 1 1 Van fechltMt iMiator of th. Old Church on tha Oram, llarkanaAck, wilt ba tha prtruttpal iarkr lomorraw at tha annual turkajr dtnnar of tha Man a Urotharhood of tha Clifton Rafurmad Church at tha church halt. Tha La.tlaa Aid Hnciatv, unitar lha of tha iraalilent, JUra Krad Uardlnar, will ha In charga. Tha following cummlUaaa hat an aoPotittad. Kitchen Mrs. Arthur Xhtnara-mood, chairman: Mr a. Il.nry Hlm-mona. Mra. Jtatld K. 1U chant, Mrs r. oo)fnan, Mra. Klachar. Mra William Montmaa, Mra John Tar. ratla, Mra William Trott. Mra. A. Tania, and Mr. II oft Noonhur. I'lnln, room Mra. William I'a Vrlaa, chairman: Mra. Uaorta A. Clouah, Mra. Mar, Sttvana, Mra A. Cralal.y, Mra, Oarrat Rnltavacl, Mra. C. Hu, Nlavana, Mra. William Jonaa, Mra. Wlllinm Youna, Mra Klaard Jnhnaon. Mra. Jluha Vaa-tarhouaa. Mra. Jamaa Valdran. Mra. Harry Aapall. Mr. William Mra. Mra. Pan-JamiR Knnla, and Mra. O. UllHa. Xraaaart Mra. Walta, Haney, chairman, Mra. r.lmar Barry. Mra Adrian Morra, Mra, B. Crnwrthar. Mra. Frank Warran. Mra. William ft Idas la, Mra. Marlnu Macana. Mra. John Irh, Mra. Hamilton Itoaa, Mrs. Androur Wllaon, Mra. I hiranra. Mra. Emma Wolonkam Mlaa Eltubath McOowan, Mra. Grant Thorburn, Mra. O. Timm Mra. C. Mra. John Btrom, and Mra. H. Bata, Coffara Mra. C. ftcanatra. chair-man. Mra. liaytd Van Hina, Mm Vamtnr Plant, Mra. Jim Vn Horan Mra. liathart, and Mra. Holmhar, Tha ofTIcart of tha Mans Hrothar-liood club ara: rraaldant, William H. Bandy: am-rctBry. Uuatnra Ull- nr. and traaavirar. Tunis Howiiu, Kievit Chairman of Finance Committee Library Trustees Approve Quarters Also Plan Drive for Shelves at P. O. Building Action of the City Council In ieaaitig the second floor ef th Poet Office Building as quarters fur the new pubilo library wee ep proved laet night by ht library truateee at their meeting ta the City Mali Mr. Merth Kirch ner, trustee, euted that th new quarter have bees weeded for sometime the present quarters on Main avenue In store hav bee trustees conferred with the tlbcary commute of th City Connell vhlch Councilman Crlae Kisvit. of (he Ftfth Ward, is etsair-mas, waa suggested that the truat-vs bold drive In the euy ae cur funds nay fry steel aec-rlors for book shel'es la th new 'fbrmry. Nothing definite wo done on th Mro Ftrd C-eme, 4 avenue, will hate as hvr gueets today th past gratult of Waverly llchfkih at her hops Cameron Beck Tells High School Graduates of Great Opportunity in Present World for Leaders Personnel Director of New York Stock Exchange Negatives Illusion That Modem World Does Not Afford Opportunity to Young Folk Forty-Two Students in Graduating Class Councilman Kievit Authorized by City Council to Make Survey of Citys Financial Condition Survey Will Used to Guide Councilmen in Improvement Program for Thi Year Expect to Lower Tax Rate fey THU Method The two-jrer commercial Claes of thlritea students at Clifton High fichrel wire graduated th(s morning. Exerctsre at whlh (hev recetted ccrtlficatea were held Ini th school auditorium. Th tuden( who graduated are Nelii Tvmkevlrti, Eleanor Rrhi eltna Freatia, Gertrud Rrbc, Gertrude Feterv Gertrud eber. Kwlyn JUmettJ, John rknrtv, Andrew Rrekoa, Wtlimm Mihal it, Mel Hertnv. Mary Cnd'y ana Gertrud Uetxa A silver CT was presented to Kurt Grob whe was on the "Honor Bair for seven terms A silver was also given to Dorothy Watte who was on for sis terms. To those who were on the "Honor Boll for four terms a feronto was given. They were Albert Breners, Johanns Cornelias, Alrio Men eg US, RophlS Tsllpsky and Ifortense Btsvens For receiving the hlghet honors In mathematic, Thomas BeiHy was honored Jnhsnna Cornelia was honored for being highest In Kjn. ish. There were foriy-twq students la the graduating cutes. The program is as follows: Pert One March, "Coronation March" (H. Etlenberg), high school orchestral Invocation, Hev. itudolph C- Meier; song. "The Old Refrain' (Frits Kreislerl, senior class; salutatory address "Wlten Nature Needs Helen Okonowiky; valedictory address, 'Rervtce, Thomas F. Reilly; eonis. "The Bella of KL Mary (A. Adantal and "A Kong of the Rea" (George Kevin) by senior class Pert Two Detection, "Tho Whlto Queen, Overture" (O. Metfa), high school orchestral Introductory address, George Dmllh, superintendent of school; address, "The Cost of Leadership," Hon. Cameron Beck; election, "Humoreake" (A. Dvorak) high school orchestra; presentation of class, VTtnelpal Waller F. Nutt; presentation of diplomas. Colonel John Adamson, president of board of education; presentation of alumni annual ef Alumni Association, Arthur Xtardt, president of Alumni Association; benediction. Rev Rudolph Meier, and selection "American Youth, March' J(F. Cater), high school orchestra. The graduates art; Albert A. Bednars, Marion Cooke, Johanna Cornells, Bruno Dal Ava, Fred O. DeVldo, Doris M. Edwards, Laurtne A. Garrett, Ben Ootdharg, Curt II. Grob Virginia Ih Hagvman. Elsie M. Hoffman, Nicholas Kudak, William E. Charles T. Jsqua, Chari D. K. Ksrchcsky, Laura E. Klein, Bess Jnsloff, Jacob Kullk, Jr Rotlln a Le. tUe a Upowtts, Dtewsrt Luques, Evelyn W. McIntosh, Aid J. Atenegu Helen Okonowsky, Hadys Okonowsky. Marl Falattnl, Hassl Hulls. Minnie Reid, Thoms Reilly, John P. Rose, Edward W. Kubsamen, Mathilda F. Daco, Ryivla filavln, Kenneth Rtsele, Hortens Htevena, Rophla K. Tallpsky, Richard I). Van Frederick Verhagen, Dorothy D. Walton. Theresa E. Worst and Kathe? F. Eaents. The etudents who won Haas honor were; Thoms Reilly, first; Helen Okonowsky, second; Dorothy Walton, third; Johanna Cnntsl-1sa, fourth, and Dorla M- Edwarda. fifth. The claaa officers are- Thomas P. Reilly, president; Fred O. le-Vldo, vice president, Bruno DllAvs secretary; Hortens Stevens, treasurer fend Virginia D. Hagvman, historian. The clans colors sre green and whit. Th claaa flower "fewest Pea." The motto is "No Victory Without Labor." ma1, th tax fiat will around 4 to. Efforts will be mad. It was farther learned, to tower the tax rate thirty points. It was reported that tt it Impossible lower the rats sixty points. The city council last Right discussed various means of trying to cut th budget, but definite action wss taken. Th financial statement to be made by Councilman Kirvlt witt an exhaust he study of th cttj'v condition. Councilman Klvlt 1m well atqunlnted with the city's nf fairs bees of hie intrusive studj during the budget conference. Th clsre officer are: John Donnelly, president: Qertrud fi ebf. vlreupresldent Welma Frretla, secretary, and Mht Herlaya, treasurer Thla afternoon, th else went New York to the show, "The Red Robe St. Peter' Meeting The St Peters prih wt'l hod A buxine meeting toa ght st the home of Mr. J. Crane, 92 Km pasvs'c. Veteran Negro Senate Messenger Knows How It Feels to Be inDry Raid Jack-ion, AMUSEMENTS TP AEiACflj PASSAIC TODAY AND TOMORROW Tom Mix in King Cowboy" George Sidney Jean Hertholt in Give and Take" Stan Laurel Comedy Two Tar. DC PSP1! LAST DAY TODAY EDDIE PARDO COLLEGIATE SHOW I GEO. BANCROFT in THE DOCKS OP NEW YORK SKIRTS VICTOR HUGOS CLASSIC OP LOVE DRAMA, PASSION AND INTRIGUE CONRAD MARY VEIDT OC PHILBIN AND A GREAT CAST LAST SHOWING STARTS AT P. M. COMEDY MOVIETONE NEWS VITAPHONE STAR SUNDAY MILTON SILLS in THE BARKER LAST TIMES TODAY Or TRIAL BERT LYTELL. LOIS WILSON AND PAULINE FREDERICK IN THE CAST A TALKING PICTURE fWeeetsI fttepeteb ts Tfe Wersid.) sahington, Jan. 10 Dick Blunt, veteran Negro messenger of ths Senate and Nsw Jersey native who cant here 19 years ago with the late (lenater Kean, was ths victim of mix-up yesterday when prohibition raiders smashed th door of his houst and searched the premises. Blunt complaint to Senator Walter K. Edge and the Senator secretary, Robert Zcary, developed police bad hit upon his houee through a mlstaks in address They had Intended raiding houee bearing the sam number an alley back of the street on which Blunt Hvee. Investigation by Zachary brought thee facts to liffet, but ho ds-clared "there Is nothing to be done about It. in simply on of the penalties Innocent people pay for living under th Volstead Act" Blunt, who is described devout churchgoer and whe was aa much shocked at th injury to his reputation fe to his home, declared th raiders did not even knock or ring ths doorbell, but kicked the door tn nnd then ransacked th place, said they refused to display warrant until they bed finished tho search, and NV: tmnlVl NiCHOlO STARTING TOMORROW FOR 3 DAYS 5 Five Big Acts 5 FEATURING GEORGE BROADHURST The Popular Comedian Company. in THE PIRATES DEN ALSO LITTLE PIPIFXX The Worlds Funniest Clown in Humpsty-Dumpsty with EDDIE PAULO and MISS ELSIE THREE GOOD NIGHTS in BARNYARD FOLLIES LITTLE ESTHER NOVELTY OFFERING ART HENRY CO THE REHEARSAL" SYD CHAPLIN COMING SOON MAE MURRAY In Person STARTING SUNDAY ANNIVERSARY WEEK i Super-Head Line Acts In th mvatety mehMrama "UbC TW TWealre taU af Neat Tart prewar ferel now tsin lt sivh Saa-a sr liartiai gatire r.dv. ftt th, rMt Th.a-r., t.Bj tlni.

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