Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 11, 1947 · 33
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Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · 33

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, December 11, 1947
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5 2 3 's Co It :o 141 St Lto er T. lx as ar to he aro on a he )ut of' of the ht. ) ) ) ) 7 Southern Colifornic Good Long z Michigan an 11 ), U3y oncent ty helty hp., isO tO Sian - I rieglaill LOS ANGELES, Dec. 1 I.I do not believe the suave and immaculately turned out Mr, Herbert O. (Fritz) Crister, manipulator of Michigan's football fortunes, was exactly oveijoyed by what he saw last Saturday in Los Angeles Coliseum. Around him he heard men saving Michigan would murder Southern California in the Rose Bowl and while it was good I , . 1.htto, , to listen to, I think he saw something fr: -'2,ii'.'f,uk ' there that gave him just cause for eer ','..,,,i,4,;-'-''''''5 , deep concern. ' ,, ,,,, '4) d lie heard 'em saying: -.' e 4 ' P o "If Notre Dame can run up 38 i;'-',.'' ints against Southern California 10 ' i ', 1 '.,-4- 'w- what will Michigan do? Ak .. " -. w a 1 lc I., 1 I-le heard 'em saying it would be 't ;. 7 '' - no contest, because Michigan was just I :k:- ' 4 - about as good and maybe better than , '''' 4. i . , . 44 v Notre Dameand while hearing this , . 1, ,i-, ',,''i,' 6,,,,4.vopw, :lt:,) hnaelfmusstouhtahveernrectnaleinfoibrenriaedlotohkaetdfinrtt . , first ., 1,, , . ... ,r ),?,,,', at all bad in the first two periods. , fisl - .. f,, i-,,,,414,J ? -',-:4 a matter of fact, the Trojans might . , ,,,,,: , ,4,. ,...., have had three touchdowns instead of ., Aor Ak:.,,,,'2 one when they left the field at inter-1 L'ICITZ CRISLER mission. B. They might have cashed in once on a pass interception ,M. that just missed; and they might have struck oil again when Paul Cleary was far in the clear only to have a sure-pop touchdown pass skim over his head. For a stretch of seven Br minutes the Trojansparticularly that big Trojan line were nothing short of terrific. m Irish Played Their Best Against Trojans Frank Leahy, the Notre Dante coach, said his crew played Its outstanding game of the yearthat his guys had never fought as hard or clicked as well as they did against the Trojans. Michigan has a great team beyond any doubtbut the Wolverines had some close skirmishes during the past season. They didn't wallop ,everybody by lopsided scores. in the Rose Bowl, the Trojans can make it mighty tough for Michigan. If they play the SUMP kind of football they played against Notre Dame they could win. Either that, or they can fold up completely and let Michigan make it a walkaway. If the Trojans want to play football and if they shake off their apparent inferiority' complex, they can come pretty close in writing their own ticket in the Rose Bowl. I do not mean they can walk all over Michigan. If they win, they'll win by a close score. Chappuis Rated Better Passer Than 4ujack Conversely, Southern Cal will be up against the best passer it has seen all year in Bob Chappuig---yes, better than Lujack. Chappuis throws 'em long and he throws 'em short and his passes are always in the receiver's hands or thereabouts. If you like longshots, bet on the Trojans to beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Everything is in their favor except the pos, sibility that their defeat by Notre Dame gave them a bad psychological handicap that Coach Jeff Cravath, somehow, must overcome. Fight Results At EINAINt11, N. J.--.St,gar Ray Robin-On knocked out Billy Nixon, 6 rounds, non-At MiamiBen Montabano defeated Ernie Pelting I BEAVER 1. MÁS. PA. , , Wally DeMalo defeated Frankie IA'allace. 8 rounds; Larry Ray defeated Gus Aldridge, 6 At Galvestdit. Tes.Buddy r,arcla krogked eat Henry Maieber 1P11Tsfli;H,;, I i 3 funds, Creforo Martinez knocked out Jack Potton, 3 rounds, At Wlehita, Han.Pat McCafferty knocked Sat Bobby Montoya, 2 routing, Dick Smith arid Fro nkie Ma tors drew, 6 rounds. 115.81)61:tAllt THURSDAY, DEC. 11 Ni on the Hour W P1T-730 p. M. 3:05Matinee Club. 4:00World News. 4:15Weather Bureau. 4. 20wpiT Matinee Club. 4:30Santa Claus. 4.55The World at Sunset. IS PG 14-1080 P. St. 300-0t Public Interest. 3: 30C irl Fr lend. 4:30Song Short. 4:45News. 4: 50S port Shorts. 4: 55Evrming Stars. FRIDAY, DEC 12 WPIT-7,30 A. M. 30Wordi at SuntiSe. 35Sunt Sr Serenade. 7:55This Our Lite. B: 10Weat her Bureau. 11ttnity Viewpoint. ft: 05 Pittsburgh Today. S. I 5Stan Norman. IA' I 5D de Sheats 10:30Goo1 Morning, TODATS RADIO Ali program listings ars correct, es reported by stations it Til unsDAY, DEC. WCAE AlIC-1250 00 Paul Whit.tnan :15 :3 ne 0 'Tu Factory :45 telouttchasc.c 5 tfl ilal ick Tracy :13 tTerry li Pirates :311 tSky King :45 ' 6 :no 4Sports; News 13 Smigt ime 00 tNews: Must,' :45 :B. Planetarium 7 :00 Flaron Ellett :15 ',MOCKUPS :30 tEllery Queen :45 " 9,.nn 1Wiilie Piper :15 " :30 'red Lewis :45 " '' 1 :00 iMr. PresidPnt :15 :30 'Music VPridor :45 'I.:Medical SociPty !Bob Prince ITnday's Spnrts flick .11111:en8 :45 " :00 :Breakfast Club : lh :30 9 :45 1 0 ----:00 tNti: True7ifFry- :;!il $13-Mtv Crocker 45 ILI:We:ling Post 1 1 :00 In Hollywood 13 - 30 VIalen Drake :45 : , Ted Malone WJAS cus-13N) ;:ltint Mint tfloe's to Votx 114tun 'n Abnor ISchi;aof Air tin the Know Loe Kelton :Rib Prince Pcckley Smith Ntlisicans t Lowell Thomas - Beulah Jock Smith lerosby Club Ea. IL Morrow : 00 t Candid "Mike" iF131 in Peace :15 " " 341 t The Clock tMr KPen t45 - " " NPWA R7.1 t5Tr, " 8:55 DIck Tamtertme Photog, MI Divat iCE,IS Special tKen Hildebrand tin My Opinion Stan Kenton 12 :00 Swing Shift :13 " " 3 " " :45 ' " " tNewa i Tommy Reed Signature Mid:liter's Club " :0 ii " " News 13:5 FRIDAY, DEC. 1'2, 1917. (Morning 1 , :on Dave Trysrin 7 .,,,,mi.. Seven t News :15 'Lew Parker tNews Mueleal Cloek :30 Dave Tyson Cornea Seven (Ed and Rainbow) :45 " '' t Hilary &laden i'Happy Hank 0 :00,:sf. Agron5ky 5101ridiem News: Music :15 Behind Aluaie Torn Se,itt ;Buzz & Bill :30 Dave Tyson i :Inner-Mission tNews :45 INewareel Star Parade Favorite Songs - tNows Around TOWn 11,111thi P Music for You ',Evelyn Winter rDavirl Harum Ps & tilosPatary 1 2 Tray Piers :Wendy Warren t Aunt Jenny t Flurrnee Sando t Reokle-y Smith :15 Rhytms sour Gal Sunday ..--...- - --- - -----, - 1 :00 ILOUIP Kaufman "Sig Slater 15 iSati"ty Lady tiNta Perkins 41 Bette Smiley Jim. Mi 11)11 :45 "lune Fa, "tory 'Guiding Light 2 :00 ,,,.n Star Final tN1re. Burton :15 Tune Fartnry "Perry .ion 541 :Bride. Graorn Lee kellan . :15 "Roe. of Dreama .. . 3 !DO tAdieS 13- Sratrel Dfointe. Nothing :IS :Nn rital Whitrnntn 111,.tiF, Platy :45 " - News. 3.55 'Music SDI arta sTalk I Southern California' Five WPIAL A t ukeeJacki Dartha rd defeated Cecil III:dcon. 1 0 rounds: Del 1; lane n defeated Chet Me mu, ti rounds; Leon ThompS011 defeated Nick Basil. rounds; Norm Horton knocked out Joey Joy. 3 rounds: Lou Jorda n knocked out Bob Ranet, 2 rounds: Cnarley Riggs defeated Otto Stowe. 4 rounds. -- At Nese YorkTony La Nue and Nat fla roen drew. 8 rounds: Mario Moreno defeated ie . Tarn. 4 rounds. At BaltimoreFronmall Jackson defeated Willie Clieaturn, 10 rounds. - At Rinthatnfon N. Y.Jsek Kenny def ea ted Georale Williams, 10 rounds SCHEDULES I r 05Tinto to Ride. 11.3 max Cat even. 12. Olt I ee Sellers. P. M. 1 2 : 15-1incheon Phythmi. 12 35Weather Bureau. 1 00World News. 30IA'PIT Polka Party 1: .13.--8 how Time Serenade. 2:05WPM Mannee Club. trcati0SO A. Xt. 7 10ronsolet te. ws And Sports F 041-41,P , k re st Encores. 8 45Kider Beck. 9: OnMo.nine Matinee tti mas Music Box. 10: 04.Faxt Liberty Ali t: toe. 10. 30Trat hryn Kuhlman. 00re1iforniFt melodies. l 1: Vine. 1 I ditSide Show. P 12 00The Mimes. 12. 05-.liiiritille011 Club. 1 onStIck Ma rit st 103.Pennsy Roden 1 30On the Porizon. 2 onCharm Sheol. 2 , 30Dance Parade. prim time. limorrect Defines rise temegh lastmimeo senieliatieet end selistitetless. 11. 1947. (Afternoon and Evening.) KDKA NBC-1910 :13aoketage Wife tStella Dallas I-Lorenzo Jones sWidder Brown "Girl Marries "Hop Harrigan sPortia's Lite tSuperman tiust Plain Hill teapt. Midnight 'Front Page "Tom Mix tNews Reporter New Kenny raker Encore 1Pghs. Four 4 Pie Traynor tThree Star Extra Songsters Supper Club tFulton Lewin it World Newn Buddy Murphy Memory Tithe t Npwseope Mini& Sports The Aldriehm ir Jan Auguet The Truth !Burna and Allen 111 Jolson $Vilinge Store 9 lob Hawk 'Eddie Cantor New Reporter ISportn Piano Quartet idniter's Club F4-iti Reading of t " Signature " News 13:5S (Morning and Afternoon.) tfzhopning Circle Orem Werivor 4 Morning fiPress tSchool of Air Fr.,:c1Warinit Road to Lite tj,,yee Jordan t Mull Drake tKatio Daughtar Jack Barak ',Lora Lawton tNows 'Brunch With Bit) LInria's Love sin Harmony Editor's Daught.r Home Forum 00 OW To 'lily's ettihtt-Ph s W0111811 In White Sionnf Light of Work! BPRIlliftti rf,rkin I S'-rnwkr 1To Happinemo iVariety Players Make All-StateTeam A ft II IS 13 11(.1. Dec. 11-- APJ - Western Pennsylvania. here nine o. Pennsylvania's tin. beaten sitoolhoy teams are located, to(di seven places on the Keystone Stair's 1917 AssoviaW Press All-Scholastic football team releasod today. Rut the Eastern section re ceived four important spots on the team. The selections: TEANI V. F. r. it t'. I. B. B. K. V. T. r. f;. T. V. Buds Paraottl. south Milt: Conaway. Bradford; Kehl, lerIP AeadeftlY; (Ink !wig., quetioninly Rah. Middletown: Smith. Dun-cumin; Talton, Bar baster; ThoMpion, Con.- maugh , Tat MegDickson, !kmoyn. GIIts Johnatown; Lackey, Carlisle, Ostrosky. Coaldale ft ass, Ambridde; Santynna, John Barris of liarrianurg, Snolley, New Cumberland. ker, Stehenity. Clot rds,---Aungst, John Barris' Fedorchak: Blakely: Rocker, Bedford; , Retie:in : 1 moire: Madan: William Penn of Harriet:uric 1' McGuirk, Ferndale; Renter, Middletown: Smola: Hanover, CentersCarrico, Conema ugh Townithinti Collier. Peabody; Hess: Lebanon: Ntwerts Rochester; Sourher, Pottsville: Trinunel. Coal. dale: Warnilsky: Mole Townibila: BacksHonts, Coalda le: Huston, Wilils m Penn: Lily, Meadville: Yewcic, Conemaukb High: An Lamaism: Bombiani, Am. brdise: Constant into, Blairsville; Doyle, Rochester: Feddock: Nesquenoning; Mixon, It rift Strome Vincent: James, It Falls; Roma: Nmingdate: MeGeever, Scranton Central: liar. ca vase, Nesquelionink: Popp, Franklin: Rik lit-Mire. Hanover: Slaughter, Monaca: Stahura, Indiana: Thrower, New Kensington: Vet-nos(, Minnermville: Wegner: Lancaster: Witmer, liummelotowni Tackanics, Ha Melon; Behar?: Brownsville: Brarshear Ailderdicel Chess, Meadville; Frassinelli, Summit Mil; House, Mechanicsburg: Steelton; Mill. houSei Lancast ea: Vitek, Lansford. Rochester Grid Stars Honored ROCH ESTER, Pa., Dec. 11. Twenty.four lettermen and 31 reserves on the unbeaten Rochester High School football squad were awarded gold footballs last night here at the annual banquet held in their honor by the Rochester Boosters' Club at the American Legion Hall. A crowd of 175 turned out for the affair. Bill Dentzer of the Boosters' Club presented Rochester High with a gold trophy and Coach Mike Sebastian with an individual cup. Dentzer, in turn, was gifted with a pen and pencil set for his efforts as retiring chair. man of the athletic committee on the Rochester School Board. Today's Scratches GULFSTRFANI that propose to name the top I Swept Sweet, Foxy Poise. 3Caseln. n from the 38 schools 3Graymar Bonnie, Fist. Rite, Bonridge, !Ind. that supposedly play the best 4One Blue, Glaemel, Shockoe, Friendly Don, . high school football in the nit. 5Harding Ir. lion. The SunTelegraph believes 7Rose Canyon, 8Naughty Baby, True Pilate, inedito. this to be as authentic a team Marie J.. Mad Past. Jubilee Gem, Ills' tory Maker. as it is possible to pick. At the Weather clear: track fast. FAIR GROUNDS conclusion of the season, it re-Raining and Muddy 1Ilay Voy, Fannie Mac. Web ley, MIAs Julie quested every coach, in the Y. Kee-Ho. Great Ard WPIAL, Catholic League and 2Primus. Hemhop. Corkey Girl. Gratairchart. Amber ley, Jittery Joe. City League to nominate play. 4Pitht Int Miss, 7Philin Queen. tidy Duane. ers, the best from his own team itNod, Bee Sting CHARLES Tows and the teams he had seen. 1Toot Toot, Bachelor Belle, The Heights. , From the 38 Double.A schools, Half Shot. Eitubrie, Outathisworld. 2Merchiston, Linda' Wash, Easy Hal, Fa"- 33 coaches responded. Only five Date. Good Gravy, Pete Jr. 3Dena, Sunday. Neveregret. alor, GM, 1 schools (Aliquippa, Braddock, Flamen0 Study In Blue. 4Ripoleby Army Nurse, Count Itorvieh, Connellsville, Latrobe and Wash. Battletown. Rough Arrow FlYing Mlle. 5War Pe ington) are not represented on a k. Momenta, Woone, DowneY B. Titian, Big Moose. the squad. These are the five aceleheny miss, trauma toe. Maleto, Si anti it Bloke, Quick Steward, , Red 1 who did not respond. The num. Minim I, yLarkaround. Woodscott, Smiling lass, I her and strength of the recotn. Our Bid. Outset, Betty s Bobby. l mendations of the opposition 8Ruster Dewey, North Sr. Snowstorm, Secret Itnivht, Fieldfare, Sebo. coaches governed the selection Weather cloudy: track good. ------- of overv nlaver on I hP tnn thrtiti KCIV MUTUAL-1410 Jnke Box , tadv, Parade tran.illy Theater Mel(4cly At oWork ttleckley Smith Morton Downey Jos Tuokor Music: News 1.11ffy Time tNewR: Weather Entry Time tN,ws t Do You Know VariettPs Slneing Stars tNeWP ;SIMI 'Pim IStar Ti me Ring Sings George Svitchen. Johnstown liiinm ilnson t, lc Steelton. aeph tnitieck. Hstlet.n anlan. liteounnt lilt, noldn hnetkou New Kensington. a colt in ist Limner Ci.ciret,on Si.lc Strong Vincent Jo. I Ili...keit. al. Keennort. Ff oho, t Harold esteand. stitt Kensington. Lou Kiev on, Nesquelmen.g. SECON D TEAM Contilnle Staines. i ilk (manna. Kustea. M. K eennoet amintro. Nen Kennington. Mt isms I sncagt r inhowin. Mittsettelice. hens et. Falls. Calves, itctIllulleto Ilion Westmont no tore ('latt, $,1,. atudocien nal, ItagKent k TO I) TEAM Holt-neg, Steelton. Kenmeg, Westing house. IT Milli. Shenandoah. O'Donnell. Allmon'. tonaconos, Vest Hazleton. Simnel'. Langford. Pet& Pottsville Rouen, Scranton Teen. Koloski, West Singleton. MarinkoW. Lebanon. fallible. New Castle. HONORABLE MENTION GUIDE 0 0 t Ncws: Wnmsn's Wonlens Exch. tTo Thc Lading .WPStern Ntellodics Music Shop 'Heart's Desire t Kate Smith IFwat Ts lit With Music tNewo Nancr Dixon Waitz Time Claudia IQu:n rh:iy Martin Block , N!)-t-1--t in 131nrk Th. Stratwr Old Smont Moo IQuia fllvs'v 1490 Tommy Dory te OD 00 trnshions: Musk! Melody-Gn-Round Record Bits " tRay Schneider Marty Gregor tSports Shorts !Entertainment Fulton LPIVIR News: Music Buddy Murphy Entertainment INewseope 'Joe Tucker Inside Sports Hal McIntyre , - Jan August News: Quartet The Truth Al Abrams Music Clink, Music,: B. Rose Leighton Noble Gabriel Heatter NPWS, Music Real Stories Masterworks RFD America 1Nows Songs 'Claw 14. Thornhill Stsrs on Reror4 Juz JanitTrea MOO Club " to 6 a. m. - Sit to Eight 0 0 lEirt!!daty Party tSolin Davis tOn RPeord r:r: 3.1-1m,;An tN.wm: MUFle Muoicale tDan Murray ;Roundup ;1341:ea Er Pnter 4MIndral Revue Foot !ghts !John Darla ;Popular Potpourri Sorrnade tSsys: Muffle sMelotly-Gn-Rmunel 'Treasure Chest Parade Sni Pride ICNTwdy Believe It or Not ( LITTLE BILLIE LEE WILLIAMS CAN STAND ALONE AT THE gtiTHS i 3 NUMBERS IN SEQUENCE: Example 123 Reverse 321 Subtract-123 198 111 WISOR wa ALWAYS BE 198 JOHN WILKINSON 1728-1$06 EngIand WHO BUILT THE FIRST IRON SHIPS -DIRECTED THAT HE BE BURIED IN AM IRON COFFIN AND OVER IT BE PLACED AN IRON OBELISK 1 0 MS-IZ PAT MIS 8401 te AVIV t6 ,,,;117t. ifiAl:' IP...14 ; .o.!..A.,L y.i!!, Cartmel,tmgamci. By GEORGE KISEDA There certainly must be more pleasant pastimes than selecting an All-WPIAL Class AA team. Offhand, such diversions as auditing the national budget, performing stiff-legged deep-knee bends and running a four . minute mile backwards come to mind. With this thought, we present herewith the Sun-Telegraph's AllWPIAL Class AA football team for 1947. that propose to name the top performers from the 38 schools that supposedly play the best high school football in the nit. lion. The SunTelegraph believes this to be as authentic a team as it is possible to pick. At the Connellsville, Latrobe and Wash. ington) are not represented on the squad. These are the five who did not respond. The num . her and strength of the recotn . mendations of the opposition coaches governed the selection of every player on the top three teams. THREE STANDOUTS The team includes three players who were named overwhelm ingly. These three are Jame Mutscheller, Beaver Falls, end Jack Hackett, McKeesport, quar terback; Willie Thrower, Nev, Kensington, halfback. Muischel ler, Hackett and Thrower wer( the only players whose position were assured. Mutscheller, who produced 11 touchdowns and 87 points, vvim considered by his own coach Leland Schachern, as the best district end in 10 years. This judgment was not far off base Hackett, the allaround star ot a club that won every game and Ivill play in Miami on Christ mas Night, commanded more recommendations than a Congressman's son. More than two dozen coaches tabbed him for the first team. Lou Nemec of Wilmerding summed up Hackett's worth ,thusly: "Another Lujackl" Thrower was labeled by 11 coaches as the No. 1 or No. 2 player of the year. Moe Ruben . stein called him the "best high school passer I ever saw." The 170,pound Negro, whose exceptional running and delen sive ability generally is overlooked, was the wheel that made New Kensington roll to its second AA championship. This was evident in the Keusters' games with Beaver Falls and Vander-grin. With Thrower absent for three quarters because of an In. jury, the Kensters just shaded Beaver Falls, 7-6. With Thrower sidelined completely, they had to lc 6, Car tee. Itryt trilvm Spdqvc. Inc, Wethl hen emmed (TomorrowThe Greatest of the Illustrators.) beat Vandergrift, in the last quarter. Just as in Class B, a five-man backfield has been selected. The coaches again went all out in their praise of each of the five. Superlatives flowed like wine. , The other three backs are Ito-, ehester's Richard Doyle, called ! the standout of the year by five, !!oaches and nominated for the irst team by more than a donn; !far -Brack's Ed Modzelewski, ! tracketed as no less than all- ! !tate by 10 pilots; and New ! :ensington's Harold Vestrand,! ,!ho clinched recognition with is efforts in the title playoff, ! The linemen are Mutscheller nd Monessen's Nick Chomko at 'nds, Wilkinsburg's L o n ni e laines and Duquesne's Andy ! Vashington at tackles, New Ken-1 ington's Reynaldo Kozikowski nd Redstone Township's Ed ! rcegovic at guards, Altoona's! tich O'Donnell at the pivot.' inly a shade behind at the ends! ,vere George Svitchen of Johns and Joe Koval of Monessen. FOUR KENSTERS--- New Kensington has earned four places on the top three teams. Brownsville three, McKeesport three, Ambridge two, New Castle two, Monessen two Munhall two, Rochester two. Miami Open Under Way MIAMI, Dec. 11.- (AP.)An unwieldly field of 232 pros and amateurs was on hand today to start play in the 24th annual $10,000 Miami Open golf tournament. Four favorites in the field of 191 pros and 41 amateurs are National Open Champion Lew Worsham of Oakmont, Pa.; Jimmy Demaret, the year's leading money winner from Ojai, Cal.; defending champion Sammy Snead of Hot Springs, Va.; and Ben Hogan of Hershey, Pa. Mantic Holies are fed exclusively on co. La Why?, Because Kasen is a COMPLETE ;sod it supplies everything necessary far health and stamina. Yogic dog vriN prefer Kew. ALL DOGS GO FOR KASCOI THIRD TEAM By BOB RIPLEY Pi r 1 NEEDLE ROCK Needle Hisbway ,Cola 4utschetter, Hackett, hrower Ali -WI 414 Stars By GEORG,E ALL-WPIAL CLASS AA TEAM Pol. Blasco School Class list. Win le, Janipl MtMelleller, Beaver Fans Follow ti I i so E. Nick Choinko, Monosson Senior ti.o Din T. Lonnie Baines, Wilkinrtitirr S,,,0r,r 6-2 I 09 T. Andrew Vt'ashington. Dlitittelnr St loor 6, 1 I 00 (t. Edward Ercegovic, Redstone To 1s its Wit t000,9 6 0 190 11, Reynaldo Rosikowski, Now Kensington J ,11191 6 0 1 ',' 0 , et. Richard O'Donnell, Altoona Senior it. 2 I 9r, B. Jack Hackett 'cKeeshort Senior .1..9 1 5.1 B. Willie l'Itrot I; Now Kensington Junior 6 0 I 70 B. Richard Doyle, Roohoster sonew it. o 1 ott B. Ed Modielewsiti, liar-Brack Senior ot I I B. Harold Vestran,' New Kensington Senior a - 70 'Jill) SE('OND TEA NI EllthGeorge SVItetleit, JohnstoWn. and J.iii, Koval, Monosson, TacklesDaryl Johnson. Brow:111111c. and William Bonen, New Kensington. GuardsWalter Bust's. McKooshort. and David Glunt . Cita. term. ('onterWilliam Val ko, Brownsville. BacksVito ParIIII, Rochester; Eugene Gribble, NeW Castle; Robert Holtman; ititinhall. George Behary. Brownsville. 1 HOW TO AVOID UNPLEASANT BREATH No safer, no surer, no easier safe guard against unpleasant breath due to unhygienic mouth condi. 'ions. A perfect mouthwash protective gargle... MALL ANTI. SPPTICthAnks m its famous M formula kills contacted germs, yer will not hum delicate mem. brines of the mouth and throat. Available only at Independent UNA DM, SWIM end of Litgott lima Drug Stores. Monirbocit potent. 16 oi. bottle 69c E . 1 - 'THURSDAY. BBC II, MI PITTSBURGH SUNIELEGRAPR NEW YORK, Dec. 11.---(AP.)---Skipper Joe McCarthy and General Manager Joe Cronin of the Boston Red Sox fiddled today v,hile the rest of the American League burned. Still smouldei ing over the deal that sent three top flight players from St. Louis to Boston last month, American 1...eaiw club officials hoearne fin tiler incensed xusterday x hen the Red Sox lured Stall Spence, hard. Floor Summary hitting outfielder ot the Wash GA:O; TONIGHT ington senators, In a trade for , ouilfaAl ITSV rye ou fielder I AV CU I her so n t,'itYrt;'5,1vsut':171. 1 SndsJim Byron. Dontra. and Frm ate Stutter. Munhail. This learn is submitted NVith TaekleaPete RIAIRO. Ambridge, and 1,ols Ziegler. St A Caalle. these points to be considered. GuardsDick Bi stwick. nettintine Sh Jaeannette. tiin, and Itithard Pradetto, Penn. CenterJoe Co. Not everyone can be pleased by l BacksRudolph Minatein, Vandergiitt: Sam Botnbiant, AmbrIdge: Elmer Trcmont, Mc- 1 Beeanntt, Joe Caprara, Turtle Creek. a collection of all-star selections 1 HONORABLE MENTION EndsMike Hlad, Duquesne: E. Albani, German Twp.: Bill Smith, Bar-Brack: John Art olievigh, ,,leannet t R R Johastown, Bob Olt Mt. Lebanon, CM! ord Rowland. New Castle; John Net osk le, New Kensington, tlerOld Cpoper, Redstone Twp., Clark Kerr, Turtle Creek: Robert Molar,, VandergrItt: Art Bell s, insburg; Parry Tation. Rochester, TacklesEdward Hoover, Altoona: Chit ries Barcelona, Charleroi; Paul ACATIIII, Farren: George .Mrkonic MA'KeeSPOrt B011 Kjng, Turtle ,Creek; Ralph Rich, Unkillt(AVII. GuardsPaul ilischot r, Beaver Falk, Elijah Pugh, Brownsville: Merle Angling. Butler: John Phillips and Jack Valvo, Clairton. Tony' Putnam ino, Donned. tiob Blaceglia, Ell wood City: Allred Pa ulek as, Farrell: A. DePrnhk, German Twp., Bob lira ke, Greensburg, Dirk Painbeck, Ilar-Beaek Edward Deffilli, K It Milnilig, Dan DIM one!, McKeesport; George Bickel, Monongahela: John Krolowict, Redstone Twp. 0,, IL let 1,t.Mbliite (V IJIL:0 111. Me Centers--Kiward Cork, John4town: JJk Payne, M-K,esport: Milton Taira, blunhaill conclusion of the season, it re- ' alloe,whe.itceeriRnx.tnrt .;,,,ans, North Bladdock Nvott, Frank Anknin Vandergrift; quested every coach , in the Bant'kesErnest Nabels. Ait001111; Bob Bertik. AbThrldro: Lnu DaXille, Beaver Falls. A d rs. Monongahela; Bonny Johns. Bromis, ilk Dave Ammon Butler; Joe Cardinale, WPIAL, Catholic League and (iharlerol: illie Ntitchell, Donora. Ray VoJI, 01000111P; Dan O'Hara' Elkvond City, Georre LAO& to Play - Pro Football NEW YORK, Dec. 11.---(AP.) Johnny Lujack has decided to play professional football after he graduates from Notre Dame next spring, hut he can't make up his mind whether it will be with Chicago's Pears or their All. America Conference rivals, the Rockets. "As you know, Ive been drafted by both chlbs, but not going to do anything until after I graduate," the irish's great Tformation quarterback said last night Just before receiving the Ileisman Memorial Trophy. The Connel Isville, Pa., A l l -American is the 13th recipient of the annual award, presented it, the. outstanding college footbati player of the nation by the Downtown Athletic Clu b in memory of the late John W. Ileisman, for 37 years a coach and athletic director at eight dd ferent schools. Ernie Pelaia Bows MIAMI, Fla., Dec. 11.--(AP.), --Ben Niontabano, 150, Birming-1 ham, Ala., last night earned al unanimous decision over Ernie, Pelaiat 147!2, of Beaver Falls,I pa., in 10 rounds at the Civic' Center Arena. Red Sox Fiddle As Rivals Burn and rmokie second baseman Al' !Ma -I h at llrhY Koiar, a Pittsburgh product, Lovolot ot kl . latot at Wostrin Maryland. Spence, despite a .279 batting Iki,1,11-rtnth 0,11ro I. Bork.e, average hst season, is eN Irland yk Oklahoma A A, M New t o bolS it NI SON. Ott er pa. 1",l,a.,,',',,,,,,','41t,LAd:ra""' Mad oton Squirt Gar- trot. lie smashed 16 home runs , WOOL) Movnriat AuditOrtuda anti drove in 73 runs. Ile is the ploub,,h,n,l,r, fourth top grade performer ae,1 quired by the IIcCarthv-Cronin MI I 1 COM hinat to n since Ma rse Joy Tawn,,,,,,o, took over the helm last October, slio, o nlvtnn at WOullohiltilg. 11) tilookhrld at. tt'om kini.11rYo a, umsm Pvrin-tlitio oolot ente Even before their acquisition s""v 8"" of Spence, the Sox had gained ,,-,4,inii',1,114,t.;Y'""1" the title of "the team to beat in st Laws A t ''IS" Via last month's garnering etaisdaii,tal,AmarlF71',10,,,',11!" of ace shortstop Vern Stephens hIta,vgat1 $11,1'"7u1,,,1"'" TEAM TO) BE AT Evvn before their acquisition of Spence, the Sox had gained the title of "the team to beat in IS" via last month's garnering of ace shortstop Vern Stephens and starting pitchers Jack Kra-per and Ellis Kinder from the St. Louis Browns for a flock of utility players and untried rookies not to forget a fistful of cash, Those at the boiling point include Bill reeck, president of the Cleveland Indians; Dan Topping, New York Yankee head, and Billy Evans, general manager of the Detroit Tigersall of whom confessed they vere getting tired of seeing the Red Sox grab big name players right from under their noses. "I'm sick about the whole thing. said Veeck voelferously. "For two years I've been trying to get Spence and every offer I made to Washington was considerably better than the one lite Senators accepted front Boston. Only last II ight I offered GAIT (Clark (riffith. Washington presWent) a deal that would sound fantastic in view of the players he got from Boston." TOPPING ANGRY-- Topping, who has been trying to land another starting pitcher with little success thus far, is still boiling mad over the way he was treated by the Browns in the Stephens-Kramer matter. "We never even had a chance to bid for them." he said. "The Browns knew We were in the market for Stephens and Kramer, but accepted the Bed Sox Otter without even asking us to bettor the figure." Quarter Calls Signals Princeton was the first team to use a quarterback Instead of the captain to call signals. By PHILIP GRABOWSKI Not so many years ago, Peg Brown of Homestead set a rec. Kerwin. Farreti; William :;:cilaii. tArtnan Twir.: Tom Dania and Joe Radial., Greensburg; i Brown or Homestead set a roe. Ralph Sadowski and Dick Wilson, )in:-Brack, Zack Washington, Jeannine, Pilchard Stover, I w en s e aver age d 160 n a i JOhlibtOWTI: Lawrence Dawes. m, Letirmon: Vince Pisano Nevi liensinktow Paul Bruno and or( I 41 h Frank Hromeak, PC1,1, Clareace Waigo awl froward booker, North Braddock Scott Wally women's t r a v e I i n g duckpin Jones. Sharon: James Manning and Wilford Minor. Uniontown, James Shentac, Vanderartill Alex Jailors and Barrie Bert, Wilkitiebute.iien fleiselltait. litoneiden. league, the Starlet. She's been a top grade competitor ever since she began to bowl. Today she is the pacemaker in the same league with an aver. age of 147, having displaced Helen Ruttner, who trails by slightly less than two points. Rose Se ifried's 250 for the West End Theils and Irene Rem. ington's 590 for the Cuda team are top performances. The lead . ing ten in average: Bowler GM. P166 AVE. P,e Brown 13 4663 147.12 kIn liultner 16 6251 145,31 el Beller 14 4685 143.3 rtohing, Ello01 16 5126 142.14 l616 LeValte 34 4626 141.32 ,eve 5,6616 34 4610 141.16 ry Sinionte 77 3305 140.25 111rabak 30 4216 140.18 leelle 1kfl 30 4162 138,22 Alleas.le1 34 4650 136.1 DIPPERS SET MARK Dapper's Hill Top team, riding the crest with a record of 30 VIM and nine defeats, registered two high counts, a 1022 game 'Ind 2751 total, in the American Vision. The Carnegie Arcadians pounded out a 982 game and a 2600 set in blanking the Shera IF PRETTY GIRLS WOULD ONLY TELL! Many would say,"My ,tro 'beauty secret is reg. , ,--' - ular DAILY complex. isyw , ion care with fra sr grant, mildly medicated Cuticura Soap and Ointment?' Used by thousands of lovely women for 65 years. Buy Cuticura at your druggist's today. 4 4 OH Irt.11C1 r;nlvt. Clay st ht. VillrPtas ern tit Potomac Mate NI6111"4 It Est:LIS COLLEGE. lining Teen 71 Lake Foi est 52 'A ake Vomit 71 Atlantic Christian 44 'Fedi JV 46 Thetis Xi 31 Campine Tech 54 Move City 41 Columbia 59 Rutgers 44 Miughall NU rofdiovitiff 1,1. Carolina 54 Dish Point 36 N. Cal ol ink So te 62 Honey t mi 44 Penn 49 Swarthmore 25 Vonova scrit Moil 4( ) Purdue 61 tiorquette 44 Gentim Viol-Wigton 5a Virginia 49 Batts 66 Bowdon' 59 I bi ri mouth ti Vermont 41 Wax13,1tilt 6,1 Mt Vincent I 40 Wash-Jtt JV 12 St Vincent JV 21 Waynesburg 59 Westitightimie 3 tI M indent), g 64 Moravian 26 Lehigh 47 Smarten 44 Salem eti Shenherd 27 SAW, hinotoil Coilege 45 Millaudet 35 Syrifeti. til St Jmeph hi...Min College 73 Jn 10 a is hall 14 Fortinnu 62 Wagner 47 51 Ism no 411 Washington !St Lou A2 Teindir li Delawai e 46 West Chester 59 Vint, Bit I 1 unore It. 31 Hovel lord 65 Pinta. Textile 40 Moon I. 11 St , Frain to 46 Gettysburg 54 Susquehanna 44 Dickinson 65 Elizabethtown 83 1,04,filmi Valley 401 Juniata 41 Yule 70 Wesiovon Princeton fin Lafayette 45 Depoilw 53 Canterbury 43 Drake SA Emporia State 41 Indiana State 74 Hanover 41 )11i)o1irt 4i Ashington i St, houla i Kentucky 74 flPil 50 Southern Methodist 54 Centenary 43 Washington State 55 Portland ti I Oregon 72 WIllamette 44 HIGH SCHOOL Sf, Mar yco 10 St. Luke 27 Zellenople 28 Mars 20 St. Citillnitir 211 St. Paoli 22 St. Michael 43 W PS11 25 WPSD Jr. 26 at, Michael Jr. 25 St Juatin 3R St Thomas 27 Mt. St. Mary 10 St. Luke 27 T. Waolittigton 34 Bethel 31 Mammon 52 ' Plum 22 JUNIOR HIGII 1.11W0111 Park 34 MI. Oliver I) GRADE St 11001, 13ronkline 30 IteSUrrectIOn 4 St. Michael's 33 st, Casimir 17 AsSOCIATION OP AMERICA Neve York 79 Boston 711 AMERICAN LEAGUE WW1-Barre 63 BcOoklyn NA l'IONAL LEA1114. Mitmeopolls 49 Toledo 46 fluelmiter 62 Sort WaYne KEYSTONE LEAM E Goodwill 36 morningstde 29 Mt 11 TB SIDE INDUSTRIAL LEAtiVE Pressmen 34 Gulf 31 P. & I. E. 49 Pgh. Mercantiie 40 1 4 11101.1C YOUTH LEAtiCE Sacred Heart 42 St. Augustine 29 Protectory 35 St Stephen's 23 St, Anna 39 St. Mary I Shin. 29 Nat)' It! 40 Annunciation 27 tilt VALHI PITTSBURGH LEAGUE St. Mary o Lyceum 43 St. Brendan 'AR Fre-Macs 55 Swialvale Canteen 36 INDEPENDENT Malik! City 49 E. Lib. Legion 46 Altoona Edwina 74 Bellevue AA 49 Spring 11111 52 Etna Owls 25 dens, with the 541 of A. Scarfone leading the other four members, all of whom hit better than 500. The Sheradens had a 923 when the Arcadians hit their 082. Syl Bloskis has moved Into fIrst place again, averaging 169.26 for the llill Toppers. Ed Lakomy Is close with 169.15. I unt,amo scaoseapo ' 1 CRAMS ACQIPSIS et Om, 110.1 PI MAMMA. PA. 0 1St ,IPS 114 I ,..1. -ierame, AoNg" I Nr 0 Thoroughly Rebuilt by Ile II Experts with Bell Quality Parts Top Allowance for Your Trade-lo Full Written Guarantee for Same Length of Time as New Hoover ul A n tAS L IFYOU CAN'T COME IN, WRITE OR PHONE FOR FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION ATIontic 5460 a.'ft ai Br Eil . APP iNCE- S RES Greater Pittsbettit's Oldest les Lorpst Vislon Cleaner Sposialty Souse 806 LIBERTY AVE. ATIontie 5460 Owl 1:30 till LH Dolly. Wedgy till i P. M. PACE 33 1011., 1119 , 613'y , LO! and imm manipuli joyed by Arol Southerr , , ,.' ...,., i ),,,: ' 0i.,-4' .. :., '''it'' ';''''i skc,: 14',' ' i, -."1,-'-: '. ' ,: FRIT. . The . that just ' ' Paul Cli touchdol minutes were no Irish PI Fran outstandi as hard ( tgan has had some wallop el In I for MI6 played I " they cal away. If th their app writing t can walk score, Chappi i Cony i I It has sc Chappuis 3 2 passes al 0 If yo 3 5 0 the Rose -, , sibility t a chologica . 'I overcome P r. At Mkt Ion knocked n title, d At Miami. Pelata I BEA 'S Welly DWI& b round; Lan Mond. CP At cAlv.-, lt Out Henry :0 PoUt nt odn',; do 4 At Venn 141 OH Bobby !d , .litici . Fre nkle St Lt. er Till T. Ix , P.M. 3:05-3 as 4: 00V 4: I5N ar 4 . 20V t 0 430-5 4.55-1 he P.M. ap 3 00( 3' 30-4 4:30-5 4:45P 4:50-5 4:55I F , i M. on 7 30V a , 7:55-1 A:10N :he 8'11-1 nit ft 05 -4 01 5f of I 0' I 5E of 1030( the IsT ht I . Ail 'remit ........ , A 4 00 :15 :30 :15 .--- . r5 :110 :15 :39 :45 ---- :00 ,65 :30 :45 ..- 7 ..Ts :30 :45 a :00 :15 :30 t45 9 :On :15 :30 :45 .----:00 k I 0 ..: 1945 - , 11 Ts i 115 123: :45 7 :eli :15 :30 :45 :00- e :15 :30 :45 W q :00 : lh ) :30 :45 ----- ) :00 :15 ) 1 0 ;30 43 ) :00 :i3 1 1 :.3t1l I 43, 12 ,,,,,, :,0 :45 - 1 700 :15 :30 :45 --- ----:00 :15 2 3 :DO :, ::44. , . :45 ,------.1 - i I ---:.s(,7:!,. IT 1 ., t t,,P -,,.,. , ,L,0 .. 14-it,t, ! , i JOHN l'',. :,.1., ,r-.! :,... B11.11TIELE,1 ' 4( L 0 A 7 ' rl '''. . WILKINSON 1' - , WILLIAmS ' '-,,Y if 1728-1$06 t , L England i ,, WHO BUILT IRE , CAEAL206SINTA,EEmooNFONT,8,s, ;,.,,. .,,,,,,,,.,:ii, )::::;,1,,,,,,,,,;;I:,,.1,,,i.:;'.4,,I,,,,,i,;,,,ii. FIRST IRON SHIPS , -DIRECTED .- ' THAT HE BE , BURIED IN AN - - IRO Ex N COFFIN 1 AND OVER IT N BE PLACED AN , .. , . 31 1 t UMBERS IN SEQUENCE: , IRON OBELISK , ' '.-;;:p ''A ',,..!:! ampie 123 T0 WI41 MT 0 -'' , '1'5 - ' v -,t6;'-'" - Reverse 321 let 8,301 AlIVIR --,.', '.:', ,. 41, . , :- . , - i ' ,,1,61 t,,- - te moo i .,,,': , ,Iti.,,..;' rtrinissi...0711 ,: ,.., itl. Subtede 123 I i9e 1,:5.,- .; Al 1kt ANSWIR WILL ALWAYS 6E198 s.',r,- - l'., it'''t . t , 'ti ..!. . li'-).-,.'''-i." . I 4,,, . co, 1 ,irt , J. , 4, . , k , , :161 ' ,.; : ; L4, A P1'0,040r.,. ';,.::,; :: . : -: 7..74- 4'irrive, 1,' 's :.' I , i : ortrook, .' . itl," .,ili.. ,,J, .14-4iewf ,:e111.41.4 ' --4 ' '4 ' i , I? ' ! ii ''. ' 11 , , ,,- ' I k . , . 0 ,,Fovvp -i,21.i.:-,,t,,,.,y.: sr ,......,..4 p,,1 1. rt NEEDLE ROCK ,szttcl.tANtilt,;4 ic, ,'-.1,1i -- titc'st '444411011,,u'L,41,'''44g4e v 71'; ( -,t' lik t allLeg'ilwii4a, Needle Cartmel ,En Hisbway ,Cola -,.., c,,, ,glan tcs.Lmotm d. . . n . , , t 1 ,A ISE ICI SPPTIC--thAnkS M laMOM Mi-M rC ereP-6"öSSAV VIII ; 414 C A formulakills contacted germs. t (r .) :747,41- wieJcsi I , I Pr I 1 a a Atlantic Hvskies ore fed exclusively on Luca. Gib 4 v Vrhs, APC11111 Kitcres k I COMPLM toed , i i by Reg Experts with Bell Quality Paris r Your Tradehi stet for Sams ;New Hoover i 469 Arn-- IN 5 .,1: Oml , EGO' FOlt FREE Tor"18.01 ' STIATION 5460 tompiett , I. - t ! with ,,,,achmenis , I . IIES ,,v ' td: , 4 Oldest led i"..4 4e , '. , 4111) 4,9,.. Clelleet 1 , N- ,r- . F:-.- r AVE. I 1 ..-4---- 460 St Ittel 1 ele, 1119 nte ;Wert gteel mots I FRIIT 9:4,67dstb.,,,,thote,r1 el) t,i4ti; MOP '1 IN 4111,,11.3010 ' ;" 9elle 611 94$44 tit,' 'it unt,amo iganmohdie sionsowne iAY..., r t .1.1, , (Alf - .. , Eti-SltRil AttoceR4 It .!,.... L011 BROS. ' ' ' '' r,- ovio...."..;.,4- ' ' : M NS 1 1 I Aa .... .;..., '4114: if; ind

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