The Times from San Mateo, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 49
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 49

San Mateo, California
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Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 49
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Today's iV.Y. Stocks, Noon Prices (See Page 24) Cletr weather and a little warmer for the SAN MATEO TIMES AND DAILY NEWS LEADER THE ADVANCE - STAR I Vol. 76, No. 68 5 Sections 48 Pages SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 1976 348 - 4321 15c PER COPY $3.25 PER MONTH Peninsula Weather Conflicting Portraits Of Patty SAIN FRANCISCO IAP) she TObberl n hank to save - Jurors in Palricla her life. Hearst's trial enter deliher - In final arguments alions with two conflicting Thursday, U.S. Atty. James portraits of the newspaper L - Browning Jr. repeatedly heiress one by the pruse - ul'B - 'd lh seven - woman, eutor who insists she is a five - man jury lo base their conniving liar. 11m other by verdict on the evidence, the defender who argues Defense attornev F. Leo Envoy to Tcfkff t 1 IlllIM llcu X' . . I ... ,., MVlUUldlCU WftSrllll.WI Ul'l) - President Ford today nomi - noted 1 homas S. Gates Jr., efense SCCretiJI V dlirinv I he hiseiihowcr admmis - writings, listen to her slri - Iralinn. ns I he new U.S. ,it,nt voice on tap(,d nlcs. envoy Hi C hina. wes jni her fanjlv. Tins ,s a very, very aKcd jaihouse coiworsu - importanl post. i'Ord said (jull with a fl ienil. tn announcing bales nomi - . Bailey in a 45 minule nation. "Wo feel that our oration thai tiarclv men - relations will, lhe Peoples llunm thl! e - virltfiec said Hopubhc of China Is one of lhe lrUl) draU wilh i.dving the most Imporlant itIii - or surviving. That Is all lions we have wilh any lhat Patricia Campbell nation throughout Lhe Hearst thought about." m' , t Miss Hearst. 22, testified fl confirmed by the Sen - lhat S1G was a elTjried ate, bales would succeed lmc oF hcr Symbionesc beerge Bush, who left the Liberntion Army kidnapers Peking post In December to and participated In an April take over as (he new CIA 15j ,974 bank robbcrv director. Ford said he will under fcar 0 death Baiey ,.sn me senate snoriiy to pprove giving Gales the raiih w aniodssaoor, The United Stales and t.iiiiia do not exchange ambassadors but have Q liaison office m each otii - eis capital, hord. seated next lo the fireplace m lhe Oval Office with Gates in an adjacent armchair, lohl reporters he .' thev served as iellow Naval ulticers aboard the !auiu siij, uie carrier Monterrey, in World War II. The President said their friendship developed when he went to Congress and Gales served first as Navy secretary and then defense secretary under President Dwighl D. Eisenhower. "He did a superlative job as dctense secretary, ford said. The President said send Ing a man of Gates' stature !" "s , .. , importance ue anacnes to U.S. relations with China. Gates said he hoped he can live up to Ford's expectations. "I'll come down lie .Washington! next week Premier of Lebanon Has Narrow Escape BEIHUT, Lebanon (UPI) Moslem Premier Hashid Karami narrowly escaped (iciiiii toaay when mreixli ary rockets set fire to a Syrian military jet plane he had boarded minute her lor a flight Id new round of Damascus peace talks The rocket slammed Into the rear of the Soviet - built YAK40 as Karami and former Premier Saeb Salam waited aboard lhe Ihree engincd jet at a Lebanese - air base adjacent to Bci - fut's international airport lor tne arrival ot I'nriia - mentary speaker Katnel Assad. The politicians scambled to safety from the flaming wreckage wilh other members of their party and ran for cover. They slponed their new round of urgent talks wilh Syrian President Hafez Assad who immediately denounced the plane attack as part of a "givat conspiracy." Firemen brought the rxuiey siuppcu just snort oi suggesting they ignore it and rely instead en her own testimony. U.S. Dlst. Judge Oliver J. Carter planned to issue final instructions and send 'nc bank robbery case ttj me juiy today. The trial is in its riphlh week Browning, his occasionally rising in an passioned two - hour MMrt - M .n,l - ,.,t lh inri. - ,0 waich again Lite film of Miss Hearst robbing the .nk rpnH her iiivi - J argued that a guilty verdict Would encourage similar kidnnnlnes in the fuliirp The government con - tended she was a willing convert to terrorism and Browning dismissed her defense as "too incredible to be believed." He recited the major ponts in her defense, .lmml,d : ,m ac ,t - i. - ;, fit. i i forward' over a lectern, he said slowly and emphat! - cally. "It's too big a pill to swallow, it just doesn't wash - ' The tall, lanky prosecu - tor. glancing at a prepared text, made only one direct reference (o Miss Hearst's Feb. 4, 1074, kidnaping at uie nanns of Hie SLA "I'm sorry that Patricia Hearst was kidnaped." he Mla hll ,,m v assume thai : she was a kid nap victim for the next 10 months? "Don't he misled by the smokescreen the defense h - .c r.nlcwl " k ..ptI il. jllr,, ..Judge hjs ase 0) (Sec Pngc 8, Column 6) blaze under control within 30 minules. I tic Syrian ntlet told reporters tnat one rocket hit the ground near the plane hefore lhe second hit the aircraft and set Hi rear section ablaze. Clouds ol black smoke poured from the rear staircase and one foot diameler hole lorn in the fuselage of the Sa - passcngcr plane The plane had earlier Mown Iwo Christian Phal - anpist Party officials (i Damascus before reluming to pickup Karami and the Moslem party. Who fired the ruckels was not immediately known. The area around lhe airport is controlled bv leftist Moslems and some Palestinian guerrillas. One man was injured in tile atlaek. witnesses said. He was not immediately identified. The Beirut radio station controlled by the rebel army of ring. Gen. Aziz Altdab. the rebel general AGREE TO princes, Mm - , Ur,,mnor ir f n,. .. , , f ' ' ciiiuuHTn ii or cngicma, Snowdon, shown in a 1965 formal portrait, hove ogreed to separate but a divorce is not planned, an official announcement in London said today. Palace Announcement Meg, Tony - Separate LONDON (UP!) - Princess Margaret, sister of Ouppn Kliz.ihi'ih announced today she and hcr husband, the Karl ol Snowdon are separating in the biggest royal sensation since King Edward VIII ahdlcaled 40 years1 ago to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson. The announcement was marie from Margaret's home. Kensington Palace, from where her husband of lfi years had already moved fi!Iniv ,Tjsjs and a scries 0f quarrels over what $nowdon considered her humilialinv friendshin for ,i nost ol Ins ellocls since fl young so 17 years her junior, The statement said: "Her Royal Highness Prin cess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. and the Earl of Snowdon have mutually agreed to live Hpart. "Tile FYinress will e;irrv out her public duties and "There pre no plans for divorce proceetlings." The legal separation, arranged by lawyers for from the divorce reported sought bv Snowdon. said to who announced hisl lie was seizing power Lebanon, reported that the ruinets were qrr - d by "unknown persons." Ahdab congratulated the politicians on their escape. Police sources said renewed killing sprees in the capital, and in the Mount Lehanon area, lei I at least 13 persons dead a in daylong clashes between right - wine, Christian forces and Moslem leftists, pushing the death toll in lhe new round of civil war lo 233 wilh more lhan 5(10 wounded. Leftists of lhe rebel "Lebanese Arab Army" raked the sliell - D.itlcred Holiday Inn in Helriil's once plush so - wide area wilh anli - aircralt lire and cannon salvos The Christian Phalangists responded wilh recoillcss rifles and rocketpropelled ercnades. Tn Kahhalch. seven irules southeast of Beirut. Christian militiamen began (Sec Page S, Column 8) AP iDUHytiolol SEPARATE 3 , , . ana ner nusrjand. Lord noled (hat the change hy he the prime mover In lhe tne bnard In Uie recommen - hreakup or the marriage. datkm of the County Plan - It was a less embarrass - ni,g Commission that the Ing a r ran gem en I than plan which includes rcsi - might have occurred, riemial and commercial Queen I - Jiiabeth. it became development in lhe Saddle clear, persuaded the Snow - firra uc adopted is subject dons to accept a "cool - (u review hy Hie rummis - ingoff" period before sinn taking so drastic a move as ,fe is cc,llillenU Ko!eU divorce, banned by the snili tlint lhe Planning Church of England which commission will again roc - Ihc queen heads. ommend acceptance of the me yueen was said to ""t" - ulf,1 Ll" - ' - oupn, win econcile as thev have after several ul her crises "f'10 Queen was anxious ln kt,ep 'he marital trou - bles of the Snowdons out of the courts. 'Lherc arc - busy limes ahead for her a visit to the Unilod Stales for lhe bicentennial this year and the silver jubilee of her accession to the throne next year Under lhe arrangement worked nut hy the Queen and her lawyers, the Snow - ll,ns who have spent most ol their time in :i ale homes for the past few .rears wm n(? ,lhle 10 IVP "P;lrl openly, have free aeceas lo their children, viscounf I.mley. 14. and Lady Sarah Armstrong - Jones, 11. and separate enntrol of their own finances. They could divorce later. hut (he roval family look years to recover from the shock of lhe abdication of !ing Ldward in 1936 to many Mrs. Simpson, the American divorcee who is now the Duchess of Wlnd - Roddy Llewellyn. 2il. whose three - year Irienii - shii wilh the 4f) - year - old I'rmcess was one nf the factors in the breakdown ol the marriage, was slavcie farm comi villi other members f'age R, Column 41 Fire Causes Traffic Jam A lire apparently started the liaca Raton Apart - by children smoking in menis as flames leaped some hushes sent flames nne 50 - leet up lhe side ol hieh in lhe air - causing a wall, cracking a window major Irallic jam on lhe " a cinnd story and hnrn - Havshurc Freewav ami inp underground wiring to damaged a nearby' apart - :i1 b"i!il sl!i units 1,1 the' 50 menl complex at Lflou unit liuidliuu. i'e reoortnl - Cooley Avenue in tlast Palo lhat the Ileal caused pieces Alto during the height of of stucco to drop Irom (he commute rush Thurs - underneath lhe eaves, tiny. Menlo Park firemen Firemen at lirl thought reported the apartment building itself was on fire, but Battalion Chief Richard quickly cxlinguished f'esnnn estimated some flames with hoselines from 54.003 damage was done to fire engines. Developers Unhappy Modified Bruno Plan Voted 3 - 2 More than two - thirds of the residential use advocated in the proposed Crocker Hills project on San Bruno Mountain was eliminated Thursday when the San Mateo County Board of Supervisor's approved a modified development plan by a .1 lo 2 vote. Following a day - long discussion, the hoard voted acceptance of a niotlnn by Supervisor .nan Fassler to modify the county general plan to permit development on the mountain, whicli would leave the comparu lively level a27 - acrc Saddle area along Guadalupe Can - ynn Parkway in open ft was in the Saddle area where Visitacion Associates had planned to locate 5.421) of the 7.055 dwelling units proposed in the Crocker Hills development. "If it (the board actionl stands as of now," Visitacion Associates attorney Howard L. Kllmaii said following the decision. "Ihere will be commotion, disruption, litigation and no project." Robert Follett, general monger for Vlsilacion Associates, had Utile lo say after the Iward action. Ife plan calling tor develop mem in inc aauon. uie ncueral manager said some lime n rinrinp nnhlic hcnrinRs on the develop - menl plan that any plan without development in lhe Saddle would made the project unfeasible. KHinan said thai :' there is no evidence in the record" that the plan which eliminates development in the Saddle is economically feasible. - 'As of now." Ellman said. ;t consliliites a lak - mg Food Prices Drop 1.6 Pet. In Buy Area SAN FRANCISCO (API Retail food prices in the Son Krancisco - Oaklaod area drupped pur cent from January lo Fehruary. the Bureau of Uibor Statistics said today. Hegional Commissioner Urucu Ifailrhell said Ibis was the largest one - monlh drop in iood prices in lhe area since the l.R per cent decline in Die January - February period of 1!S It now costs S.17 34 lo buy the same amount of food Sill would buy in 1307. This is 4.3 per cent above the level ol February 11)75. Asst.. Dlst. Ally. Henry Dietz informed the board that the major change in the plan as recommended bv the Planning CommLs sion requires lhat lhe mutter go back to the commission for review. ff Ihere is no report or Living Costs Up Slightly Last Month WASHINGTON I UPI I - Consumer prices in February posted Iheir smallest monthly increase (1.1 per cent in more tlian four years, the Labor Department said today. The min - iscule 'increase came mostly because of the largest decline in lood costs since 1D56. Department officials said food costs dropped 1 per 'cent last month, the sharpest decline in 21) years when ii similar dip occurred. The last lime a larger decline was registered was Nov, 1US3 when Iood costs The 0. 1 per cent increase was the smallest since Sept, J'JJl. and showed the continuing slowdown in (lie rale of inflation. The Consumer Price Index rose 0.4 per cent In January and averaged 0.6 per cent average for the last three months of 1975, Seasonally adjusted index hgiires showed an overall I per cent decline in load prices, due mainly lo a 1.5 per cent drop in grocery foods. That followed a 0.4 per cent decline last month. The CPI for February was II'j7.1. before seasonal adjustment, meaning that SIOIJ worth (if goods purchased in Iilli7. the base venr. would now cost SI 07. 10. Administration economists ha'd predicted Thurs day that inflation would continue lo moderate in coming months, primarily due lo prospects of future declines in food prices. The February statistics indicated gasoline prices also declined while charges lor consumer services rose, hut at a slower rale (han in January. Prices or some foods Two Stabbing Slayings Still Remain Unsolved By HICK SULLIVAN The slayings of Iwo North San Mateo Comity coeds, hoih found stabbed and sexually assaulted, remain unsolved today after months ol investigation that has produced no new leads. Although police have linked the killing of 17 - vear - old Paula Louise llaxlcr Feb 8 with that of Veronica Anne Casein. IB. on Jnn R, they have hecn unable lo apprehend a suspect. A five - man investigative team, comprised ol Mill - hrno and Par ifica police officers and a County Sheriff's Department deputy, has spent the last two months tracking down dead - end lends ' and "running down unsolved homicides throughout the western t'nited Stales " Commented Millhrae Sgt. iton Kane. "We are no further ahead today than we were when the murders were commuted. We've talked to a lol ol people and recommendation from (he commission within 40 days. I lie plan as amended hy the hoard Is deemed lo have the approval or the commission The vote on Mis. Fas - slcr's motion, which was opposed hy tioard Chair rose despite the overall trend, including cuffee. while prices for restaurant meals and snacks away from home rose 0.8 per cent, the same as in January. Commodities other than food increased u.3 per cent, continuing a moderate rate of advance, Clothing prices also rose mutlerately. The Labor Department said sharp increases in aulo insurance rotes accounted for much of (he 1.3 percent rise in transportation services prices. The ligurus by the Durcau of Labor Statistics also showed real gross average weekly earnings were essentially unchanged from January. Although the recent reduced inflation is expected t.u become less dramatic in lhe months ahead, Wtiite House economist James Pale predicts there is "still some room lor improvement in food prices." Wholesale farm and (oik! prices, which liuvo a direct impact on grocery prices, have been falling al a drastic rate over (he past four mom lis. That decline was reflected only recently in consumer food prices, which fell 0.2 per cenl in January, the first such drop in five mouths. Overall, consdnier prices rose 0.4 percent in January - an improvement over the average monthly increase of per cent over the previous three months. This moderation, combined wilh the falling unemployment rate and four straight monihs without an increase in wholesale prices, has provided new impetus lor (See Page H, Column 6) a lot ol agencies and have still gollen nowhere " It was on ,I:in. 3 (hot a I'aeilica ynuih. walking through Sharp Park Golf Course in the late morning discovered lhe partially nude body ol Veronica Cas - cio lying face down in a creek. The part - time Skyline College student had been raped, tlii - n stabbed some 30 times in the throat and abdomen Mis. C. is cio had last liccn seen alive waiting for Neivs UCLA, ARIZONA IN Hirths 30 Obituaries 30 Business 25 Hcstaurants. Clubs. 17 - 19 (.' it'd . ... 30 - 40 Sports 2l - l!tt Comics... ..'.1ft Stocks a Editorial iti TV. Had to Hi Features 27 Theaters I ! - '.' hardens !'. - ::: Weal he; 7 I.ifesKir? Id 11 man William II. Hover and Supervisor James V. Fitzgerald, followed attempts by the latter two supervisors to secure approval of the Visitacion Associates plan. Fitzgerald moved for acceptance of the plan as recommended by the commission, and Rover handed over the gavel to Vice - Chairmau John M. Ward lo make the second. After Fitzgerald's motion was defeated 3 to 2, Hoyer moved for a modified plan which would reduce the number of dwelling units in the Saddle area by 40 per cent. That, loo. was defeated 3 to i. tn prchicing Iter motion, Mrs. Fassler cited "very significant' impacts she believes the Visitacion Associates plan would have on adjacent cities, streets and schools. She asserted that Visitacion Associates bus not demonstrated thai benefits of its plan would outweigh the adverse effects. Ward, in seconding the mntlon. maintained the modified plan is "not a no - growth alternative." (le contends that I lie modified project will provide lions (See Page S, Column 1 1 Israelis Cool Off Protests JliltUSALEM I API - Chanting Arabs confronted Israeli riot police in Jerusalem today, yelling a vow - to liberate iheir holy places irom Israeli control, but i ioling subsided in occupied west Jordan after a munth of unrest. Israeli troops and security forces stayed carolully clear of Arab mosques on the Moslem day ol prayer, and the Jerusalem demonstrators dispersed calmly at the urging of Moslem clergymen. Police reported a lew sporadic outbursts of rock - throwing in the holy city and a demonstration in lhe town of Hebron, but Pales - linian Arab protests against Israel's control of lhe west bank were the quietest in a week. a hus to take her to the Skyline campus in San Bruno. Kxaclly 30 days Inter, (lie hoily of Paula Raster was found in a grove of eucalyptus trees behind the Church of Jesus Christ ot Litter Day Sainls us 241 liidoman Lane in Millhrae. ne oi Miss Baxter's friends who hud organiied a search parly tor the popular Capucliinn High School student discovered the girl's nude body partially I See Page 8, Column 7 1 Index CAGE FINALS. Page. 2!

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