The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1932
Page 3
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1032 cm Successor to Will Demonstrate Alabama Brooder at Battle Farm j OSCKOLA. Ark., Jun. 28.--C.'on-! islructlon of the popular AlaVnim I .type brick brooder will b? d;nr:n-1 ." J M • • i''(rated here Friday afternoon by i Cite ASSUmeS Municipal-0. w. Knox. Jr cxfnsbn pji'.- Court Dulles Today. : ,' ry sp "' atel from "» Un "™'«< FORTS; flTTE CHINESE Knox „, - : iu CJiarl-f- Broivii. Leachvillo farmer, | broader on (he fiiriis or G S mt'l- l!:o defendant In tlie firs,', case 55 „,[]<,,; wes , 0( towj , T ho ,-iemon' ! before J\:dse Ivy W. Craw icipal court this marn- iiB. Hnmi was held lo Hie grand jury under $250 bond on a charge o! dis- of jii-op"rly on wliich a land- stration, to which all farmers and poultry srosver, arc invited, will \ K . • gin at '2 o'clock in the afternoon. '. Advantage of the brooder, ivliich i is simple and economical of on- Mruclion. over eomineiml types of : i-. loid'.s lien exists, [brooders, is that the fuel cost Trial of Fred Oswell on a charge • lov.-, tl:e fuel used beine uri-n of nshlng for marlcct with loop no'.jwocd. The broader heats the entire i nnd without license was continued house, glvi-s off no fumes is '-aw until afternoon in order that Os- !to operate, provide* sufficient brooi- i wall might retain counsel lo rep- i 1ng space lo „„„,„ C| . 0 i vdlllg of rismv Jimi. ] chicks. an:l hoids' heat when the! A number of pilicc cases which [lire tcts. low. ' have Men piling up since the hist • The brooder, which originated in i session af court lu'ld by the late ] Alabama, has been u"d In that Judge W. D. Gravctte Friday will ;stale successfully for a number of' be disijosed of at the police ciivi- ,years, Tomorrow's demonstration on i Moil ol criminal court at 4 o'clock I the Battle farm was nrrnr»cd for this afternoon. !by Miss corn Lee Colemaii" Dome' (Continued from nage one) today here as dark news came from Die iifr enst. The United States. It Is understood, docs not protest Japan's right under International Inw to' bud forces In the native city ofj Shanphai If Its citizens' lives ovj property arc menaced. There \vcrci no Intimations the U. S. would! take nny action as a result of Japan's announced intention of ••f-udlni! troops usliore. Press dh-' iwiclifs from the trouble zone \UTe so'full of foreboding that of-! fii-lnls spoke with extreme ctiu-j Hon. There wns n iKllef In ninny ([iiarters 11 r.ew crisis, perhajw as j serious as Hit? world \var, im-| pentlcd. t -All Japanese vesltlenls. im-lud- )n>; men. wort 1 oitli'ml lo I'viit-uiili 1 Niuiklujj today. Tlie order hutliiued the Japanese Coin's Intciiil to move Into Nun- king ii s well as Shanghai. The order said every man. wo- nun, and child should' be ul (lie livei front at 11 p. m. when the cruiser Hirndo would nnhv lo liuul inurlne and throw a curdou alxnu the dcck.i iiinl hulks for theh pio- UTtlOll. 'I'l'.e staff ol Uic Jnpawsr? consulate eenenit al<D evacunted to (he iuilks win-re ihey will ri'inain Indclinltely. NankiiiK, the capital of China. Is 100 miles up tin- Yunglse river. Amor.g the police Kill hi j. in which the defendants ave "kg«l Kith fighting. Ths cases. ill just been called and -.rilnessos i weft being sworn in when Judge I Graveltc collajitcd on the bench I Friday. He died a few minute? fol- | lowing the stroke of apaplexy. Defcndanis in the cases are Earl Lawrence. Jim Mtirdough. fSabel Lauiberi and Hubert Turner. Al! are- the result of a general brawl, according to jwiice. Other cases lo be. brought, before th; new municipal judge are John Newman, charged with driving while intoxicated; Max Arwood. as- fault and battery; Willie Cornelius, negro, petit larceny, and Roy Parks, ttnce charges of potit larceny. Parks is al!oac^ to have stoien some money from a fello-.v prisoner alter bcins placed in jail on a larceny charge. Sam Manatt. younj attorner appointed by th? cky council last nigh; to fill out Crmvford's i;ncx- pired u>rm a.s city attorney, will appear in his new role this ntlcv- Just what has happened to the else against Andy Barker. Clear l.-ake deputy constable, charged with assault and buttery. Is a matter of conjecture. Just a few minutes before hh collapse on the hvnch_ Priuay Judge Gravctle aii- no'inced that the case wcull b? continued ' when ths iiro-ccutlnc witness failed to appear. H? chans- td his annuuncemrnt a moment later, however, anti said that the ca=c •ft-.i!d be dismissed in the jwlice j/i^.on of court and filed in the tt>: division. :\.li Reed, deputy prosecute-.-, ap- proache-d In rci'artl to (he Barker case, rjplir-d that h? ivoul:! pre'e-- a charge against Barker if "com- Jjlaint was lodzed -dili h : :-- Th^ warrant in tl ;e city 'c.ise""a»ain5t Barker w,rs originally issued by Judge. Gravette 'on information of the prosecuting witness wn ich , va , filed directly with the court The min who compiaiiwcl a=ains'. Bar- ire r claimed that th; clear 1 ak- Ocputy assaulted him and b;!«ert him in the citv jail 0!J a ; , r ,, : r-°n- ness charee. The "drum:" was later released by Police Chief A D Givyn who jiid police cfficor« n av , conflicting- statements |. s to'th' man's, condition when jailed by detnousiraiion ai;ent. IEIEE SETBffi Appraisers Report on Loss and Damage to Land Near Barfield. Reports of appraisers have been I filed in ch'cuil court, setting foith reprcseiitatlims of damages; and lucres by properly owners In a! proposrri lever setback .southcns: ; of Rarfielcl by the St. Francis Levee district. The appraisers. J. w. Spann,G. L. Wndciell and C. C. Eniicn, iecon:n;end that owners of five tracts be re-irubursed in the sum j of S2IXM7.83 for property lo be occupied by fh? proposed new levee, ncrcs. and for damage ami Chlnn. Jan. 28 (UP; loss of value lo adjoining lands. Another report on appraisal ci Frisco railroad properly needed (or the levee setback hns been Jllrd bill was not available In the circuit conn files today. Reports of appraisals of damage and losses to be sustained by owners of five tracts aiontj the new Mississippi levee follow: • Payment of $2.«i9.5a .to Ixjuise Cnrr Chapman and others lor 4^ acres of land and damage and Inconvenience lo other parts of (raet. Payment of $2.44550 to Lizzie P. Crigger. C. E. Criager and others recommended for 38 acres of lanC and damage and inconvenience lo other parts of tract. Payment of S11.399.C8 to D. R. Gainer and others recommended | /or 05 ncres of land, moving gin. railroad spur and other losses. Paymes; of $2.377.70 to Rachcnl Godby and Julia. McCreary for 45 acres and damage to balance of tract. j Payment of S1.4C5.02 to Joe Carr! Ix>Roy and others for 24 acres of land and damage to balance of tract. No Jury Trials Ready Today and Court Recesses Until Friday, Final Day Circuit court, occupied through all but two days of a two week's term by Jury trials, laigjly of )«r- romil Injury, damage mid slander cares, was left without imnlh.T Jury case to try today and C. A. Cunningham, .special Judge, adjourned court until Friday. A verdict was finally brought In this morning in an accident caso and a damage case tried Jointly yesterday. Miss Lucille Button, who sued /or $5,000. «-,is niven S25 In a verdict rctimied against Georsc \V. Crawford. Another verdict ajainsl Crawford gave J. S. Tvlmue and an insurance company $241 for damages to Trimue's car. Both cases resulted from an accident on Highway 51 several months ago when Crawford's cur and Trl- inuc's car. driven by another man, collided. Miss Suumi, an occupant of the Trimue car. wns slightly injured. A lawsuit over a S300 share-crop, which started In magistrate's court and went up through circuit court to the supreme court, wont back to magistrate's court, and Is now started up again, was continued until the next term of court. Tlie case was not continued, how- ever, until counsel fur the plalnllll, «. «. Ovoiioii, county surveyor, hnd n physician of his own choosing to eMimlne ami testify us to the condition O f u, 0 defendant, W. H Uiumlmiiin, after his ulltJiiiL'y 1)V c- .'enU',1 ;, ,|(ifi(K-'(! (»-rtlikM(t< sli-jiv- l»K HaMtmiimn uiiuble to h? pres- i-iil. Ims » sure tliroal n»(l may have •'unimii'i," it «- ns bioiit:u! m.i Mci ini fur 11 new trial wns lll.'d by iht- ilrf-.-uduni lusuv.incr company in l!u- case of I'lnWe SlMrunk vs. ^..l:«,|. l | Mf t . ului AtMnn In- Mirniuv cumpuny. Thf iipgrrss was iiwaid,-,! some $ 34l) by „ Jl|r} , (h|s nn-K. j-| H . company cliilmcd her l:ite liii-b:md. on wlHHn un Insur- •nncp i^iu-y Wll!l | Ssllfl |_ ,.„,„,,,,,,,,! his iihvMc.n comlllloii. ; Th,. plamti:, lh ., $]5 | nW!lUUi p • t- ll'ivn-ll, Mniilla. moil c.nrliM- sought io h,,v,. Judgment ol u luw- ei- I'Diiri ui!irin.' ( | ,.,,3,, rnllHll . of le <le(,r,!anl. Krlsco lullroail. to Illi: anwr 1,1 circuit court. Tin inollo,, was ovor-iulcd anci ru«. .set lor lr:n! isfs, ,,,,,„ 1'nvn; MrCull's $L > 5 .OSO .hnn.^c suit .li-Mim: A ( | Kicimixls for djiin- n« Mis'.aln, ,| in 1( Clv : i(. L . Wl ,, u wn nt.ti >,,„!] ,|,e next tern, ol ,,.„ ., ' |1:>S yoi bron taken ,„ ihp i.ii,. TOiuroso!,-,)- u,-tsv-ei) Hi, ^n'!--«-Nli« sullr i Power company ""d thi' i-i'.y of lllythevill?. Aflor 25 Years Mr. Jelm A. Knab, nallus Citv !"•' l ;" s ™ tllc ly iK'tilcd of Piles and other Uccln! Trouble alter buf- leilni; (or 25 years, lie urges nil sullcreis to write The Thornton ,V Minor Clinic. Suite 419, 92fi MtGoe -St., Kansas city, Mb., for a new free copyil«hlcd book wnlch explains n mild, M irc trcalment, for heiiiwi holds <pllcsj and all forms of tectal diseases. This treatment hns rcsioict! mnre llwn 40,000 people lo rwAed lienllh In tho | 53 yrors. in wriUn B for the book, there is no cost or obligation. —Adv. WOOD I'RKK You can help yourself on 200 ncm nl wonds 5 mlks out of lilylluvillc on Ul Highway. 1 i-z miles east ol Sandy I)ld(;i.' store L. I), llayncs The Editor's Letter Box Thankful for Wbai We Have 'To the editor): After a Ions r.b«-nce I'll try [o encourage mv- ^tt to ivrite just a few lin,' S t o the good paper ,-md its inanv readers. As the Lord has blessed me (hrctiBh this p3st year I f c cl 8rat.?ful for His gcoclr.ess. He has ntcci us here in a land of p!en- V. r hy shouldn't we bless the .-.-(1 with all our soul, miiul and strength f or what we liave. for little or much. We hear the cry of "hard ti:nv everywhere we may he. but let's stop for a brief moment and .see vhat cau',?s it. The Lord says "seek ye the kin<>dom of God and all its righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." What things? if W c seek God' aiul h:s righteo;:su?ss in earnest we shall find Him and these [hinrs i things we need, not things we merely shrill be Riven ns. Some have money. moa?y. money. and everythins thoy can lire. and still wanting, and nrc not satisfied, ff nil these people tha have the'e great riches wosild do ns Jesus told the rich young rule to <io when he came to Jrsus'want. ing 'still not satisfied with all tii richt-s) to know wha! to do to be saved, anti said he had kept all tho commandments from his youth up. and Je?us to:d htm "sell all ye have nnd give to the poor and fol low me," don't yo;i think time would be better? Just let us thank GoJ together for what W.T have, though it only b; food rtml rniment. I'm happy in my Lord, lo say I'm rich, though I'm poor in this" world's goods. I'm ">'i»S to lay my treasures 'in moth nor rust doth not corrupt mem. I l, a ve littte in lhi.5 world but when i paM on (0 t ,, c 1)aln( . c built for yon nnd ,„„_ sp^cn o in RCV. 2i s t chapter, I'll be rich. Sp .ITi v.V to- , lets work and worship -. r nnd be thankful for what nave. Mrs. R. E. Sappinglon. BeUonl, Miss "oule i, R OT My reason for smoking LUCKIES" THE QUEEN Of COllEENS I neyKoured Ireland—HwFOXflitlitr folks—for a winiom* collgen fo ptey oppotfi, hot grea , | r;Ul , enor in 'Song O' My Heorl." And whom stwuld they find bul Mour»r. O'Sulli- vanl Sh« om«4 dreixd <n o wolf — b»1 her IrvnV wat Ml of uupoy Parii clart«. HOW'J thai f or |,hs fclorntyl She'i now going ovtr big in RKO PATHE S "THE BIG SHOT." I! didn't late f.trtong lo picV lUCKlES, ond she's been Inul kin 9 ihom a it,', ond a half. The otity wxard for h«r i!alcmcn( woi our friendly "Top „' trie morning, Maureen I" SO "My reason for smoking LUCKIES is that they are ,» mild and cause no irritation to my throat. Your new Cellophane wrapper is marvelous. Just a pull of the tab and there arc the LUCKIES." $4 7<ua**A/ AX It's toasted" Your Throat Protection— qqaintt Irritation — against cough And Woistore-Proof Cellophane Keeps Mat "To«t«<f" Flavor E^tr Fnd, TUNE IN °N LUCKY STRrKE-«O mnlem minwlr, «,'ih Ac uorM's fin«< dancs orcK«frai and Wn _ "' toda y Immti the nn n of tonanow, nrry Tti^b.v, Tliiiraiay and Saturday tvning Mrr N.B.C, . a5li h RED& WHITE STORES When you select Red 6- White food your search for quality is ended, for the familiar Red 6- White label Is a dependable guarantee of finer food products. Red & While, ri Small or (> Titl) (.'mis Soap Coffee lift! & \VKIto Nupthii Hutl & White Vitamin I'litk 12 Bars 39c Pound 39c Bon Ami Cake Soap Lye Sugar Hard Water Red X White 4 Packages 39c 8 Bars 39c 4 Cans 39c 8 Pounds 39c Hlitc & While 25-Oz. tjin 2 Cans 39c Baking Powder Cream of Wheat i package and Quaker Puffed Rice i ^ Both for 39c Gel One. Jnr of I'tamit Hultcr, Red & While, nnd One OAtfl .far of Mayoniutisc, Itcd & While, All for— J%lC You Will Find Quality Merchandise On Sale At Special Me Sate Friday «fe Saturday, Jan. 29-Wth Grape Fruit Red & white 2 Cans 39c MACARONI 9Pkgs.for 39c RICE Choice 10 Lbs. for 39c j PRUNES 6 Lbs. for 39c POTTED MEAT Jello Or Her! X- While Ofsscr! I'nwder 5 Packages 39c RED&WHiTE Al Red & White Markets Pork Sausage Pork Chops 4 Pounds 39c 3 Pounds 39c THE RED & WHITE STORES The Sign of a Dependable Store

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