The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1932
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Local Bantam Has Edge ] , 51ow FightjSubstilutior ;; : .Mar Preliminaries. ' '.£*Roy Daui&n of Blythevfllc *o .* , ten round decision over 6cr D'pllve bantam, in a mild affn . at trie armory last nighi b?fore small crowd. The bout headline the first, card staged here iu w ,-eral.months and opens a scries i fights to e put on liero, :-.-ftol*d Lambert, Blytheville Ugh • m-elght, won over Voung Scott u . a scheduled six round «. .Scott went down twice in tl second round and s'tavjd the la. lime giving Lambert lits fir? knockout. since way, way Irac' Scott had sone doivn from a rlgl to ..the car in the first round oiil .to 1 .be saved by the bell. Lomber was substituting for Tommy Rj • Ssaton and Scot for another Mem phs fighter who were carded fo .the semi-Kindup position. •Another substitution was nind £n the.first bout, preceding th battle royal, with somebody b 'the name of Grif ' or Griffin o MeinDhls, essaying (he role slate for .Kid Okem against Kid Prilch »rd.,of Caruthersvlllt and Slccle Pritcriard put hh opponent nwn in the third round. :There wasn't anything for th . f»ris to rise up in their scnts am cheer stout In the Lougnn-D'Oliv tilt On the other liimd plenty o, . empty scats probably had their in- fltuhce on the fighters. . Lougan forced the fighting in Die latter rounds to win by a smnl margin, but he didn't look any too good in winning. The local bos was"far off with his timing and .floundered arounil occasionally as though he needed a little training tie might of been thinking about «n'engagement In St. Louis to° night. . The left-handed D'Ollve stuck his .southpaw in Don fan's face several tunes particularly in the e»r- •ly rounds but ths blows didn't seem to. carry much steam. He threw the left, often while off tlie canvass in R leap that carried him by bou- g'an. OK'iy,That All?. "'.....' . Barniy, OldfioW. ."ingests "'' tliat Amerlrs jean-smash- -the'- world »»- tomoWM sne«d r -retnrd, • set by: Brjt- lsher, ; :JUlcolm .-Campbell•-. at 2K mites •«!'.hour last ?y«ar. "_•"'.'' v.. Tc record was s'rt'with a 1400- horsepowsr machine! OMfield sng- ?»sts an awtomobile with two engines. UKXrhorscoower each:' four- wheel rtriTe;" automatic accelerator and release, and telescope sights. In 5'iich a' car, savs Old Barnev. nil B 'fellow, would have to do would be to. sit there and hold it on [he lint. 'Ahem! • • • • • BiarhaB EtsootaVs Uniforms for ball plavers average *20 aniete, Bv buy-in? all the "uniforms for the Cardinal chata" store teams, Branch Rlckov has cut the cost of each unlfon'n in .half.. Baseballs cost $1.25 to SI.50 apl«e. It is Rickey's idea for or- xanlzed baseball to build its own baseball factory and make the balls at a cost of about 38 cents apiece. Further, Rickey suggests tlmt one man do all the buying of uniforms for each league, forcine competitive "bidding by the sports goods, comoanles. Mr. Ricitcy Is not a bad hand at figiires. • « • KefeUion •-Ball.plavers all alonf the line have broken into rebellion at nay cuts which total 41,000.000. The "b^id. news" seems to e more prevalent In the National league than In the American, where few dls- titrbsiDces have been reported. Three of the Giants, Bill Terry- Mel Ott and Fred Pitzsimmons. have declared their unwillingness to accept drastic slashes. There will bt especially loud wails from Brooklyn and Pittsburgh, too. The magnates are going to have plenty GEM THEATRE WedM*i»r and Thursday Matinee^-2:30 - Night—6:45 Adm.— Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c .See tliarlie Chan's Chance' with Warner Oland Also News and Short Subject BRUSHING UP SPORTS TV* WELL KWOWN T&AineR OF fife, HOID-UP MKM IK) WE NERVOUSH-LEfift.,. lEFN TCX*. THE OUN AW(> —Tpe STICK-UP ARTIST HoTei ROOM, WITH" "Mean Moss" May Give New Orleans Big Surprise. Jiy ,VM .Sen-Ire NKW ORLEANS. Jim. n.-One of these Jays, there's no lellina v.'lun, you may pie* up a napcr and rend that H horse named Sport lias won a race under' a rousing ride given by Jockey S. Johnson, If you do. nftcr reading this don't ever say thu duy of miracles Im ended, Even, the day of raw truck miracles, which are .s.-ifd lo he more common than other varie- llei! Prince R|X>it Ls u horec by Prince Pill and Lndy 8]>ortsj»nn. He was by Scivell Combs of [/ixing- tmi. who was offered JIO.OOO for the coll as a 'yearling. Uut Prince Kport 1ms Ima a checkered career, II.; WAS frlc-ndly around the barns but wlieu they put hi m on tnc track, lie would run up Into tlio lnd|:K stand, jump ' fences or dash the iiTonir way around the oval. summer, at, . Tbisllfdosvn Prince Sooit was sold for iqoo af- 1 1 IT t-f bad (limned ovc- three 01! rnur l<ims and socnt the rest, of (lie afternoon . brcejln* ground in Indian Rider Believes in Horse |Chicks | Lose to Cooter Coou-r gainwl revenge for IK | < by Blytlipvlllc In Hie t|,Jjl' ; utiosi tourney here list vvoi->. i>y J landing th? niyth?villc <|-. i: .',t £ drubbing in a game nt Cooler last ntpln. Tnc score was 15 to 11 The »!jllu>vll!n (jirls \vcre .'.•.ranijif-it by tl'.c r-lassy COOIM- Bills' team by a score of 30 to 4. BlylliL'Ville .stwu'cd an fair defense under William "Mac" M c Clerkin. r.?w case coach, but was unable lo click nu the offense. Thc Cooler and Bljlhmllu icams v.lll play at the armory her? Friday night again. -©- he boutht for S300 and uliicJi ;, c meetint at the Fair Grounds fr is Biscuit Billy. traine, , )f thc «. «* «r,, r „„ his Mente sa) he ha sho>vn Bsirwe MS | 0 " ri ,i,. i M N e , «' '" ".""'' llt ' f ° rfi ™ ' , . tball and runs in Lv>?ebii! / ' s scored when a player cai-j:- ll to drop through th; bnsis^ tt . turf. ,,„ Ch forj;ott e n about 1Z birthUays. horses, every morning telling you I'm 70. erand stand and and Irvine to crawl into Hie . bctthiL",,,., ~i "., ,— ; "•'• " " booths. • "<-"mt I11Rn dont knon . )11S own Wrth) T , , ' • " who does?" ' I It renulres- hraiwv j o ,, AJ . ?300 the Prince Company, Inc., renulre 1 ; bravery ..." ..' . duel's '-Chief-Afraid - of - His Sport Restoration n - j - BALL Pl»'ERST& THIS DAY KID LEFfr £«OOT HIS ftwR Billy, vctci.m trainer! THEY ALL LAUGHED WHEN , LE ^ T , Y W|SEM AN, trainer of the Cleve ° vef . th ,c Cincinnnti skyline and they laugh today whin th*'^- Sen * a bullet screeching baseball-folks. The Indians tr n i,, n H ™T?J" d "*, *™", th » "Jj^*.«» .Bought up amt.|' nightly pastime; - B00d New 0 u L ,,-,. »»jiirio mill TI1BV baseball-folks. The Indians 'trained ""- "- 1 -" One night Lefty was efore Lefty could lock nis TOO reach for. the ceiling. Lefty calmly kept couiv so nervpus he. nearly dropped the gun. Ufty arm«d the bandit, who fled. A few weeks '^ ""*• hotel room, Lefty came across f fired and a bullet went out the had attempted suicide, mw " and ordered 'him t^ sticku P Artist became'- ba " laer ' s J»k»; «•-'• , Wlth «• Suddenly ' trouble tatore their athletes (In- ly tire signed. 'Ibon's Value HacK Wilson still would be worlh 5.000 h i-enr to Brooklyn If uldn'l hit above .250. .says M. lx orcy .manager of the Flock lie cures tlmt Wilson wll Idraw plcn- of customers for at least an- her season. Hack lins been tho ile! attraction In Brooklyn among 1 (he"visiting cluljs. Mtuiy win tty to E«' If he 'still is as bad iu> he us with thc Cubs. He. Is a man at; booed and cheered by RITZ THEATER Last Time Today atince—2:30 - Nfg:ht—6:45 dm.—Matinee—10 and 30c Night—10 and 35c ' , ' See Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde with Fre'dric Marcli Also News and Comedy Thursday and Friday dm.—Matinee—10 and ,')0c Night—10 and 35c mrbara STAHWYGK Die aimo croml. Th<it is color, n even in times ol depression, it hns a tiefinlte market vnluc. • » » How Alinut the Judje? niirlnB nl iihc lalk nlH}lll <lrils . tic pay eiit s („ tascbat^ ttlU | thc limit lor new economies, nothing "us bi-cn snlcl nbnut llio cnst of eoveinlng- the gnine. JixiRr Ijindls' salary is SCS.MO n year nrnl his SMTCt.iry Is pnhi f)2,OflO. ,\m( In thc old days the Natlonnl Commission worked tor nothing! Rend Courlfr News wmit nrts. Kan Mail From Frnutus Erny J'inckerl recciTcrt more feminine fun mail during the 1931 p'ld wason Him, the majority of Holly.i'ood's handsomest movie heroes. Dm he tinned It nil over lo his \\ifi'. f\ to answered the fluliciTcl fi'mnire for him. BOS-1'O.V. (UPl-Enstei arc s'.ill seen In parts of New England. ,-.«>.-, region, niiil a Barnstable- resident recently reported sighting a fleck "•'• "'M'-iji r. nu RllOV horse when he sees one. Chief boiichl die how. sliini)"d >mi. finic'iou- mlr<\euloiulv to Col- nncl HrndleVs Pa fr oroimds track in Ni-iv Orleans, doctored his I'lm rendv to- the''iares. At'leasl thnr.^ what Chief snvs. . "Tlint horse is coing to moke cm open tlieir eycR and look nn VL-I." snvs Chief. "They say he's »>ran but he never has been mean 110 me. i blistered hts test with red mercury where lie hurt it climbinc fences, and he's comhiR around I okay. Before this meeting Is over | Prince Sport, is uoinsc to race. I'm Being to show- Colonel Bradley I know a hers" when I sec onn Furthermore, T'm going to ride him myself!" Little Chief rode his last race fH'e years a?o. He swe.irs he U 50 years old, but veteran horsemen say he has been uround tlie track that ion?, and declare his age is ftt least in the-lower ; Ws. - t- "IVliy.should- -I. pay! any jockey Win .fixed up?"/.the-: phief asks .'.'when J'm exercising half n dozen .listen—don't pay- any attention to thosa wise guys : afound the thack In Ihe old days of smoked a S1000 "It was back racing at St. Louis." "siys"Hilly. "V Ihi-ou^h iheir"g'an-e' road "mion^."^^^"^"- -™ t ..' l >™ *™ »> rt ' — d?ar that his horse would win. and the horse won. Jim Hill jjnw me that cige.r lo smoke." BY CIwURK BURCKY 'Copyright. 1932, NBA Service, Inc. Goals, or baskets, 'are the objcc lives in bsskeiball, like toudi.-loiwi in tootball coal is Ihe ball to drop from above. Field goal? count two points nth and are the result of !es,il scorii)? nlays. BaskettaH oiTrasives teici the nlayers to warl. the ball ctos^ to -.he basket where tlie pcrcsiu- of sncc'cisful sh;ts is higher than from mid-court. Fife throws, or fnni poah. p ;!1 - nllies a^nlnst nti illjoal net. are fvee all^mnts at thc hask't without defensive restriction. In mnat cases Ks foulr.-l Dliyrr maiccs rh« nttemnt. and ahvavs from tii^ 15- foot mark known as the [r;e thvow line. Eich successfid toss coiuiLs . o:ie point. I A team (Iffm 4 * (he coal at. its back nnd attacks i;=. nwn B o^l at the omxis-tc end of i!i> court. =inrih* ^^5 S s^Sr^f^l !i Teams Take Two FromMarston Cagers HAYTI. MoT3fhe Hayti independent tennis took a cloubHicad er basketball clash from t.'ie^fars- ton teams here Monday niijlit. 'Ihc Hani miijifel v,on -11 to 34 while the local girls annr.\vd tlicir eamc by a 32 to 7 margin. The Hayt! girls, playing as "Pirates" as an c-rwv timp all »------. - . *j, |;,, III It I ^, the how .sorry. l!i? crrins .shootsr may be. Get Rid of the Power Thieves Carbon Chaser Special This Month $5.00 IIP in the Jlqi-ning-You'i-c Utc! You jump into the car, U ste - '' ' p step on the stai-tev,.hut IT U'ON'T START! remove carbon, grind VB'VOH, tune ine out motor-. of tnnc-t.ct PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Super Ford Service I'honcs 810-S11-777 Specialized Chassis Li - __ — — K u,. ; .«»,»..(. me uiacK- ^^•••i^MB^aa specialized Chassis Lubrication 75e Arrest that smoker's coughTOffice? "STOP" was Jlio wonl But one lough bird Drove on. The cop began to bristle At being scoffed . . . But then, he coughed And coughed .. . and couldn't blow his whistle. A fellow cop Said,"'Smaller |)o|»? The fags you smoke have caused that >'iipl>in' Your throat went stiff. I tell you, if You smoked OLD GOLDS, that woiildtri happen! "OLD GOLD'S w) choice. They save my voice, Take irritations, large and small, So when some 'gyp' Becomes too flip, A cough don't interrupt my bawl-oul!" SMOKE PURE-TOBACCO OLD GOLDS • |No "M-JificUl fl«v.>rs" In scrnltli lli« l!m>.ii ()r i u { nl (| >( . („-,.„((,, ,, JVot a COUgh ill ;i (.'iirJoiul! j

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