The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1932
Page 5
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WEJ1NBSDAY, JANUARY 27, 1932 _BLYTHEVTM.E. (AUK.)' COUU1KK NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a woid for Oral Insertion and one cent a «vrd 'or tach subsequent insertion No advertisement taken for leu (liaii 50c. Count (lie words nod »,id tlio cash. 1'hone 306 FOR SALE I'Oll SALE—Baby chicks, all varieties. Custom haU'hlns solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blylheviilc ISclf FOR SALK—Hotel nnd location lor lillliiif station, Cm-dwell, Mo. liuililiiy !ll ' s! - class. Vacant corner lol 0:1 Main street joining Highway -'5. Kplcixlld invest incut. For p:n licnliirs write D. C. Siccle, £'25 Btarritl Bids., Kansas City, Mo. •21C-K.4 niRff BY KAY CLEAVER I STRAUAN DS'of LOV *l I" A » ff~r^ I j-«"»-i-v A i > A k i tllX.IN HKKK TODAV AXX tiiij VKCII.V n:.vwu-K huvc fnr )caii «uvt>or1ri] UcM»rl. KltA.\Ci:.S, J.nmui «. -IMIAMI." rlal rr»|io), In unnlilf ( ItDYl), yuun hil« lirCH riiK Or, ,}, ;.'. io -KO».*I. M."' unt llrrit»r cf (fcl. ftKD- ,lll);, Au>, xrku In -'», u matt} Pllll. HC- K ln>»yrr t» Mrh»m *k* iiKfd fur rlckl >rnl». r . iiAiiiiv M,i;i;i:i., hut «vhm hr itr0t«uj<r« n nnfie Ihrlr tv^ildlnx FOH RENT—Modem iour room stufco bimgaloiv. Corner I-'iftl) ai:d Park. Mrs. P. P. Carter. 25i)k'23 I-'OR SALE—Team mules, wnson, Inrmlng tools, eight ions hay, 100 bushels corn, 25CO ixwwfs cotton .seed, Stonevlllc No. i. Geori;i! Slllivell, Yarln'o. 2UP-K30 he n-fuirx I litc fur Ilir » . Mnrjr-l-'rtiTii-o. ,3. NMil Kill, In .-I,, ,,,1, lnUrvc-9 l,ir.<cl(lu lo.t uhl. :AHI, III:AIIMUHNT, vnuiirunr Hip nlnlgr ol hrr >l»lrn. lit nvc huittf nud liv- Ann I,<! I'hlt nujirrtl I'MI-n ultJir bnlKln Mltli ruJt-nriiifBTM. fnrcri I'MI l,v Kiil Kr.VMMn .SMITH . a lid re... I, In. Ann irlrx lit e nli.iul »fiu rich :!•<> al- ivllh l)f Anmtnut. The K l.'rrlly <]Liurrc,K t*l!h I*r lalbr-r itnd Jrl»r» WII.-IJT iil tn hS i-ar. Krniiflk S>Hl|li nak« r.mrry him ntul kkr rrfK 1'OR KENT t'Oll RENT—BUS Clik-kasaivua HC., Hv« Rooms and Uaili. Ajijily at lie New York Store. laC-Ktt FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 701) West Walnut. 2QC-Tf FOR RENT—Furnished aparunent. 108 West Kentucky. Phone 083. 2GC-K! WANTED WANTED—Washings, Mrs. Mary KtabaU. 605 Lilly street. CaU Red Cross. K-TF WANTED—Fresh Cream. St. Louis prices paid. Bennett's Dairy. Illytheviile. - 7C-K31 WANTED: Used typewriter. C.ish !»id. B!cinkenshlp and Eviard. 2ock30 We want a reliable man to handle our nationally advertised foad products. Prefer'man familiar with ilorr.5 and restaurants. Must have suitable delivery equipment and be able to post cash band. Cull J. H. Calvert. Hotel Olencco. 25pk27 LOST AND FOUND LOST—Blue and black Shaefier fountain pen. Return to Courier News. 2Gck30 LOST OR STOLEN—Black brief case containing Important government papers. "Captain J. E. Bariiam" on outside. Regard. No questions asked. 900 West Main St. 25P-K28 V *hr :nu ih.ii vv .voiv MI ON WITH TIM: vr»i:y CHAl'TKlt XI.HI pling, H It were, down Into her- "Stop acting like that, Krm Intrude," Mrs, Illll said, ",\nJ answer at once. Do you know wlioro lary-Prancps M" Krralnlrude muttered. Ann ,eiiicd close. "She says," she con- siructi for Mrs. Illll. "tbst, lu a waj, sbo does." "That's onpUBh ot thai, now, © 193), by Doubleday, .Doran and Co. worry. We'll lc»r tbe place down, It necessary. Mr. Illll Is rlsht nbout keeping It quiet, though." *'lliit 6iii>ni>ao," Ann said, a^aln, to Mr. Hill, "tlmt they didn't BO lo Hliioniount. ,Su|i(iuco lio «ald| that jusl to mislead uat" Sllllil'lillUj." "Voa. A Wiio ilrosa. 1 illil llm t'uiocklus," Ann went lulu iho IIUIMO uiid Into iliu dl,line i-uun, nn,| li;ll lowu in n cliali, which imo bud ,,. ., , ., ]i' l| i dlri'tily under ilm tl .,i:i,i, In tlnu case, I suppose we'll ami rubbed lu-r light list lin.i u, 0 i*vo to ( ;o to tho pollca. Uosli damn Mini ot ho • Mi | ml , , ,," known what BOod they'll do. 1'or-, u :l i u .,|, haps I'll lio ablo to Uiluk ot nonio- ' • • . Erraliitruils. Von will ptaiso an-'ono ivlio ban liirtueiico enough to! sloped. " "Sloped? 'Sloped?" t.Mil Ann, huutlni; a placo for It, sceklui; > dolinftiou, pushing through her hair. .'ingers ]U US. llll.L was Svittlns In **' wlrkcr clialr on tho from porch reading tbe evening paper. Krmlnlriiilo was on llio steps with n liooft In her tap. Mr. Kill and Undo Uianey were tn I be y;ird hendln;; »ver ihe lawn mower. "E-Ioiied," pronounced l>rmln- trudo distinctly, "1-Moncd off with u man." Ann took rivnilnlruile h» the shoulders and shook liur, not liaril but back ntul torth. "No, no, no, no, Sho couldn't. Slio's a baby. Slio conUln't. \\'hy do jou say •such a Ihlng? No. no-—" Mrs. Hill we;: 1 , down the stops am! pin an arm urnuud Ann. "Don't, de-ir," she said. "Joe." Bho called, across the lawn, "Joe—come here. Joe. Coma. Coma oulrkly — Joe." Joe came bounding. He e.t- i Vected to put out the fire, to rati lier call In llio uolleo rlelit away." "JVJISS FEXvVICK, wo linvo lu m i',iro What can llio Mice iln. now? Watch Itio lilijhwiiys—but thoy loft at 4. mid wo aren't im-il- Hvo ns to tlio direction. I'll llnil his gitrnce and illncoier wlnu mako of car hu was ilrlvlim. I'll to JIOHHO — I vlilch was luriic-d upside down be- ""' murderer and roiiljer. and to U'een llii!in. The four persons, and the green lawn, and tbe while house, and tlio pink ross hedge composed iie.illy Into an nUrac- tivo picture of Biibiirban liomo life. Nothing seemed lacking. Mrs. Illll looked over the edge ni her paper, and smiled nud stood, ami held out her hand, and said, "(lond nvculnK. illss Fen- wlclr. I'm so t;lad lo seo you. Tako [hi* chair, won't you! Honey, liriiiu out another chair for mother." "No. ihank you." Ann said. "1 can't slay. I'm In a linvry. rather. I r.i.'no for Mary-I-V.-mre^." ".Mary-Krances?" Mrs. Illll questioned, more as It she had never beard the name hefoie than as If Ann bail eaid she hull come tor Iloniile I'rince Charlie. "Yej. I want her to coma home with me." rescue his wife anil his daughter In 17 years of married lite only once tieforo Jia'd te hear,1 Trudlo'a votco BO Insane. O N licr ivny I cur. Ann 11: istened to Mm tetl- lie alilc ''.o i>lck «|i sumo tlon Ihcro. ami around thn tlma- lor. It lio'j lialf us lili; « fool aa !:t> Inoktil. ho ' am nrolialily tnhl wlicro ho v;aa boiuul tor, ovcntual- \f. I'ntlo L'linne) 1 iii'ciiieil to tliliili thnl tho rtesk In Dcnvor inlKlit lio a lead, lie may not trace ut tlieia at Hie servlco Ions on Unit highway." . "Then— you don't lipllcvo llioy w(H (jo at niuciiiounl?" "I liopo sn with n)) my liMrt. Dul, rcracmljer Hits. Mlsa Konwlck. sooner or later wo'll ilnil IHT. I'm not a ricli jimii. but every cunt 1 can rako nuil ecrapo will RO Uito 'hk — " It needs to. Yo.i, jes. In ro.i|>ons!lilo. I am <K>ai>- . inc h(?r again that It Mary-frail- j ly rcspnnsiblo. Trndlo iun\ 1 " ces and that dirty cur were, at | Dlueitioinit there would bo no damage tlono n;i long as ihey managed to keen It mil of tho papers. If her Ulster Cecily aad her friend found Iho child at Dliiemonni, he nld hope they would follow his ad- rlco nnd simply tiring hor home and let (he man B«. H would bo tlio only way In avoid publicity, and publicity must bo avoided. She said, "Ves. Mr. Hill, Harry aai! Cecily thought so. too." ai'il listened to what I'milutruds had said a few minutes before. . reared ICrmlnlnido — " "No. the? weren't going to sell u 'i ! hope." "No, Sir. Hill. Kor Hint nmttor. so havnwe n^rcd .Mary-I''nuiro3." "You are nolhlni; hut Kliln yourselves— tiusy girls uway friim Itoiiio all day. And ynur giand- liareiits nro—woll, that is to say. they aro very old." Ho slopped tlia car on Iho drlvu- way In (rout of the doi>r niul nald. ns Ann stepped out o( II. "I'll loin- pbone to you Ibo minute 1 hear anything at nil. Undo Chancy i will pbone If ho hears anything. I"""" 1 ' '" S' C J Don't break down now. Don't giro * a " ! "A 1U2S i-pnrla iinulel Thrysler. it'Mlnii!,! yullow wlih Kroeii trim. laliixsi. tin. Mill a nunl, ,S'o( n wiiril from nuyono." "Tvio tuun yui (n huiir, j-ou liiiow. IU-IMI up lir.'irl. I'll nill )•'», uualn, hiU'r. I'm culm; lu sen lila lanilluily now. nnd t ( i (ho (hen- lor.' 1 Aim illnlod a nunilii-i mid iwlu-d (>'r Mr, I'hlllii Koniyil. Jn;i a r.iiiini-iit plr.-isii. air. I.Yttiyil did nut :uuv\er. Aim dlaloil numlicr iniinbi'r. Mr. liuniHilll Sinllll ivaa M«( ul hi)ini>. Aim waited. 'I'lie Iclciibocio bell. "Mlsj KoiiwKkT Tlila l:i Kr- mluiriidc.'a mother. I dun'i want In l:e<-|i j-our lino busy fur more than u moment, bin Krnilulnido I'ityn Hint ho has he-en lUNUtlm; Slaiy-rraiicon lo RO with him fur a ii'.niiih now: and ihnt miou ho promised lo Ireai her like n 'pal'"— Jlrs. Hill noc-inccl tn uplt ut llio word aa sho prmimmrcri It—-"niul, another tliuo. Illio a brother." "Oil," said Ann. "Onre," ""Yes, I know." natd Mrn. Illll. "Hut — dour — well, rcim'iuber, wo're rljilit with yuu. Wo'l! do ^lerylUIni;. ovei-ytlillii! In unr I'tittpr. Hear. I run't tell ymi linu- torry— Dm we'll liud bor. Wo will. uinv. llcoilby." Ann waited. The telephone hall. "Walnut fix 16? ()li. Mis* l-'eu- vk-k. This l:i Hosteller siii-alilin;. Ulianuy lloatetter. Has Jon tu yet about the car, what "lint. Miss FcnwlcV:. Mary-Fran-'married for a w!:il?. He cciiltin'i,! "t wish," mid i •a't here. Sbc lias,-!'; been |on account of his father's will. I were something I hero since this afternoon." "Oh," said Ann llnily. not as an o.xclamatlon. "Hut—she said slio was coming l.ere. Sho I don'i know. Several months she Eald. They were just .goins on tlielr houeyraoou ami then on tho stage. 1 guess it will bo all right. PERSONAL, Guaranteed finger waves, 25 cents. M«j Oval Be'.l. 101 \V. Vine. 22ck2' 'Jecily's bag. She—sho mnsi he Mary-Frances really loved .liorc. In the world is E he? t civ Ann, "that there g I could do—anything, besides Just waiting fur telephone calls. Something. Anything." "I'ray. 1'ray bard. And If yon have any frlonils you can trust. PAGE PtVl Vc, 1 Vo n coi.p MISER.V T Va 1 ALL UldJ-f MA AUM-f )JAA!MAI( POES A COLt> — UMDER PiLUoul Va 1 Ptrte "THRee FK/\-THEF?S FUM A wtlrfir. OWL -^DEM WWAP V6 1 Feerf up IM A A BLIMP MARE A HAV/E BEST WAV OJLP IS Resr; r reei. COLD CEASE ALL Ac-rJv/i-rv, RELAX AMP A I-1AM-1E1) House Vo' Ae.c^, AW' (ii 1 AtAUIMlM COLB IS ALL. Tiii-pe D j 'BOOTS AND HER WHAT I'HIC'K GI.OHY? mean—but.^thca, where i mother. SI-,a rally loved bfia. jabsnlulely. to l;ccp tlielr mouths' J is she?" j deeply ar.n ir:ily." ' j shut now am! nhvayo. phono them don c !:uo\v, Tp s::re. i "!!•• s;i;i v.-itn that. liavo them go scouting about IIEUEAFTER I will not be responsible for any debts made by my wife, Ada Flowers. Signed. A. L. Flowers. 23C-K3Q Ni<c rooms, O'l hot and ccld water "ipJ- Other rooms S1.25 and S1.50 GOFF HOTEI, Home Cooked Meals S25 Month WHECKS AUTO WRECKS For All Makes of Cars E.xpcct Hcpairs on Damaged Bodies. FL'iideis, Hoods, Glass, Etc. Paint Colors Matched. New Equipment for Acctyicne \Veliiinir. Finished Jobs Look Just Like New. I'lionc StO Today PHILLIPS MOTOK CO. Jill and Walnut Sfs. Dr. J. A. Salibu Kyc, Ear, Nose nnd Throat Ingram litiikliiiK Corner Jhtiii & First St. SECOND HANI) FURNITURE UOUGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main l.oat! Company offers close-in, comfortable Main Sirecl home, 3 bed rooms, plenty of closets, large living rcom wit)) fire place, garage, concrete driveway. In first class condition, For Just What It Jias In Tlic Prcprrty. /i little cash and monthly |«y- ir.cnu \viil buy it. O. O. C>U'I>IM 4 Phone 797-780 Ofiiccs in Farmers Bank Bldj. OLD BEN COAL •U-ikcs Clean Warm Homes. Just Plione 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co, Wo asked her to star fo.-'dinner,I will you? Answer daddy now. Is and she said she couldn't. Thai j ihat all you know ahoiit wnero thcj 1 wero golUR? positively everything? Stop crying and answer me. Dlucmount tonishi? you are suro ot ihat?" ' Cecily's voice, stricken, over ihe telephone. "Harry's Jusl coiao. We'll start at once. Three hours' your grandfather was ill and that ubo was needed at home." "Well. iJut—slio's too big to Kot lost, Rrmintrude, do you know where .Mary-Frances la?" Brmiatrude elumped: her neci disappeared ns her stomach collapsed. Sho seemed at the samalhead start. Dear l.flril. Ann! time to ho squirming away from] For an Instant, fiarrv's voice. herself, anil to be dwluaiing, wrle- 1 " We'll find them. Ann. Uon't on lhu> highways us Undo Uhaney Is doing. If 1)107 stopped for gns —something lo eat—anything, we may get a Hue. Tho sooner we can Ret It tlio bolter. I'll find out alout Ills car the llrst thing and let yon know. Then you can tell your frlcinls Hint much, at Icasi, aloiiB with the description o[ ihat dirty cur and Mary-Frances. A brown strlrcil suit, remember. A blue, coat, and a bluo dress wllh 9i!S 8|inrl9 mndel rhry^lcr, M'ululed yullnw with tjrcen trim- 'Tiieall Vine! That ouiihla ha cany. Keep up your splrlls. HUlo l.iily. Uveryllilni: will turn out Lot the bn"t. tjoinlby." Ann walled. Tho tcluplioiia bell. "Hello, Mlsa l-'miwlck. This Is .loo Illll again. I'vu vaughi hla kiiulliiily at lust—«lie'» been (mi for a walk. Sho saya ho did have, a ilfilt In hid romil. and thai pho lieard him sny lio had lo return U to Denver. H was lu hla room yesterday ami BUIIO today. So Denver does seem lo bo one lend." "Bui, Mr. HIM. Jllucinoiint 1.1 soulh. It llicy weru goliii; to Denver, then—ilien ISUioinoiinl Is hosoless." (To lie Continued) Mow •WE TftV\4 Of "vtre Ttww 1 . \\CAivmt.a IE HE MX 'ESE'b /-- . Novenwer 16, 1931 Treasury Deportment. Office oC the Comptroller of the Currency. Notice Is hereby given, to all persons who may havo claims gainst "The First National Bankit Blytheville, Aixansas," that the same must te presented to R. L. , ,., Bradley. Receiver, with the legal I ^ proof thereof, within three months from this date fallowed. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 27. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. or they may be J. W. POLE, Comptroller of the Currency. 11-I6C-- K2-1G-32 jj ''' | Dec. Jan. WARNING OHDF.Il The defendants. W. M. Burns; St. Louis Joint Sleek Land Bank ol St. Louis, Mo.; Commonwealth Farm Loan Co.; A. T. Cloar, Jr.; Equitable Building and Loan Association are \varncd to appear in ihe Clwiicery Ccurl for the Chicbt- sawba District cf Mississippi Coiin- ty, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of Myrll'j M. Bourland. Dated this January 20. 1932. R. L..GATNES. Clerk. By Elizabeth Ely the, D. C. 20-21-3-10 Open High Low Close . 603 COS 652 «3 . C8.1 C8-I 080 KBO . 700 701 GOT 608 . 724 724 71D 110 . 7-10 740 735 735b . 1-H 7-14 7-iO 141 Spols closed steady and cd at 070. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jllii. 27. tUI')— Cotlon closed o. u -c-L Opm Hlfh Low ClJr: Mar MB COS lira C53 Spots closed steady at U58, oil Courier News Want Ads Pay. VICTORIA, li. C. (UP)—Prolil- bld'ciilsts In British Columbia, utl- vocalliiif clcslnir lirjnor sior.-.-, iitilll business condltlnns improve, aro featuring llu; fact that Sl.50fl.000 i.5 sfieiit jiioHthly at bear iiarlr.r.,- and Govr-rninent liquor .stoics In province. Expenditures on l!ij'.i;>,' and race track Ijctthij; amount, to $21,000,000 a year. folnnil lias a road program ccill iiiB for conslrnclion of 2400 miles at n cost of $-15,000,000. iAitJO Ttt^. Cl6fiR /M 2 or HU GtmKf, Htc Rca u. s. PAT. orr. FRKCKLES AND HIS KKIKNDS WAIIXING OltDKK John G. Hargctt is warned to ppear In (he Chancery Conrl of the Chickasawba District of ^Mississippi County, Arkansas, wiihin I'irty days, nnd answer the complaint filed against ].,j,j| ailc ) ucniah Hargelt by The Mississippi County Building ft Loan Association o! Blyllicville, Arkansas. Dated Ihis 12th day of January, 1S32. R. L. UAJN'ES, Cle.-k, By Elizabeth Blylhc, D. C. 13-20-27-3 Closing Stock Prices A - T. and T 115 Anaconda Copper 10 Auburn 140 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor 12 Chrysler 13 Cities Service 57-8 Coniinc-ntal Caking General Electric 20 1-2 Ocnerai .Motor.; 21 3-8 Montgomery Warn 81-2 New York Central 31 i-j Packard 4 3.4 Radio 7 j.j Simmons 8 Standard of N. J 26 1-4 Texas Co n |.j U. S. Steel 33 5.5 V'AY OH PER HUA AS ME TSIE9 16 STAND UP.... GOOD SANITARIANS! •VEAH...I DotJT VJAVJT I/QI.\ ) I TV1ATS TJE 007.' BV TO 'MO-ll VJHAT HAPPENED- \ V TUS. TlWS >b'J G£T 1'K. TRY TO SET OP ASA'.i!= ) ( W M-S TVX£ ^65 vjiLt. BE O-k. « ^, Br TB«M» AW, SHC \KOhiT.... VJE'u, TAKE OUR ASMS .1 A'"AV FROW VUl \HHS\l W& GET TKSBE AW Vt>U JUST WALK I)J AM' SAV TlffEp AH' ' Go -s. , \ .^" WASH TUHI5S I'KfSOXKIl MJXIHEU ONK! "»U.«.»»T.r»T. e \KU «v M4 HMWCC S COMf OM -x> X^o i ). S. MY, Off. tk SEAvKt, IV AND "iCRE[\M\MG, Fft^eD^ IS CfvURlEP To WWTHEU , ^^-?«U-'QM To,e. ROOR, fvHD TlCiHTtV BOUM

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