The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1932
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR IW5 BLY1HEVILLE COLBIER NEWS • TBX OOCTUEl NEWS CO., : C. E, BABCOCK, H. W. HAIKES, AaverlWng Bofe NiUon»l AdvertlMi* Representatives: Arkuuu D»ille», int., New York, Chicago, Jetrolt, 6t Lwili, biliu, Kauu City, Uttle ftOCJL Every Aflcruoou txcept Si'jirJay. . Bittred u recond class mailer at. llio post *K«c at Blythevlllo, Arkansas, uudfr acl c' Congress October 0, 1917. Served oy trie UmteJ 1'iess SUBSCRIPTION BATES By carrier lu tho city of bl) Oievlllc, ]5 0 ]X;r week or W.50 pfr year In advance. By mall within i radius of SO miles, $3,00 per re?r, {1 50 tor six months, 65c for thrfe mmllu; by ruall lu postal tones two to six. Inclusive, 16.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, f 10.00 per year, uayable In aclvonw. 'The Big Lake Situation Tlio iiinnctlhilc clnngoi- of ii break ii) the Bijf l.ukc levee KULMD.S to liavu Bui the experience of recent weeks only adds to the evidence jicviiniul.-ilcil in previous years thai Dniinajje District 17 is an ciiKineoriiii; I'nihire insofar as proleciiuii of the Kin Lake ami Little River basin front I'looil is concerned. One more heavy rain would have meant almost certain failure of the fight to hold the lake. One or more heavy rains before the lake level has fallen substantially inny yet metm a levee break. A buCliciont concentration of rainfall to create an untenable situation at Big Lake does not occur every year. Hut such rainfall i s iw.ssiblc any year, and a reasonable expectancy seems to be that it will occur at least one year in three. The danger is always there, and the result is an uncertainty that makes removal of the danger essential to any substantial and permanent development of the threatened area. /..Improvements will nut be made, taxes will not be paid in a territory that is subject to inundation at unpredictable intervals. Holders of bonds of Drainage District 17 should be acquainted with (he situation, for in the elimination of its - weaknesses lies their only hope for realization upon their investment. The district must l:iok for a ma.jov part of its revenues to limits now enjoying no substantial benefits. They must be given protection for which they are assessed if they are to pay the taxes charged against them. If they are not given -that protection the situation with respect to drainage lax collections will grow bet (or instead of worse. Ultimately, if a satisfactory plan for flood control in the Little River basin is not put into effect, all efforts at flood control in Unit area must be abandoned. Thai would substitute the virtual certainty of seasonal high water for the present uncertainly, but it would eliminate the danger of Howls such as result now when (lie levees hold the lake lo ; ; high stage and then suddenly fail, releasing a tremendous volume of water. Philippine Independence Appearance before the Jfotise Insul;ii- Affairs Committee of (he Philippine Imlqwmlencu Mission, member* pleaded our ftwilnin Umxih'h a ^nulim! wit)ldr;uv;il of li. 8. Mii-.vrciffnty in (Jlu islawl.S, |lllls bcfojl! t':i!!';iv-:.1 lllli.'e 111::: 1 -,' the troublesome and im|iort;uit question of Hie (i.'itiun'.s iicilicy toward (hose island Jjas.i.-wio/is, In cou.siikriiitf (Jjjs question, one .should JKJVCT Jor^el, :: K « sliirtiiut |ioint, Dial tlse Million ;il;imi.s solemnly jiJei'n- cd lo ari\v UK- Kiti|,i!i (/ .< (Imh- iYccH >iti. The al VVii.sliiiijjioii pnim- is«ML lo (hem, ;i|i(l Hi,, iifuniisc li.-i; awaited ri'ili-mpiioii i',,r ;i lonif, | : ,, l; ,- liir.e. AmmlijiK- in ..,11 Die nttr.s of hone-ty and ilw-oiu-y, tht (|iie:iliori ]>•;fore, us is no!, ".'jlifill we set tlmni fn*V" but "Ilow can «•,.• yd tj lt .,,, f , V( . in a way Ibal will )n.. t|, ( . i,,. s( fol . .,n pi'oplo eoncenied?" Arkansas Musi Buy. N ot Bonds . should endeavor t,, l,,,y u,, al:i | ,,;;, I!,, bprii.r.daU: vim- Inmi:; . Community Club was told Uy Dr. Cliarjrs C. Hch'.n,-,-. dt-in ot Ibe School of Bikinis AdmliiUrrill,,., l( tlic Unlvcislly cf Arkansas. We have told Ijrjndr; until our Male debt rci-l (ilstilcl bonds ini'hxlecl. is cxcuMc ,| y |, y „'„, Mate debt., uf New y u il : , nijnon nnil North Carolina, m.'ri O ur per ca|.-liu ( | t »t is by fur u-e Bhesl existing In tiny sluie in lli e i/nioji. iii-ses the liniwrlaiicc ol cuilhuilnr Die |;0 !ky of (lubt rciliiclloj., I,, wlilcli c-r.'iiiUblf iiro-rc-s li:is nlreadj. l-ccn innde. I'i;, c i K ..,[iy all ,,.ir '"cm is hi the (or,,, 0 ; s ,ri:,l tend,-. ;,,ul ^ l«ivu been inking i,,, tin-:* ;. s U-L.J- ,,„,. !>"•«!. -llic dltncully now is to i :cci . u,, ih- process of debt n-llix-nu-nl ul the me miili-- tnkcn «-!,«, tlicsu ton,! i,. a u,. v.ciu , :u |..|, ^1, witli Us tinted .schedule of maturities. About Eevcn-elslitlts O f Ihc total deli- is hlBhwuy debt, iticlmlliiB road district and brlrtsc l:oii([5. Tlscsc who liiid out i| lt . stale lil?h\vay III-OSLJIII en its ilr.::iicbl .side r.nii e lu sj to »r- Hiiiai; tin- KKilui-llics of (iu- various I.SMH-S Unit. imniiiil ievriHics cuvli} v ,,M y t ,wy all debt .SL-rvlue for a given yrar. nut u )(! business de- pn-ss!on, advei-se to tcix revenues as to tvcry- llilng else, tiimc i-luhl at llio lime when s-jlicrt- iitel district bond rutirunicnls were a', the |yal- 'I'liis situation, i( U slmuhl prove COD diriiciia to IK mcrt olhctwlsc, might \, c Damllwi by refunding n part ol the debt as a f n li s due. ,-md thus tlov.lng down U, 0 . uresuni rate o! debl retirement. But (Ills must be d™ 0 Only in ei'V of ntoolmc. necessity. If Mll -h acllim ,, t .,. L , (o.-,,^ by omilitlona It isonKI not i:i.g.nlvL- Hit i.rind;ile thai Arkiinsai' main clloris sliould no,'/ b.> fll- vccicd Inward mliurtton of II:; IIIIIT ti.'bi. Wo sliould not uu willing In o^npy for an iinlell- iiite (line the nJiici; of fourth in ihc" Union h, loinl ilrbl nviili district Imids Ir.clmlcdi or \x recoiRilcd In having, nnmii;; a )j ,iic stale.'! tin- hlBliosi ncr capita <lebi,~ArS:imiis c;.izetlc' A profewor fays cliurcties can «cl nloii" with scron.1-r,ite jjastors. Foi- pastori out o^ivork limit's Ili-si rate. Six ribs were stolen from Which «r,s quite likely •••jxire. n Donvvv man. nitre than he could Ciisolo silliciicHes with Aiiinll naisis n , v Hie lalc-it ti,i- youiiB wuinrii. Hnviofmv. Uiv B i.;olo idea lias always tecu a bi-' waste. Diuliii; 1931 a million couiKry full; m'.nvd (o cities. Mnybe Iliey uere .seekiiii; a liuie OUT OUR WAY By Williams ' '-.EARS Too <3OOM ^ ^* S1DEGLANC3SS By George Clark ifefil^il potlntil fnilois In Incri'iislnij re-1 distance to cold.i, whereas others- assert that u lack uf gmillijhl and '• a luck of proper vitamins in t!v> • diet may be tlie responsible lac- i ton In lo'.ic-rlnj resistance i A physician for the employes, at Hie .stockyards in Chicago lleves that adrtotis h; n prcilisp,,,., ins factor an dthat the way to ! build up ritlsiance to Infection is to tat an u!k:illi:c dl;t, consisting largely ol trulls and vi-gelaWes i nnncl to avoid a hlah protein diet v.-Jiich IcncJs to Hie forfalion of acids. - THIS CURIOUS s^^^Ei-,.^^ oscv ' I 01 ! , SL ' °" C more scl this " terrltor >'- Ami, besides, y Ull owe it to FT SEirora Gilbert Swan - _ rhiB uiKiii 1m back a nun thai informs (he passing millions Dial they "must have vitamins for 1-^nlth." He wears n most bizarre cos'.ume In ralcli (lie eye. Once this is achieved, the sandwich sign of a uUc tells about the vitnmin con- tonls oi its meals. Bal ,-.:iat'B ironic alxjut alliliis Unit ai.i ::ct v.-ith ov without vitamins, ihls bnilyhm-ni.'i iiof caloric content had io take ibis job slandliv,' on a c'.iib.s'.une. "• ii.u-n'i liad steady work muiiili.-:. He bad grabbed food aii'dliiH-::. ;,nil Ihe vitamin in educated to believe Hint publicity is an immediate necessity, are b;- sel theK dnys by insistent practitioners of petty rackets. Scores of agents from . various clipping bureaus descend uiwn them before their bnijs Hro unpacked with a convincing tnlk on Ihe value of keeping track concern- ii).<r what is said about them. Tli? o!d htfh-])owere(l i,, " hnn»rv ° n-iii-kcrs _ . "special mention" and "special notice" game fl(;liLs lo get its representatives into suiles nnd liolel rooms. Thi-ie son;.? virtually unknown periodical Is mentioned ;n fast r.,i| ( ..s line i; delivered nnd the dazed visitor ir, inlormcd tliat lor so-mueh-per- iiimm iiica-i r0 |)y ] )e C an get a "swell \vril ?up." [• Sialefiil; in, suaiis a picture and wniks out. ., ne mignt '|j, c Mvcouing iicivcunier is then i informed that if the "write-up" I . : i-ii'l v.-ant.?il, then Ilie. lorcisn'jr now enjoy | certainly should hare n ssl of ..:.:i;c.u sale. Ihey linve Vccoin?'i>.i>»-spapcr prints hnmiy lo give ( ^.'- c>. Hi' h:urr sales lams on'the pros boys when they .show up. -•: .IM i-t a huge cracker nntl i The -rush-act" Is iiss'd chiefly o •V)--'' i- ' !ln "" I:>CtV ' ri " S concern.! artists, imisiciiins, movie folk "an • n-n .1:.; wore was siWRcsicd. jiBt,oll-?rs who haven't learned ll-.tri online, ol ye.ivs aso. Ibcy liuigh-' way aroimti New York bill wlio are pel. nut Iho young man wllh the', naturally, tjolng lo want to pleas •«c-.i iwuiictl out the targe Jewish; (he press and get (heir names i uopuUmn of New York. Where-1 the papers mlh. by way of experiment, o! ... rabbi mis hiiTd to supervise Ihe! Attention was aliv.icted to th innurartm-e. The Mnnhnllan East) nriirity of llwe slick pent.-, ivb-i bide^r-.nrt Bronx sections showed'upon bis la.M visit. Eiiisicin. Hi .-nnsit.-riiljle interest. To<liy mil-1 great, scientist, menlioned aii Mils arc sold. Ihionijh s , K cial dis- perienco In telliii 3 taL-s of lil UiWilKin. and several rabbis nrir: American adventures to a friend on hand for ^inspection piirioscs. H they yo after Kinslcin, obviousl ,...,. no one is imniiine. cc.c-bvilics nnil neai--rcrlcbritifs : (Cnpyrlghl. 1032, NEA Service, Inc. TODAY / ISTH& ^WORLD WAR ANNIVERSARY VOOII I'KOCl.AMATION On Jan. 27, 1918, President Wilson i^u:<l a proclamation calling ji the American people lo .'-are more food. On ll'.e fame day Maj.-Gtn. LMII- nrd Word and two other olBwrs weic noundvcl In an oxplo^.osi In France. Til? Cunanl linei 1 And.wia was sunk ):>• a Mibiiiarinc oil the Uhloi coast. / In Ihe v.cck ending Jan. 27, 1316. IS Eliljis »i-ic .s:mk by German submarines. Nl:io ol llivr-t- weru over IUOO wiii, an:) six «vrc under ICW . tons. i Tho Hri'.:r!i subrnaijnc L'-M. H'hicli -.vns s.'iit lo tlu l)ardane'.!r- s 011 the night of Jan, 27, 1918, lo pluio Ihe destruction of th« Cerman sliij) Goehen, which ha-.l been run aurotmd in a Iwltle with British ships, was sunk oil Hum Kale. Bridegroom Unable To Recognize Bride IlEYTKSBUliO. England. rUP) — ir Ihe prosjifttive bridegroom ever becomes able arain lu rec- ii:L- his trido-to-be] the Eitinin V/liito-Jotoyl: Monningtan \vedditit; will yo ahem! as planned. The tlersyjuan, choir, rcelatii'cs ol Hie bride antl the bride herself, dans liter uf the .vlliagc black- ith, all v.-pre vaitin^ •?.'. the irch when a raeFscngcr arrived «:til the j:civs that MoiHiington iWrnly Iwd I,)*? Jiis memory. The \vrjn-ie:l parents of "MISS White hasier.ccl with (heir rtau- •ililcr lo her lia-ice's home. Jfon- :ii!ib'lo:i \vas miablo to recasiii^e :CL-. The bridir's father said Ihe A-«i;!l!i;; notiltl h;. field ulien Mon- ilnstoti nsaincLl hiu health. J &OfEE(. &\V\\)iim ! s£M:nstr<3fi\£nr n\^-r^'\ OJNfAlNSA«?V.P«rs W-VJ lo .,(i\ IV J ttw ^^ s ^.J?ll*:Jl 1 •4v, X' i w ;'iH- &sAiZfoL ??yM'\m i _ -f-fiAa I /J *-l\-l*i- a ^£jgao Awe ' V $ y/,J NEAR OeTRoiC MfCKfcSAK, * JW/V? WAS once BottSKT fcxw Mfdl « THE- WDJANS FOX SIGHT mm 1 6EW=>05&tv=. l-rt O 1W2^Y we* 5CRVICE ,»«: CHICAGO. <UPi-ciilea s o cab Clivers, bell boy.?, cloakroom girls. and red caps are bewailing :;K depression, which lias turned the "Uii" into dimes, nickels, niul Well, alter tlsos? Uvo fe lircaclier said let everybody stand •md lie askrd Brother sametodv (I eiKln't catch his name, in l.^t i could not itnrJcrslrtmt the sin-in" elllicr, us I li-tl never he;ini°;he songs before) to ,, ra y. -,v;l], t hc rx?r stood in> and he prayed. --• lie had been doiiia this a while I thought I woiil-1 take r. »-->r> and see bow they were takin-Mt iiiri it looked iifcc everybrj;." iii he house was of Ibe irime mhii as myself, they were all Sockin!- -> cacii other. I guess the woman"sitting with her b.iek to us didn't h-ar the preacher say anythinq about praying for she kept makin- the noise coinn out, of ebr- b.icJc° wail and ihe ceiling, but maybe not, = n loud. I sues* that crowd wa< not used io 1-ciliK (hero as t.:cy had to te told lo Ell down after the M- low got through praying. Well, alter things got quiet one c; Ihe follows Hip in the pulpit iro'c up and save out a song and a=k:d all ol us to EXCUSES /. Ilailiam- --r= help luii slug- it. I felt rigiit :,„-,., ,for him. I'm sure he did !:is Ur'll 'but lie did not get much help .eiicoiiiasMjieiit from tlic?" fe,!l:j '-. I nnrt besmi to ihink I woulii •• J 'cut without dair.ngc to my potl' took, hut tliey fooled me. Two i-a slows casne of the b.ick c' i-' : ] JIOIIEC r-.nd picked up something il ! -I would hold money and put tlv" : right in front oi everybody. 1 , : j liced as thsy passed "b.'.cl; cf ,' lliai they didn't a:t much, hanl. cr.ough to bother with. •* H'll tell you some more torn row. ; s (Copydgliled.) f, !•! CHICAGO. Illinois. cUpi - , : |l I taxis, (n elitnirw.e parking co ' |tlon, r.ili be x feature of "ihe ^ ilcnavy ol rro:;rtss Ii>:;:osilion h-j | next year. Air-jitneys ami ;>j •tiiLiis Kill travel Iiojii t!:- n^nii pal airirarl. up and dov... :j Ifrcru. ravryinj I:^.L-C-: Sinus and Tonsil Ailments Result in Repealed Cold: rcijucl f (hi? artiilrs n: ion and (rc-a(in<-n( of th, .—Id. Kim-c fubl:s are ,-,-. Ibis tim> nt Ibe year. !! ; r iro cf ( Intc-r.-^i. r.v ni!. Moiatis i r l.'dllfi-. Journal <if Hi, Asinciatinn. ..j,i Kxiremo co'd is r : for I)- ^ n.-."';i retir!- • Uv.s condhion Is ;•••',-': e Eskimos. Oiv: -• lipntors fow.ri c;j i :• not one cnld ni v ivftl uf the tx;- inrhided revi' :.-,'. .-.- iTloi>etl a cr:'.d i therefore, I 1 :- : She infection is |\. inirort-.ii-.-. c;v.-.s- ; . The p, l..i • i:s is tt-at !!• • . dehydrated :nr ^.: • 15,-CT, in l!ic l:n;'..,; .. i- is Iho,)).-,iv i,-.,,:.i!pf! cr.W-. Usci.ilb i jircvrn-i tluiy^ uiii hav,- rrpratctl coH- • cimiimm | ale ioitrd lo ]: :iv » chronic i:i!<--- ••.ilrnl .-itjtimi of their r-i.-ma-s or chroni: •f- articles J disease c.if th<: Uinsils. Tl:e M-.I drriits at Cornell University who had ni l-:iM four roids n year con- slllii!-:! :.i per eent of the tola Ami-rlc;-.!! .sludcn: lictiy. '' "f I'y- i Snn:c ir,V(Mi:.,i(o--s fci'l ti-al 'C'-'ine | (empcratme. ni-okiiig, 'lack "o; i',!o:«lb!ri sleep. c(.n<tii-:,i;r,n. lack ol excr- :s. stiifclfife, riisc3s:tl iiinils and obstruc- •n amonjj tion in the r.o.-c are Ibe most im- inves- .,. i " ( !° ui !,"! Awiouncenic?its :tlement.j Tli- Cornier .News Has been au- .ift;r tl-,!!| ihoiizcd to a:-.:-,cimce Ihe. follo-.v- \vnich Ing rnnriirine:, -,. f.i'oicct. to the Democratic nrin-,,iry. August 0". had obvious, i -.c-.iu him-i.,n i.,.: iV SOI infl; ii, n. l;.\ i":veiop.v,i-.-,t ot , , nicjlit I:i a . li'e , QiiJ .0;- : mo.i:;\teiy ;,;-. : -.- •; . c-,-i-..-..l',n bv , . It U .)).-0 J:.-,... : ave so:r.i- ;:, i>i ., n'.nch iv.e.v^ i. - -. ethers On.- .,•• .; otont li per ci:::' . tlc-u have cr.e c^!: 1 . For C'ntmlj- Judge .ct \vi;h|2AL U. 1IAHH1SOX cfor 2nd ternil . :he most' 5^1 1 I "r SlirrifT "ivii'stl-a- i liOLANU OREEN .(fd aVidi CLAI!:;.\TK !i. WILSOX and ol- ! - ,.„„„„. ,.„,,.,,„,. 'the re-1 W ' W ' HOLL!1 ' Kn; H (for 2nd term) •<• !.. 'I'.IUA- GA1NKS <;-.-r ::ici term', •Vimly and l>rol>.t(c Clrrk W. II. "HOC' SCAR11ORO J.Ka. ,IOHN LON'O (Re-clcctlon) For Crt'inly ,\.«cssor K S. DILI.AI1UXTY (for 2nd ecu the .owing a wim in Uii im- .ias uc:n. , c .. m) .•e cowV ( ' 1IV '-'.i:r:Tio.s' :ian do T.::-^l.iy, April 5 lh ". iat i ity Clerk - WU-P- s. C. ru-Atr. cfor rc-cloctioa) •' ° UKI ' 3 Hl.KMAX CROSS It's got to be good to be All the kings horses . . . and all U.e kinji's men can't make a success out of u bad product. No amount of advertising- will create a market for it. The more it's advertised, the move its defects become known. -t a good pi-oduot well advertised grows as swiftly and naturally as a healthy plant. People try it and t like it. They tell others. They like it. Soon that product is found everywhere . . . and its name, spread abroad by advertising, is on every tongue. When you see something vddeiy and consistently advertised, you can be pretty sure it's well worth having. If it weren't. . . if it didn't represent an honest and worthy value . . . the maker couldn't afford to advertise it. Look over the advertisements in this paper. Some of these names you know. Others perhaps arc newcomers, potential friends bringing some new comfort or convenience. But ail are entitled to your trust. . . all arc here because they have something veal to contribute to your advantage . . . your service . . . you,happiness.

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