The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1966 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1966
Page 5
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Blythevffle (Ark.) Courier Newt - Saturday, December tl, MM - ftgt fin B*w»t«««m» Teen Needs Help tY V an Jin-en (M;NintnI Inaiutt me i DEAR ABBY: I am the mother of a teen-age daughter who lives in her own world. She's a straight "A" student, but refuses to take part in any school activities or make friends. When boys call her for dates, she turns them down so bluntly they never call again. Joan, (we'll call her that) is pretty, has a nice figure, clear complexion, and could be popular if she wanted to be, but she shuts everybody out. When she comes home from school she goes right to her room, closes the door and studies. She comes out only for dinner, then goes back and stays there until it's time for school in the morning. She never talks to me. Her father died two years ago, but she can't be grieving for him because they never got along. I know Joan is unhappy but I don't know why. Should I take her to a doctor? What if she refuses to go? She is very stubborn and independent. JOAN'S MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: Something is bothering Joan, but since there is no communication between the two of yon, someone else will have to reach her, if indeed she is to be reached at al. Let her alonelarthetime Let her alone for the time being, but tell her if she wants to see a psychiatrist, you stand ready to make the arrangements. If her attitude persists, ask your family doctor for his recommendation. DEAR ABBY: A group of us women were discussing what was important in marriage. I told them that I could forgive a husband for stepping out, but not f6r spending money on somebody else when there were things his family needed. They all thought I was some kind of nut. Don't get me wrong, Abby, 1 wouldn't encourage my husband to step out on me, but as long as I get my share, I don't see why I should raise the roof if he has a little fun outside. But with money, it's me or the kids of something because he played the big shot with somebody else and I'd lock him out. Am I wrong? MIN DEAR MIN: For the first SO y e a r s I would demand 100 per cent fidelity. After that, I'd be a little more generous. DEAR ABBY: My husband's niece is being married soon. She is 22 and her fiance is 24. They have asked my husband and me if we would like to be in the wedding party. That means' I would be a bridesmaid and my husband would be an usher. We thought it was darling of them, but Abby, have you ever heard of a 51-year-old bridesmaid and a 58-year-old usher? All the others in t h e wedding party are about the ages of the bride and groom, and I'm afraid we'll look pretty silly among those kids. Please rush your answer as the gowns must be ordered. TOO OLD DEAR "TOO": I would thank them for the offer, but decline. Your niece can find another pair of youug folks and — having paid you and your husband a unique com- pliment — might prefer to. DEAR ABBY: I was profoundly shaken to read in your column the following sentence: "She sounds like sh« could have hunted bear with a switch." Abby, how sad that you, too, have sunk to the level where you would Introduce a clause with the preposition •like." Apparently your command of basic good English has also been corrupted and debased by those relentless destroyers of English grammar — the writer of radio a n d television commercials. N6w my faith in your judgment in all matters is in grave jeopardy. F.D.K. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have put up with this nervy couple and their 7-year- old son just long enough. They always come at mealtime. Being a well - mannered person, I cannot eat in front of people, so I ask them to join us. And when they do, they eat everything in sight. We bought curtains to close off the front windows, but they seem to know when we are home and keep ringing the bell and pounding on our door until we let them in. We have started to eat In our basement with the lights off, but my husband refuses to eat down there in the dark anymore. How can we discourage these pests? END OF ROPE DEAR END: You could come right out and tell them that when you want guests you will invite them. And if you are lucky they will never speak to you again. DDEAR ABBY: Not too long ago our son got in trouble with the law. It was his first offense, but quite a bit of publicity resulted from it, which was unfortunate for both nun and us. Ever since this happened, our friends have been very standoffish, and have made up wild excuse so they won't have to be seen with us. How can we regain their friendship? PUZZLED PARENTS DEAR PUZZLED: Don't try too bard to regain the "friendship" of those who would drop you for this reason. They weren't "real" friends in the first place. How they realt when the f61u( (eti rough is the best test of friendship. DEAR ABBY: I am stationed in Vietnam and like all the guys here I like to get mail, but this one girl from back home has been making it embarrassing for me. She decorates the outside of her envelopes with cute sayings, such a, "DELIVER DA LETTER DA SOONER THE BETTER," and "SEALED WITH A KISS" then he puts a big lipstick print on it. She even draws hearts and Cupids with our initials all over the front of the envelope and to top it off she douses it with some kind of strong perfume. Boy, do I ever take a ribbing at mail call. How can I get her to cut out all that jazz without making her think I don't want to hear from her? SHY GUY DEAR SHY: Write her that you would apreciate it if she'd keep her sentiments INSIDE the envelope — and tell her why. Some guys like their letters gift- wrapped, but if you aren't one of them, let her know it. CONFIDENTIAL T O •RAISING THEM ALONE" IN ANN ARBOE: Fatherhood is imposed upon a man without inquiring whether or not he is equal to the task. That is why there are so many fathers who have Ihil- dren, but so few children who have fathers. »••!•••«••«••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• W/LSON NEWS >•••••••••••••••••••• MRS. W. A. HOGAN, Jr. Mering, with s gift. Following games party foods were served. John Lovett, with the Navy R.O.T.C., University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y., is spending two weeks with his parents, Air. and Mrs. Broughton Lovett. How has the world been treating you? Unload your problems on Dear Abby, Box 69700, os Angeles, Cal., 90069 For a personal, unpublished reply, enclose a self - ad- Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lovett of | Mrs. E.D. Beall and Mr .and Parma, Mo. joined them for a I Mrs. Harold Jones of Osceola. Members of Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club were entertained with a luncheon at West Memphis C o u nt r y Club last week with Mrs. 0. W. Speck as hostess. Santa Claus and Christmas trees were used in decorating the dining table. Seasonal decorations were used throughout the club. Miss Carolyn Nicholson of Sweet Briar, Va. was a special guest. High winner at bridge was Mrs. 0. E. Sadler, second high, Mrs. A. H. Williams, and jbridgo was won by Mrs. Robert Nelson. The group exchanged gifts following games. Mrs. Wallace Thompson was wstess to her bridge club Tuesday night for their Christmas >arty. A traditional Chrltmas din- , ner of turkey and dressing and |7 ere hoUday week-end guests of all the trimmings was served her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. to the group. Jones ' , They were joined on Christ- parenti. Mrs. Benton Girrett lp«nt Christmas Day in Osceola with her son, Jimmy Garrett, Mrs. Garrett and children. Mr. dud Mrs. Frank Davte and children, Matt and Scott, ot Jackson, Tenn. spent Sunday and Sundaynight with his sister, Mrs. W. A. Hogan, and family. Mr. and Mrs. John Beall of St. Louis spent the holiday week end with their parents, Mr. and holiday visit. Mr. and Mrs. Lovett and John drove to Rule- vile, Miss., Sunday for a visit with relatives there. Guests during the holidays of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Spears were their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cohen and children of Memphis; their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spears and children of Florence, Alabama and Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Abbott of Van Buren Visitors Monday in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Beall and Mr, and Mrs. Albert Greenwell were Mr. and Mrs. Victor Burkes of Birmingham, Ala., Mr. and Mrs. Normfcn Casey ot Memphis and Miss Pat Casey Of New York City. M. and Mrs. Jack Sugg and daughter, Susan, Of Jonesboro, spent the Christmas holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E .Westbrook. Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Abbott are i Robert Butler Furm»« Of Og former Wilson residents. jiethorpe University, Atlanta i their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Spradling | ^Harvard Furm(.nJr enn son . . nf pim» Bluff Washington, D.C. visited their ofPine«uff * tolly dinner Christmas Eve. Tommy Medlin, student «t Arkansas Tech, is spending the Christmas vacations with his parent, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Medlin. Sammy Davis, student at larding College, is home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Davis, for the holidays. Mr. and Mrs, Curtis Miller drove to Kennett Saturday for ,he week-end with their daughter, Mrs. W. D. Brown, Mr. Brown and children, David and 3uane. PFC George Milloway, Jr., U.S. Marine Corps, of Camp Le Jeune, N.C., is spending a 10- day leave with his mother, Mrs. Ie6rge Milloway. They were joined for Christmas by Mr. and Mrs. Jirnmy Milloway of Lepanto. Jimmy Gentry with the U.S'. Navy, Norfolk, Va. spent a few days last week in the home of Mrs. Reba Brigance. Jimmy is a former Wilson resident. Home for Hie holidays with and Mrs. M. Sano, were Emily Sano of Co- Later in the evening egg nogg and fruit cake were served. The louse and front, yard wars dee- orated for the season. In games Mrs. Charles Ford mas day by Mr. and Mrs. Chessie Jones and family and Mr. and Mrs. Morris Jones and family of Osceola. On Monday her in games ivirs. unaues ruiu i "j " i w^v.*,.-. ~.. ..— ., was high scorer, Mrs. Jerry j brother Mr. Tom Morris Cullom, second high, and Mrs. W. A. Hogan was bridgo win- Sixteen members of the Joy Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church gathered at the home of Mrs. John Moring last Monday night for their Christmas party. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Imogene White, Mr. James Breckenrich and Mrs. Mooring. Mrs. David McCullar gave the devotional for the evening. The group exchanged gifts and presented their teacher, Mrs. dressed, stamped envelope. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding,' send $1 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069. granddaughter Connie of Cov- .ngton, Tenn., and daughter Bar jara of University of Tennessee, Martin Branch, visited ;hem. Mrs. Barbara Foster of Toronto, Canada is spending the holidays with Mrs. Nancy Koch. Christmas Eve dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Wiley were Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Carter of Luxora, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Bourland and children of Jonesboro, Mr. and M r s. Russie Perry and Edward Lee of Wilson, and their son, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Wayne Wiley and children, Janet and Steve of West Helena who spent the holidays] with their parents. Mary Lou Wiley, student at Arkansas State, is spending her Christmas vacation with her parents, Mr. and Furman and family, during the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Perry spent the holiday week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Welty, at DeVallS Bluff. Mr. and Mrs. Owens Sadler and children, Delia, Nancy and Everett, spent Christmas in Pine Bluf with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W .C. Getchell, and his mother. Mr. and Mrs. W i 11 i a m R. Cross and children, Randy and Beth, of. Corpus Christi, Tex., returned home Monday after a holiday visit here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alec Goble, Sr. The Gobies' other five children and their families from hi and around Wilson joined them for Christmas Day. The group gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alec Gobi*, Jr. for a lumbia University, New York City, Walter Sano of Norton Air Force Base, Calif. Walter met his cousin, Etsuko Sano, of Tokyo for the first time last week. She is spending this school term with Mr. and Mrs. M. Sano and is attending Wilson High School where she is studying English. She Is a graduate Of St. Dominic in Tokyo. PFC. Chester Murl Payne of Fort Monmoth, N.J. is spending a two-week leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Payne. Chester will finish an electronics course In January and will leave for overseas duty. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Powell and children of Kilmichael, Miss, spent the Christmas holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Tranum and Mr. and Mrs. BUI Powell. BueU W. 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