The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1932
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVtH—NO. 208 BlythcriUe Dally News, Blytlicvllle HeraM Mississippi Vulicy Leader, lilyihevlllc Couvler,' JAPANESE PREPARE BLYTHEVELLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAI'EU OF NOWllKASl^KAJ^AlM^Trf^^T ^ ' *-*. T? K-/ FIGHT TO DIG LIE LEKEE Water Level at a Stands!) i m rx "' ..™.« u rampanion, was held ove and Worst Danger Is lo ""-' *** lf "» «<• the requ-s. ,, Believed Past. '-""" ^""^ £ " :;i! He " b; i Powell Found Guilty of Murdering Railes I'IGGOTT, Alk,. Jan. 27. IUPI — j'Oflkers today prepare j lo take Er- "?st Powell, fanner, ID the S t ;n5 ''son al Little Rock to b;"!n a 'e sentence. He was found ..-miiy [„ C | relli ,. court here lust night, of sinylng M '''. Kiiiles, Osceohi merehint, 'rial of Cicorge Stanlon. Paw.-IPs :td companion, was held over (INTI'S PROFIT FEE [ SEIZE SHANGHAI "God Punishing Allies"—Kaiser default of $5,080 ban:!. The crisis in the flglit to hold the ni^ Lake levee Is oast, for thcj present at Jeiist, ami barring such' contingencies as a break in the St. Krancls river lere? north of K[>;inc;',t 01: further heavy rains this week a steady Improvement in tic situation is anticipated. The level of the lake reached a stand late yesterday a'l 218 fust, nnd today a drop of slighllv more than half an inch was rccord?d. At the slale line and at Hornersvllle the water was reported at a standstill or falling slightly. J. W. Meyer. District 17 engineer who hns directed the fight, to Envc the le^ee, said today that the situation was extremely encouraging. He reported that th; post 24 hours brought no further serious slides, and (hat today's sunshine was helping materially to Improve Ihe condition of the levr-?. About half of the more than 100 iren \vlio have been working on the levee sinc> the situation became, critical last week have been relieved from duly. Mr. Meyer an- nounr:j, hovever; lhat a careful patrol will be maintained on the levee until . the water has fallen at least two fsei. On the St. Francis rivar, in the vicinity of Kennett, the situation appeared temporarily improved, but some apprehension was felt concerning a new c«s',, due there about Friday. Child Drowns in Ditch JONESBORO. Ark., Jan. 27. 'UP) —Four-year-old George Kimbrofell into ' a • drainage ditch here, ftll=d V 10 capacity by flood waters, and .It was the third fatality by drowning in flood waters of northeast Arkansas. let Gain Less Than $4,000 If Expense Accounts Receive Approval. With Ihe constitutional fee limit c! So.uUi) for the cilices of s::er)ir and colic-dor and treasurer actually observe:! for the first time in 1931, Mississippi county will gain •only $3.823.11 If'expense accounts of tlie offices meet with approval of .Circuit Jtidie G. E. Keck. The net, gain as a result of inau- fce- limit, "old as [ CflLLED TO rfcover Appjroves Money for Finance Corporation WASHINGTON. Jun. a?, IUI')- 1'iesldi'iH lloovjr intlny jluiicd llw MlXI.iKJO.Wll) uiMii'4prl:iilnii pfnvlilliiH tii|illnl ID .sli.ii (In.. n<, H . i-K-onstnic- llun llnitni'i! rurimi'iitloii League Statement Regard- [f,""^," ing As Forecasting Pres-' iclenfial Candidacy. WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (UP>— -."-^ *..«».. «. .•.mm ^pnu^ m I lie chances ot Ohio's becoming j operation of the office and provides the mother of another president no margin for the shsrllfs S500U or presidential candidate at least, ! fee nllo>vonce. If his -ixnm-c- ac- WPff hcllPVrtH kiatrn» *^.i^,, I __..„. i_ , come of the treasurer's olllce his expenses and $5,000 limit. The total allowed Income of the sr.eriir aixl collector's office falls more than $5.01.0 short of actual expenses In were believed better today. . 'count is approved. ay. coun s approve. I his is the reaction by political! Nothing Left for Sheriff leaders to a statement, by Newton I If the sheriff's set-up of his e.x- u tinner as ]ie sailed fora vnca- 'penses and income Is approved by ° °' " ati0nS lhc drclllt )u<ie<1 ll wi » s: «- l "> d = «»<^ should . , , -= «»<^ should not be a political issue in of the most popular of general bc- this jcnrs presidential fight. ^liefs. namely that the ^herdf and That expression met with ap-' collector's office is a "big money" ° ? c t io n ns" EA ir^ ra H lS | h0£ Va "- ° mcc ' U " der tot«p«tattoii pla Sd n u h » i ,^ d he C " ies -' on the 55,000 fc limit bj<:is oy tr.e on was better laid aside at this , tate complroller's office, according ed Baker's statement was because some of his WHS tloninnnnl "' MFU "' tne ". 1|UU '<» "in I* fr'ends have tj "" ng M ° «»««**'«ton LM.,.^ em ' lt fr ° m < h * ' s '°«> "rait his never concealed belie n empt lt ™™ «*» «™lt the in- eap,ue of nations mirtt l»m- co l" e °. f Shcl '" f w - w - S^ver lor th,3 league ol nations might hamper his advancement as a compromise candidate. Opposition Looms for Senator Creed Caldwell PINE ELUPP. Ark., (UP)—Serj- ator Cr.ectl Caldwell, veteran member of the upper house of the Arkansas General Assembly from Jefferson county, is expected to face considerable opposition for re- p'c-ction a', the August primary, a check of the district revealed. At least two prominent Pine Bluff attorneys will seek tha post Action Indicates Appeal Will Be Taken From Slander Suit Verdict. Motion for a new trial of the $100,000 slander suit ol E. J. Braa'ne against B. A. Lynch, decided last Saturday by a jury verjict for the defendant, was made Tuesday afternoon by W. Leon Smith of counsel for Browne. The motion, 4jiuii aiLuiiit^a win avcn ni~ ^fv-n. „,, , held so long by Sen. Caldwell. , T . he motion, made to provide the They are Sam M. Lc-vine, who has!™ 518 for an appeal, will be argued served one term in the lower I 50 ™ "™ 'his week, chamber, and H. Jordon Monk. | . A Jury >n circuit court was to de- Col. W-. A. Gamble, long a Pine' 01 ' 1 ' 5 th is afternoon whether George Bluff residenl, has announced his w - Crawford, farmer, was respon- candidacy for the house of repre-, s 'We for an auto accident on Hlgh- icntatives from Jefferson county, way 61 several monlhs ago which . [resulted in injury to Miss Lucille Canary Talks Self Into Singing Mood BFXLINGHAM. Wash. (UP)—A —- „- .- ..-, „„., ,,.., lw talking and singing canary bird fa 11 ' ss . Sutto'n seeks So.OOO for injuries nowen »IBUU; IJAVC t-iwaitney. si; mvJiea by Mrs. Sylvia D. Hopkins j received when Trimue's car, driven JE. F. Grimes, $1800: Mrs. w. l.Lre. It is toiieved to be the only!"? another man. and Crawfcri''.|Shav«r, $1800. Ben Jackson rccei cne in tii» United States. j collided. An insurance company Is S78.75 in commission/, and Eric I t injury jSutton and damnge to two cars. Crawford is the defendant in. two actions filed as a result of the accident, which were tried today. J. S. Trimue asks $241 from the defendant for damage to his car, while ! Attorney General Holds Ciiy Dads Must Fill Court Vacancy. ! !ljlhrvlll..'i; city council will nu'cl ,nl 7 o'clock lonlKlit al thr ciiy hull lo iiiiino ;m npixilnti':* to Ilil out .lhc unes|ihc;l term of iho bit! W. '». Cirnvi-Uv us iitiink'l|Kil JiKljie. The u|>paliilin?nl will hold IJHO:! only to the April intinlclpal election. Tin 1 council will proceej In Its jdtTtlon tunixht under Ihe assmnp- lliin. b.wkeil by nn opinion rum U'C .it(cin;y u.-iu'ial's Ullc? lint Ili2 li:xlv has Iho power 1:1 appoint. The council didn't KC| loaelhci 1 niiiht ns was Indltalcil ycstcr- J' riiicr. lie i.ays, "I'liere I". '.<:! tin- s'ixlitc.M doubt ulxml who •'•''"' H:e leal 'culprits' Dial slm-trd the World War. They stand arralgnul Wore the irluumn HB thnt Providence is pim- Iho alllt's "(or Ihelr crimes in 1914 iiRii mis," fomici- Ktilsu.- Wlllii'lm of Oi-rmany rcafllrnu'il !•••> (u.itoiillan (tint Gdinmiiv vas r.c.l n:-i.on:-lblc h.f llw Wnrlil Wur I'l .1 letter t» I'rcri'S'.or M. I!. (.Vh.ini of MLssouii University. .„.,. 11JK111 , ls nlls ,„„,;„,,,„ yi!51cr . <-. .uinbin. Mo. In the non-, shown day, upparenlly uccutiss Mayor Nsil! |'!',T. with n lute'picture" of lht;]R'-'ed did not &sk the iilriernirii 1. el. The mnyor said hi; w.-w waii Inif f»r n reply from the gtivrrncr nolllyliiK him If nivy aclbn hill been tnken on the coinicll'i. pronosnl Ihe liovernor nnme on: of two fees ex- the in- 1931 will fall a little more than $1,BOO short oT $5,COO, according to his statement! The gross income of the "sheriff's 1 office for 1931 was approximately $35,217,71,' about $10,000 b?lo<v the srofis income of the^office .ui :I930. Th- total gross income listed above i includes the sheriffs fees from auto license applications and jail f«s to which the 55.CCO limit does not apply. The total income of the slier- Ill and collector's Bftice for w'nlch he is accountable to the .county'was S23,«9 or $5.420.30 less than Ills' expanse account for the ofllce, which In tJ-.e form it will be presented to the circuit judge totals S28,8D5,S9 Has 5JO,COO Taj-roll The largest item listed In expenses of the office is salaries and commissions, which tolal S19.H5.00. General expenses arc lisled at S5,- 440.89, premium en bonds at $2,210.00, attorney fees at $600 and cls- preciatitin on automobiles at $1,000. The general expenses of the office are itemnized in detail in the statement to bs presented to JuJgo Keck. Eleven salaried deputies were on Ihe payroll of (he office dtring 1931, the statement shows, with the highest paid deputy receiving $3,000 and icillc the two lowest. S1200 each. Deputies and their salaries were listsd * - °" v " "lum uic muumii 01 nistorv, mat, tue governor nnme oil" of two awaiting her verdict. Tl w 'World CrWv the Allies nre nlsu .si,irerln" B «tU)racys, Ivy W, Crawford or 0. A from, is Hi,! punlshim-nt Providence is i,,eelm K out to them for their Cllnnl »li li n»'. "ellable ri'iwrls from crimes In 1914 antl al Versailles in min>" 'fhe Icltu- wa^ on, ,.„,., " Ult ' r sollrccs «« «>nl the aover- mciuling Pro;e-.or Cochrnn on'hh lx>oC "Genni-iv No' onthv 101 •• llorlvvunls lo lM ™ l'« 'Wolnt- -ice that the e^.ser spcl.s It ~ m ^"^ £ ZV-Z- -» S-^nt^^^ ..idi l.elic^es (he vtrfntiies treaty was Mvn«! m loin, instrr.d »f 1019., r >' lo '"isiirc lr E ulity he will agree ; on the cr.imell'.s choice. r w i r 11- i • Mnyor NL '"' nwHl n -' ilt<xl lhc " l Gar Wood Estabbshes torjicy Kcnernl's nfflcp by Jong „..,N .. .. ,- _ ;taiice telephone lale yesterday for WV motorboat Kecord "" opinion as to the nppolntmiiu Rulings Conflld C'laudi; R Cooper, whose appalnt- mcnt by the governor b sought by i MIAMI BEACH, FJa., Jnn ^, , 'UP)-r,«r Wootl. Uelroil, set n ! I1CI - -- - ~> new world's molorbout record to- k lnw I 1!lr "'w. Rep. E. E Alexan- rtay when he drove his Miss Am- r ' 5lulE(1 Hits nfternoon Alexan- Mrs Sara Ann Burns 7fY e ',' c ? lx over tllc cho ™' Wltle '" s i ier lla<l tecn lnformod "y ^e at- ifiia. uam nun oums, /o, O f Indian creek hen; for nn aver- tome i' seneral's office Itat Ills np- Dies at Familv Resi- aBe ' S|)ce(1 Ol n °' 7a mllcs Per hour. POintmenl must be made by Ihe ft li , ; T1 ' c vctf r »n. 'neer brofo the for- 8° ve mor. He snid Claud? Duty as' ' lBn( — hl " v '° ! rnrr record of no.223 • inlleu per Aslant attorney gmerel, rend:r«! hour M-I by K. K Dorr • Brltlsii .'.'"> opinion,- • , •'•••* , ?.*'"• '".'J^V lnst yenr. Me brokei Hobcrt, Sinlth, another nstlelonl mile an hour. Wood each direction. Mrs. Sara Ann Burns, 7G, wile of £. M. Burns and for many years a [resident of this city, succumbed bs'. might at the family home. Funeral [services will be held tomorrow afternoon ot the home of a son, W. M. Burns, 1139 West Walnut, ai 2 o'clock. Mrs. Burns was born In' Wenkiey county, Tcnn, As Miss Sara Ann Matthews she married E. SI. Burns and they moved to tnis clly 33 years ago. Except for a period of "four years during which she lived in I Scarey. Ark., .Mrs. Burns spent the , i est of her. life here, she was a' member of the Methodist church. ' Surviving the deceased besides! her husband are four sons, W. M and J. P. Burns of this city, T. J. Hums of Memphis and Walter Burns of Little Rock, and three, ouui -, daughters, Mrs. W. E. Smith of I (HP)- T -° ' of' BlvSiif S ' Gi!<>rEC W ' ' ™To r 1! , n ay as year. Me broke cr, n, another the record by approximately a half "Homey general, Jnformeil "'"" "" " Rc«l by telegram that the follow- niade Iwo runs, one in '"K statute under which the coun- """•" <•" w"l proceed tonight, applied: "In all cases of. vacancy In tin city council, lhc same siiall te flllrf by n special elcctioii; and In case tiny office of »n elected officer .cxcepl aldernvin of the ward, shall become vacant before the expiration of the regular term, then lh« vacancy sh/ill fce fldjd | )y (h» city : council until a successor shall b" elected for (he uncxplrrd term al the first, annual election U:at oc- cuis after Hie vacancy shnll hav> happened." M ( t AJ-ltHHnCHirci" finrl H^lr! f n i- Rnncnm nf ^ KatlSOm Of $50.000 _ SOUTH BEND Tnd j-m 97 idnped as follows: Stanley Hancock, £1803; Arch Lindsey. $1300; E. H. Daviti. $1800; Mrs. E. U. David, $1200; C. H. Wilson, S3Kfl; Kred Fiecman, $1500; Hale Jackson, $1800; C. C. Bowen $1800; D.IVC Gwaltney. $1200; ^C 111 i.l" UnllCtI OVavti. —-«. .... ..uninnn; LL.IU|J(UI^ !.> "Mick3y' ; sings belter in the|J o!n t complainant with Trimue to morning after a refreshing night's recover for damages to the car. f. o. LUVIU ana ijavt unminey rest. A number of cross complaints i'ervecl as Jailers as we!l as d?pn- Bcfore Mickey breaks out in song jwcre filed in the lawsuits but non- ties - A11 others are deputies, he is forced to coax himself a lit-jSUits were taken in all but one this The tfl tal income of W. W. Holli- tlc. So early in the morning ne morning. In the remaining cross E. B. David and Dave Gwaltney irvecl as Jailers as we!l a: ties. All others are deputies. i:e of W. \\ '. treasurer. rep:s?enling com- . A number of grandchildren also irviv*. The Rev. P. Q. Horie. pastor of the First Methodist church, will official: al the services tomorrow. Interment win be made at Maph Grove cemetery. The Co.tb Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangements. f -« ,™ )lom<! ' niul hcl<1 hl "' ">r Sniooo ransom. The men captured Wolvcrtin nnd his wife as the couule clrnvo their automobile In front of Ihoir home in n wealthy section. Tlic counle were Ihrcatcn- ed wilh t)?.ith If they made nn ont- Bnl-in" thr aulomoblle the Father Testifies for Mrs. Winnie Ruth Judd . PHOENIX. ArTTjim. 27 (UP)The Rev. H. J. M. MeKlnnell of Darlington, Ind., n sternly religious man who said he would "pray for my daughter's soul but not for her life," did his part lodny to try to fM-t< Ihe life of Hint daughter Winnie limb Judd. The 12-year-old retired minister testified to incidents In Mrs. Jinld's history which llu defense Th« i-rmilc balikiiiii und riirr..ii ( .y i.ommUtci' (II.-IHJ vull .| ( ,, j, ivol . ( . ull i'C|inil on the nuiiifs of Cinn's Ci IJ.tvvcs. JP.SW Jours nml llnivey o Couch as <llr:ctnr:i of ihr riii-on- tiiietloii ilnniico corporuiinn. 'I hi' .somite Is expccleil to laic; up lieu, nnmlnattons toniuri-OA'. HOPE FNE5 FOB ;' Spot on Surface Only Clue to Locution of Wrecked Crafl. l'OR.Tf,AND, Eng., Jan. 'i7. (UP) —An objecl which might IK the nls-ilng subinnrlne M-a was locnLoil In (he channel lodny. A diver descended from Ihe mol'.i- cr ship A'Jamant to Identify It Salvage ships were hnmptied u' n freshening brecz". The admiralty nnnuiintrd at 5'15 p.m. today It imd not yd ttlvcn \>hope, nllhough lhc ship k ,iil iv been located by ihe .searching nse' . Eng.. Jon. 27. <UI> —Thp Billisli Aubmiirlne M-2 wl'l- men alxurd lay at, Um tollont o' Ihc English etmintcl t«i,\v while .Heel worked frantically with ranitl- V fidlntr hope of rescuing her crew A spot of oil OH the TOrftce g»ve 11 depressing clue to tho lubmarlne's probRbly poslUon and. 1*4 oOcers lo fc»r Hie double Will nt fh» >^nft had -brokm Up; • • I .. - v.-i.-fir'-Vi'" The oil spot was discovered bv - havalj seaplane, and 'his 'maJeMy's ship Blnckivell WM s«ht to the spot. ''•wslve naval vessels crulssd m-e- a circle of two miles around a buoy marklng.ihe .supposed locnflon, The swept over tlie- sandy bed pt 'tli' channel, ica.feet deep tit the'poln' wllfi nets and cables, trying to hook the lost ship. • . ' • ' lo Judge Francis Shunk Brown. Jr., h' O f said support the contention that l rs she was not responsible when nnd John D. Rockefeller Misses Round of Golf LITTLE-ROCK, Jan. 27. <UP>— ! Trust company. State's attorneys continued: their who placed him on n j-ear's probation. Gecrgo was arrested for selling lottery tickets. And according to George f.e was forced into that illegal means of obtaining a living because a mous; at? his money. Important Legislation ..kjo » 14JCII , eiroits today (o prov= formrr conn-iv ,. ... „ , „..„ |iv jiid W w . F. siteck nuthoriKd! North Li'tle Rock Will f I •, ' ~ - - - * . >.>iij^ tn. ui.iii;<jiJi'/;u! 1 -»^"»ii ijl VI 1 ^ j\nu.iv TTJll (purchases of county supplies w.-.ich I ti r"i r J I DUX were paid for but never icllvercd.! ^ 3e ^» y >< ll!lds tor KChei "Trial of ihe former county ofrt- ,claI on charges of misfeasance ar.-l embeziiement opened in circuit kirlnaiwrs drove two miles east the citv where they thrust Mia.;— —— .-.^u..^,,... ,n, C n mm Woolverton from (!•<« car, warning " - 5110 "nirderert Agnra Arm Lcrol her her husband would be hcld' ant ' Hedvlg Samucl?.on. unfil slip mid sso.OCO rsnsom. Mrs. Woolverlon hailed n pass- intr motorist and was driven to (he Police station where she told !v?r story. Police were immediately dispatched to hunt Ihe automobile. onvioMr, nr>o., CT T ~> .Woolvcrton Is prt-siitont of Ihe ,trnV ^ "EACH. Pis.. Jan. 29. .11101—John D Kockefeller broke a 'in of long standing loday by denying himself the pleasure of his dally round of golf. The exact reason for abandoning the game co'.ild not be ascertained but Rockefeller guards intimated H was cither due to a cold or to a desire to avoid .1 woman, believed fanatical, who has periled In seeing th? 92-year-olj oil magnate. Memphian, HayJi Woman Hurt in Auto Accident R. W. Ingcrsoll of 'Memphis Is nl (he mythevilte hospital will: scalp wounds and lacerations. aii:l Mrs S. B. Nations of Haytl, Mo., is ill at |her home from shock as the result of (in automobile' accident near Haytl last night. The two automobiles were badly damaged when they collided at an Inler.wctlon. according to reports. Mr. Ingersoll, whose condition (he attending physician says Li goacl, has severe scalp wounds and Inc- untlons on his body. Mrs. Nations was formerly M!« Maltle Bell Harris of this city, Says Machado Relative Received Half Million He is [he so si of .Iftcob Woolvor- ton, wealiby bnnkcr and vice president, of iho S'.. Joseph ban and ., U | court y«t«rday. I" the early evldjnce Con £?g Unharmed by In Tex« Under Fire Potal ° Association , I \*n*a i~ "' ".-*c vimii syy.mjy tit! PEKIN, 111. (UP)—Maintaining ait 1 *^. 111 .Personal bank accounts i an . „. iv --,— •* --"-j Irirm outer s^iell, despite the fact TH °' '^ u ^t Texas lhat it remalnri ,„ lhfl m ,dd',e of — \.»iiy cvmiiice L; OH nt • Prosecutor Carl E. Bailey att-mpl- , ed to force the defendant to rxoliln jthe source of more than $60,000 dt- ]raiOain» ,„* t l exas that it remained in the midd.e ot "Hseemrtha- George had a thou- edf sessions is nTYhe °LST t '? ^ ° f ***** *"""* * lr ' P sand dollars, which he had saved of cou'rt migaUon SSrt^he*Sto ST P ^l 'V^p' « 'ill^ over a pericd of 24 years working as lattve MIS. a three !ude« Mt^i S1 C P Vere<1 by MrSl R ; K -. A " Uon ' a '"borer. His bank was a cisar box court has rorLVE J^ S ~ ^"^ Pek ' n ' Decently when s^e p:c,:ed up - -J« tcfbk offlce two years nco. S y .^ led out thc P° Jltim P=" only annually. a Inborcr. His bank was a cisar box °i> the shelf. Twice a week he opened the "bank" to make sure his funds were safe. . forgotl to '" spocl the When h c AM onlj . a corlwr or his roll 0{ bl , |s rcmaln(xl _ i.r. f^ S! "i. GMr S^. 'he only thine left for him , 0 do (n an recoupo was lo Ml , ^ court has recently held a" hearing on validity of the mwtlal law d»- clared by Governor Ross Sterling in lhc East Texas oil field. Thc Texas coUon acreage reduc- lion acl, all Its motor truck reju- lo + rtrc 1««-^ 1*^ !..„_ *_ .... *^e u » t-«i<jj, j itCiltlj « l It 11 J-'t p-.«.™-»- "c a supply of potatoes to prepare for a m;al. Mrs. Allison founJ the c?» in the potato bin. It had been c(n:<d with dust and dirt during its i-'.irn:y3 - • ----- tnuinuijy. The state's Investigation of tills ?h ^*, as V '8 oro >i5ly objected tc tv !r«t fh* nsc a " d Ballc >" did llo: force the courl to rule on Ihe c;,n- |pet«ncy of such testimony latorv Isws »«!»«" »« Vi , * " ntu lt«semb«J one ^-nK^^l-^^^^^ . Its law against use ot natural gas to make gasoline, and its anti-Uusl law all are In litigation. -.. IJSEFTtr. METAI. —.ou onu unk uunus n» j-.....-..- " ne'.v metal, which hn.s hcpu tintll II resembled one of tf.e tubers, vented by a British firm is lie! ]than aluminum, as strong ns c- •Irr-n cheaper than bras.s'.imp:- 1 ., - Aftcr washing the egg, Mr - UTTLE ROCK. Jnn. 27 (UP)— N'orth Little Rock has decided to care for its unemployed out of the municipal treasury, but work will be demanded of all those rc- eelvinp aid. it was announced today. Heads of dr-tuule families before .becoming eligible for food warrants must work on public projects. WASHINOTON. Jan. 27. (tjpi- Senalor King, Democrat, Utn:;, charged In the senate foreign Jnves- tluatlon talny that the son-ln-Uiiv of PresUlent .\tach;»jo of Cuba received a half million rollars ir on: |«r cent commission or gratuity on a $50.000.000 loan lloated by Ihc Cliaa? .Vat.'onal bank. Destroyer Reparts Salvador Town Quiet WASHINGTON. Jan. 27 tUP)— The destroyer Wlckes reported to the navy department today conditions at Ln Libertnd in El Salvador were quiet. The Wliiws also . the Canadian destroyer Skcena at Acajulla advised conditions In that area were unchang- Icd. Gas Explosion Wrecks School at West Monroe MONROE. Ln.. Jan. 27. (UP)— Si!*, ?n™-' '," , Cf ° 5 ; e , 1 .' "^ " w ' Stta " ™ s "amagea several largest of the schocia in West Mon-,hundred dollars by fire late lasl foe. tvore wrecked bj- an yxphslfln night believed due lo natural ;is Inks Lo lu - e baacs was drlv]1 , thc car nn hour b;forc classes were scl'.ed- Vown Walnut strc-t when flam« uicd to op;n loday. burst from the hood. All the wir- Fire Damages Car The Packard sedan belonging lo " Isaacs R-as damaged severs! otis to s-B-wnie r "» I ,H"'«,, 1 | 1 ^' ; iV,i; "n" , l ° °P ; " l<X1ay ' burst trom thc ll<>od - ' while cold, it is in t^ bv~ ll"' in°iijurcd tt-''" ' * '^l '" 8 A " d lnU>r '° r ° f '' C h03d w " l" lc tlmc! ' . I The loss Is covered by insurance. TflljTTEK Foreign Residents of City Are Apprehensive of Bombardment. RlHNOIJAr. janT 27 d;i>, _ A fhiul nUlinniiiin K lvlii V < n,,. ciiln. '•«• until « p. in, Thursday tn r rj.» ' Issiinn! 1 ' J '","" K>S ' 1 ''"'""'Mis w u s today. " "' ' "'"'*' '" aI " l "R | " 1 i- 'I'lto iillliniHiim was 'deliver.^'lo Wti Teh-chon, mayor of urcMar' Shunahiil, by Consul Mnml of Jan- iin. It demanded n salfsfnclary reply from ihe Chinese In, Hie ti m j s'lci'llk'il. which I-, c H. in. Thurs-"' day, eastern standard lime. Deflnilo iicllon iiy (fte Jnaancv'- wns oxpt'doil when the iiltlmntiiin expires, nml Shaniclittl : 'wus pre-'" "lived for military action :v,-lth : IJosKlblv bombardment nml oc-u- "cnieii Of "" ' Hlt "'* t0 ''° ll!n 5IJt ' Jaiianfsc R«,ly lo Act Admiral Kolehl Shlnsawn. .Ian-, nncsi! commaiulcr In ohlness wnt- ' Pioss aboard his Ilnjisuhi] the At- akn. said: "I have received my- final ln- strucllons. The Chinese may ac'-' ci'pl thn Japanese i',--in:in<ts, but in otiv experience the . Chinese promises are carried out. Miirnl Isiucil his ultimalum nfter .ircficntallves of. the • mnyor of Shanghai had called on him but • failed lo deliver a tvsply. ' The Chinese safd Ihcy were prepared lo accept nil «f "Jnu- nn's demands. • Mural r.'.ickc only onc.«, lie tftld. "unless all the demands arc accepted.and itxcc'utcd Ihfre wl)l : be dmstlc lubilbn.". '.-• With tan Japanese warships/ nl- ready hcr$ ami 13 or:H more duo': »t t a. m; tomorrow the; situation Tlw Jitpniicte have a total of about 2,000 trips ashore; Chinese have al'out 25.000. supposedly the bent troops of their nrmy. W. 5- .Considers Warning • WASHINGTON, Jn». ; .'37. : (UP)— A wiimlng. to, Japan against violence nt Shanghai vvns.being con-- sldersd by the udmlnlctratlou to-' rfny its nn nth hour wove (o avert trouble In the far cast - •••••.' Meanwhile the nlnte department ami-the Hrltisli embassy w,:re carrying on fiifovnlal and as -yof in-' conclusive discussions rcgarilng cooperation to protect their-, nn- tlonnls nnd property in Shanghai: Armistice Prevails in Kazen School Strike Princess Elizabeth Goes To Church Regularly LONDON. (OP)-Ad::erinif to the hard nnd fust rule of the British royal family, Princess ENr.ibnh !• being taken regularly to church a! five- years of age. Queen Mary, her gran-Jmolher, i' a gre.1t believer in chlHr:n b*:n taught to sit still and listen 3- scon as they have left babv- c ;j ];•>• hind. Tlic two sons of Princess Mary acccmpanv their parent, to chir:.- every Sunday. HAZF.N, Ark., Jnn. .21 (JJP)— fin nrmlsllcc prevailed in Hazen'G school strike todav ns all but one of 25 students who left school in urotesl aimlnst dismissal of- Lor- nhinft Wtillcluirsl returned to their Thp students walked o:it when the county superintendent, B. B. lowland, announced Miss WhifeV hurat'r. classes vonhl lw t.-ikett over hv his wife. H v;as understood, Howlnnd had ngre?;l lo place the •natter before the board of educa- t'ort and both sides havo aarciid'to abide by the board's decision. Meanwhile Mrs. Rowland and Miss Whitehurst arc appearing regularly al lhc same classes. Miss Whitehnrsl merely reports making nn efforts to teach.' She claims her position Is prelected by n year's contact. San Francisco Finds Room for 112 Farms SAN FRANCISCO. (UP)-San Franclico ciiy and county, -iensely populated though it Is, still -l-.a's room enough for 112 actively producing farms within 1'--. borders. These fsrms comprise a total of 1.272 acres, and each farm Is worth on the average, S42.3D2. They produce vegetables valurl at $200.000 annually. slz; of Iho farms i ; St'art Hearuur Evidence , in Judge Phiipot's .Trial PINE BLUFF, Jan. 27 (UP)_ State's attorneys today began pre- ftvtattOn ot ,-;v!rtcnc« by which thev hope lo wove former county .nidge n. M. Philnot. aged Jeffcr- ron county politicnl lender, shot and killed his son-in-law, former congressman Chester W. Taylor, ^Uist July. i Yesterday vras spent jileclin* a (jury. It is compot«l of five-farm- • crs, flve merchnnts, a mill operator, and one unemployed. ''FATHER ARKANSAS — Increasing ress. v-c/rmor tonight. Thursday cloudy. According to the official weal v ;r observer, Charles Phillips Jr., t!-e minimum temperatures here yes. tcrdny was 34 degrees and the | maximum, 53 decrees, c'.ondy with These figures were compiled by imum temwrature was « census takers. and the maximum. 67 degrees.

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