Fremont Tribune from Fremont, Nebraska on September 27, 1985 · 10
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Fremont Tribune from Fremont, Nebraska · 10

Fremont, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1985
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I rjday, September 27, 1985 B2 Sports Fremont Tribune TANK McNAMARA STANDINGS Baseball A NMJor League BaeabaR Associated Press AMEMCAM LEAGUE EastDkriaion RACE ENTRIES LINCOLN (AP) Entries lor Lincoln Fairgrounds on Ssturday: . An rauT- Purso 62.(35, 3-year-olds; Nebraska-breds: claiming 16,000; 1 mile. Spice The River-Beck, 110; Splien Hartey-LMnes, 110; Pride 01 Poland-Jordan, 110; a-Fleet Tee-Jonee. Ill; AeoUan-Montlel. 115; Swill Traveler-Coughlln, 110, Annas Satan-Schmidl. 115; Special Oamages-Torres. 115; Eal The Mortgage-Anderaon, 110, Miami Bow-Compton, 115. ' Also eligible a-Brad's Comet-Compton, 115. a-Oave Anderson entry. Saeond iwoe Purse 02.700; 3-year-otds 6 up; claiming 02,500; I mile 5 16; Dreams Of Royalty-Lead. 115; Sturdy Streak-No boy. 110; Jubilee's Sailor-Compton, 119; Bram Ox-No boy, 110, Two Times Henre-Smitltr 114; He's A Treasure-No boy, 110; Ne Pants-Torrea, 119; Peggy's Best-Wall, 119; Our Red Axe-Jordan. 110, Dragon Prlnce-Ladd. 110. Also eligible - Qelland Spender-Schmldt, 1 19. IMd iwoe - Purse 02.000; 2-year-old maiden fillies, 9 furlongs; Queen City LH-No boy, 119; Sptn'e About-Hid, 119; Honey Cup-Schmidt, 115; 8waps Aglo-Jordan, 119; Sheet R. Choice-King, 119; Casey's Moment-Baxter, 119, Carrie Bomb-No boy, 119, Mias Mud Hole-No boy, 115, Swift Enchantress-Shepherd, 119, Bandit Burger-Beck, 116 Also eligible She's Fleet-Jones. 119; Lady Nickel-Smith, 113; Lisa D'or -Compton, 119, My Lovely Llnda-Compton, 1 19. Fourth nee - Purse 02.700; 0-year-olda 9 up, claiming (3,500, (furlongs, Foolish Turk-No boy, 120; Yrrah's Commanc-Coughlin, 119, French Revolt-Jordan, 119; Whistleonby-Schaber, 119: River . Action-Peteraen, 110; Kiki's Dream-Frazier, 122, Here Come Veldar-Wall, 119, Tommy's Honor-Lmtner, 122; Shoukfa Been Jan-Jordan, 119, Real Treat-Beck, 119. Also eligible Whispering I mag e-Torres, 116; Bruce Be Sure-No boy , 1 16. FWh rase - Purse (3,000; 3-year-olds 9 up; claiming 07,500-7,000, 1 mile 4 1-16, Aeneas-Compfon , 117; Harrys knp-Fratler, 117; Your Inn-Coughlin, 110; Abishais Might-Schaber, 110, Leighs Iron Eagle-Patterson, 117, March Magie-Anderson, 121. Bhebroae - Purse 03,000, 0-year-olds 9 up, claiming 05,000, 9 furlongs, Senor Maestro-Smith, 111, Namletak-KIng, 119; J C 'a Warrior-No boy, 116, Gallant Sunrise-Smith, 109; Osage Bully-Patteraon, 119; Sun 'N Splash-Jordan, 116: Shadycroft Ruler-Ladd, 116, Spirit Prmca-Jones, 119, Blaster Beau-Anderson. ItO. n Purse 05.500; 3-year-olds 9 up; allowance: 9 furlongs; Sneakinprince-Compton, 111; At Length-Jones, 106; e-Strong Mountaln-Anderson, 111; Whitney s Laddle-Frazler, 111; Jae Ranch-Lintner, ill; No Pomp-Smith, 106, a-SwInging Oancer-Anderson, HI. e-Kurt Wamke entry. ae - Purse 07,500-added; 9-year-old Nebraaka-breds; allowance; 9 furlongs; a-Out For Powar-Gualardo, 110; a-DancIng Aatro-Ladd, 113; Andy's Comet-King, 110, Klees A Re eta-No boy, 119; Miss Prevel Lmtnor. 116i Foremost Juiie-No boy, 107, Great Lak e-Frazier, 107; Smokey Oof -Smith, '110; Pearl's D'or-Joned. HO; MDear Mlke-Smlth. 'HO. a-G J Coatney entry. Odndi race - Purse 02.700, 3-year -olds 9 up: claiming (2,500, 1 mile 9 16, Fundevlllsh-Shepherd. 119; New Look-King, 116, Scratch Mark-Schmidt, 116; Prince Ktrk-Petersen, 119, CR; Boldwino-Taylor, 116. Conway Comet-Ladd. 119. Bull Tytus-WaN, 116; Erin's Red Pride-Beck, 119; Ishbomb-Schaber, 123. SQLUNAR TABLES I A.M. P.M. Day Min. Mai. Min. MaJ. ri 4:55 11:00 5.10 11:20 Sat.. .J.. f 5:35 11:40 5:50 11:58 Sun 6:15 6:25 12:15 Two cars overextending you? Get a Prudential Double Discount. Dont be stretched by the high cost of auto insurance. New Prudential will give you a discount for cwning two or more cars. And a second discount if you select certain coverages, and have a safe driving record. 1 So call your local Prudential representative for a Pru-Review to Subtf to auekhcstsns local evaHatny and Kansas City 5, Seattle 2 Chicago 11 , Oakland 7 Detroit at New York, ppd., rain Only games scheduled Mdey'sOemae AlttmesCDT Boston (Boyd 15-11) at Detroit (Terrell 13-10), 6:35 p.m. California (Witt 13-8) at Cleveland (Heaton M7), 6:35 p.m. Baltimore (Davis 10-8) at New York (Guidry 206), 7 p.m. Kansas City (Black 6-14) at Minnesota (Viola 16:14), 7:35 p.m. .Toronto (Stleb 13-12) at Milwaukee (Higuera 14-7), 7:35 p.m. Texas (Mason 6-13) at Seattle (Wills 4-0), 9:35 p.m. Chicago (Davis 3-2) at Oakland (Krueger 9-10), 9:35 p.m. NATIONAL LEAGUE BASEBALL SCORES Associated Press MATIONALUAOUS sss eie-i i i is m um-s e BedroaMn, Dedmon (7). Forster (S). Garber (8) and Benedict, Cerone (7), McGaffigan, Franco (6), Power (6) and Diaz. Van Gorder (S) W McGaffigan, 3-3. L Bedrosian, 7-14. Sv Power (29). . Maw Vo..... 1SS 2QQ SSS 3 t CMaege M SSS SSS S t Gooden end Carter; Abrego. Meridith (4). Engel (7), Belter (8) and Davis. W Gooden. 23-4. L Abrego, 1-1. m sos sss-s a fit 311 SSk-B 7 K.Groae, Andersen (6), Carmen () and Virgil; Tudor and Porter. W Tudor, 20-8. L K Gross, 14-12. AMERICAN LEAGUE MU SSS SM SSS-f f Tana SSS MS Me-2 S Smithson and Reed, Engle (8); Guzman, Henry (9) and Siaught. W Guzman, 2-2 L Smithson, 14-13. HR Texas, O'Brien (21). RACE RESULTS Associated Press TfocfeMol lot if. - Petite Power (Baxter) 4 00. 3 00. 2 20, VI-queen (Anderson) 21 00, 7 80, One Time For Sarah (Guajardo) 4 80. Timo-1:1715. M-M. Randado (Frazier) 3 40, 2 60, 2 20; Me O. Mai O. (Montiel) 0 40, 2 80, Kirk Street (Purdom) 2 80 Time 1 1645. Exacts (1(Mi paid 118 80. Daily Double (8-10) paid $7 40 IrR-M. - Heres Buddy (Frazier) 3 20, 2 40, 2 20; Crews Coterie (Lintner) 300, 2 40. Go Jay Dee (Jones)280 Time 1.19. Exacts (2-3) $9 80. 4th if. - Gifted Heiress (Patterson) 17 60. 8 00. 3 80; Ruthie D. (Jordan) 7 90, 8 20, Mias McGehee (Coughkn) 3 20. Time-1.17. Exacts (9-2) $182 00. -. - Must Rule (Coughlin) 28 80, 10 20. 12 80. Cobalt Blue (Pettmger) 28 60, 13 20. Not So Neal TRANSACTIONS Tkise days ip arts Ty Associated Press SASKETBALL BOSTON CELTICS-Signed Sly Williams, forward, lo s one year contract. CHICAGO BULLS Agreed lo terms with Charles Oakley, forward, on a three-year contract. INDIANA PACERS Announced that Rubs Schoene, forward, has decided to return to Italy's1 Simacteam LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS-Signed Ray WiHiama. guard.loanoffer sheet. NEW YORK KNICKS-Signed Gerald Wilkins, forward, and Fred Cofietd, guard. PHOENIX SUNS Signed Alvin Scott, forward, lo s one-year contract. Reached a contract agreement with Georgi Glouchkov, forward. PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS-Signed Terry Porter, guard, toamuM year contract. WASHINGTON BULLETS-Signed Kenny Green, forward, and Manute Boi, center. POOTBAU MeMswMFee ATLANTA FALCONS Plaqced David Frye linebacker, on non-football Injured reserve. review your coverage and show you how to save money. With a Prudential Double Discount, two cars wont spread you too thin. . Check your phone book for the Prudential office nearest you. i The Prudential coueraqe mquynrrts C 85 hmdentw Prooony and by Jeff Millar A Bill Hinds New York 3. Chicago 0 Montreal at Pittsburgh, ppd., rain St. Louis 5, Philadelphia 0 Only games scheduled Friday's Gamas AlttmesCDT Philadelphia (Rawley 12-6) at Chicago (Sutcliffe 8-7), 1:20 p.m. St. Louis (Andujar 21-9) at Montreal (Gullickson 13-11), 6:35 p.m. New York (Lynch 106) at Pittsburgh BsWwmo 7ssssse-eie e MB weiAia MS SSS 888-1 t 3 D Martinez and Rayford; Haas, Waits (3), Poretr (3), Burris (5), Gibson (6), Lesley (8), Sesrage (9) and Hupert. W D. Martinez, 13-9 l Haas, 0-s. Reslaw 9S9 m-4 0 TwbMo k.MMNI-l 3 Seilers and Sullivan; Alexander and Whitt. W Sellers, 2-0. L Alexander, 16-9. HR Boston, Greenwell (2). CM MS MB Ml I ? 1 MMMMS 1 Leibrandt, Quisenberry and Sundberg; Swift, Lazorfco (4), Vande Berg (0), Nunez (9) ahd Valle, Scott (1). W- Leibrandt, 17-8 L Swift, 8-10. Sv-Quisenberry (35). HR Kansas City, Batboni (35). 999-nil ,.331 CM I8S 11 13 S 7 3 3 Bannister, Correa (7), Agosto (9) and Fisk, Skinner (8); CbdiroH, Kaiser (5), Atherton (6), Mura (6) and Heath, O'Brien (7). W Bannister, 8-14 L Codiroti, 13-13. HRa Chicago, Kittle 3 22)r Walker M?1. Oakland. Canseco 2 (4). (Torres) 6 80. Time-11845. - Exacts (5-9) 9808 60. Mi-lm. - Lady Red (Jones) 12 00, 00. 3 20; Miss Roife (Ladd) 7 40, 4 20. Jamboree JiH (Guajardo) 4 60 Time-1 4445 Exacts (7-9) 866 60. TMi if. - Ptay Royal (Pettinger) 3 60, 2 40, 2 60; Ourkidsinheritance (Frazier) 2.80, 2.40; Agate Agio (Ladd) 3 00 Time-1 :1545. Exacts (2-4) 38 60. 8-8f. - Dare County (Guajardo) 9.40, 4.40. 3 20. Paralizing Oath (King) 10 00, 9.20; Caghe (Lintner) 4 40 Time 1:1515. Exacts (OH) $151 00. Pic Six (2-0-S-7-2-9). 68 picked 4 for 835 80. Carryover $21 ,210. Mi-lm. Jiy - Impounder (Frazier) 7 40. 3 60, 2 80; Rancho Largo (Ladd) 0 40, 4.40, Invincible K. (Compton) 3 80 Time 1.4845. Exacts (M) 898 80. A 3.441. MH $351 .277. CLEVELAND BROWNS Activated John Jefter-eon, wide receiver. Re-eigned Scon Bolzan. offen-eive tackle. Pieced Willie Adame, wide receiver, and Cody Rlaien, offeneive tackle, on injured reaerve DALLAS COWBOYS Hired PJ. "Bootate" Laraen to eveiuete college latent. LOS ANGELES RAIDERS Signed Fulton Walker, eomerback-kick returner. Waived Tony Caldwell, linebacker. HOCKEY HARTFORD WHALERS-Sent Ron Sanko, right wing, H North Bay of the Ontario Hockey League, Scot Bwnte, right wing, to Toledo of the International Hockey League, and Rob Nichole, cantor, to Kalamazoo of the international Hockey League. Released Ralph Robmeon, toft wing, and John Veo-chiarekt, center. COUEM COLUMBIA Announced that Peter Murphy, punter, hee toft the football team. PENNSYLVANIA Named Paul Rubincam athletic director. , j , UCLA Signed Terry Oonahuo, head football coach, to a live year contract. i , I -I -Auto Insurance- Casualty insurance Comoany Hotmdei N ILossi shrinksitToronto lead i 1 i , ' 1 1 1 1 1 Associated Press The Toronto Blue Jays lead in the Eastern Division of the AmericanLeague dropped to v5V4 lame Thursday night after the lue Jays lost a 4-1 decision to the Boston Red Sox. Rookie Jeff Sellers tossed a three-hitter and Mike Greenwell, also a rookie, hit his second two-run homer in as many games to spark Boston over Toronto in a game delayed three hours and 18 minutes at the start by rain. Sellers, who, won his major league debut last week against the Milwaukee Brewers after his contract was purchased from New Britain of the Double-A Eastern League, struck out three and walked none. The 21-year-old r 'ht-hander retired 12 in a row during one stretch. Cardinals pitcher wins Associated Press A foolish question: Nearly four months ago, when he was 1-7, did John Tudor sense he was on the verge of greatness? Thats a foolish question, Tudor confirmed after his 19th victory in 20 decisions, a four-hitter, sent the St. Louis Cardinals to their s.eventh straight win and 14th in 15 games Thursday, a 5-0 decision over the Philadelphia Phillies. LEAGUE LEADERS CALENDAR Today I Fremont High v6. Millard North ' (at Millard South); Wahoo Neumann at Fremont Bergan, Syracuse at Arlington, Wahoo at Bennington, Blair at Wavarly, Elkhorn at Platteview, Omaha St. Joseph at Elkhorn Mount Michael North Bend at Logan View, Schuyler at Albion, Valley at Raymond Cen-. tral, Wayne at West Point, Lyons-Decatur Northeast at Wisner-Pilger, Tekamah-J Herman at Oakland-Craig, Pender at. Scribner, West Point Central Catholic at Rock County Basset, Cedar Bluffs at Dodge, Elkhorn Valley at Clarkson, Newman Grove at Howells, Mead at Malcolm, Weeping Water at Waterloo, Yutan at Palmyra, Leigh at Beemer, Clearwater at Snyder, Prague at Chester Hubbell. (All games start at 7:30 p.m.) VoEeykaB - Mead at Malcolm, 5 p.m. Golf - Fremont High at Duchesne Invitational, 8:30a.m. Crass country Midland Lutheran College at Concordia Invitational, 4 p.m. Saturday Chadron State at Midland Lutheran College, 2 p.m. Craee country Fremont High at Omaha - Bryan Class Meet, 10 a.m. VoSayhal Arlington, Lyons-Decaturt Northeast, Oakland-Craig at Scribner Tour-, nament, 3 p.m.; Wahoo, North Bend at David City Invitational, 5 p.m. VOLLEYBALL RESUITS FREMONT RECREATIONAL LEAGUE Outpost 15-S-15. Newsroom 7-15-13. Outrtewdbit play - Bandy Andersen, Fanny Wuppar, Denise Varilek, Sheryl Adama. Michelle McKlnnoy . CampbaN Soup 15-l0-t5. Cadar Lak't 1215-3. OamtMdbif ptayma Nanatta Parry. Deuoie Betak Barb Ketaug. Buaan Hfiganfcamp, Oiana Swenson, -Cindy Sandaan, Jana Zoucba. Dck ' Markat 15-15, Comar Bar M Dick's Zaaio 16-15, Coora Light 4-11. OwtotaMHnf p Myam - Shaltay Horaford, Robia Black, Nida Schulz, Dab Bataa, Gayiana Buttarfiatd. Oicka Zaato 11-15-20, Dick'a Markat 15-11-10. ptoywa - Robia Black, ShaHay Horaford. Nida Schulz, Dab Bataa, Dab Bachmarm. Hooded Sweatshirts Zip Front, S-M-L-XL, polyestercotton unlined $099 -C J), iD Jill AMERICANLEAGUE 1 i Greenwell,1 1 whose two-run! homer in the 13th inning beat Toronto 4-2 Wednesday night, stroked his second hit and second two-run homer in the majors to give the Red Sox a 2-1 lead in the fifth. The Red Sox added insurance runs on Wade Boggs twotrun single in the eighth. I couldnt ask for more than this, said Greenwell, who spent the season at Pawtucket of the International League. It still hasnt sunk in yet. And to do it against the first-place team makes it all that much more exciting. Rangers 2, Twins 0 Jose Guzman and Dwayne NATIONAL LEAGUE It was Tudors National League-leading 10th shutout of 1985, and lowered his ERA to 2.04, lower than anyones except DwightGoodens. The Cardinals cut their magic number to six with nine games left. Mats3,CubsO 1984s contenders wound up- BASEBALL PLAYOFFS Associated Press AIRmaeCOT !at AL East, 7.30 p.m. Malt ' at AL East, 2 06 p.m. , at NL Waal, 7.30 p.m. OKB atNLWast, 7.35 p.m. Ocl.11 atALWbst, 7:15 p.m. Oet.1t at NL East, 12 OS p.m at AL West, 7:15 p.m: OslM at AL West, 3 35 p.m., tf necessary at NL East, 7.15 p.m. OetM at NL East, 2:05 p.m.. If necessary OUTDOOR REPORT LINCOLN (AP) Following is the outdoor report for Nebraska as compiled by the state Game and Parks Commission. PANHANDLE: (FMtingl OBver Reeervotr - largemouth bass to 3.8 pounds on lures, blueglll on worms, rainbow trout to 14 inches on worms, walleye lo 2 pounds on splnner-nightcrawler combinationa. (Hunting) Grouse success good In Banner County, archery dear aucceae good in Crawford area. NORTH CENTER: (FtoNng) Dewey Lafca -yellow perch on worms. (Hunting) Ram and cold weather over the area resulted in light hunting pressure, few hunters out, tew birds , taken. NORTHEAST: (Fishing) Getaway Lake - I crappie on jigs; Buckskin HMs largemouth 1 bast on spinnerbaits; Lake Erickson . largemouth base en spinnerbaits, northern j pike on lures. (Hunting) Rain and cold temperatures slowed hunting across area, , lew grouse end doves were taken in Greeley County. CI, Soft'ner Pellets 50 lb. bag Special 99 Pepsi-Diet 12?&' cans Henry combined on a six-hitter and Pete OBrien hit a home run to pace Texas over Minnesota. I The Rangers scored the only run they needed in the fourth inning when OBrien hit his 21st home run of the year. 4 Orioles 8, Brewers 1 . Alan Wiggins went 4-for-5 and contributed a two-run single :o a seven-run third inning that pro-pelled Baltimore over Milwaukee. White Sox 11, A's 7 Ron Kittle hit a pair of home runs while Floyd Bannister allowed only four hits and one run over six innings to lead Chicago over Oakland. 20th game their season series with the Mets winning 14 and losing four. Dwight Gooden pitched an eight-hitter on the way to his club-record eighth shutout of the season. Reds 6, Braves 1 Andy McGaffigan pitched seven strong innings and doubled home a run with his first hit of the season. at AL East, 7:1Sp m., tf necessary OetM at NL West, 2:06 p.m.. If necessary at ALEast, 7:15 p.m., if necessary Oct. 17 at NL West, 7:35 p m., if necessary at American League, 7.35 p.m. Oat 30 at American League, TBA Oot.22 at National League, 7:35 p.m. at National League, 7.25 p.m. OetM at National League, 7.25 p.m., If neceeeery Oet. 36 at American League, 7 25 p m., if neceeeery Oat. 27 at American League, TBA, if necessary SOUTHWEST; (Fishing) Medicine Creak - crappie on minnows from the damface, channel cattish to IS pounds on shrimp, crawdad telle and nightcrawlere. (Hunting) Wet and cold weather slowed hunting, some archery deer success, few doves and grouse taken. SOUTHEAST: (Flaking) Don glee County Sandplte largemouth bass on river worms; Casa County famiponds largemouth base on lures; LwutevIBa Lakes - crappie on minnows; Hadeefleld catfish on nightcrawlere and crawdads; Conestoga crappie on minnow along dam; Pewnee crappie on minnows and jigs along dam; Branched Oak -catfish on crawdads, crappie on minnows; WEtkuuod - largemouth bass on lures. (Hunting) Buffalo and Kearney counties grouse success talr-good; Clay County lair success on dove; Douglas County archery deer success good; Richardson and Pawnee sounds dove success fair-good, archery deer success good end many deer aeon In area; Case County dove success alow. Pepsi i rfjeTpepsl

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