Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 23, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1897
Page 24
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OAILY PHAROS THURSDAY, DEC. 23, 1897. OITYNB.WS, . See Hauk before Christmas Mixed nuts lOc Ib— McCaffrey. Fancy candy boxes at Qulgley's. Oranges and bananas.—Roth'mel. Xmas cakes 25 and 50c,Delicatessen Mixed candy, 4Jc; sMck candy, 5c. —McCaffrey. Don't be misled In .buying shoes. Go to Walden's, Mixed candy 4c Ib., mixed nuts 7Jclb., at Foley's. The public schools will now have a vacation of ten days. We have candy to suit everybody's pocketbook at Qulgley's. Tomorrow is your last chance on Traut's $45 sewing machine. The greatest line of 25c and 50c neckwear at Will Murdock'g. Vancy pound candy boxes 25c and upwards—Wright & Britton. Sweet pumpkins for pies at Twells & Behmer'», Sycamore street. Air rifles, skates and boy's pocket knives for Christmas at Crlsmund's. Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Sweeney, of George street, a daughter. See those 1'brary chairs in leather, also leather couches at Henderson & Sons'. We have some elegant pocket books for holiday trade.— Johnston's drug store. Th« wife and daughter of Editor Jenton will spend the winter in the THE GENUINE STUFF. Oil From the Walton Well Right smell. : Has tb of dressed turkeys and at Kardes', on south. Plenty chickens tomorrow Third street. Oyster soup and hot lunch served free with beer tomorrow at-the opera boose saloon; Logansport Wall Paper Co. has the At Noon Today the 6r<WT Fj»W B a ' Risen to Within 200 Feet of the Top. ^ The well drilled in by She Cblcag Oil company at Walton-yesterday promises to be a good one/ Tb< Trenton sand has beon penetrated t a depth of but five feet and\at coon today the oil had risen- 700 feet in the well. The quality of oil' is mach superior to that fouod In the -Per field and the contractor who drllle In the well predicts that it-will'prov as good a producer as tbe best ot th Peru wells. Many samples of the ol were brought in today and the dis covery Is hailed with delight b the people of Walton am vicinity. The Logansport compan has several tracts of land_leased In the vicinity and will perhaps locate well in that section. The Bunke Hill company Is moving its derrick on to tbe tile kilo land ..owned b John Shafer just west of company's well. It is the genera belief that Walton is in the center o a rich oil field and it is predicted tha not lees than 50 derricks will be erected near there before spring. The depth of the Chicago com pany's well to Trenton rqck is 1009 feet. This is a greater depih than the Peru wells but Walton is ton V-much higher ground. a;: best line of dolls .lull assortment. The Masonic lodge in the city and a of Galveston will give a dinner at their hall next Monday, Dec 27th. Ash & Hadley have sold a large number of presents, but have a large stock left to select from. The Sunday schools of the various churches will all hold Christmas exercises tomorrow evening. Nothing nicer for a.Christmas present than a nice atomizer, filled with good perfume, at Porter's. The supper given at the Wheatland street M. E. church, Tuesday evening, was well patronized. Ib is estimated that there are 10,000 oil wells in Indiana, and the output is about 25,000 barrels a day. The Malcolm Love piano pleases the most highly cultivated musicians. Sold by J. 0. Bridge, 410 Broadway. Get a bottle of Golden Wedding rye for Christmas dinner, 11 years old, 116 per cent proof, at MoHaie's. If the merchants who advertise in the Pharos do not have what you want, you cannot find it in Logansport. The low prices on all goods is causing a rush never heard of before. Such low prices does it.—Trade Palace. Our line of plated ware is unbroken and includes everything new and desirable for tbe table, Taylor, jeweler. line malaga grapes.fine belleflower apples, turkeys, ducks, geese, evergreen wreaths, choice holly and mistletoe—Traut. While the ice Is not as smooth as might be on Eel river, a great many skaters are gliding over tbe surface above the Ubl and water works dams. Misses Hannah and Margaret Cun- vingham, of Chicago, will spend the holidays with their sisters,Mrs.Thos. Murphy and Mrs. Wm. Baker, of the Westside. A choice line of gift books,albums, pictures, musical instruments, toilet sett, games, toys and many other novel ties for holiday gifts at Graves' book store. Ha! ha'.! ho! ho!! a pair of fur gloves for Christmas. What an appropriate present. Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher, has the the line to select from. After spending the holidays with relatives in Ohio, Mrs. Prof. G. W. Michaels will take the oldest son Herbert to Exeter, New Hampshire, where be will enter the preparatory course in college. Standard oil company agents secured leases on about 7,000 acres of land near Flora, two months ago, promising to drill for oil at once. As no wnrk has yet been done, the farm- era are becoming dissatisfied. Lewis William Caldwell, fthe man who, while superintendent of the construction of the Central Union telephone line between this city and Kokomo absconded with 1300 whicn he should have paid the linemen, was arrested yesterday at Memphis,Tenn. By a typographical error.pecannuts were advertised in last evening's Pharos at 2o • pound by Traut, the grooer, when the price should have been 5e. The mistake caused Mr. Tract considerable annoyance, bat only tn« printer was to blame for prloe. Damage Salt Compromise: The 110,000 damage suit" of Van Buren (Chi ck) Myers, of ^|effeison township, against the .Panhandle company, was compromised today. By agreement plaintiff was awarded judgment for 11,250. He r was re.pre sented by Nelson & ?/ -'Myers and the railroad company by Judge George E. Boss. It will be re- ti ••• '. membered that one night, something over a year ago, while Myera was drivln? home from the city, his; carriage was struck by a Strain on the crossing below Kenneth; trrat-' ! Myers was thrown upon the track, "and that his right foot was crushed,"' necessitating amputation just above the ankle. MiTOR McKEE Requests Business Men to Close Their Stores at Soon Saturday. Logansport, Dec. 23, 189". Editors Pharos:—I have been requested to call the attention'bl our business men, and ask them to close their places of business Saturday afternoon (Christmas), so that all may have the opportunity of enjoying at least a part of our Christmas holiday. GEO. P. McKEE, Mayor. Volunteers of America. The ladies interested in the Volunteer mission on Third street will give a supper thfs evening, commencing at 5:30. Fifteen cents will be charged for suyper. Tihe proceeds will gy to pay off part of the debt incurredjin opening tne< mission In this city. Instrumental and vocal music will be given during tbe evening by friends interested in this good work. An enjoyable- time is promised to all who attend. . ,. Foley's Special. ;r Mixed candy 4c Ib. Mixed nuts 7}c Ib. Bananas lOc doz. Oranges 15o doz._ /' ' ^ Peanuts 6c Ib. ' ' s oyster* 20c quart. ; Country butter 12Jc Ib. Christmas Dinner. I will serve my Christmas dinner on Sunday. Everybody cotne—C. E. Dykeman, proprietorDykeman's Cafe The Weather. Generally fair tonight and! Friday; not so cold Friday afternoon.^ •1AJU IS DUNS Finally Win Their Suit and Will Par No Taxes. Judge Uox, ot the circuit court at Peru, has decided the long standing suit of Chief Gabriel Godfrey, chief the Miami tribe of Indians, against the commissioners of Miami county, in favor ot the plaintiff. The court held that neither state, county, township nor municipality has the right to tax any Indian lands, and the attempt Is a cloud on the title. He also finds they are entitled to a perpetual injunction agaiust such col- leftion. As tbe Indians of this tribe have a reserve near Peru, and have always been taxed, the decision means the loss o! thousands ot dollars in taxes, and for which Chief Godfrey will bring suit for recovery. This decision has been looked for with Interest for some time, as on its decision depended numerous suits of different Indian tribes throughout the country. The Late Ret. Wm. M. Pratt, D. D. Dr. Pratt was born in Madison county, New York, in 1817, and died yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky,' aged nearly eighty-one years. He was the only brother of the late Senator Daniel D. Pratt and the oldest surviving member of the family. He graduated in 1837" from Colgate university, New York, and In 1838 visited Logansport. Ee- turning to Ne* York he completed his theological studies, married and settled in brawfordsvllle in 1839. His wife only lived six weeks after her arrival in Indiana, whereupon Mr. Pratt came to Logansport and founded the Baptist church in this city. For several years he did the work of an evangelist and preached at Delphi, Covington, South Bend and other points, in each of which places he built churches. In 1843, he went to Kentucky and settled in Lexington, where hie married the daughter of Rev. Ryland T Dlllard, who survives him. There he preached for over twenty years, but during the war was compelled to leave on account of his Union sentiments. His house was a welcome home for Union soldiers, as Colonel Bringhurst and many Cass county boys will remember. Leaving Lexington in 1863 or 6i, he settled in New Albany, where le preached several years, but afterwards returned to Kentucky, finally ettling in Louisville, where he lived wenty years or more before he died. Dr. Pratt had the confidence of the >eople of his state. About 1870 he was nominated by the Republicans for Superintendent of public injtruc- jion, but was defeated. For many years he was pres- dent ot the ooard of trustees if Georgetown college, the Baptist ducatlonal institution of the state, o which school ce donated $5,000, he annual interest to be given for ourse of lectures upon the relation ot cience to religion. While in Indi,na Dr. Pratt was elected president f Franklin college, which position he declined. Dr. Pratt was a sound iut progressive thinker, a good preacher and a man of great social )ower.. He had a wonderful fund of necdotea, and of wise, counsel and xperience. He was a man of un- onnded hospitality and charity and ived and died in ?reat public esteem. le left four children surviving him, nd of whom William D. Pratt, for BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS - - - AT THE - - The Golden Rule AND SAVR MONRY. SCHMITT & HEINLY. —Holiday Goods- NECKWEAR, MUFFLERS, SUSPENDERS, HATS, SHIRTS, "We are headquarters for the finest lines of COLLARS, GLOVES, CUFFS. • GAPS, UNDERWEAR, HANDKERCHIEFS, SLEEVE BUTTONS, COLLAR BUTTONS,,:K PULSE WARMERS, " HOSIERS, Etc. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS at lowest prices. Men's Boy's and Children's Suits, in everv style, variety and color desired at Unheard of Low Prices. Boy's and Children's Overcoats, Ulsters and Reefers will be sold at One-fourth Off for Spot Cash. Reason: We are overstocked. This is Special. Don't fail to look these bargains np. We have the largest and Unest line of 50c Knee Pants ever offered.Open evening during holidays. J. D. FERGUSON & JENKS, 322 Market Street, Logansport, Ind. ears proprietor of the Journal, well known to all our citizens. , is SanU Clans Here Already. Old Santa drove around to the Lu- heran parsonage, 122 Plum street, ast evening and unloaded a hand ome dining room extension table, also n excellent bedstead, springs and mattress. Along with these came a etter from the members of the Engish Lutheran churcn to their pastor, Eev. B. Shaner and wife, saying 'Please accept these gifts as a alight ixpression of the regard aod esteem I the congregation. We wish for ou both many returns of the yule- ide season. A merry Christmas and happy New Tear." Eating well and leeping well are two essentials to ealth and happiness. Through the •hgros we wish to express our thanks or these valuable and useful gifts. REV. B. E. SHANKK AKD WIFE. An Owner Wanted. While W.T. Giffe was absent from his office yesterday afternoon, George Sendee, the Royal Center taxidermist, left a stuffed fox on his 'desk and said to the clerk that it belonged to Mr. Gi2e and five dollars were due on it, which should be left with tbe county clerk. When the professor returned he was much pleased at tbe natural appearance of the fox, and ' tbe tail, but avowed that he did not own the varmint and knew nothing about tne five dollars. It seems to be a case of mistaken identity. Tbe owner of the fox should call for his goods. Something That Will Please. A box of choice confections or a ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICED CREAM BAKING POWDER WORLD'S FAiR,CHICAGO, 1893 Indianapolis' Curfew Law. Mayor Taggart announces that he will sign the cnrfew ordinance passed by the council. Under the provisions of the ordinance all children under 15 years of age, unaccompanied by parents or guardians, must be off the streets by 8 o'clock at night during the winter months and by 9 o'clock p. DQ. during tbe summer months. It Is also made the duty of tbe police department to take charge of children who are not receiving proper parental care and turn them over to the board of children's guardians. Perfnnet, The best ever brought to the city.— Grave*' book store. SWsjk*. Get s sleigh for Christmas, stock at Henry Tucker's. Full dainty basket ol tropical fruit makes a most appropriate Christmas present. L. Solimano, the old reliable dealer, is sole agent for Guenther's fine candies; also sells the choice goods rnade.'Dy Lowney, and others . Nothing can surpass his holiday display of fine Imported novelty candles, fruits, nuts and candied fruits. Drop In and look at the display, even If you do not buy. The Stoddard Case Dismissed. The case against ex-Sheriff Stoddard, of Valparaiso, for complicity in tbe death of Miss Grace Croweil, of Carroll county, has been dismissed by the Prosecutor of Porter county. He states that he has labored hard to/secure a verdict of some kind, but in two trials costing about 84,000 the jury has each time disagreed and he feels that it is useless to put further expense on the county. .Brewery Workmen's Union The following officers were elected rasfe-nlKht by the Brewery Workmen's union: -• President — Herman Meyers. Vice President— Geo- Reiser. Financial secretary— Fred Bopp. Recording secretary — Chas.Schoen- radt. Treasurer— Fred Popoyeska. ' . Sargent-at-Arms — Cbas. Shell. Defendants DfeBissed. Dewalt and the two Hatches, charged by Charles McClure, of Adams township, with the theft ol a horse, were acquitted yesterday by Justice Fender. It was found to have been only a horse trade, and the accused would not trade back- A. G. Jenklne* appeared for the defense. Attractive ui Useful Gift*, fountain pens, calling cards, card eases pocket books, box stationery, office , etc., Longwell A Cammingg. G. M. Grthmm, ol Young America, was in the city today. Fancy oranges 20c doz—McCaffrey. Guenober's candies.—Delicatessen. Turkles and chickens.—Rothermel. Mixed candies—Wright & Britton. Oranges 15c doz.,bananas lOc doz., at Foley's. The sale of excursion tickets for the holidays begins tomorrow. George Gonser and family are pre paring to remove to Indianapolis. Gum drops, stick candy, mixed candy and peoan nuta 5c Ib—Traut. Thomas Montgomery, the Sycamore street grocer, has retired from business. Those chairs which have 'been delayed are now ready for inspection at Ash & Hadley's. Silver knives, best made, spoons, forks, cups, etc,, all go, to close with the holidays—Trade Palace. James McGaughcy, tbe barber, has accepted a position at Geo. Baker's barber shop on Clcott street. Everybody buys dress goods.plaids, fancy dress goods, silks and all black goods now at bargain prices.—Trade Palace. Dressed poultry—turkeys, geese, ducks and chicks—everything Jn the poultry line, also rabbits, at Abe Stern's, Market street. Only one day left lor Christmas purchases, but plenty ol time yet it you but select from our Immense stock.—Taylor jeweler. Everybody wants Traut's $45 sewing machine. You get a chance with every ddllar purchase. Positively g^ven away Christmas eve at 9:30. Get your fancy dishes, lamps, toilet sets, 12 prices,'•*!'.90, worth $4; don't fail to go tomorrow and see them slaughtered, 2d floor.—Trade Palace. "After the Ball is Over," one of our flinnelette night shirts will add much to the comfort ol your slumber, —Dewenter, hatter and furnisher. A shipment of chairs which was delayed on the road has just arrived at Ash & Hadley's. These consist of oak and mahogany, Inlaid with pearl,, a lovely gift for Christmas. Call and see them. Tbe past two weeks and the past lew days especially have been trying; ones en the clerks In the retail stored and they have put in many extra hours. Their trials will be over In forty-eight hours and they will go to a well deserved rest. Mesningomesia Hay Loft No. 235}, ol Peru, Ind., will give a grand hay. field <Unce on 2few Year's ere, Deo. 31. Admission 50 cents An Invitation has been extended to Wea Hay Lolc No. 170J ol this city and IK>- cansport citizens generally. GEE=WHIZ! ^ That's what the man said whesu his laundry came home yellow, om. and faded. Then he toncluded to fa-y MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was returned <w white as snow and without beiaj torn in the least. Call up phoae 110 and have our wagon stop for your work. Christmas Presents SPECIAL. Satin Slippers, $1.50 to 12.40. Strap Slippers, 75c to .$1.60 Quilted Slippers, 7Sc to f 1.65.. Plain Leather Slipper?, 50c to II. Children's Leggins 75c to $1.W. Ladles' Warm Lined Show 76« to •1.60. Men's Slippers, 50c to $2. Babv Shoes, all colors 50c to Ml; Children's and Jffissee' HOUM Sltf- pers 50c to tl. WALTER MAIBEN, 412 Broadway, OPPOSITE—BE»— HITS HOLIDAY Shoes aod Slippers The handsomest, and best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown in the city. Patent Leather f Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green, red, lavender. In fact anything in nice evening slippers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing for winter. Stevenson & KlinsicL 403 Broadway. - ^ ' -*^

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