The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1962 · Page 26
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 26

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1962
Page 26
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PAGE 21 POTTSTOWN MERCURY, JANUARY IS, 1H2 11 Continually On The Phone ff “Tremendou»” STOCK BROKERAGE FIRM Is looking for «n »Irrt, mature person »« their recepì toniat- «ecratart In * I-*irl office. Prêt- lou« of fir# experience required. Minimum «ge 25 year«. Good »t«rtln<ï «»I«ry Cull Monday for on Interview, FA 3-7000 H. A, Riceke Co., Inc , Itawa, waa swaatpal with calls ti tk«ir Halp Waatal A4 that appeared In Tha Mercury tha put tat. aatf Man. Tlii big prahle» now la arranging aver II Intarviawa. Whan yea uta Mareary Want All Yaa lit Aetian. Try and Sae. Dial FA 3*3000. ; BUSINESS QUIPE lilas» HA EMPLOYMENT I Help Win led—Mal« Ü worn SALE Article« for Sale Electric Welder New At Uaed Chain Saw* JAMES BODOR. HO fl-M.Tl QUICKIES * RAI PH 8 GLASS SERVICE ROUTE WORK — full or part Reynold» A- York 8*« FA 3-117* time ficellent opportunity for WINDOW end TLATE GLASS married man to consistently Mirror* - Furniture top*. Alum earn 1125 « week plua expense CARPET ROLL ENDS: |5. net. yd •tnrm window» At aereen» repair- allowance^ Car and phone ««- v«lue« to lift, yd., other at 25% ed Windshield* and safety gl ‘ " ln*t ailed In rari lOIVf UR YOUR BREAKS) aentlal For KI 4-3137. ADMINISTRATOR appointment Come early 5 M. C Clrilian t>o«l- Week». Inr , Rt. 422, E. of Col- PITTRBUROH Oiaas-Painta-Mler tlon with National Ouard. Muat lettevllle off aeaaon aavln*» Open dally to 9. Rat, to _ _______ ____ Mui Hardware Plat« Ola*» Mirror« he Veteran with experience In I ej kc TRIC RANGE good work- W R ANTRIM Ai SON_____svipply«P«raonne] work. Typlnt |n(t orrter> good „.orage »pare W Htah At Orr*»tOWn FA 3-932C required f35WFMt. Olir MMO R*Anon»ble FA 3-8«l3. Week Davs 8-5 Rat 8-12 per yr Good aecurlty. BR 5-671« i*inflow Ai Plate Gl Mirror«. Ol APPLICATIONS being accepted Top» Rolling Ol Door* LOF for POOL MANAOER and LIFE Thermooane Ola? . Storm Ra»h GUAR DR Write O! repl»oed Ht'TT'S GLASS Mercury Boi E-28. _ SHOP Ollbertavlll« FO 7-2500 I * pOY tn' work nn f„rrn tl-iermopine mirror» »tort front Live in P^tto door» »indow-auto «la** Call PL 4-4303 AAA ATTRACTION FOR BRIDES TO-BE Brand new weddln* «own» leading manufacturer »ample* ______ retailing up to 1200 Sold from Replacement In alum storm sash p. AqT«-ojrn«> _ «2 V» ner hour W» to $99 Lateat style« aa ahown I A VERNE'S GLASS SHOP A pp I v C CONRAD SNELL In Bride» mag»7tnes and be»t Ui F Third St P^titown jnrf ^ihduntHa.1 Avenue, or «*»-shopa. All perfect towns Many FA 3 . 501 ? ^E DELIVER FA * 27 0., beautiful designer a originals » 11 " 'j of retail prlrea In Rerka Conn- HfaUm*PUimbiii,-Roofing_tt AMBITIOUS MAN A Marshall Field family-owned derful opnortunlty for Bride-to- be, LEAKS FIXED enterpriae haa opening for am New rocía or repair« Outtm bitlou» man of unquestionable i e A V1P1 T HDCQQCQ sndSnouting FA 6-272«. character. Over 25 year» College SAMrLXi UKt-OOtO ROOFING eduration preferred Accustomed Cocktail dresses holiday form- ala and party gowns. retallln» and Spouting POTTSGROVE — to earning «bove average in- O iaranteed Rwflng _N*w * Re- rnni(, Must bf rM(ty to «crept j up to 175 »old /rom 110 to 134 , pair» Asphalt shingles tin ann position by Feb 1. For Interview perfect manufrcturer »amplea •late hot roofln« an£. appointment rail 8 . W Birkel. Many beautiful one-of-a-kind AM r, nnALTON FA «-533i FA 3-5849 Thura. or Frl J«n originals by leading deslgnerr —■—— .......; 18-19 between 4 30 * 7 30. ^ ! for high «rhooi roiiece »irl«. Moving—Storage ® automobile Part« Clerk—Oen- ARLETTF/S eral knowledge auto part* Able BRIDAL HOU 8 E to coat out-repair order», aervlre phone for Info & App’t. p New rar agency Rirdaboro JUnlper 2-113« HUICK A- RAMBLER AL LANKFORD. INC. Marahall and Markley St«., Norristown. BR 9-9500 day«. A r»fP rn ro|IT nut- repair oraer* MOV! N(i — S I ORAGE biiiinp New car_ agency Prompt Plano At. Refrig Moving» Dial FA 3-2475 ___ M OV i N< « — STORAGE JAMES N. SHELLY Plano» - Refrigerator* - Hauling Dial FA 3-01R2. VICTROLA HEATER, for wood or coal. Like new. Reasonable. Call TI 5-3R57. MAN WITH CAR I Lounge Chair Sale FOR SUNDAY HOME DELIVERY Hi« and her leather-like luxury ROUTE IN POTTSTOWN. CON- $alra »t nmajlng low price Washable plen-hvde In 3 colors. — POTT 8 TOWN NEWS AOENCY JJae In TV room den o’- office M «4 8 HANOVER 8 T. boJh fhatr» at new low aell 2a - --------out price of only 124 ft« Easy OFFICE MANAOER for progrea- credit •» WAREHOUSE OUTLET Have Marital Problems Mullin stve knit, good» manufacturer Beech * Evana Sts . OPEN Detective Bureau. 515 Swede Knowledge of aystems. proceed- NIGHTS Free Parking by Ken Wevwald« n»ai MTaTI-tgHT agAL MTATI-agWT WiaL ««TATI — «AL« mat ««TATI—«ALK House» for Kale Furnished Room* House* for Rent Houses for Sale 7« 7* COMFORTABLE ROOMS— Quiet, 17ft SOUTH ST.—3 room« «nd central. Plenty of hot water—| bath, oil hot water h*at^J-car nice, warm room. FA 3-7S17. ^ __________OPEN DAILY 9 TO 8 . . . SAT. TILL 5 ____ If* PRUTZ- quiet DIGNITY- NORTH END- EAST END—Nice room for T»-i rA «urrounds this rharmln« »(one De»lrable rancher containing )l fined working person, prlvl- FURN. or unfurn bungalow, rancher located aprox. P mile* rooms and crram''- »lie bath, legea. FA 3-4«29 afwr 4 p. m newly remodeled. 4 room», tile from town. Lovely living room >utlt-ln vanity, oil 11 W. ba»e Prim« nuvnoTAntff bath, auto, oil heat, hot waterlwith fireplace, dining w>m board heat, extra sire lot rl«. t« baaeboard radiation. Large base- roomy kitchen. 3 spariou* bed- North End loration. «229 rem in Koyeiaiora. ment »hop. Overlooking beautl -1 room* and tile bath, attached STOWE WI fal 4 wrp private lake Juit 3 garage Beaiitifully landacaped Ideal for amall family. 4 room ’OTTSTOWN Ac ROYERSTORD- mllea from center of Pottatown ground» Immediate posae«»ton and bath home pin» ao’ lot ad- 18. 110 and 112 50 per week; on improved «tate road, rail FA Tip top rondltlon thruout No Joining property Eaav finanring IV lounge, kitchen privilege» :i-«4ftft on Tue«., Thur«. or Rat. re»aon»ble offer refnaed *217 available to reaponatbl« partjr. Privat« batha available FA 3-3504 ___ FURNISHED ROOM 17 PER WEEK ______Apply 3 W. 4th êt.____ FURNISHED ROOM NEXT TO BATH, PARKING. Phone FA 3-9««l. FURNISHED room Gentleman *- 7'6,7R 'vín,n'I,, only for app't. ROYERSFORD — »249 iiNFin n- 1 -nm.r « Cape Cod wl»h 5 room» and 42« WALNUT ST— hath aa\ h*,h att«rhed g»r»ge good re»i- Singl« « room and b«th home. ' rn'TT'HTnwN 1 «'«H dentitl area Convenient to Roomy, modern kltrhen tip top achool» and »hopping r25.l condition thru - out Owner wifi 1 JOE L BOWEN FA 3-4320 L,VI HKRI W1‘” rRtt)E— help finance to rellabl« party. GILBERTSVILLE Hou»e for rent Executive neighborhood Love- r2i0 - 81« Room 1y «11 brlrk r«nrher rontalnlng KENILWORTH- Phon« FOr- large living room with flr«p 1 are Cute and rory rap« rod. I formal dining room »pariou» room» «nd bath, «uto. oll he«t, Ring «tre«' only Apply 523 after 4pm TRADE UP to a better uaed car am at t ntiNnii r» w kltrhen with built-in enulpment. garage, extra large aire lot. Own- Room* (no bat^j),^iot ¡dr^ieaT "„I'"""”'* mU,t M,,< Phone MUrdork 9-9.¡83 batha. attached 2-car garage B21Y_ — _ __ ------from one of th« many bargain« At 154 Cheatnut, Spring City. 3 r239 offered dally in these columna. |_ bedrma. plua 2 on 3rd fl. Single 1 LINFIELD— Furnished Apartments ROYERSFORD Three Room a and Bath Phone FA 3-3504 Moderately priced for the «rea THIRD 8 T. — Two Unit Brick Apartment houae. ronalatlng of 4 rooma and bath each, a'i*o- brlck, reatdentlal. furn. or un-! Very clean brick half double. 5 matte heat, excellent monthly furn., oil H W. heat, atorm »a«h room» and bath, oil he«t. «torm income. Rea«on«bly priced «t acreena. off atreet parking. Avail- window« «nd «rr«en«. Only S7S00 110 .500 r2lft r2«l CHESTER CO.— , w.r'°NLY 1500 DOWN-2', «tory. « Almost new « room and bath Pot fa? rove «iisl room *nd H«th fr«me home r«ncher with attached garag«, tTANT Iv awiNrHATiT ’' Mnl.r with modern kitchen, within the ultra modern kitchen and bath. Ol AnUBX O W irer,n AII I , I^onrr CUA au 7I n«r f'hmra raelHantlal arm laea than Rooms With Board ROOM AND BOARD In a farm now Apply' on premiaea hrnne, perkiomenvlll« area. LARGE Stone Houa*. BE 4-4a53. mm Brt JU Oi.Mn ai FA A boro. FHA «pproved «t 154 7S per Choice realdentlal area, le»« than 17 Kd. At tiueen St.. fa 6-0872 m0 <204 15 mlnutM from town. S205. IT RimoALOWMCa rlAMa1er *H«r” h A 3-7870— R. H. THOMPSON—FA 3-7870 monyvlll« Road, FA «-0543. FIRST FI j OOR Furnished Apart- FIVE ROOM Houae with garage., all convenlencea Included Pets. |ft5. Call \|„lt have reference. FA 3-0817 M L 8 REALTOR and AUCTIONEER - 1257 N Chariot»« St. Helene McIntyre. FA 3-5209. Robert Power«. FA 3-7851 Dick Mariant. FA 8-2451. i.i i t »it I«. Make extra cash the modern _ uav use Mercury Want Ad» “Are you sure that realtor's Mercury Want Ad said ours- was a model home?” ment. No HO Q.99M rnuniNATtnN lum. r«om hji/i BEAUTIFUL HOME. Re»tdentl«l ml *^ section. 190 per month. Call room ino Ritrnin, tl'i! o&t.n, 6*6199 «I 2 ni 7 iffhf Vr'^MTo'"'lovely Ranch 1 bedroom» liv- 14M CHERRY LANE-Six Room« 1023 PARK DRIVE-Four Bed- 412 High St.. 1 st fir. FA 3-4830 l^VBL^nch.^^bedreoTO. | iI1(, c«pt Cod. fine neigh- room Brlrg C«pe Cod hom« In ROY BINDER AGENCY—345 High St. Real Estate and Insurance 'FIRST floor—large kitchen bed- «n "¡.nH ^hk»h''^autifiii'' iTnott* , borhood, well-iandacaped lot with good condition ! room, aun parlor, ahower. 113.50 nln. wifrh*n rahinet» full hu». aeveral large shade tree«. and «hopping i week. FA 3-2435. detachert 2 -crr «*ra*e uL *5 EAST FOURTH ST.-Seml-d«- 353 N WasHI Professional Services FOR SALE FOR SALE Articles for Sale Coal and Wood SO Furnished 1 for 2 or roundings CI om to school« «rea INGTON ST-Low apartment on farm cated W. Cherry Lane. Limerick, '£*** »£«*• „7 «f; * 3 adulta Pleasant «ur- '« mile from school. 1100 mo bsths. recreation room, auto- Rooms snd Ba h semi-det«rhed WI 8-7227. fa e-iie« A. D ANGELO A- SON 8 f Dial BR 2-8485 or BR 5-3908 ures. budget and ro«t analysis ..... . Write Wh* 0,d fashioned, get done For That PROFESSIONAL Touch nn?P*°MUnlt3r' H ER BI F’S Ca,ertnR Merrury E pd. Industrial - Privat«. Smsll - Iurte parile». FA 3-5514 matte heat. Home 1« in good eon- home dltlon. 558 MERVINE ST - Thre« Bed- MODERN COTTAOE FOR COU- «. «««««« ™ DESIRABLE BUILDINO LOTS- room Split Level. 1», baths. ADAM SIMMONS COAL YARD' Llmertrk. |«0 Almost new 4 bedroom home, 2 Price snd Jarkaon Sts Will rerreation room very deairahl« Finest Anthracit« Co«l lPpr mnnth. Phon« HY 5-8514 MECHANIC WANTED NrFn cvcRriSFi for «tarter and generator repair IxLLL/ L/\LI\V^lJLr WfricK Sts” %a»‘Mran¡Sf ír '^""nn^^thracítí'cóar ¡P»^ month: Phone HY 5-«:.14 j 'Â^ u Ï n ' p ÍL? ^ulldt »oyour.iieclfic.tioo.. All roomy hom« with lot« of eloaet washing tn 1 hr. at EAST ENT) TV. A-l rond,. 2 old train*, tri- Rahn« Hill Sanatoga FA «-294I NICE furnished apartmenta—4 or *A n'gja-, q r* a , r a ~ in 1 .......... ............ ■ - ........... -......... rVM- ROY BINDER AGENCY—FA 6-5420 Wanted to Buy II ™... . . __________ , !*,' b«".' «»enini« <-«11 wm. c.inniii«h«m. rt. J-w» 7 . LAUNDROMAT. 1493 E High St ryrle. Boy'« 24" bike. FA 3-8230 DRIVE a little, aave a lot on I W'all to Wall carpet. Wool oval EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Female 32 Write Mercury Box E-25 find tune-up work In aervlre «ta- Convert any hike Into an ’Indoor hand brnlded rug», up to 12'xl8' WANTED _Uaed WHEEL TRAC- tlon. Muat have know-how and Exerriser’ for only 11195 KEHR’S RVO SHOP, TORS anv make or condition willing to work. State previous (Owner of 584-2721 Win» rrl*e) Rte. 309, ml. 8 of Sellersvllle phone FOrest 9-1551 experience and aalary required. DiPllPr's for Ricvclrs 9 *3 thru Frl.; 9-5 Sat SMALL Furnl»hed APARTMENT Apply 529 King 8 treet GOOD HOMES—AT FAIR PRICES! HOUSEKEEPER. 55 - «0 year«, pleasant home. Write Mercury Box E-17. TWO HOURS EACH WEEK la all V, X ur—H-t«« Ct. Vk * OENERATOR. like new. gasoline WANTED TO Buy—Antique fur -1 King At W'aah ton Sts . FA «-38«l driven. 5000 watt, 110 volt, «0-1 nlture, china, glarsware, braas, living room, dining room, kltch- len dinette, full basement, oil FURNISHED Two Room “ !Sr rindltlS1? BUILDERS H O M E REDUCED' CHESTER COUNTY F.rm hou»« BACHELOR Apartment. lino fireninr» «nri eotiinment »11 L/H)k «t this new »tone ranch* and barn — house remodeied Phone FA :>-96«l. DISPATCHER Apply week la «il Apply It takea to run a shopping JONES MOTOR CO. club for a few friend» and relatives You get 125 to 175 in fine merchandise free «t the end of 10 wks. Send for Popular catalog Spring City KITCHEN set, ator, «-pc. Bedroom Bunk Bed« Call FA 8-2021. range, refrlger- cycle, reconditioned engine. Al«o copper gvma furnish!ngs -Sl 7 * Electric RANGE | _ RICHARDS — FA «-3855 Suite, Apt HO 9-6314 after « P. M. CAN’T GET THE DEAL YOU WANT on a TV Set? Don't pay 1300 or more for a set. See ; the Jones Boys snd get the deal pnri AV you want. If we can make 110 1 «nd full Information No obliga- oifADT nPlilTP POHlf tlon Mi»* Alice Williams. Popu- ôMUKl U KIJ III IV UJUR 5TH Wheel and Saddle Tanks RICHARD NESLEY GARAGE chen . nmnc einR. rn rooms, »eml-private bath, cen HO 9-6234 Need household items K- ware, trailv located FA 3-9466 Chain Saw» — Rales. "pp'Unre* -------------------------------over our factory cost we ll make Rpr>tals. Service FA 3-9678. FA «-1152, FA 3-4(23 after 6 . Unlttmished Apartment« ! L,T «AST END OULF. High At Beech WANTED—Gofxl used car. 1950- lar Club Plan, Dept. E813, Lynnbrook. N Y. MUST BE EXPERIENCED deal. Extra big discounts on cash At carrv deals Over allow- ICTTT'HF'N^ counter top«, ------•'—portable TVs. Why pay 1X1 x ^ 1 ° bullt-lns. 55 new sets In stock for Free estimates. FA 8-4548 immedlste delivery from 199 95 D At B KITCHENS Shop At w.t., only 110 down New 23"| 8 howroom, 62 N. York 8 t A Marshall Field fnmily enterprise has opening for ----- --------- —,------_ . ., bitlou» woman of unquestionable Administration Office. Senior Port,*^,e TV * from_|79 95 character. Over 25 years education preferred. Accuatom- a a m and 4 p lance for portable TV’s. Why pavi ROSEDALE DINER more’ 55 new sets In stock for¡ Pottstown in«, fireplace »nd equipment «11 stone ranen- sno o«rn - aouse remo<ieied includ-d 1115 mo FA 6-11«« er. 3 good «is* bedrooms. 3 bsths. with new kltrhen. 3 bedroom*. a n’A\nri/i a - son ’ »tone ft»epl»re in recreation 1’, o»th* dining room, fsmily TWO bedroom», llvlns; room — ' -----— room, »lldlng glss» doors to room with fireplace ho* ws*er kitchen, private bath. 2nd The cost la low—the results high patio. 2 car garage. A real buy «t'oii heat, located Ju»t off Rt. WANTED — Kitchen »et. living floor. Apply 468 Spruce 8 t when you advertise with Want 123 500 rig; tn East Coventry. Prlr« room Suite, bedroom suite, kit- ,r™wr>wv .nra ____ „ Ad» FA 3-3000, ask for claaslfled AMITY OARDENS- Sale or Rent |18 90e len cabinet sink FA 3-3504 w./i L« — ........................................ ' ........ custom-built 2-itorv Colonial. NORTH COVENTRY — 4 bed- Office and Desk Room 72 or « big Rancher. Pnc« drastic- room* 2 baih Cape Cod Big — — . ¡allv reduced side poich, carport. Onlv couple Two rooms and powder room 2nd CHESTER CO—Very attractive yesrs old Reduced to 113.500 fir nesr 100’, business section | Ranch home, high on « htll, RT r« 8 ; Jiut north of to»n. *.*0 mo FA «-0263 R W EVANS picturesque setting. ftrep!«ce. All brick c»pe cod, 10 yeers oid * and garage Owner down to but Just like new Owner going Rusincss Places—Rent 74 i15 900 South—wants sn offer Business Places-Rent ^ B£CHT£L—pA 6.4220 »'’<* ax Ambitious \X oman ___ ____ -owned Maintenance man, general cuato- XXr.To h 1 «i’p,'TrT‘rQ? PIONEER Chain Saws - Sale« or am- dial duties Apply Spring-Ford Stereo HtFl phono 119905 w.V gm, RenUl„f chMn for anv Mw lonable Administration Office. Senior ^ * ' ^ Sharpening. Repairs. Snow Plow- Sale every ] uatom- ffri S 4°p*m° ‘ W9 95 NewTVptc?ur« Meteler Tree Serv. FA 3-3415.FA 6-0350 . per inch. MUNTZ TV 52. 2 or 4-door. Write Mercury OLASGOW MANOR—big bay wln- Box E-29. stating price, etc. dowed ilv. room, fireplace. ^ . kitchen-dinette, hall-foyer, stor- LOOKING FOR — Furni ure room, zoned H. W. heat, ga- Anilquer Household Goods Call raRP $H5 - 1125. FA 3-4700 WI 8-8050, If no answer. HY 5-6180 Sell Your Surplus Gooda at FREESE AUCTION HOUSE GENERAL CLERK Apply JONES MOTOR CO. Spring City P North State St. COMPLETE Television Training NEED EXTRA MONEY? Bring Course w new 21" set to build your surplus furniture, etc , to at 1/3 orig cost. FA 3-4830 ZERN'S FARMERS' MARKET * Rte. 422, Sanatoga, FA 8-21«3 Open d«lly At Sat. ’til 8 PM. MONO SNOW THROWERS «nd Adding machines. Cash Register«! TOP ( ASH CONOO -3 room* and bath elec Mono Chain Saws. Wagner Typewriters, low aa |40. New ior household gooda. furniture, Tractors and Snow Plowa. ATIX) and Used. Terms. We buy and ex- atoves. dishes, antiques, guns rurnianea. ib n a • nn r% ......i_____ n m M itnnlimtnnp H A VTTf L10 WL’OP CD ed to earning above average Income Must be ready to accept position by Feb l. For interview appointment call 8 . W. Btckel. FA 3-5849 Thifts. or Frl.. Jan. 18. 19 between 4:30 and 7:30. WOMAN for light housework, «nd care of elderly lady, live In WI 8-4930 after 4 p. m. W’OMEN—Introduce your friends to Jewels by Marlon. Have a Marlon Ktbbe Fashion Show 140 bonua offer for January A’ February. For details call HO 9600 L ___ __ ______ WAITRESS Oeneral restaurant employment. Year ’round only,. Apply GUERNSEY COW Exton. Fa. ~ RECEPTIONIST TYPIST Part time, for Doctor'« office «hoof ‘ P«rt'time 'from'' 1:30 to TARn, -t-am hnii.r mmni.t* turned from rental, save ¿289^. Give reference* i r Fnur Hav« o;»ekiv l^AROE «team holier complete Hvirry ... Easy terms! NEW APTS. 1-Bedroom Tile Bath, Built-in Kitchen, well water. 180 per month with utllltte* Apply Lemon «nd Rice Sta , Stowe STOREROOMS 12), one for dell- r , ìt tor — ìia mioh At cateasen or luncheonette REALT 0 R -«10 H1*h ----------------Na-:!e Center Mo»er Road Lo» rental* FA 3-8500 Night Geo Rirard. RES. FA 3-277« ROBERT W. EVANS ... FA 6-0263 STOWE 4 CAR GARAGE EAST END 2>, Story dwelling WIDOWER OFFERS *"ract|ve tn good condition. 6 room» snd brick Cnpe Cod dwelling « bath, all convenience*, reaaon- room* and bath, oil H W hf , able at 110,500 nnlv «’1.700 4 ACRE TRACT, all woodland. BETWEEN Pottstown and Phoe- aoout 500 ft, road frontage nixvtlle. 2 amall stone house». 846 HIGH ST.—3rd floor, modern Factorv^Showrorm by ALUMINUM STORM WINDOWS- ^‘K/^or Rent 150 month in- HeaTed^Hea' fwborage or *er- iood elevation secluded, »bout 7 aome con vs.. live tn one. rent - --------1 DOORS Beautiful all White thru irlday 9 A- M lo 5 P' M eludes utilities heat hot water %lr(> ihop ^«duced *o 130 per miles from to»n. 12400 the other, buv bo*h M«0^ Perm-Enamel or Reg type Buy WANTED TO Buy—Antique fur- A- parking fA 6-2582. ^ -------------best for less—We make 'em. Ph i nltur«, china, glassware, brass, rFNTRAt, — 2 nd floor resr 4 GLH\Pn Ci^n/e'«-oAiTi S 11#?'«?1 vDR‘ly t0J; S 4 oV \ *uns' *tC' Rlrhard8- room apt, heat and hot water _ bedroom «ulte (dark wood). M. C. Weeks, Inc., Rt. 422 E. of FA «-3855. furn Adults FA 3-8182 7-5:30. FA 6-2558. ;Collrgevllle. ---------------------------------------------------- month. Call R. H. THOMPSON FA 3-7870 YOUNG MARRIED MAN Must be neat, pleasant and SALES. Douglassvllle. FA «-1069 'change. JACK OURSHICK 722 appliances. DANIEL FREESE SR. CENTRAL—Five rooms and bath. 2.e!T.d„r<,.E ss.'wrss 25^!! w*""" Rf,a"lg m.i."“c.‘,rix»n,,ViT «25 ¿2 w’Fourth nw. Musical Irstrumfrt, MB I FARM and GARDEN 3-« 134 between 5 and « p. m 3MALL WAREHOUSE-—«11 utili CENTRAL, professional location STOWE beauttfu! brick C«pe or good investment, brick Cod. 5 rms. snd bath, also re- dwelllng converted into 3 *pta. ment biock cottage with 3 rm*. 2 car garage and bath. 2 oar garage CHESTER CO., near town, »ingle BETWEEN Pot*»town and Boy- brick house converted into 2 ertown, substantial 1'7 »tory large apt» , oil ht, all convs dwelling. 5 room* and bath, oil only 19500 H, W. ht., large lot. r»;,oo laundry room. FA «-2299 or FA 6-2953. APT . 3rd fioor, 4 rooms and íes installed Privat« parking ROBERT W. EVANS ... 29 N. Hanover St. At driveway. FA «-3513 EAST END-First, room. JAMES E. floor Store- CHRISTMAN After 5 P. M. C«ll FA 3-589« Employment Agencies MAN TO TEACH AIRFPAmVl? BaaM 1 Uh'o»e^,eñarts F,irtory Dealer- Organ«, $495 up. , .u tr.w-. R ho8e"' pRrts Spinet Style Pianos, 1125 up LEINBACH’S 1962 VALUES! Rasketball • Baseball fundamental« in elementary ui lor all makes SaniW’ay Salrs Co. (Formerly J. L. Deegan Sr.) Pa.'s Leading Wholesaler of VACUUM CLEANERS Call FA 6-1040 THOMAS PIANO At ORGAN Route 73. 8 klppack. JU 4-4608. Farm—Dairy Products 52 apts .. Royersford. wi 8-7220 FARMERS-We Wlll Buy ISP1NET PIANO BUY ¡CLAUDE DVKRAT 2 n HO ».ss «5 Save on this brand new Bald win Acroaonlc console piano, re- W’rlte Mercury Box E-27 3 with oil burner, suitable for .... „ _ PARTY PLAN DIRECTORS - JOK UNUM1TED ^ablï^FA^Æ h°UM‘' I -P?Ä,*r Tired of collectlng 1 Show REE- 39 Hlph 8 t. FA «-1800 LINE Spring fashions Car nec- (No Obligation For Inquiry) EUGENE HAIR DRYER. 2 fcd essarv. No investment Manage- ........... 1 .,——————— Justable chairs, good condi ' " - tlon. All for $90. ment opportunity. BR 2-8578 or Ml «-3451. Situations Wanted—Female 37, BABYSITTER for 2 children, in Experienced Payroll Clerk d«- mv home 7 30 a m.-5:30p m, sires payroll At typing work at^ 3'a day* week DU 5-.tt70 aft 5:30 home Call FA 3-9313. BABY-SITTER live In or out. WILL DO BABYSITTING In while parents work Call your home during the day. AT 6-461« after « p. m Phone FA «-«136. AUTOMOBILE Title Clerk good EXP. OFFICE WORKER wants typlst, generai knowledge of auto work New car agency. AL LANKFORD. INC Marshall and Markley Sts., Norristown. BR 9-9500 daya OFFICE CLERK Oeneral office work, typing necessary pleasant working eon- tvplng and other work to do at home HO 9-6064.____________ INSTRUCTION Instruction—Local 40 Mrs Roth's Nursery School and Kindergarten, 28 8 Hanover. FA 3-4414, FA 3-5084 FA 6-6494._ BUCKET-A-DAY Oood condition. FA 6-3843 APT,-SIZE REFRIGERATOR; GIRL'S 2«" BICYCLE FA 3-3237 USED UPRIGHT FREEZER like new. Used Refrigerator 135. BUCK'S PIONEER KITCHENS AND APPLIANCES 431 High atreet FA 6-6079 close-out prices Open Mon . Wed. At Frl. till 9 ECKERT BROS.<?Uno^ Organ Co. 3030 N. 5th St .. Read'g. WA 9-3611 Next to Reading Falrgrounda FORGET THE BURLAP Just Spray WILT PRUF Instant Protection for Shrubbery Against Winter W'ind Burn. FEED WILD BIRDS bath $55 per Heat and ¿ SO n . FA 3-1.320 hot wafer Included. 8 HERWOOD —.............................. ............... _ _______ '¡mm m. ■ ‘ ¿»»a^V"if MOYER ROAD—Rrtck Rancher STOWE — Ping!* b-lck 4 bed.. c REAL ESTATE«——SALE 3 bedrooms kitchen with din- room*, modern kltrhen. dinln« 55 S_ EVANS 8 T.—Three rooms Inc area, living room with fire- room living room, den H. W and bath, all utilittea fur- Hnnar« fnr Sale 7* Place, hot water oil hea*, gaiage oil heat. 90 lot, garage, A-l ron- MU 9-5641. Houses lor ¡arre lot *22,500. dltion. *13 900 —4 room» and bath, oil COUNTRY LIVING ,WK> DOWN *M p^r month 8lx MOVE TODAY’ New Rancher- mo Near Rechtels- ^ ^CRE Farm (10 mtnutea from detached, garage, corner Pottstown» with stream snd 17500. room» and bath frame, semi- kitchen and dining area large lot living room 3 bedrooms oil HW 2nd Fl heat. $55 mo. Near Bechtels Svllle. PL 4-7472. -------------------------------------------------------J ■ _ w , ... 11 RT Sfmi.. Pottstown» with stream snd $7500. heat, car port, large lot. $15,500 112 BERKS ST., Stowe 2nd frontage on good hwv. affording floor J privacy without s-cluston. 7 UCC T 9F1 I PR reasonable. Adults. FA 3-o342 room* snd bath farm house Oil £»113 I • • • 2nd FL.—3 rooms and bath East hot water heat, barn, outbid*» New Colonial Bl-Lev«l, 4 bedrooms, living room dining room «nd ! End Adult« only $65 EPH $19 500 kitchen, finished recreailon room laundrv room »ewing room, KELLER Inc., FA 6-2920.’ ’ 5 MINUTE WALK to grocer and l’i bath. H W. oil heat, foyer entrance, porch, garage Fully dec- post office from thi» clean 6 orated $15.900 on our lot. »14 600 on your lot SAMPLE SOLD—Can «how for 1 week before occupancy. Special—Regel Flat top Guitar— J '1*]1 WrL()iNI5®w3rd .f1, ap,,.;1 3 ro«m® room and bath brick Zleglerville Trade-in $14 95. GREEN S MU- ¡5T 8 bath, all utjllties_ Available home Random floors m^ern SIC. Phone Boyertown FO 7-2725 tT* SU*anS Beila Un FA 6°-2873 kitchen.^hot water heat. 2 _car BOYERTOWN^ R^ D^SI^-Stone N 1VANS ST-Stone Split Level. KINSMAN ORGAN — take over payment*. FA 6-1838 after 6 p. m. _____ LIQUIDATION LESTER RETSY ROSS Spinet and Console Piano*. Buy now at THREE rooms ¿t bath. 3rd floor Karden. $12,900 garage. Spacious corner lot with and Brick Cape Cod. 4 room» and bath, unfinished aecond * bedrooms, l1^ baths living KEEP WATER PIPES from freezing with heat tapes ZIMMERS FEED MILL INC. Rovertown — FO 7-8311 Amltyvllle - MU 9-4601 No children or pets. Potato D M mTTQUAI 1 f,oor' 011 hea' acr* room- dining room and kitchen, ¡Market, High Ac Franklin Sts. t 1 JllrtLL H. W. oil heat, recreation room. _ Realtor. Collegeville HU 9-9303 SINGLE BRICK BUNGALOW — . c. STOWE—2nd fir , 4 rooms and six rooms snd bath H. W. oil fireplace, enclcsed patio, < orner bath, heat and hot water. Ap- ONLY 3r- DOWN. FHA mortgag- neat, 2-car garage, nice land- landscaped lot, many extras, ply 823 Monroe Ave., Stowe. . log. for Pottsgrove ^{jnor «raped lot. shade trees, on bus 135 ooo. ZENITH TV, perfect condition, will sacrifice. FA 6-0430 J. RENTZ SMALE 19 N. Hanover S(., Pottstown Farm Machinery Pennsburg Mercury Box E-23. ADULT ORGAN CLASSES: Now forming in our Music School. TRACTOR CHAINS, all sizes In Fnn montv niTir w Overcome mid-Winter fatigue by L WO«t. All^chains 30' r off list FOR MONEY DUE US. — 2 -pc. 1 tal{lnc part ,n ou_ ADULT FUN EAGLE MACHINERY CO., Uwch- sectlonal sofa, matching chair, ¿aLK^|EPsart ,n 0ur AUULI rUN land. GL 8-5326. $119; Early American sofa, foam „...Ti.. o ______ «,__._____ -* ------------ 3-pc bedroom Jr,c,lc* Session« $1 per hour ih BUYER S BONANZA of New rw™ *1 and Used Equipment, PRICED cushions, $95; dnion. Minium, «im i. ÆÂ^WTS 2 ÏÎ-CS 8 & Ä/Ä'n. 313 Hlüh. ana Hr.. FA «-571» "íl¡9 “ SS*Il?™,,,nÎSS.n —..— ■ 11 1 ..........— step end table», matching cock- Mon' Thur> & ìtali table. $7.95 each: 5-pc. kltch- . . BABYSITTER 3 to 4 p m In my home. Pruss Hill Road. RD r3. Pottstown. Call 287-7428 FINANCIAL >n set. $37; 9x12 oval rug, $29; Recond. Instrument« spot chair, $15. floor lamp, $5 50. Student Pianos $19 up $48 up q • ja "pW «itait , f iw. • jv/ui ui tiuciit ( miiuo U Business Opportunities %Z table lamps. $ 3.95 each FISH- “Home of the Hammond Organ T«ir. nvr .„.r, ER'8 FURNITURE 8 TORE. INC . CHIARELLI BROS . 4th At Penn ien».?r husluTéss Owner retlr^ Ì 8 ouderton. Open evening» until Readtna Call collect FR 5-4545 me AttracMve rentiu Ad- 9 including Saturday See *. Hear the Hammond Organ inc. Attractive rentaj j>ian. Ad _____at Zern » Otlbertsville Market line. $12.900 ROBERT R. LEIN BACH—FA 3-9420 MLS REALTOR-685 S. Hanover St. — INSURANCE MARIO P. COCCI, FA 3-8086 MARTIN RANDAZZO. FA 3-12«8 Hours —8 30 «. m. to 5:15 p. m. Mon Wed. - Frl. eve's « to 8 for ifij« HTftH ST THCH house, completely remodeled — 84« HIGH ST.—Third floor, mod- Large living room, dining room. 71 5 r,n rooms and bath; range, kitchen and bath downstair». 2 $3 refrigerator; rent $55 per month Bedrooms upstair». Venetian Includes utilities, heat, hot water, blind«, aluminum screens *nd parking. FA 3-5192 or FA 6-2582.: ,t0rm doors Can be seen by CHESTER CO.—1st fl. apt. 4 '»PP’t only on Saturday or 8 un- rooms and bath, modern kltch- day. Call FA «-2663. en. heat and water turn.. LUj CHESTER COUNTY FARM 8 m' „ir°ni town. $110. FA 6-4308 70 acr„ ............................... $38.500 or_FA 6-088«. ____27 «crea ................................................... 22 500 EAST END— Singl« 5 room« and THE PRICE IS RIGHT on this 4 TO SELL, now thru Jan. 27. ,at ,ot_3 rnom, -nd bath' 16 acres ............................... 16.000 bath home. Well scrubbed bedroom home, nicely deco- Parts Specials. Oil Filters, Bat- r.fris K. 'd gtove lncl Anniv 210 acres 57,500 Fenced-In yard. $6500 rated. 2 baths, modern kitch- terles A- Plow Shares. Also Price 509 H.*h before 6 Dm ' I REMODELED ANTIQUE3 ¡JUST REDUCED—Kulptown-3- en. hot water baseboard heat It Yourself” items. | *— ------ ‘ ’---------- Parkerford. 4 bedrms $13,250 Bedroom Hhome, on 1 ace lot. —oil fired. Call for appoint- ERB Sc HENRY INC., SMALL Apt. In S&nat^ga <no Brownack> Church ........ $14,250 Plenty of old ah&dt. 4 room ment, $14,500. Boyertown - FO 7-2169. children), rent Includes heat. Ellis Woodg $19,500 apartment over 2-car garage in S E MI - DETACHED 3 bedroom --------------------------------------------------water and electric. FA 6-4686. 1 --------- SERVICE . .. OUR KEYWORD FARM MACHINERY . ■ SLIGHTLY U 8 ED HOMES rear «11.400 | home. living room, dining enn New Holland and Minn - Moline CENTRAL—First floor, rear. l|3 bedrooms. 2 acres $15,500 LOWER POTTSGROVE-All Brick room, kitchen enclosed porch lng. Attractive rental dress Mercury Box successful |NEW 5 room Space Heater with Join 104 SEWING MACHINE OPERATORS TiiKiS!ic*t..^pl?,,rt!a.. .*■•' INOTOiiS MERCHANDISE! KELVIN ATOR REFRIGERATOR. rRAiNEEb Paid hospitalization mart . Splendid opportunity andi 5 years old. tn good condition Insurance benefits cpenlnKS for «n Antique Dealer.’Call FA 6-0266 i. * bonus 'ear R#ai]ty Shop. Drapery and Fab-!n>v,rt“ „ M T, . round steady work Apply tn r|Cg center. Gift Shop, Muffler' Bradley Garden Tractor 9mtbM\*£lo:ir v.1,1,0?, ALSO Ga8 RRnge' now operating at the DOWN -1 o-/i« 7 . Boats • Accessories 48 Sales - Service - Parts NEVIN N. MYER. Anselma. Pa TAlmadge 7-2181 or 7-7165 __ THREE-UNIT DeLaver MILKER with pmup. Call WI 8-3484. rm.. kitchen, prlv. bath, range Mod. ranch on highland Shop. Sewing Machines and Vac- roñduion ™P0TT526 ‘ *" ^ person, ^ weeF_ Devon Knittin? Mills uum Cleaners, all Home Improve- F.shbach ment«. Fresh Fish and also other wide-awake enterprising merchants Contact Mr. Sam Brown. AN9-1300 or s;op at the DOWN- SEWING OPERATORS INGTOWN MERCHANDISE MACHINE MART AND FARMERS MAR-,.., Must be experienced Modern. KET Friday from 3 P. M. to n t Complete boating outfits «« low aa $600; also fibre glass and Oliver Fox, Gehl - «ervlce «ad wood boats at winter prices part« EAGLE MACHINERY CO Evlnrude Sales At Service. A. G Uwchland. Pa Call GL 8-5326 52^? 309 Schuylklu Allis Chalmers and New Id«a Rd. WI 8-97o7. SALES - SERVICE - PARTS At refrlg. Adult«. FA 3-8196. 450 HIGH St.. rear” l«t floor. 3 rooms and bath, suttabl« for couple, $52 mo. FA 6-1262. SPRING CITY—2nd fl. 3 rooms and bath, heat and hot water, private entrance, available Feb 15. $70. WI 8-7960. Solid brick, lovely «c. Robert F. Bril lhart Route 23, Phoenlxvllle Paul N. Miller. HY 5-6043 Harold Cadmus, HO 9-6207 Howard Weyman, HO 9-6328 Ronald C. Houck. WI 8-9395 $15.900 Cape Cod. 6 rooms «nd bath, and garage. Everything In ex- 616. 250 oil fired heat, large lot. Call for cellent condition $9700. Inspection now. OLD STONE, large barn. Beau- QUEEN ST.—Brick semi-detached tlful old stone home that radt- ft.. 4 months old. wages and working conditions. P M ROBERT KNITTING MILLS 106 W. 7th Ave Trappe, or call HU 9-9111. WAITRESS MUST RE EXPERIENCED ROSEDALE DINER Pottstown EXPERIENCED Hemmers Ac Seamers for men’s T-shirts Highest pale rates excellent working conditions steadv work Psld vacations At holidays Apply in person Sircom Knitting Co. Bndg« St Spring City Pa MATURE woman, live In with young mother and care for 1 child Reference. Call 287-7048. HOUSEWIVES & CAREER GIRLS Ear., your own furniture money by running a KEPNER At ROM1CH Furniture Savings Club For full details call FA 3-2244. ask for Mr. Young. COSMETIC GIRL Capable of meeting the public and doing all around store work Attractive, oyer 21. with pleasing personality. Salary and commission. Please mail complete mum« to Mercury Bog D-42. Money to Loan L-O-A-N-S GILES FINANCE CO. FA 6-4800 365 High 2nd flooi CONSOLIDATE YOUR BILLS Need money to pay off those nagging monthly hill«? Why not let us do this by placing a second mortgage for you? CLINTON REALTY CO. Pott« FA 6-0755. with ss. sink. OE built in range »t less than cost . . to ii make room for new kitchen display. MaytaR wringer washer for bal. due Fug freezer $75. G E Dryer $45. Best prices for used elec. ranges taken In trade now— we need them badly. SANATOGA RADIO CO. ROPER 3« ' GAS RANGE. 2 years old Phone GL 8-5274. in excellent condition. Close to «tes with cheerfulness Ar charm, bu« service «nd school«. $8990 Completely remodeled 7 rooms. . . bath, fireplace, enclosed *un- MODERN SPLIT LEVEL. 5 mln- porch, approx. 1 acre Real fine utes from town, recreation ^arn, 10 minutes from Potts- a , ri room' garage, ceramic bath, pow- town HOUSES £ OR SALE d«r room. Plenty of shrubbery stone RANCHER — Owner ha« np PVWT T HP A TIT 1 1 S wooded picnic «rea in rear. been transferred and want« to VJtv IVEiiN i . . 1 C.1 1 Owner transferred. Priced to mnv« him famitv nuiekiv T»ke Pottatown, Boyertown and sell. $20.800. THREE Rooms and Bath with re- ____ _____________ ' ............................... ’ * ,mov« hi« family quickly. Take KENMORE Auto. Washer with CLEARANCE PRICES on new «nd FRANCIS Farm Supply HY 5-6590 plenty of heat, very pleasant. 412 Pottstown. Boyertown and sell. $20.800. time to look Into this 3 bed- Suds Saver, will sacrifice Call! used boat« motors, outfits and - High 8 t.. FA 3-4830. Stowe. Sale, rent or rent with SPLIT LEVEL. 3 bedroom, large room stone and brick home with after 5 pm TI 5-9347. equipment WM K GRUBB, Pets—All Kinds 54 THREE rooms & shower, gas optl.?n b,i?. iWJ35' kitchen, garage Spacious lot. full sir* dining room, ceramic v,r,r^r- o , , . . „ Walnut & Cedar Sta Spring City 1 rew—Aii ivtnos a* iiuum. room« & »uowrr, ,t No obligation. ALSO- Nice condition, owner transfer-:bath, man/ extras included. It s NOWJE Refrigerator, plnlt. 11 cu. vv, 8.R835 _________GERMAN SHEPHERD. AKC reg- front. Apply barber shop. 374 m'o?fT«-M22 red Low down payment. fl3L900^worth seeing- $21.000 62 Starcraft it Kellercraft boats, lstered, 2 months old. Call High street.___ _ _ a D ANGELO At SON Inc sir conditioned plant, good P. M or Saturday. Noon to lliFLOOR SAMPLE display kitchen no?^ ^2 W°Voth°S?rSFA 3^3733* "1 ' ' ----------------' NIf.E. newiv W ^00 13 ALL y °11 for this 6 I ...K .. ..-U w.,„. i_ hoitzer. 2 w. totn at., fa Livestock » P 11 room and bath brick home WVCSIUCK decorated Call FA 3-848,. , decorated and winterized Fuel Oil 49A JERSEY FAMILY COW. fre«h ROYERSFORD—New 3 rooms & with combination storm windows J. GARRET i PRUTZMAN — FA 3-8265 REALTOR-24 N Hanover 8 reet - - . AUCTIONEER Harvey FA J-5990 — Slonaker. FA 6-6868 — Betty Lessig, FA 3-4233 OPEN MON. THRU FRI. 9-9 : Sat. 9 3 WHITE HEAT FUEL 1 4 » OIL 1 n For 150 Gal. Earl P. Dotterer FA 6-0258 wlthjrd ^cal^f. TB tested and j bath ^ built-in breakfas^ nook. ; FIVE BE^ROOM^lngte brick ^with QLD STO ne — 3 Bedrooms, new ¡SMALL COTTAGE — 1-Bedroom. vac. FA 6-4284 range & refrlg. FA 3-3504 FINE. bath, oil heat, small barn,| bath, oil heat, garage, 1 Acre. young. ~ iffc Lambs. Suffolk, 120 a head. Breakshire Farm, HY’ 5-6629. __ 1 PALOMINO Gelding, 5 years old, i registered, rides and drives. • Also ROAN Gelding, 8 years old. breeding, *w« 1300 HIGH ST*- 3rd «Ume a wmm I jgg^jg. stream’, T, acre*,’low down pay- $7900 >1711. MAKE OFFER—On thi* modern i COAL SPACE HEATER, good condition. Call JU 2-5376 from 4 to 5 P. M. REPLACINO SOON—150 H P. : Sutton Hl-Pres Steam Pack- 'age Boiler Unit with 500 H P. 'Top shape, guaranteed Sacrifice. FA 3-4700— SCHWAB OILS FIND SOMETHING'’ Turn to the 1. I* loyal, Induttrious, e«ger "Lost” ads in The Mercury and imifinnihi Classified Section Chances are ann im.i|in«u\e. th# 0W||#r w try|ng to re,rn you >. Wants to learn fait, earn _____ ____ Newly Renovated PTTl P 'em AD ucat chestnut stxid. vary gentle, par- LIVING ROOM, DINING ROOM, STOWE-SINGLE BRICK HOME UULr >ULAK HhAJ tially broke FO 7-0364 BEDROOM. KITCHEN AND 4.1000 DOWN Fuel Oil - It 2 and US ......................... — HATH. 8 ECOND FLOOR. Lyw w i-« \pply WILLIAM BOLTOf 334 CHESTNUT STREET This la the Salesman We Want! Gulf Distributor FA 6-5331 Coal and Wood SO CUSTOM feed grinding At mixing Molasses supplied. EARL F NORTON. Sanatoga. FA 6-0156 and bath, JAMES B CHRIST | ARGIIF’, TF MAN & SON FA 3-3820 UANILL L. J\1 AKyUh l 11, CEiJARVILLE—2 year old brick 3-bedroom home on 31* acre*. ---------------------------------------------------- Il82 n. Charlotte St. — FA 3-0397 Rancher, garage, nice country12T1658 setting. 1 Acre. «1710. LOOKING FOR CHARM with a SPECULATORS—80 acre farm ini view and trees—then we have Chester County. Ideal for de- It In this 2 yr. old split level, velopment. 1 mile road frontage Custom built, exclusive restricted 21608. area. «1472. FAOLEYSVILLE — 2 bedroom BRICK CAPE COD—4 bedrooms. rancher, excellent cond. For modern thruout, 5 year« old. small family. rl714. bus to «11 schools past door. Only '*> mils« out rr 1791 Fuel Oil - Jf2 and #5 ........-...................—.................... BATH. 8 ECOND FLOOR. , 100 to i .000.000 gallon« Farm Services Offered 17 Apply WILLIAM BOLTON I Four bedrooms, living room, din Wm. E. Boalton lng room, den. Large modern _________________________________Garage 1 ^e^ftshadedR90'*lot h*m- 3 UNIT FURNISHED Apartment 2 miles out. rl721 HANOVER HEIGHTS—l«t floor, medlati pMsessimi House- Centrally located. 3 car RUPERT SCHOOL AREA-4 bed o\er $700 a month. 3. 1« »mart enough to know that to do this he has to work . , . and work hard. 4. Knows absolutely nothing about selling automobile«, but will work as instructed. 5. Takes pride in working for « dealership which LEADS THE FIELD tn rar «ale«. S. Enjoyi working where he knows his future is aisuretf. IF YOU Rr THIS MAN *»»W la • ntm, t, HORNING CHIV«0LIT, «»ym'or« P, tr Mil WI I-M4« »„»iRtm.Bt A COMPLETE G.E. HEATING SYSTEM 100,000 BT.U with air rondl- WINTER COAI 8 UPPLY Buy now 1 Compare quality price* «nd weight. Then c«Jl MACK S COAL YARD King At Rtce St* FA 3-2831 Call today — FA 3-9420 Robert R. Leinbach 3 room* and bath. PORTABLE Hammermtll and feed EAST END-Third floor, 3 room* mixing service. Molasses «up -1 and b«th. $60 month, plied. Prompt «ervlce ¡LIMERICK, 2nd fir., 3 rm. At bath REALTOR — 685 S. Hanover St PARKE N. MYER JAMES E. CHRISTMAN At SON TAlmadge 7-7218. I Dial FA 3-3820 i garage. $306 monthly Excellent condition. «1716. income .1 room family home, all moderu conveniences, garage. «1652. N. DOUGLAS OTl lNGER FA 3-6100 REALTOR. 232 King John Kullshoff, FA 3-4248; Joe Blshopu or Irene Bishop. FA 3-4597; Rupert Miller, FA 6-1389 FIREWOOD All *l 7 .es. Cheap FA 6-2110 JOSEPH MACK ss'irtfsau.'sr.ia i'^N A.O. Smith thermogla&s hot Nut As 8 tove - $16. FA 6-6330 water heater. Both brand OUR BUSINESS 1« to keep you new, ready for Installation. warm—Nut At Stove $18.95, Pea Will take rare of your home $16.95. For good clean coal, eall for he«t, air conditioning «nd FA 3-5896 all the clean hot water you need, ('all now , . . only a few left at this low's low price. Both for only $125 (5% discount for .i»h). Also 4?” stainless steel Hood, complete, only $**0 Also a stainless steel counter-top Range with 4 electric burners. brand new, only $85. Call now, first come, first ■erred. Will deliver fre«. FA 6 I1M PL0TTS BROS. Royersford William« 1-722« SI-HOUR SKRVIOK BRINGING UP FATHER

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