The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1932
Page 3
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Some of the Reasons Chicago is Broke Tin Pails at $100 a Dozen j Ivpical of Big Town's Orgy 01 Graft. By .VIM Service CHICAGO.—There may he small solaci: in the fact now. hut taxpayers of bankrupt Cl-k-ags ai'3 al last learning when L-ome of '.heir millions vrm. S'.tp by step, a sorry story of ho'.v they were mulcted by p.idcU-d payrolls, J.-wcIry store pric?s for hardware slorr mcrchittid!-e mirt a wild orfy o! s|XT.;ling Is being unfcMr,! at the grutl conspiracy trial of official* o! Ihc Chicago Sanitary District. The c'efeni!nms ar? Pii>:-I1c:it Timothy J. Crow? nnri sr/eti jt.:;r present or former members of '.he board. The evidence iircd'.iced by John E Nosthup. veteran prosecutor and flr.'t nuistant state's fitisriiry, has uctl to show a period of j;rafl i corruption during i92T and i that seems to dwarf ail ot!'.2v such revelations in American history. The board members had to play with a budget which ran iis high as 564.000.0CO in 1930. CKjr raid for "Whoopee" There has been much evidence of money spent tor ''whoopfo"— women were hired lo act as "hostesses," bootleggers nnd known gangsters were on the payrolls; even men were hired with the city's money lo play on baseball teams and bowling teams. Among those on the payroll was "Diamond Li!"—so called because of her diamond studded teetli—who v, as notorious as a keeper of a Iw.ise of. ill-repute and who is now serving a, penitentiary t?rm for innr- dw. Claim Millions Wasted The outcome of the '.rial will depend principally upo;i whether tiie court decides chat the defendants were directly responsible for padding of a payroll v.-hich contain?:! 4100 names and for the vnstc of a huge part, of the millions they w;rs responsible tor .spending. "\Vhil2 the stntc rto?a not contend this Ls all, it is undertaking to prove -only Sl.OCO.OCO In the conspiracy. "But," says Prosecutor Northup.. referring to the eventful ypars of 19S7-28, "on? dollar was v.-asind for every dollar expended." The'sanitary district includes the ci,'.y of Chicago and surroun-ins and communities, having a population of mere than 4.- rtfiOOO. Its purpose Is to provide drainage facilities lor Chic!>.«o. Us budget grew from $42,000,000 in 1926 to 854,000.000 in 1930. The state contends that, duvin? the heyday of graft, many dummy companies were set up to sell articles to the board at exorbitant prices and cites tiie followine as ex- tmpiesr Look at These Trices! S100 a dop.en for tin palls; snO a dozen for rakes, worth S12 a dozen: 150 cardboard fiieiiolders for S225, whin the r.ctnal retail pries wa; 83.25; a {27 cement cart for S368: dollar hammers, at SB.23 each: S3 Trenches at S9.40 each; two dozer, brushes, worth S24, for S25B. Thess were typical. The state proved some hundreds of men and women were on trie payrolls for varying periods without doing any real work of any kind. In the busy political seasons, b'j- fore elections, ilis number of em- ployes would mount sharply, increasing from 1600 in 1926 to 4705 in 1928. I. B. Joffce told of havin ? bs?n j paid $2200 as a messenger by the sanitary board. He delivered on.? message, to a janitor, during the time he wr.s on the payroll, he testified. Got Jobs Through Politics Tlis story was typical. Many ;?;. y:vi-d that jobs had been o(i;,i!n?d ,jp- them by political influence, and ' Ihey had never done any B.ircfer work than sign the pay- rojl. Sums paid thess "employes" ranged from a fev: hundred :lol!.irs each to S7000 and higher. They v-etf supposed to investigate damage claims. The legal department of the sanitary dfcrict. had at one l'.y.i more lawyers on Its payroll thsn the United States Department cf .Justice. This department a:o:i? sp?.il S2.C78.339 of taxpayers' mca?y in • 1928. as compared with $335 729 it spent in 1926. Approximately S2GO.OOO w>« rs- tracled from the treasury js the sanitary district for expense accounts. Many utckly cspjuse bills ranged from $100 to $200 for trips to towns not more than 100 mt.'cs from Chicago. Meals per day were often entered al S8 or $850. with 450 and $60 items for auto hire not uncommon. One stalwart charged up S16DO to meals in 10 months spent on a •••v<-r coathoit?c. Another item attacked by the prosecution was the spending r,'. an amount estimated at SIM 000 lor 'he printing cf an plabcraie brochure. It was the "Annual Sfosase °t T. j. crowe." and. according to rw''" e II;lBe ' il told "What We Are "° m *-" H was mallei out just P«or to the nrimariss of 1928. .Mississippi iivcr lins ovcrllomvl Its I banks an (In- Arkansas sldp and In- j land on (lip fit. minds river b.ivlii n.., n.,,^.. ..,.,, S |,|. t ,| U n nfi 01 . C| , l]ln wciiknu'd by c:m 100 men uvo rci'iifurc- Inn (he ,'fvti'. Haln \vns (Mlw In nit district today. ^j^^^i^^^^ Assistant State's Attorney Novth- np, right, and clerks arc shewn above sorting out. checks for $22.000.000, evidence in r:-e trial. In the circle is T. J. Crowe, president o( the sanHnry district, and chief defendant. The famous "Million Dollar Bridle Path" thai is now crumbling away Ls also shown. Chinese Sunday Held In Clll; IEKBFMLIK Conliimec! Rains Intensify Situation i n Arkansas tnul Mississippi. lly I'lillrt I'ri'Ss Residcsii!, 01 the Mlssissl|jpt valh'y . idm louuht Viillnnlly ORalnM levee brenk.- in u hull down places. Tile Ilcul waiers ill uurlln' Ar- kaiis.n \iliiTo two men me thonxni (0 hine duiwiKd wiw eii|;ultlnn ui-w errlioiy. Hams lormed n new mcn- ce ami ii«'is in nil M-ctluns Isinc. '•IK M'urknien soudlit lo eurb lie tiiliis Va«iu river in .\!l.s>l^- Ippi. Tin- niniii levee Is tliri':iu-:i- !,!.!' •--;- r an to uui at any inoini-ni. and w)l1 "" o™')'l)«iys ivifh. r»/.oo Clly, wilh n populntlm o! ' 1 ' 1 "' vlillilvcii's kiilckiinck which ,200, is thri-atcnetl. .wns chewing |;ii)n when WrlBlcy br- .—~ !B"» Us mannfoctui'c svns nwdi- ni YA'/.oo CITY, Miss., Jim. all. i*! 1111 "' <>' pniuliln nnd put up In Irani, ronlrollcil by Clnrliinnl! In. ' JMI Ihv : \\ninp ] Sttiircli for two iiien who Miulwl | In .11 molor launch to rescue p?r- suns iii.iroowd ui'ar ],:il«' C:tJ' Una hren (ibiinitoiH'd. 'Hie nii-ii, John Hill, 31, mill Ar- llnii 1 Maddos, 50, urc llioni'lit to have drowned ' ,,„. .,"." '.;,'', '",'. ',"',':""""»« i The !,„, lc v, L .. w ( ,t o, ,«,-. I ea, 't^e " ''"' "' "" ^" Ms \ Iwll wn» WiluH'y's liolAy fthlni born ilion was urn ly-flvc years )ti(<<r whvn ,...„,., mid fcviml nwwlato.t ac<|iili?ti Iho ciiib from the Cincinnati men who Mill ownnl It. A lew yeais later h; i Uilulmxl snlc control ol nv club t i.iul addi-il tn -his l).i.wtal| )ioidiii«' j home, fo r b,isi> School Is, Churchi^ Old Stone Church at Cltvelanil .... helped in the Civil War. for the murder ot two white trap- By XEA Service When America was al war with England In 1812. an Indian known as O'Alic was executed on a gibbet set up a fc-.v feet from the present lite :f Ine Old Ston; Church in Cleveland, O. The fntiian had been condsmnei! tary district had purchased its own cinders for this path at prices from 75 cents to $1 per cubic yard higher than prevailing levels. Bcu;hl Own Cinders The cinders were shipped from its ;»•!! pjiinping plants at its expense to the vicinity of the bridle and then sold to the district by certain contractors who had nothing more to do than haul them ! n trucks from th? railroad cars to' the bridle paih. (he state claims. i In addition, it is charged that' many thousands of dollars worth of ] cinders so bought were never de-j livercd. • | The names of 31 state representa- ;>•?$ aiKl nine state senators were found on the district's payrolls. One state representative, R j Branson of Centralia, testified rim he believed a majority of the state's rolls, either in their own^iamei i or through persons whom they sponsored. ; erected. It wns dedicated tn. 1834. The second church was dedicated in 1855 and wns destroyed by fire 18S7. ?.eal of the parishoncrs Is seen in the fact (hat the nexl'ycar, r 1U53, a new church was dedlcalsd, but this one was destroyed by fire in 1884. Before Ihe end of that yenr Ihe church had been restored and :eMillt. Since that time a clmpel has been erected and u parish house acquired. The Old Stone church lias always been dote to the life of the community. During the Civil Wnr the Lakeside hospital was organized In the parlor.; of the church. It was designed especially for the care of southern refugees. In 1865 the church's bell was cast. The inscription on II reads, "Cast Jor the First Prcsbyrerian church, Cleveland, O., In the Year ot 1'cnc" 1865." • • * The visitation of Elizabeth tc Mary is the subject of one o( the memorial windows. Another is "The Recording Angel," nnd another ts "Christ Blessing Llulc Children." S:il! another is "Beside Uis Still I WBICT.S." I Within a few blocks of the Old ' Stone church there was. for matij | years, a Chinese colony. Oliincs 1 ; were welcomed into the cr.uroii (They sent their children. Now the colony has given way to public .buildings, but the Chinese, who now , live in another part of the city, still attend the church and Sundav , school. | Special classes for Chinese chil flrcn— conducted in English—are | held each Sunday afternoon, am i the Chinese adults attend Ihe rcgu- jlar church, services. | FREDOJfIA, N. Y. (UP)-Hurit. | cvs reported two groundhogs, o: "woodchucks," as thc-y are known hereabouts, grazing in a gully :i liere. B01/T & NUT ™n«ng"or b ih^"" faiv ' P ^° **"'"* I SI'ECUI, This Month Eight years after this eruesomc (hanging, the Old Stone Church was I [organized. Now. 112 years later, It •;s!ill has an impressive influence in j Cleveland. Twice destroyed by fire, the old ] folds/ •r.mrslUjnioracold, taktM~ j church still stands overloo'klns the j 5ia'°iirt l "fM ro if Mtatr*^ i * * ' I «•'?«' Four Jif.lih. . JliW, /I In June, 1819, ! was started by a Sunday school small group of J men ami women. The First Pres- jbyterian Church ' "' ' ' ! I born out of this i Although this |porat«i in 1827, |1832 that the first building Dr.PaulF. McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 (Conlinnet! from psjo on?) ,..,, . . • ' Cl '° olui "" rt2 '» Pny Us J'rolxhl. ;•"«! Mill w.ild be retailed at n price ililvd i _ *'.•-•. Hi.- iiuivhn'st In Idlo'c/'ciVln- i hn.i oir Ilia C.illfornl.i cu.iit ' whlrh hn trunvtrte;! no', only Into' f popular uiiimior rrsovl, bill Into tllvcr. Iviul uir.l vine iiilnlni; proii- liyrnmLU';! lil.v tottnn?. •rly-lo-rlclits rh;i|j- • jli'r In the life ol U'riij'.ry was lu- Isrrltil by himvi'lf. f:;r"|iis parent • iMinfnrtubly nvalthy. Tin. bjy mviiy (rom iionr ut ii nn:l Mid . .'ts 111 N;-w York [or a Miinnri- «*lni; the uns:il,l pottinn nlijliily us " pillow lor his bud oil |)IL. ) r , m Krnliniis in front ol tlir New Yo"!< Tilbiinc biilldliiR. .'.liver. Ivad nii:l jy rilfiM whk'h pyni .Ifj 'I'-v "illy |»vi>i UlliiU'r In the life o THE BOGEY J LL GET YOU! %^/E don't believe in scafin' fol;:s. B'.H yr.n know that if you were bay- TT Ins a used car and there were two cars lo choose from—one loose and fun of sways and the other tight ar.d soiid—you'd willingly pay more foi Ihe latter. Now, somebody stood fcr the loss In the other car and most likely it was Ihe original owner. Avoid excess depreciation on your car Uy this special body tune-up. We'll tighten all boHi and nuts, Including spring bolts and removing doer rattles. path, now Th. stale .h PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Super Ford Service Phones Slfl-811-777 Specialized Chassis Lubrication 75c UP)-The dty was threntt'iicd la- lay by Hood walcrs whicii have spi'Mil us,'r noi-th MKsIsdppi as he main ICVPC of the Yii'/oo rlv?r vcnkcntd. The rim- (ms been rising slowly ind a brenk 12 miles .south of Telui- «, it r.cigliborlne village, Ls [ore- OniiKs of men worked franllcally o redilorcc Ihe levee. Three bv;e brooks ut Honey Is- nnd occui-ivd last nlglit. (ho Itoocl waters spreading over 20.000 acres, Hcslrtonis lied before the break, n mnjarily coming here. Some have ;one to Tdmla. where (i concen- Irailon camp hns been eslaWUlied, llfliorls lo levee engineers said Itlle Hater had drained off Oreen- wooil bill II was beilcvcit the lloo:l danger imd passed that city nnd Dclv.oni. Hed Cross officials wild they were ll'Iiii; fur 3.000 refiiKei'.s In the ure.i north ol Orc-cnwood: Hnal crews are eWnir (ram toiui to town currying supplies, medicine, and blankets. ">'>(( i l>acl<n:;«.«. ruiUiiliiiny pi tos. ''' '"•'•'— rfi,."ui !!„".' -—•:•••• — •» '••••••,-• •"•- ; r.sso on ie Un dci \\Miiloys lemlmlilp clilil; wi,s ! Xndnnd run are MEMPHIS, J;ui, 'Jli. (UP)-The English Ships Dodge Panama Canal Tolls! WASHINGTON. (UP) - Kntjllsh i-. vr.ssok on Ihe Unite:! Klncil'jm-N'"w ;,'„ , , i "fi'iiiud Ciotlli'b, Wcllinuion New Uithln ten v mn oiler Wrtgtey ' Kcatniul, to the Coniincrco D'TQrt- began Hie tnnniifncUnc and iiioino- [ nii'iil, ' ttonof chcwlnc mini, wlintwl licsn ] Most (••niiuii vm< n ic n ,< . a ta,, „,„«. had h,co,,,e „ ««„, no«°t ^t^,^^ ' I coal nnd oil m i} n x t . r , W csi A[i] (1 years after lie htid i Others nrci noli.R vln the CMn- of rinbnrkcd in the business, the public Ocod lloiw, i-fliielliii! nt r>i^,. svns paying $30,000,000 a year for his I Town. ^ '"'"' « ««,,,, $70,000.000. I'^clorlcs in York. Berlin, Lonion. Toroii-' | to and Sydney, Ausliiilla, were man- i. ufaclurlng the four brands \ipan! which he had slaked hit bmlucssi success. . . j Selling his chewing Bum on the ! ' iulft "« 1 nrud „,„ mJun , |s(s JA: " 1 '-'S P 1 1 OW.\, New York. (UP) Included In n panel drawn uliuimm a man load diirliiK his enrly Chicago ca- for Jury work In i-nii rcer, Wrlgley was ulticd abuut lus cciinly vu-rc the names or n man city of Chicago by a rival sabj-'di-ad 11 yours, iinoiher dwul nine man who remarked tlinl the town i years. ' did not even own its own ball club nwny n Ihlrd \vlio moved this ncrtlon 'J-l yenin Company Fighting Claim on Grounds Physical Condition Was Concealed Cloiinx nrjiiun:i)i.'> In Hie eas» or Pinkie Khtiunk iisnlnst the Na- (,lfe unit Accident Insurance company boijun at 3:1S o'clock this tifternocn. Tilnl o! tin: sull lm:l oirnpicd " Ihc mornhit serslon ot court nnd rcmliiinrMl well Into tlio nflernoon f.r«flon. 'f.:e fare was originally tried In common pleas c;mt where Plnkl; Slsiiiink, widow of Will Slstrnnk," nepro, received a verdict lur S'SJU fioin llu liifnrnncc compnuy. Ap- p.M) from (In ilr:l;!on u'.is tnken' by the hhuvance company. , llplland nnd IlArhinn represent Hie pliilmllV, and Cecil Bhanu Is counsel for Hie life Insur.incj vom- |i:iny which (>rnleits payment, of n iwllcy of Will Slitrmik on tlw l.'ioiiiuls- Hint cs cniu-rnled his phy- ' slcai cnndllion ut thu time his pull- oy was issued. ... A verdict In favor of the Mer- " chants Oroccry company, defend- uni In nil actlnn liiought by llio Mldliind I'lcur Mllliuu company, I'.its ivluritis'l by u jury late yester- dr,y alter inncllcally Iho entire' day had been coiiHiunc;! In trial of tlio case. Approximately $100 wns liwolvctl in Ilii> ImMiilt gi'oivlii; out of a deal for a r.onsld;ruble imamlty of flour" cntcreci Inlo by (I;--parties. ': P. 0. Douglas represented -tiic plnlnllfT mllllns eomixmy, nnU Reid. Evrard unit Henderson appeared for' tliu local wholc^alo canipnny. 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