The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1932
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVIII—NO. 2G7 BLYTTffiHLLE COURIER NEWS Blythevllte Dally" News, Ulythevlllc Her aid Valley Lender, myihcvllle Courier. PARNELL MAY SINGW5 COPIES FIVE CENTS FIGHT TO HO I SELECT Waniwl.-Deacl or AIiv«! Rise Is Slight bul Threat of More Water Holds Serious Menace. rnlcrmlttsiil rains today following a slow but steady !a=i night soaked nig Lake levc-3j v.-htk' Uic menace of storm clouds !iov«r;d over Missouri lowlands "draining in- 10 the lake. A rise of about one Inch was recorded at Drainage District 17's boathouse at Highway 13 bridge oyernlifht. Reports from Horusrs- ville, Mo., at the head cf the las. 1 were that a slow but steady T'K was noticeable there. Stage About 248 The stage at Big Lake today «-a5 just short of 248. Yesterday the Courier \ea-s erroneously slated that this is not within four leet of the level uat has been recorded as the danger point in former years. As a matter of fact the breaking l>oiin in 1530 was Just slightly over 250 feet, and it is doubtful !f th- levee would stand that much water this year. The stages refer lo tile height-o. r .ue lake surface above s;a level. Lsvec crews continued to sand bag weak points in Ihe trouble zone at ths lake, exteniing from Highway 18 bridge, to about fife milss north tcday. The sofi, slippery embankments made difficult the labors of levee crews and convicts. Despite the soaking effect if la;t night's rnin no serious slides were reported this morning. The levee ot the lower [locdvriy. from Hlghn-av 18 bridge to Riverdale, was inspected yesterday and found in goad condition, it was jstatsa. Siiuaticn at Kenned Belter T;II* St. Francis river at Kennett. Ma., ."today was a foot" below the _ . mark of Saturday and prospects of holding the river In bounds wore considered good though a two to a two and half foot rise is expected by the end of the mw.h or the first of February. T.-iis estimate of the rise was based on reports received by government officials of rainfall in" the headwaters of the St. Francis in St. Francis county, Mo. By the time ihe ris? r.-aches the tnxible area near Kcnnett a still further drop of six inches or more wiii aid the levee fijht. it is believed. ;- ' "If reporls cf the rise arc' true' t"R St. Francis gauge here will show 2-1 f??t." Irl Jones. Kennett banker, trld ihe courier JIcws, but added'. "We havs r.e'.d that much water tofore ani believe we again." can do It Whero Japaii(\w Guns 1'Yown Organizing or , c of l!le gn , atcst manhiinLs in the state's Ir.sio'/ Aciing Govsrnor Robert Burns 31 Oklahoma has off^-etl a reward oi S10CO for ihe- capture of Charles •Pfoity Boy" Floyd, shown abov= or ailve." Floyd is ,...„.-. i leading a gang blamed fur 10 --.. -• a —"ft uiuui^^j ui iu Oklahoma uanl: rabbi-rles. In which six persons wore killed. Dean of American Aviv tors Meets Death in First Se-j nous Accident. ! C11ICAOO, Jan. W. (UP)—EJ- '.vavd A. "K'.W!e" SIIn«™, rsan of Ain:>r!ca's aviators, died today of injuries sulfercd in a crasri i h n I brought to an end his uiuquoln) record of nearly Iwo years actual flying time In ihe air. The pioneer flyer and airplane designer died at 1 a.m. after hu had cracked up his plane in a forced landing at Jackson pjrk List nighi. Hit File Pole A high steel flagpole which Stln- scn failed ts s?e In t/.e dusk ripped a wing on the plane and caused it to plunge to earth Just as thj 38- ycar-o!d aviator was about to land j on a golf course. Others hurt were Clark FieMs. 30 Kalamazoo, Mich., chief s<ib-=ma;! of Ihe Stlnsoji Aircraft co.-poralbn plllle.5, 30, Chicago, antl John 30, Chicago, a mechanic:. Ne Equipment Ordered for Federal Compress and Warehouse Plant Here. High density compression will be Stinson. ivho was officially credit-' ' with 16,000. flying hours, mor; ii any other human, had never ered a serious plane accident since he entered aviation as a 17- _ a new Stinson Junior tie luxe plane of his own design. Taught War Flyers A native of Alabama, Slin??n tad . --..... TO . ucel > [ri aviation since hojvooi H" available at th? local plant of the: virluall >' was instructor of the *""'""" "' and Warehouse ! American air corps during the world the .next two[' r ' v "'- No American pilot was allowed to (to - QV er without, stlnson'" additional equip-! rcc ™imcndation. Federal Compress company \vic:iin nonths. 1'he necessary nt,, involving a .new .Investment or approximately $30,000, has been Hall, local manager. , instniltd in to C - «• lion. was always a avin- ln his early' days he gained a world's endurance UttleGirl Falls From automobile >'••'•'•:•' i a,i Itvrri-, illjlH.-r of A(i; ,, I L K«'CO, «a> In ;m l.urimsclmis cc'ii- l IU (in- lllyllii'Vllli. llOTillul J.U, fBliliv; hu: |ii«il1nj nutn- .k' m !!i|<il' IK n,. ul uly. i- Ihin njiriiiuim. dill I \.iis i.i? Hi-.' bji'i; '.eu cf Ilii: uir nJiirJi j,i'r rntiifr, lt.r:il 11. D-iiClv sli-lvci. mis ijrivliy u i.n|; t ,. Uiinulk'til by ollii'r uc- Hi UlC 0,!|.|IP,| l|,,, ,l(. ( , r , ml | l: till; CUV WHS K|i:i'th!lg -V) mill's PIT liuiir lopplijd out on the ..;iUiii;iu mi her houl. Sin; was rusliiM to tin) lociil lu-si:li:i| wheiv phjalclmi;; suiil I.IM M:l!:ri'il u t'oiiciiwlon. Vr.*, r.ctcc, hrr slslfr Mrs J H Here is Shanghai—"(lie New York. City of Chlna".,iiow under the of Japanese warahlps in a siiiuitinn v.l'.idi has become u vcrll.ibli.- pcwdrr keg. tlire.ituiilng i;cace in Ihe Far KaM. Japan wnrnccl it wciiW occupy (he city unless Chinese Imlled '.hci,- anll-Japuiu-sc boycollf. Shanshoi has n population ot nearly :i.l-OO.OCO, Is China's most Im- |:orlant outlet lo the Pncllic tram Ihe vn-.t hintfilaiid ciintnrd by :,uv- Lral big rivers, is u areal manufiirtiii-iivi tenter and also Has :in ]n- s-cllleinciiL where the Umii-d Mlaics and .'.cvcrel other l«rt« untie.-.; arc represented. Occuimlipii by the Japanese would economically paralyze a large section of CJilna. The map shows the clly and vicinity. -. _, - — .-— «,**.} CIIUUL ! night record at Mineoln, L. T. The compress 'company, a 'ccord-! ma.ninV^oll M h^' At VtlSS ng o Mr. Hall, estimates that the | lie held the world', altitude making available here of high den- ' ulue stty compression will result in e.1 substantial increase in the use' made of the local compress by col- j ton growers and shippers of this' section. It is Mr. Hall's belief that the ligh density press will attract to Blythevilie an additional volume of couon equal to about one-third of the volume the local press has received with cnly standard density equipment: Up to date this year the compress here lias received slightly over 100,000 bales. The importance of a high density press, from the standpoint of local producers and shippers, Is that cot- T,I D i „ , ton for e "P°rt must receive high I*!egrO rreachers Help Density Compression bjfore it goes in Fighting Smallpox The negro preachers of the city - .... arc cooperating with health officials lattw saving in an effort to prevent furlhci spread of smallpox by sponsoring a siriM of clinics for vaccination. In this way the ban for holding public meetings will be lifted as soon '•here u z saving both in, compression and transportation costs. T.-.e be particularly an effort to prevent furlhci 'important if barge shipping lacili- ,-art n r tmoii™,, K,. . , ties are made available at Barfield Installation of the high density press within the next two months will be of advantage to owners of much oS this year's crop, now stored in the Jooal tvarehouse. There are as po^ible. Fnri.iy clinics ai.:- to held: at the Carter Temple M. s. church on /\sh street, at 3 p.m.. at the Holiness church in Sawdust Bottom nt 1 p.m.. and at Enoch Chapel Methodist church near the Gateway store at 4 p.m. All negroes of the city are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to become immunized from (his disease which has spread rapidly throughout the negro sections ol the city. Torture Bandits Rob Aged Kansas Couple STARK. Kans.. Jan. 26. (UP)— BinJlng Mrs. John McKay to her ted and setting fire to t'ne kero- fcn?-soakei mattress, three torture bandi'5 today obtained $600, the life savings of the woman and her aged husband. John McKay. After they had obtained the MOO the bandits helped her t.usband ex tir.guish the blaze. Nebraskan Raises Question Concerning A r kansan's Party Affiliation. WASHINGTON. Jan. 26 (UP)— . mm JR. OltSIN ^in WKr> TnnaKf «/„,.],] .S.n V\riO lailgnt WOl 1<J to Chew Gum Succumbs ?*?? , , . . revolting .s to Heart Attack. I Students Quit in Protest j at 1 Dismissal of Teacher, H.V/.EN, Ark., Jan. 20. (Ul 1 )— >In- zcn students remained nwsy 'from schoo! today In protect nt di.".mt«ssl of Loralne Whltehurst, a leachtr, -''"^ '""u of educallon. Tnesctiool strike showed no y,!-n-, ' n * )«>«»« or the .ts slood nrm in tie- tinanding the Imlructor's reMiploy- j incut. She wns displaced by t.ic nvlfc ° r Scll< »l Kiipsrlnk'iidcnt, D. B - Rowland PHOENIX. Ariz.. Jan. 20 (UP)— William Wrigley, jr.. multi-million- . aire gum manufacturer, sportstnau ^'ss Wliltelmrst declared today and philanthropia',, who started his no causc for *•-' cl^<:hars;e by the •a.??r by running nway at 11 from l>onr< l w "s elvcn and intllcalHl she the soap factory that Inter was the wolllrt continue to nttenil elo.wjs ile- foundation of his success, died to- j spil ? i]K board's action. Svibscriplion School Registration Increased by 100 Since Monday. Fiirollmtuil m ni u j,ri va i 0 M ,ij. Ecrlplloii school, organized to pro- vlilo hlKh uud Junior liljli schcol Incllltlen for Ulyilicvllle ctudenis wlni; ih: closing nf the pub- hljh .ichcol • Inm I'rldny bc- c of lack uf funds, jumped 11- i ico toilny over ycslmhrs dny /Inures, nnd T?Am.«/>»* A ,today introduced _ . lulion in the house calling ! Presdient Hoover to submit dny at the Ariroru Biltmcjre He was 70 years old. A heart alliick after a y,tells i ssrlors Illness ended Ihe career otj one ot Chicago's most Illustrious i I citizens. -. His son and daughter. Philip K. ^Democrat, wrigley and Mrs. Jom«s R. O.'d- the names of persons who had certified Harvey W. Couch of Arkansas, recently t appointed director of th; reconstruction finance corporation, was a bona flrte Democrat. WASHINGTON. Jan. 2fi (UP)— The last obslaclp to operation of the administration's $2.COO,000,OOC emergency credit relief project about 58.000 boles in t.-.e Blyiheville r ™cved lodny when the senate compress at the present time (receded from an objected amcnd- I "lent to the SSW.OOO.COC revolving Constrictor on Eanajia. St.ilk ! full d appropriation. Oklahoma, (UP). — A! The nmendmeM was e. minor on-.001 boa constrictor was'but the house had refused to ac- 1 wrapped around, a banar,: jccpt it. «ore IrS eiriS'o r v l p °^^r' *™~ < T!le «I»,W».CCO appropriation now- near here Th^v Carmen, (goes to the hous c for Speaker Qar- ih!^ «r;-J!:LTn;^ 8 o r StT;r' s rfxnaturc ' mih me 5i =» a - anci constant re-|turc of Vice-president Curtis Ihe wrapped bill then will be sent to the White conquered the business world with a rise that lias few parallels, yet he died with his greatest • ambition unfulfilled. He hnrt sp?ni a fortune since h'c acqutrril tin;! Chicago Cubs of the National ba;c- ' T , ball leajuE In 1916, trying to brln s ', 1( ,"nr a world series pennant to-nis atop'.-:,;;,',.,, cd city. In I9lffl the team won th- I . " Ml1 trnr t l OV/f "' OI> lrin! '"i 1 ' 1 ' ^f league pennant. He also ownej th:'T' rc "'i """ C 1? r ?. ctl ^ th (ho s!a 5- iordmcm company. Kansas Democrat Has Cure for -Republican Troubled by Pigeons M?S N A^Id OI iT]I;^ 0 - (tUP) -W a1 -, "T-te a Lirgo red !M brick and Wes haV ' ng plgeon t™-'- 1 crush it into a fin* powder. Next know J-: Young Memphis Matron Takes Tumble on Skates MEMPHIS, Jan. 26. (UP)-T h e younger social set here has taken to r °"er skating and one casualty has occurred. Mrs. Bethell Eo'rlngton, past pres- 'li H f the iuntor Iea8ue - fetl wh1 ' 6 " 'i"' 11 ? before a neighbor's home "lion ilm 1" ' Cg '" U '° P" 10 "' A • "ii. iniij- bsfore she hsd warned lei ran r" 1 "" childre » »<" 'o a '' her triVnrf csv her becau - <! ^e ani1 them. "' erc eoine to ° far for lem anri ^noonctirtT, T, i---~ , *, JC fMusft, iurning nun over un nis »m C^^t if n-Wui" S?; T T tte! " e hu ^"^' latr Tr^ .. V. . .: tl1 - 111 ^aiue- the fore fin ppr nnrf «-h^n iV.An^pnn less. He can't shoot the pigeon the way, because of the law firearnis - -^ fuooiuu:—ths longer the better. »e doesn't [ Pin O ns end of the quill wllh the iansas city ; powder. Then grab tlie p:g;on by his wings, turning him over on his city f ar y !lr> Z ° ! th « solutions offered Is that of Dr. E G L Hai bour, Deir.ocrattc chairman ai Lawrence, Kan. Dr. Harbour Injected the element of politics Into his suggestion, explaining that his method had been tried "with absolute suc : '•We ussd it." he added, "on rats, the forefinger, and when the pigeon opens his month to laujh. In?ert the goose quill well back in his throat and blow. The clusi will immediately choke him to clealh. "Care must be used to see that the pigeon laughs, but as I hear Mr. Arnold Li a Republican he will -•--, nitivjiu w» a niiJUUULtui jiv urn ••*- "no uiieung H as a Dreill.l not have any Ircublec g?"m? ihe spur his baking powder silt's pigeon to laugh, as Ihe rest cf t!i? - •''• ~' J '- -- world Is laughing at Ihjm for t'r field, were me at _ ne at 2:30 a.m. '• n . ~~ Wanted World. Title Cor Cubs j I ItlEOtt iVlcn Charged With Vriolpv /Vinnniirorl tlin Vin^^^nr-- »« • * ~ <if 1,-WO Murder of Slain Osccola "siianBiiai Japanese Bombardment, of City Is Feaied If Chinosc Troops Offer Resistance. 'SHANGHAI, China, Jan. 25.'i UP) —Shanghai awaited' tc-nsely today the threatened drastic ncljon by Japan which appeared likely to occur net later than Friday. Intense Chinese military activity ircni on m a cr.nrged atmosphere with the menace of Japanese warships In Uic harbor nni a land force nntlttEc In charge of Uic schrnl s encouraged lo b'ellev c Hint nearly normal eiiroHmohl nssur-:s may be reached. I'.ven wllh today's!. Increase, however, allendauci: wall over IBO in- !oiv the Inil icrin MirnHiireht, imrl 11 seems apparent that unless IOMI •clil?ens come to their aid mmu than 100 student.-, will be compclU'l (o remain out of school, The enrollment today Hi the seii- tor high school was 229 compared i lo 324 Insi si'incsler. Todnyn en- |rolhneiit In ihe Junior hl'ih schocV, [v;,iB 14!> compared to 214 ln.«l sfm- A number of pupils, icsidenU of Ihr Diirdette and Yururo achaol districts, have ininsferred to ilw;e schools 10 avoid llie lul'.loi) charcus. r. Under Ihf rules ndopled by t'.'e tiZL'iis committee operating- the .•iiilmrlptlon sclmnl pnuils nru aa- I5REPJTHEIIE No Answer From Governor to Message Suggesting Cuiminyihom or Crawford 'I'll,, rily r-uitnrll.putted Ihe buck l» Omv.'iim- Hani'/ I'arncll to;l iilglil. but Ihf Rou>i-nr,i-, k ap» K II:IM|II) l( inch. We m WHS rucilvoii hove uuo!-' llclslly icdny In the eirecl • Hint Covoinnr I'nrncll has ilitiiiied \t> iKTlwecn i wo niythcviilc nX- recommfiirted by ihe clly council for tho Jiutjc- 5hl|>, nnd )m* Indicated thu 0)3',. i-cniK-ll should innkc a riV(lriilc' cliolrc which will bo ulvuli liks approval In the form of MI au- wtntmonl. . ••. . <:oiiiii-ll May Slrrl Toiililil Mnynr N»lll Hoed said Unit his-' li'lr-jjnun nolJfyliHf Ooveri-.or Par- ni'll of the council's ;ictbn lust night i.'itirlcd the ivriitcsl fcr u rtply. fn view ot icihiWo 'rc- ilnit Ilia jiovnrni.T had r:-- lo chbOKl- between (J. A. iinhnui rrnd Ivy w. Criiv- • wil. recntninciidetl by ibu council Mayor Heed said ami nnntlibr- mrellug of llie city council would [nobably l; (! held ut the clly hVm' tunhiht. ire imlrt the meeting would not l« definitely set, howcvci-, im- til he Imii receive:! n reply from Uiwbla lo ujree upon .any oric of live names submitted by Mayor Nelll Itecd, ihe council in ti :.slnr chamber sl'v,lon prcrall/ig iho ci.x-n inc-cllng lust nlglil decided lo suh- J»lt to ihe governor (hu names of O. A. Cunningham, ul present net- Ins us special Judge of tho Chkfte- sa<*bn district circuit co'.h-l dnd Ivy" W. Crnwford. .city nltornoy. The oilier niiinra submitted to t)ii> co<i»- ' ell by Ihii mayov wore : not announced. . ; . ^ f (•OvM-mir llns Authority.-' A lelC'jjnim Informfiij; ihe "ov- n-nor nf the council's iicllcir wns I dispatcher! lasl nlghl, but .At a o'clock this afternoon no uor;i 1-5 to his decision had eom e from Little Reck. milled lo classes only tuition fees arc paid maiines In the lor a six-weeks perio:!. Tile feet tire $D for six weeks in the senior high school antl $8 In the junior high school. league pennant. He also ownej th: Lcs Angeles club of ihe P.iciJic Coast league. authorities feared tho , . action might, lake Ihe form of occupation o! city ex~ ~ Kv/l the foreign selllen'.cnt and the Art;., Jan. 25. 'UP)—j French concosilon. If llie thousands an nrcfMHnllon ol ov- . O i Chinese troops occupying barbed against George Stan- |\ v (re and sandbag defends around .rnrst I'owcll, on trial in , the city rcfiuw lo evacuate n bomb- ' v.'htn thcli In advanci S «ie g l^ iwo j Dr »8 River For Man u ---- - —-M i.M. J.*i».l \*l l.,VJ Hemispheres reaped him a fortune Missin? """""g e r founded In his generation ~ - •= .Miuuujin. of the Chitu-jc charters Q t »•. . ,. . >fi s^pi'mbe" 01 " b:isl 'j m| B h - " s " 11 ' ''- KK •' n!lre ' i - ^° n of Missing Harrison Banker Returns Home and Surrenders. HARRISON. Ark.. Jars. 26 (UP) —William A. iITudspeth, former Harrison banter and son of A. i. llmlsix-lh, missing head, of a chain of northwest Arkansas brinks which crashed lasl fall, returned here late yesterday, surrendered tu Slier- ill Silby Johnson, posletl bond. .111 left early today without disclosing the nliercaboiits of his fallicr Young Hudspeth's appearance came as a surprise, as, tha faihcr and son have been mi.ssin;; sine •.horllv bctor c the banks failed. It was believed they never nciil. : icUirn voluntarily. Ypar I ear toDeath b { RPH1NOP1EI.1), 111.. Jan. 2G (UP) ^—An r;,\plas!orj police snld •wns cmrcd by a botnb'shooi: thn .Italian Village rate, half a block from the slate capltol loilny, then " ~ filled it willi flames Him burned at least luo porsnns, to death. The Iwo bodies taken from Ihe u . J:> " 2 ,° .! U (icbrls wrc Identified as those of ' " in nickels, pfennigs, centavos an;l piasters. It was his pride that the .sun never set upon the us; of his ccn- fections, and the arrow-headed elves '• who heralded his products wero recognized from Java lo Fifth avenue. Upon an article which sold Tic ~-... — » .. ],«,^ , — , ™ w .-" <* • m™ or -ess. in IS'^i't^^.i*^ 8 1Death Toll of Salvador PERRVVIU.E, P)—In nn c-fTrrt lo. unravel the Mr . nnd Mrs. E. 1.. Ungerford. ,.! mystery siirroimtling tlie clisap- both about 75, who lived In the pcarance of Wcoclson Stephens, a rc ar of ihe l*-o story brick btilld- , farmer. n:o.-e than a year n s o. |,,g („ which th- c.ifr «a^ locale;!, bherlff Qtcar Br;i?il and a parly . Tho council's action Is regarded ar, purely odrteory. ft nelng generally agreed thai, the sovornor- has the right to anjioini nny Blvtlie- ville attorney who inesls the mmli- nrH(ioiv> estiibllshcd for the office by the ordinance creating It n Is known that in addition lo Ihe two men, recommended by the •oimell Hi!- Kovcinor has liotorc him (he jiame at c. P. Cooper whose- appatntinciil Ims been urgoci by his taw pnrtner, Kcp li E Alexander. 1'ay Is Induced Whoever receives the temporary appointment will rtnuv less pay than the snlnry originally established for the office. The council yesterday reduced the salary of tho municipal judge for tho months of February and March from »300 per month to $2ftO. mid that or the clerk of Ihe court from $125 to $1CO. The r(iu:J:o.T Is only ef- - fcctive until a new judge Is chosen at the April municipal election, but there is a probability that when the council considers a Bcn> era! revision of city salaries, proh- . ably at Its regular February session, ihe reduction may be ronile permanent. Trial of Judge Sibeck Opens at Little Rock I.nTLE ROCK. Jan. 2ff (UP) — Trial of former County Judge- W. F. Sibeck. charged misfeas- steel or railroads. Nor were K-.ere any accirents In -ess, for at thirty he i«llb- selected Chicago as a fav- ance and embezzlement, opened -i circuit court here today. ' • Sibeck, elected lo \t] e pccliiou by a huge majorlly two years ago. s-ns ousted from ollice by a court order afler a grand Jury prcscnl- mcnt hnd been returned several monlhs ago.' A check of county expenditures "of the state audit department restiKc'd in the action ored shipping point and ln«iii~"k" "••""""' 'P«"cc he was presen --- - .ilslng over the wceK-cnd In when step- Salvador totaled about 2.000 K cf country, reaching the capital said vem tlrr: "hens was sliiin. He charged ft! ,--..., to find A prod- companion, Orover Hall, shot Step- : uct with a world-wide markei hcns during .a quarrel. Hal) was Gum Industry ' :""« tc<J al «l Of.ics ihe charge. 1""^ govmmen . was ,„ comrol after -«.! M ~ lected chew ' n ? Bum Both men arc being held pond- ; ot th tj t M d nfler rejecting soap and taking !n S outcome of the search. [conditions were returning to nor- woisld come back to ai«v.-;r IV.- charges. , 1(SMP nnd latter drew ot'.en- • —" "**wi uicw ii^t tlon to the confection in which lie it as a premium lo U,,r Mde bour's own words: - ---- 0 ---- . 3 — . »..,... .-. .- - -- mp« they have got evcrythin? inc." He rea "Yours for fewer plMsns nirJ ol soap ' ' his attention 'Millies of Its' „, H« reasoned that that •mal. Thj principal leaders of the revolution -were captured and nwalt court. Some fled ot:d others \verfi : trial In regular Guatamala , and one -more Democrats," ceived the gratefully. manufactured 1 Marshall, mills M°-. won't ride on ., u u*.vvn^r .LIHII in l RrpaL-inrr Arm lto Gunl , oreaKing Arm- hW!ng with national them out. hlml . 11, of steclc. 1 mule again i KINGSTON. Ontario, Can., (UP) l u ,., -,. .- — ...>...,u>...^ Whlls taking a ride bte yos-'—When Wallace Hnvrlock nobb '" Jworui ™tflvc dollars, one r'.m- '"day she was thrown from the ! of the Abbey Dawn bird sanetu- was animal which resulted in an arm 'ary, attempted la aic! u cnp,..^j | cmBln «r «s,rdte. It further charges he maintained .1 club near tlie county court house D o . • , uu "™ r Ule C0!l niy court house KUTTlOrS Loncermn? Akron ™ cr <: !rl ">^ of the court were ea- ii * i i n .» f/ tertained. Unfounded Says MoHettj WASIIINOTO.V. Jan. 25. IUP>- A congressional commitle-: invest!- gntliif rumored defects In tlie dirigible Akron was Informal tcdiy bv Rear Admiral William A. Mortelt, chief of the navy bureau of aeronautics, th« navy had madj its own Investigation of the riim;>r.s and 1YEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy preceded by rain In northeast portion tosl"ht. Wednesday pai-tly cloudy nnd. colder. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips, Jr.. the jdred pounds of chowin^ wor worth 1100. It could be smn;wd any- (Contlnuea on Page 3) broken at the elbow. i bittern, the bird gave his rescuer ft -— -- -••- ...««,,,. tuiLL^iii, L[]p uiru Biuu ni^ rescuer ti t>fte n-as Irealed at. the Blythevllli? 'slmrp tweak on ihe nose, removing "ospital nnrt is now nt Ler home. |a sizable piecp of flesh. • -••»• vtf*.i i tt, vj^ni ica rJlHUyi. oi were Mtunod they were fs's-. minimum temperature here ic sf'l > fad "-'lib V " worldng 0:i i lcrday *' fls M de « rees nnd t!l e mix- cas of alleged detective inalCTials 'of vain last"iHglu." Tcday a"y:w but (he investigation c'onvincsd liini lago the minimum tempor.iime wns iw faulty parts went into its con- 25 degrees and the nmimum striK:l!c "' J«l degrees with .12 inches of rain

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