The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1932
Page 6
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mm . JWhat Los Angeles Looks ( For This Sumine? Calif6rnia; City Has, Bee Planning for'-Eveht Nin Years. "EDITOR'S VOTE: Thfs ts <l kkird tni concluding inilallnifii in the srrks, "The Hammer of (I Games." 'A dream ttint • William .Ma Garland nnd several othe prWeful nnd loyal Cr.tlfOKiian dreamed 12 years ago- is soon t be realized. It will be the sue cessful staging of : th<s Olympi games, tenth in the' modern' series In Los Alice-Its'-inis .'siiin'mer. "'Shoring depression into 111 backgrouiid, Oarla'nd' anil Cull fornla literally' have "shot llv works" In sc-itlng Ihe stage fo trie most cxtrn'va'gtuitly styllsl 'Olympic meeting since Ihe glum orous era of ancient Greece They've been nine years carrying out Ihelr plans. They are read; novr and eagerly anticipating the visit from three or four UIOUMIK athletes from nations all over th world. ; It's possible that you don't knou William May Garland.' He is ehalr- rh«n of th* organizing committee of the 192 Olympic games Sounds like a job with some work attached to; It, doesn't it? night ori the first guess'. It was Garland who put In California's bid for the Olympic gtones as early as 1920. Ho » ; puld have accepted the • 1921 or 1928 games thai went : to Paris and Amsierdam. But in 1923 the International Olympic Committee hot presided over by Count Henry Baillet-Latour ol Belgium, decided tp give Los Angeles the tenth renewal of the games. ' With this assurance, Gnrlaml •nil his associates went to work. Prevailing upon the California legislature to pws tin' Olympic Bond'act, the.v obtained . $1,000,000 of-the state's funds and appointed-a committee to spend It in th* proper preparation for the contests. ! But that-.'was only a iferttr. • '.-:. . . • .-' • There was an Hem of transpor- • tation'expense," on enonnous one for practically all of the contest- 1 ihg nations. Efforts ofi the orgon- itlng .committee resulted In .special rates for the Olympic visitor's. . -Then there was an item of living-expenses. Garland's commll- tfe conceived the novel plan of 'building -an •'Olympic village. Thesf 'two provisions alone reduced the. estimated expense • per visiting -iathlete • from $1500 lo .WOO.'•••-.•••.= = ... • iWhsn the InternaUonal squads reteh Los -Angeles a fortnight before the-Olympic, oaths'are taken, the}; will behold .all..this. They .wlS We an 'Olympic village ol several ' hundred 'waterproof- .houses biillt' to. 'accommodate four men in tiro roams. .They will c at in-orx!- clslly.--constructed- dining . halls with*;--upuBte liitchtns : where thejr '.native dishes ..will be prepared-by nativa'.chefs. They xi-ill train'" ohv 18 complete practice fields -within'' short' distance ot the stadium. And the women'ath- le{« nill be • quartered amid. luxurious furnishings 1n : fraternity and sororlety. houses'on the Unl- «rsity of • Southern Cnllfornlr campus. Ho* different i rom. imprisonment. in ship cabins, school buildings and boarding houses of p'revSous Olympics! » * • • The c*nUr of activity during tlie competitions will be thr Olympic stadium, which you may recognize as the Los Angeles Coliseum. A total of $900.000 -has been spent in bringing Ihe Coli«um seating capacity up to 125,000 persons. But this isn't half of it. : -'."• .In Olympic Park, near the stadium arc, the Olympic su-immln? Ela'dium, fencing pavilion and fine arts museum. Ctose by at Lonr Beach i« the.natural tide channe' improved into a- nearly perfec J-oning course. "Uncle Sam u-111 chooso his track and field competitors froa eight sectional tryouts and ihi army and navy championships. Ho n-ill stage two open 'trials in Chicago for the east and-Long Beacii for the west. Following this «. ries of elimination meets, he will make final : selections at StanfcirO University stadium July is ai'd 18. Winners of official marathon wsts « Boston, Baltimore and Los Anjihs mill make up Ihc 26-mile t«aoi of three. Of course the president will be there. Mr. Hoover's quick accept- M» almost took the breath ol the btwers of his Invitation. He wal optB ofliclally on July 30 the first-of J3S events in 15 brp.nches of. athletics. After that It will be morning, afternoon and night In nine or mor e stsdlums, auditoriums »nd water courses for 1(3 S a!a days. REBDEK BRrrxjE."' Yorkshire, Blf. (UP)—Arnold Binn's clauns to l»ve be»t«n trie world's endurance roller cktUnc record of 72 hours by «k»Une oontlniwlly for 73'i hours. , _.,_^,., *r . i , L Kfn* Horses -OOLOENDALE, Ore. <UP)-An «»b»o*it dtoMM h4s «tt»cteil nwny hj»» ta ttte Tictoity this »int*r, UlMn* them' Sn l«rge numbers. • fltrkbm^.fev. a5ilm*U recover lns*-l, hoprs In sec- nt this Mimnirr — Olynipb tladluni, fnnnfrly NEWS iTHIILFDF Dougan to Face SoulhpawTn Headliiier at Armory Tuesday Cl (MIGHT Fhrec Teams Have Chance to Stow Away Title for First Half. VVItli (dree loams Rain? Into ty- nlKlu's ijarncs in a Us n>- tb Scrip D'Ollve, n soulhpaw | tain from Mhslvilpui, will JAKoy Doiigan, a boy u p ho how i.n uitc care of himself tt .... Mat the oilier k-Jloif. i,, ,j, c a ,._ mnry arena tomorrow niyhl Scrip, ulio has losi one ilecM™ lo Dougun, sends vvii-d along ih-.i'< he Intends'to cv.?n matters ui> win," the Ulylhcville bantam In the I at tors own home town tomorrow nlijhl. iroilvc is due lic-r- I m lim» for u workout. veteran of some and h:ills ori(jlna!- >..,;=,„• iewlei-sliip the first half race I, "7"","", ' a of lliv Ark-Mo leayur: ts slaf-1 ,.. ™ ldl '«<l fishis — »...« urn IK diilorinlncd by iht> time the y , " om N ' e *' Orleans, i,a. u c " | nv . ; final whistle blows at the nrm^i. !? lalni lo Uw bantamweight title of I practically throughout half, was forced Inio n bio»'iBiu« „,„„,: e? 1 ™ }• nfii.r witi.,. the Dac',-» s ' • ,]" lint illly '-nnnallon hi ""';-. lends to annex t] ""•• «»«• ""- a:imffv, :*., | . • -- O .iu *,tiic i^j Blytlicvilli!, iilicr .setting the liar,-' I '•'• s - lii!il PPl ""d says if Dougan has , n r ,Hr.,.1l.. .1 I . ° . ' ' J1I1U V/.HI,I 1* In., I.. A,-Lrr.>ii-. I that, too. D'Olivc Ik' with Yartoro antl Sfccle lasl clillms to >'•'"'<• 'ait only four clc- wek hy (akin? a severe Irounc- cLslolls iiiclmlini; ths O he to Dnu- l;ii; fratn n rejuvenated Osceola ga "' team. of Ihe league leaders, !!ly- AIIIOIIK his victims D'Olivc nnm- .- —-o-> ..—,0, „„- ! Jf ' rK Plll)t ^ Mny. who hn.s shown liievlllc and Slecte, meet In the h '-' ro - Q 111 """ '-re. Mike nusso Hrsi (wine .scheduled for lonlglil ™" kic Hcinail and many otheis! iintl one Ihnl will definitely <le(er-' til> b°atls of knockouts ovei- Kid inlnv which one will b.? nvst hair Alderman, Sammy Marks, Kid clinnipkui or nt least first halt co- chain])lon with Yarbro, should the Jailer also win: Yarbro ts slated lo t:ike on Hie Osceola team v.-hlch ElV Copyright. 19-!2. NEA~Scrvic*e, Inc.) Personal contact in b.isketb.iH" )s IKKOnnl foul, a common'rub In- Inuemcnt. c.ilJiiig of iwr.wnfil ouLs is entirely up to the rofcrcc The contact may be holding, Irlp- Ing, pushinir, charging, guarding rom behind or any act of minec&'i- iry roughness. liiocklng also is n wisonnl foul, although personal onlact Ls not always |>rCM?m. [>cr!ioni-\l fouls bring dh- . l )ro «'d such a pain (o Blythcvillc ' WCek '" tho """' amc °" !l Anselrs 12S.COO llif Olympic will bp brimful hers. All i,r ;lm i nelil COH- In this arena. Ntw Radio Bone Soon NEW YORK, (UP) — Paula Garten, famed ns a song writer, will hoon hear her latest, eon? on the radio. Entitled, "r.'l Always Ilnve n Little Smile for You," it will'be sung by one of the most famous of -National Broadcasting company crooners. More thnri 'i.OOO illltcrent kltnls 1 of articles arc now being p!a"jcl . with chromium.- ualiftcatioii. There ts tlic. double ou].':]»';terni applied to fouls.''eallcd muljlirieojisly on both itcams^ArVi ojej'fe. the multiple thrb»\,«f "two' "more, free .throws nwar'ded tlii- uled -,'playcr. .' -.- '" A. fiky&V 'oulcd by nn opponent, '?, <)n *'-' re « throw for thd'-go'al cm -1 pofltio'n ,behind the-free rort lino.. •'If .hb'is'fouled In the t of slioo'llng he ls"d*nr<lc<l in •o free throws, providcii the goal missed; .(21 one free throw, pro- dcd the goal Isi'ninUe. with Hie oal counting: (3) one free throw i foul if fouled ilmiil'aneoush- • two opponents. Personal fouls are charged . m < hcf P'V" who commits iv!?r,» r • aulomal '«!ly dis- ': Twhnical Fouls. WARNING OKI)f:ll CHANCERY COURT, CHICKA-1 SAWBA'DISTRICT, ^^ssls^Il ) •' PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS rJeHI'e'Crase, : Plalmilf, 'No. : 5079 - • vs..Oscar Crase, Defendant. ' Tfle defendant, Oi-car Cvase. -is .wnrncrt^to ^iippenr nltnin thirty days In the'' 'cqiirV 'named -In the caption . he'icpf' nnd answer the complaint, of the plaintllf, Nt-lllc Crase. . Daltil Jan. 16, 19H2. . • R. L. GAWKS, Clerk, '. -By Harvey Morris, D, C. Ivy W. Crawfonl, Ally'. Ad Litcin. 18-25-1-8 Bv one In the United states nd Canada, as life Insurance fic- ros showed the lowest death val WARNING OKDKR IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS, OHICKASAWBA DISTRICT Jennie M. Butler, Platntttl, No. 4075 vs. Mary Holmes, ct a!., Defendants. Maggie Mason, formerly lifajelc Williams,.one.of th c defendants In the above muse. Is warned to appear in the Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas. Chlckastiwbft District, within thirty days and answer the complaint -f the plaintiff, Jennie M. nutlcr. Witness my hand as clerk of said court nnd the seal thereof this nth day of January, 1932. (Seal) "R. L. OA1NES. By Ilarvey Morris, D. C. • . 11-18-25-1 WARNING ORDER H. A. Nelson; T. C. Alexander, as Trustee for The New England ; ' Securities Company; The New I England Securities Company; and Henry O. Flower, receiver for the ! New England Securities Company, are warned to appear In the Cliaii- ccry Court (or tho Chlcknsawba, District of Mississippi County, Ar-' kaujas, within thirty days, and answer tho complaint of St. Louis Union Trust Company. Dated this January 10, 1937. R. L. OAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Reid, Evrord f: Henderson. Attorneys for Plaintiff. 18-25-1-8 i ack on Catalinn Island. nr,j he guest of his former boss. Wilam Wrlgley, Jr., our old trie id rover Alexander, above, is go lf- S his way into shape for a pro- fess.-onal baseball comeback'. • WAKMNG ORDER Gordon Carman; Ijiln Carman; E. M. Teny', Trustee; p. M. Wright; A. T. Earls and Mrs. A. T. Knrls, are warned to appear In live Chancery Court for U\e Chlcka- District of Mississippi county. Arkansas, within thirty days, nisd answer the complaint of Union Savings Building Si Loan Association. Haled January, 18. 1932 R. L. C1AINES. Clerk. By Harvey Morris. D. C. Reid. Evrard & Henderson. Attorneys for Plaintiff, 18-25-1-8 walk, waikrd inlo his home afjali'i UK. other (lay nflcr TOrking HM MM ns a sai,or. win the Rteele-rilyihcviib' game. In the second game on the eve anis, a;id Diid!»y Carver. Draws' with.KW U'r.cho and Irish Mick-i cy Gill,- Ijotli of whom have met Doiigtin. nro a |_ sn on | lis |js| , A preliminary card lioacic-d byj - .—: I will meet. Both teams are tied in half closes. Ycirhro Sets Pace 4f' WiHi Three Wins fn Junior Loop yarbro i.s still pace setter in u lc junior hii^h k-rttfii;;. The Yarbro quint ran ovtr s; u nlla 10 to 0 in the Junior hbii leaiiuc play at !h; armory Thursday jiishl tn dralk up iLs thiri "tralglit win. Dtll nosed cm ^r- inore) 9 10 3 to pull up behind Yar!)!•<> in second place. T:;e D»lt-Ar- morpl name was tlcyj from whisiio lo whistle. Leacln-iJle and Dell put up the most evenly com?Med game cf the Hlghl. }ia«-<?i-c-r. in :in imolficial tat- tle.thnt hml no fcsariiis 0:1 the lii'.le four-team Doll and Leach- vil!e scored goal for goal through tour quarters nml then played two , cxlra period* wlihlng brjakiiiff the (tie. The game ended 13-13. Yarbro's •fflrls beat, Manila's girls 33 lo 13 in another aiWod (same. | Slandiiij-s I Team j ynrfcro Armorcl ... Manila '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. vv. 3 2 1 0 Pet. 1.000 .667 .333 .000 Tonimv Rye Scaton, the Luxora The standings \vilh only tonight's SCUO01 koy, anil young ciillom of in the first half. Memphis in a six-rounder, will sup- J)enrr*sinn II|f s \yfiif er ROME. (UP) _ T h c ii ' \ >RS '">d its effect on winter spJ in Italy. Numbers of Kalians usually 80 to Switzerland, have ? k «» "wir sklLs and toboggans to .the AbruMi resion, which can be reached from Homo by train in four or live hours. Small Game Prey Of Ontario Hawks WINDSOR, Ont.. tUP)_Siip)K>5- cdly harmless hawks arc clc.sfruc- tlve lo smnll snnvj In Ontario n c - cordlnj to EWon Scratch, .siiiw- intendcnt of the Point I'olco Nu• tlonal Park. In hii iinmial rci | Scratch's statfjiiu-nl upheld a sl- I mifar belief Intd hy Juck Millt-r I Ontario bird authority. "We Imvc actually seen the : hawks Inking stjnim'l, nnukrnts and : tiuall," the report snkl. 'And they ; were not sharp-slilmiwl, or gas' hawks. Uie protected kind, cither. They - wore fish-hawks nncl other types not conbiilercd destructive." SATIS Add Chesterfield's New Radio Program to your list of favorites • NAT SHILKRET anil his 35-pieceorchcstra F "fll" - sCl.cstcrfiel ( I Program, Mr. SliilWi li. ls assemMcil anil will prrfoiully conduct an orchestra of exceptional range an,] «,l,, r . Mr. Shilkrcl's m,,M ra l backgrotmd is hnpre-iv..-^!]. tl.c Ru«ia -'—-v Orclicslra, tlie N,.»- Vork rv or iarmonu-u,! •s OTgamtcr ami direcu.r.f .|, 0 Virtor S.Jon Orch<s trn vhcre h» urra,,,,,,,,, lls Bnd wordillir , o l.gbtorn 1 us, C1 , t0 v l ,li, 11UH113c i lla - COAST-TO-COAST OVER THE COLUMBIA NETWORK Six night* a week; 10:30—10:45 (Eastern Standard Time.) The rich baritone of Alex Gray, romantic star of stage and screen...a targe and splendidly-balanced orchestra of first rank, drawing from all rhof tt tuneful in today's music. This Is one of radio's "high spots." MUSIC ftEAUTIFULL • ALEX G RAY, popular soloist "Hon- he can sing!" is the universal comment. A jismg slai of musical comedy stage «nd screen, ai"! will! rare gifts of personality and voice, Jlr. Gray's stirring baritone is ideal for radio and for the romantic and colorful ballads which liu sings so well An addition lo radio's first-line artist?, and an important figure iu "Music lliat Satisfies," PLAYED »:. l.lcctrr ,v Mv.», Tf>.,< a , c c

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