The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1932
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 1932 BLYTHEVtI,LE. (ARK.) COUU1RU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS j^Vo cents a word for flrst I Inscrdon and one cent a word for ?adi- subsequent Insertion No advertisement takeu for Iwu I "'an 50c. Count the words aud tho cosh. Phone 306 FOR SALK F0!t SALE—llaby chicks, nil varle- lics. Custom hatdiiin! solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blyllicvllle 18ctt KOH SALE— Hotel and louation for lining station, Carrlwell, Mo. Bmldins nvst class, vacant corner lut on Main street jolnlr.rj Highway 25. Hiilendld Investment, l-'or liartlcuiais write D. C. Stecle, l»5 Scarritt Bids-. Kansas City, Mo. 21C-K1 t'OS, SALE—Hatching cuss, Fen is best slraln White Leghorns. Mrs. N. W. lirish.-ilil, Hoille 1. 22P-K2C FOH RENT—Modern lour room stucco bungalow. Corner Fiftli and Park. Mrs. P. P. Carter. 25|)k2ti FOR SALE '.OH TRADE—Modern seven rcom English Colonial house on 01 Highway. Sam Mai'.au. Cull , IW. 25P-K27 1'OR RENT l-'OIl RENT—605 Cliickasawba at., Five Rooms and Buth. Apply ,at h c New Yori Store. 15C-Ktf FOR RENT- -Four rcbm house, 58; five room house, 810; on concrete street. Dr. Saliba, Ingram Building. 13C-K2G FOR RENT—Five room furnished house, 209 West Kentucky. Mrs. Allie Sisk. Phone 072. 23C-K27 FOR RENT—F'urnlstied apartment, 700 West Walnut. 2GC-TF FOB RENT — 80 acres. 3 goccl housi's and •• bivns. H. A. Smith, 518 W. Main. - 25C-K31 WANTKO WANTED— Washings. Ktmball. 505 Lilly Red Cross. Mrs. Mar? street. CaU E-TF WANTED— Frosh Cream. St. .Louis prices paid. Bennett's Dairy, Blylheville. 7C-K31 WANTED—To buy a second hand incubator. Write, capacity and price. Address Mrs. May Cagle, Route 3. 23P-K26 WANTED: Used typewriter. Cash paid. Blankonshlp nntl Evrar.1. 1'ERSONAL HOG KAISERS—Bring your hois to our plant and receive top prices. Buy our tankage for h03 and poultry feed. Little Keck Pack- ins Co., Little Hock, Ark. 6Y KAY CLEAVER 1 STRAHAN 11) A V I.I. . . t I..L. . . "~" _ . •-——_. ' " ' II -M»IWB-| I I I .., but vrhrn ttf iirofittKr* 0 .i»r Ikrlr \.rjdln. . .nil In rx. Up ij t,,. Guaranteed finger waves. 25 cants.! Miss Oval Bell. 104 W. Vine. 22ck2' HEREAFTER.I will not be responsible for any debts made by my wife. Alia Flowers. Signed, A. L. Fiowcrs. 23C-K30 LOST AND FOUND LOST—Bird Dog, solid liver tick, E|X>1 on forehead. Reward. Jimmie T.edbctter. riggiy Wiggly Store. WKBCKS AUTO WHACKS For All Makes of Cars Ex]»rt Repairs on Damaged Bodies, Fenders, Hoods. Glass, Etc. Paint Colors Matched. New Ei|ui|iii:enl for Acetylene Welding. Finished Jobs Look Just Like New. Phone 810 Today J>iniJ,il'S MOTOR €0. 5th sncl Walnut Sis. Dr. J. A. Saliba Eye, Ear, Nose and Tliroiit Ingnim Building Corner Slain & First St. SECOND HANI) FURNITURE NOUGHT — SOU) R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main PROPERTY OWNERS! Belter place your REAL ESTATE for sale or rent with CAUDJLL. Particular attention Bivcn to renting and collecting roils on Farms and nouses G. G. CAUDIU,, 1'hoiic 7D1-76G OLD BEN COAL Jlalii-s Clean Warm Homes. Just Plionc 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Jan Mnrch May Ji;ly Oct. Dec OUR BOAKD1NG HOUSE -Me MUOR'foup MF- -To -|£1.L VOLJ HE wouuTx^r W- U&ME -f. >r\lP & ANP ue EXPECTS -fa GET v }?< • $1 ^ 1931, by Doubleday, Doran ond Co. tram It (lint uiorntnt. liuoii't mn uny >Miliii:. iinv M.iiy-Kr.incr.i. "\Vhnt n.ii ililnk u-o'll cot to iieil Itio pillows and turned ............... telephone ir u »hnuli| r [,. p ami searched tlio plu- Ann tat un tho [inn-li nn,| tneii I'/.L ewe. w(\ DOESN'T e^ECf, WHEN COM6S HOWE / Insist to horse It Hint She returned to Cecily's enveloping oiwcsJlon wns in make it nround T or tiler, hnrrlnn tiro troublo, I i:»i tn cinifi-35 tho (Ires nroii't KU ? a - llllt ' "'"'t buylus now tor lliitfj ei\r." room, and liung the limp pajamas succeeded in the drunillm on a bonk, mid inodo tlio bed, and , tidied, aimlessly, and told herself depths, wlicra such UittiBs wall ovor and over that Cecily would Ilio thought of an accident to Co b.ivo to eo'raa'lionio; tiiat B!IO coulrl cfly aud Hurry In lilt car. not go about, anywhere, In her old Another car comlus too Wuo bathrobo mules. An nttomiiloil passing at Such things hnnponad til . Bono niiothor ni»« Loforo uhu so Kvory day such things . not elopo nor shop lu baluroboa. . «oso ID». ban, for not tiolni: nulj . might rlnir and slm might (nil to hear It. slio ran downstairs and Aay>lilii K over 85 1 slvo my 'tontlen (o tho there became foolishly, all but unendurably lonesome., Sho sot to her feet and began . Aiijllilni: ovor 2C and I t;l\'c to pnco up aud down Itio porch. toniloi, (o (ho roml nhcnd. ever to tlio Hills' lor half an hour . Sho might telephone to tlio hos- . travellni; I'vo ilono 1'vo nover ha,l visit with Mrs. Hill, see Mary "A yomiK, lovely girl tn A . , Frances mid ask about tho history accident— sec? Thin ilio other cuy'n taull. . accldenlD licen reported? A young, . your tcnllon to (ho rn;it nhe.i,! should como t&me wnna snv *fta away? She could leave a noto, "Cissy, I'vo run over to sea Mra. Hill." But why Bhouli do go to lorely girl lu a hlua bathrobe? No. ... ., anil yon won't Imvo uuy troubles —scol" "Vcs.'"p ; il,l Mary-Vraticcn. "Do wo roino to a town lirforo wo In Mondol Sprlnuar UeAUMOUNT, woarlnR his. broirn Btrlpcd suit, opened tho door of his car. mid wlion should choose toilay to go paying . Atary-Krnnccs hail cllmhei) In ho lion. It's JIIBI. kind of n big hold —on Uio order of tlio Harvey Houses on Uio Santa I'o. Trillin tlioro. anil tho tiasaoncer.i can Bel ult ami eat. It they want; or. " It ain't inenl tlmo, tho se:s can net a drink [nun tliu inhi- er:il ; i.rli^a. Wliut n drluIt nr two of Hun Bluff diiej for Btiinicoli li a miracle. Tlint'n whni It Is—aeo?—;i mtraclo. That's vliy «c'ro mopping them Ionian, Wo cnulil make Topknot, easy: hut my Etiimrck has gone hack nn me, lierc, tho Inst two weeks iinil—" know," uald Mary-francos, "you (old me." "—llOtlllllB Will flj mo U] eighborhood calls. slnraiucd the door shut and Bald, Pcoplo could go Inlo shops and 'You llttlo sweeties you! Crlposl and stockings aad hats — but they wouldn't show up ngalii." couldn't go shopping In bathrobe Was Barry Itio sort , Mary-Krancca. "Where's my ovor Who would do so? "1 put 11 In (ho hack along with wouldn't be eo edrannnt city had no monoy. Darry'a mono Clsajr surely nover could tell. Thinking of money: "Not hot. talking about money. . I'vo wails of It, Ann, and BOOTS AND HER "That your hlK hag— mine, 1 mean, and your llttlo bltsto Ing are along side by sldo like two buddlos." "No." said Mary-Frances. .AUKHS LAST— yours — " That bad turned It Into a dream — a funny. . "Say. hon, you never told your snnio of (Imt water. 10 nil up on It tonight— secV An.l lu iho nioniliip, ami— Unnin!" unlil Karl. A lire had blown out. Heiialr- us h luo'i n IOIIH time, us each thluga gu. hcrauso It neeileil lo bj elium nor anything making Mendel Springs this . Othei girls lost Jobs and found now ones. Advertisements. Twelve years' experience. If Cissy married? I: Cissy did not marryl " 'Course I didn't. I told her Blueniount, like you said." "Att« llttlo sweet babyl 1 hinted arouml tho enrage about Not to be touched, not to Btuemount, asking tho roads tind " 'Sgoml thing," ho salil, when at last they were off umilu, "Ihnl wo ivcrcu'l iloliiR more llian And I told my land- . The finest school In tho. country mount on account of a business back Ihere. or wo nilBhl Imvo had . Pretty dresses — travel — a chance transaction toulght. So that's 0. K.— -ee. if your folks should go making Inquiries. Dut 1 don't trouble wlien thnt thing misted." "I was thliiklng," salil Mary- Frances, "that If wo should como to a nlca town before we KOI lo Mendel Springs It might lie n good plan to stop ami v lmvo dinner there. Sort of break our trip, you to meet the nicest sort of people. Frances at Ermlnlrudo' bardly tblnk they will, do you?" , "1 don't think so," said Mary . Tho girls were probably studying. Frances. "They're very philosoph- ' . That wouldn't matter — Just for a ical— apeclally'my slstors. 1 guess If Cissy should try to Set the homo number and find the , , i;oue, ubo's gone.' and that fill be ' "N'aw, tmn. Bum Btcor. Mosi of line busy? She should liavo stayed all thero'll bo lo It. tbc stuff they servo In thono HIIO- Cissy would try to ing you, hon, you'll nover regret this day as long as you live — seo? us. Anil you'll thank mo for It ivlien you BOO irlint (hoy eel Iti front of you for ono dollr.v. aud sorvcd n.i nwoll na a dining cnr. I>ll(0 a fellow eald. last time we It will bo .1 rert iil OE-aoo'rp'li.~ ~ OOrt They went riding along together at 40 miles an hour. thov lid -It for a t'.illar." wajgh for her. Sho could leave the (Ti> Uo L'oiidnuci!) Japan Plans Boom Commercial Flying """• " Japi " 1 ' Tllc Billion at yen limn, when collected wi " °e invest 3d nml the Income used (o invtl-ove civil aviation, tamla Word of the linil was sent tn the university museum by Dr. K. A. , imperial, nlfy nri ™te aviation schools and Aeronautic Society plans to start a I ]™ rease research in aviation prob- drtve for 1,000,000 yen to endow '" S dition. "In addition to the flume of the hull," nr. S^jser reported, "we liave utiearlhcil a number (if Assyrian tnWcls. a gold carvlni; nml a beautifully curved small Ivory Archeological Expedition , to the Osaka Mainichl which long has been active in promoting com- Discovers Golden Bull plaque more Ulan -1,000 years old." Japan's Unties in connection with the development of Manchuria. the ncwspairer a.sscrts make it imperative that civil aviation be c.\- PHILADELPHIA, (UP)— A highly colored haematite figurine of n bull decorated with gold trappings Yinlnts HlfM.m li ST. CATHARINES, r> — A patch r.f vln l blonni In l)i< pandert to n point wtore air lines by the University i-'RECKt.ES AND Ills FRIENDS WT ver.. &iyc THAT TUBE AGAIM- VJE'LL TRM IT owce fAORel CAHZ OUT CF IT, 8'JT TrIE OTrlER OUC IS F'L.LS.O VP WlT-i TVIATS BoY. ISWT IT? JOULD...OXTT -jbu VIS SICOLD CALL- MIS MS P BESUKl To T/ear -o PU BJERY EFFORT IS 8E1US ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATIOM, TO 8RIIJS FRECKLES BACK ...... YORK. .Jan. 25 close;! steady. WASH TUBRS HAIJES IN THE WOODS! COULD MORE auteT ACGFUL THA.N ' GWES A FEW HORWED ORDERS H\S IT is fs LOH& TIME LOWERS THE CASTLE UKC;:.N n K ANSI mat CKCII.Y t'KNWK'K »nve fur »ut. .,i wp ,,rir4 Ikrmicl. Kflit' r f""K" X*»V. t 1IAM,KS. ..a CkrlrimiidaroO "•• " ROS >l» 10 mnrirr I'lllT. IX- riiunr Inwytr lo iThuM >ki O.lly. "I, la,,,, nvllllV , *» rnplnrrr. bul vrhrn ht *** rrTuiCN t dinp tar ihf i,am- Marjr-Kr.tnrt.. l,\ n i>a • rli"ol. l.f llrv.. Kcr.rlf In IMI1L It!. 1 AIMIOI'XT, T nrlnr n-knni »hr hiri met HIP Knnlvlr.l^p nf her H)K »ri-p« *p r („ (,„„ !,„„,,. riiinr lkl» Miner iinrlHpr. An« nn.t PM| i|Hn rr rl irkc>n «k« lir.-rr. I.K-rrr KlXfl. nk> »i.rk. In r»ll • n(Ilr» hBlldliic. ndlrr»> klm yllk rnlrnrmmli. Ann trlr» lo fi.rurt I'kll l»r Knlmf Alttur »llk ItnifiV" 1 '" SMIT "' . rlc1> ° na •'- Mnr>-rrnnrrN nKrpr* (o en n jvlrli IIP Arnnunl. TU<- .Hnip ...., ^rflly cnmrrrl, , y |(i fc, r Krnn V Jullirr m.J Jrl.c. n«n» ullh lliirrj In h{« pnr, Kfnrrrk Nmltk «k, Ann to wnrr, klm nnd »l.p rM«.p». NOW oo o.v WITH TIIH STOUT CIIAPTEH XU IIHS front hall, when Ann came •*• Into it. was cWll and illiti and dusty ns usual, and iioltcd through a book on the hall rack was the noto Ann hatj fearfully expected. Her only thoueht, ns sho reached for It, na s that It had licen odi! of Cissy to put It (here, where either Ornnd or Kosalla might ...,. t found It first. Instead of nlnnlng U lo the pillow prescribed by convention. Slio had read the. "Dear, dear Klrls," anil through the first lines before she realized that tho note was not from Cissy, she bad to CO back and begin it over again. "Dear, dear girls: .Mrs. Car- mlclinel felt that fresh air would ho beneficial for Grand's weatt- onetl condition, so eho 'has very kindly taken us for an outing In their car. Wo aro to call for Mr. Carmlchael. and. according lu their delightful plans, to go on and dine with Mr. and Mrs. Day in that quaint, charming placo where they live. Guests are always welcome there. If notification Is given lu ndvance. A. . write, dear Grand declares that ho feeh> almost himself ..„„.„. Hon-erer. all things considered, I toll that for more reasons than one, our absenca from home, this flrst evening, would he beat for us all. D.irliiiKs. do Dot mlsundcr- Eland your Itosalla. Our hearts are wlfie open to our three, as always. Only Orand'a ............ strength, not his brave spirit. Is being taken Into consideration. Ami, this for you, Cecily dear. All day we bad hoped and honed to hear from you. We wero disappointed, but—" About tbero Ann slopped read- Ing, and folded the paper careful- ,, 1Ivr „ ly lu her fingers and dropped It nervous S^^^^^X-^ ec "7 *•'"* n °t "lore, nor had easier to sit been there.. since her, hurrie November 16, 1931 Treasury Department. 3£Ilce of the Comptroller of the Currency. Notice Is nereby given to all Arsons who may have claims mainst "The First National Bank >f Blytlieville, A«ansas," that the ;ame must be presented to R. L. Bradley. Receiver, with the legal proof thereof, within three months from fhls date or they .ilia Howe d. J. W-. POLE, Comptroller of the Currency. 11-ICC—K2-16-32 Closing Stock Prices c _ A. T. & T Anaconda Copper Auburn Caterpillar Trnctor Chrysler Cities Service Coca Ccla Continental Baking General Electric. Oeneral Motors .. Montgomery Ward Kc;v York Central Packard ... Radio Corp Simmons Standard of N. J. Texas Corp U. S. Steel New York Cotton March May July oa Dec Jan Spots closed steady at 675, A'cu; Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 23 (UP)— Cotlon closed steady. open high ] olv c j oc< , G64 G5C 070 CC7 C82 637 715 732 CSn 1(12 718 735 Spots closed' sttatiy at CCS. up 6. Orange Barrels Alii Needy I POXTIAC. Michigan, ( (jp) _ !The placing of orange barrels ir. '.ccal grocery store.s for custcmeio ,to drop in contributions for the needy has resulted in about $100 jv.orth of groceries weekly.

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