The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1932
Page 4
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PAGE FOUK TUB BLYTHEViLLE COURIER NEWS - Dt COU&BB NEWS CO., PUBUUBB8 0. a. BABCOCK, Editor a. W. HAWKS, AOYerUtuv lOuuier •oto Kttiookl Advertfeliif Representatives: Arkuuu DUllet, toe., New York, Chicago, XroJt, 64. LMfc Bail**, KUUM city, LHtk, Aock. PubUibcd Every Altcrtioou ixcept Suudiy. totend u teeond rl*u matter *t tho post Jffie* *t. BlytheiiJlle, Arltanwj, uoder »ct c,' CocgrtM October 8, 1917. 8mw 6y tne UniteJ Presi SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier In the city of BljOiertllo, 15c per «e«k or t6.60 pfr yen In advance. By mail within * radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, »1 SO for six months, 860 for thr? e months; t>y mall In JXWIB] zones two to six, Inclusive, 16.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, iwyuble Ij) advance A Hero Failure When Virginia tinvfcileil its m;ii;iii('ie- ent new bronze MUitnc of Rolierl 10. Leo the other day, on Ihc 125Ui itnni- versary of his birlli, it honored n man who has lonj? since ceased to bu exclusively ;i liero of the old south. The famous son of Virginia, leailur of llio lost ciiuse, belongs lo all the nut inn now; nntl the nation, if it is wise, will keep him on liis jjcdestnl for u long time. For Lee is quite unlike any of the other heroes in our milioniil gallery. AD Die others WITO .siiiTCSsftil; was, by ordinary material .stundtinls, a failure. His curcor 'wivs crowned with defeat jnuixMil of victory. And it is a tremendously good thing for us to have a IILTO of that kind in our pantheon. Success is n tiling we nil strive for, and it is only natural that we should. Our history and our environment, have compelled us to admire the success story. But we have overdone it. We have fallen into the habit of believing that material success, or the lack of it;.supplies llie'oiily giuigo by wiiicli a man's life can properly be measured. The Figure of Lee supplies u perfect corrective for this altitude. The man gave himself to a ciiuse that lost. He personified that cause. By sheer, dazzling brilliance he came within a hair's breadth of making it succeed;, in the end, when the remorseless, force of circumstances /was too mu'cirtor him, he went dou-n to defeat with it. All that lie had fought for vanished on the inarch to Appomattox. His own career was wrecked in the collapse of the Confederacy. And yet—failure or no, he was o:ic of the greatest of Americans, and he occupies a securer position eacli year. And his memory is a living proof of a profoundly important truth; that worldly success or failure, after all, count for very little. . You may remember a wnr-timo cartoon 1 in "Punch"; nn arrogant kaiser glowering down from war's desolation at ..",• rt of Belgium, (tiunling him "See—you've lost, everything!" And Albert replies. "Not my soul!" Better than Albert, Lee proves the eame point. And the man who can OUT OUR WAY make that reply has not, in the end, really lost anything. —Bruce Cation. Roosevelt by Default Tim Demacrr-tlc victory dinners, on January H, sixty in imiuLLi, im-i-.w a il^raus iiml milled canii-aljn nitli the dim ili-adiiy iw:,ul Ouvcrnor Hooscvcll fur Die nomination. 'Micro can be no doulit tliut It tl>,, convention were to l>c licM on Fi'lmtaiy 1 U would IK u \uilk- over for lilin. Bui l-'ebnuiy I Is not, June I, find inueh may happen In lhe mranthr.c. I( the situation fojitlnm-.s ;ii;uut a'j It Is, tlw chances will o\ci whelmln;,'.].. [,no:- the fjuver- nor of New Yoik. In 11 ttn.-t- lie Is wlniiln:. by tlcfiiult. We cannot titllcir th:il ilu- UciiunriUic I'arly will nominate- Cimninh- Rm.hii', a who stiinils upon n jjliiilurm ni SMI.:.' r.anih lhal v, us out ol dale years a;;o. We <!u not llnnk Uml (lit- party will [urn to Newlun 13. Hi.kcr, u wc-l %vho ha:;, ir.miMcnily cinnasc- onsly. nytiin announced b'n mihcivnco to the !-c:n;uc ol Nations uml ii.'niiin::c<i |]i;a u;e United Sluice i-nti-r tin- I.'H-;;,:> •„[ oner lie Is iifco unthinkable :ii :i [j:••.-;:!: MI l.'il iMiuilchdc bceanu', as i>ix.>!riont <n th.- i-kaiuiar ul um-.- IIUTCC o.' tin- city o! L'K-vel.iml, he .-.rjiiL-d ai:rl published (nll-().\iiL- i!fi\»i>.ijiir i.dvi-rUS'-uu-ius o[ Uml crKiinU.ulon (Icinnnclinx ili t! oix.ii .slioji In Clvvc-kind ini.-l nl!;icXuii: o: t -jii]/i-<l Utor. Kar diM It sucin to i,.i pi'.uiniil ]:oliiic.-> Ini 1 thij IMity to sdscl ii man «lio wns :,<i lat-nlilied with llio administration ol Wuidiuw \Vihi);i. All o! this makes ;i ur.ive Munition lor il:c jwity. GJI the utljcr tlib thin- Ij comk rcMtl; 1'ost- iiinstt-r Cicm-rnl Brown lias announced lo the «-oriil (he turiirJsliig 110^3 Him Mr. Hoover Is u candidate for rcr.ointii:uinn. winit a shock! We hiisten to pass on to the posinmtc-r ,;i'ju'r,U. Mr. lloover'a 111.1111x30-, as nit »-.vcclli-nt slojnn for uso In ills (.iimimlyn, (mi) ihai lins bc-en sent (o us tar oar Indorsement: "Don't swiii) lobOKBans In the mlddli: ol ihe slide." —The Nation. From the way IjuslucM and iat:uns ;»• ciMnn- JJilJiii!. U apireari llicy are bavlnn evei-yihinj Ijul Hie :,itnalion. Li Hel!e 1-ViiiKL- rcliists !o -;lve nj) rcpara- llons. Su, niter nil, it Isn't the ivuinan llial pnys. Nor thai Hie pre'.ltlcnlbl movement Is nn. many n politician would like to |;o to WnstiiiiL;- ton. mil many voters uuuldh't be Hint spccUle. A man went to bed in n cnnndlnu hoicl nr.d iliiln't wnkc un lor a week. Musi have thonglit lie was liearins another prosperity r.crmon. Eqnhreis lire reported destroying California crops, in times like tlivsc that's n.tutigh w.iy to treat, tcttriits. Probably one snUi!!on for Uiose sqnlirol posts would be ID teia'li them lo eiit wheat. 7Jrom!wi!y slums are (lopping cvi-ry dny. One ut Ihu.e i!.iy:; V.'al!:ci- is 1,0:11!:.; b.;:h to town anil r.lait reprisals nijrilnsl mid-westerners for stiiyint: at home. rivers imi |il:inning n round-trip frinn Ireland to rtmcrka .1111! letnni. l\j:ei;;ncr.s nscil lo fleck to Amerlcn. but since the depression ificy Just wmit lo cumo over, lake one look, and fly back. NovelIliclvss. the Austrian nrcluliikv who was challenged fonv duels was lucky. In America he would have u°L » couple of black eyes. COCO.T is L-ffoiiilii" moiv popular in Germany than kcer. Seems that Orrnmns are becoming cceca imts. II this country Is as (Unnb ns (dncntoK say, nil ncorcvrlt Inis In do is n-iso a, doveloji a i;ii;i and say "di •.•-lighted" l u 1)2 elected. .y COURIER NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark MOW . inc. nrr, >i. • "Ki'i-ms to me I liid have a few dates with him—that roadsk-r looks familial'." NEWYQRR u>itK Gilbert Swan By Williams The Htratin Algcr Klcment Serins' lu Have Cirrn Way lo a 1'bllry lit "licl-Aw:iy-U'llll-Wlial-¥on-{ : .in ' ^inon^ Urrllilis. { Ni:w' YORK.—For several years,! I have kept n close lookout for thc "ragaed Dicks" of the New i Yoik Mreels EO nobly enshrined by; Horatio Alglcr, Jr. , But, iilns, chniiBlnff times niulj puce ^iem lo hii\\? dcvcloiKd a tie-' flnito trace of lhat gclling-iuv.iy- \vith-ivhiit-you-can learned, no doiiut, at thc feel of their clder.-i. Fr.r H-.?E... lads, like those of Al- gler's talcr,, must, survive. And *'.ir- j vU'lnfi In thc iirterlcs of Uxi.'.y's 1 Manliattiui Isn't whol it wns—s\y JO lo lOii year.s ngo. So It wasn'l sui'iirlslng lo !c«rn that c,n li-.e recent 100th annlver- :•::..• I-' Alyirr's birth, thc lads Hv- Ins in llio hoys' home, \vhcro the nii'.'r.ur Kjienl ycavs nnions tlie city's \\aifs and struggling urchins, were unaware that It vvns a scnll- nunlal occasion. lu what, once had been a horn; '•;.• noftstoy-s did bcolblacic?. there '.-! r;- nnw cnly abasit 1 i>cr cent who icddlid impsrs. Most of Ihnn had CL-n messengers In Wall SlrcM, er- cinil toy.-. :ind iho like. Hmwlreds lad developed Into ilnc men—but CM', if any. had enjoyed such for- uncs ^5 befell Alger's ninny little CllOvVS. * + » Cnci', a le\v y:ars n^o. I CI'.CDUU- cr^J KOim'.hini; that had the Al- ;crian iom-li. Three lads g.itl-.cred tUont ir.idnl;;lH at n Brcnd\vay cor- ;er -and \vailcd! They cam? niglil. •\fler niglil. After n time, a liltlc j ),uadc ol blind .street b^ars cnins ; apping nlenj;. The buys would lake .lie blind men by iheir anus and li'a.i them ('•' t!:eir home.-. So:ne- .iiv..s l'.:cy \vcrc ]uid Miiali sums; .L'lH-t'.mes. If Uossins had l):-u bad, ,n?y pot nothliv;. Fcr the most pan. hCAcver, one . i:r .luite-.j. chiefly lio^ihl.icks nnd rali-flccr opcneis. Tl;e b.u.'r arc 1 hfci-iy ID IK llii> h-unfii tail3rt. Whether or not cue cares to have them firoitnd, (hero they nro—and they frequently growl nnd Crumble if no tip is forthcoming-. They seem particularly well ruvar;? of popular sncakcasy'locations. and are not above doing n little steer- 1«K for those who may have lor- cottcn an address. Having torn brought up on the legends of frank and businesslike methods of thc little shocshiners, it U disconcerting lo have lo interrupt, a crap game In a side slreet in order to net (\ ixillsh. » • • Among the souvenirs left behind by the late Eddie Foy v:sra a nuiii- Lvr of very ordinary lookins ufiis. which are in (he miissnm nt (he fxinij Island home shared by his elnWrcn. Each hao m'nycd n in stage history, since most of them irore used by govornors of vnrioni ft ales in signing bills lhat chnnj::! Ifirs concernliij; the appearance of child actors in Ihc theater. Toy was one of Ili3 most p.Tfht- ent violators. A yintrbrchal fellov:. ^o rarricd his brood with him and, it's the old-timers will thes; [were the seven iittlo Foys. Wlien illvsl they came dragging at their father's hsels for a curtain call, the seven were m?re toddlers. Their fiji- pcaraiics in New York for the first time was !:nltr-:l by a child welfare league. This story \\-ns rc|>eal«l ever Ihc coinitrysiio. Time and a^ain. I'ey was haled info court. On ninny occasions he fought, the law anil sncc:c:iftl in Invlti; II changed. The "original seven" no-.v are wide Tin: "original seven" now ar: widely srattcrcd. nryan and Eddie. Jr.. are, perhaps, bsst known to thc general public. Tw latter has be- ccnic an able music show comedian. Thc termer is still in Hollywood and a ineenions fellow. When first he went out, the father ndv.inccd train fare, but warned •h:it Brvar. would have to worry iitri'it his own fare back. KIIHI.MAS.VS SPEECHES Cn Jan, 2i, 1918, and also on (he follo.vins .day. Dr. Von Kuhl- iiann, German foreign minister, •peaking b:fore the main committee of lh'.> iMchs'.ag, justi- lied thc policy pursued by the German rcuicscmativcs at Brcst- Lltovsk and denounced the Bol- ihcvlkl as Ihc ruling lorce. He said: "Heir Trolzlty Iwlee declared in open discussion lhal government has no ciher basis than force. The Bolshevik! maintain themselves by brutal force; their arguments are can- ion and machine guns. The Bal- =hcvikl preach beautifully, but practice otherwise. 'The statements of the Bolsln- viki show thai these gentlemen are Indulging .in another poh.y ihan Hint of concluding an open and honorable, peace with the •bourj::oli governments' of ' thc Central Powers, v.hich arc hated liic poison." r.ARGKST METEOR Wiia!. is tbmijh;, io be Ihe Jarg- est meteorite ever to land on the earth was found in the Tanganyika icgioii of Africa during the ! aii vfar. It weighed between 70 und 80 tons. Presence of Albumin Likely to Indicate Brigilt's Disease 11V Dlt. J1OUHIS VI- Kelilor, Junui:il of Iht- R ci:l, Ihc Hf.iUb Sl.i; Pil^hi's disoas? ri-l:-: - • ir.linmmation of ;!i: ki;i: on; t'nc infection pro::u. .1 :s prrionsly dainaym:; ;o : cf Ihe kidney lo (.my >:;: tii.ns. One c! tie !i:*: ;•. • porlancn in diaj;nusi:i i :i. :s The cccurreiu'e r.'. .i.:i\;-. excretions from the kr.:.. Who:-, the term "a':oii.-:-:: It K'fers to any ?r.•'•.:-. tin Ihe word a'/j-jiv..:: us-rt n> long ;lu: u i:..-. ll.cit niny <i?\.'U:p. 'i,.t- presence i:f nlisiv.l::. .: , n:npl: ana e.ii! bi i •. . a:-.y phyMcian n-, i,: . .. b',::iini that ,^\,-_ .n-, : . . material vilncli i-,-:n . ; : • tion of li;e kidney ; .; n-hfc'.i may iv:r.;- ir ;;. • of ihe trad tiir.-^:^ lltlid is p.isn\! oa'.. III'.l 1\' tho cxer.-:;:l fluid and then albu- A'l-i ri.-.ia min is fo-.::i!l i:i ;he process of the i 1 . 11 HT- i-xamination. = •" '•'" T '"! ai;i& t[ albumin found ironic j varies a i:re.i; sonic c.i: I . .Mb It .biliiy • lunc- , f im- .^MMSC .n the •- u-:d, :..;•? to .tcrlnl : >r tr.e lively 1 .it by .ic- al•> tlu- •.tllll'- . , that pnri.s . the "Announcements The Courier Mews na.s been authorized to annw-nrc the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic nrinv.iiy. August 0. 1'nr f'nimtv Judge ZAL B. HAKlilSON Cor 2nd term) I'fr SiirriiT ROLAND CJREE.V CL/III::::CK n. WILSON f'oillity Trrnslircr W. >V. HOI.Ui'KlKU i lor 2nd term) nreuil Court Clerk K. I- 'iill.l.Y" OAINES 'tor 'Jr.d term) County ami I'rnlnlc Clerk W. II. "DOC' SCAKBORO MRS. JOHN- r,oxo IRc-clccllon) „,. r ° r <''"inly Avrssnr JOt s ' D!1.I.AHUNTY (for 2nd w .M».1J.I.»T V 0!R.,_ — j] .he m,ii-.fs tl-.r ^..i/:-., : | sue is io damage: 1 . '.:., cirv Xuos:Iay, April 5 rtly Clerk S, C. CR,\;o /f 0r re-«!*ctloa) HERMAN CROSS It Is very slight In amount, In others It Is so large as to Indicate a condition of absolutely serious nature. There arc a few cases In, which albumin appears while the j Individual Is In an upright pcsliion, bill which disappear wnsn 1^ hcs down. Tins may occur In people \vr.ot! kidneys are normal. Such cues demand more lhan Hie average amount of sludy to make certain thai there is no real destructive process going on. • * • An occasional red blood cell in the material from the kidney examined under the microscope is not serious, but. a large number of red blocxt cells Indicates somo active <!itlurbaiice and demands sircial study. One of the discoveries cf modern medical science has teen the development of methods of test- g tlic ntilily of ti:c kidneys to act. hese are called renal funetbn tcils. Special dye substances, lhal pa.« out of Ihe body liy way of thc Wdney, aid Injected and then the fluid Is cxaminM regularly to find out tow long a time may | )L - rc _ uired lor ihe material [o puss out, mi the total ,imo:iut Una pa«sns out cliiring lhal j.-ericd. TJ?CS» tests arc of t.'ia grcati'st importance In c'etc'rniining the extent of the dam- Y 25, 19 m T9 s DAY $ ; WORLD WAP V ANNIVERSARV! , CAKR(£V oof AN cpfKtfion fy THE item OF A CHURCH EXCUSES =liy Gtorne W. Barium 1 think one reason why I love my ehnrci! nnd everything in U — even (he old organ that has been cut In Hie coal shed for aaes—is l-'ccau.-.o I've had my name on the book so long. I think my name is quite considerable shonthif : don't,, remember how mr,tiy, bin, in those days (hoy came from far andll, near and every nsishbcrhocd had'I its regular shouteis. ' ;'J : have always fell Hut ihoi.'imjr-J _ "ic one about tour books back.! was an art '(and that a'sTiouidil I uiicn find myself thiuking of i Ilave never been loM). When yoii-T th-2 old church dayn, and to save' B ct tour oe live real gccd womcir me, I CHn't help bnt compare the! s homers starlet!, and especially if: I things of today with the days wlicn!' nc l' al 'e from dilTercnt neighbor-:'I I got my religion. U seems that j hoods, with about three gcod I got my religion. .. .. .... even lhat part, ol it has changed strong voices mixei in really worth Hearing. I.I I've always contended that ayl I remember mighty well the night I carco through, cal',}d it. Somehow, to liersoii had-lo be a real hard sin- s | nei- if lie or she could sland back as they preacher don't preach the kind of! miller such conditions. , sermons (hey did in those days.) 'Tomorrow I'll ion you my Ideas•-I Now, the night T really got reli-! about how- it's done nowadays. 'SI gion thai preacher preached n s?r- | (OopyriBhtcd.) mon on fire and Brimstone and! made it seem so real lhat r,s 'I i Vaults oi ihe Ur.i'.i: of. France?, went up to the bench my .feet!have -o much gold in them l.hatj full real warm. Of course, it was I there is no rcoin for vlsiiofs. i: a hoi night, and tha.1 might liavc; to the underground ehainl.-..; h('l|i«l some, or had something to in,- tencaih a tunkcn Ink. 1 . ' do with my feel—and loo, (here v,ss ;b:cr. closed to but cmyn<vyccs. THE is in your hand When our grandmothers went shopping they were prepared to match their wits against the shopkeeper's. His was the whip-hand. Prices were anything the dealer had to pay, plus a profit. And his profits vvere as elastic as his necessity—or opportunity. Our grandmothers had a very fine knowledge oi' woolens, cottons, silks. They used their eyes and fingers in buying. They tasted and sniffed at foodstuffs. Our grandfathers knew an intimate lot about woods, veneers, stains. They knew leathers and machinery and cutlery. They had to. Today you can shop with assurance by designating this brand of this and that brand of 'tha'CanS ££S£ bother to chcck thc price on the bil! when jt comes. You can send a twelve-year-old to market with a note and never have a doubt of kind, quality or price—if you buy advertised goods. Advertising- lias established standards, established values and established confidence. Advertising forces fair dealing and honest merchadisc. It puts the whip in your hand. Do you read the advertisements?

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