The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1932
Page 3
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Wisconsin Employers Must Provide Job Protection for Workers. 11V H'AI.TKH M(l\Kltli:i> N'E ASrrvice <'onrf,poiuk-nt MADISON. Wls.—Unemployment can be controlled by the stnie. Wisconsin lawmakers believe, and on this theory the .stale legislature has Just passed the flrsl unemployment insurance bill in the United State. ' Advocated by Governor Philip P. LeFolL-nte. the bill, whjch become!; clfecilvo "lion tlie govci-no'r's slg- Mtiire. is an "unemployment >T- rtstive" mciisun under state control, rather than straight unemployment insurance. Ils pnrrpsa is "(o make certain thai by July 1, 1933, at least a majority of the employ.:-s of Wisconsin will enjoy the protection of fair find adequate systeins of uuemploymenl <"'/|frvc-s and compensation." /The measure is a strictly aca- dVuic product, conceived by economics professors at the University of Wisconsin and the Slate ndus- iriiil commif-sion. II was introduced by Professor Harold M. , Groves, a member of the legiila- ture and of the university faculty. Employers Shoulder All Unlike the unemployment insurance systeins of Europe, the Wisconsin, plan compels iieiihtr the state nor the workman to contribute to the reserves;' the em- sons working us siibsllluies, |x-r- sonx receiving annual salaries iwhosc Incomes are thus fuirly assured', teachers, part-i!iiii> woik- ers, poisons enfnuul on unemployment relief projects, and longing employes ivlio.vf Kbs are sen- laboi.?r.s. iloincsllf scivaius, ;x-r- lonai The law rovidcs f&r Hit- liability of surasslvc employers. A.M employe for wnom a benefit credit has been reserved may lose his job ami find another one. In dial cwiu. Hie credit accumulated on his |irevlou.s job still remains for him. Inn naturally, It Is ilcciwwd with tin- flrM employer ami is built up anew-under the second employer. A worker who quits his Job forfeits nil benefit privileges. The slate industrial commission v.'ill supervise nit v.-oiklmjs of the IKV plan. ".Vo( a Ilule System" The commission's secretary, A. J. Altmeyer, nays Clio. Wisconsin plan is in no way a dole system nnd. technically .-.peaking, k not unem- ^-^^ MhTWS __• G/RL 5CQUT BETTY- The Wisconsin Plan In A Nutshell J. Employers must contribute a portion of their payroll each week until nn unemployment reserve of $15 per worker lias been set up. No employer will contribute to any fund but his own. 2. Employes may contribute (o this fund to iiicrearc ils benefits if iliey desire. 3 n Heuefiis shnll be paid to unemployed for periods of no! more than 10 wc,?ks In any year, unless employes have contributed, to fund. 4. Benefits shall not be more than half of the employe's rct'- ular wage, and shall not exceed 10 per week. 5. Persons earning more than 1500 per" year arc not affected. CSOVERNOR I.AFOLLETTE plovers -must shoulder the whole burd,?n. But each employer is responsible only for his own organization: there will be no pooling a! the reserve funds, among the atstc's firms. The workings of the statute b?- ron:.? compulsory on July 1. 1933, unless Wisconsin employers "then employing in the hgErcgalc of 115,000 employes have established voluntary unemployment reserves fpproved by the state industrial In the next 18 months, employ's are instructed to establish such re.wrves voluntarily. After Hint time they will be compulsory. How Rfitrvrs Are Built Each employer will contribute two per c.?nt of his entire payroll until tl'.e reserve for each eligible Employe amounts to $55: the employer then contributes 1 per cent of the payroll until the reserve for cadi worker is $15. That rntls the compulsion upon the employer's part: if thi workmen desire, they may voluntarily p?y part of their wages into the Jiiml to increase its Ixncfiu. Each employe under the plan b<- »ins to share in it after two weeks on his job. His credits accumulate nt the rate of one week's unem- rlovn-.ent assistance So- each four n-M-la. he is at work. If the employe loses his Job he will be paid 50 per cent of his weekly wage, but will not receive more than $10 a week for more than 10 weeks. After that period the sir plover's obligation Is ended, and the workman collects further benefits only if the comoany's reset vc has been Increased by em- ployes' voluntary contributions. A worker who attends school during unemployment receives SI a week extra. The reserve of a company, alter it w once set up cannot be changed for m-c years. To Aid Low-Pal* Men recognizing t j, at thc workers in ine lower wago divisions are affected by hard, the ployment insurance. An insurance plan, - as. Europe uses it, implies that tte state and the employe contribute to the reserve; in Wisconsin, only the employer is forced to. -Wisconsin -is attempting to put into effect a law which wUl enable the employer who can " satisfactorily control.-his own employment to do so without having to help in supporting another employer who cannot solve that problem," Alt- uuiver says. The law itself states the Wisconsin public policy to be: "In good times arid In bad times unemployment is a heavy social cost, now paid mainly by wage earners. Industrial and units in .Wisconsin should pay at least a part of . the social cost caused by their own irregular operations. To assure somewhat steadier work and wages, a company can' reasonably be required to bsiild. up a. limilcU reserve fc-r ur.r.-npioynHiit." Manufacturers Opposed It . Leading manufacturers and industrialists oppo?j3d • the measure, i even promising to set up volun- ' tary reserve plans without state 1 supervision and argidng that 'the. bill would increase unemployment by inducing employers to cut their forces'-, before, slarling : up. .the reserves. -.".... * . ". Prof essor' Groves, sponsor: of the act, . 'desled .the. manufacturers' contention. ^ ' : . .' "If this project is le'ft .to volun-. tary action -'of employers, -..there would never be an irisurance : .s'ysr tein; even -if one were-'tp -be established/ ithout" control"'such a system would result in enslavement of workers instead of liberation." he.argued.. . . Ex-Governor Francis E. McGovern nko sup]>orted the measure, derij-ing that "in times of prosperity the manufacturers seized .ill the profits." KITCHEN BY SISTER MARY N'KA Scrvkt Writer The housekeeper v;ro keeps canned tomatoes on hand never lack; variety for hrr tabl?. Vitamins a4- so arc supplied economically and abundantly. In many instances, canned tomatoes prove as satisfactory K fresh ones for numerous dishes. of their interest and savoriness when made with the c.innc-d pr<y1. net. Some ccoks strain lomatoas before reheating for the table, because enough water cooks out to taste. One of the best ways "to utilltt this juice h to make a tomato Jflly saUd. Any other vegetables left from the meal can fc^ added w the Juice and all slmmerl cd with a, few slices of onion. whol» Cloves. Darslev and (.*.!*•>•„ 1,1.1 _..T A may the and measure the seasoned little lemon juice or vinegar be needed to give "point" to salad by making the jelly juice in plac-o of thc tablespoon gelatine to i pint i[ n . uid. Pour the jelly into molds and let stand several hours to chill >nd lettuce with : ' • S ° nt On '.-. 'V- • ; .._ - '-• :;:*-.' -.',v " »M*M*.««l«l>.«n.l»MU* .1*11.1 It w» aM.UO u. ...H- .! r^" W ' "™ '"-^i U ~ , „. ^ i 1 — igg •»»«u»r7 m« ta the blrtJNU, .imUvrsary of ,, a , t . r jirbTr ,IM) ,,<", „, ,'J,"',"! "..l" 11 " 1 "*' '" r ""' °" , lh « *•>• "' «« ueJi'Wmluti. ilw tf.-lt *»**{ .1 !i|c n.;i ', WuMh-rlMMl" ixwun* i»rt, by*w.j oi ^.il" £i|£° e>«l"K newlmj >«M uieiiKihilu,. i*,is' r roll , u» |£ u * ( ! ( ^, r ™\b"^^"^^^^'^^ "^'."J^" - ''^'J 1 "' 111 MHI ^ rk-| ' «"<!V"Xi A|Slap"Or a Kick ill In < l".'r u wlillo rilljbli iluli. Iw wvrrl, Kwiinletl Representative.8«mu«l bickstein (center); "The girl of today will kick-"you In the.pants if you don't have lio.iior"....S,Uss Helen G. II Estelle Hop): "The lujuor advocatrs would sacrifice the'food name oi womnn"..,.Doris Andris (below), ol the Karl Carroll Vanities', whose employer thinks "o. girl ki ashumtd to admit abstinence from liquor." * • • ... American Girl and Liquor Is of O. 1 ceo/o Society- Personal Subject Mrs. I,. I). Mossvy ei) the l»n laWe bridge cluu to v.-hlrh she bslonts nnd nn extra table ol (juesis at tier home here Tluirsday OT e- ntne. 'tin- guc.sts Included Mttd»m&s Herbert Sliip|x-i), O. R. Mi«sen- fflll. Godfrey White. W. I!. Dyess Mllio:i Pop,, and w. J. Slirddan. - Hi|;H score prize WRS won by Mrs. •mines Driver ni»l MM. C. B. Driver i-ut roivsotollon favor. A (lellcl- ous .Mind course was .sw-veil following the i;auie. Mrs. F. P. Jacobs was hosiers to the two table bridge club to wnlch the bclotifc.'S at her home south of Osceola when she entertained with a. lunc.'uon '1'hursdny. Besides t!ie club iiu'inbers present Mrs I,, s Milch?!! was a xwst. High score prize «as awarded Mrs. W. W Preni'.t. Mrs. Chnrles Coleinan ontcrlnlncd the two laule brldu'e club to which she belongs Friday afternoon at the home cf l.-cr mother, Mr*. J. W Carln-rifla sr. Mrs. C. B. Driver and Mrv W-lby YOUDK were guests bosldea ti-.e club member:) pro.wnt! ' Hisn score prize was awarded Mrs. Charier liosc and a delicious salad i-oursi; was nerved following the .' Mesdamer, Adolph Wclnterg Mrx RubenMein and Morris (Jilvcrnsld were hostesses to the Jen-tali Lnclles I Aid .wciely. tntcrtalhins: at the Mrs. Wi-laberg in Osdeolo xr evening. Members jnd ere present Iroqi Blythc- 1 M-mila. a.< .Weil, as local Husband Aids "Trunk Slayer" ••^-•~---"' -- . .:.. ..- .. » Ills wife, M'rs. Winnie finth Jnoi.' an t(;cy Uy-.NKA-Service. 'must have a flask. The.-ruturn. of ; ' ... . ... NEW YORK — Verbal s I o r in | the. liquor traffic will :not. .-olcyn'tc!'' i- Mra - Mnx . JCej-erf. of "Blytneviile ( n! " r(i ? r ." "' lier lorincr i(X)/ni:ir,tc, Mrs. these: ideals.. -. - '.-'•-"- j' e * ll - : * 11 - l"'<-' r esiimj - nnicle from | ""thousands-'of ' ' •"•»••-" ..—.... £u ootirt at I'hoenlx. Ah-/. u-Virrr she wcnl oh clmv.^rl with lh ( . "trunk Easy Divorce Has Not stvoyccl Homo Life, Says" :, Ja'ck loiHlon's.paughter, DBIiKKLEY, California, (UP)—. "Russln - Is sexless. . . ."Tho Hoviets, despite their lax" laws of mnirin(?e and divorce, ar-j more moral than Americana, with lltclr morlild .ntummnl Interest In'., Tint's the answer of LOD-" ilon Mnbmuth, clatiiihUr of Jaclc'' l.cndiin. to the chnrBOs of Immar- nllty hurled iiRauibl niodcrn RIIIS- i-Ja.. ' • Mr.s, Malamulh r-iw the Soviet vxperliuciu In mavrlaijc, women In , Indiisd-y, nnd the flvo-yi'ur plan at work, ahe" lived lii Moscow 'fevcral moil tin.'There siio nr.i! her hiis- .|hninl, Prof. Charles . Malainuth, liiUclicd up, their' slialtered 'ro'-"' nance. Dropping 'u'dlvor'c e: a'ctioi, ' ;hcy luive 'come back to their home here. •••••' ••:..., . "Monoganij' is nqt doonicd In '. Itissla," : she -taldl. '" ' ' ' • • "Kisy divorce Is not breaklnn up lliu liorac. nor Is It Ic-ndliiu 'to pro- ' mlscult)-. Mnrrluge Is Utn e aflect- cd by the f»ct that setting a dl-" vorce Is a mere/ [onnallty o! ft few ' minutes.v . . . • . . ., . ." "The avcr.-iRo'Ruwlan bs Just as ' inilhtul iis-t-vcr: lo his mnrrl»sc' vons. JJe (akts bnc r.-lf<j for, life equally -its wrloa'.ly us does the AmcrJcriu" vlih '"itHctcr UiVorcc' laws. The famillc.! rear childron clouds.- stirred -up by a Ccjigrtss- mari's testimony before the • Senate Deer Committee .in -Washlngtpn Decently, are hovering' over the m- tion; today.. - - ' .- : . .When Representative Samuel Dicksteln of New York came richt cut anct sairt that (he . American jirl who once would slap a man's Icct 1 lor D/lE'ring her liquor, r.ov •••••• kick 1 ; you. in ihe pants : if you' don't .have .soaie/;. he started aji. argument that 'threatens ,to push : war debts, disarmament and '.ontract - bridse .into,-the- bacK- groun'd..." '..'.. W. C.- T. It. Ltader Disarms The Congressman's statement Is "so ridiculous that on its face it is at once discounted," was the way >li«3 Helen O. H. Estelle, corresponding, secretary, of thf> Wo- man's' Christian Temperance Unc:-. of Kew York state, defenderl the American gM. "Tlie liquor advocates would jacrifice the good name of woman to achieve their end," she commented. "Women, home-loving women, women who hold their x-jntry's Ideals hi?h. resent the mpUcalion lhat thc.'r companions .'.tcaiKnstl.v. defcnUed Mrs' I . -. -..»-.• itui ^IHIUtUll and. nre /or- thc must jiart 'de'cld- |«lly permanent." : ' ' " 1 The much-dlsaus:d charges" of ' an American engineer's wife that miissln has degenerated into rank-' ' "" m " -rerc-- branded; rldicu-'' Mnlaniulii, ' -, • - ' _ S . c ™ pl)0< *'" M '« -Virginia I some other method than an.attack A1BAN8, lierhioiu, ' (UPI- rflatlves In Jnekson Mr. and Mrs. : jotcph Lsbounty,. M fnriner, siilrt 1:0 hctvrd frngn crojk among the girls of o»r;t?r a:xl Mr. Potter In „„.'When I first became Memphis by .Mr. Glndlsh' and n. . n -- -—„ smairdau g hter!^'' n( ' dr . ltoJ ,T urrel *"«e-Mr. nnd . — - —- —- - pro-:of Dr. and Mrs. L. D Massei- rx ' oladkh were guests of Mr dncer even the nvcragc girl seem- peels to be able to return to school! and Mrs - Hlxo » FrlJay evenin E Pfl nrrtll/l nf *h*. fnAl *u n l _v._ .11-, *I 1-.. . -. »•,*••!]! lu M.IIOO1 J ^ . gnl, |r .1n,, "-""'I, and Mrs. A. S. Kogcrs, S ' " ' T. L. Waddcll. O. B. . , - . •- • -- - • -—»«• m »i w trim tinys V'lLh llF^r - -«- ' -..jllCS CCStOIl [IP.rt J, *I* admit abstinence from liquor. To sUter, Mr s . N . G. Cartwright . C ° sUm wcrc amo "B the Osccolani drink and show one's independence ! Mr. and Mrs. George Adams -IP.I i ' A ' ho nttend -^ the funeral cf SeemS itke lU-St th*> ripht thtnn Infnnt ri.ii.~Kt~.- _r . ... _ . I-u i firiivrf*« - <« tn..n m . «... - •• • "-*"b*- t ** • -ivv. in- »ii.>-i*i ii» uc uujc IQ tctiirn t ed proud of the fact that she did Monday after a two wecU not drink, ft denoted strength of -'-- - • character and decided femlnhi Now a girl is rather ashamed c fun ivivmuay aiier a two weeks' Illness i ouiurciuy. h of .Mrs. John A. Bowcn returned' to' T "^ nnt | Mr! laity. h:r Iwme in Memphis PrWav niter : CladWi. G. !(i W a vfsilt of several days Vlth' her Se * rav «. >"nic Tn l;kt*»r ^r— xf rt ^ . ' PncPnTl i. nrn - Ulin and Ills. 10 wv. . rs. eorge Adam. ->PI| hke Just the right thing Infant daughter of Uille RoTsne" , Iho u-^r.V-c.,,1 l.« — ...j.i .. ' "Prohibition has changed -end here witli jf rs Acl- ! A Mr - • in Hlylhcvill: Ingcr of Memiihls. . nnd siiEKisted'- there-shijuld.. bo 1 - S! up - re wi f rs Acl- A - mps, pr-'smother. Mrs. Jonn While. Cnt of Mcr B a » EnylntL-rir.g corn— J ^ '61-" B" n> ""^= IJIUUHT. AITS JO";!] Wh!l*» . V "L' VI ,t comply - except in, appi-ar- 'They were accompanied by their P""* Is » JJIlCt?. h" hnkfUu -./IrirjT nii.,^ r^. , ... ^ . . J *' J tlJ , i —. iince," h; hastily c<irte<I. "i* 01 !:, Pearl t!art»-rlght. who Is ~~ Jr ; the winter with them, and today. Mrs. E. i visitor in Osec- Te.iforri ar.d sen Am- oFfiuinK tr.e winter with them and ' ""' ^^ A - l ":orci ar.d sen Am- were joined here by Jap Whii- of °™ a l«™led the |x-rfMmanc= ^f Cape Girardrau. Mo. " Merchant cf Venice in M:mph!i Mrs. JOD Roedy. accommninri v,« Frl <lay nftc.-rioDii. Tiiev rrii:i-n-'.i cut in slices for serving. An un- jutes and ac!U tomatoes Jiu> as ficv I combination puts slices of the ;come from the can. Sprinkle w ; -'h - . . between illcos of cann.-vi p?n^-.'iatt, pepper, paprika and su-ai- ,., Mri ' Jo - R «<ly. accompanied bv »ppl» with mayonnaiss over all. ;anil add well war.l-.ed rice. Cov-'-r ""'"'' ' A good way to use the tomatoes iclofjly and cook over a "lo-*- fir-- cr "" J '" """-''• •'"• "- 1 ™} nna re- , "' ""- j"'"-u u< .-.J.UTCI i-'a- ( from which (he juice was strained lij the uven unlll the nee is tender :. l ™ nc ? ( . rom n ousine.-,s Irip to Ab- ;° r<1 - *!>o_ntlendr. :o!i:o: at Jon:.v ! is in canned tomatoes. A combination of tomatoes and onions or tomatoes and canned corn is put Into his par- -. ........ , Chop;*d i:ncook«l meat, can be ....... ' - - wcrs Jo!n?i! b.c :y wh'°-e . • - tero r f stcr ' athlellc School st colle s^. Mr. Fo:-r " col!; i; tl - •"""" : " -"e 'rr wn« r-,. V ',- ' • ncl [Bothered with Backache? Il .May W.-irn <if Kicltity or IlliiiMrr. Irregularities A nagging backache, with bladder irrcjjulnritics and n tired, nervous, depressed 'fcclinn may v.-.irn of :0me disordered kiiincj' or blctldcr condition. Users everywhere rely en Daan'i JMh. i'r.iiicd for moic ihnn 50 >earsby gralefiil Iliecciintryovcr. Sold by an's a baked oven dish. —..,.— ...... TouicTTow's Menu makes an excellent lunch-ion ' BREAKFAST: Oranges, c'rcal' dish. The nst must be ;resli"n?i .cream, frkzlsd dried beef graham over n«ht In water to cover. Drain rnufflns, milk, coffee. -..« °*uuji«r until tender In frrrh; LUKCHEON: Vfigstabl" r^ui ^ater. Arrange In a butterjd bak- i toast stlclcs, talmon'and Ine dish. SnrinkV llirhtii- with 2 u- .'ooen sandtt-f ..-.-••'•-•- • . • - ...--„- -, A mud it.ij-vaibi], Vnllinred bv Ihe takln? of rotKl. in-.nrnves -he mcnUI proccsMS, s:io:.t!sls of 11:.I, deputy prosecuting attorney : . UnlTOrfltlcs of Chicafio and Mich- 3 'tan have found. . Sprinkle lightly with 1 a- ,'open blespoons Hour and dot with bi* i padding, mitk. tea nr Kn*ffl- f f _____ ^i.v. *» ^ ____ -,..,;„ . r»TWMC»ri. «,.* Why So Many Take BUCK.DRAUGHT Kew Low Prices On Shoe Repairing Ladies' Half Soles Nailed, Sewed f*^* nr Vulcanized ,!5wC Leather or Kubbcr Hcch 25c Men's Half Soles Oak 65c I'ant-o 7Sc I'rimo Oak $1 ' Knrry Krome __ SJ.25 Flex'Ouk §1.50 Itublivr or Leather Heels -illc PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP H>:t ,So. .Secor.d St. , nd «ch •' TM- * re foo<1 ""*>*• . . erately hot oven. The ..i a mod- .flower in cream sauce, stuffed b'" ] Iax »'lvt: ' " 't r uioi to ma to juice is.ibd. bhieberiy pie, milk, coffee. ! »,-2^_ y '"" "• "'orwgli. cleansing tha pi«n | tractive but 1 from Ihc'rier cans. Mold the Jelly in^ men. farm'or imlf-pnund cans, mmiiM during the b-ikiug sauce for the flsv.. A Human Oslrirh Turkish pilaf Is a hearty one-. CHESTER. England. tUPi — A . i«ee dish thai is suitable for man. who complained of a nnii! luncheon or f«mlly supper. -n his stomach. HTXS operated oii ' ' • "d the following objects were e>:- Twkfeh PJW .(racted: 1« nails, 23 pins and ncc- — largt ooion, 2 cups Idles. 67 rivets tnd springs two tomatoes, S Mbi«pooas butter or hobnails, two split pins, and 'seven iptnss, 1-2 cup rice. I cup other orllcles. . cooked meal. 1 teaspoon • '« t«««poon pepper, 1-2 Ks- St»w«d f^p tn shlrt SROCtl ptpHkt, I tetspoon sugar. IX5HDOK. ttjp)_ ^udort Lewis I Kelt hotter In iron frying pan , 45. arresfed on t chsrge of stealin? I and «d<J onion cut in thin slir-os. 63 eggs, was found to have 24 cses- Co«k orer « lor fl re for nvo min- in h| s pockets and, 3» in his shirt . . !", y " x . e tlial "'"*• »-i ' Iow ju. TOl1 ° r IIIack-Dr.uiEtit o[,,i j n | U fnvor. You t medicine ^lii^n yoq :.„."—"-^-^Jwught, as t!ift scaled "talntr. In w(llch , l:e rar j| ci ,, 0 |, field, costs only a anutl fraction. ,NONE nly a Ill Pt'nsivti OH ' MORE ECONOMICAL . M Ulll. uKlit Is p.icV^ffci], weighed anil st.ilM Uy m^- clilnes. ItcanueaoM lor lens IxcauBO of Ihtset Mvfnsa in your fax or. NoM at rtnis ctons. M , ii /men do your brakes do-Mate >o:ir CAR ;.(and en end OR .v<nnn! wear r.r.'.'f?; <• imp.-r.-'-ivc that yon li.ivc your br.ikes ,r msirlain tholr clliiiercy. THIS SPECIAL CbFER INCLUDES' I. New Br.ike Slurs. :. Adji.niln:; nnd E^!iali/-.hi5 Kntir c Brake Sysbm. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Super Ford Service Phones Sin-811-777 Specialized Chassis Lubrication

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