The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1932
Page 3
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ing Hi iey ofLouisiiin Hid IS His Prolhev Assails Him as j ''Tin-Pot Naoolcon" But Voters Like Him. r.. NEA »m,-c SKW GIU.F.ANf: — UrulL'plltr-ll hlii- i:t l/i;i<i:;::;\ pr-iltle-i, IIv,;-y !c:v. -,vl!l so to nr>cri.'o;i.Y I.OVK; n IN I-OU.-iANAl-KciY :-. l(.n:.' .IK« In, (•«, Lrolli- . .'1 K. LJML-. bit. r.uvs illlcy i ri ; .)it MVI: 5i:SN'T MEAN ATHlSCi UovtiiKr-iX'iLiUo: 1 Hik-y who uix< flBlilliis hhn —^—W--- 1 ^ Efi l! FACT! THREE Three Generations ;it Roosevelt Wedding'." •' : '* fcv *-• .—,—•—^^^^y^^****"****^^ »• ni i *•••——. • • - -' i- . ^; -'.; - - f • •'<• I-- MI-ju:n- in n,,. in,, l'h:ii.,;| u, ,]„. mi,,,,];,!,,, • | '' ' : '- --inn- lloiil-.ll '.v:ii iiiiut.-. by j - I" 'Ii" bank »i llii/iiim- the ' •''I u O.IMIIVI:. II n '.'iinli:;- (o Diilii'hi-,' nf- :'-i il-. 'ii'l in l.i-u-.s In nu-.i-li.'-.' •! l:l 'n !!in liitU'i- i-manv. »t IV (li-iil.d linn |[, ooii- >' V!-;-sl«ii ol ill.- i-ua- l.:ir- Doiu l-Oll. 'P.t'd : liri- bank ! MCI- Ithi- Ijll'll'A I'/iriNi IVm..-.!,:!]. mi,] ;..,;d 1,,, nuld,. fCimn:, in ln-o.„,.,, |u, dkl nut s:l<l--: n an* n[ i,,,; nK;,,,- M.'.:>: ii.- ii:.n K lls , m iiuiiiuillon i on i':i- p:.-] L ,, ; psahuil! 'l-'l'-lilllllllf I.Iin,.. ll,,,! th" l.ll- , illicit IUIYI' l:i.-n by l:ivi:i.s duni- him by th; LO-IE liiktt 'nail intij office h; 1 one o? th; _.„..._ . niajcritic-s in Louisiana's history. | 7h,' ;.ta;c- iiac: vindicated a^"'" Ihc; tuicns of u snail txcllo! by hir. admirer.; as ai ar.t! d(!i<mii:eij by his on-j Tlitie ",-;« no middle- ciOu:i:i in '<h!' reei-.ii [/.ui-viasia election. Eiilirr yo:i •.•.«•;> for Hw-y I.oj-'- or yu'.i w;ie agr.iml hiui. Candidates v.ire- Jar.^cl 1 / forfjorlen. The issue was Huev Long. p;ire HUEY LONG iiuij>!e, and the way Long a:i- If \7 • Tr T\T r -» , „ rrei : z;*r?,±i ':± ^ li i Pa Have Not Heard of Kilty jKelly You Will Soon The bitter cowrcvcrsks of the campaign -.arc mark;;', even by a split between Long and his. two ti tiller.,. Thsy are JiiUus 1,0113 nr.J E.irl K. Long, \vho .stood by !iii:i v.-hcii he v.-.-is thvtatenen M-ith iinpfr.c:,::ient and who. with 'Hucy, had t;ec-n dubbed "Ihp Three- Mus- Xu-x. iiLsieaJ uf ;un "Three Musketeers" they arp'known as r'-.- "Thrin Fighting- Brothers". 4. •' --is LOUR, eldest of :li lYl \' .•'•;'-'^. ::i1 attorney, man- ai'i'tl tiff ValJitjaisrn' of one of ihe opponents ot . Governor Lung's c-.-indidale. Julius spoke frer[tier;c- jj' on hi:, bi other 1 .* nuliiii-.U carter and askct! the lotcis of t.'ie Mat;, to "send r»y brother baei :o j:Ls laniilv." "Kucy t.c'jfe" Julius cfu-n said. "Hr thi.iVr? he has bad iioliiical co.ii;-,,-i:iy. Cur fam'. :!j' '.virhcs 10 «c-:j'hi:;i out o; tioubl; by dezoatins him. H e is 1.01 t=uii;eia:nent.illy fit for fires t p-.u:-. Ho is fninrt. but he hr.s become puffed up M-im riov.-er. He Mauds bofcrp Uig mirror anC ;riln:-:5 he ;.ef.-.s the ruler of t'i" v.-orld. "Fluey Long talks sbout v.hnt he had do;.^. '0/hen i clisirict attorr.oy of winn Parish I tauclv him all She iaiv he kntss- and tlpr. ::n: him to the University of Ok- .ar,c:r.a ir.;| to Tulane University lii.s iaix acoiii finUhiiig ;! l.ijv course in a fsv.- :ncnihs is bosh 1 crillcrl Inn- iiun him for yea.--Hucy lias done little to rcflccT crrdit on Ihe family. "All Jii.s t is- leit. ids father ant.1 his brother- arc aiiaimt lii.T. i:: this CKmpaign." of Farj T/'i-.g. yoimye?;! t.'ir;e brothers. was equally vshenient in his denunciation 01 f'.iey (l^inj the campaign. En;-; ,g- is a ciKciichtr- ftr liLiitenan; : v::ior :<< &ppr?ii;on lo Hn?y> candidate for that ollice. " right liai this tin-i)ot NnFOleon. Hucy Loi:g. to tell me tlia'- I can't run fcr lio;i;enDiit gov- eir.or?" E.irl asked. " I went tr.-i':e koc-pln;; |i| rrt cut «f trciti:!- v.iicn -Jie k^iiia'.mc full ol ir.-'i ;rho '..ante;! tj i;:i!:t.ich him. ai-.:l he v,-., s t j. ylll[ , iji-. 0 , bLlb} ..- -. . .ir.'. In record to his u-o alter.t.'cii relalivcs of t!.-D inc.'. bs-othc-rs. i:o:vt pay anj- '.htso brc:hers or inine." he fai;i in :|:frrli. 'They don't cut any icr v,-;th n:i'. Fit- iKnrlp Is ninni:;™ 0:1 his !a:niiv hislcry. tic doesn': iay nny nice things about me. bi: I don't core. He says I'm the rhe:;i of n!i:e children in ;!'-e C.iniily. bill you all k:-.e\v Ilia: '-•--crc 1 rlcc'.ed govern ir. '•v'l |ip.y any a;ten;io:i to UIPSL- ';' ushers cr relatives of mine. 1 '• >''t caro v;l:at Ihey say." '•'•!l. i;:rhai)s, luiev didn't ore •••' much nf(rr h'.s tirV.i-i had b-o-i :i < lit in'.o cflico. Riicy has -never believed in <'.o•'••• iliin^s Iir.lf « a --. F.r,-!-d to !'* Sonato more ii u n ~. -..,,;- .1- -. [ "^ wft,s--rl ,o r«!;t) ^ rwr- 1 ""' Ka T0 WashingtciT at tin; Ore-fill ccoiioni.vs o.'ien make, it. |».-5lb!e to live well on o ccm-: pl """ li of - !n ' 1 "' . Hi-i.! ul di-fcnso roiii!s->l. tli-' hiti.-r. unit | u . ;M. :U p.iln:. tu >iiui\ iii:n IK>•••' l:iv.-irl,-i!i|y f:uni::l h:::i "I tu::,:oi 1:1 L.IIIX- .-MIIIS ;ur ;i Icni; tliih' Iju- ii:«-:-iit nri; was tllt-il. .;:w Ciiiilirinril l)i,li;-l:K .- rt-ljullnl « Hue-is. ICMllieil . iii lln- juT-eni:" »r 1,11110. 'Hiii.-i' svhkh Ilio complain! e prcsruc,, uf |.,,, M , t-nt and whi'ii ai: . P ,i i,. if ih.ii »..:; i.c; the" l:in-)iia-;tj kviiiii iiuil imd hiilii'ati-:! liml I- ^'a.s. aho i-:,tiili-d acain us lo Uns i:ofn-. Dm M^I lh , lt .. llft(1] . l)K . j.'ilxtli day of Ajirll Mr. l.nne i (u , t •his iiujiiory." l)ro-,\ni.. the plnlntliT, who «-ns the ILIM u-ltiu-'s. tc-tinctl lo 1 ini; 111,111 DiHii-iiii the i-xnuuiine whi'ii Hi,., in.;or r.ald Lynch uswl coui-.i-i-nnii! Ili-o\vnc. lit .-aid lie iuul made ii]i his mind lo pay 110 al- tcntiou tn ft, but thin tiie lol- It.iving AloiHiuy monilns Lynu'li, .still in :in iiiiji-y triune ol mind! callnl hi.-n ii|i dud thiealeiii'd lo !orcc-;oM' nn iiir, iiuusc. Ho '.hen. jhad told him. Lynch, lie said, did IH 3-1; N1-: WYOUK. .Inn, :M cUPl-t to • (on i:ln.-:-;l Mcidv. •'••'.- ake' 1 '' 01 t:w '- v l L * ni:l1 hi- spukc. ' lie was He .. h'lin lo come lo the paratively Mii.ill oinliiy of money. We may prefer iamb chops, bull - . they cost mncli more Ihaii l!wi . k lo ''''cuts ih» maltfi-. but same aniouiu ol meat luken from i thrit '"-' i (lf «--i':l, Ihe breast or shoulder. '.' : ~~' ,' — Jiotiiwi.s ni l.iinb Irom the rorcciin-- . Leg oi .lamb ulso Is a delicious jUV siilllcunt for'• its nftdi .TH•and poDiilar ml, bill a .-.mail fauv-'iM-gcr taiuiiv of cours-"vull .,e«i !ily Y .nay fiiul mriiculiy i,, disposliic :nibr,.- in ,,rc|»rilnn to ii, si/e jO£ it .without gi-i>-.iiu s liroil ol it. } \V|K:II ;: . - i :u , u . ^ kfl ;„' U[]l j However, for every leg of lamli.|l"t-'C|-, il ca:i be hoik-J, roiirttd someone must |»irc]i.i<c ami use bwitcd ivi'.!i vcgetnWcs or preiseil thc !or«|unrtors wliiUi tousisl i.t ; '"'i Delved cclil the front legs rind .-^loulrlr-r:;. f-'il in pim-.s, Iri-jh -sfciv, fr!c- Each quarter weighs from six ; flf " S( ' e Qf Iaml) - caostirolc of.' lamb i to nine po<i:i<is, but the butcher' ""^ ' nin * ) ' llth cnity are sure lo ] will b<. sloci- to cut it in such sta-d l)f llkcii , poi-liuis aj his ciiswvcr ivnnt', "hen the mtr.t .mil bcne are : There is little uitleience in tlir- : <-'« a ''n'<:(l before cooking, .wvcra: lJ;icent:,ge .of bor.e and ivasle in fl ' l:11 * i "l! tishcs may bo cc.-jcooic: 1 the f:r((inarter and in th c chops ' Ih(! |licccs of cl c ; »' meal can b anil the price usually is consider- I ;oulld =<) thin—-Trenched." Tlu-i: - nl e broiled and i,crml with m!nt- Killy Evclh- sup;rslilious and plays Ihe arconlion. BV IMX TKOJUS .N'J:.% Service H'riter HOLLYWOOD. -J There : lie looked like. Bui T am lold that i f cim B great deal like hir.i in re- is a I spect.-;. He was an expert with •oiinn Wonil iiwo In- Hie niimc ol ! ^'h the accordion and harmonica, IM.IV Kelk. O.- u-.p.vbc she isn'ti 50 l - 11 " learning to play the ac-o voon; :vc fion't kr.ou-. -lint rhe' eordion '•stiem'-ly liwcrtstiin, Peiliai:-. yroi nirc.idr /isvc he'r! hnve lne ll °-" of Kitty. NO? Well, yon will ; A,ny K p. very detsrmii.-cd yomi becni.-se I '. ccr isiue of the "FarmerE' Bullstln" sufgesisi "The meal, may bj liuclv itrcun-.l, M-lilcIi will divide Ihe con'| neclive tits'.in line small pieces, cr ;thc may IK? sfannircu In wale, for several hov.vs, by which j.-.-caJis tl;c connective tifsiie v.i!I I be gelatinized and 'soUcncrt. yet t):s meat il.wjf -,ii!) not be boilr-il i'y pi-.'L-eb." In fohV.vinn liie ei;?- £i'Sl on iT^iivlfn:; .siin.-iierinj, it's ;:r.],i!-t,i!it 10 keep the tempcr.i- jt'i-i: at this HDiin during iii e irtioli- c. n'f..r.r. process: By scj;arii!ing the Hicat, to;:i.. iuu; fa:, esch oti» can bo- used :;, jtii;-.s:iiase. The meat can he p:i: hl.raigh the feed chooser r:-r«iy for attractive chopped "steaks." uie tone may bt used for brcth and Ihc fat can i-Sfily tried oul. \'::ii'.'ty in clithis mnd;, -.vim tin- ll the meat is chopped, i' cat- be made Into cakes like Ilnmbiir .'leaks ai;ci !u-olled or fried The bone can be boiled to make oral: --r f.ork. Jl the m;at v,it'll VCK- ftaulcs and rice is r.ticle:l lo Ihi- trolh, a noaiis!iiiij; dish known IL- Scotch Broth is niii:!,;. Chopjji'd lamb coinbln'j:! v.itj cracker cr:;n-,l>n e;i : ! c gi-s rna'.-c-, :• clflretahli' meat Jc-rff. "srrv3d"iviti! f-iRnic-a pia'. it vlui nilh l.iiul Limps for jKjpuir.rity. Tfmnu rnu-'y ^Inm 15REAKPAST - Hai:ed kinartas ctrtal ccokcd w::li date., cri.1:-) '-:oil?d bacon, tiisp [MM. marm'n- -"<le, milk, collet. LUNCHEON - Oyster sjcv Backers, ituffcci ; iist-u iLT moin ' ---«>«-.« celery, tapioca be chopped and c/ ™<> puncilng. grape juice. DINNER _ Frlcnuce of Lamb mashed b:c.s i n orai:.., • S nm"MViin»"r '"-i'- i'- "i ,'", IC " v 't : -i5rier ol i.-.mb ofltn m.iv b- ;'" icc ' J0j "- [i ">:"a!o .^'.ad. c!iuco- : 5 u Om3thmg he nav,- hs-il to jnccraiplishcd by iish,, M;i ; abi , ^ Pic. uiiik. to-:,,.. . . . issuers and other acciunnhiuir.e if II-was because of her voice lhat ^rl^l^,^ V nK " tl: l'.. .' :,... , ,_. _ ,. . ,. _. . __ ,y i *>•*- nutt i(ne varuij ol Isus si> • v : , . ' '-I'M* LJI i-iisii;.:, [tintln >\<.\n T -':!",'...., ."["••••••'t-ar.lT of l.-.mb ofnTn m.iv , . — — •• •'*•• tint, un a — — j bed—or let anycno alse do it And ! come to Hollywood. I hoped t" Iheif is only one thing that sets' Ect Into pictures but If I w.i.-n't her "goal." Thai is to be called successful I could rclurn lo New Kelly. Keily is nil right as 3 s i lr . Vork nnd yegard (lie Irip as a name, .--ha says, but Kitty t:; j- J5 t granrt varatlan." a? easy lo .sny and tlicre is tv . I Tlial "vacation" (rip iva 1 reason why anyone should call her U S'car ago nnd Kitty still ' Ctll >'- j foiiutl time for a return trip tn;| * i Manhattan. Amont! her accomplishments j • aside from acting, arc \vriling, Oxford Orad Rets F,\a . n.riyin? an accordion and singing. I PATNA, India, (UP)— Amal OK- j "I like lo write bill I do It r\r»K- w-nmi n arT/tii-^A o f Bailie! <i for my own amusement." Kitty Oxford University, is a s,i^-...,. _^^ tfl.d me. "Poetry is my favorile here to demonstrate the dignity o! , " tlsb: "''is^r~ F 7r.,,.,, ri,,VJ!^L ™ a "S rlhtn S, labor '° Indian uncmployjd. f LECCK. Italv ,rm, o ' " , U C "" t0 ' my f^nds. — i-arl. C2. man-ic,i f™- ,V m", Oi °-i As , far ns V U ? ccordl ™ 80«. I Chicago Haircnl Prices Cul ^-^-H^^Z^rr ° >ltor "•nffl^^.^r.^ -^•^ ^'^^^^ rr r^ : ^^T«ss £ s,s a s o'u.v . W w i ^^\l%&?l^? gm * » «" lon "•••' FRESH JERSEY MILCH COWS For Sale or Trade At I hi- .). 11. Honey Harn 21(i Nnrlh First' Si. Highf ill & Doan Mule Co. Trailor Chryslpi- Citlts Scrvlrc Coca Coin r.'oiiiiiHja al niiliinn Ciitir-nil Klcc-irlc Ui'nenil Molurs Moiitaoini.-ry Wnvit New York Cenlriil I'.ickant lUulln Corp Kiitimons Standanl o( N, J '!>xus Corp U. S. Hlctl >» 1-lMuy .'.' 11 ! .In! ... KID i on .. . '•• :| - !i .' Oir ... «"'"'-It Jan .. -' 1"! Klldls • 'I l-2,clulr:a 1 i-a 71!) 7:ui 1.VI nti'i 017 "Jii iia . and 73li in iin- ; : lirSTCIllC SPOT M,\I)B PAKK [• CIUMI'OEO PAKK, Ore.,' (UP) ": --OIKC th,- .sccr.v ul ihe 'nicclin:;.. Ml.'iil clt-cldcd Ori'aoil'« , entrance • |.lnio Hie Union, und "now n stun i.jilirk, Cliti!ii|:(!c-ir Piirfc liccomino- jt'ainl 51,1111 cnr.s'und tin cMlmaluil " I 13S.OM vWlor* during iraii-. Sl.llli; CIIAN(il-,r, l,AKB WALLS .CRATKU tAICK NATIONAL"' IVAIIK, .Ore.,- (U}>>.-TI»--fimillltu : '." : ronlmir ot Ci'ater Uikc's 1,000:„__!_• .•':•. •''.'.•', ii'pil ivnlls Ims been cliungcd by n !?:!! A'wtffMiffiHsC^.: CJt/wwt'whft,-™ 1 " . } Jan .'':'. I1OSTON, Maw.. ilTl'i—The I'lfi; , >W > of the Int.-, jr-Mimc Stni;i.-).i. famirl!i-^ '' .-.itrers, Is the bnris n[ a new play ' y r .'-.." wiltten by John Moiuaauc-.. ul' Uci)-!v fiiooklino, formerly u;,soi;l:iieil with ' Jan. •» <.UD— Open llluli Low cios/s l , ftl Wotils, Ilia'trleal Wiuhtr Brothers arc iv )j .i.c'chiii'i .vreeii rl^hiu. .. CCO . C81 . ••••KS1 . 713 in C5Q C« U8I ll'.n,- 71-1 imxlucri 1 . .'chiilitc'il sil ooi . 078 111 121) mid olf L"larn:l(l , r«:6ntly. IK liil Illl- I ! "KJNf! AT SCOTLAND VAIUV 1 ,. ClUIl-Ul-'ORD. Ena.^-fUt') — An cnvi-'oiic addressed lo' thc '. "Klti|j ut ' aio'li'iitl Yiird," 1 und conluln- , itii! u ten pndiiil 'liole. 1 - was 1 lotind jhy tlifc'^till: of- Miw 'Jalie Ficcl. iwho'ic l»ily '-v:o(f found -fin l«r ' hnuse'receilliy. ••• • -; • i ; itnid Courier tinvt '.Vnut Aili. 'I'hc .canli li nt, te-.iit - tv.-o nui'l 'KiilUim yrmrs nltl. .11 Nu 1! .:iar'ch lommMlec i-(,tlrnnlc-- Trees thai lino $--.-nmc- Oeriiiiin Ihlvhv.nys lima bash? pnltilert.'Wltli., ;):HIII!M -uf plinsphcircEcenl >|>nint. TO," ilhe/ will ((low ut iii^hl lo wnrn-- '.iiiitorr.oblle Irnlflc. •-• • " Performance-thrills you've mever had in §siy low-priced car 03 to 70 miles nn hour . . 0 to 35 miles an hour hi (5.7 seconds . . Silent Syncro-Mcsli ^car- shift ,. Simplified Free Wheeling.. Unsurpassed smoothness and quietness . . 60 Horsepower mint ttrirr llir n,-\v ( iliri rn- Ui n|>|iirriulr Iln- many T;il.r il 1,11 lln- i-lrri-1, coiillrf-li' ivilii t.llirr rnrfiiilr.'Cic-— .i,:i/iiniNTf limit uhal il inraus In in-. I'ti.h- fr,,-ii ^l M.lil>l:till In »."• mil, s .111 dour in t, --. llun ^,-vrn i-rcii[ii!<! ffmn ,^,1 ^oitir li.ii{: t-ln'lfli nf hi^liv«;iy nnrl n|u n |]i,. Ihriitir,- hi lli.- limit —.-lint c\|iTii-|ni. llir Lr.-ii jri) i.f .1 i-.ji F |u r.l u-illiuul Kn-s-s .ir jlr.iin. '1'rjvr! «-\.-r lli-- rrni^ nni] rriir Iviiniv — ami li'jrn ll.c jiU.inla-i- ,>l'ii s n,'i, »labi- lirnl iVfiil mil. linn lln: car lliToufrlimil it.^ fill I rjnjie Ilic |i!.M-n nii-.T r|ui. In,Then, lr f -|x-i-il .in-] (M.ivrr— ami - of I'lii-vnJi-lV new Mii'"'llmr-, -. tl.,- lliril! nf Free \Mi«lin S _ o f ^' KM mnnii-rilum in n niii.lcrn anil i[nirll). Ami fiv-illy, rliangr Wk lo con- .Mr, iinil try "liifliiip tc.ira willi lliu r.iMV. iiMi ibfliiuj:. quirt SyiH-rn.Mitli tranj- nii-<>i<iii — wlilrii i* .'\.lu-iic in Clicvroli-t in (lirWcMiirirrfitM. -NVvfr II.-IH lln- .ii-iiia) Driving of .1 Clicvrnlet Si^ nic.inl 6i> nnicli n» i I ilrw-. imla). Tonic into our fhuurnfiiiis—Hiihciiil <Mj)-. Try mil ilie Cn-.-il AiiK-rN-aH Yalur f,>r mi. F.uler, litrlirr. tiuiMliiT lluin errr —P.I-UT In lianilk .mil ujntrul — it (jivi-j '|vrfiiriH3tn.c-llirillj yuii\o ntvcr li.ul in nay Imv.pricoit carl MEW CHEVROLET SIX THE GREAT AMERICAN VALUE FOR 1932 sr.i-: Yoi'it DI:AI.I:K DULOW w. i. mm offiVRoiiT COMPANY Illylheville, Ark.

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