Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 7, 1957 · 14
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Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · 14

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1957
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1 44 HTTSBUR6H SUN-TEH6RAPH SATURDAY, SEPT. 7. 1157 OW Bucs' Fame Revived By Fans A noted wit Is reported to have philosophized somewhat in this vein: "Fame is a passing thing ... but for baseball players and race horses, it passes a little faster." That may be true for horses. But Sun-Telegraph readers are having fun proving , it isn t true for the "Pirates of the Past." They are working to prove the fame of the Pirates pictured each day in The Sun-Telegraph through Sept. 13 still lasts. THERE'S A REASON for the interest Spotting the cor 3 Minutes A Day Bt FATHER KELLER Only three per cent of young American girls in the 11 to 18 age bracket want to be housewives, according to a recent nationwide survey. But this is not as bad as it sounds. Ninety-four said they planned to marry "some day." The vast majority of these teenagers are good, normal, sensible individuals. But they shouldn't let anything distract them from fitting themselves adequately for the great privilege of being homemakers of the future. Girls who start in their early teens to develop ability in running a home and managing a family usually find that this wise Investment pays rich dividends during married life. Young people who take such a long-range view as this bring a special blessing of God upon themselves as well as upon their future husbands and families. For them the founding of a home becomes the noblest objective of their lives. And in doing this they make a significant contribution to the peace of the world. Teach me, Lord,' to pre. pare wisely for tomorrow, (Reletied kr Thi 111 Syndicate lac.) SW Father Keller's Chris-Uiphar sermon Sundays at 11 p. m. cm KQV. rect identity of the 15 players to be pictured will be worth a share of $4,500 in prizes put up by The Sun-Telegraph and the Pittsburgh Baseball Club. The contestant correctly identifying the greatest num- ; ber will receive a 1937 Pontiac Chieftain from the Metropolitan dealers. Second prize is a -reserved seat for all of next year's Pirate home games. And third prize is an RCA portable TV set. "THERE'S A BONUS orize of a trip for two to Fort Myers, Fia. for the first of the toD winners to be at Forbes Field Sept. 22 when the contest win ners are announced. - : Attendance isn't reauired for the winners, but Sept. 22 is a good day to be there. It is also Pirate Prize Day. Thousands or dollars worth of merchandise will be given away to spectators watching the Pirates' final home game. ,The Fort Myers trip will be made next year when the Pi rates are in spring training mere. TIES WILL BE BROKEN I .' I if ' i : ' ' , I : ' (: A S KNOW HIM? This is Pirate of the Past No. 7. He Mas from Carnegie and Has known as the "Flying Dutchman." by placing the names of the tieing contestants in a hopper and drawing winners at the end of the Sept. 22 game. Now if you can name Pirate of the Past No. 7. His picture is published here. Hold your entry until the last of the pictures is published Sept. 15. Act Now To Get SS Benefits By RAY HENRY FROM MRS. D. K.: "My husband is 44 but has been disabled since 1952. He didn't know until recently about the 'wage freeze' For You tlhatv7uld . keep his bene- Speurily fits from being lowered when he becomes eligible for Social Security disability payments at age 50. Can he still apply for it? If your "husband applies be-j fore June 30, 1958, the freeze Will be applied to his earnings record back to the date of his disability. Thus his payments at 50 will be the same as they would be if he had continued working at the same wage until 65. If he applies after next June 30, the freeze can be applied only to the preceding year. From M. D.: "My sister, a native of England, lived In this country for over 12 years before returning there. During most of her time in the United States she worked under Social Security. She is now 62 and believes herself eligible for Social Security payments even though residing outside the country. Can she apply for payments without coming here? Through whom?" Your sister appears eligible and may apply for payments without returning here. She can apply through any U. S. consulate in England. VETERANS' FRIEND School Deadline Strict By KENNETH SPEER I An East End veteran writes; he had requested an additional dependency allotment on his disability compensation check from the VA. He was told to submit evidence of the birth of his child and he asks what kind of evidence? A. You s"hould send a cert-tied copy or an abstract of the public record of the birth of the child, or a certified copy of a baptismal certificate. Or you can take the original birth certificate to VA for their examination. Q. I am a Korea Veteran eligible for GI training. I recently returned to active duty, and as a result will be SUN-TELEGRAPH PIRATES OF THE PAST Save this form for identifying the 15 Pirate players. DO NOT SEND ENTRIES until you have completed the entire set along with the official entry blank which will appear Sunday, Sept. 15. Pirates of the past are: i.. ........ 9 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 7 15., 8. ......... FromA.VV.W.: "From about 1925 through the 1940s I was in business for myself and paid Social Security taxes on my employes. (I had a small factory). Early in 1950 I suffered a coronary thrombosis and have been unemployed since. Is there any provision in the law that- would allow me to collect Social Security?" No. Self-employed persons were not covered by the law before Jan. 1, 1951. None of your work before that time was covered, and the tax you paid on your employes' wages does not entitle you to benefits. Vou may write Ray Henry in care of the Sun-Telegraph, Pittsburgh SO, Pa., about your own Social Security or retirement problem. Please enclose a stamped, telf-addressed envelope and 25 cents in coin, t ( P Nrwsrnture) unable to start training when: my starting deadline arrives. Could the deadline, be postponed in my case? A, No. Under the law, vet erans must begin Korean GI training before their deadline, which Is three years from date of discharge. There are no exceptions. Q. How do I go about changing the beneficiaries on my GI Insurance policy? A. Get a "Change of Bene-' ficiary" form at any VA office. Fill it out, sign it and send it to the VA district office where you pay your premiums. In your case, this Is probably Philadelphia. Or you may simply write the district office a letter listing your beneficiaries. In writing, be sure to give your full name, address and insurance policy number. Under law, you should name more than one beneficiary. Q. I understand that a disabled Korea veteran continues to receive subsistence payments for two months after he has been declared rehabilitated. What if he stops training before he is com pletely rehabilitated? Will he also get subsistence payments for two months afterwards. A. No. The extra subsist ence payments are made only after rehabilitation has been eomDleted. They will not ba made if a veteran stops train ing before his rehabilitation ends. Q. In 1937 I was rated as totally disabled and that continued until 1944 when 1 re-rplved a new ratine of "perma nent total," all of which la service-connected. Does this period of time from 1937 oualifv me for that 20-year period when I would be declared disaoiea ior we, or does the period start from 1944? A. Your 20 year period would have to start, in 1944 because that is the year when the law on life disability went into effect. Prodigy Plays Like Master By T. M. CHERINGTON Chess Editor, Robert Fischer, 14-year-old prodigy who has dominated American chess in recent months by win-World . ning several Of Chess tournament has done it again. He captured top position in the New Jersey State Open, scoring We do not believe his record ever has been duplicated. This incredible performance will win for him nq less than a masters rating. It is all the more challeng-1 Piumber 199 i i i " i '"t -i 1 1 - i " " , & :T - : 0 ; of the Swiss System type equal scores are matched for each round. Under this method, the winner has, with the exception of the first two games, only the toughest opposition to play. SWISS SYSTEM tourneys cannot be won by a series of draws. It is necessary to take and hold the initiative from the start. In round-robin play, draws and wins are scored equally against strong or cas- White to play and mate in ual opposition. three moves. The attrition leaders among the Swiss keeps in the ing for the tourneys he has them under high tension as won in rapid succession were 'they eliminate each other with- Marriage, Divorce Applications MARRIAGE APPLICATIONS MAsro-BROWN, touli S., Bridievlllt; Roberta Cuddy. TOKARCZVh-Jl NtjI.ING, B t r n rrl T, 1404 HllliDoro St.; Join I., 1406 Hillibora St. Utt-dade: Clyde, in Klrltpatrice St.; join, a 048 Tuiitn St, BAPACH-OOLDSTBOM, Paul B 1S In- arpNiarnce ur ciairton; Leon M., 219 Fifth St., Illiarjeta, STUVENS-MflGH, Julliu, J44 landlei St.: El-annr K.. 233n Hftlvnka At. MANZO-JONKS, Anthony J Wllmerdlnri Banara juw cimwooa ml., Mon- ropvtllr. HARDAt'RK-KOF.FKE, Philip A.. JollCt. 111.; Comti.net M.. 44 Terraceview Dr. HARRIS-SIMON, Jark, 5718 Hobart St.: Rose. 117 Chestfrflrlii Rrt BARNK-WFATIIFRSRV, Burton v.. Charleston, 111.; Vlritnla L., 4 IS Old Farm Rd.. Mt. Lebanon. FOMRRINK-MGAS, Howard K., IStT Earlham St.; Jnan g., 3024 Mary St. WAliNFR-PRANATIS, Oaorire E. Jr., Fret-to, Pa.; Shirley. Boa R2. Presto, Pa. SfOTT-MOSTOI-LKR. Mlrhael B. 304 Annwanrla Ave.. Mt. Lebanon; Jean C, 1 1 3 Murravhlll ve BERO-I.OHFRT, David T., 50B S. Home Ave., Avaion; ciaira 7549 Rosemary Pd. HAI.I..ROt'F. Leonard, 13 Shlpton St.; 184 9 Mnnatt PI. OLSON-PFRCIVAL. Charlet A , 197 Lawrence Ave., Munhall; Marilyn M., 37JS Routord St., Munhall. PFRRT-COOK, William B . Sratenahl, O.i Lettle A.. 31 N. Nevtllt ft. AIUN-savini, p,tn ., ill gaphlrt Wv: Rrwe. 311 Taylor Ave. RRFINin-CAlnWKLL, Robert T, 1(118 Eben St.; riolnret C.. 8J7 Tvnflall St, TIMrZT.rOI,l,!!XS. Albert A , 307 Wll- em St , Carneile; Barbara M., Noblei- town, Pa, SLARF.-VAMlZt'RA, Donald A., 1 Elm Way, Sraddoca; Dorothy C, 1504 Grant St., North Braddock. OLFASON-LACET, John V.. South Bend, I Ind,: Maureen, J717 McCandleM St. UiK-BTBINtiKBr, Ronald P., Imperial; Carol K., Imperial. TIIOMAS-MeCLOe:, Thomai, 1814 TuittR St.; Joan. Wjikea-Barrt, Pa. POTTF.B-KING, Thomai McA., 105 Ca- raipa ruoeo jta.; Dlint I., 1415 Beechwood Plvrt TOMASIC-PHILLIFK, Donald ., OSS rnuuaa uariartt 1515 Holt St. FAPSON-ATIWELt, CeorM 41 St. c-'.air Ave., ciairton; Barbara A., 164 Jeftemon Dr.. riairtnn MONAttHAN-BAf.LAS, William O, Dtl. queine; Eleanor M 605 S. fifth St., Duoue.ne. BFAM-RRAWDT. Ronald t 54 2(1 pre-danna St Loll A.. 714 vt,a i.. SMITH-BROWN, Donald L., 4914 Jordan way; i.inna. BIB7 Broad St. Rlf STF.R-MAX, Heraldo, 5334 MrKeen- port Dr , Raldwln Townahlp; Elvira, 321 Verna Dr., Mlllvale. FARKAR-WHA1.FV, Norbert t. , 14? Bellalre pi.; Suranne. 332 Jllrunda St PFRrY-TR Al'TMAN, Charlet C... 55 Creenbrlar Dr.: Vera M CoroapoMj. MOKFNO KRIVJAMK, Frank J., 222 Comrle Ave., Brarldook: Mary Loi), 2B03 Bmddork Ave., Swlnvale. RITCIIFY-CFCFRE, Fred W., 7707 Went- moreland Ave.; Barbara, J12 Milton St. FATAKf.ROPAR, Andrew, McKeMport; rafherine R,, McKeeaport. MrRAT-NORMIIF. John K., 5920 VneVatl Ave.: Kay Franrei, 547 Dewalt Dr. MFRLINO-HORTFN, Chtrlei P. 707 Sherwood Dr.- Doreen A., Wetfover. Pa, rRi oos.rooK, Robert I... EUhty-Four, Pa : Ivy T,, 51H1 Oiry Hit. HFRRINGTON-SWirVrKI, H w r ., 729 Melton St.; Ivelyn, 3924 Bnk-llle Ave. BIFHM-WALSH, Albert H. Jr., 1305 cn,r,iBi. st- .tudiih. ln Iiland St. UNITAS-MrCROBV, William V. Jr., 2413 Barort 81.; liertruat ui wn.ii- DAMit.LS-SAXTOV, Ludwl Jr., Ruuell- ton: Mary. Brackenrlflae. fa. . . Mr ROBFRTH-MA7.7.A, R. Duana, Oakdlle, Pa.; Anna Margaret, 317 uenniaion Air- HF.ATH-FI.TIOWNET, Brian J, Lincoln, Neb.: Maruaret Roe. 5255 Wllklm Avt. BARIINE-STKLH TO, Carlo J., 584 Fllt- wortb. Ave.; Mary c., 11 aiwen Wa IIMMONS-FBIEI., Ttohart W. Jr., Glea-ahew: Mary Anne, I. McKeenport. OORSKI-WINKOWSKI, Bernard V., Mt. Oliver; Dolorea M 3507 So. 18th St. Kxt. MAI.TONT-MOORF. Jack, Olnton, Pa.; Marearet. Coraoooll. HOI.ZAPFFI.-MrGRATH, Paul 1., S903 Brentwood Ave.; Margaret T., 1593 Prkllne Dr. ADAMS-BRI TO, Mark P., Lou Amtelet, rl : ArfnlMrte M . 901 Rldje Ave. BFRSANI-Rl'RKO, Mario A . 222 Johna- ton Ave.; Eleanor J., 133 Johniton Ave. DIVORCE SOTS FILED CRFSF., Andrew agalnut Kathryn L, BONI, Donald T, analnst Carmella 3. MI FI.I.FB, Herbert E. afialnat June 15. (iORItlti, nreitory P. L. asalnut Hedwlf, KI.FIV. Eleanor K. acalnit Reorat B. HKCRF.li, Robert ajainit Dorothy. FII.FR. Sarah A. aaalnat Lloyd 3. SCHI MANN. I.evinia C. asainit Richard. Del. CCA, Claudia asulntt Joaeph A. Jr. ANOF.RRON, Ralph atalmt Annabellt. DIVORCE GRANTED 8HFRNA, Maryann from Anthony. DIVORCE REFLSED Jt'NRFR, Waller H. V""" Cracey. out the chance to relax In an easy game. Fischer has no compunction against putting his reputation on the line to offer himself as a target in tourney after tourney. He has the capacity, the will and the energy to win. Sam Reshevsky leads Don Eyrne 2V4-l,i in their match at the Manhattan Chess Club. Several adjourned games are yet to be finished. IX TAXKTOV, S. D Hani Berliner won the Champion of Champions tourney on the medium tie-break against Cui t Brasket Herman Hesse wnn the Paul Morphy Memorial match played in the same ciiy at the same time. Mrs. Gisela Gresser, U. S. Women's champion and Mrs. Jacqueline Piatagorsky will represent America in the Vera Menchik Cup matches at Em-men, Netherlands on Sept. 21. Teams from 13 nations will compete. The Russians won the European Team championship at Vienna, scoring 41 points. Second was Yugoslavia with 31 points, third Czechoslovakia with 25, and fourth West Germany with 21. Solution to number 198 Is Knight to Bishop five. IL Hosey Davis composed 199, a three mover. The White side is armed with Royal Battery, Bishop, Knight and Fawn. Black King Is defended by a Knight. 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