Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 28, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1896
Page 6
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No coupons exchanged after July I , IQ97. "It's a Good Thing. Push It Along." Why buy a newspaper unless you p can profit by the expense? For 5 ^ cents you can get almost as much "BATTLE AX" as you can of other hi^h grade brands for 10 cents. Here's news that will repay you for I the cost of your newspaper to-day. Dfcay of Kloiberloy. Some idea cvf '-he dct-ny of Kirnberley, Africu, in recent yc-ara may be gathered from a statistical (able included in the .mayor of Kimberley's recent annual report. The hiphwnter mark of ths town's prosperity, in so far as it was reflected iu inunJciptil finance, waa reached about JSDO, -\vhen the value of property in the borough was cissessed at $7,500,000. Since that time Dia- mondopplis lias boen gradually slip- ptop down hill nnd ite property.ls now nt $3,700.000. • . Three D»yi of flraoo, Lo Figaro publishes this story, the truth of which is vouched for: 1'he mayor of a town, just elected to this office, had been .for many years a juaffe nnd had recently tied the first nupUul l<not in his new office. .W>eu closing the ordinary service he wound -up by nddrcsKinp the newly-married couple ns follows: "You are now united is. mar- ria"o by law. ' You have three days 'grace in which you mny appeal againsj this sentence." - ' Died in Prlnun. JefEcrsonville, Ind., July 27— Frank Bruce, a noted diamond thief and safe blower, sent from Terre Haute three years a?o to serve six years' imprisonment for cracking' the safe of Lehman <t Co., died at the southern prison Sunday after lingering lor 1'J months with consumption. _ Died br Kilting Schmlorkaesc» Frankfort,- Ind., July 27.-J. W. Merchant and family, consisting of five persons, ;yere poisonefl here by eating "gchmierkacse." Ada, the ten-year-old daughter, di»jd in terrible agony, but the remainder of the family, while dan- ly sick, Will probably recover. ' fanned Away. La Porte, Ind., July 27.— Washington Wison, senior member of the fiVm of \Vilson & Co;, died at .his home in this city Sunday aged 07- years. He was oue of La Forte's leading citizens and had 'been engaged in .the lumber, and coal business for over 30 years. Socialist Trade . Congress with a Fight, Anarchists Denied Admission, and They Attempt to Capture the Meeting by Force. London, July .27.—Tim fourth international socialist trade congress opened i.u this city Monday, SOD rk-legates from nil parts of Europe and from the United States, 'Australia <iud the Argentine Republic being present. Among the delegates lire 100 representatives ot JJritish trade unions. Among the Amei- icun'delegates arc Luciiin Saniiil, of the Socialist Trade nnd Labor alliance; Matthew Miiguiru. who represents the sockilist-lnbor purty of New Jursuy; 1-1. -Itestold, who represents the browery . employes, nnd M. Dalski. Among the French deletes are rcprcsentjitivusof the Bourses"tin Travail of 'Paris, Lyons, Saint Ktie'r.ne ami other industrial centers, u i ul-'the Federation ol Syndicates. v Thc Herman delegates inoluili; two inc-mbiM-s of 1'lie reichstng. If, is expected tlint tin- congress will bi; more hn]ior1:int. tlian thos.i.- liclrt in pin-is in-lSSO, in Brussels in-lSUl i;nd in Xui'k-li in .1.303. The chair was oecupinl by Mr. C'owev, :i NorMiiiinlierlaiii.! i:iiner, who made' a spiifeh v.-i-lconiiiifv !h«' foruign ileK-'Lik's. Upon its cci-.r^ision the rlcU-n'alL'S rose a .'id cherri •; and then sang. I lie "MarseiKaisc," in which the i'.udience joined. Tlie 1-i-nort of I lie soc'.ional mcfttings vns rcaiK A 1 large majority of thn dele- gntt-s vntvrt surahis; I lie admission of anarchists when I 1 !"-' inuslion whether ihcv shoulrl be ri'coiv'.-il sis delegates was mooted in liu: plenary congrc-ss. The anarchists, who were, piwiu. with their c-recU'iitials ::s Irarles unionists, insisted upon Hie right of speaking. A ulsprriii-urnl Seem'. Tlie Knp-IUh and (.ienmin rleU'gatcs ..arnilv reposed their lieing allowed to oir I'lioir views on any subject hi:fpr« the cnr.gix'ss anil clamored for on im-. mediate.' vote on the question of thcii expulsion. A urolongi-d upi-oar fol- 1 h;WL'd, ihc anarchists and their supporters being apparently determined that, they should bu received as dele- Thc chairman's bell was rung fnr several minutes in a vain atli-mpl to xe- iir'i- ordi-r, both sides shouting at onec. Finally the anarchist* tried to storm Line platform and then occurred ;i hioxl tliss-ra<-.ef.iil scene,' Their op- nonenls rallied in front of the pint form and hurled the anarchists back ih fisti- eiill' rnooiintor. 'The delegates ot the British indc- piMiclrnt labor party sided with the anarchists in their efforts to eommar.d recognition. . ' Unilble to Kestore Order. Mr. James Keir Hardie, who formerly n.-prescnt*d the labor party in the house of commons, was conspicuous for his. bawling and hi-s 'personal _ threats against the chairman. It having been found impossible to restore even a seni-- blancc of order, the chairman declared the congress adjourned until Tuesday and ordered the hall to be. cleared. After the adjournment the delegates formed in groups in the street in front of the hull and continued their excited debates for a time. The police, however, did not allow them to talk unmolested, and the groups were continually broken up by orders from the constables who peremptorily ordered them to "move on." THE PLAN APPROVED. Cold Re»crve Will Bo rroteetod—Total Depo»K» Thui Fur, »18,O13,OOO. Xew Vork, July ST.—The deposits of "old nt the subtrensury up to. one o'clock Monday .were $1:70,000, making the total..thus.far deposited $35,015,000. ' The committee o'f .seven appointed to devise a plan for 'the prevention of gold exports presented a complete report to the whole body at a meeting held Monday at the offices of J. F: Morgan & Company. The report was unanimously adopted as effective nnd the plan will be put into operation immediately. A member of the firm of .1. P. Morgan & Company said that there would be no occasion' for n public statement of its details; The special committee was discharged. • Mother Kldn»p« Her Children. Lexington, Ky., July 27,—A sensation was created here Monday morning when it was known that Mrs. Liz7.se Thompson, of Cincinnati, who separated from her husband, Harry B, Thompson, hero, two years ago. hod returned to the city Saturday night and had kidnaped their two children. The children,-Nellie Milton, aged ten, and John B., aged eight years, went to live with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton G, Thompson. !• the Champion Revolver Shot. London, July 27—Mr. Walter Winans, .of Baltimore, who has held for eight consecutive 'years the revolver championship of the South London Eifle club, and lor three consecutive yeors the championship o£ the North London Eifle club, has won the 12 first nnd three second prizes in the Bisley revolver competition, and also the championship for revolver shooting. . . Receiver .for Ingurmuco Compunlcfl. Hammond, Ind., July 27.—In chambers Judge Gillette, ol the Lake circuit court, appointed Peter \V. Meyn receiver for the Merchants' Insurance company of Indiana and for the Washington Insurance company of Indiana. The appointment was made upon application of George B. Sheerer and J.. H. Irish, presidents'of the two companies. . ; Church Burncil. 'Norristowiv Pa., July ST. — Tho .Methodist church at Willow Grove wns destroyed by fire Monday • ,n*>rnlng. How -the flames started is n -mystery.' The building was of stone. Loss, $*».• 000.-'.:' ' ' ', .- '•-'- }•• Sentitor Mantle and Confrrcssmun Hurt* '• Eaun on tho Outlook. Butte, Mont., July ST.- Senator Manlie and Congressman Hart man have arrived here. Both say they support JJryan because he is a bii'netullist, and not because he is a democrat. When the (juestk.'n is settled they will be republicans in all things once more. "While I deplore the fact that the popu- IHts put up another ticket," said Mr. Hartman "yet I think in 30 days there -will be but one bimetallic ticket, in the field. I think Watson will allow his name to bo withdrawn. The ticket from a point ot good politics must be Bryan and Sewall. On second thought Watson and th* men who nominated him must concede this." Mr. Mantle spoke on the same line andsaid: "I regard tho action of placing an in- rX-pendciit ticket in tho field by tho pojni- llnts VBry bad .politics, as the populist party has been crylnt? for tree coimiRC so many vears louder than others. It Is one of their cardinal principles of faith. J believe tho vast majority of the populist party is honest and sincere in the advocacy of bimetallism; consequently I believe Influence will bo brought to bear to get Watson to withdraw." St. Louis, July 27.—-Among the speakers who will take the stump for the pop- v.list ticket will be Sanutar lin'.ler and ex-Chairman Taubeneck. Eugene V. Debs, of Terre Haute, Ind,; Robert Schilling, of Milwaukee; Senator Allen, of Nebraska; Senator Peifer, o£ Kansas; (;X-Gov. Lcwelling, of Kansas; Mrs. Mary Klizabeth Lease, of Kansas; Mrs. Koberts, of. Georgia, and many others, Including COXPV and Car; Browne. Mr. Debs is a. strong supporter of the initiative and referendum. The currency will be the pivot around which the ma- •jority ol! the speeches will revolve,, and the women who will be sent out will make that their special point of attack. ' DISASTROUS FIRE. SlilpyurilH »t Belfsmt, Ireland, .SnRtnln » LOHM of u Million MJil u Qniirtnr Dollars, Belfast, July 27.—The great ship building yards of Harland & Wolff, iu :his city, were the scene of an extensive (.•oufljignition Monday. The full extent of the" ilamagi! clor.» is uot known, but it is bi-lievi-.d 'it \>'ili be heavy. The iirm uerc the builders oE several of 'he best known of the: trans-Atlantic steamers. Thc.yanls, with the marine eiigineer- ••n"- works attached, cover an area, of nearly SO acres. The firm employed upward of S.OOO hands, and the compulsory idleness of a large number of them will ciiusc much,inconvenience, if not suffering, among the families. The yards were'on the udmiralty list as suitable for building vessels for the royal navy. The fire began early Monday morning ir, the engine fitting department, and as a high wind was blowing, the flames spreadViipidly, despite the efforts of the loeal firemen, who were greatly assisted in their work by the employes of the vards. The fire was communicated to the buildings in the .shipyards of Workman. Clark & Co., adjoining Harland it Wolff's. The buildings, in both yards, which were mostly huge wooden structures, were destroyed. An immense quantity of valuable machinery liclon'nnsr to vessels now in theconrseof hnishW at the yards was ruined, na were also the tools and machinery belonging- to the various shops. A con- nM-vntive estimate of the loss is $1,250,HOO. UlB Corn Crop In Oklahoma. TCI Tteno. O. T.. July 27. — Corn this year in Oklahoma will be so plentiful that it probably will not bring more than eight cents a bushel. Aside from a few districts, where the crop was in- iurcd by hail, nn unprecedented yield is reported, and it is thought that there will be a surplus of almost half a million b'.ishels_m the territory to ship. Rapid Eating 1 . There is n prevalent idea that slow eating, is favorable to digestion, but this is : often fallacious. The important point is not that we cat slowly or eat fast, but' that when ivo do eat we chew with energy. Of course, vhere • the haste ia due to some mental anxiety, this may injuriously inhibit the secretions. Slow eating begets a habit of simply mumbling the ; fobd withnt really masticating 1 it, while the hurried eatex is inclined to swallow his food before proper mastication. Hence hurried eating is. bad, but rapid mastication may be advantageous.- It concentrates our energies on the act In question, and hence more thoroughly accomplishes it. Moreover, energetic chewing stimulates the secretion, of saliva in the most favorable manner. —N. Y. Ledger. PoJItthlnr; Cloths. Polishiug-cloths similar to those used by jewelers for rubbing silver are made by boilingsoftcotton cloths in an ounce of hartshorn powder mixed with a pint of sweet milk. Boil five minutes, pass through a wringer, and dry quickly before the fire, or dip quickly in cold water to partly cool, and then wring out with the hand. These cloths may be used to wipe silver daily after it is .washed and dried.—N. Y. Post. —The dahlia is indicative of eternal affection. The idea is said to have originated with, a London gardener early, in this century, who, having a large stock, recommended the flowers aa proper to be used on funeral occasions. How are Your Kidneys? \Does Your Back Ache? ro Make the kid-', S ney» strong ' 'the blood. HuKby Kidney* make' i pure blood. i ' Dr. Hobb« Spingu Kldn«y PIIH I cure Rheumatism.- flout, Eczema, i AneeniU, Plmpl", Bad Blood, Bright', t. DI«nK. Milnrla. Backache, Kidney ( Palm, Drop.iv, Pain In the Abdomen, » Frequent Urination, Inflammation of | Kldn«y«, etc. Endorsed by Phyil. | clana and DrugRlsta. 50 cents a box. ( Sample Pills and Valuable Book free. t uou» Rnitdr a* citato "a »•« I^MIHO. I ( For Salo in LOGANSFORT, IND., by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. and John F. Coolson, 304 Markgt'St. Totcrun of til* Diamond and Ul« Friend the Fisherman. "Oh, yes, I played in those days, Base- UU) was baseball then," and the.old geu- tlvman sigliwl over what In- evidently regarded as the decadence of tlie great natio'nal game, "Now they get nine men together and make a machine of ihcm. Tlie wholp tluiig ia noUmig-moracrlcss than animated mechanism.- Then we had a live ball, uml I used to swing a hickory bat pretty nearly as loug as a i-al<u haii'.'.Jc. You can imtigine what canic off when I made ahit..' The crowd would hear something like tt shriek of a elicll nnd tlie.n the umpire would toss out a new boll while I chased t\vo or three runs in ahead of n>c. ".Vow, just to illustrn-te," and the re- tircil veteran of the diamond began making a diagram while his hearers grouped about him. "Here's where we jikiyeil at'New Castle IV., wiih the old Niwhannocks. Charlie Eeunctt was witchfng. Here'runs the Ohio river, way to the rear of the grounds, which !ny open to the high bluils which mark the bank. Now. Bennett wos doing some mighty batting, and a fellow from a college, niue was giving him a tight race. Each one of them rolled a ball over the bluff and I began to fear for my Innrels. Lilt the third lime up 1 saw oiifj coming that just, suited. I settled well on rny feet, concentrated all my strength for one supreme effort, svuug- old hickory, and when that ball quit going it struck w.iti.-:- half way across tlie river. Why, they stopped the game 1o try and tal<o -measurements, while professional managers were nffei-ing me nil kinds oT money. I was t.be huro of the hour, the k'Ujj- of batters, Hie— hello, there. Jiiclki.i; delighted to see 3 r ou. It's move than £0 years—" "Yes, the last tiiuo \ve met was at. the pime ^'OlJ justiJi-'tieribcd.* 1 Tim old g-ei:'Jc);:n.n turucd o. little; white about the moutli, but r;i)iied with infinite gcucraJs'iiip. "Yes, of. course, you were there, and it was a day of mir- uclc-s, for you wt-nt do\vn to the river r.,nd eaupf'it a ten-pound bass that was served that night at tJie hotel." What fii=hcrm;ui could resist such a temptation with tlie bfautiful lie all frnn.cd for him? .Tndkin Hushed and inflated with pride. The two jolly rogues went out. together. Before the evening was over that ball had been knocked nearly a ipiartcr of a mile into tbc country beyond the river and that bass was 15 pounds stroiig.~Dct.roit Free Press. SENATOR PETTIGREW RESIGNS. Will >"> I.onir«r Servo on Republican Con- c rc.«loniil Cauipalcn Committee. Washington, July 37.—Se-.iator Pettigrew, of South Dakota, has tendered his resignation :is u member of the republican congressional campaign committee. This action is taken as the result of his having left the St. Louis convention and refusal to further act with his party. He is the only one o£ the bolters who was a member of the coj.n- rnitlee, and its composition will not be otherwise affected as a result of the defection.' A meeting of t,he executive committee will be hold within a few days to select a successor to Senator Pettigrew. now Women Walk. •'How women walk," has recently been the subject of discussion in a Taris journal. According to this authority, the palm must bi: awarded to Frenchwomen. The Englishwoman, it. states, does not walk: she travels. Her liraba appear tr> be moved by the engine of a steamer, nnd her feet have the proportions of an Atlantic liner. THE MABKBSTS. <;ruln, rrov1»lon«, Etc. , FI-OUB-Was quiet, but firmer Price, rTureil- Winter — Patents, J3.40@o.60, "m^hU,. $=.G<m=0: clear, tl50WS.Wj.jec- oiids, fl.90ijf2.o0: low m-ades, $i..j«i-.uo. Snr PR-Patents, J3.S55113.75: strai B hts. «.6fl ffl ^Nak, ;rS '. $110«.2o: low Brades.-W.aO ©1.70: Rod DOIT, Jl.20!?'I.W! By«- $2-W«?2.20. ' WHKAT-Moderaiely active, higher and unsettled. July, STKCf'SPc: Scptenrter, 5S» 4 ffiiCOo: December, COviCi-01%0. . CORN-WMk. No. 2, 2,-%©!7!4c: No. 2 Yellow. 25V.«7.20e; July, 24-y 4 c.- September, •^.'l-Gc- O.iobcr, MSSKi.Ac; December, 2C^ SO%c: May, 2SVi@2S-|«c. ,, OATS— fair tradlnft and unsettled. MX ; eptember, ITJi^IS^o: May. Ijer delivery, ^BARLEY-Old Barley salable ana steady; no demand for new Barley as yet. Thin. "0022C; fair welsht. but oft color, 2=@23c-. Good color, fair to pood weight, «&.*<:; choice to fancy, 30@33c. TvfESS PORK-Markct fairly active and prices lower. Quotations range.! at $3.90® GOO for cash; I3.9SfsC.lO for September; $5,S71i«s6.]M for October, and JG.75&C.97'i for J LARD-Market moderately acthje, and nrices easier Quotations ranped at 33.12V4 ^ i for cash: f3.ir,5?327Vi for Scpttmber; 13 "'"Am 27V. for October: t3.30flW.3iVi for December, and 53.50@3.r,0 for January, BUTTER-Tho market Is ruling quiet, with quotations at lO@Hc.£or creameries and 9®I2c for dairies. IIVU POULTRY — Only moderate demand Turkeys. S@10c: Chickens, 8@S',ic: Spring Ducks, Slavic per pound; Geese, per doxcn, $3.00©5.00. _ New York, July 27. FLOUR— Quiot and steady. WHEAT— No. 2 Red. moderately' active; steady. September, Clv-.'u'Wc : December, > COBN-No. 2 dull, easy. No. 2, 32V4@33V4c; September, 31^@32c; October, 32V«@32Vio. OATS— No 2, dull, firm. State, 24^29c; Western, 22',i(S!29c; September, 22%S'22->ic. BEEF— Steady. Extra Mess, S6.00@7.00. PORK— Qnlct. New Mess, fT.70aiS.25; Old Mess, 57.»<f7>:.73. LAKD— Dull. Steam Rendered, Jo.oO. BUTTJ3R— Moderate demand, steady. Western Dairy. 9<g>12c; Elslns, 15c: Western Creamery, HViS?15c. CHEESE— Quiet and steady. Skims, 20 Sc. ' • ' ' • EGGS— Fair demand, steady. Western. ' ' Livestock. Cliicaso, July 27. CATTLE— Market SfiiJOc higher on' natives, Kansas and westerns steady. Fall- to 31est Beeves, S3.3fliff4.45; Stockera- and Feeders.. K.50fli)3.7tl; Mixed Cows and Bulls, $1.JO®S,50; Texas, J2.304J-3.15. HOOS-Marltct stniidy at SaUirdayo Light. S3.20®3.50: rough P."^ 1 ^! is5: Mixed and.. Butchers', J300| - Heavy Packing and Shipping $2.909 '. .t2.3093.80.'. ai The Advantages of Prepared Mince Meat S should be honestly consid ered by every housewife. It has great advantages, as one trial of NONE SUCH MINCE MEAT prove. You will find that. „ it Is clean—it could not be moro $ so; 1)1:11 it is convenient—always H |!T rciiily mill never spoils on the shelf ;j! ' Unit it Is economical—a 10c. packaRCj make* two large ple"> fruit padding, |' or delicious fruitcake. Get the gen- uiin.—l:ilci; no substitute. _. :xl your luMrcHf, BiuniaC thi* pa- Iti-r, mid wo will Hcnrf you fr*-,> a . iiok.— "Mr>. I'opkiiic'Thankhtfiv- | >i>K," by oni-of tllH n'.onl popujarj • liuinorou^ writer* of the day. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC ..»>. t-TAKE THE-*-*— W MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY -CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers The Orcatent Perfection yet attained In Bo«t Conitruction--Luxurious Equipment, Artltlic F«rn!shlnK. Decoration and Elliclent Service, insuring the highest degree of COflFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. t-ouR THIPS PCB WCCK BCTWCCH Toledo, Detroit /Mackinac perosKEY, : 'THE soc," MARQUETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Picturesque Mackinac and Return. Including Hcal» and Berth.. From Cleveland, *i8; from Tolcdv, $15 i from Detroit, $13.50. EVERY EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting ot Cleveland with Earliest Trains for nil points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit tarf.ll points Worth and Northweit. Sunday TrlpvJuna, July, August and Septembir (Ml. • EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay t Toledo Send for Elustrated Pamphlet. Addrea* A. A, SCHANTZ. •. *. «., D»T»OIT, MICH. [.CO. REV. S. P. KI.OTZ. PASTOR 0. B. CHtTECH. waterioo, Ind., Sept 8, 1896. Pepsin Syrup Co.: • Dear Sir:—I. have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour stomach. I have tried different remedies without much benefit Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pepsin and round that It .benefitted roe. I am convinced that It will do what It Is recommended when taken according to directions. I have taken neariy one bottle and feel like a,different.person. S. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Kecallng. ANTAl-MIDY These tiny Capralesare'mipeSor .to.Balsam of Copaiba,-. ICubebs or Injections and kf CORE IN .48 HOOBS ; the •. same diseases vntnoul ' inconyemence. Sold by aH druggists. Catarrh, H»y Payer. Kill the Catarrh microbe and yon ««• Catarrh. These parasites nest deep In cxTiBRff the tissues and folds ol th» 9 -^ff olfactory membrane, and .-5.. A are difficult to reach and >Uill; but Brazilian Balm will utterly destroy them if used 'persistently as directed. It also'destroy? the Hay Fever germ In • few days. Use full strength, or nearly io, for Hay Fever. Cure permanent. Whv suffer with dyspepsia? Ch*i.; Broome, 850 South 2nd street, Philadel-; phia, aays: "If took" only two montha; for Brmilian Balm to cure me of dya- : pepaia with which I suffered over SO years. Now I have no pain or stomach, cough and can eat anything. Brazilian Balm beat* the world" The teo*t 1* Brazilian Balm kill* the dyspepaU mir Tor people with sore eyes, wttk, watery eyes, and red end inflamed eye»; caused by age, catarrh or otherwise, the Sraztlian Balm is a priceless boon. Put 15 or 20 drops of Balm into * spoonful! of warm water and bathe th» eyes well nlnht and morning.'getting aome of th« Jo"ntion into the eyes. TUo relief and ii.wortll • hundred tjniei tb«

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