The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1932
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT 11932 Valentines Are Sentimental + I've '••• only one : :-.' ipr »endlnp -A, (AHK.) COURIER NFAVS FRIDAY, JANTJAHY 22, 1012 KITCHEN MY SISTHK MAKY NKA Scrvirj Writer There is no gHliiaiylng the fact that proper eating habits have direct bearing on n child's growth health and Tor (his reason the O f ut- It will .solve the (ruining of his appetite most Imjiortanro. rood Hint is tco highly .seasoned .soon develops n taslo and desire for rich flavors nnd children Ixv ronc dUsntlsfied with simple, wholesome foods that promote i One nnd outh iind provide nourishment. [ f>ruiml.itcd serves usually' are' ea't«i In larger quantities and, with sugar, are too rich for Hub children. Baked fruits as apples and bananas, slightly sweetened custards, gelatines, hard cookies not too rich or !>weet, glntjqrlircad, Junket and stewed fruits offer children a variety of desserts that will not develop appetites tor bweels In preference to the staple nourishing foods. A dab of whipped cream on any plain dessert will glorify 11 enough to make it acceptlble for a festive occasion when the family dessert Is not suitable for small nvMnbers. Snow pudding Is very easily .digested ami of much food value. as Imnptlv as fpr whuUi family. problem •said ehl for, Society—Personal ipai!l«d liomelthaL evening by her home, and will visit friends i^A I •sister Miss Belle WIgdor and her'week. 3T1 Jcousln Miss Kc-aa Wnrronker ofi R. L. Gilbert nltendcd Ihc sup- ' • l-:i)!:xik'\i;Vi!a'. wlii will lie Mrs. : per given by Ilio American Legion : K'ihr.s guests thin week. ;»t Carulliersvllle Monday evening i Jo e Jofiee of Mcmplih, TOIIII..J Mr. end Mrs. W. T. Ncthcry, Mr arrived here" Sunday and Is \isll-jand. Mrs. Charles Tralnor and son the I I|U A I dnsscit for an' Invalid tray quite-inoi) .lldrcn H. of the Hayti rued,, p. at Deering, and. Holland Ing.' Those from Haytl were: Mc.ssrs. Statler and C. F. lleignman, Mrs. 11. R. Mastcrson, Misses Ora Kelly, Laverne Foster, Cecilia and Margaret Hageman, Jewell Alsup, Eileen Oats, nnd Gradi Mae Har- iWarcl Snow PuiMlnir one-half tablesiioons W. A. McDonald made a business trip to Memphis Monday. Mrs. Joe Kohn motored 10 Charleitcn Tuesday and vis!', d , Cainaln George Fred Tillcn. old- K?neau antl Me«James , jmc «.],„!<,,., v /as the first resident Uon-lE. Onn Hall and Ed ! to tcnem under the new ruling that Biuute inotcrcd to Cape Girardeau ,, erE011s TO years oi a s c, or older Monday spending th? day. Wlill! !mi , y rc( . elvc [rcc huntiiig and m.-h- Iherc Mrs. Hall receive! medical i <„„ «„„,.., treatment. ing licenses. Slieriiw: Hill. Jic .,.. , „ .. .-- --• Arrested for Wurnilnj Stives :.• jChkm and Ophie ShcpnerJ attend- | LONDON (UTJ-Foiir men and ; ?,J°.. bllslncss ln UIJ"l>'-vllle Wed- ;hvo wonien wcrE pu ._ ;mdcr s $25 peace bond l;ecau;e the} 1 caused an 'This year's bumper erop of valentines promise enough vnrieiy to fit ;iny mood, Among the depression cards are a \voe-bcgone little pup <uppor left) with diamond tear drops In his eyes and tlie caption, "Gee. I ivlsh I had someone to love me." Among l!ie leap-year cnnls Is n ulr! caichlnu a man In » tuUcrfly net (lower right) tmd n flirtatious cat ami mouse uml (u]>i>cr center), nnrt nmoni; the C«IL cards come Ihe Russian one (lower left) and Ihe dojgy cook (below, center). Evrn frlcnilslilp rnnkb • valentines this year Heft center). The valentine (upper right), with (lie jinlclicil heart, says on tlie Inside flap: "J have a lot of love for yon." Barbed Wise Cracks of Recent Years Are Now Out of Fashion 1832 sentimentality of however. Old-fashion- BY JULIA RI.AN'SllARn NEA Sen-let Writer .NEW YOHK.—Hard times have made the world sentimental, If you want to judge things by the 1932 crop of valentines. Peppy jokes and tafWd wisecracks, which refbctcd the pert young modems and delighted nil during the past few years, have lallen Into the minority. There's nothing over-saccharine about tlu valentines, ed .stulfy ones with 1890 love-slcfc gentlemen or ladles mourning in beautiful flower gardens, with n lot of la« as a back-drop, are missing. Fussy effects are out. Let's B* Friends'. The new warmth of feeling shows itself not In Moral but ,in nice, light touclies. For the flrst. time, for Instance, friendship as well as love Is rccomibed as sufficient reason for sending a valentine. Some of the friendship valentines are cross-stitch floral designs, others are line-drawings with cute little verses. Leap year valentines abound. In stead of over-doing it, however, the ftaires usually are in modern dress and thev are funny not nathetlc Girls catching men with buttcrflj Tttts, fishing rods and automobile bumners Elve a line on the light touch of these. Depression valentines are to be •expected this year. And there arc many varieties of them, always kidding the situation n little bit, Puxico Neivs such as one that pictures a couple sitting on n heart that wears n lot '. Midway Notes Frank Liml has returned frou Ihe Dlylhcvllle hospital, where IV was a patient for the ]>nst week. Mrs. E. M. McDonald has re turned ho'.nc aKor visiting h? • mother, Mrs. Annie 1'nrtlow of Hick of patches at'.d carries a line about : man, Ky. having nothing to offer except heliwa lot of love." Being leap-year, cats figure more largely than dogs In nmuy vnlcn- tlns decorations. Tht're arc all kinds of cats pictured, troni silky Persian pussies to Moreover, the leap "M Mrs. Fnmk Liml and chtldre vllllcd Mrs. I5ora Collins of Blylhe vllle Salurday nnd Sunday. E. M. McDonald was In Blylha alley year shows 'itself In some of the cuts motif cards picturing a girl carrying a- ring, vllle on business Tuesday. Miss Winnie V. Tinker visile the Burdctte school Monday. Mrs. L. A. Maxwell has retmi ed hnmo after visiting relatives a Ml. Pleasant, Tom., for the pn. week. with a diamond sparkling alii r,.: ,,.,,, , , ... ready for the man to slip !t on nor 1 „" ls ^ O ^ MRC - i* 01 ", 11 , "' finger without having to buy H. i Dallas Scalllo,,. O. Randolph ai Thr R«J Mtiwr! ! C ' J' fG °»Bhan were in Ulythevil One of [lie cutest cards which Saturday, shows the .Russian Influence is n| Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Davis h»\ Muscovite P»u Cupid holding a b « n visiting Mr. mid Mrs. Dav heart-shaped hornb, with the "t He* Lrucrty for l^e past v/esk thrrat "Yn Iwtler bo my Valcn-j C. P. Pipkin ts visiting at tinesky, before I sec Redsky!" sett. Sam? of the new valentines reflect this modern age of ours bv using metallic papers, silver, gold,' Rank Arrounls (!;iin STOCKHOLM. Sweden. (Ui 1 ) her gelatine, 1-4 cup cold MM ,Children iisunlly like sweet footl.s waler, Icup boiling water 3.4 wl «" 01 '- Mrs id wisely chosen deceits nil an:cii]> snoar, 1-2 cup lemon Juice 3 iporlant place in their dally ill-'egg whiles. :iry. However, very sweet 'd\s-j Snftun uclatin? In cold water for us such as plu and cake lijivcjfivv minutes. Add boiling water Mr. Koli n was accoin- | Miss 1/eonn Morley, Mo., Emerson weni to j obstruction by warming thsmsclvos her former uver a hotel kitchen grating. c tendency to take away tlw dc- re for vegetables and cereals ajid crense the ap]>cllLa for mole ,'L-cls. LiUlo chlUh'en who l>ave ?ver tasted over-swetfit foods will ot n'.u'ii them and will be Kntis- 'tl with the dtsseris suitable for If:)]]. • • • A Time for Sweets and stir until dissolved. Add sugar and lemon Juice and put bowl In a pan of cracked Ice. Stir until mixture Is cool and syrupy. 1 hen beat with . a wire whisk until frothy. Add whites of eggs beaten until stiff nnd continuo heating until stiff enough to hold Its shape. Mold or pile by spoonfuls in a dish. Chill thoroughly and F.vrry child should have some serve with custard sauce made with illaulo sweet food to oat at the! Use yolks of the eggs, roper time. Al the end of a well reasonable sweet sel- nliuiced men! a nount of something om has a disturbing effect an my he served to children with nfcly. riul If sweets are eaten i nn empty .stomach, there-Is anger of digestive upsets. Sugar n valuable fuel food, but its incuse flavor and melting' quality end to satisfy the appctito before he needs of the body arc .taken a TO of by other foods. Too "much Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Orange juice, cereal, cream, scrambled eggs with bacon, rve toast, milk, coffee LUNCHEON: Toasted cheese sandwiches, molded spinach salad, snow pudding, milk, tea. DINNER: Fresh salmon with tartar sauce, potatoes • au gratin, buttered green beans, stuffed peach salad, chocolate cream roll, milk, , , , bronze. Others are extremely slm- Tlie Swedish Postal SnvtnRS Ban pic parchment, with inscriptions,!show a large Increase of depos: silll others have white background j for the monlh of November, 10J1, with pastel colors. Pale rose, i\p-1 more lima 30,000 new accounts rlcot, tsirmiolse blue and yellow : having been opened, as compared tones predominate and few arojlo tonic 13.000 during the jame H!!(v at any time irritates the tomach and crowds out food furnish, materials as well a ucl. Junket Is an Ideal dessert foi mall persons. Its simplicity ant he small amount of sugar nced?d o make it palatable, make it quit? >erfect for small children. Fruit gelatines. Ices and let cretins can be used for chiirf^n's Icsserts. nicli. frozen puddings "hould not be given to small chil- ren. A plain frozen custard made of milk and eggs and junket ice cream arc the b,?st types of frozen "cream" to serve when -an iced dessert Is wanted. Children should always eat frozen disserts very slowly. Fruits ccoked for children should be those which take the minimum amount of sugar to make them palatable. Prunes are mildly aci:l| but, need only n little sweetening.' It Is more desirable to use sugnr to bring out the full flavor of oilier foods than to use It in a more concentrated form, us in pastries. Jelly spread thinly on br?:ul is satisfying ami not hirmfnl for small chiklren. However, pro- coffee. More than 7,000,000 nwn and women served under the British flag during the war. Of this number 45*0,000 are still living.' . New Low Prices On Shoe Repairing ladies' Half Soles Nailed, Sewed f 4*4, or Vukanizi'd 9%W lA-ather or 'ftubbcr Heeb 25c Mcfn's Half Soles Oak 65c Panto 75c Prime Oak $1 Korry Krome .. §1.25 Fkx'Oak SI.50 Rubber or Leather Heels 40c PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 So. Second St. THERE'S A WORM) OF POWER IN TEXACO GAS FOR SALE ;BY MAIN SERVICE STATION Hill Wunderlich Phone 711 KROGER STORE For Saturday and Monday real turkey red as tluy used to be. Envelopes tWs year arc plain while, instend of matching the decorations as they did last ycnr. Tills return to simplicity high lights the dainty decorations and the amusing bon mot. And, strangely enough,' simple white seems to make the sentimentality ol 1931 ir.ore real. .1. B. Vanclive ol SDrinertlll, Denmark Honors Branline STOCKHOLM, Denmark. (UP) — Denmark 1ms honored tile memory of the late Hjalmat i; VA UM^IUKICIII, "-j — ---- -, . nt Monrtnv nnd Monday Sweden's first Socialist Premier i G. J. Whittle nnd fam-miKl « delegate to the League of ! Nations, by sinniiiig a square in swnt Wcdnes-( Copenhagen "Hjalnvar Branting Place". Courier News Want Ms Pay. RITZ THEATER noiith in 1930. riaht with lly. I.torn Pritctiarri dav niehl with Mamie Julian. Mrs. Ed Berrv and SOP Kyi? are Siting her brnthcr-in-liw, Sam B?rrv. nnd farrllv. at Yartfro. Mrs. G. J. Whittle and famllv en^rtained l^i sniests with cards and dancine Wedncsdnv nirht. C C. Stone has returned from BMh-ivlUe hosnitai. He is reported somewhat improved. ^ 3I So raJ mchard Cnt ThU " day Matincc-2:30 - Niffht-GMo Mr. and Mrs. Enloe Botwv cn-l Adm.—llatince—10 and 30c tertalned with a Party Saturday; Night—10 .111(1 ,'ioc niiht. Cards and dancing were Mamta Julian socnt Sunday nl'ht with Vena Barnes. Dewev Armstrong of. Blytlieville j srx>nt Mondnv and Mondav night! Kith G. J. Whit 11« and family. leora Pritchard had as her (rupst S'jndav nioht Lena B?rnts. Clarence. Webster and family were the iruests of Mr. Webster's mother, Mrs. Jennv Webster of Yprbro, last weelt end. .Herman Inman entertained with » nertv Monday nlstht. Mamie Julian visited the dumber Nine school Monday. Johnny Riser had as his mest Sundnv hii' brother James Haser of Oak Ridge. Leora. Pritchard and Eva Mans field soent Monday night with Lena and Vena Barnes. GEM THEATRE Friday and Saturday Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 Acini.—Mnlince :mcl 10 and 25e SEE 'Partners' Tom Keene Also Serial and Cartoon Sunday and Monday Matinee—2:30 - Niglit—G:-li Adm.—Matinee and Niijh 10 and 30c RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday \Intince—2:30 - Night—6:45 Vdm.—Matinee aiul Night—r- 15 and 40c •he Picture That Out-Whoops 'Whoopee". /Don't Miss It! ROMANCE! AMONG THE SNACKS AND JELLY- ROLLS! 'Her Majesty Love' hvith Marilyn Miller Also News antl Comedy Saturday Only 1:30 Continious to 10:00 Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 26c SEE OKf«rnia H*n* Find 1932 'Finals' More Severe BERKEUEY, CaV, (UP)—A California hen, to pass ricr "finals" »t trie University of California this ye»r, must J»y m eggs in 12 months, or else. . This w»s the rule »t down recently by W. E. Newlon; poultry extension specialist of the university. The number of eggs represents Uie god set by the university In ' it» ettorti to Improve producton W G«Wi!fW»l W W* AO t.\ATORCUTSW5-ICO(.'l' with Win. Collier. Jr., an Una Mcikcl Also Serial and Cartoon Will feel the fiery power and beauty of this sweet romance WARNER BAXTER Leila Hyaim Ralph Bellamy A Fox Picrur* Four Slnrm S»Tiit Hun mis in 1/ovc with Tradition— In I.ovc With Tountry — But Most of AU In I.nvp With I.ovc! presents EDDIE LETTUCE Large Crisp Iceberg, Each APPLES York Imperial the Ideal Cooking Apple, 51bs. SPINACH Fresh Texas crisp and tender, .5 f CAULIFLOWER Snowwhitc Heads, II) 12! 1C 2 EGGS Select, In Carton or Loose Guaranteed Doz. 17c FRUIT CAKE 1 Ib. 29c BUTTER Springbrook Pure Creamery Lb.23c STRAWBERRIES Fancy Florida Pint PORK AND BEANS 2 cans 15 C PICKLES Sweet l>! or Sweef Mixed. Quart 25 C the eficlcnry expert in a ^ doughnut factory; lost in the gitU' gymnasium; ' hO'jndc« by women An,l ^ thugs who IK out to gtt ti the dough! | PALMY DAY! CHARLOTTE GPHKWOOD AN P BOOUCT1OM UNITED A.P,T-'5TS p i ct u .•• £• SUGAR Pure Cane Fine Granulated In cloth bags limit ID Lk 45c HAMS Fresh Picnic Home Killed iuy 2 c PORK ROAST Home Killed Nice ;md Clean Lb, lOc PINEAPPLE Lihby's Rosedale No. 2 1-2 can CRACKERS Country Club 2 "ib. box 19 C PIE CHERRIES 12 2C ORANGES Florida RusseKs the Sweet and Juicy Kind Med. Size • Doz.lOc CORN Standard No. 2 Can Limit 4 cans 25c CATSUP Bottle FIG CAKES pound 10° SORGHUM Tennessee 49 C VEAL STEW 5 C mi ROAST Ib 10 C Breakfast BACON Sliced, Ib. 15c In the Piece Lb. TOMATOES No. 2 can SAGE Large FJox, each T PRUNES nice size, Ib SPARE RIBS Ib. QIC 02 FRANKS Swift's Club, Ib. HAMS Home Killed Whole or Half, Ib 12 1C 2 SAUSAGE Breakfast Links, Ib. 15 C SIDE PORK Fresh Sltccrf Ib I5c I'iece Ib 10-lb pa"' 65c 5-lb. nail 40 C NECK BONES pound Also News and Shovi S>u\.ivt s PURE LARD Swift or Morrells 50 Pound Can

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