The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHBVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEW3 FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 1932 Heroes of Olympics in the Past International Aspect Taken On Bv Big Event of Small Country. ! • NOTE: Tills Is the ft'conil of Ibrco Pilli-les on "The RcaiP.r.ce of the Olympio Games." • * « The modern revival of thf an- cicnt Grecian Olympic Raines, dead for more than 15CO y:-ars. was effected by a Pi-enehmnn. lie is Uaron Pierre il? Coubcrtin. who Kavc to France the distinction of, lathering the r?.w scries as ixw (he" original conlcsts bv InhltoO - pie-Clirlsllan ruler of the Greek le-rilturv of Elis. In 1832. Baron de Couberlln : madr^ his first nubile suggestion for th.i re-establishment of the Olympic Binic-s. Thr sussesvlon. as all t'orxi ones : ilo, took root slowly, but in J891 tlie fust international sporls con- cresj dreT snp.ny enthusiastic dele- ettcs, who pledged s^mnort to t!' IrVs of si&elr.R Olymuic game: v.'hich should Include all the for 1 " r-' cyan customary In the world. 'flisy were lo be held ev=ry four . ycors, turn anil turn about, in • various couiitrir'S. . Kv acclamation, Baron de Cou- berlin was named president of the •flnt Olympic committee, n post lie held fe.r rhore than 30 uninter- rupt?d years. And'so-besan In 189C the re' ylvai of (he ancient Olympics. Thp congress of 18T4 naturally assigned them to Oitsce. and as Olympia was In mlns, the renewel took place at Athens. There were- contests in ICO. 400, 800 and 1500- •-mstr.r runs and the 110-meter I htrdles; running bread jump tlcng jump; they called It), run ning high Jump, running tripti Jump (probably hop, slep am I'M^nl. noV vault, shot put. ills cus, marathon aiid weight llflliv The American team of 13 atliletes iv.n victorious In nine events a IoUoY;s: Burke, 100 nnd 400-mete lacs!; Curtis, •llO-mcter hurdles Clark, long jump and hlijh jump Connelly, triple jump;. Hoyt, pol vault; Onrvett, shotput nnd discu .Tils first real 'organization the salves war put through i top.don In '.1308. Tho Athcn - names v::-re mndc possible by tl ! munificence of, Oeorge Ayeroff, ' I'rivix'ii -citizen, nnd the stadlu: • wis not equipped with' a.rumih t r «ck' suitable 'for world champion ship congests. Tiir. Paris prunes 1£KO. sent, to France because Boron de Couhortln's efforts in •vlving tin contests, suffered from CITH ID BRUSHING UP SPORTS Miss CECELIA Laufer arcll rlmts lie Cuulicrlln, muMachcd Illlle. man MIOWII :ilmip, lalhtml llu; Olympic c,jirK-s rcvivnl; tin lid offered liunilrriN nf :i(lili:lfs llle rhanci 1 tu MIII Intcriialiou-il f:iiui'. l-'i ur <:f Ihc c-liamplolis wcrei" .irl •tlii-snsan, i-ln-lc, Cunai!.iV lilfcls hurdks wlftnir hs l!KO; i!. M. AUi-;ili;ims. l.ip tenter, CJrcat iUlr.'s spilut clmiiplun hi HIM; Jim Thorp?, iiKlil. a)l-aruiii,il <'h.>)ii].."ii fur lljr Kidlcd Stales; In Q12; and Ps.ivo Nurml, luwer t-enliT, c!i:i::i|ildi c! ".J-S and V.a nio vou KNOW THAT— Pinlanil Wn: 'em. to ill? Olym- Ics tt*.2 thr2c taiuoui Jarvi.ien .-rc-thcis . . . .Mnlli, AWllcs mill K:ille, . . they ore sous ol i^j" Jarvln;?!], on? cf the first Finnish (Uhlclcs to enter Ihc Olympic lls'.s nnd winner o! tile miinu ritscus llnow In Aih?n3 n 19CQ. . . ,V<l!les. b'jrn nt Lie .me oi ills father's victory, was illven the Cireclun n'.une in lion:i of this event ... he is holder c! the M'crld'.s riTO:J in tliu (tL 1 - I'atliUn, which ::•_• \von in u Finnish meet 111 19M with a scare or U255.37 . . . Matti, yoniiijjsl .1 111; brolher-. once threw Hie nvilln 230 fsi'l, lli;y say . . . ,iml Kulli! can ]iul Hie shot itsiire trnn SU feet. led In Semi-Finals of Cage Toitvncy Tliis Af- 'evuoon; Blylhcvillc Out Wilson will play ' atccle and "cotcr will nvet Leachvillo in the scnii-lhmls of the invitation cage^imminent sponsored by Blytlic- •'ile liluli school at the armory here. _ ^ ' cii-f.villo will meet I.uxorn in'from which to Ilinp carping remarks J',j(i' s '"jjoih" ho' Ihc nrst seml-flnnl same to be nnenl the little annual horseplay ^. r ^ c , oc!> , fan j '•"•prt at 2 o'clock nnrt Wilson will between :lsr Colon?! and th? Babe Tommy Sealoii lo Mcci ('(rllum on Kihl (lard Here An attractive supporting lias been lined up fov the D D'Olivc curd ul tiie :irmory Tuesday nlglit acconllng to Promoter ,Ioe Craiif and wll consist of two six round bouts and a njgro'bat- tie royal. - ' Tommy Rye Seaton, popular younfj Lnxorft lightie, will appear in the six round semi-winUup witli Company M Upset by Hub-j haul: League Aboui to Play Out. "i:p M-'Cirinl'; five went back Itito Use le.-'i In tliu City Oaxe l-'::i:iie rj>.c:e ]n c .i nixlit bv winning i; :•]• the- nix:.^ Filers as the llub- l:n.l (iiiiii! trimmed Company M. Hui.Sai'l imntrd the L'o!dlc-rs outi r,r ;; Ih-Ei, iilaro tip with the Mer- <>!n:!ls by defc-atlns the rohlier I-- 1 ,'; 'JO lo 13. Til.?, hardware l-nuiJi! sol off lo a flying slart in l!:r' HIM half and lod at the hnlf-i ^lu;- wlilsil?, id lo K. Akin. Hnb- fb:irtl fniwaul, nccoimted !or top. I ' ; ••'n's.a.'i li! 1 . team \vo'i. ' . Tlii! nixie Fliers put up a fairly ; i>c od same against l!ie Merchants, j' Tl- . Mr-rchnnls eventually won U\ (.<> 14 but they were forced to keep! t'oins all the time. At the half i Aferchftnls led. 11 to 7. "Roovt-j WarriiiBlon, Merchnnt forward,! •••) 12 iioint.s. ' IK- I^isc') -ind I.utes teams were : j;luli-d to play in another game-' jut neither .^iov. - ed up. The- Lutes : ( i!ii as never played u giime of its clieiluln having disorganized Just LX-(orc tlie schedule .stnrtcd. Ho-; ixuls were out last nisjht tliat the ! I' team had illsband«l and on that basis a victory cnn hardly lie awarded to cither. However- there were at least a. couple of Friwo uniforms nppearlnn on th.?ij sidelines us they arc credited with [ the garni' unless prok'slcii. PilislUiovalli Team M.'.'H'liant? Company M Hubbard Fliers Frisco Lutes ctao shrdl cmf cmf. W. L. I'd. j Young Colluin of Memphis; v;hoj holds a decision over Tommy) Fovlkes as; liis opixincnt. In an-HI'ibtard t30> oiher slx-rounde;' Young PrltcliT Kuruer 5 arc! of S(??!P and Caruthcrsville r«l(er C C 1 .857 : 5 '2 .714 4 3 .071 3 4 .429 :i 4 .423' 0 7 .000 Merchants 23 Pos. Warrlngton 12 F First Game Akin 4 15 THE VOUNGEgr 0? ALL Tfe 1932. OLYMPIC Second will take on Kiel Okem of Mem- linvo tipiMRtytl plnv Stcele nt 3 o'clock. If baseball happened to be 11;3 cnly Announcement was also made today Hint the main go bantam, «nd Louis games of ISO-!, transferred from Chicago because of the Louisiana Purchase centennial, ntlract- e-d few competitors from outside the United States. .Bu', with the success of the London games in 1008. continuation of the Olympics was assured. At Jxmc'on, 839 United Kingdom t-ntries scored 57 pri?.?s and five •marc went, to the dominions; the United Slates with ICO cnlrles counled 22 firsts. Tlie remaining 52 firsts wf.nt to 1529 entries froai all other nations. ihc United states swept- to .the frcnt in the Stockholm games of 1912. It was there that Jim Thoroe, ereal Sac and Pox Indiar athlete from Carllsb, showed his supremacy in the r.ll-avound championships;. But Jim later hud t< five bscV. his prizes. He was brand ed r. prolejsional for accepting n Jevr paltry dollars fov his particl paticn in a baseball game prior t U-.i Olympic contests. Witliou Tiiorpe. however, the United State scored 24 firsts to 10 for 111 Unit 3d Kingdom, e'nhl for tl- doniinions and 30 divided aniou Ir.e other countri'js. Germany' was to Vme stage the 1916 games at Berlin but tl '>-.-rH conflict canceled them. Belgium renewed them at Ani verp in 1920, although war-tor Pelcium obviously was in no col tiilicn to stage them properly. : Tnc elcht Olympiad nt Par ! in 1024 be fan vrith winter t.po: Wilson won its way inlo the "blu business" prospcriHB in tr.cs; -mi-final round without making downcast days. But tfvkc n look Scrj)) - D . o i ivL . Mississippi title -car and defaulted to the Wilson observe that (he public, pinched or ^'"it^'rUuls'^^sJwI. "of quintet. Steelc Wmmcd Dlyihe- ,,ol. Ls supportlns a horde oi clown- . , IllrC[! . raim , L ^ rmmt i, •illc decisively •:« lo 30 lo liroak |,, E pinno-movcrs by pr.ying to ; c "- m ' """" u -' i ro """•no Ihc .semi-fliml brnckct. Uis- W alch the unbluslilne lilppcilrcim-' ora v>-at>.rd ovtr-Holland M to 16 oi lno; iein wreslhus. I l o earii Its ndvanccment ' caciivlllc loy.r.d with Ccotei 1 , 12. Hollnnd will play Center in one o fthc cniisolnllnn JllRlit this the iiij'lhcvillc Pos. Company M 33 Griffin El-'vcns 4 Harris 4 K:uilh t F F c; G c; Substitutions — 10: Company M, Roberts, Bryant, G. iMcHcnry. McHcnry 1. Wrialit 2 Wright 4 Izaacs 2 Vnnzant 7 Substitutions- Johnson Officials—Ivy, Ncwsnm scorer and iim Htibbard, Akin P C G G 1 intimation we've had that there CliicXaEasvba District of Missls- Flj-rs M nr; diving s'nrs in the RhinelanJ. fippi Ccunty, Arkansas, within GansV.e 3 thirty days and answer the com- Burge 2 ,\fter Joie Ray, former runnc-r, plaint filed against, them by The Hiblc 0 gets through with marathon danc- Mississippi County Building ar.d Walwood in 1; - he ought to try flagpole flitting Loan Association of B!ythevil!e, Eadra 2 for a rest'. [Arkansas. referee; Sudhury,- WARNING ORDER Wheeler S. McCali and Lillian | IMrimo Camera hai been signed' N. McCall are warned to appear ! for a fight, in Germany. T.:e firit j in "(he Chancery Court of the Uated this 14th day of January, 1932. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. 15-22-29-5 to Follow the course of lYirre sirring cxlilbllions In Ihe newspapers and it will not take long to thp siwrl ninuuilly Is cotili)'-' ftemoon wiule the iilylheville '"= *P''C^e ( l public mllllflns ef dol- ovs drew n bye by UMn s placed '«« more than a obj league bM gahisl the Slwwncc team in the tram ^<">'" «™ ty hoius: eHort onsolotion round and .will meet i" 10 years. ^ ^ ic- winner of the Holland-Cooler j It In a conslalion duals pnKcd- """ l)or Maxli•? >g the championship game to- : When Max Schmcling came back iSht. A girls' game will nlso b? lo America recetilly. h? aunaunccd layrd before the championship he intended to msike p. million do!- The NulCracker BV CO!-. JOE O' GOOKTV John McGraw recently olT?rc',i Hill Terry to t.'.c Cubs for Kikl Cuy- !er. if llornsby had mads tli.u Hade, the Cubs wonl;l liave tiu 1 nnic|i:c di^;inctiOll of slarth);; t"; season without an outfield. attle. The Athletics' roster. shaws tint lars here tills year! Joe Jacobs has .George Er.rr.sVmw is v si.x fe^t Jcni !turned down offer after cn:r. wnit- .inches tall, nvit he didn't IOO'K that ling for a rich prize, something like '< \,\ t ! n st (all when I J jp;jcr M.'.rtin \a half million, sometliint' worthy was oil th: bases. •of his man SchmcHng's nobl; efforts for 'an hour or so. And Evtn Football? i Ver>- well, then—how about foot- ifcall? The fact was somewhat lite;-- I nlly publicised recently that the 'university of Soulheni Calltornin 1 football team had gr.c?se:l npprnxi- Rntto, i!«s rems In tor E0;nr Unatcly S1.3CO.COO durinz the ir-.o'. •austic criticism from ccmmer.ta- ..ball season. Tr.e folks may be lurr ,ors here ar.d there following hi: irm, hers ar.d there, but if they can | . to lake a S10.MO rut in sal- ! ihi:l SUW.OiO fur thai sport, \x-r- \ f This lie Treason, Etc. Ruth hp.s rcjociccl an off?r of $70,000 lor playing ball in 1Q32, but then, you hardly oxpbct him ID r.c- cepl less than President Hoover is ! ' What tliis country needs is a rule providing collie football player.; || nuusl wear six-O'.nice gl3\K'.. , iry fer 1932. U has been palntc;! jiiaps nil i5 not lost, even now. out that, with tho\.;aud» ci v^opV ; Lcoknii; over the !i;ls of brs; -!:'.]• \ fighting for nny kind of a job tin' Irrs of a rccfnt week, we happoi-;:! : will keep roul nnd body toscth?r. Ilo iiolice that a bcok on brid;v bv J and with children hungry. Mr. R'UV i Ely Culberlson led Ihe !i2n-li:l'.r.ii ] should bo more considcr.ite o! the '. !lel:l in of the '.iiv;:^r t-i:i"^. | needs c: the tim?*:. shut his moMiii I'lhere is no', great ov.icry f:o:u ! and accept whatever is hanfca t: press lo pulpil conc;rnins Ihe :n : .l- | him. jllons cf dollars annually carr,;d by i While il is unfortunate tint 0:r :ha' rackfl. But you can't r.ii ; ciitterence beUvcen $80,000 and $70. 000 n year should be flaunlr:! in lly gaunt face o! tho public a- this limj. is it a matter that slicuhl be taken t-o seriously ns lo hcai popu- at Chamonix. first of the OIj'ra^I'Vr'ffflTttat'KniC-i wSf 14 8a ™ S nJ°"f "he"' Ser ™" ™ ™* ™°™ ' ' spoils, while the program that opsnod at Paris included track and Preferred, still rrmnaces to r.o'.^i ;ip brlcine. A Unprful Sijn? A irnse of humor Is a vvasi:!?:-- lul Ihini! to have around. Tills country always has managed to wes-rrv^ yjar i its ability to hush. cv:n still o\ve him a lot of :r.3uey M our ccn:io:nlc c-nJHion ;nay h.ive ROUND TRIPS l l / 2 Vho onc-wa-y iarc 30 day return privilege ' Take trip now while winter excursion mics arc in effect. Lowest fares in history lo all poitiis on Di^ie-Grcy- bounii Lines. Finest buses in the South... v/iih comforl^ble. rccliiiinR ch.iirs. Tropic- Airc hoi water heaters ami best Orivcts on thc'highwavs. Call ion- •. k:; quotation on Thrill: *; I.m^hf. ; and" France and Sweden two cieli.j In the aU-lrnportRnt track raid.' field Eectlon, "America's sMnreraacy' w»s hotly disputed by Finland. The ninth Olympiad nt Aiii=tcr- dam. Holland, was carried throu?h in th,-] finest spirit of sportsmanship shown since the games were revive! nt Athens. Theve was a more even distribution ol prcmis honors. The games were almost entirely free of unnleasant incidents. Forty-six nations wore rc- pra-.snted in the track and field section and 20 ccored points. " To an American, tlie one dis- . snfoinling feature v:as the failure of our track Uam. Only Ray Barbut!, farmer Syracuse star, won a flat race for Uncle Sarn. Five nsw -,;• world records were established, two > each by Americans and Finns and one by a South African. Trere might bo mcic =o;i:l ground 'isn'; I'. ,-. rof jful.slgn 1 ? DO YOU KNOW- WHAT IT IS? A SPECIALIST W F.TE heard;it Chic's spDdnlists (oo—Spccialis'3 • There are 152 husbands and CS' in Egypt wlK> are under 10 of age. Sixty of the "baby" »re F.TE heard;it Chic't; S.U.:s' UeL.s 0:1 Sprciali?!:!'. bu' -..en lhr> Ford car. Take hibrkv.ti:n. ir.sta-.ioo. We know every spot r>:i the car that r.ce(:s Uibiir-j ^'e kL'.c/.v tilt 1 of lubricant to Vv u^rci in th.' \ario'.is part? n;' c&r ai:d we know ho*' citcn thoy s.:oulu bo lubricr.'.etl. Th:<t ci» !rciii ••r-rrci»iizin'". So give «s n uy. 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