The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1932
Page 5
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ji!lliJlAY._JANUAltY 22. 1032' THEBPOK JLYnffiVILLE.JARKjMCQin»BR NEWS William McFce Writes About a Lov '"nil Is a Wessinr and a Curse I.. "'I'he llatbour Master," SuccreU- "<S in livun-.uitne u Siliulian Which Has llalkcd Lesser Nov- relpool on (he Derby nnd win a for- ln}lune, and then one by one \^( bumiKit oil. This Is another cxcep- tlonully well-dene and mystifying thriller. r BY UltUCK CilTTON NEA Service Writer In "flic Harbour Master," William McI'Yc write a romance of the kind Unit innumerable novelists try to write. He discusses, that is, tempestuous and Ineontrollable love, and unlike most of his confreres he succeeds Hi making you b'jlitve ^_^ mat it Is Just, the kind of tiling lie I TV.., 7TT ~, says n is. Iransport Lines Will Be Ills hero is a blunt, inarticulate " " ' .-apiain; "The mini Five Minutes."' by H A. J. Wnlliiuj (Morrow: $2) Sllli another i;ood one; It's a houscparly at which the host is clubbed to death, nnd there's a '•• butler, a shadier lady-wilh-a- ,..-., and nu overtoil; of blackmail You won't suess tlic imsivor to this one without some real tliinkln-', ship captain; his heroine, a wait whom Die captain rescues from a (orjxxlood liner in the Aegean Sea in war (hue. From the moment (i'.ey <asv one another th;y loved 0110 another, although would hive been infinitely better off apart. Their love compiled them to live together even when they lacerated one another, hi UK; end it c>stroyed them—and jet, , ; when you have reached the catas- j troplie, you feel that (hey are more ,' lo be envied than pitied, ^ No«- this, as I say, is th- kind of Icvc all novelists try to tell about Usually, thouah, they leave one feeling only (hat, the two people involved aro a pair of saps. Mr Mc- Fce makes it alt credible. There is a love like that.-a combination of blessing and curse, which drives t'.ro people together in spite of everything and usually ends in a Brawl smashup. Third-rate novDl- isls have tried repeatedly to tell us about it. Mr. Mcl-'ee, being a first rate novelist, succeeds For the vest, his book is a rich and co.'orful romance, and 1 ad- viau you not to miss it. Double". ay - Do ™> «= Co. are publishing- it at =250, and it is the January choice of the Literary Guild. Tlic Prici! of Fascist Ai'd Krd Dirtatcrsliiii. "The Terror i,, Europe" is an appalling book about the crimes against liberty which red and white dictators have been committing Jiiicc the nrmisticc. The author H Hrsscll Tiltman, presents the record of Russm. Italy, Poland, Hungary and lesser states, and tells authentic tales of murder, torture and imprisonment until you grow heart- Harrowing as the book is jt ; s extremely valuable. We are told every so often, that democracy is clone for, and that we must, soon, er or later embrace either commun- 1 *!ii or fascism. Mr. Tiltman shows , >.:e price that has to be paid for \'.:;r.i>r of lhcE3 luxuries nnd caiilv convinces one that democracy is worth hanging onto a iittK: white Icngr-r. "The Terror in Europe" is pu|>- »'-att[ by Stokes and sells for S3.75. Tlii.s Reck Will Make Vcu fciujli out ixiud, "A Strong M : ,|, Ncc , ( | crt ., b M •>ee Wchardson. is a very tunny Wok. It i s n |[ n \xi U t tilD f nmi i,. of Lord Cadwailow, the most- noble airl Me most povc-rty-ifrii-kcn family in England, and it tclts how the family fortunes arc rehabilitated «hcn a sou brings home an Australian giantey; who is nine feel tall. She tamiics a boxer, massacres all of lovely'' 150 """ 5 ' " ntl cver ' tllin S is _ Mr. Richardson's characters ought jo be- 111 lunatic asylums, but sine" j ley aren't he has a lot or fun with iiKin. I commend especially t: :e tcaio in iviiich Lord Cadwalloiv -id iirc«c-d Parliament on the Indian 1111.5(1011. It. is one of many p, 1s . ESjes which will make you lsu s h "A Strong Jfan Needed" is primed by Livcrishl nnd cosis $2. lidiip r.oncl Honks fc r The ^lystcry Aililicl. Kcceiit, murder and mystery virus include the following: / "From This U.irk Stairway" bv (I. .V G - K'Mrnart (Crime Club: &> J"is hapix-ns in a hospital where a corpse, neatly .siahbc.-l. is found m an oirvator. n !C n it vani'.lrs and there's fJi» <i»ucc to pay. You'll' Kn;i this cue of the most excitin<* f'cdible and neatly told mys'crv yarns of the winter. '' _"' r ': c Mimler of Chrislino wil- "-ivrright: '$2i.' Mrs.''Wilmerans GWS on a trip and doesn't return • • • and her inother-ni-bw <-,-rs (ictiv and starts singing a sou- aooiitt pulling her do;vn a well. You jnay guess the murderer. l;ut you'll nsver cucss how h c did i:. Put this in Grade A. "The S-,vc,:,istakcs Murders." bv J. J. Connincton (L!itlc-Bro;vn: S^l. Some Englishmen make up a -»- -- » •^•*ii,£ TT III lit Air Show Interest Center rice nc al of GIRL SCOUT BETTY— Thrift Week— 1C a Girl Scout to to t» (hrtttj IM 'ier ulnih la\v Ol-clnlll?, Bht) must know no! only Ilicory but prm-tliv, so ll ( 'tl>'» ti-o»)n («|itLilu Ueclilctl l» cx'lcbrutc Nn[l<ina) 'thrift VVt^-k by lowing Uiu tflrbi how n bunk's »lux.-ts turn. DCTROIT, lUP)-A!iieriCi Iransport lines will comiwl y attention than ever i\t the ftadoital Aircraft Show, O lnc of the Aeronautical Cliamker Commerce of America, i,, c Heve. The show will be held at City Airport, April 2 to 10 figures compiled by the or"nni- ralloii sliow (lint American nil- lines carried more than 430000 passengers during ( | lc nis , 'v£ niontlis of 1931, „„ i, lc ,.<^. w „, more tlian 13,000 over nil of i 030 During the same |x?riod of 1031 1,079,000 pounds of express, ap-1 rst fad for cnfcirreans 'may beconi" ProMiuiitely io,000 pounds of M ,i fl ! colored oysters taken from«-a°m ere carried, and the planes new '• "loiif the Texas coast. ' lotal of 37,291,033 milrc The 1932 exposition is (he sec. oncl consecutive " " to Detroit. IllC Utlik lin->l,li in , vs ., th-llKlin-,) (n wH,-,,,,,,, tbu ulrl*. II,ulu- ,.v,i|ui, m i ,„ ,|, i, ow ,,,,.| fl l< Ilio bwlimlii- ,,r mnilili, llo UK* lln-in on » (Our Of UlU l,:MI[u!l.,h. Colored Texas Oysters May Start Epicurean Fad AUSTIN, Tex. (UO-The new- them impure. Specimens were aanl Or. A. J. Lund, professor of zo-. 1 ology at the University of Texas. Dr. Lund Mild that (he red- brown oysters superior lo the ordinary tyiw. 'Hie coiir Is due to IWilnil Hie, Krilliil mi'liVMin) or * loiter UHI jjlrti wriv lulil \\lial linpiKiH In iimiK'y il.' In » rjuhi^s nrcoiilll. 'llivf l,\li'ln-,l Imw Illtlti Mima, left iniluiM'licil, v,iii urow i<> ijul^ M«•bin ai'txnjiit.^. by the oysters, and shows a porary supply of n valuable food In the witters of the gulf. Lander Deserts Songs For Role < DUNOO.Y, Scotland. (UI'J—Sir in. ,ii V :my I ' ail< ' 1 ' 1 ' recwilly discarded his •utenii •"°"' i crool ' ccl stlck - "i" 1 Ws >'»]- trm I lri; '"K Scotch SOUKS, for the sick 'room, ami proved millc us capable bi-liiK no (liiu; Him t!w iin-sont for MrtUiu a mu- l"lk)ii )nl» pnu'lhv. ll.'ity ami Mnry Artloil to twconw nisl.niici-n. |.-J,HI linvhw ih-ikitlinl tlio dolUr i In llii-li- iHTitniliu; HIM tiliiwi Olrl H<^nH», DMT liuiuv, Impiiy ihwii'ssoi 1 ^ u t NOW! for the FIRST TIME Hubbard Furniture Co. Presents PHILCO- Made! 112x a Musical Instrument of Quality -It Looks Different! -It Sounds Different!! -It Is Different!!! 'I'lie most unusual Philco acliiuvcincnt is tlic • "•si ra«io designed solely ;ts a musical inslni- mcnt. H is imiiossiblu to apiircciato Iliu mai-vclous rc- siilLs \vhicli Uiis instrument oflors witliout iicltially hearing its amazing pcrfonnaimc. \Vc would ho plcasctl (n tlenionstratc this model to you at your earliest convenience if you will simply .step into our display room at your next opportunity. Complete With Philco Tubes PAYMENT DELIVERS "The Philco of Your Choice 9 ' PHILCO- SUI'KKHKTKKODYNE GRAND PHILCO- I.OMi AN']) SHOKT WAVK COM- HINATIOX SlJl'KKHKTKIJODYiN 1 K AVilh Tubes jitnvcrfHl l,ul compact Uiibv Grand Model with n D-lubc Stijicr- nclerodyiic chassis. It has a lighted dial, dynamic speaker and a hand-rubbed walnut cabinet Price includes 5 Philco Bnlaiiccd Tubes. Complete With Tubes -Mcxli-: 470 Long-Short Wave, 9-tubc Suptr- liitcrcdyiic Combination. Now H is ]:o.isib!e. to hear airplane ccnvcrsn- lioii. pnlicr reports, amnleiir broadcasts, for- i.;gn prcsrams nml a'host of ou lc , thvilliiig n-.A, intcresllns programs which ymi | 11V(J never before heard. This model lias tone control and lighted dial and lues .ll;c |iejitod« csrira power tube. In nursing |,u sick lirollicr. Alec back to health, us hc Is In eiiptl- •. vmlng an nudieiiei\ The comedian, who Is devoted lo Ills brother, tiniint his licautlful house, I/;iiideiilal(.' r lulu n very iicmi'ly tmrNhiy home. "Aye, 1 had n irylnn lime wl' Alw, bill I nni (hunkfiil lo say l:o Ls nlinosl. recovered now." Sir ry «uld. "lli> hms not been veil tor.nU most u y t .|ir, nml 1 Imd ( |ny 5 , lm | o' nnxlely whra lie was liild > «Hh it nervous Ijivnlttlovvn, "He wns a good imllciil. nnd lie lolls mo I MS a good doctor I would do Anything for Alec." So suctauty were Sir Hurry's inlnUtratlons. Hint Aleo *yis (it, enough lo tnVu jmrt In tJio iruintli- reunion Now Year's Eve. Courier News Want Ads P»y. •\ WVH^^^-^^'"^^ '•At'S^Kiflri'^ffi 1 »*-•*""»• •:w,TJr«;J:5?r i! '? s=K! *'*i»» 2700 FEET A SECOND — IS THE SPEED OF THE BUILET IEAVING- THE MUZZLCxOF A MACHINE GUN OR A RIFLE. THAT'S 30 MILES A MINUTE/ PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE STARTS COLD .MOTORS LIKE A SHOT-GIVES SPLIT' ,SECOND STARTING ON FREEZING DAYS BECAUSE ITS WINTER'GRAVftV NOW ' RANGES FROM 65° TO 71.4° THfSrT DEFINITE.FIGURES PROVE ITJ5.HIGHER TLO )• PHILL-W WITH PHILUPS • THE OA50UHE OF CONTRW.LED VOUllllTY "HIGHEST TEST" at the price of ordinary gasoline Actual laboratory tests prove that tlic volatility ps 66 Gasoline is 69.6 per cent holier than the average of 28 competitive gasolines— basci! on ilislilLuion at 2 1 2 degrees. Your cold motor simply can't sulk and stay silent when you step on the starter, if your tank is filled with Phillips 66 ... the greater gasoline. This amazing motor fuel is packed with wallop apd instant action. It is honest high test! That is why it gives split-second starting, even if your car is covered with ice and snow, after standing out all night in the cold. In addition, you get extra power, superior pick-up, sweeter running, and longer mileage. All without a penny of higher price, because Phillips is the world's largest producer of natural high gravity gasoline. Get a trial tankful tomorrow at the Orange and Black 66 shield. For those who prefer it... Phillips 66 Ethyl • » . at the regular price of Ethyl Gasoline NEW SCIENTIFIC MOTOR OIL at a lower price It is 100% paraffin base. Remains perfectly fluid at temperatures 32° below freezing. So it helps quick starting and protects cold bearings and cylinder walls. We sincerely present it as the world's finest oil foe your mot or, 30^a quart.

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