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Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 29
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Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 29

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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TTT 11.11 I 1 11 nii?" DDflaiy at. iiamim Smugs: -Toush Luck Stalks Purdue Opening Foe Tomorrow By HAURY KECK, Sports Editor 0 I I Mickey Owen Does One-Legged Dance Making Putout It may be difficult to get the idea across, In the midst STT the exciting world series between the Yankees and Dodgers, but it is a fact that Pitt is opening its football Landis Orders Third Game Postponement EBBETS FIELD, BROOKLYN, Oct. 3. (AP.l The third World jl FRIDAY. OCTOBER 3.1911 BEST FOR SPORTS TWENTY-NINE iSeries game between the Yankees jnnd Dodgers was postponed today season, against Purdue at the Stadium tomorrow afternoon, Purdue, a fine engineering school, has its alumni spread out over a wide area and in a series of six games with Carnegie Tech, three of which were played here and only one of which the Tartans won, never has been a tremendous drawing card in Pittsburgh, but year in and year out it fields a pretty good football team and it stands a fine chance of getting the Panthers off to a bad start in their ambitious schedule, which includes three other Western Conference foes, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio aj -A, -M 4 fl oy lyommissioner m.

LandU Rfter a steady rain had left the field unplayable. After inspecting the sodden field twice, the Commissioner tailed the newspapermen together under the grandstand and announced: "(lentlemen. I have marie my derision. The gamr'a Before deciding finally, he called bolh the Weather Bureau and the Vr John I'trxv State. A crowd of 25,000 is expected.

The Boilermakers are coached by Mai Elward, who understudied Knute Rockne at end for Notre Dame for two seasons and was his successor when Rock graduated. Airport and was told there was no chance that the sun would come out later In the day, and that it probably would go right on raining. FEW HUNDRED IN LINE The moisture had been coming down by fit and starts since shortly after 7 a. E.S.T., and the ground around home plate was a lob lolly by the time the Commissioner showed up at 11, He is in his twenty-fifth year of coaching and has been I at Purdue since 1927. He succeeded Noble Kizer as head murk five umnnt mrn when the Utter WBS stricken with i the illness which caused his death.

He was credited with Rnventing the end shift as a player, a protective measure ecause of his lack of heft. The Hoosiers lost their opening game to Vanderbilt, 3-0, last Saturday, and are hot to get going against the Mow Itaus Wore Made 1 -Jr J- t. I They have 20 lettermen back and will start a com-; I' plete veteran team. All four backs are lettermen, the i star being Johnny Calvin, the left halfback, a fine i i 2Tnner a left-footed kicker and a right-handed passer. He I I was an outstanding rival of Bill DeCorrevont in his prep Says.

1 NEW YORK. Oct, 3, Here's how the runs were scored in the sec-ond game of the world series YANKEES Heond Innlni Kfllur iniil.d in ihort ntok OoMnn wkil nnili ninnir sdvuncfd liimun ihr'W nut RiHuto. Ohnniiitr iviit out hitli bounder a iJivriRolln, Keller (rnrtni, Gor. nm hln thinwu- out lha vlita bi iriril lo nt'nr. Third iiwiin With inn ml Tommy H.n-rlrh ri'iuliM.

walked and Keli.r DODGFRS wnilied and Moved in ih rd a alaawitk d(uiWed aeain.t the left. Held Vail, li-HKrtlo walked, lha baMta. Kee.a furred ramiiJI "rln 0'" ainaied to cnrin Med-wick with ma u-mf tun. Wnu hit Ipio a louttla fiiay, Bum imiiiia Walker i mi on Oon don a armr and want to iinrd on Herman'a ainKia. Alter Johnny Murphv had irnlared DUrKenn Chahriler anil iunnnA I'M f-; 7,,, 4 I'amllil aliiKled to rlaht, atorlng Walkif wiiii tna winning run.

The Purdue team. He is John Petty, a smashing line-breaker 1 Jho stands 6 feet 1 and weighs 205 pounds. He also kicks ffpd passes and receives passes! He went to high school rrt Lebanon, and prepped at Franklin and Marshall Xcademy and now makes his home'here with a sister. Bow Boilermakers Lost Three Games According to Bob Woodworth, director of athletic publicity of Purdue, the Boilermakers have the third best record tor the last 12 years in the Big Ten. They have lost only 17 Conference games in that Minnesota is the leader, with defeats.

Ohio State is second, with the same number of defeats as Purdue, but a few more victories. Purdue was the hard luck team of the Western Con-. Uerence' last year, when it won only two games and lost Isix. Three of these defeats were by a total of seven points and 38 seconds. The Boilermakers lost, 17-14, in the last 19 seconds to Ohio State, when Charley Maag, an ineligible player, who was in the game twice in the final quarter, kicked a field goal with 19 seconds to go.

They lost to Wisconsin, 14-13, on a pass for a touch-flown with six seconds to go, and time actually was up when the extra point was kicked, In the game with Indiana, the big State rival, the latter cam won, 3-0, on a field goal in the last 13 seconds. The Boilermakers play a wide-open, spectacular game, featuring passing, wide runs and end-around and even tackle-around plays. Joe Boland, former line coach at Notre Dame, is sery a The Infield was covered with canvas, but gallons of water stood on if. and there was. a.

fog over the field that nearly obscured the distant covered stands. Only a few hundred bedraggled fans were In line outside the park, wailing for the gates to open. Landis waded around in right field with the rival managers, Joe McCarthy, of the Yankees and Leo Durocher, of the Dodgers, for some time before making up his mind. That there micrht be no possible Inlrrnmlimal Jip I'noio, confusion, the Judge said he was postponing the game until tomorrow both because of rain and wet grounds. DODGERS 'STI CK' WITH SEATS lf agiclC When Joe Gordon, of the Yankees, was tagged out at home plate by Mickey Owen in second inning of yesterday's world series game at Yankee Stadium this amus- ing sequence of Magic Eye pictures was made.

Yankee pitcher. Sequence shows how Gordon's v. Flay happened when Gordon tried to score from impetus spun, Owen completely around after second on Chandler's infield hit which Lavagetto the putout The umpire is Babe Pinclli. The fielded and threw to first too late to get the Dodgers won the game, 3-2, to even the series. This was the first world series game to postponed since second contest of the 1936 series, between the Yankees and the Purdue Baiilciiig on Versatility Giants, at the Polo The all-time record postponement was set in 1911, when the Giants and Series Chillysauce By CHILLY DOYLE (Staff Corrfflpondfnt the Athletics were washed out for Wi Jouiisiy Qpalviu Against Fftt.

ing in a similar capacity as an assistant iu Pitt will enter its opening game very much of a question mark. It has a large squad which for the most part lftks experience. It will start almost its entire second team ttf last year, and a few of the keymen, among them Special, delivery the star halfback, are out with injuries, however, Coach Charley Bowser and his aides are optimistic. They are hoping Purdue's habit of losing the close ones will continue at least through this Dodgers Back in Hie Series 1 The Dodgers did themselves proud by the manner in which they came fighting from behind, 2-0, to win yesterday's eame. 3-2, and even the world series with the Yankees six straight days and everybody EBBETS FIELD, BROOKLYN, Oct.

3.The Dodgers will have to wait to show their home folks in the Flatbush just what great and grand Heroes their Bums have turned out to nearly went nuts. Today's postponement was not bad for the Brooklyn management, which discovered suddenly last ftf's Rated be. Rain today prevented the third game, and there's no cer tainty that it will be played tomorrow or even on Sunday, for the Weather Bureau says Jupiter Fluvius will hang around Brilliant Player and make his presence felt for at least three days. .1 1 I. a ttvxr.l ennf IMaNMHMMMMn apa put inemscivcs ijwu I to take the lead with the next three I Selkirk, who had opened the las! Inning with a pinch Probable Lineup.

night that it had 2,500 unsold reserved seats on its hands and had very little time in which to dispose of them. Too, the special press box erected on top of the stands was uncovered throughout today's downpour and it would have been next to Impossible for the boys to wield thctr typewriters under the circumstances. The weather man was none too hopeful for tomorrow's game. He predicted continued light rains tonight and tomorrow, with clearing skies in the afternoon. P.L.

1 NRiiri1 A catcher has to have plenty of moxie to try to make such a play, There is a lot of tension between the rivals and trouble is looked for when, the Dodgers get the Yankees on their home grounds, after having evened up the series with a 3-2 win behind Whit Wyalt's pitching yesterday after the Yankees took the opener by the same score, but Mickey never hesitated on his winning action; had to hurry his fling and a miss meant the Yanks would have the tleing and Rimh KlmlHItrnrr Mlllrr C. R.0 AnlonplM .....9 M'lto R.T. It.K. Mini SUlhl. C'nnihi siHIrr or R.H.

RctIh 1 IVily Rffrrrv II. O. IvtinlT, RlirlinpM. plrp Krnlp Vlr. MKhUnn.

A. H. Ijtkr, llnypllf. Held Jmlsp Idin Hanillliin, llain. winning markers on with none When the Yankees' reached their clubhouse on top of their defeat out i Buoyed up by this stun (V games scheduled on their home field, They have two good! pitching bets coming up in Kirby Higbe und Freddie Fitzsimmons, while the Yankees' next two choices svill be Mario Russo, the iaw, and Atley Donald.

I Whit Wyatt, the pitcher the fans thought Manager should have started in the first game, twirled a swell contest to put his team back in the series, outlasting Spud Chandler, and the confidence of the Dodgers now must be high. They were beaten by only ning number, Wyatt got' the Fame over in a hurry as he pitched to of yesterday they gave vent to their feelings. McCarthy's play Buff Donelli on Hand the next two hitters. ers pretaced their remarxs by By TOM HOPKINS Pitt has its Jackie Stetler, runner; its Eddie Jones, a top stating that Whit, Wyatt had twirled like a star and they were not the kind of players who could not accept defeat in an honorable i Battle Bull Donelli, who "resigned" as flight passer, and Billy Dutton, a smart triple threat right halfback, coach at Duquesne University to Iway. But they insisted that the iDodfters were giving them the WIIIT WYATT Albright Tonight I I yvu-iiwa uu cue Mane pauia.

become mentor of the Pittsburgh St'eelers, was in uniform on the. Bluff practice field yesterday as the Dukes, returned to practice after a three-day' layoff. Tech vs. Albright Here is a statement attributed to Joe Gordon, great second base but Its doubtful If any of these three can match the versatility and ambidexterity of Johnny Gal-vin, Senior left halfback of the Purdue University eleven which will help the Panthers Inaugurate their season in the Stadium tomorrow. The Purdue squad of 36 players I'na.

Al.HHIIIIIT Itaimt lt A Kill MiMirnian Steve Slnko, the new "head one run in the first game and held the Yankee sluggers in check again in the second. Joe DiMaggio still has to get his first hit in the series, while Dolf Camilli, of the Dodgers, who fanned three times in the opener, drove in the winning run yesterday. In handing the Yankees their first defeat in 11 straight world series games, the Dodgers pulled themselves out of what might have been a hopeless hole. If they had lost again, they would have had reason to become panicky, visioning a debacle which would have left them in dis man: "They're going- to ret some of that rouKh stuff, too, and you can put that in the paper," Phil Risauto, who has been haV (' .1 iHinlrilll coach," was in charge with Do nelli acting i an advisory arrived In Pittsburgh at 7:30 this morning and was taken to Shady R.ri....,.MInke Mihln I I.lodhrrf Ilnnnlcr K.K, Mnlonia U- 1 .11.,,,. I'anlinl It rhillurhnk ing trouble making the pivot on Side Academy where headquarters j- double plays, owing to the close will be maintained until shortly i approach of flying spikes, dc clared: before game time tomorrow.

The Purdues, despite their 3-0 reverse. HEADINO, Oct. 3. Seeking! School didder Dies MADISON, (AP.) Lei oy Halseth; 18, center for the grace as real Bums. i Its third straight victory, the Al at the hands of Vanderbilt last bright College eleven will oppose JOHNNY GALVIN PURDUE'S ACE BACK Saturday, were confident, yet not "Owen tried to spike me on the thigh when he slid Into second Jn the fifth.

He wrnt many feet out of his way to get me. His spikes hit me right here," cocky, regarding their chances Madison High, 'School-' football team, died last night of injuries received in a Tuesday afternoon scrimmage session. Carneple Techs Sklbos here to night before a crowd that Is eX' nected'to reach 8,000 capacity. aRalnst the Panthers tomorrow. now claims Pittsburgh as his have only one veteran in his first Scries Averages COMPOSITE BOX SCORE FIRST TWO GAMES RATTINd AVKKVJKH With cue respect for their foe, the team lineup, Stan Gervells having The shortstop Indicated the spot home.

This big Senior fullback, who played 60 minutes against Vanderbilt last week, was regarded Albright has beaten Blue Ridge! and Muhlenberg In its two sewed up the left end Job long on his thigh. Boilermakers gave oft the impression that they feel they are a better ball club than their game of ago. 0. AH, II. JR.

:in.HR.MHI.RH,WI, Frt. FO. A. Trl 1 as one. of the best in the Mid Both the Pitts and Hie Purdues will wind up their training this limn! I nun If inn Second aitie Score.

West in 1940. He's a good passer. while Tech dropped a 19-13 open-! er to Westminster last week. The Techs arrived here last night determined to capitalize thisi last week indicated. The fact Personally, I think there has been; some dusting off by the a good pass receiver and a fine afternoon, the Big Ten squad working out at Shady Side and punter, all this being in addition pitchers, and it has not been con AB.

R. h. r. A. K.

week end on the passing ability VN imitijthat there ate 21 lettermen In the jUJU squad, 11 of whom have been starting jobs, gives them 'imVreason for confidence limit 1 t. to tus power at smashing a line, Pitt in the Stadium. Coach Charley Bowser still Is fined to the Dodgers, who were under the suspicion of this rowdy trick many times during the (MIO 1(111(1 HI IMHI .1110 Him GALVW CHICAGO STAR undecided on two of the Panther starting position and may not make a definite decision until summer. There was While the crowd for a game of this type, one of the early season variety in which there is no traditional rivalry, existent, usually Is determined by the weather, the BHIKIKI.VN Wmlkfr, rf I4frnian, HpImt, mt Jh Mritwlrk. jtlllli-tln, H'iw, I)rpn, c.

Klir Y'rnakl. Dnvl, p. nd.ll AMfil, H. (...... Tiplnili NKW VORR Nliirm, RHlfc.

SU. Hinrlrh. rl. IkiMnnto. ml.

KHIw. II lllfli.y, sion in Flatbush when Mace Brown Virgil Cantinl, who did some rf markable pitching last Week, only to have his receivers fall him, Dr. Eddie Baker, the Skibo tor, also planned to 'start' Billl'Hew. Phlllpchuck at fullback, this enabling him to return Bill John-I son to his quarterback post The Tprha war anrltv In nonrl nf htnrlr.

NKW toHK smacked his old pal. Elble Fletcher, In the ribs, the report being that opener is expected to attract up 11. AH, tlH.IIH.RItl.HH.HO. Prl. Among those 21 lettermen, among those 11 starters, is Galvln, a Senior, who, in 1937, in the memorable Chicago scholastic game between St, Leo and Austin, shared individual honors with Northwest-ein's famed Bill de Correvont, as H.

II. IM. 0 1 II Mace had the signal to throw at 51 II IS I I mm 1 1111(1 J0IIII null limn Hum wards of 25,000. There is a lot of interest in this Panther team, or AH, H. P.

I 1 game time. He doesn't" know whether he'll start Jones or Stetler at the left halfback post and he has not made up his mind on whether Johnny Stahl or Tex Hinte will be at right end. Jones' passing ability is the only edge he has over Stetler, but that pitch the Pirate slugger, who had been making things very tough for the perhaps it should be termed curi ii I I I 4 ing last Saturday and Baker hopes mrm, the lineup shifts will eliminate osity. District fans are wonder Dodgers. IS .1 (I I It 120.000 fans looked on In Soldier rf rf ing how Pitt is going to cope with that evil.

11' I 4 1. Field. i the type of schedule it laces this rm llHKI smi lino IMHI Galvln has come a long way year. hrllir, II Writer, Hnrdaaoray Rotor,, th Ill, otinlsince that duv and tomorrow he's Incidentally, Petty, before leav GENEVA PLAVS W. J.

BEAVER FALLS, Oct. 3, ing arm may be the thing that will carry Joncsy Into the starling lineup, EXPERIENCE LACKING liorilnn, 1 1' Itlmilo, p.i I ChRndlrr, 0 1 4 Miirt'h). 1 1 hoping that one of his best irgiate days on the gridiron will nunn Ransom, ii imodirr, a lAPjAlured tsiimi mi ing the Purdue campus, received a telegram from Mayor Cornelius D. Scully, offering to take the Boilermaker fullback and some of unrnnv, Ilia, tui.ibt,u Geneva's new coach, makes Bowser's reserves are promising Young Riziitn was aven a dusting off by Wyatt in yesterday's game. The kid had hit a hot one over third that was foul by a short margin and then he banged a (oul Into the stands.

Later In tie game Chandler took a pot shot at Pee Wee Reese and Durocher, coaching on first, cupped his hands and let fly with a volley In the direction of the pitcher. home debut at his alma mater to but lack experience. His second Totala Ratlrrd for Owen Id nevrnlh Innlna, flral ame. Hnllrd for C'aaey In evenlh Innlna, Irai aania, for Dlrkry In rlantn Innlna. aerond anoie, (Hailed for Mnrnhv In mm li Innlna, aenind annii night when the Covenanters meet! ii7 irvvjiut.u, vuiiuiijr ia an rutrji.

tlonally brilliant player. Hr. is a left-fooled kicker, boasting an average of better than 40 yards from the line of scrimmage. In passing he chucks from the star his teammates to the Scully home 'In view of the hotel strike now In Washington and Jefferson. Geneva; flan for Writer eUhth, United lor In ninth.

jibs BimcrcQ one nrit'Bk una nmoii loniflle ai'ora by Innlnaal yrV VOHH Mnterlran Lealilal. HKIrOHI.VN (National lllillll a a team Is made up chiefly of sophomores, That team Includes left end, and either Stahl or Hlnle, right end; Sophomores Jack and Joe a-s prociess. The klckoff Is scheduled for 2 o'clock. A section has been re- scoreless tie, while Wash-Jeff goti.w tttita 0- off tn A enntt start With a 14-0' halted In I'handler, Heller, Reeae, on 10 a gooa start iin a mmi. rnnvh.

Victory OVer Mt. Union last Week, MrdMlrk. inml.te (linn Heee. Herman inriiiMi KM iinim 0. ro.

ip. 11, n. r.R. r. im.

board side and he Is an excellent marksman, Oh yes, Galvln also has one thing which he does with ttROOKl.TV tackles; Sophomores Joe Broudy served for service men, who, If KM mi "vail 1 Havi 1 11 t)i a Owen easily can be the storm ana jjick buu, at. kumcs; Tel. 0 1 mm 1 0 mm they appear in uniform, will be admitted for 50 cehts, im two of his limbs and that Is run ni'fl 1 uioimi 1 i.oronn, m.fnio ami ivtirm IV 'Int. llllfkev una) fiwaVm, I tnnil rnoHmolin arty at linlliant itih ru i-n iK.n..Mv 1. rk III.

Hn on halla tilt Wvall The Brilliant Boat Clllb Willi tllrnnrli. hiiod. Steve Sinclair, whose first team aery I 1 AIIH4I 1 Job has been taken by Jack Ileis- iHe can shift and cut either way and he's fast. He's the lad that new mim center of the fighting before It Is over, for Mickey surely has been acting up In a wild manner. The spirited catcher flashed a cham ter, at center; Sophomore Jackie fnoi a ai.otirtrt'a enrl nl In ll nn 1iirinv 1 siage a seasons ena pauy in n.

wn.i, om itv (han.iier iwi. Grid Broadcasts i I never got started last Saturday Kerr, at fullback: Joe Connell and quarters tonight, arranged tui.eru (tt.ier, wvamt r.niiina IIP I handler 141 4 jj MMnilisr i a 4 I 1 i nv vtiati iinrni r. iM.kri. he's raring to go against the either Stetler or Jones at the half- pionship play that trmde him ji nmmoonre .1 noimen. upwaiu rilfMnt th.ndirr, GAMES TOMORROW MST.

M. KUkA foliate rennSlata. I (l P. M.h(J Mlrlil.nn va. lima.

standout of the second game, as 300 SPOI'tS enthUSlP.stS Ht'Ci and nun In Inmna innne out In river fins. barks and. Walter Ward, who has There's another husky the Tan- moved up ahead rf Frankle Scat-triers will hav! to watch closely ton, qiiarufbact. rarned riina i.n-k Hm.iklyn Stolen haaea Nona. Barrlflrea None, a IWinlila plaa Hrooblvn (II In llermnn to (ainllll: New Vork III (l.irdon In n.rmto atiirm (Si, Plrkey to Gordon, Kolfa to BUnito.

lyfl on Haea Brookhn i in New lurk, la. lilt hi ptlrher By Alleo 1 iHlnrml, I mnlrea MrlMmatl and 'N' ganwa tint, SiOSi around, 1:31. AHfjuiama (amcal'lral, Ittmt, nil P. It VV I'rno va. Harvard he'sronprd tip Sturm's bunt irijexpecfed to attend.

Movies l.olo' ollrher hnndkr. I ni-the ninth and fired the ball to: bo shown and refreenisis''. i.ii iMteiii in, 1..1. ni howl tiiietl (N. r.

M.HJAs rordham vi, Houllirrn and that is Johnny Petty, who If Stetler stalls Bowser Reese fur a force play on George 'served, .1 uukmi ia. l.i, uum imw-i 31. jr a lor 1 Uumiui (A.L.I, Uilril mi MeiniHItM, Will 3 'At M.VYCAEritt l. rui(H. I I ,.41 l.i.,,' flu ij..

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