The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1932
Page 5
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.THURSDAy, JANUARY 21, 1932 BLYTHKVnXE, (ARK.) CQURIKUNEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cenis a word for first Insertion and one cent a word for well subsequent Insertion No advertisement tnkcu loi IBM llian 50c. count the words arid stud tlic cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE GOOD USED CARS •28 FOltl) "A" TVJDOK SK1>AN Guml Tires, Nice l.utking, Kuns l'i»f. 554 Down, Sli per -Month $135 */!7 KSSKX 4-OOOK SEDAN' ".a Model Melor In Good Ituiii.lnf Shape, A-l Tin's, I'jint and Upluhtery Nice. $« Down, $8 per Month .. S 15 "20 LATH rOlll) Sl'OKT COUPE, Excellent Mcch'an- iial Condition, Tires Like Ncv.', Humble Scut. SCO Down, $11 per Month S11: •31 LATE FOUU TUDOR SEDAN'. Clran As a IMn, Just l.ikc New il> Every Way. $130 Down, $23 per .Month $38: •23 LATE CHEVROLET 6 COACH, Driven Only 1G.COO -Miles, Upholstery Like New, 4 Brand New Tires, Motor Perfect. $75 Down, S16 per Month S>2 "70" MODEL CHRYSLER SEDAN, Good Tires, Kuns Okey. A Rral Bargain. $2G. Down, $10 per Month $ SO 10 Oilier (Jood Cars To Select From Kt'eji In Miml Tint A Dependable Car Is ;i Necessity to Help Vou ii Your Work anil llusine;:, and Take Your Children Safely To anil From School. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY B^theville, Arkansas. I'hones 8I1-810-7T! FOE SALE—Baby chicks, all varlc tics. Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, Blytheville I8ct FOR SALE—Hotel and location fo filling station, Card well, Mo Building first class. Vacant corne lot on Main street Joining High way 25. Splendid, investment. Fo particulars write D. C. Steele, 82 Searritt Bide., Kansas City, Mo. 21C-K 1'OR FOR RENT- Furnished aparlmen 700 West Walnut. 26C-T FOR RENT—ily 80 a'cre form, cdg oi town, end ol Franklin slree formerly rented by A. G. Uyrtim. Write J. R. Byrnm, Sikeston, Mo. 7P-K22 FOll RENT—Five room furnished house, -209 West. Kentucky. Mrs. Allie Sisk. Phone 672. 1CC-1«3 FOR RENT—Four room house, S8; five room house, $10; on concrete street. Dr. Salita, Ingram Buildinj. . 19C-K20 WRECKS AUTO WRECKS For All Makes of Cais Expert Repairs on Damaged Bodies, Fenders. Hoods. Olass. Eic. Paiut Colors .Matched. New Equipment for Acetylene Welding. Finished Jobs Look Just Like New. I'hoiic S10 Today l>HH,I,irS MOTOR CO. Sill and \V:ilnul Sts. Dr. J. A. Salibzi Eye, Ear, ISosi; and Throat Ingriini Building Corner Jliiin & First St. SKCOND HAND FURNITURE HOU(!HT — SOLI) R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main rROJ'ERTY OWNERS! Bctler place yo;ir REAL ESTATE for sale or rout with CAUDILL. Particular attention given to renting and collecting rents OH Farms nnd Houses G. O. CAl : I)H.r, Phone 797-786 BRILLIANT Four Ions nivw same aniotint of liwit as live tons ordinary coal. Just Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. iltXl.t IH.'HKTOlMr ANN «>< CKuil.r VEMWItK fcnvr lur >rnri luyiHiMet IhrMMl* vr«, ihrlr >wui ^•w I^MMP •« *!• V 1 t^^^ ^«a^^ ^tao^^ BY KAY CLEAVER , knotvii "(^ II A Ml." » , "U OS A I, IK" *ni »r it ikl> OD»- . - r]i)l rr»)«OB*llilJll>, Imm, »hu IM &i, IN tiniblt lu marry I'llll. lie- 1IOVI>, vannic l«»y«r lu wkuu ill* • HM lu-rii tmfagrt fur rlchl >«uri. IVrllr, :•!'. ,'O-K-J rMHMY MrKb'fl , HH i-nj;liii;er. hul tibrn h« Hruti^Kra Kht rrfu«r« In aaiNt Iktlr \tirdiltNC tjulc (or tkr kaMr rca»on, )].Krimrr>. IS. Hid •till in •ohui.l, Blrlkfji up Nit afqunleinoro «illh KAUI. IIK AUH<kllM', >:iudr- vlllt- tirliir. HiiJ uu-cl* blm «rfrcl- '.*'. lie irlrH (11 i^rjmaJe her lu Ix-i-iimv kK klnjec |Kirtnrr. Ann nml Pkll tjunrrrl ivhrn «kc krnr, I.HITV KINO. »b. ivurk» l» 1'kll 1 . uMt-r t«njl«c, a«ilri-.> klu \vllk rndrntMetilB. Ann trlra lu Ki:.\ \ln-H SMfm^rtri'"".*".!. Icnilri.. Crdl)> l> ill.lurl.fd nbrn *hr IvartiM Jlarry kn» led *oi>» \\IIUuul Irlllni; hrT ahOHl II. Mar.v-l-'rniirrt fnllH In n« rx- niuUinliaB unj pTiiniUr* llr Ar- ninuut *il\e «illl ca miiiy nltb klm. nrxl lUdrnlnK l.'t-clly MCA Itnrry uiilKldr ibe fcoaie In hl» citr ttm*. uealnM krr umDilfilkcr'i roim- n4:,nJ. io<hc» uul lu ucct klm. MOW (iO 0.1| WITH TJIE STOIU CHAPTER XXX VIII JJARIiy came lo meet her, but this morning he did not sis!; whether ho looked pretty, and that was fortunate. because ho looked frightful. Ilo looked white, and unprcssed. and unshaven, and tired, and cross. Ho did not lako her hands. He hung his own r,t his sides, .19 if they woro pounds too heavy to lift. and ilicy pulled iifs shoulders dowu mil forward. Ilo said, "I'vo been driving nil Dlght, trying to getaway from you." Sho snld. "Grand is coming. He'll make a scene. Let's go— anywhere." As sho stepped Into the car one ol the mules dropped o!f. IJarry stooped to pick It u[i. and she said, "Hurry." FOR HENT-G05 Chickasawba St.. flnvinn Vfni>l- Pi'fnoc Five Rooms and Bath. Apply al ^'OMHflT alOCh. rHC€S h - New York Store. 15C-Ktf v Two four-room 'houses, two and three room furnished,-apartments. Mrs. Ted Green. I8»k25 KOG RAISERS—Bring your hojs lo cur plant and receive lop prices, nuy our tankage for lioa •vnd poultry feed. Little nock Pacing Co., Little Rock. Ark. WHAT made Grand so mad was that he could not re call !i single speech ot I.ear's. To have been a lover, nay. move Mian n mere lover, a student, a disciple- of tho Immortal Bard's for a lifetime, and tlicu In a crisis lo have It all como to naught, was hard, very, very liard. True, tlie blow, blow, tuou winter wind, was ready to hand: but In his opinion tho Heigh ho! section, directly counter to his >wn philosophy, all hut ruined the sons. N'or bad he been aL ¥l e, ever to give- his entire approval to llosa llnd. So he liaii to be content wllh moaning, again, to Ann, "She slruc! me down. Our littlo Cecily turne and struck mo down," nnd let It g, at that. ' Ann knew better; but elnco she had not seen anything except Cecily running out of doors la her bathrobe, all she could eay yts, "But, md leave blm moaning • on tut lorec-hnlr eofa, In the parlor while iho wont to telephone for the nclijh- joruool doctor. Grand bad been joslUvo that lio could sot Live, uutll Dr. Him could come from (cross tho river. Mary-Frances, two big frightened eyes Lesldo iho telephone., whim, pereil as Ann hung up tlio receiver, "Anu, did Grand eay slio could never darken hta door asalu* DIJ he, Ann?" "Billy!" s.ild Ann. "Of course not. Uun on ami see- »;lint you can do about breakfast. That'll sister's baliy. Everything will be nil right." Young Dr. SclberK and lita bedside manner arrived tosothcr. After n dlgullled nnd deliberate examination ho reluctantly gavo out the news that, though .Mr. Fettwlck WHS suffering from shock, ho seemed to tiavu sustained no fracture*, itbru shins, concussions, contusions, or lesions. It was so formidable a list that llio negative did not help n:uch 'iosallo continued roclttug am veeptng; and Mnry.Fraiiccs. polling ctout Ilia kllclien after eavesdrop pin: at Grand's door, asked la a ehokcd voice, when Ann came, "Wll ho dtcr And, reassured, "Wll Cl»»y ever tore como horn* again?' ' course, dear. Cissy dldn'i mean to hurt him. She's no o blame. Sho wouldn't have hur ilm for iho world—and ho fsn'. >urt n Jot. Except bis feelings She'll be home : before louu an ell him sho didn't mean to. am hat she's sorry, anrt everything wil be all right. Don't worry any mor about It. Your history examination 3 today. Isn't It?" "History . . ."said Mary-EYance isucly. Not sliicr yesterday after loon had she considered liny his- ury other than that which sho nnd Earl were going to make together. Ovation!; . . , For Iho first time that rr.oralng Aim thought, "Cissy shouldn't liave.V To M»ry-Franccs sho said, "Honey, all families havo little fusses sometimes, nnd tho only thiug to do Is forget all alwut them. Cissy will como homo and bo sorry, and by this time tomorrow everything will be us ft has always been. Jtun along, now, it you'vo eaten your breaklasi. and look OTer your notebooks. Your hlutory eiarulna- STRAHAN Doubleday, Down and Co. , lugged tier, "Don't you worr? auy raoro now, will you, preclouir "No," Mid Mary-Kraiicca, and iiiusclcd. "1 lovo you, Auu. I love •on »ud Cissy ami Oranil mid llosi-' le. i lovo you all, Ann." "Ot course," tnld Ann, trytiis to iinko It light nnil niaUor-oMtict at lie Mmo ilnio. "Everybody Invcs everybody nroimil hero, Ituu along now, itair, ana jjet to your bout It Mary-Frances hesitated, bung round,- "I uuess I'll kl»3 you jo«J- " , >y. Aim angel." "Slater's baby, said Ann, /, dutifully, "I ««» thinking, Just now, as I eat lioslilo dim In lilg (uin. Wo huvu l*e:i nmrrldl almost 60 yearn. In oil Uiat tlnio i havo never fqunil fault nor Haw. Ho has licuti nlwiiya , honest, liiB. forclvhiK, just. lender, rould so tho doar. IS went as far as 'You'll remember Grand. d«ir, , , dr; M>an to," lion Is n thousand limes more 1m portant than this little affair." "Would It te all right, then." asked Mary-Frances, "for mo to go to Unulntrude's for dinner this evening and stay nil night?" "Surely, dear. That will bo lino. And you and Erniintrudo can study together for your English esamtoa- tiou tomorrow." Mrs. Hill would see to It that they studied, during examination week. If Cissy shouldn't come homo until afternoon, and If there should bo another scene—perhaps at dinner— Mary-Frances ivonld know nothing that, won't yon, Ann angel? It— anything should, happen, or *»}• thiiiB, 1 mean. And you'll lovo me, too?" Ann repressed n sigh, refused to allow horselt to shako her head. "Of course, Mary-Fraiicea. Hut ilou't uu silly. What could happen?" "Like," said iM.iry-l'Ynnccs, "irell —Ilko If 1 should Hunk In my cxauia or anything." "Voii aren't golne to flunk." "I mean-It I should." Sho came hack to Ann. "HI kiss you goodby again. I gutsa. Will you uud Cissy lovo mo 1[ 1 Hunk7" "Dear, listen lo mo. You are talking very foolishly. Vou arcn'l going lo fall In your examinations. Uut, If you should, that wouldn't make, any difference In our love for you. \l'<j'd bo sorry nnd very much disappointed, but we'd lovo you Jual tho same. Nothing yon could do would make nny dlttcrenco lit our love for you. But you must try hard, so that wo cau bo iirniid of you as well as lovo you. You will won't yon?" "I expect." sighed Mary-Francos "that you'll all be proud ot mo somo- time. Oh, yes—1 expect you'll be, proud, all right. If that's what you want to be." "That's tho way to talli, honey,' Ann approved, lint sho relumed to tho dlslipan with somo Email wor rles concerning Mary-Frances. 0 late sho was so—odd. Tim lillli Hill girl seemed IIJio a nice llttl, girl, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Hill wort lino sensible peoplo—only, Mary Frances had never used to lio s odd. Perhaps, during tho aiimmei sho nmt Cecily could encourage somo new friendships for Mary Frances. Uosalle tlptoeii Into tiio kitchen "fie has .orgivon her," slie said "lie has forgiven her fully and free ly and from his heart. It was hi! deslro that I should como and te! you." "That's good," said Ann briskly far too triskly. "Ann." breathed Rosalie, n: Mary-Franco.!, might havo brcalbci it, "Isn't he wonderful?" "Indeed ho Is," said Ann prompt on mill on. Thoro la no—uin—nitrl Irtito Ihut hn* to do with goodliest your tiniiiil dues not pasia'ss. My 0110 wish for you dear slrh la that when yon mairy—and yun will innr.-y, of cmirso, and BOOH. I liopo •you i;uy Mm) a | im ,, who la halt i Komi as lour Oviind. You'll IIOVIT i"1 a man as Rood, liceauso ho la ho beat HIM that ever lived." "And," Ana tlioiiKht, n llttlo KC.I In Hplto ot herself, "lu lovu. Ofallo bcltoves every word bins bus ild. Coiihl l over lovo anyone. Ilko lal? Could Clsuy? Wo couldn't. » hy. I womler? Why should L'iJay iml I hiivy lo ho BO dlffciviu—»ii li'llluslnncilT Is there HomolliliiK vri'iij; n nit ,,s: Oi la lovu a mimo it sollialrc. In which ono li;is lo :hcat |o win!" •'-. I ITL1J SAUCK!" said Smlfh ih.-vt nfteinoou, lu Ann's quirt olllco. "BollliUre? My niiHl'a cyo! lio yoursolf. Ann. I'll tell you what u la. It's poker. Yeah, poker," ho Mulshed (Irmly. "I'olicr." Aim rvniluiloii him, "Ii a irnn's Kame." 'Women can play," he rjrintied, "hut must of 'cm aren'l so hot ot II. They ovcrbet lliolr liainls. They clieer ivhun they get u good liiiud iiinl liolbr when I bey got n hum one. They can't bluff—uluch. They can't icmemlier Unit four uccs'i n full house. They'll discard n pulr and ilr.iw to n llnsh every lime, ami they'll l.'ct a four (hisli aa lilgli n:s a fooil one. They throw away their openers. They liatii lu unto. Tlml'si lliu troublo with yon. Aim. You won't aulc. You havo lo got lu llio gamo bcforo you cau ilrnvs (arils. You won't get lu llio gamo. You won't play. Now, listen, Ann . . .'• Ann ilfil not listen, very attentively. Slio seldom llslutml to Kenny. Kho merely allowed lilui tn r-itlo along and along, mid BO found a iranncca for loneliness. It was nflcr llirco o'clock. Sho was beginning to worry i-crlously iilicui Cecily. All day sho Inul Iwen expeclli;); a tolephono call frum her, but uouo had come. Surely iho chllil wouldn't go home and dress without calling her. Surely Iho child n-ouhlu't Etay out nil ilay In her bathrobe uud slippers. Surely tho chlld- "Tlnl's nil I want, Ann. I woiililn'i nsk for n thing on earth hut to lo good lo yon aud make you happy. 1 want lo buy ihtngs Tor yon—houses ami cars and diamonds and things. 1 want to laho you places and watch my wifo Unnclc 'em dead. I want to soo yon wearing blnck velvet nnd diamonds, and while satin nnd ueurls." (To "« Continued) OUR BOARDING HOUSE PAGE KVB I I I AW C'MO^ , UriCtX AMC.3 SAID -TitAT UieM-r PlMMER Voti 1 ]) CuiLD A BRl'DSi; For,; M£ , OCJ-f MEC(-(A^[C,l.U 3E-TJ— AM 1 HQUJ -TrlA-r ViMj'RE VUU. OF KBMUT AM 1 "Plra-rlacK. tiamt. IM -n(A-r ctUiR ALL MiGi(-r.' —vv. r k-Moui WI/A-T, Vou po*iV Bj Ahexn \j2jjjjf M\, LAP -VoU cii-r MS "^%( -To -THE QUICK I ' Wrio riA^e BUIL-T -rHe OREAT DRAW AMP CA(i1lLWeR BRIDGES IM SCOTLAND, AY "trie T|RTr( OF CLV.DE. ^MJ> -TrlE riRTV) QF rcK |(M-M--MAS<efcPiECES OF BRIDGE SCIENCE, veRit. —~-PtEASE,AJ-^l*i, ^BEca OFF, AS- i Mve. A s(.i6rir^ MISERV QF is BEST )M 'l-ilS MQirrH •* MU unncc. nc. m. u. i. MT. orr. BOOTS AND IIER O'AVVOHD '. M^.KMlC WCMVD IMX ttOW HOLO OF Vf I'OH COODNKSS SAKKSI ~ T~N By Martii . TO VV.I\V ^ <?VtK ft»0 TrttV WW TO «JtE XNtft \J) OVD fiUV WVDP O006W ff M To >At- voa DCXSSOtiG 't \\rWWEO SO Ott TW6 fVVW 09>t>i <XSt \ Gtt ' ,&Y WANTED—Washings. Mrs. Mary Kimball. 605 Ully Etrcet. Call Red Cross. . K-TF WANTED—Fresh Cream. St. Louis prices paid. Dennett's Dairy, BlytliCfille. 7C-K31 WANTED—Reliable man to succeed C. C. Cecil as Rawlcish Dealer in north Missi$Fipni County. Selling experience unnecessary. Everything furnished except car. Splendid opportunity for hustler lo step into permanent ami profitable business. Write W. T. Ran-lelgli Co.. Dept. 36, .Memphis, Term. 20C-K23 November 16, 1931 Treasury Department, oaice of the. Comptroller ol the Currency. Notice is hereby given to al! persons who may havo claims lirst "The First National Bank of Blj-iheville. Aiicansas," that the iame must be presented to R. U Uraciley, Receiver, with the legal proof thereof, within three monttis from this date or they may be uballowcd. J. W. POLE, Comptroller ol the Currency 11-lCC—K2-16-32 A. T. fc T 121 1-8 Anaconda Copi»r 10 3-1 Auburn He 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor 13 Chrysler H 1-2 Cities Service 61-8 Coca Cola 112 Continental Baking G 1-2 ;jau General Electric 22 JMan General Motors 23 3-8 | Mny Montgomery Warcli 93-4 July New Ycrk Central 34 I-R pel Packard 5 Uec Rntiio Corp Simmons Standard of N. J 20 Texas Corp 12 1-2 U. S. Steel 45 7-S New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jnn. 21 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close C05 COS GUI) G62 072 67-1 CCS li70 687 CM C84 085 700 ' 707 701 703 729 730 724 72(i 7-15 746 741 742 Spots closed steady and unchanged at G75. i March New Orleans Cotton NEW CHILEANS. Jnn. -21 (Ul'l — Cctlon closed nulct ami steady. o]ieii hlgji low close im; 663 663 C5D 65'Jl) Inrlll 070 073 C07 M7 lay owi coo as ODS Illy 705 70G 700 700 let 723 724 719 71!) icl 740 735t) Spots closed steady niiil uneliani;- cd at 061. Most, of the swe.uini; of a do;s Is c!on c en its lonsnc and the soles of Its feet. , rt OooBT , COHCEfiXEO a i ~WU OV.O X.OC«r:T , l» ETTOWT ^o <aMU66VX V out w v\vb coumray To HtH i OlNAOMO f? \Vc. \mstt FKKCKMiS AND HIS FRIENDS GOOD MISUT '• "" W WD|JO£R R. IS HKM By KOMI TH&Y POUT AIJS^E! «,e...OW / VJHATU- I Co? WATT-I- i co? E =7 GbTTA 86 DOME QUICX,!. 1 f^^ - -^ f -~^=- WASH TUHBS WARX1XC OHDEli CHAN'CKRV COURT, CH1CKA- SAWFJA DISTRICT. MISSIS- SIl'l'J COUNTY. ARKANSAS John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., el al., Plaintiff, Kn. 5117 vs. ( lilark M. Fowlkcs, ct al., Defendant The defendants, lilack M. Fowl- kcj. S. L. Fowlkcs. Zula Stephens Fowlkcs, are warned to appear within thirty days in Hie court r iiameri i n the capiiwi hereof and tanswcr the complaint of the nlaln- |tiff. John Hancock Mutual Life j Insurance Company, el al. Datcrt Jan. 21. "1032. | R. L. GAINES, Clerk. I By Harvey N ton Is, D C F:. M. Teny. . Atty. Ad Lltcm, 21-23-4-11 »JELL, BUST MS MECK 1 . IF THA'S NOT A REAL LA.UGU! VA WNS ME 'M 1 OtD 1UBSSV TO PROTECT Vf., 't!' "JER (XFRWp. HAW V\W Hp, W l IW1NG ON YOUIj I.IONS! X BUT Br Crui MA'AM. TREY'S (OMt-V OWtTH\MG WRONG — W£ HOTE -SW5 'WE t TREASURE'S IM A U1OMS LION'S /'M THE CASTLE. VOU SEE, IW OR(XNOF/VTHF-R WAS ..] ECCEMTRtC -rtE fv,,L SORTS OF UORRigt,E ... SlKU AS UOMS LEOFAROS, AS DO NOU VlOHOER TUfXT I'M AFRWC? LJOMS-, U&H! IAONS, en? •shv, TONS A UON IS OH5 TWM& I PstN'T • EVER Hft.O f\ CHPJMCG To WJWP.

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