The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana on March 24, 1890 · 8
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana · 8

Helena, Montana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1890
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mrjK wwViw v I '.V;" - ,V; f 1 ' . - -i u . V ' THE DAILY INEfEPENDEXTmELENA. MONDAY. MOUSING, MABCII 24 1890. 6 - t- r i v r' Iliineh of K ,vh To-Night Maggie Mitclii'll to in Illy. ' This evening lloyt'n great faice comedy, l !)' Jinncli of Keys, will he given for the Live Topics Intelligently Discussed J i,f,t nine in this city, it is n eoYitiiiniil the death of George Hammond, the Son of laugh from bti'intting to mil. The company Wni. Hammond, the well knownVpioncor. is said to bo very Rood. CoIiet rning it the live r man of this place, who after ti painful San Er.inriscQ ('kiomKlo kiivr: and lingering illness of about four months Louise Raymond, as Teddy ," acts mid passed pencefnljy nwHy yesterday at 7:15 k. shirk well, and dances with a grthit deal of , m. lie was a man who had a host of friends grace. Dumm niakts uverv good 'Grimes,' j and was well known in almost every town fpiito as (mod, on the whole, as Canfield ; in Montana, and was honored and respect-! and Will IMnlcIs makes themost out i ed brail who knew him, - He ,wu born in Arrant of a Notorious Hjirsethief by Sheriff Hamilton in Caa-- - cade County.- 1 Hie Camp of Idiij-A Ttlg Ditch for llic 1 ellow steer 1 no lioio,el 111 Idgc lor the M isourl. Li tters reci ived' at Hus oflice from cast- m p.irtiis indicate an immense liumigrn-tioii into nortliein Montana during tlu' in m tew months, 'J he resources of the coiiulty art being understood .and appreciated by home seekers and hundreds who have hern looking farlhor west for the re.ihutio'i of their hopes and plans will bhoilen tliur iourney and set their stakes ji. this favored land, says tli'i Liver 1iess. During mnnv years northern Montana was a-- a scab d hook to the outside world. It was locked up m a great Indigo jean vat ton and its vast agricultural, grazing and nun ttril wealth lull in the unelistuibed posse Sinn of a lew hundred savages who wipe 1 d j j m ;(, J.'D etui clothed nt the expt use of the 1 government. A new older of . things obtained yvjnn tlio Gum) Noithein sought and gained the upht of way thiouph the i:n- niensn domain. 1 he Indians were placid upon n duo d K ei ration and the linesl hilly ot lands m the noitbwest Was thrown open tei settlement. I hw was done less than two yeais ago. And now thu silver lining to the cloud r which for 1. 1. .iiv virus Inis hung liko a pall mil him I hem Momma is In mg m cn. railway IrayeiHi s nuiily thci entiio l.sigth of its giyjOO.oOO acies of land, Hitlli -meals have spiting. lip on the lime nt tho imn thoiouf'iifaie mid the tiaidv punim- aie making their priseuce t It . limy uro b. ndnig glowing aciuiuitn ot the now empire to their Iriemls and inviting them to . li.i least ot lr-e bofftes. 11 iiitormp ion liicinfig upon tnefountry and tis resources mid possibilities is In mg sougth uft r mid e igeily 'wanned by lionu -.ei ki r-. It goes under the tongue of good re pint, ami, ns Jus been hiatid, huiidieelsol immigianti will set their stake-Vaml make their homes in uoithein Moni.ina eluiing tne ensuing bc.lsOU. ( it it g 1 it at Imst. i About two 'months ago Kph. Kmke.ule, Jiving near S infold, uavs the Gnat Dalis Di.nlei, had two homes stolen ftoin Jfts i mge. lletu'ihd the whole coiu.Uybvi r, hut could gi I no tiaci ot the n . A feyv days po Mr. K. arriyid in this citv mid made las lo-s lv-town (, hientl Hamilton. J'Jle,' bheiill m Hinge man doing m good ih al of hoi 1 1 nijfffg T.iU ly up the fvin i ger y.ilh y and ionelmUd that it would he a good ldci to investigate) the matter. AeeorelnigH ho and Mr. Kuikiade am llmrsdiv made n trip up too v illeyaml Humid Hit horsiae they "etc u -i.arelr of mill j! l,o1ltiloilitied u dexinplioii ot the man who h el eroded them oil toi anothei Tl.ey i ct m ned to tliei it y and leanum tli it tuere w is a man t l'i It who aimweieil Hu ill 1-1 rijil.ein if the thlrf, they wed out t) Kelt vin rihiv iiiiif'pijceeedeit m caoturmi' II ir man. lie give his name ns 1'iaiik Li iiieyicwii.l is said 1o he nil old hand at homo stealing. He is now in the county jail. ' .! The f.-inip of Ion.i. I ife mid actn it.v me visible bn every sale. Alauy netw buildings have gone up, Fays the Mi.Tir, Gthe ra me in pmcissof const t action. Jiyj. mill is pounding out ils daily 1 1 1 ij t a ot folly tons Of iTie, anil the mu-c! merv toi a L'.Ki-fou concentrator is on the gaomni, ready to he put in place. Even, the dispositions bt tile citizens seem to have htulergoue a change. 'lliev believe in Dorn. Among file old-timers I have foiiud hut out) who has not shaken off his old lime habit of croaking. 1 nlesa death works a v.onilyoifSVtiange m the disposition of some good men, I suppose tlier will ho croakers in heaven. I A lVig Ditch. W. r. Kilby lias been cohfening with the t ranchers of Paradise valley for sonic time and has about completed nndugemeuts by which ?m immense irrigating ditch will be run through valley elunug tho coming biuniuer, says tho Livingston Dost. Jt is proposed tA take water out of the Yellowstone nt a point near Chiekery and thence it long the west aide , of the river through Paradise valley. ' The length of the ditch JifiS mit yct-tircrrdetcrmiiied -ns thr-plare for .taking it out liaR not been dctuiitely' loeated. .If taken out above Ohii Ucry it will be' 11 miles in length, but ll taken out ftps side it will be nbont si miles long. The dileh will have a capacity of 2, 500 , inches and will cud between ifcJ.OCo aud 10,000. . ,4' MTno Bridges for the Sllssourt. . At a joint session of the commissioncraof Meagher antEJefferson conuties it is probable thaF negotiations will 'be entered into ! for the building of a wagon bridge across the Missouri river .at Townseffft, say the Husbandman, to be constructed by Meagher countv and one' -across the same river at ' 'Poston to be constructed by Jefferson comity. Iso far ns Meagher county is concerned we would say that certainly if thu people of the'Mibsonri' valley want these bridges they should have them, as they have scarcely 'had their share of the nu-piovements on roads made by the comity. A j A Boom for Tountteml. - - t Never before in the history of Townsend lias the outlook been Bin-tavotable. The 7tiTtffin1hff ctmnt t tmtT'rf (mve-ctpztmvcmfi --' menced if not completed this tynfiti; sum-n'er will put thousands of certs of fertile lauds on the maiki t, savs the News. Tilts in a few yeais will double the population of ou r v allt v mid of course the population of the town. It is an undisputed . fact that one fieri; of irrigated, laud iff' the West will produce ns much, uuo year with another, as three acres of land in the fast where tanners me comfitmed to trust to the Uncertainty of the weather fm the moessaty j (joist tire fo prpkjctajJ5ion. J he onlf draw-liiu'k to jjjeMii'omi Valiev has been the m-. sufl'cieiicv of, tiv supply '1 Ins canuHoiever - plpces this ipiesfioii at 'nst. j Inskank,' Jhe siulil atidThe bridge wiTJ he nosni, ill aid to i the town and the km : country, Attention, Sixth M ant Demoi'nitx. ' a lhe meeting tor nominating a candidate for alderman of the Sixth' ward Bet for ' 'Wednesday, March 2b H-H1. has been postponed to 8 p. ill. Tugsdiv. Apul 1, lsv' at tae hose house in saukwm. ' ' Vs ' , ifosri'it Pit kin. x Dim! n H im.h, " ' aid" ( fiinmittec. Jture riianre. i Tor S.iIe'Tlie ir.o t diklratile Im-it'K' ' propeity in tlie-city of Jltlena, This ;s u' pare ppporUt.nty fora profitable inve-t a enC ' 1 Ladi"C, Jtlteuiion! , The tLfnp wilei'f WooU nJu goods vunl , white goods will coni miff I Ji uhe wit-k nnlv, (o' clrnr the sfmti; fiff new goudi.'rit X. . lintkaufs, i5?ntkal uu slrwi Fendint Ifohiaiipiunb ,i(id orliit proof UhUji ou Wk al tuiUao A. X gutbvnl.i. i 1 - ' Kn -; AML'sKME-NTS. wnsi of Snaggs.' The rest of the cast is above the milage. 'iho song is ury well lendiitd. bomoviiy good eing-idi? was donp lv the rpaiitette. consisting of rioixnee Derry, Ad le Dcno. 1 lyn Ward. Ik H. lieigel and Hamilton 1'ithy, and the intihic wuh well select! d, T Inge is fun ami go enough to lhe llunch of Keys' to warrant full houses during the engagement. 'I lie piece, as played by this cuiupauy, could not he hi tter presented. Alaggle M ill hell. Om of the events ot the dramatic season will he the first appearance in Helena of this charming actress. Her imputation ns a star of the lirst magnitude was long ago established and she is to-day even more popular than ever. With the uss, stance of excellent company she will begin an in-giigement of three nights ill this City on '1 liursd iv evening. Itei latest pluv, Jta, will he the opening attraction. Kanihun will be picscuifd on Kiiduy evening and I Little Ikneloot on Hatmday evening. A? ITI! ROBBERY. Three Voting Men from Minnesota Charged yy llli Knlililng the N.l Kuprenit. 1 he reefuihition of Goreriun Mernam, of Minnesota,' upon Governor J oolo for the return of Charles Searlos and William Pain, Jr., arrested at Missoula on t ho charge of .haVing stolen $15,010 li'onitlieNorthernPa-ciflc Kxpress company al Hiaipard, Mum.. I fight moliths ago, was honoied yesterday, mid the pnsouers will be taken liaik frt Minnesota bv Miotiff Spalding. The money taken from tho expiess company was one of two heavy bags of ftold, wi lgliing about iorty-tive pounds. Suspicion if sti d upon the two young meli now undtr iyrn,l. limy have Ijcmi shadowed, follow etPlfmi died tiptll they settled On laches near Missoula, ('buries Henries is u f. Aldi ini hi Seailns, of Hrainerd. Win. il.une is a son of one of the wealthy piopcity ownnis, and both were highly te, speclcd. On End iy last another person was ai tested in I'ounCet ion with ythe rab-beiy. 'i Ins'is a brother of W in. Paine. ri:usu. l. J. P. Dyas, of Great Falls, is in tho city.' .1. A. Bake!', of Benton, is vising the capi- j la I Louis Lang, of thru' fit y. (1 n. P. Aiiein, E. S. the Heliun. Engine Sulljvan, shenff of Silver fount y. J-. vTsitmg the city. , S, II. Keif, of laeoiini, Wnshiuglou stopping at the Meiciiants. iE. Dowling and wife. ,,f Council nre glii".ls ot the ileKhants, e,vuian, ot Spokane Falls, ami t oilett, of San 1 lancisfo, me at 1 the Cosmopolitan. - Mows II. Marks, of ITeeircin Crick, I MeHglu r county, i.uived m the citv on a I visit to his au ills. He lupoids cattle a haying laied v( iy well during the winter, i V S. t m. I ddw in, Jr. and W IL . H'llti'.-Ali'r. (i .inlay N. I. S, k. II. linblljrntl, Jlll-llllll , W.'i. IV. 1 1 . in N. y. I). P. Siiwle. Idoy.i-' vWe N. 1. A, Ik H.iIIk k au 1 wifu,.. ,s lintl. .is. V. Mniph, Silter llmv Park. 1). A- 0, e.iheimer, X. iurk. 11. ft, Neiisladli r. N. Y. L'. J. t rouu, Hang Kiiii" Aiih.ils. at Tlio Helena. P. Am.ld N.Y.i ", S. K. Yanvnofl N. V. V. l).mi"N and wife, . N. V ( leu. i'. Alircn, I . fck A., 1' f. fill u. 1 m1 i e lum. (hieai; . s. .1. kmy ling, l)i lion. JL -II. Pnlk-r. liti-Umi. "J. Ik ker, J t.llenum. ii ink Lam. N. t. J. tl. -Vk ykiuagle.Nilyer I any Ia i k. -1. hl.'iiklin. X. Y. VV. S. tbiv, tp. Paul. ,11. ix Hehiis Beilin, iierm.uij. rrf als at the Grand Central. . H.iriy Paterson. I)r Irff. ( . J. bhcrvrixid, l.iv- KamflSeidfeX 1 .llclcnn. t lias, llright lfiJimind t itj. ,T. It. livan. Ht. Lomu. ' .1. II. Dti'-s. (ileal Palin. S. K Alderm.m, lii.mi-fl.'d. W. N. Il'e-h, llhioiniim-tun, HI. F. b. Deluirer, LiviiiR- J. 11. WilTiiinis. V. S. G. H. C. H. 11, end. X. Y. l. F. lasju. H. Frai k. Hutto, ti. F. W uod, imdland Pai k. J. M. l)ile. M'jkyille. LKlrfC. J. bhervrixid, iric-lici. " 11. J.WiIdmi. X. Y. II. bpiJiluiK. Bmui.ird. Ilnv' I udi. hl.ihn. , II. 'll. Hutu mid wife. N. V. J. J. tVmii!)ell Lit lug-' , Illl-itOll. I), h. . ikon, " In' U. W. It. Daniels, X. Y., iii-ti Williams, : lien. M. taucey ,J Vi, ,t imiU 11, Fort lleuion. Fug. Sydliyan, Butte, . "Ready'SIlxeil' Paints from seventy-five cents tone eighty-five per gallon at Parcben's Ding store.7 . it , f i,, v 'po ou have ranch or city lots for. sale? If so, giveThera to us: wp will sell them sooner for jiju than an v other firm., . A. IVDodoeiC Co., 21 Pittsburg block. 77 Miss Vandeti oiT foinHlion. 5liss M. K. Southmayd has received a tel-egrtnn fronrhit. Paul ipfonuing herof a successful operation on Miss Vamlorvort. Several ounces of pus and some pieces of bone were removed from the woundYrtid the original track was opened fromeml to end. Tho prospect for Speedy reco ry is verv encour- KK Lm Carload New Seeils. ' Alfalfa, ired cloier, timothy, Kentucky blue grass, lawn grass, German millet, and red top. Vicks flower seeds. Jatthen's drag store. Butte ltcal Estat. Jifmes V. Murphy and J. II. McMonagle, twoTrndmg real rstute-itleti -of 'Buttemre stopping t tho Helena, t hey have control of Kilver Bow park, mi attracuve suborb Jo the smoky city, ami are silling fine lots on verv reasonable terms. They will place their1 interests in this city m charge of E. W. Beattie. -t f . JOTTINGS ABOtT -TOWN. ' i -4-. - A nniawnyf on ltbdney street last evening occurred without serious wsults. Tout lyrhiffiduU hinfchiirgB of tlie grading out tit hit thejiroadwater electric line. The attorneys for- Jackson have hopes of ultimately dealing imn ot the- chatge (if uiudjr. ' Mi, M. . MeyetulorS says the prospec-tle bii-e bail giounds will be visited some time this wyek. He thinks the association will he org.oned. "k , Kev. J. AVi Sanders is busily engagfd in soliciting sub-cupt ions to eltur the debt ,of the A M. E. chinch. 114 hopes to have the work fini'died by June f. -It is said all Fituli.-h rompunV Jias pur-i ImScd thi- Fieneh Bar place r diggings lor the pprpo-e ol milting tor.-the cjLcfalds till ate to be found in the graiel. 1 1 e strike in the Hiawatha mine cri ftled a good deal of lutiirest iu Helena, and the prospects of it bise -boonf m Montana smites ii eqii'Hlered one of the the pos-iiuli-ties of tLe near uinie. v Coiilitv AtLontey Nolan has ls.m confimyl llo,plUHoj; the ,Wbt. he,tra ul. i I ite caufchi a bevels cold which settled m Ins tLi oat mid ortatid aswelluig wifich had r 1 to be ilncfd. He is reported in getting .-(.loll1 fill rutit. - '1 he I'oung.'iy Ai who is nrpo'cd to Lux., I lk "'H have j t.-Uay. J 1 ipatclitd Kgnkl wattl , .. a w-ll known ili'liUd limn a alijirtt tine ago, 4 was nrn .-ted xv-terdiiy and placed in jail on i the charge of cany ing com calld weapons. h ihiitice to clear lumsclf GEOAGE IIAMMO.ND DEAD. wu lfeetuwn, Grant county, AVis., in lkl'j, ajjd came -to. Deer Lmlgs, Mont., with his purents, Sept. 15, 1M,5, and has made his homo, in Deer Dodge county cer since. Could his icrsonal experiences he collected they would make a mokt interesting volume, lie was at one time the fastest sprinter ip the world for a hundred .yards, Inning cov-eied the distance m the remarkable time of 'Ju,i seconds, being the lirst to run it in that time. Many old timers can recall the day when lie lan races in Deer Lodge and Pioneer and the excitement lie created when he defeated twooftlio best men .from the east, and ran the .hardest race of his life J yyith the third, hut was defeated. Jrle was considered otto of the best horse-kien in Montana in his time, having ridden in some of the closest contested races that ever took place in tlm northwest. Ho served t.voyeanlas deputy sheriff of Deer Lodge county under Low Coleman, andWde a I very ellieient officer. He was a respected member of tho Philipsburg Pioneer association, which society will turnout nt the funeral. He leaves a wife and, little child, his aged father and mot her and foar sisters, Mrs. K. McDonnel, Mis. Joseph A. Hyde, Mrs. Wm. Coleman, Mrs. W. J. Matthews, and A brother who rebidis ill Wisconsin. Tho interment will take place in the Phil-ipsburg cemeteiy Monday afternoon at 2:30. 1 Demand a Tarlflon Leud Ore. Dfnvku, March LI!. Telegrams were sent to Senators Wolcott and Teller and Congressman Townsend last night refutijig the statement, made bv Mr, Mvers befoirq the Containing ways and means committee Jo the effect that all westernminers and ,meltm favored j HaUs, Seven Rooms, the tree lufportation of lead ore. 'J he telegram was Hignrd by ex-Senator Hill, ex-( 'ongrthsman Svmts, ex-Governor J. 11. Giant, ex-Govetnor John Nuns, Governor fcooper, J.v 1!.' 1oiler, president of the Chamber of Commerce. D. 11. Moflatt, preside nt of tlio Km Grundo railway and First .NationyLLiaiik. It chums the voice and sen-timeiif of Lt.mtJ.OOO west sill people, demand one anil a-hulf cent per pound tariff on all lead ore impoited into the I lilted States. The MfCulIu Inquiry, loitfe, Jl.irdi Ld. At the McCalla yesterday' Lieut. Ingersoll said, with the exception of one ofheirwhowas tried by colnf, limit hit and discharged, therj' is no officer now on the Enterprise who lieTtnow's to have been under the lnflu-uicM-of luptor. The officers weio in accord with the commander. Ho thought the puti-i-.huupts lntlictid were necessary. Lieut. Jjeiuly K stifled that the Kntf ipnsu was not e happy rlnp. '1 he officers were loyal to the commander, but witin ns could not say I! offs, j (key appioved of Ins methods. Linut. Alnl-j fompliieented McCall,, nism his iige.nULt. A J edge I ml if ted. Sv I)in.(C,il., March Li! llie grand jury of this comity link created a sensation by (hiding indictments against nine prunii- inMluiy iicnt county officials. Among thSsojireT John K. Aitkcn, judgu of thu superior iLcourt. on the chmge ot felony, and D. H. 1 Horne, to; email of the last gland jury, on tyvo dimgi s ot perUiy. The ludictuient I against Judge Aitkeu chmgcs him with n j mutilated mid ialsiticd judgmuit roll. VV hut lye. Was Compelled to Say. UNny Yow:, Match L:k Henry S. Ivca was kefore the K'liale committee investigating the affairs of (ho city yesterday. He testified that the iiist payment lie made was to keep out of tail, nml the toWl sum pm,d by hop was .? 11,000. .On out) occasion lie paid I ik.iO for the privelege of loimng tho jail three hours when there was a death in his j family. The weekly lull fur Heymore aud I himself in nil yas .'ffO, at Hist, but they I gradual b '. m J it to " I eng n Differences Settled. j. Ni w York.' March 2!. Tpe strife among the National leagne base ball managers .ended yesterday morning. The Indianapolis ( club players will play in New Yqjknuifonns ' next sc n soli T AV a klii n g t on alsd retires from i the league, which redutes tio league to eight, clubs. 1resident Young said an ar-t rangimetit was made by which Indianapo-H'liter. I lis and Washington retire., temporarily. .They lieve not forfeitod tho, right to cpme in again hi the future. OrpTfltp Liner Boom Gl'hikif., Match 23. The ejection of the Cherokee boomers from the Rtrip bogan in earnest yesterday, audto-uigbt large numbers jof settlers nro being escorted by squads of I nited States troops over ie line into Kansas. Gen. Merritt has directed all officers electing the boomers to make a record of their names and former residence, iu order that their homestead rights may be forfeited -according to law. The Mother U Insane. YVaudmvh.u', Qnl ' March 23. Ella Crandall, aged 4, while playing hide and seek, secreted herself in an old fashioned churn. AVhile so concealed, her mother came to scrub out the churn and poured a kettle of boilhiffwater through a hole .upon tho child, who lived, but a few-minutes after being lifted out, Tho. Thother has became insane. . The Campaign in Missoula, i Missoula, ' March 23. Special. Both parties here are preparing for the coming municipal electlon. The democrats held ward priniariesJhia evening, and placed JL, .strong ticket in the field. Candidates for mavorand other city officers will be chosen offc M6nday night du convention. Both parties will put tlieir best men f of ward, - ratal ltesulU of a Mistake. Kochestkb, N.' Y. March 23. Later details of last night's wre'ek nt Portage show three train men killed, one fidklly Injured, three. seriously hurt and seveftl passengers cut and brniied. 'A mistake oJF the, tjjain dispatcljcrjlH responsible for the wreck, n , Hr? -V' , f Nii, 1 ' Dr. Uawmfl i sbnnt to move into hi new'rfsl-tlt-ni'o m L wuisilnia iktul will fU hi tuVnitnre at till lirii.ulwai at i rrute sale tj suit purchaser. lioui.L' for rue. , - - s, - - TT- t . a- ' The ltekt, T lie choicest fiuit preserves and delice-cies. Tliehnest cured ham ntid breakfast bacon. .1 he best patent llohr at John T, Muqihv ,V Go's. Why jalronire th Cliinfoo when yon can net pmr work dona nt e.virrn piiees.. rail up laria- Mi S 1 -nlmlrj . teliiitiuiio No. 75. Offuu tiiral it di'liur a uu try ou short order. , . . - r- ' BaH'l Hi lena Axcniie Photograph Gallery. Cabinet photos, cheapest, best, iiieest fin-i-dird and latest styes at Balls. Helena ave- nue and Warran street, on car line to N. P. dtpot. A) . E ( ' and en(1 t .1 cents each at the Fari'iau bhirto 12a cents. I IkaiUffnl hhio ImildmK rock. Inquire of Emile K1':CT-l'" VM ?llll ,,r B"x rUV' jSTO Klluldff.KS . 1 ' -mw ,".f "f ,l!" sts'khuller of . MF.CTINB A KFtUI.Mt -tmkhuldeni of the Foprth of Jttl oonuit will be lki VlnCNUy ArI3, at HM lofraiopolitnn parlors . V r: J. h. n.AKK. President.- C, O. b.UUlKl-r, tsecreury- ' THE GREAT- NORTHERN Is our Latent Soft Hat for SPKlNG. DUNLAP, CHRISTY, Y0U3IAN-S, and Cheaper Stiff Ilats. , Fifty Cases NEW- SOFT HATS Just received direct from the Best Factories. Large it stock in the West At BABCOCKS HELENA, DENVI.IS, IIITIE. A BARGAIN! New Two-Story Erict Dwellini, Bath Rooiiis, Closets. Cellar, Hot & Gold Water t , and All Modern Conveniences, NO. 708 HILLSDALE AVE, LOT 40x100 FEET. Price, $3,300. -v A Rare Cliunco to Secure a HesIritHilo Jllomo at Loss limn Cost erf Co'istrneTiun. , Apply to DeLacy.Loeb'&Cu REALHSTATE, I Mortgage Loaqs and Insurance Agents, Rooms 20 jiml 21 Gold Block-. B. W. S. FOLK ft Cft. $1,600 Bays a good four-room finm' J house, closet anil wood shod i- in a dcbtrnblo tocgtoii. - $1,700 Buys five-room frame house Northern Pacific add.tion, size of lot lOJxllO, fence around' pioperty, w titer in yard. Terms T to suit. $2,000 Will buy five . riower Gat'd ye -room, in rden Addition, Wider in yard, fence around. 8U)0 cash, balance to suit. $2,400 Will liny a five-room muse water in yard,- 81,501 rah balanee two ye, a rs. Beatie Adil. - . $2,400 Will buy a two, story; framo , house live -rooms on FifUx , nve. TerniBlo suit. . - Bop 1 & 2, Bailey' Block. If-you, wish to buy,-sell or,, trade Property, cSfon us.-- jTtofiWef&WMr' HeaL state,Loaiu &.JnvvEstaeiit Cn. 3,4 & 5, GOLD BLOCK. BRANDEGEE -BROS., , Room 5, Grandon Block, Cor. Sixth Ave. and Warren St , BEAL ESTATE I F1MHCIAL AGENTS: Loan money on Heal F-'tats soeptity t current rates, and buy nairtgago. v No delay bi f losing loans money on hand. No Hiargo for examining titles.! " - F RESIDENCE 1 LOTS, FIFTY BITTY BEFORE tUHB 2STEXT A-BVA-Ts'CE!.. 1 "" 1 . ' 1 RiaJDiiltlieJirounil and liaveclKiCe of Locations.of Lots F ovalc. orTYire T. GAHAGAN, 11 & II. NIL :h OFFICE: tPBear of Mei chant National iWnlt an 4-3 o 4- c3 4-3 J w pH o pci re3 CD O t-s Ps ' o o ll T3 r 5 o O aT' o o ca D O o o o o o M h rt eq 3 1 C3 CO o bn cS C3 03 O -4-a ca W H C.O C S3 pci o O ,QJ S3; 3 CL o CL D Q CL 03 f-i a ! cSO O o ho c3 hO -M P-i o c a L. (D S3 o a o E o o k 1 H- P CG Ph l CO L..AI 03 Si Fh THE HELENA. Helena, mont. The best and mint centrullyIocated house 1 hi Helena. '1 lie yidy homo having pasoeu-ger and frtight t levators, perfect fire apparatus. steam lftUudry, and' heat by steam thioughout, Western Fnion tel"grapli ofiiou in hotel. Kates from $.'! per day upward. Extra for baths and private parlorsi THU HELENA HOTEL C0. C. K. COLD, , L. A. WAIiKCR, j President. . bce'y and Ttoml j HENllY N. WILLEY, Heo'-Pren. and i,"o. ujpr (Late ot brand Pacitir Hotel, Lhieaa'o,) OPENING Of THE It is rne of the lads of nature that with the approaching, when the sun J , comes foith with lenewed spleiukir to wipe out tho last traces of a cold winter,- a " lejinenating process takes place in mankind also. The cold and dreary days of tho I fast winter are forgotten an-1 bright and sunny appear the -days of the coming apLiti'rv ihery'jnil? is spurted or to renewed activity. Tbo first step is to discard the' heavy Tmd .mcofftfort ble garments of the-rw inter arid to chango to lighter clothing. -. - We nre glad to announce in the people of Helena and vicinity that our stock is complete with lhe nobbiest and rno-t stylish suits ever brought to this city. These -garments, from the finest and most renowned tTlifor ateliers in the east, have been ' selected by our Mr. Herman Gnn, who isv well aware of tho fact that nothing hut the most fusltionablo styles can satisfy our patrons. We a Go desiro to call attention to a magnifWnt line,of Fancy and Silk Shirts manufactured by the celebrated Manhattiin company, and ncVof equalled for cut or beauty of patterns; to an elegant lino of domestic and imported Balbrigan, Merino find Cnssimere Underwear; to a eomplote assortment of Silk, Lisle Bal-' brigan and Cotton liote anti Hist, but not least to our famous Silk and Derby I , . o KNOX HAT, GAXS & KEEP JUST ON This SPACE For Something Startling, m the. Way -of Bargains r in Spring Dry Goods, too busy to write acl. nowi BRUNELL. & CO. SS, - DO YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY? If so, Boy Lots in tho Town of . NEIHABT, THE COMING MINING CAMP OF tHE-WEST, (jiKvl Title, Reasonable Terms, and the Safest and Rost Inynit-moul la Montana to-day. For Choice of Xxication bny NO it - T H. D. BURGHARDT, Sole Agent. Jleal Kfttate and Mining Broker, Great Falla, Mont Immense Dam and the -CILUI FEET FRONT, 50X120 , Half Block South of HELENA AVE. OnO-third Cash, One-third in 9 Months , 9,nd One-third in " ' v 1 18 Months. I YVILL PAY 50 Per Cent. This Summer. E. S. French & Go. -SOLE AGENTS. ROOMS 1 1 AND 1 1 1-2, PITTSBURG BLOCK. FOR SI, 000 r f l LESLIE, 32 Bailey Block, Offer Choice Bargains OR FAST SIDE. SPRING SEASON; SPRING STYLE. jVL F JCLEHJST, Lr?, - ARE - ' LOCATED. i l -V PRICE, $100 TO,$300' Great Fallsi. eft 4. r ( t fl . 1 4fv I J! .4Z. HV e-f

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