The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1932
Page 3
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THURSDAY. JANUARY 21, 1982 BIATHKVILI.F,. (ARIU COURIER NEWS She Man-ice! Gilbert, Not George ALABAMA JUDGES Chief Justice Reports Efforts at Intimidation in Scoltsboro Case. .1 serious coudliloii, niosl. of Ilicm Imimsnble to tuilomobih's. Mriiiy Holds me under w.iler, (is ure n< f IIQIUP ynriK Hollon Cnriu'r nm! Hnrvcy Ilnr- gelt motored to Dig l.nke Sunday. 'I lie first luuononilcnl lory In the United, Slnu-s bulU j Williams Cullrtjo, in IBM. O lirakf Ih-cr l,:iVs I-ANS1NC1. Michigan, lUI 1 ) — wr luw violators totaled 138 during ill" oiH'ii season of November, 1!I31. uoratiliisj to ilie roporl of Hie eu::i[>iTiuton (lejuriir.eiit. TV 1 t:i:ljiuiy ut Ui| 5 mnnbi'r will If uimbl;- to ii-celvi 1 license* Hits ye>: undei !• now MU-liliinn in\v. Conrltr News Wnnl Ails Piijr. j MONTOOMBRY, Alu., Jan. 21. iUI')—Chief Justice John C. Aii Uun cf the Ahbnimi supreme court announced from the bench toilaj 'tha; lives ol members of the'court i had been threatened in connection i wiih ilie Scoltsboro case Involving '. fis.u negroes condemned to death j ! lor an ii'smill upon n while nhl. ! 1 -'I his court, hus been bainlmM | 1 by l<>!;«ruiiu and tellers of ;i rcva- I lutioir.ny character'from all p.irtii 'ol the world, liHi'iuloJ to Influence j |H:c court." the chief Jusllcp stihl. • i "Also we have received npsvivs thvoRleiihiK the lives of rosin inem- bors, 1 consider highly iiu- |ii-0j>cr and It tl:e'parties w)u nnt thrjm were within rc'ach I WD'.dd clli' them for contempt of court. . "Tills, court will concern Itself j | «olely "with tl'.c- law regardless of A THREE DAYS COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL Pmitfmt couglis snd <•»)<}» |rsrl <o wrious IrouLle. You can «o|, tticm row wlliCrrowulsion, ancrjjuUifiahrtosole lint is plcisint to take.O«>mu!slr>n ii.t miw mcJical discovery vriih Iwn-foM ar. tiou; ii sfKiilics ami licals lire inllaiiicil aicinljranrsandinliibiisnermerowUi. 01 all known Jnlgs, ciiMSfili;isrocog- aiicd by high medical uuiliorilicj ra one oC ilie i;«t healini- agencies for pt r- lisitnl cougln and <x>liUaiiJuthcr forms ofdiroattrouUM.Creomnlsioncontiins, ni i«ral'raiiM an,l jtoji tlie Irritalloa imi iiiHaruiuiion, wliilc ilw creoute (<H» on tc- ilir t ikui,«,-li, \, sb«orlwd imo iho bliH«l. marks llm seal of i! 10 tioulils amutiirks i!u. r.nnvili nl tlie tctuw. CrmiiiuUiDii is r.iurfliilc.-ii Miiifac- tory in ilie (realm.•« «f jict.iMcul ooutl.s tiul fol,|i. hraiKlilil av|>>rai. bronrljiiis aikl ni|i,. r fotnn of rc»|iira- lory iliw.iv,, ,11,1 i, Mir |t, B | fn r LuilJjr.f, nj> ilis systri'i ntirr cnliU or flu. Money ri-fumlwl if any conith i coUI. nu mjllcr uf how lo it niii rrlirvr.l after liking , Ask your Jrurtlst ( yo ahc "should have inar- he did. Husband's Youth No Obstacle to Happiness For Elsie Janis «u^ui 9 n<iLi.uouuuji:uuuiic«inQiniccieii ivvuuaion}, nskyouninifeiit, (iiU) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH OK COLD THAT HANGS Off Kkrou News Notes Mre. Floyd Densmore was ihc vcek end guest, of Miss Elizabeth Jordan. Mrs. Clayton Hnmfleld was the BUCSI of Mrs. Il?nry Boldine Sunday. Mrs. Clnt-cncc Glover and ton Willanl of Twenty-Nine were thn giirsts of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ford Sunday. Miss Elizabeth Jordan is spending this wccfc in B!yth?villo ns tlie guest of Sir. and Mrs. P. T. Slnnkard. ill; BY JUJ.1A Bl.AJfSHAIlD i "It's such a .small place it's SKA Srrvioc Writer ka\vini:;iu cozy." Elsie describes TARRYTOWN — A December- her bungalow, which Is surrounded May romance holds no terrors-by one o! the nicest tree gardens for Ins:nc:anl 42-year-old Elsie ! in alt of California. "You don't Jams of the wavy black hair, un-'vaste lime trying to find eacl demanding bronn eyes olid husky jcther there." she continued. "Why voice that cnce hem) is never' I can jusl throw my feel out 'of forgotten. I bed and I'm rijht out in the swim- S!ie leaps uaiiy ai;;l zestluily ; ming ]:ool, in the jarrten, that's j ri»h! thrcm-h (be years between now mo it is." I hEr nnct Gilbert Wilson. 2C. ii, is no cinlicale subject to Elsie. Beic'.c anyone can put a siuglo fRH'.Tln:-; nucsttai. she lias aivswsr- tcl tlurr. all. St?i:dl:is by the fireplac? in her historic old " Phillpsc 'Manor, r.he | v.iv.ul her long cigaie'. holder j mockingly towards a sedatn picture- o[ Gecrge Washington atove | tl'.e fireplac?. ] -There's the man I really should i lu'c miriicd," Elsie laughed j Then, as big, blonde, col- I -looking Gilbert c a in c j ViCrZs. irlm.'Vaiing, "And, mu't'(ho j boy 1 d!d!" •••••"!!e Can Tall;" ! Tlie weekly prayer meeting v,'as held at the John Scymorc horns on Twenty-Nine Wednesday evening of last week. Owing to bad roads the Rev. Cardwell of Armorel was unable to fill hU appointment lierc Sunday. Mrs. Henry Bolding and children are visiting relatives at Gosnell this week. Roads of this community arc In FRESH JERSEY MILCH COWS For Sale or Trade At the J. H. Honey ifcirn 216 North First St. Highf ill & Doan Mule Co. I . ensued, "Is ho , in the movies?" "ELI he ;:lay pioftFsiona- foDitail t^rcu^h hi[,h scl'.ooi 1 '" ''V/horo L;'i ;ou lusel him?" a"d £0 on. LIs.. 1 mollcr.eil Kjnin ;o her ncv: n .1.1 hus';ap.ri. "A^'i him. ' sr.e su^^esieil. "li. 1 ' tail talk. Hci«ft!" i Tf:ai;'jh she wears a' co'.ivc-n.'.or.- i ;:\ p!fil:iiu'.n an;l diLTnio^.d wcildiiv; -• ' im3. El.--ie dc.utts ii she cvc-r' : b.' "Nrrs. V.'ilro:i" to Uie v.or:,T. "I've never evi:n ^ctte]i 3-vsy v.i'ji teinj Mi^3 Jaaii." sl:c ex , plaiiiEii. "I've al'.vay.i beuii Tisie' • to the v.'l'.nle w:rid. including iho c-^tlrc A. E. P.. ai'ci T still am." iicr :uu-l;r;n[!. she siicl. cuMs lir- , CVfV>t':l!!.i'- -''• i= ii-VC, ' 11- 1:11:.: !..ui.' ! "ji-:l 'ii.i ami start." E'v.- ; siniri; a funny po^e atct nude, cr.j ' of hrr c;!ia facrs a; him. "Tiui ] v:;ii I;:? aruusin^ b.'Ciuse I ;-:r.o\v :•. i ioc ,'r.i.i-c uords of tliat kind tliuii ' he tiLCi. You sec I v.2a in the ;, army." j 1hc-n. v.Ul: ::ir.t 1;"'='- qu.iliiy of : i aid. I houi.'.'.ly think'vc a rcr.l ; :;K-L ,u ;h:^ u : .i.-iiie.-.~' ci iictling ;. o/p. oecrr?c Gilbert is ^o y-iin? ; -••: Vasn't t. \> i x.i- :cl nf !i>:cd icbas ; ' to ui!i d;> njaiivit mine. Ar.d, yc.i can imagine vhat ii v.c-.iUl bo to in: U|i :ij-ni;i:t u;;:.'. 1 . ,.r.;i :.o,i. t;:i; v.ha- to en !cv hni: z c?n- ;n;,V \v\-il, it would jiw. :nenn antthtr tiul's '>!'.:" /ill Spcii : £!•:? and GiU>n hnvf ha-1 a:- ' i!:r.;.: 300 :clefrains of con;rAiula- | !io::s to rtaro. "Ai'.d r.o: a sinjle ; ccd-blesr'-jo:] or.c amcivjst them." | Elsie added. Th e tone of i:i=it of I them is "Hop: jou have big riin!" "Did jcu si';n anitract givin;: till- t:vl uvo vnv-Ss' notice before c.u:t- ' tins?" Cecil cle Mille. rcccvering Irom an cr>?:al:o.i. -.vired. "I'm out of tro;;blo. hear yca'ra in!" Very shortly Elsie and Gilbert \.'.'.\ :c:ve for Hollyv.ood a?a:n v,l-.ere F.iiie writes scenarios, does' Kqucnccs r.nd dialogues for the tnLvio5, Thrv \vill live in 1:1- i." fcu:i2?.;cv. in Ervrrly Hills nnrl ''n';nue re:-,Ua~ the bit' home she "And how w« all enjoy Red 6- Whit* foods,* uyt *h» family. I *v* bought more for I«M" Prices Good for Friday, Saturday, Jan. 22, 23 Magic Washer .'#6 Red & White White Naphtha 3 BdFS IOC Cleanser M &wMte or oid Dutch 2 for 15c 28C ' Mothers China, Package Corn Flakes M&p 15c , 2r Marshmallows lld&we 24c Candy Bars Coffee P,,nd SforlOc : Red & White 1 Pound Vacum Pack 39c Night & Day 1 Pound Package 20c Night & Day 3 Pound Package 59c ii:iL Red & White or Pet I/!A Wllln 4 Small or 2 Tall Cans *™. Dessert Powder w *™i, 3 for23c Butter Red and White, 16 Oz. Jar 21C Sugar C<. a r..lS3!.TT.. ,ffitrlr3tTcli;t»C6. LUCKIES do not cause throat irritation Blll'S A RARE BOYDI He kindfd ; n Col. with 35< . . . tfrilled for oil, whith proved |o be bonano oil . . . lumbtrtd around in a lumber camp . . . and spent 7 yeoti playing gioan- lie porn like a pmole in the Rislian aiay ... now he'i IxKk in o lumber cornp in hii new PAIHE PICTURE, "8AD TIMWR." Bill icor«d a finl on LUCKIES— tie'i jaoVrJ (htm U years, and wai glad to ia/ 10 without any romwneraTioa. You're nighty Vfnd Bill Vlydl ; "Certainly 1 smoke LUCKIES. I've been smoking them since 1917. In those 14 years I've tried other brands, but LUCKIES arc the only cigarettes I like. Furthermore, in my profession, I must consider my throat, and LUCKIES do not cause throat irritation." ^^^^77 "It's toasted" Your Throat Protection— against irritation— against cough uco-Pfoof Ccl/opft*** K««ps (hat "Toasted" Ffc»«r C»«r Fntk Ar.d TUNE IN ON LUCKY STEIKE-60 modem tmnxU's <>'(!> tht grid's faadvKt «chotr« orunValtrrWi»di*n,«*oK r , M i(, of today becomes At nna of tomorrau; ci-cry Tvaduy, 'Thursday and Saturday evening <nvr N. B. C. neoteric*. 6 Pounds 29c Northern or PintoG IfoS. 25C Oysters BIU and white 2 Cans 25c Chili Con Carne "?£&. 27c SOUP Tomato, Red & White 3 CSHS 25C Celery Large cm P 2 Bunches 20c Oranges sunust caiitomia Dozen 25c Lettuce Head 8c At Red & White Store Markets Blue and White 2 POUIldS 23C Franks Pound 10c Bacon Best Quality Pound 16c Dressed Poultry THE RED & WHITE STORES The Sign of • Dependable Store

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