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THE PHILADELPHIA- TIMES. 10 SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 1, 1894. SPECIAL NOTICES rtZa TATK OF PENNSYLVANIA: 8M. COUNTY OF DELAWARE. On ibtH THIRTY-FIRST DAY of March, A. I. J8!!4. before mi tho subscriber, a Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, reslilinfi In the city uf ( 'heMer, personally appeared, WILLIAM H. W 'IL.LIAMH, president; JOHN McGOLRICK, vice president, and HARRY A HBOTT, treasurer, and T. S. WILLIAMSON, secretary ot the Liquor Dealers' Association of Delaware County, who. being duly sworn according to law. depose and say: That our attention has been called to no editorial article in the Evening AVim of this date, or which the foJ owing Is un abstract: Debauchery run riot. The peculiar methods of Judge Clayton's cam ua ten are being carried on so boldly and openly that tt is admitted by his henchmen that an assessment or $Si0 per head has been made by the liquor dealers of Delaware county' on every holder of a license for the purpose of raising a fund to be distributed in the Interest of Judir Clayton in hln campaign for nomination. Does It. therefore, come to this that the business In the county proposes to purchase the- bench, which should be the representative of the morality of the county, for Ihp purposes of perpetuating and continuing its rule of ruin ? The treasurer of tho saloon ring is now collecting these upses ments. Every dollar thus collected Is Intended to soil the sanctity of the Judicial ermine." That the above-named association Is the only association of liquor dealers in Delaware county; that I here is no truth whatever in the allegations of said article, that the alienation that an assessment for any sum whatever has been made for political purpose la absolutely false, and that no such iissessment fornny sum has been made in the interest of Judffb Clayton or his campaign; that the questions of the J udgeshtp have never come before t he said association in any form, nor has said asso ciation had any connection, directly or mairccuy, with .ludijeciavtou. Sworn and subsoribed to before me the day am date aforesaid: " Sitfued W. II. WiLUAMa, President. JOHN McGDLiUCK, Vice President HENRY ABBOTT. Treasurer, T. K WILLIAMSON. Secretary. O. MERRITT STBOlTD. Notary Public. RELIGIOUS NOTICES ff-tSassT. MARK'S, LOCUST HTREET.ABOVE Sixteen til. oeciai Minuuy even irk wr-vices April J. 8 P. M. Festival Evensong with Procession The choir will sin r Siai tier's " Festival Magnificat" and atao Handel's " I Know That My Hedeemer Llveth " and "Worthy Is the Lainb." 'J'he sermon will be preached by Rev. Professor waipoie, u, u., oi tne uenenu i neoiog icai oeiui- liary. New i ork. All seats free. PERSONALS A GENTS WANTED THE COMMERCIAL AL-jt'V lianee Life Iiisuraiicet'orupany, of New York, oaso capital 8JOO,0(fl. full paid, desires a local repre- pentative in eaen or me lonowing counuee: muiii-iroinerv. Bucks. Lehiirb. Chester. lAncaster. Berks. Tsortbampton, Dauphin. Columbia. Luzerne. Ly-co inif. To the right party, furnishing undoubted reference as to Integrity and ability, a permanent position and sansiactory remuneration win oe given. Address LEON DODSON.Jb., Maougcr, 742 Drexel funding. T ADIES L'SE "WILD GRAPE UTERINE lJ HuiiDOflitories:" Bute, positive cure: verycoii' venient 10 use; reHult guaranteed, i'rlee. 2.00 by mail, sealed partfcul rs, 4c in stamps. OLD HELD AlJfiDiciJNJii CO., iuo, oi., 4 uiiaaeipnia, ra. CB8. HOFFMAN. BUSINESS CLAIRVOY- J 1 ant, tells names of her visitors and the name in full of the one you marry. &uo franklin street. T FOE XI A. THE GYPSY. IS WELL KNOWN .1 1 having traveled over the world as queen of the tribe; ts well known In Europe. 247 fci. eth. Charms. V lRJVATK LETTER BOXES TO RENT. LET- X tera promptly reaiailed to any city. 34 North Tnirteentn street. TT IOHEST PRICES FOR L ' DIES' AND I I gents cast-off clothing. Mrs. scheuer. P2t south. EM EMBER, YOU t ANGETALTHKA PREP- aratlonsat Wick ham's, strtb and Race streets. D R Dk HaRDT'S PENNYROYAL PILLS. L sold by Drugfiis.a. Office. an ortn mm h HELP WANTED MM, V.. i ELI A RLE MEN WANTED TO D1PTRIB. l- circulars for In re advertisers: cash raid. June stump. Ref. "Distributing bureau," r, u. liox j.ffia, New i ork City. "vir ANTED SHOVEL FINIHKIWIN WORK ? V outside the cltv : steady employment to com petent men. Apply by letter to E. O. A., Times Of. WANTED-A FIRST-CLAPS WH ITECOACH-man ; must have the best of reference as to Ability and sobriety. Address r. C, Times umoe. WJ A NTED REL ? A BLE MAN ; PERMANENT position, stamp aud references, a, t. Morris, care mis paper. IjlOR OUR SALES' FLOOR WE ARE IN NEED 1 of a voting lady ; must be of splendid address and a perfect figure; "3 bust;" permanency atagod salary assured ; very particular us to appearance ana ngure. inuijr uers c t a, wno.esaic cioatws, Broadway, .New Ttoric. WANTED LADY TO TRAVEL; NO CAN-tassiuc; salary and expenses. sia South Third Street. Room l'i SITUATIONS WANTED AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT WOMAN wishes housework and cookL'g fn a small family. Can give nearly 7 years' reference from her present place, she Is leaving on ace unt of tbe f;tmily ceasing to keep house, as the lady of bouse nas recently mea. Appjy or aaures:i, ui syaennam street, city. ("1 EUMAN COUNTRY GIRL WANTS HfTUA-t tion forhouuework. cook, liuke, wash and iron. Good reference, 1204 Wallace Street. C COLORED WOMAN WANTS j country as cook and housework, 1506 South Twenty-first street PLACE IN References. AGENTS WANTED GENTS WANTED-THE COMMERCIAL AL- il nance Life Insurance Company, of New York, cash capital fcXW.Ouu, full paid, desires a local reprc-tentative in each of tbe following counties: Montgomery. Bucks. LehlKti, Chester, Lancaster, Berks, isortnampion, uaupuiu, losunioia, i-uzerne, ijy. coming. To the light party, furnishing undoubted reference as to lutegrlty and ability, a pernntnent position and satisfactory remuneration will be given. .Address Leon Dodson, Jr., Manager, 742 Drezel Jtulldlng. AGENTS WANTED AGENTS ARE WANTED In every locality to selj by subscriDtion "ABRAHAM UNCOLN AND MEN OF WAR TIvEsy by A. K. McClure. Very liberal terms will be given. Address THE TIMEa Eighth and Chestnut. Philadelphia. ClOOD AGENTS EVER YWTf ERE FOR LAT-T est otlice specialty. Sells itself with large profit Knclosesta'p. Am. Iock-C'rankCo.,MiIwaiikee.Wla. OE NTS-W EGUARANTEK "SPERDAY, easy, quick and sure to workers Great seller. Write quick. Noyal Mlg. Co., Milwaukee, Wis. A GENTS MA K Ei"25 1RiMYl Vk"(VliT 'ItTNG lor our syndicate system of speculating. John 31. Derr V, Vss,, (JO and t2 Broadway, New York. EMPLOYMENT AG3NCIE5 f" RS. GEARY'S OFFICE, 1721 RITT EN HOUSE Vl Street. Reliable servants for every capacity always on hand. FOIL SALE 1pORSALENEW WAGON AND PLOW FAC-1 tory, foundry, machine shop, paint shop, wood shop and wareroom, two engines, all necessarv machinery, latterns, moulds, etc; cost Aao.ooti; will sell lor l2,"tw. fi.ono acn-s of timher near railroad; contains about 60,nuH,(XW feetot lumber, about ts.iHNi.-OOll feet quartered oak, '',wij0 cords tan baric, 8n0,iKW lull road tics; tine grazing and agricultural laud when cleared ; price v rv low, POINTS GLADDEN, 1!) E 't. N- W., Washiimtoo. D C HikkI's SaraaparlMa, 6ft&; Munyon Sclrlc 16a; Intne s Compound, H8c.; Marshall's Eng. Pills. Jleecbam's. c; S-gt- hot water bags, 75c. Prescriptions at Krently reduced prl-es. WICK HAM'S Drugstore. SIXTH aud RACE streets. KEGILDINO AND REMODELI - O OLD MIR-ror and Picture Fnimes (equal to new); pew work made to order; artists' and deaiers' trade so-licitvd; lowest prices. Moore Co., UlUltace Street. "VT7 ASHl NG M ACl'lTN'ESBALL BEARINO t V and genuine Westerns, Wringers, Sweepers, all klndB Hold, repaired ; new lot EDgllsh Mangles. 3-raUe's, 7 South Tenth Street, S tiLUAUfii po6"la'nd COMBINATION J tables, new and second hand; repai ingasiie-cialtv. tHOMAH CLARKE & CO., 119 North FRONT Stree.. TUST BE HOLD AT A SAORIFLCE. HAND- il some, new Kilt brlc-a-brao mantel mirror. 010 luce Street, first Uoor buck. 1" )OOL A'I) BILLIARD TABLES FOR BALE cheap: fthuHle boards, FRANK ROHATfU, MS South Eighth. 4 OODA WATER FOUNTAIN -ELEGANT. 8 O drafts, Id syrups, Tennessee marhlu. LMi mi Mervine Street. IOWERFUL FRENCH FIELD GLAfi. COST t:tO.Q. for I1U.00. Address P. O. Box 392, Cincinnati, Ohio. B PECfALllARGArN IN FINE HOTEL; VIU-ginla farms for salti J. F. Wingfleld. Roanoke, Va. and set up. ftSfi. 4W7 erroantown Avenue. BUTCH EKH' MET BO X", f ZEJSxS, FVR HALE cheap; almost new. 1724 Fatrmount Ava COUNTERwrCASEsTTOHE 'TABLES,-FLAT top and bU;b desks. 10.0 Ri !ge A venue. rpWO SODA WATEIlFOUNTAIN8, 10 AND J jAeach. I0?u Ridge Avenue. S17S-BAR FIXTURES. COMPLETE. 1038 CAL-lowhill street. Dwelling. ONF-H A L F-H( RS E ELECTmCmr6i&0a 1020 Ridge Avenue. FURNITURE 1ARLOH SUITS GIVEN AWAY AT COHT . during alterations.. Hair Suits, $I1).B0; Wilton Bug, ,J6; Couches, & up. Manufucturers. HIND till A CO,, N. W. Cor. FOURTH and WILLOW. REAL ESTATE FOB SALE. , l.nPROVliO PROPERTfcW-l ITV. AA FOR SALE-NEW AND ELEGANT TKN-JEL room stores on Kensington Avenue, below liiiTlana Avenue.-con tut nlna all modern improvements for comfort; Just the place to estuhll h yourself in a new and rapidly :1tw proving thoroughfare; suitable for bats and ciw( httrdware, stationery, tea and coffee, furniture, carpets. Jewelry, restaurant, millinery, butter and wkb. cheese aud milk, paper-hanger, real estate, pawnbroker, etc.; will sell very low. Beautiful new lu-room-dwelllngs. fronting on the new McPherson Square, above Kensin.-ton Avenue; also -beautiful 7-room cottages, Carlisle Street, above Tioga; lUy are the most handsomely finished houses up town and have ever' conceivable arrangement for comfort ; will sell at a sacrifice; all particulars Will be civen by tbe owner and builder. T. FITZPATRICK. 2036 KEN- IXUTON Avenue, GREATEST BARGAINS EVER OFFERED In the cltv, to clear qd theend of oneof the luigeNt building operations up town. BEAUTlFUI NEIOHBORHOOD. Every known .convenience, hrownstone fronts, mirror door wardrobes, etc ORLEANS ST., ONLY $1,700; CHEAP AT $2,000 COIiNEH STORE, ONLY $.on0;CHEAP AT. 4,000 TWO LARGE, DOUBLE BULK STORES, ON FRANKFoitD AVE.. iKx 20 FEET. Only left out of U For sale or to let, A bin barpo in. ALSO mupniftreat Sroom funart, ftfect by 100 feel derp, OnJy 2 left out of 2 row. , ONLY$3,3no ...CHEAP AT$4.000 umce, a'7 Frankford avenue, anove -;imoria, twn Nonnren nhnv, Thlirh avenua Second and Third Streets yellow cars pass the houseB both ways AA FOR SALE. JpJ. GOOD INVESTMENTS. l.iM Lombard street, 83 Bratiford street, between Spruce and Pine, Fifteenth and Sixteenth. , fl 4 Cumberland street. 1107 Titan street, below Wharton street, KouthtEleventh street. lo40 Parker street, near Washington avenne, N. W. corner Thirty-sixth street and Haverford avenue; licensed tavern, . i7l Aspen street. N. W. corner Fortv-flrst st and Lancaster ave. S. K corner Thirty-ninth st and Lancaster ave. ;H6 Parrlsh stn'et. Tbe above property will be sold od the InBtaU-mentplan. If desired. lite REAL ESTATE INVES NEXT CO., 721 WALNUT Street "A4Fb"RSA LE- IW'TlV FGLECT TH E OP- RilSL PORTUNITY TO SECURE O K Or HTTrERIW' WORLD'S FAIR HOMES, REMEMBER THERE ARE BUT A FEW LEFT TO sell or tmt. and we have no more ground hfire. If yov- n.M this chance you wilt regret it. Jiuy at once. Special price to cone out, Six room and hath with all conveniences ; open Sunday tor inspection. Call or address WILLIAM T. B. ROBERTS. Bull er. 2343 LAMBERT Street 2353 lAimbert furnished and aluays open. ALLEN B. RORKE, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, DREXEL BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. A FOR SALE OR RENT-MILL PROPERTY Jj.; In very prominent location in Kensington, 4stories and basement, 3 .uw) Houure feet floor space, and dye house and boiler and enslne house, stables and yard, 1 00-ho me boiler, w-iiorse cognie, steam heat and elevator: rf-ntB f4,fU0 per year; propertv cost $67,ono; open for a reasonable offer. ALKICH, 18a. N. FRONT Street. JB e-ROOM DWELLI'GS.CLEAR.ONLY $1,W jnrift.roomed dwellings, clear, c ly 1,-iOn , rooms, on Main street, all lmprovemeiits..... l.sou 9 rooms, on Main street, all iruprovemenls i, k0 some of the finest stores on Frout street. Ken sington Avenue and Frankford Avenue. JA-ylV KbASJAU IttjN Ave. BEAUTIFUL NEW 7-RnOM C TT AG E, Carlisle, ah. Tioira t.: n-ntn rtd.: oixmi all lay; lovely 0-room dweliinirs, Indiana Av., ab. Kensington Av., opp. newsqu re: red. rents; new lo-r. stores. Kenslnctou Av.. bel. Indiana Av. i2. See owner, T. FITZPATRICK. J93B KEN'WT'W Av. $'.'.550 ONE A S Y TERMS W ILL BUY THE cheauest 7-roora house in the cltv : brown- sione front, large yard, cemented walks. feet street. 90 feet cemenhd pavement, all conveniences. jJ!i r BKU.. Allegheny ana Jie ington Ave. FOlf SALE CHEAP AND ON EASY terms aaifl Lawrence St. 8 rooms and hath; Third St. and fit is Brook St Jot J0xll2: :7 N. Seventh St., IV rooms, all cons.: lot, old second St, above Courtlaud. O. H. Kline, 83C N. sixth M. FOR SALE-DO YOU WANT 16 PUR- Jjn&ehase a fcome? Send for our uew sale list of UKA'fitvand Hoburban Dronertics: will mail cony on receipt of postal. hrjvuNT. kiujukk is sujn. iHf'outn Bronast FOR SALE A VERY CENTRAL PR'ip- ertv : 30 rooms : larce lot : verv suitable for an atiiiruuent house ; with or without furniture ; terms easy. Also adjoining house, same size, E. li. Clark, 6o& Walnut Street. S$k 2823 NORTH BROAD HTR PET FIN E home in good locality, finished In tHst man ner; ail modern improvements aud will be sold cheap; sure to increase in value; open fur Inspection. JrA NO. N. 37 1'H ST. II ROOM), URST-Tp:, class order; ail conveniences: lot ISxbH (Vet: runt, st.le and bactc yard: price. 4.i"0. onls- 61.500 cah required. Frank A. Suplee, 119 N. lit b St. FOR SALE NEW PRIVATE liOKSl'S and corner ston-K from 7 to S rooms, nt 8t h and ' naave ;a)l modern iiunrov roetm ; terms easy, i WOEFKLdtMCHMUNK, 614 CAMBRIA. 1 )S COLUMBIA AVE.. 3-tV! BRICK and hrownstone, elegant condition: all nnnlern inniovenients. SAM 'L C. ADAMS, flii Walnut. M FO R S A LE -WJ8 T()'-W2 YORK StKKETj JiniiL sHtory, 7-rooniB; all conveniences; price, fHi.uuO. Allied H. Williams, 522 Walnut street. FOR SALE EXCEPTIONAL PROPERTV n Walnut, near Broad. Three fronts : 4.800 uqiiare feet Address R. L., TimesOQlce. 609 NORTH EIGHTH STREET 4-KTORY store aud dwi'llinc ; good biifiiiess location. fcajTL'ELC. ADAMS, KB Walnut street. ONLY $4,000 Tl-BOOM MODERNHOUSE, kleventn and Diamoud Btrvtts. Louis. werln, 1618 Marshall istreeL 4 FOR SALE 5 PEARL ST.: RENT $132 L per annum; price, $1,350. Alfred 1L Will-irt, oil Walnut Street. E LEO ANT BROWNSTONE RESIDENCE for sale. Walter Zimmerman, 2oti Market fet.. uiuuen. WEST PHILADELPHIA. HAVE YOU 6EEN THOSE BEAUTIFUL TETa HOUSES M FlIFTY-FOIIIIRTia 8T0SEET L FBS(DfM - LADSiBASTiEiR M. Three minutes' walk from Fifty-second Street Station. Pennsylvania Railroad? If you bar- not. and are looklut; (or a h me, you shou d see them. t'niy t ur lett. They are perfect models of what a borne should be; 10 and II rooms, with everv convt'nlence, including BACK STAIRWAYS FROM KITCt EN, POIUKLAIN BATH TUB. ETU Parlor and hull fiittuheri hi niiHrtti-pd nsit Perfect heating annaratus. and evervihina; to make you enjoy life. Lois 101 feet deep. Prlcmf 4,aou up. Terms easy. J. W. CORNELL, Puilder. FIFTY-FOURTH and LANCASTER Av. MEMIOSB. If you are contemplating a home in the country you should first see our eleg nt -acre Villa sites at eight miles from the Reading Terminal Station. Forty tralnB dally each way. Tbe Location and Surroundings are nnequaled and must be seen to be appreciated. Plans and descriptive books furnished upon application. THE ifllUWi Uffi AKlib Ka 025 WALNUT frTREET. PUBURBAff, FOR RALE AT WYNCOTE, TA., 8 MIX. atei from Btmion (Jenkintowu or Cbdren -a modern stone and frame house In llrst-lnns order; lo rooms, healer, rattge, open grate, har wood mantels, hot and cold water, bath, water closet, etc.; lot 67x208 feet; price, $6,600; reasonable terms. FRANK A. SUPLEE, 118 N.jEleventb Street i Vo RR AL E-CY N W YD, GENTLE M A N'S J. country place : ft acres ; stone mansion ; steam : all conveniences: stable, stone drives, eta.: choice location. JO F-S ft MATHEWS, 221 ft 6th St MFOR SALE NEW DWELLINGS, 10 rfi and 12 rooms, lare lots; city convent- y euct'8 : close to station ; 4 miles out : excellent loca tion for pbyBlclun ; terms lo suit : pWNwdon, Ji. H. CL.AKfe.flUo WALNUT Street FOR SALE AT VKNLLYX - NORTH Perm R. R., small farm iti ncns. iood , barn and outbuildings. Very reasonable . IK Duffln. 723 W alnut Street HOUSE AT WE T BEitLIV, CAMDEN county. N. .1.: nrlci!8i.r': winy terms. Ad. rt-srt owner, ii. A. McC'urdy. 1404 Clara Avenue, st .outs, Mo, FOR SALE AT WYNDMORE, CHEST, not Hill, 2 very choice lots, 74xl4'J feet each. A. Suplee, 118 N. Eleventh Street. SI HUP BAN MT(S C FOR SALE BUILDINM LOTS IT i Ar OAK LANE AND LAWNTON. On the .New Yor k Branch of the RHdintr Rail. road, eight roil- s from new Terminal station. j-anies winning to nurcnose with a view to erect-lnir their homes on a sit entirely free from ohlfo- ttonabie sun-oundlngs cannot r-ossihly llnd a more desirable location, and we request an Qxi-mlriatlon of this property by buyers before purchasing elHe- nre. wver wains eaou way daily; quarterly Irkets 6k cents nor ride: electrta llitir- niv streets being macadamized ; new plans ; call or send tor tuem. ( J. T. JACKSON A CU, 711 Walnut Street REAL ESTATE FOE SALE. CA1IRUN. SMALL HOUSES FOR SALE AT LOW PRICES AND FAVORABLE TERMS, Ton PEARL STREET. H4 FEDERAL STREET, f24 ETC. NORTH SEVENTH STREET. 1103 COOPER STREET. SI2 ETC. NORTH SEVENTH STREET. , 81 ' ETC,, GRANT STREET. yj ETC., LAWRENCE STREET. lOW LAWRENCE STREET. 643 NORTH TENTH 8' RFET. Title Policies Furnished to Purchaser. Walter Zimmerman, 208 Market St. Camden. A THREE-STORY, TEN-ROOM HOUbE ON A MAIN STREET, LOT IOXUOi OFFERED AT f 1.950. TERMS TO SUIT. TITLB3 POLICY FURNISHED. WALTER ZIMMERMAN. 206 MARKET Bl REET, CAMDEN. 2ik BLOCksTFWALLUSEsT'UR Ejii VEsTM ENTS. 714 to-7J BIRCH STREET. AH toft9 GRANT S1 REET. p-ititofl4l LAWRENCE STREET. 6l2to.il8 NORTH SEVENTH STREET. 7'25to731 LINDEN STHE1CT. 524 to 542 NORTH Si- VENTH STREET. Also a number of corner stores nod single rpnted properties. Prices reasotiable:-terms to suit; title policies furnished to purchiiaers. WALTER ZIM M ERMAN, IHib M arketSt.C'am den. & AorniiTsran rsr!77 koom s, $i ,m .TTilf No. 109 Locust st,, 8 room, brick l.ino No. 1722 Van Buron street, 6 rooms 850 No. 'ill Mt, Vernon street. I0-room brick ".0 No. 578 Benson street, 10-room brick- 4,600 Also, elegant 10-room houses. In first-classy order and condition, on one of the mostl-MiOOO prominent streets in Camden ) AIbo, cor. store property ; good locution for grocery. TAT EM, 135 KAIGHN'S Avenue. FOUR 2-STORY FRAME HOUSES, 4 rooms, rent $;w. 3,loo. 8-story hrlck corner house, eleirant location tor store. 10 rooms, porch and front yard, near fe-ry. $3,700. 5-story brick. 10 roomH, Just cost 4,OTi0. will sell for W.tO. 2-story brick. 8 moms, convenience, $1,900. 2-siory brick, 7 rooms, convenlem e, law lot, elegantly located, t .500. All easv terms. Send for list I have bar gains. LOU S B. HUMPHREYS, 211 MARKET Street, North Side. Camden. M UKDriTvt-HIZED DWELLINGS IN GOOD jTiL LOCATIONS. TJoT 322 NOliTH THTItD STREET. MO. 107 FKNN STREET. NO. TiS FTC. LINDEN STREET. NO. 30S PKNN STKEKT. COBNEK THIRD AND YORK STREETS". Terms to Suit Buyers. Title Policies Furnished. Walter Zimmerman, 206 Market St., Camden. FOltSALE AND RENT-CAM DEN. NKAR Cltv Hall, ennd location. 2itorv 7-room otisf.8: nil conveniences: Trenton Avenue, between Washington street and Newtnn A veiue; easy terms. Alfred II. Williams, 622 Walnut street, Phlla. CORNER STORE AND 10-ROOM DWELL- tn: lan?elot; on old established drugstore. rice. Incluoinir stock and fixtures, ts.ooa Great chuuee lor druggist or phvslciun. TA'lEM, 135 KAIGHN'S Avenue. NUMBER OF WELL-RENTED TWO. story bouses, in aood lotytti n. for sale ut a low price. Title policy furnished to purchiiKT. W A I 1 K I i 7.1 M M KRAI AN, 200 MAHKET Street, Cumilen. M SEVERAL 2-STORY CO'tNER STORES for sale for buMnrss or Investments : low pnefs and fnvorhle terms : tille po.lcy furnished. Walter Zimmermao. "JOS Market Street, Camden. WILL TRADE FOB CP V P OI'ERTY or exchange for merchandise a block of v : lot of well-located suburban property. 938 BKOADWA Y, Camden. HANDSOME DWELLING; BESTL'l'A-lion : modern convs.: title poller fnrnWhed. ,VALTHHZIM.MliltIAN,2i,li MARKET St. A VIlI.l.K, PA. ri. AMBI.FB, JIONTO. COUNTY. PA. ELK S.'JPL aunt. '1-storv stone and frame res deuce, con- tainiii! 13 rooms, whle hHlhvuy, 1,000 squsivfect ot P'-rch ; stable, tbrij stalls; fruit aod nlenly of old snuae; 4' ocns ot srounu; jo trains oauy. SaSIUEL C. AliAMs. 925 Walnut Street. COUNTRY. tHL !0 PER LOT. BROWN'S MILLS-IN-THE- T Vines For one weelt we will sell our regular $iuo building lots for $10 and issue free full warranty dted. i ins is to inirotiuce tne place; not over ten lots sold to any one person; every lot in high location ; tlt'e perfect and clear; you can order by mail with perfect safety : we will make selection and mail deed ; make check to order of Real Estate Title ( ompany, -tJi Market. Camden, M" FOR SALE A N 1 0 E CO fj N TR YSE AT, near a station, a short distance out ; all con-VKuiences. K H. CLARK, 605 WALNUT Htreeu PLEASASTVILLE. "T ina 32 building lots, each mixi40 feet, at i'leaa- antrllle, N. J., on mainland, opposite Atlantic City ; fine vk-w, good location, will sell tbe whole square forl.buo : terrus. $2 down and $in per month, with intercut at 8 percent. Tiiese lots are worth JlOOeacb. Could be used as a poultry farm. I. K RISLEY, 221 South TENTH Street. Pbilade pbia, Pa. FOR WALK OR flFNT-TH E FINEST(T-jli'sti tngeln PleusuntvilIe.N.J., magnificent amlun-oTT-itriictt'd view of Atlantic! iiy. bay, etc.; 1io,h range, heater, hot and cold water, Mn, etc, 12 rooms fine verandah, within 2i-0 l-et of i oat landing, line llsh-tng, sad lmr and drives ; convenient to three deputs, would make a lino club house. Price, $6,000: terms tosuit. D. h. RiSLKY. 221 South TENTH Street, Philadelphta, Pa. ATI A NTH! CITY, , ATLANTIC CITY BUILDING LOTS. ATLAN'l IC CITY UHLDINU LOTS, ATLANTIC CITY BLILUI G LOTS. ATLANTIC CITY i LILIIN LOIH WALTER ZIMMERMAN, Jo6 Market St., Camden. CAPE !IAY,N. J. FOR SALE-WELL BUILT OLD STYLE lioue on Jefferbon Street; large lot; 11,400 part cash. McGovern, !ii4 Market NEW JERHBx. Adt A PLEASANT COUNTRY HOME IN .TEH-JeWr eey. ten mfnutea irom depot; high ground, exct-lit-nt water; good nfiuhhors; 50 fruit trees: 'M grape vines, bt-rries, shrubbery, roses, conservatory, etc.. etc.: 7J6 acres. Fronts on turnpike; i.i miles from city. Address Crauc, J 314 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. 6-ROOM HOUSE AT PITMAN GROVE, Jl3L N. J., and i-acn of ground with besring fruit treet., $l.t0, on easy terms. TATEM, 15 KAIGHN'S Avenue, Camden, N. J. SEASIDE. FOR SALE B ELM A R, ?7. J.. AN EX-friia, cellent, newly-built cott ge, completely and hatiusoniely fnrmshfd. Contains 14 rooms; bath aud water closet, laundry with stationary tubs, but-lei's pantry, ess, hea er mni sanitary plumbing, 6 sleeping roomB on second floor, with running water in each room. The lot Is 7fxlC0 feet. The hoiiHo faoes on shark river and commands a splendid view of tbe ocean. For terms, etc, apply toC. O. Hud-nut, Belmar, N. J., or E. C, Pcnlield, 112 tiouth Eighth. Philadelphia. JWL BOARDWALKIOEL (LICENSED), AT-lantlcCi y; valoahl" proin-rty at a greai sac-rilio ; terms to suit purchaser. Title policy furnished. Wu ter Zimmerman, 2otf Market St. Camden. OCEAN GRnVE, N. J.-TWO-SIORY frame cottage, containing eleven rooms; lot uy W leet; beau til ol location near tho beacb; (2,600. Samuel C. Adams, 025 Walnut Street AATWO 8MALL KO'i'ELS NEA RTrEADINO -Sl Railroad station. Atlantic City (one licensed), IhTuvv value. Title policy furnished. Walter Zimmerman, 20 Market St, CamdYn. jffjL "lesibable i OT'l age and hotel b''lft- 1' W. Atlantic City. No cash rcq. if built upon. Walter Zimmerman, -Oil Market St., Camden. A SEA ISLE CITY, NEW .1KREY.M-ROOM JjlL cottage, send for descriptive circular, show-bit mu c. P. Peters. 44 North Fourth. vJTJl FOR pale-three ad'joimng LAltOE lots, ea Isle City, must be sold ; cheap. Yt, E. Colter, Dover, Del. FARM. f? FOR SALE-STOCK FARM AND COUN-X try seat, W5 acres, Montgomery county near aim ion ; lurtce 14roopi stone oiansinn, Diodern 1m-proveraenis, new tenant house, 9 rooms, larjie ba. u, carriage bouse and all nece&Hary buildings In coin-pleteorder; spring water introduced into all build-lags; JU acres of ouk, hickory and chestnut timher; over l.fioo fruit tres, all varieties: small fruits in abundunce; also, registered stock, horses, farmlnij implements, etc, Ira mediate possession. Terms easy. Apply Page Brothers, 132 -outb Fourth Ht, gaTfl ACRES, ELEGANT BUiLDINOs79 3LT miles trom Camden, H.W; 17 acres, e.eitant buildings. 4 miles from C mden, D,000 ; 12 acres, (4 miles from tamden, 4-room bouse, .small hsrn, l.aJO: lai acres, near Mount Holly, fine bnildiows, fll.noO; hII easy terms. LuUIh a HUA1PHRKYH, 'Zll Market St., north side, Camdon. tfa BARGAIN FOR A FARMER. A GOOD 37 Delaware farm at less than halt its VHlue; gmid building's, etc Address L M. 10. Times Ofllce. AUCTIONEERS WM. POWLE8 & CO., AUCTIi NEERS, PER. crap ory sale at residence, 1SU7 North Broml treet. Cummencltiff to-morrow, Monday, April J, at 10 A. M,, all tbe Magnificent Furniture of the 12 moms, comprising 7) Upright Cabinet Grand Piano, b p-rior uiw. Csntre ableB. FU-r Mirror. Mantel Mirror, Oil Painting, Rare Brlc-a-Brae, Cabin. s, Odd Easy Chairs. Ijice Curtains, On vl Columns and Onyx TitLles, Bronzes (" Peace snd War" and "To the Rescue"); sitiimr roum contains one huge suite, latest ntvle; Oak Cylinder flfioKcHRe, Portieres, etc. : dining room contains Sideboard, I ember Chairs, Chins t loset, Fxteiialon 'I able, Cmckery, OlasKes. etc.; bed rooms, nits In Walnut and Oak, Cbiffoner 10 match. Mattress, Pl. lows and BolKters. springs, Picture,". Clks, eic; all the far pets for sale and hout-e for rent; posws-slon at once. Open s A. M. morning of Bale. STEAMBOAT jtIC"h OTKAMROAT EXCU1MONH-C4-St, Cluhs. Loilires and societies contem-pli.ttny ntvlnKexcuralon benetltfl consult theunder. aigned Ijefore making other arranaementa. Now, ataunch ItoatH, caimule of acconimoduttne from MH) to :'.r.uo people. The ijfst lermaever otlt-red, W.H, V ULT,, uu Arch HtroeC REAL ESTATE FOB, REUT mi-HOVIil) PROPEUTV-C1TV. ML OT8 DICKINSON KT.,lf'TWD., S RU9..$'J J5JL24ai llci'sc Ht, 7 ronnrn. good order 'S JlaiS. Third, 8 rooms, good .inli'r ....UU 240ft N. Fourth, 9 roomB. irood ordt'r I'JC 2UW Warnock trei-u fl roomH. kooU order. 20 H24 W. fctomerRet, lorooms. modern covPntellCPB.2 2433 N. KtKhtli, W ronmn, modern oonvonienees. .. $25 WL H. KENNEDY, 2118 N. WXTH KT. kA babe ch ANiE TOiriiRNt okSalk-T' The vuluHhle store and dwelllnit northwest comer Kldire.venue nd Master. Jnimedta.e pos-session. Apply ,tw Kidge Avenue. . , WEST -HIL,ADRI(,IIIA. A 41 14 BABING ST., 12 BOOMS... 30 ::sv 4310 I Pennsirmve street. 8 rooiDB.. 23 N. td HL. fl moiDfi : i. 21 4HUII otler St., 7 rooms 20 10.D N. t,7 rnoma 18 847 and 849 N. 4(lth t.. 7 rooms 17 KWlMnrkoe St.. 7 rooms 17 882 Palm t, 7 rooms....... 15 4K40 Westminster Ave., 7 rooms. 14 47 B Westminster Ave., 7 rooms 14 8 ,07 Book land St.. 9 rooms 14 830 Maikou St., 7 roouia 14 BOBT. AMDKBROK, 44TII and LANc. AsTKU Ave. iERMANTOWN. A TOR RENT. FURNISHED, FOR THE Ip.'fif, summer LArire stone mansion. 17 rooms. in chiding 2 bath and laundry Itlt stationary tubs. Larpe stable and cottch house, spacious born and old shade and f ult trees; large earden (planted! : 6 acres ot ground, 2 rows and service of eardener. Within 8 ialnut(s' walk ot Wlsler Stotifin, Phfadel. ptaia and Ri-adlnii R. H. Ad. W. L.. Times Ofllce. crry stokes. MFOR RENT AN EXCELLENT STAND for ffroeery aud provision store. Frat'kt'ord rouii, corner Montgomery avenue. J. 11. Dutiln, 728 Waluut street . A TWOTORY HOUSE NEAR FERRY ; L wide paved st ; all convs : I5.50 per month. VALTER ZIMMEBM AN, a MARKET SL SI BI l! BAN. jbA FOR RENT-DO YOU W ANT TO RENT naubitrban house, furnished or unfurnished, lor the sumni, r se, son or by I he year ? Tho third issue of our sprinc list now ready : over 200 proper-tics on all the lines leading out from the city ; a personal call or postal card securesa copv. LEWIS T. BttOOKE SSON. 18 S. Broad St. for 'ITbntat ' jbnki ntownTpaTi Jl'JX. room house; all con.: flrst-class order; 130 per month. FRANK A. SCPLEE, 118 N. 11th St ATLANTIC f.'TTY. M RENT OR HA LB R A Rf A INS IN HOTEL'?, Jl3L boarding honseaand cottages. Bnildiniialta reitsonablc, Israel U. Adams it Co.. Atlantic Jity. ISKASIDB. n OTEL LAFAYETTE. SPLENDIDLY 1,0- catn. r'cht on the surf: eleuitntly and com pletely fu mis lied throughout; good establiBbed trade; Inspection Invited. ROBERT FISHER, Ocean City, N. J. jiX AN KLKOANT NEW 8-ROOM COTTaOE, JoriftL lftTe lot ; bay and ocean view ; .laiuedlate possession: olosrt by trolley cars. Robert Usher, Ocean t'ity, N. J. feA FURNISHED HorSKS-RKNT FOR SEA- JvH, Bon or longer; list of over 80; also uo ur-niihed list (separate). C. P. Peters, 1 N. Fourth. R3AL ESTATE EXCHANGED M. FOR EXCHANGE PROPKRTY NEAR Pittsburg lor property In ornear Philadelphia. LOANS. HORTjAtES. ?TC. SALE; Til US POLICY AUD ALL OTHKB PAFEUM I-'UKMSliED. WAI.TF.n ZIMMERMAN. 208 MARKET H IIKEC, CAM DUX. rflIUTT FUNDS TO LOAN ON NOItTGACIB, 1 nnv nruount, lartfc or Hmall. WILLIAM H. KKNNKPY. SIXTH ST. AND OKRM ANl'OWN AVE.. ABOVE DIAMOND SI 11KKT. s,: IX PKIt CF.NT. FIRST MORTGAGES FOR sRle, 8WIO, .l.uw, tl.2ut. 1 1.5W). rtc. Title policies. etc, furnished. W.'.LTKR ZIMMKHMAK. 206 MAKEF, r Street, Camden. L1 yff( V.WO, 96.0011. If 000. $i000. $1000, O t OiUUUi 8sxi. oo. ?ax to ionu. A. JAMKfS. 708 WALNUT Street MOBTOAORS WANTED IN ILL AMOUNTS (Itio to f V).ytH. WALTER l. AI.LKN. 70 WALNUT St 2007io8O N IK TA N D "2 DM O RTGA O ES AT curi-eut rates. J. IL Duffin 7:8 Waluut tetreeu 8 500tO$IU.OOO LEND ON FIHST AND SECOND mortgages. Louis scuwerln, lols Marshall p.t. n EI R TO UNSETTLED FSTATES CAN BORROW on sama A. JA MKH, 7l WALNUT. BUSINESS Hard limes should no prevent tbe Inventor from netting Patent Protection on his Invention. We Hill loin voti money to obtain your patent and sell the patent without advance lee. Call or write. A&-OCIATIOX AMERICAN INVENTORS, Incorporated, Paid up capital. $26,000. 1111 to 10 BETZ BUILDLNti. G OLD! GOLD ! GOLD! How to ger it ts the question. Here is the an swer. Buy stock in a gold mine producing sold everyday and assurluc dividends and constantly increasing vulue ol Ibe stock. Tbe price Is yet wllblrj your reach, but tbe number of shares for bale is limited. For prospectus of such a gold mine write to PeriLtlase. Eckert & Co.. Cbestnut Htreet, i'hiiadelphiu. SUCCFWFUL SPECULATION OPEN TO aLI You can Increase your Income 8u per cent, per month hvjoln ni our syndicate system of investment. We accept from (10 and upwards. April svndicate now forming. JOH N H. DEBR A CO.. 60 and 62 BROADWAY, New York. rfVNE-EIGHTH OF AMUSEMENT WHEEL V torli.wsj balfcaeb. in Atlantic City. Address Adams, Lox M, AlhintlcClty, N. J. BOARDING WASHINGTON SQUARE, 62 (SOUTH SIDE), splendid location for sp-itia and summer; front and other vaeuncies, with or without board. SPRUCR8T RE ET, t VAC A NCI EH W I T "ffoR wltbont board, uermanent or transient: also table board. SPRUCE ST., 7-2-DEIRABLE VACANCIES, with board ; table board; 6 o'clock dinner. CHEST NOT STREET, I62I-ONE SUITE AND two single rooms; 6 o'clock dinner. SPRUCE STREET, 930VACANCIES WI . . or without board ; also table board. ROOMS ARSHALL STREET, NO. 709 HAND- somely lumwhed Iront rooms for (rentlemen. willi batb, gas audiliest ; transient and permanent; norae comiorcs ; reierences excnarificu. SPRUCE 't TBE ET, (HO-N 1 C ELY 1-URNIsTlEl) rooms : also communicating parlors for doctor or dentist ; board, If desired SPRUCE STREET, GlS-SECONlTSTORY VA-cuneies. front ana back, newly furnished; splendid location. LT. DO I NO v ICK CLEAN ATTIROOM. 1 week ; suit one or two gentlemen. 618 Spruce. IOVVELTtN AVENUE, S7i,5. SEC'OND-sTORY trout room f'ir.; pleasaut winter ur summer, f EW AND NICELY FURNISHED" ROOM, X all conveniences. 728 Spruce p-trcet. iCn N- SEVENTH RTREET-NICELYFiTr. UU j nished front room cheap. DENTISTRY iffim A WONDERFUL BUCCEHS, n-flfrl Hundreds of teeth extracted dally by Dr. .Seher's new method, wide awake and positively without naln. N'i cnar-' for extracting when ueih are ordered. Fillings, iMV. ui. Gas. Sue, Full stts, s. iu: perfect fit wnrranted. Brokep sets repaired and remodeled. Lady assistant. Open evenings. junduy lo a. Dr. Seher. 9. 8 N. Eleventh St. DR. kYLE"TTdHliBAT;krDT:TlST7l19 Q&lYWNorth Eleventh treet EKtablislied twenty-four years. Gold -Klines, Gas ArtmiulRtfKwi. I'mwn and Bridge Work. Artilicial Teeth a specialty. I Don't foriret number, lain North Eleventh street Lady attendant. Open until 10 P. M. Sunday all day. I DR. KYLE ROHRBACk, 7fi;9T nTKLEVKNTH Street. Ladles, occupied daily. Call Sundava Best of Roid work. Gas ami other remedies tor painless extra-tlou. German spokn PAINLESS DENTIST EXTRACTION, 50c., with new snfestbetle. Plates, t i. Shl New indestructible Hlllngs, 412, Bntz Biiiluing. DANCING GEORGE'S HALL. 18TH AND ARCH. mere Classes forming for balance of rnvate Lessons. V, adzing KUaran-'bildreu's Claas Montlav and satu.dav aftenioons. BCH OI.AM) PA K'l Y MONDAY and FRIDAY EVKN1NGS; DOU B' E t)R( H K-TRA H. B. t 111 LDRKN 8 GRAND MAY PAItTY, .CROWNING OF THE MAY QUE KN, MAY 1. U( liE'lS NOW ON SA LB, Reduction. CUNSl ANTINE CARPENTER. PROFKSSOR DH KS' EXCLUSIVE Prtl. vote Dancinjr School, IBHfi Colomh a Avenue, Adults Monday and F riday evening classes now fnrrulna-. Each pupil receive, private leaaona gratia before entering claas. Children Saturday afternoons. Call. Reduction. (1 ET TfTEEW ROOKON DANCING. SEND TT 10ICENT STAMPS ST. GEOltCErt HALL, 1TH AND ARCH. PHIL.. C I AHPENTEiL CARPET CLEANING CAKElt CITY CA' PET CLEANING COM. pany. Third above Poplar, we clean all kinds atThe lowest price, a cents per yard, (r move all moths). Call lor and return tbem wlthtn 24 hours free I ENTERPRISE CsRl'ET CLEANING WORKS, jj 1431 North Tweutv-first street; all work aruur-antoed; carpet cleaning H cents yard; hauling free, Automatic" carpet clkanin(Vcom-pany, AHS-flS? North Broad street ; cents per yard; hauling free. MONEY TO LOAN .. MONEY TO - LQDAOB " FRPIMD 8100TO 95,000 OH raiimianfflTY' BY THE ' UAilSB TW8T-M OF : '1380 AffiOmi.STII.EET INCORPORATED. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL. 1600,000. It Is Strang!, but nevertheless trne, that persons who are desirous of borrowing money are constantly securing: It from those who exact exorbltan' rates for Its use. The " Commercial " in making loans or discounting notes does it at 6 per cent per annum. fth no bonus and no premiums, at the same time allowing Ut borrowers to participate in the profits Could you conceive of a more equitable system than this? Unendorsed by business rueo and financiers all over the country. Over 6,000 Individuals have approved of our systems of making loans during tbe last live months. Why not place yourself in position so that when yon want money you may know where to borrow it with an opportunity of re turning it Id small monthly instalments. We make loans for all purposes, such as to pay off obligations, i aj taxes, Intervst on mortgages, to Increase bust ness, to purchase business, in fact, for any purpose. We request a call from all who now or will in the future desire to be so situated that they mar bor row money when It is desired. We have seven private consultation onldes, courteous employee al- wttyson hand to give any Information, and those wuo do not desire to call may have one of our representatives call on tuem by sending us a postal card. You may arrange your own time for returning the loan so long as the period doeB not exceed two years. We will only charge you legal interest, and we will make money for you while you are borrowing it. Do not fail to Investigate. The plan Is so equitable ana just that It suits the farmer, mechanic, the busi ness man, the broker aud the manufacturer. All at some time need money. Do not wait until the last minute, but tile your application at once. mm STREET STANDARD LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY. kT INCORPORATED. We loan money at 8 per cent per annum. No bonus. No bidding. Every one guaranteed a loan. Personal spcnrltv and household roods acceDted. Our only chance on a loan of W lsa:i.oo; a loan of siuo is ?n.uu ; a limn oi (ouu is STANDARD LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY. Head Ottice. 1742 North ELEVENTH Street flffleo hours, from 8.30 to 8.30. WEST PHILA. OFFICE, 39o; LA NCATER AVE. (M. H. IiOnacre, 74! S. Nineteenth ht A GENTS H. Echuig, Ml North Klitbth Htreet (j. F. Eckard, 74'ibouth Second Htreet rONEY LOANED ON LIFE INSURANCE i l policies. Georpe w. Kreer. Broker, 6W Market street, Wilmington. Dei. TOV CAN BORROW $WO, WEEKLY PAY- J. ments $2 Call or address G. Becker, 1406 Par nan street. f PRIKG AND STJMMEK RESORTS ATLAN1IC CITY, JIffltEiLDBiDBEIt REMAINS OPEN THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Kverv convenience, fncludinu hot and cold sou water oguih ana elevator. ThlS A. il. KOiiKRTS COMPANY, J. D. SOCTHWII'K, Manaeer. THE OOfEdiaDRO GflLUL ATLANTIC CITY. N. J. NOW OPEN. Directlr on tbe Ueach. wend for Clrcolac. LEEDS LIPPINCOTT. TT OTEL ATLANTIC CITY. N, J. OPEN ALL THE YEAR. IHiS NOW OPEN. On the Beach: modern and cheerful; elevator: sun parlor; duplex flltr and purifier. CHAMBERS A HOOPF II OTEL OBHIMIEILEV Fitreme ocean end of Ken tuck v ave. Elevator. sun parlor and all modern conveniences. Special rau-e forHpring. JAMiDb A GEORUE BEW. rpUE 1 IHAHSIH NOW OPEN. CHARLES McGLADF T" TkMONlioUSETHOUTH'CAROLINA AVE-N UK. near Beach. Telephone 85, Mrs. s E. hWKENEY. iiroprletress. BediHed rates for three uoritnsifi.w to fiw per nay ; feio siu wr wet a. rpHE Elbe ron. I T TennesHec and Pacfric Aves. : refurnished and ail conveniences; opens March 17. M. J. ECKKKT formerly of the Rossmore. OKAS O ON OCEAN FRuNT. OPEN ALL THE YEAR. CHAS EVANS. rONTEREY HOTF.L-VIROINIA AVENUK, Jl near Uw Beacu. Nealr furnished, lele-phone I9L K K. NEWCOMER. riHE ELKTON KENTUCKY A VENUE NEAR lleach-Home ooinforta; steam heat; appoint-ments tirst-class, E. WILE. IT OTEL BOaaiBF.L, KENTUCKY AVENUK, 1 near Beach. Will open March 1 with a erand lull dress rtteptlon. A. E. MABIuN. riiHR EVARD. 1 Kentnckv Avenue. 1W feet from beach. Special rates for the springy RAUFFESBABT. HOTEL ATOLI-t Ml "HIOAN AVE. NEAR heacu. Thoroutfbly heated. Terms S and .10 per week. J. E. REED. HOTEL KENPERTON. Ocean end Tennefiaee ATenue, Atlantic City. N. J. Special rates. M Rj. J. F. NEAL. of Tioga. UotflclTrendon, v1ruisia avknue. near beach. ColonelJOHN M. CLAKK. II OTEL ALHAMRRA NEW YORK AVE- nue, near the Beach. Open throughout the MRS. J. 0. isEMPLK. formerly of the Leota. year. HOTEL RICHMOND, OCEAN END KEN-turky avenue, now open; steam beat; spool nt-menta iirst cIssh : special rates. J. D. PEAHK. L. T. BRYANT. HOTEL EllIKON, MICHIGAN AVE. NEAR Reach. Elevator ; ateam heat : electric bella ; all modern comforts. J. C. COPELAND. HARR'S PHILADELPHIA HOUSE. 153 South South Carolina A venue. Near tbe Reach. MRS. A. C. HARR. rlMIE CASTLE. JL New York Ave., between Atlantic and Paclhc Open all the rear. Mils. J. W. HARUCASTLE. TTICTORIA. V OPEN ALL THE YEAR M. WILLIAMS. mUF, NUTTALL, OCEAN END SOUTH CABO. X llnaAve. MRS. A. . NUTTALL. CA PE MA Y. INDPOR HOT L, CAPE MAY, OPENS Marrb 21. New management: tborouzblv renovated : steam heat and sun parlor, introduced. It li ALPIN, late uf Ridley Park. Pa. KEW JEHSEY. JAKBWOOD. OPEN OCTOBER TO JUN& PORTER JUDD, Manaen. OPEN DECEMBER TO JUNE. HORACE PORTER. Manager. THE BALDWIN. i BEACH HAVEN, N. 3. Wt lonen June 1K, 1894, F. A. HAi.DT, 1SU Master st, Philadelphia PENNSYLVANIA. MORELTON INN. TORRESDALE, Pa. ENiAROED AND REMODKLKD. WU) Reopen for its Third eason MAY ID, ISR Rooms may lo etiKaaod by addressing MUKKL ON INS CO.. TORRKSDALE, Pa., or fil CHE TNUT St. Phlla. S WIN O MACH "NE3 WILCOX OIRB' MACHINE. PERFECT ordcr.llO, Kalghn. 2bW nidge Avenua fYMESTICMACHINE.flilCOSTIM; iQUAX to new. 2U0 Ridge Avenue, CEMETERY SODDING IfOUNT MORiAH CjKMEIERY BOnDINO jyL and nardenlnK. orders now received: see piaoJ mr ner.muai care or lots, uty utuce, au , jjroao eu LATIN JRIE3 CITY HALL LAUNDRY, SO SOUTH SIX. teentb street Good work, reasonable prices. BICYCIJESJDEICYC1ES DODBT-ffiWBILE (MDo. PIONEER CYCLE HOUSE. STILL LEADING IN PATTERNS, PRICES, SERVICE, AVE OFFER BIClfCLESFOR 415 -0 10 f 0 T5 . S100 tlM And at the prices asked positively Rive the public the best return for their money. It aeconomy to buy - MDMA They ride easiest, last longest, are the most sntis-factory. Our catalogue describing our entire lino mailed free on request. wewLi en No. 811 ARCH STREET.' . Boys' Scorcher, 24-inch, Ball Bearings 1S Girls Electric, 28 Inch. Cushion Ires . 80 Boys' standard, 0-inch Wheel .. ..... J6 Lsdies' Singer, Pneumatic Tires ..- 00 Common sense. Drop Frame.. 25 Columbia I.luht-. RnnriHter. I imlilnn Tlrefl 4f Columbia Light Roadster. Pneumatic Tires.... Columbia Model 34 100 Veloce Columbia, Cushion Tires So Wftveriy, Pneumatic Tires 60 Blvnl Safety. Solid Tires 3$ These are but a few of our tmmpnse stock of sec ond-baud bicycles, quoted to give an Idea of our pnix-ti. ah second-nana machines som oy us are put in complete repair and are warranted. Our April list will be out on Monday. Write for li. No. 811 ARCH STREET. LIGHTEST GUARANTEED ROAD WHEEL, K3!W PWHEiBliaS Now on exhibition. Ca I and examine before select lng your mount. We have demonstrated beyond a doubt that In a wheel of strictly highest grade you can have greatest strength with least weight. It all depends on material and construction. AU prices. First clans Condition. OBEIMODBOrcKB In all Its branches- No work too difficult and all work guaranteed. Prices as low as consistent with tirst-class work. PHILADELPHIA CYCLE CO., BROAD and MONTGOMERY Avenne. INVITE THE CYCLING PUBLIC TO EXAMINK THE MERITS OF THE ll," oi c m hkw s c ni'u m u Also lull line of medium grades, aud accoud-haud wnei-ia at noiwm prices, PNEUMATICS FITTED AND HIGH GRADE RWAIRS PROMI'TY ATTEN! ED TO. JAfX)B REC1I SON. & E. Cor. EIGHTH and GIRAHD Ave. JOSEPH LANDSCHUTZ. Stores, S. W. cor. loth and Oxford Sts., S, V. cor. Broad and Purrtah. Manufactnrer of "A ME Ulcus " BICYCLE " T5. rUXlandflA so e Uptown Agent for the "COLUMBIA." Cheap Llneof Boys' Bicycles. BARGAINS IN KECOND-IIAXD MACHINES. Special attention flven to all kiwis of REPAIRING and ALTERING. BICYCLES HIRED BY THE DAY. WEEK OR MON TH. REFERENCE REQUIRED. WILLIAM TRAI FORD. B. E. CO It. 121 H AND OXFORD STS, PRACTICAL CYCLE MACHINIST. BAi'ETIEa or ANY DESCRIPTION MALK TO 1 RDER. Changing to Pneumatic Tires aSpeclalty Fneumatic Sulky Wheels aud Attachments. AGENT FOR IMPERIAL SAFETYS. FIRST-CLASS REPAIR- AT MODERATE PHICEa BARLKMENT CY'CLE CO.. 2'W DTA- 3ION1 Street and 7l West GIRARD Avenue, manntacturers of the G. B. Special: price. $. $1U0 and l3. Repatrlnir In all branches by practical workmen. Sundries of all kinds. A ll work guaranteed. Pneumatic tires put on for 14. Try us and satlfy yourself. 4 WHEELS NOW IN STOCK SINO-er's Ilsht roadster, $1-5; others a 1M, $8'i, 175 and a bargain at 4fc ; bulldlnr pneumatic sulkies and buggies and remodeling old ones. Iet us estimate for you. R. C. WALL MANUFACTURING CO.. 735 ARCH, WALL BOYER, LIMTD., 1714 N. BROAD. BICYCLES TO HIRE By the day. week or month. References or Introductions required. JiAKi CIUj (JU... 811 ARCH ST., Or at Riding School, Belmont and Kn Avenues, West Philadelphia, MACHINERY, TOOLS, ETC. MMM, LATHi mm MACHINERY. NEW AND SECOND-HAND. OK EVERY DESCRIPTION. LET ME KNOW YOl R WANTS, 131 NORTH THIRD ST. SECOND-HAND MACHINERY IN GOOD OR-der; "o-hore horinontal tubular boiler: 7"-borse Jacob Nay lor boiler, nearly new ; two 30-horse horizontal bo lers, wood-wo king machluer' laundry ntachinerv. engines, different sizes: foot-power screw-cutting latbes. blowers. Jacket kettles, sh.ift- in;, bangers, pulleys, Deiting (an slices), arm presses, whiuers. Worthimrton steam numos. lO-lnch Blia- pers, anvils, vises, tools of all kinds. j. ;u i i tLu, nuivin ruin nireuu STEAM USKRH BEAR IN MIND THERE IS no rovalty tariff on the A. AG. self-adjusting cylinder packing. We-are solo proprietors. Aside from this benefit to our customer it Is a creat coal and oil saver, slves marked Increase In nowerwith a minimum degree of friction in cylinder. Write us tor estimate HENRY G AYEH A GLEAON CO., N. E. Corner SECOND and AONDSts. ISOIL P. PH03NIX AUTOMATIC COM-imimd Emrlnes. 1 126-H. P. Armlngton A "Imes Automatic Engines. 8i H. P. Heck Automatic Ensfirie. on H. P. vt estinRbouse Automatic Enarine. 1 50i) H. .P. Uerryiuan Heater. All in urst class onier and cheap. t-KAISK. 'UJUJU&Y, 11 IN, THlKPSr, I1DDY AND HKLLY ROLT-rUTTTVO MA lj cbine. nice lotof Blow-off Tanks. Boilers, En- gines, team Pumps, new and second-htiiid Wood- worKing aiacnineiy, neiting, i'ui,eys, 11 augurs ana Bhaftiug. 3 Five Horse and H Ten Horse Gas Engines, new. Lot Platform Hcates. Pipes cut to order. w'lvHiim's ((OS FllAKrUBD AVOhUO, fJIOR SALE SEf "ON D-H AND FOUR LOCO- X' motive boters, no to 70 H. P. three U H. p. vertical boilers. 0"xl' : two 40 H. P. vertical boilers, 4"x 0': all good for loo pounds pressure anu In excellent condition: iowe-1 pners. i-. r. SEYFERI"S KN8. 4o7-1 North THIRD Street. EL LEVATORS. -IMPROVED BTEA M AND hanfl-nower tD valid safety elevators, auinn waiters, cnrriage eieviuors, aumtic nwta, nmuu attnehmentafor hand elevators ; repairing pronip'ly .,AA IliWA 1 WV fc'I.PV AT.IH WORKS. eoZCU-Efl.'.Y. TOR SALE TWO It ETURN TfPCLA tt ROIL- 1' ers, 4 iD.jclftft.nrst-clas cotiditton.verycneap; 17x3 Green Improved ennine. one Hhil.nian oil engine, boilers and eniilnes of all (.IMS. T K'I'LOW BKOADFIELD, MaoblnlM, 146 WEST NOUllIS Slnnt. TTINGINESTBOILEItS, HYUllAl'MC PRESSES, Tj sturttevant blowers, cv'inder boilers for smolco- stacks, lathea. band and circular saws, tools, tanas, pulleya hangers, vises, ueiiiua, w iii.ij. 6KCOND Street TOR BAI.E-t.A-OEST ASSORTMENT OF A hointing engines in stoclc for ionuertlatedellv- ery : lowest prices. af.oaiiAniaBuftqiw-441 North THIRD Street T OT OF NEW OAS ENOINI--S, FIVE AND a i Ten Horse, also tot OI riauuruj denies, rneap. El K HOLD'S SONS, 1853 FRANKFORD Avenue. DRE TOOLS. SPECIAL TOOLS. METAL JL sneclAltles. patterns. Jobbing, repairing, etc. Laypoldt, 243 North Fifth Street 1710R SAI.E-Na 1 GARVIN UNIVERSAL JF mllllOK machine, equal to new. Frank Toomey, 131 North Third street L'atbeb.'diiills AND TWISTERS, Bro GREAVES. VK NORTH FRONT. HORSES, CARRIAGES. ETC. mm FOR SALE-ONE THREE SPRING s.TQwagon, one side-door inillt wagon, one underwaer's loo wacon, one no top buggy, one falling top buggy, cheap. J. P.H ICXS, 70S DAUPHIN. .- HOLTS HORSE REMEDIES. JJ Everything necessary externally and Intern-al.y iiir the much-abuBed but noble animal. 118 North seventh and 107 Market Street x HOLT'S HOOF tUN MENT ( IVES THE lMst resulta 116 North Seventh streetand Market street WALL rMPER WALLPAlEK-RAltGAI s. wiiitb back-. 4 cts.: gold paper. 8 CIS. THOMAS M. DUDLEY. 941 hd 043 l'AS-YUNK AVE. BAMPLtS BNT FREE. , G OLD EMBOSS D. lie. AND 150. PER PIECE Fidelity Wall Paper Co.. 11 N. 1Kb St. Phlla FDTJCATI0NAL HALM'S BUBI ES- COLLEGE. L 17th and Cheatnut. The best School. MUSICAL, IB ST RTCTTON ; ; , THE VIOLIN CORRECTLY TAUGHT. MARY A. JicOOVERN, 2im Market St LOST AHD FOUND IOW-ON MARCH 27. ABOUT S A. M.. BLACK J cane containing flute and two piccolos, betweeu Marketand 1-alrmouni Avenue Br ad and Twenty-, third streets, (:0 reward, no questtona asked. 17iU Brandy wine street, LORTNGERAlWEriaTxT fcJlii Pug Dog about 7 months old; unswers to tht' name of Punch; 5 reward if returned to 4650, Wayne Avenue. 8I.OST-A 8KYE TERRIER 1)0(1; sawv name and address on collar. Return to lo Tsprlrig tiarden Liberal reward; no questions. LOST-YORKHHIRKTERRIER BITCH SfV In tbe vicinity of Twentv-slxth snd Columbia avenue; reward. 17'7 North Twenty-sixth Hreot. WANTS BOOKS BOUGHT! BOOKS BOUGHTI-WK want to buy all kinds of old books in all department of literature, such as law, medical, religious, Burveys, mechanical, theatrical liooks. Books, pamphlet", newspapers, altuunacs printed In the Snillh rliir-lncr oivll u-nr f'nlfnt lnn nf I U. s. and foreign stamps and coins. Call or addresu STAMP HIGHEST PHKJE PAID FOR USISD Columbian Stamps; Illustrated coin book, giving prlctB paid, 10 cents. 170t Market Street. WANTE DSECO N DH A Vd TU E RK WATER motor. No. 12. fit for Immediate use. Address Dally Gazette, CblHlcotbe. O. nIGHKSfRlT ES PAID FOR SECOND. c. ...1lfln, mi tn re. Carpets, eta (entire bousea). K, 887 North Eighth Street. FURNifiTRKHIGHESr CASH PRICES paid, second-liand or now. 950 North Eleventh. GROCERIES Tl'"-IIANr"JAVACOFVEE,NO FINER J t roasted, 3oc pound. Flour in harreis and hags. Good Hour, 22c for lipound has. PUlahury'a llourthlsweek H75 barrel. I'lno note p..per and envelope, lsc. hoi. Finest envelopes, ladies' ste, it: package. Oolong tea. worth Sue . aelllng at auc pound. MoGovern & Sou, 4utti Lancaster Avenue. 2134 .Market. rpO THE LADIES IK YOU WISH A HAND-A some-mtliut seamless waist, cut to vour own measure, made and finished In anv atvle, go to H28 ' Columbia avenue. (The Hneet in Pblla'dflphla.) ST0RAGE pQUITABLE STORAGE WAREHOUSE, H29- iwinuwiiwi, separate rooms in new oulld-in for atorase of furniture, etc Lowest rates. Thomas A. Kershaw. PIANOS AND OUGANS jgjga B A KG A I NS 7 OCT A VK8CHOM ACKER, ur-vitwith carved lens, 50; Fischer upright, Decker upright, $ 8 and others. irt2- Ridge Ave. .MARRIED. ANDERsos-wood on the 2lm ultimo, bvthe Kev. William T. Chase. T. KHAN K ANDERSON to IDA S. WOOD, both ot Philadelphia. BAILEY MATTSON. -March 2fi, 1804, bv Rev. W. 1 . Burred, 4 Cooper street, Camden, N. J., Mr. E D M O N D R A I L K y to M las FAN NI E W. MATT-SON, both of Chester, Pa. BKEt HLR-BELL March 24, 1S04, bv Rev. W. H. Burreli, 43 CoopiT street, Ciimden, N. J.v Mr. OLIVER . BEKCHERtoMissLUROH. BELL, both of Chester. Pa. BI 'BKRALBRECHT, Wednesday. March 2S, 1894. at the home of the bride's parents, 1405 North Fifteenth Btreet, by tbe Rev. J. Luther stbole. FE DIN AND T. B EBER and EMMA AL-BRECHT, both of Philadelphia. BLACK REESK On the th u'tlmo, at thefr own residence. !&i0 Kiegel street, by Rev. J. a Thompson, D. D., Mr. t.OBEHT J. BLACK to Miss KARA H E. REE.SE, all of Philadelphia. CON NT WI RTH. Mondav evening, March 38, at the residence of the bride, bv the Rev. Dr. J. A. M. Chapman, Dr. U. t OLK Y CONAJST toCLARA B. WIR1 U, both of Philadelphia, DAVIH H A RTLEY. On March 25. at 2408 North Twenty-eiglith street, by Rev. Jesse U. Htrlnir, paKtorofCiilvarv Reformed Church. Mr. HARRY DAVIS to Miss ELIZA P. HARTLEY. GRAHAM-THOMPSON. -On Wednesdav, March . V, isft4, at the rt-sldetioc of the bride's parents. .Baltimore, Md.. by tbe Kev. J. Addisimsmith. JOSEPH GRAHAM. of Philadelphia, and MARY THOW PSON. of Ba timore. HAILEY OHEKN. On the evenin? of Easter Monday. March 28, 18H4, at the rectorv, 400 North Twenty-second street, bv the Itev. Thomas R. List. THOM ka S, HAILEY to PRISClViLA E. GREEN, both of this city. HEITM ANN HOLPCRAFT. By Rev. Rafns C. Zartmun. at No. 135 North Nineteenth street, Philadelphia, on tho 28tb ultimo. WILLIAM tt HE1TMANN and MAR K. HOLDCRAFT. HEPPKRLEN-HEPPKRLEN. March :. mt, at Bouvler stnet, Philadelphia, by Rev. s. a. Shannon, pantor of Rethanv Lutheran Church, ALBKRT Vt HE 1 PERLEN to KANNIE C. HKPPERLEN, both of Philadelphia. LEONHARi T PLAT T. On the evening of March as. I8W4, at 38 8 Frankford avenne, by tbe Rev. Robert Hunter. D. D.. Mr. WILLIAM F. LRON- 11 ARDT and Miss MAT11E C PLATT. both of hiaclty. LONG-WKRB. On Wednesday evening, March 28, 1M, at iitiiC Mok-aine avenne, Camden. N. J.( by be Rev. Edward R. E;ixtt-r. Mins ANNIE WEBB, ot Oermantown. Philadelphia, to Mr. JOHN LONG, of Ardmore. pa. McCULLAOH PLA IT. March 28. 1831, by Rev. Arcbthald McCull. gb. D. D or Worcester, Mass., ALHXANDC.R K E ft It McCULLAciH and CORNELIA M. EARLEY PLAIT, both of Philadelphia. AlcKARLANr- WARK.-On Tuesdav, March 27, 18! 4, l.v the Rev, Alexander Waddeli. Mr. JnsKPIT W. McFAKLAND and Miss ISABELLA WARE, both oi 'blludelphia. MINNICK T OMPON. -March 24. ISM, by Rev. W. H. Burreli, 4;i t oorier Btrcot. Camden, N. J., Mr. EDWARD MINMi K.of, N. J to Mies MAOttlE N. THOMPSON, of PbUodel-phlo. PANCOAST YERGEY. On Thursday even In ir, March 29, 1S94. at tbe parsomme of West York Street M. E Church. No. North yeventeenth street, by tbe Rev. Henry Frunkland. Mr. 10IAH PANCOA-T, president of the Pancoast Mannfac- . til r in Company, and Mi-s MARY E, YE RUE Y, both ofPhilailelpbia. REYNOLhS CRAWFORD. At noon. Tuesday, March -fl, in tbe Cohock sink Presbyterian Church, by che Rev. Dr. Oreennuifh. WILLIAM T. REY-NOLLS. J11., to L1XJAN E, CRAWFORD, both of Philadelphia. BC H O F I E L l K 1- W A LL. On Werlnesday.thoMth ultimo, at St. Mark's Church, by the Rev. Dr. A. J. Mortimer. KVKRETT A. SCHO FIELD to MAR) HA T. RE WALL. TAYLOR COFF AN. On Tuesday. March 27, by tbe. Rev. J. J. Jovce Moore, in the t bi rcb of tha Covenant, GEOltOE P. TAYLOR and ANNA M. t'OFFAN. x TOD-JMOXLEY. On March 28, 184. at tbe residence of the bride's parentH, South Slith Birvet. bv Rev. R. F. Llepsne . Mr. WILLIAM M. TOD to Miss LACK A V. MOXLEY, both of this city. ULMER-PPEAKMAN, On Wednesday, March la, ty the Rev. J. J. Joyce Moon . at the residence of the bride's parents, llAKMY U UL11EH and BESSIE M. t-PEAKMAN, both of Philadeli bio. W E 1 B S NO W. By Kev. Riiiufl C. Zartmun, at IKJ5 North Ninetet-nth str-et. Philadelphia, on the tli ulU, GEORUE WEBB and W A it AM E. SNOW. DIED, Ash mead. Charles J. 76. Barry. Robert. Bradley, Somuel, "0. Brockniann, H. . Canavaiii, Marwaret. Carpcnt-r. Jolin W. Clarke, toward. 61). Deal, Elmer, 25 d, Diuert. :. G. ai. Dowd, KM it? C 18. Drake, John. 46. Dunn. Hlzibeth. KnueL John L. 39. Fvjnn. H, Mabel, 8. Farley, Mary. Fo::tc, HHmael, 76. (Jreih. Jennie U 43. Hamilton. 1, Idle. 34. Hording. John. 75. iii-sn, Isaac la. 21. FU ard, K. E, 7. Holly. Jane. nnt, Aaron R 33. Keys, Joseph A. 88. Kllnk, Clemens, 53. KrtCfj, MlchAfl.57. Knows, on is CI 18. Latlerty, Marnaretta. iM.vcock, V m, 72. Ijjwden, Ellen, 85. McFetrldere.C. 71. Mcaley. William. MlKKett, Jennie M. 2D, Monr, F-ed. W. & Murpby. Thomas J. Myers. Henry, 47. Nan-. Henrj' C, 40. Naiimann, H. 1L Potts, John R. Raj-bold. Thomas, 71 Read, Philip 1). 44. , Reeil, ("Ktharine C. Rowland. Wm. H. L Itosbury. Mary A. Roy, Aonie l. UU. Bust, Annie, 24. : hchell, John K. 73. Settle. John G. it Hhlllady, John. Bl. , Bmaitz, aria W. X Hnl v, Susan, hiilllvan. Harry. Thomtwon, Matthew, fid, Torppy. Lea Trt-lchel. harles. Trexler, Abyline.71 Wacner. Ida M. Walk ins. Elisabeth, Wipaiow, Samuel B. 01 ASTTMEAD. On the 30th ult., CHARLES J. ASH MEAD, uired 7H years, i-unerai on Monday at 2 o'clock, from the residence of bis son-in-law, F.C. Goodwin, 4839 Main street. Germ an town. BARRY.-Oli the HOth Inst., ROBERT BARRY. The relatives ana irieiws or me lamily are respectfully tnvlted to atU-nd the funeral, on Moo-anv morning t 7 o'clock, from the residence of his sister, Mrs Copley, 731 North Ninth street, 8ervl(-es at tbe Assumption Church. Interment at Cathedral l emetery. BROCK MANN. -On the 29th ult., HENRIETTA, wire of Heorge urocmnann, ajre.1 years. Funeral on Motxlay afternoon at o'clock, from ber husband's residence, Na 8 tVashliiRton avenue. CANAVIAN.-On Ihe 30th ultimo, MARGARET, dauibterof tne late Maurice and Ann Canavlan. Due notice of the rune al will be iriven from tbe residence of her brother-in-law, Robert H. Hayes, No. lt.-J8 Alder street. CARPENTER. On the 80th ultimo, JOHN WV CARPENTER. Residence. 1118 south Tenth street Due notice of tbe fun' ral will be tven. CL A K K E. M arch 80, 1894, HOWARD CLARKE, aHl yearn. Funeral Mondav, Aprils, I8M. from st. Mark's Church, upon arrival of 11.80 train from sew York. Inte ment at Laurel hill DEAL. -On the -JSth Inst., ELM ER, son or George, J-.anu Lizzie Deal, aaed 5 innnt hs and i days. The reiatlven and friend of the lamliyare respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on 8un-dav. April I, at 1 o'c ock, from his parents' residence. 28.7 Hacart street. Interment at .North redar Hill Cemetrv. DITTKHT.-Onthe Wthnf Wnrch. FREDER ICK OKORbE. son of the lute wi'Mamand Calh. arine Dlttert. aged 31 years. Kunerui on Monday afternoon nt o'clock, from tho residence of bis brother. Mr. William O Dlttert, No. imdoutU Eighth streeL . ' DOWD. -On the Sflth of March, 1804, KATIE CECILIA, daughter of Thomas and tbe late Jane Dowd. In her 18lh year. Funeral, on Monday, at 8.:0A. M,. from the restdenceof her uncae,John Dowd, 418 North Forty-second street. High Mass at St. James' Church.

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