The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1932
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE,. (ABK.y COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1932 Society Calendar Friday Tbe Woman's Council of the First Christian church Ls having' ft parly tt the social hall for members and! frlciKts of the church.' - TUe Woman's club is meeting nl the':club house. Ifrs. .Clarence Vollmot and Mrs. W.iJ. Wuncierltch arc entertaining Kith a bridge party . Home. at Ihe Veil- New Wrtnesday Club Mccis. At the party of the New Wednesday Bridge club this week, when Mrsj Carrol Blakemorc «v."is liostcis, it *,as decided not to have refreshments for the remainder of tte sclwwl year with each hostess contributing lo the tuition fund sponsored by the Senior High School P. T. A. for worthy students. A' 1 double deck of cards went to 2:30. Mrs. A. C. Ward for Ihe nrlze In All members the^contract bridge games. present. t;«ar salad, served willi srm:l- wiches, sailed mils and coffee, refreshed the. two tables of members. Mis. W. ]'. Venzey Jr., for the prize. The' hoslcM served a trull salad with coffee. Jostph-I.lverorT. Announcement lias been received here of the marrMijC of Miss Eve Llvcroff, of Havana, Cuba, ami Mr. Nathan Joseph of Orlanrlo. Flu., nephew of Mr. ami Mrs. Sam Joseph of this city The welding was solemnize! nl Havana on Kew Year's Eve nn:l Hi? young couple fire now at lioinc In Orlando. The bridegroom spent three months last summer In this city with his aunt and uncle. » • * Woman's Chili (o Heel nt :( p.m. The Woman's elul) will inpst Frl- lay afternoon. 3 o'clock, at the club house Instead of tile usual hour of 2:30. are urged to be Bits oj Neics Mostly Personal Dclphians Have Study of Budrl, Haydn and Motirt. Mrs. L. N. Mathls was leader ol the.'study at the meeting of ths Del- phians yesterday when Handel, Haydn and Mozart, three famous composers, formed the theme for the! program. B»ch and Handel were contrasted in the preliminary discussion offered by tlie leader and this was followed with the story of Ki\nd;l's lifeVand his oratories and operas, given by Mrs. W. l. Demon. Xozart, as the man and musician, was' discussed by Mrs. Otlo Koch- tltzky. These talks were supplemented • with a round tabla discussion in which interesting facts concerning the'life and works of these musicians. L«, Jackson Program FittcnUd at Schools. A. total of 1500 students in-schools of r thls city and Luxora have heard programs on the lives of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, out- stahdlng southern heroes, "In a series of "programs sponsored this week by the Elliott Fletcher chapter ;of the United Daughters of ths Confederacy. Lee's birthday, January 19, and Jackson's, which Is today, have been made into a memorial day celebrated January 19. This morning pupils of the Sud- buiy elementary school heard these numbers: song "America"; talk "Stonewall'- Jackson, the Grneral" Mrt. .W.-T.-'Ofcersti^SdHg "Carry Me. Back- to Ole Virginny." Mrs. Paul L. Tipton, accompanied by Miss Alma Peters: talk "Le? ns n Soldier," Charles A. Stubbs; talk. "Stratford, the Home of Lee." Mrs. Janiss B. Clark. At the Central Ward elementary school yesterday Mrs. Clark gave n similar talk In which she Included interesting facts concerning Uir plans being made to restore the original beauty of Lee's home which ls- ; n national shrine. Miss Agnes Bailey of Seymour. Mo., snug "Cai'- ry,,Me Bact to Okl Virginny," piny- ing her own accompaniment. Mrs. Joe S. Dillahunty gnve a sketch ol Jackson's life dwelling on the close friendship between Lee and Jackson. The program closed with the pupils singing "Dixie." Osceola Society—.Personal Mrs. Frniik ncwse was hostess to Use literary department of the Osccoln. Women: Progressive Club, entertaining Tuesday afternoon nt Minnie lier lionic liert-. Sart'aln Mrs. E. A. Tr-nford lead the les- P'lls'.. EOII from "The Theater" » text by Slit-Won Chancy, liclnj .studied by noney the club. Mrs. O. B. Scfiraves discussed the topic, "The Tlicntcr nnd the Chinch," Mrs. \V .E. Hunt. "The Medieval Spirit nnd (he Stage," nnd Mrs. L. S. Mitchell ''The Glorious Renaissance." A delicious salnd course was served by MIC hostess following I ho afternoon's lesson; Mrs.' mother, Mrs. Slirlner of Chllll- cotlic, Mo., who Is visiting her, was a guest gcsldcs lUc club members present. Dr. J. S. Rogers, president of Grnud Central College nt Conwiiy, Ark., nnd Mrs. itogers were guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. R .11. Jones the first of the week. Returning with, them to Conway on Tuesday \vcre Misses Emily Tompklns of BurdDtte and Bessie Tlnveatt of Luxora. Cliucnco Vollmer attended to Duslness In Memphis yesterday Miss fililli Wliilworl;) retiirnt*] ycstmlriy Iicin a visit its Memphis as Hie guest ol her sljtcr, Mrs. P. B. Wood, awl family. While lh:i: s-lie was sllthtly Injured In an automobile atcideni. In which her niece, Cnrolce Wood, liad her leg severely un>, mid another niece, Minnie Ruth Wo"dj was also lacerated. Mrs. I. II. Johnson, who lias been 111 several days, is now Improving. F. L. III!) has tone lo Ottawa, III., for a brief visit before return- Ini! here (o make his home. Mrs, Hill and children are already lieu, Mr. and Mrs. Kverell I). Gee lutve a.s their truest for a inontl Mrs. Ciec's mother, Mrs. Tom Himter, and grandson, Totn Peyton, o Memphis. Mis.-! June Oosnell, who attend St. Agnes Academy at Memphis will arrive home today for the re malnder of the week. Mr., nnd Mrs, Ted Roderick Lenehvlile spent yesterday In thl city.' Ml-'s:s Hazel Hariln, Nell Ilnrri: Minnie Matthews nnd Mrs. spent yesterday In Elliot Mem- 'Tiniest Mother Hayti Society—Personal Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Cora Hencaii, Ola nob Hnrrls and Mary will go to Memphis tomor- who will attend school at Central College this semester. Mrs. P. P. Jacobs and Mrs. C. J. a week's visit with. Mrs.- A. Hunter Lovrance jr. have returned from In Sl^Lcjijis.; Mrs.- E' D, Mas'scy Is ejitcrtaln- ing the two table bridge club to TThlch she belongs at her home ':ere this evening. Numbers ol women alt-Hided Hi? cotton dress style show given at the Bettye Nells Shop yesterday ullcrnoon. Advance summer styles .vere shown, tin 1 models iwslng on 1 bale of cotton. Models were Mrs- •iames O. E. Mnsscngtll, D. S. Loney, C. E .Sulksiger, V. L. Phlpps and John King, and Miss Virginia Smith. Among the Osceolans who will sec Maude Adams in "The Merchant of Venice" at the Memphis auditorium this week ar_> Mes- dnmes L,. S. Mitchell, F. L. Phipps. J. W. Edrington. H. L. Driver. F. P Jacobs and W K. Hunt who will attend the Friday afternoon matinee. ' L iJl'i row, tor the show nt the auditorium. W. Leon Smith nttciided lo IHIS- Incss In Little Rock yesterday. U. S. Branson jr., is able to bo oul.nfter scvcfnl days Illness. I Doyle Henderson transacted bi'.s-j Curiithcrsvlllc Wednesday.' Mrs. O. 0. Gnnske, Mrs. Harry Kirljy nnd Elton W. Kirby visited in Parngould ycstardny. NSrs. C. M, Oliver 1ms returned from."Memphis where she underwent treatment nt the nnpllsl hos- pltnl. She will voturn there March 1 lor hn oiicrntlon. Miss Irnm Oliver has returned froni n week's stay in Marked Tree nnd Tyronza. Mi-s. Paul H. Rosentlinl has rc- InrnDd from n .visit in St. Louis. jOi W. Cnrhnm Is able lo be out alter n week's illness. Jimmy Walker, Mrs. Jessio Wilt- kins and (laughter Anna Sue motored to Memphis Sunday morning and spent the day with Mrs. Re- DEIDGEffi BY WM. K. MrKKNNEY clubs, South would bid four dla- SfcceUry American Bridie Uajue. monds to show a possible six-card The establishing of side suits Is diamond suit, but North would take an all-Important factor in the play i' h c contract to six clubs. neuu's daughter, Mrs. Truman Ad cock until she Improves. Mrs. IS. A. D?weeso and children returned home the first of the week from St. Louis where the: liavc been visiting relatives. O. S Jennings of Maiden wu hern Wednesday attending to business. Mrs. c. D. Bishop b in Dlylhe- villc this w^ck visiting relatives. Mrs. J. V. Moore and Mrs. W. I'. Ru&sell of this city were the dinner guests o ICapt, ami Mrs. Rexford Sliorrs of Carulhersvlllo Monday evening. Mrs. J. A. Chronlster, who has Ijcen the guest of Mrs. Vic Slsler, led for her home at Chaffec Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Moore and children spent the weekend In Hlylhevillc with relatives. Mrs. A. F. Hogue and Miss Ccr- r.elia McCoy visited Mrs. Hague's aunt Mrs. Percy Hobinson of Rcc- inr Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. James Randolph, who have moved here from Memphis, arc now occupying'.an apartment In Hie D. B. Hayes home. Mrs. J. M. Argo of this city is the guest of Mrs. Georgef-Merrll of the Carlcton vicinity this week MYs. Argo Is leaving-trie lattei part of ihls week for Flint, -Mich vhcrc she will visit indefinitely with her son TY?(1 Argo Thadis Bullock and ..Russol 1 'Harper of Holcomb. Mo., visaed .'Newton liulllngton Sunday 'afternoon. Miss Thelina Robertson, lett-So' St. Louis Sunday nlglit. ,Mlss-Rob Ilcllcvod to be the tiniest mother prison will attend Marinello; sehoo 01 the hand, but at '.lines Ihe be-! ginner may become perplexed as to which suit to set up. 1fA-Q-J-7-3 * Nona 4,7-6-5-4-3 AK-9-4 V10-8-4 • J-7-0 #10-9- In the world, Mrs. Mnbcl Ryan Is shown here with her baby and Nurse Ann Hutchlngs as she prepared lo leave the Detroit liospl- of brainy culture cif- that clty.- Mrs. Fr,?'.l Larson spent, Mondaj in St. I.ouis on a bushier^ trip. Jumcs Roane si>eiit SiinSay in tnl where Die child was born. Mrs.! Memphis on a pleasure .IVip. Ryan Is 42 Inches tall and wulghs Edgar Fowler of Louisville, Ky 45 pounds. The child was normal is here visiting Mr: and Mr: hi. every respect, weighing -slx| pphle Shepherd. Mr. Fowtr I: pounds three ounces. Doug and Mary Get- '•"- >-' Ready (or Olympic Sports HOLLYWOOD. (UEO— Anticipating that many of their titled Euro- Mrs. Shepherd's brother. . Lutheran Pastor Will Open Lecture Serie The Rev. H. J. Kleindtenst, .pas tor of the Pilgrim Lutheran church has announced thi\t he will • begi pcan friends will visit with them — - ~ ..... 7 . , t ,• , i, ,i, du>ing the Olympic games thisj n series of eight intornial lec Fairbanks and ™<iay evening. 1:30 octack.. summer. Uouglas Mary Pickford have completely. re- Mi's. M. O. Hoeggcn-ol Toledo. O.,'-Is'visiting here, having been called .to (his city by the illness ol Mrs. Mtilhulfv Webb who died Tuesday. Sha arrived Friday. Mrs. W. I. Denton attended the offlcors' .-training fechool of <"tbe Mclhcdlst churclies In. -the Jonesboro district at Jouesborp Tussdny. She-led the presidents' group! for Instruction. . novated Picklalr and added «; Fumiamema s • will 1 ujjin with nan- <:iiif,><: ^ ! discussion of "The Bible, Divln el T1 >«e lectures, to be on. will 1 uin with L'rmr|cr Jie\v.i-W«it Ads Pay. new suites. It has been reported Prince of Wales, will be a visitor (o Plckfalr, but Fairbanks and Miss L'lcktord have denied Jh&VX •-, • 8-2 NORTH 2 Dealer SOUTH 3.2 VK-9-6- 5-2 »Q-8-52 *None AQ-J-7 VNone 4A-K-10-9-4-3 *A-K-Q-J Tb« llay West's best defense would be to ?ad the ten of clubs, which the declarer would win with the ace,'East showing out. It looks noV as though the declarer could lead tiic ace and king of dlamoiuLs. discarding two spades from dummy, and then pro- five of clubs from dummy, win- ling in Ills own hand with ack. The four of diamonds i s rut- ed hi dummy with the six of clubs, and the seven of clubs is won in declarer's hand with the queen. Declarer then plays tl'.e queen of ipades, West holding the kins and :iine covers with the king, declarer winning in dummy with tl'.e ace. The ace of hearts Is led from dummy, upon which the decViror discards the seven of spades. D;chr- cr enters his own hand by Icm,n 5 a spade and winning with th; jack. He then picks up West's last trump by leading the king of cluts. und now everything de'iwnds upon t| re diamond break. The ace and ceed lo ruff the spades out, but if he attempted this protedup.", his contract would be defeated, as he would be forced to ruff a card fron dummy which would establish one of West's trumps. He must, set ou to establish his diamonds iinmc diattly, and at the same time pick up his trump, therefore his first play should be the three of diamonds, ruffing in dummy with the four of clubs and then leading the of diamonds and the last two tricks are won by declarer with tho nine and ten of diamonds. Sticct Cream Butter 35c Lb. BENNETT'S PASTEURIZED MILK 10c Quart Delivered 'Phone 71 The Bidding South has an interesting prob- m for an opening bid. Many play- rs would open the hand with a'j orcing two bid, but players using :ie one over one system would pen the Itaml with a 0112 bid. es- wcially as the hand contains a old heart suit. The one over one ildder does not worry about teing :Iven an opportunity to shosy his second suit, due to the fact "that arlncr will keep the bidding open vith on? no trump on as little as wo queens. Due to this fact, the .'ritcr prefers to open Ilic bidding vith his four-card suit ani to show is longest suit oi\ the second round. Whether tile hand is opened with one club or one diamond, the final contract should be the same—six clubs. If South were to bid one club, Ncrlh would bid or.c heart. Tins is one over one force. South should make a jump overeat! of three diamonds. This jump shift force demands that the bidding now be kept open until a game contract is reached. North would go to four ONLY 2 MORE DAYS Sale Closes Saturday, January 23 LADIES'DRESS SLIPPERS $4.85 Blai-k Kid Pumps Brown Kid Tit's Sport Oxfords $5.95 TUis lot includes all Suetlcs, Reptiles and Pecan IirLv.ii, also Arch PIT servers in Black :ind Brown. - - - $7.85 EDWIN CLAPPS $9,85 S: kAVE Money, Loss of Time and Health . with the VICK PLAN for better 'Control of Colds.' .. . ..i I and Plenary Inspired." that .tn? Tl! 2- P ublic is cordlally!tavtt«d'=to Mr these services.- ' ' , ; . Hospital Notes Bill Slnbbs. city, nnd Jnck Ru3:i- ing, Cooler, Mo., were admitted to the Dlythevllle hospital last night. «C I.iriuia or Tablets iistd.inter rally and C6C Salve externally, make !i complete and effective treatmenl for Colds. Sn,000 in Cash'.Prizes Ask Your DrugsLst lor Particulars Second Baptist church Womtn Have a Mcttim: Mrs. Virgil Holt • entertained tha woman's inlsslonnry society of the Second Bnpiist churcli Monda> alternoon when ten members ar.i - a>new member, Mrs, Ciller Norman, were present. The devotional, taken from th» 06 .Psalm, was led by Mrs. Leslie Mpor^ and Mrs. Overion and Mrs J." C. Harnish offered prayer. -Atter .the business session, pre- sWcd over by Mrs. Virsil Holt Mrs. Leslie Moore closed th? n-.cet- ing with a prayer. Central P. T. A. H»s A Program ^."Voting and Its Responsibility' was the subject of I he prog given by the Parcn'.-Tcarhrr as soclatlon oj the Centra! Ward ele rnentarj- school Wedncsdny after noon. Charles S. Lemons, a n ber of the city school board, spok on "School Elc-cticiis^'and "Who " A ! Qualified Voter? 1 7,-as the them used by T.vy W .Crawford, city at torncy. The massages trom U si^te and national presidents «er •JTOd by Mrs. J- E. Crilz, program! chairman. .A committee will bo appointed from this group to cooperate with thp Senior and Junior High P. T. ~A.'s:'in financing . the private Behoqrs to open Monday. 7It: was also voted .to give a book tq'the library, to change the method of counting attemiancc from the number .to pcrc.?jitage of mothersi present and-tq;have-a study group irv mental hygiene with Miss \Vililc A"; Lawson, counly superintendent, in charge. 'Mrs. Joe Craig's room r'!!: 19 mothers, or 50 iiercenl. won the dollar prize for attendance. « » - * Chb Entertained. .Mrs. J. Neal Gesell was hostess to the Young Matrons Bridge club Wednesday ' afternoon. The members', decided to ser/e light refresh- merits iri, the future, giving the re rntlnlng amount ol money to t'.ie Iiind tponspied by the Senior Hig'n P; T. A. for tuition for worthy students in the privc school to open . Monday. lu the contract games an ash traj CAlll) OF THANKS The family of tl-.e late Mrs. Margaret Bishop are grateful to their friends tor the thoushtfulness lown in her illness and death. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bishop, Mr. nnd Mrs. M. J. Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. nisi-.op, Sirs. M. J. Wiseman. I Take Thedlord's To Avoid I Constipation Show Your Husband the Low Cost of Our DRY CLEANING J_ F your husband is the man we think he is, he will toll you that expert dry cleaning, as done by Hudson, is the most worthwhile investment he's seen in many a day. Just Loo^ at These Prices! O&ccola. Ark. I,;i<iius Plain Dresses or Co;il s lien's Suits <>r Overcoats . . . 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