The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1932
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Served 6p the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SoTmSTSTT,^:,^ ^ ^ t *- - T " *-' |,. XXVIII—NO. 263 Blylhoville Dally News, Blytheville -Hernld," _Mlsjjs3lgpi valley Leader,. Blytlieyllte Courier, K ViU.!•.', AIvKANSAS, Tj| (\ |;si)A V, JANUAUY ~2l, ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI _^ . — --— -=~~~ — -- • j: — J —„, — — — -w«-.**ju. nvr.4 UJEUIyjra HUGE FEDERAL CHARITY FUND IS URGED Plaintiff Asking 325,000 Damans Drops i'roiri Sight Jealous?' Pouf! . Lo«--tl]c plaintiff in a $26000 law sim. '•' 1 " rf Morgan of PurlaREvilie Mo Former Convict Asks 000 for Allied BeatingiSr CoSlT Mi " "°"" by Special AgenfS. j Whcn the cnse v; as called In cir- Trial of a $3,000 suit brought by Saul ''XfnnL- 1 ' T3.,*ln,i.-,n „., i_. Rmlcclge, ex-convict i Frisco railroad and cult, court here yesterday aternooii J.tff couldn't be found although he had fat through the morning ses- i'hrcr\anroad'7electrv.^''openedi R ; a ' U l%, ef/D ,. rts wcre mtl(ie Io J °- liere today. Rutledge alleges that I whtl(> solpctlo » of jurors lie was brutally and severely V^-T raS " ndenv «y- But with the jury »„ i,.. „!!.._j ,_, '. i finally impane'ed he was missing. ter considerable time" spent- in watliiiE, there was Etlll no plaintiff present. Court re-oponcd Ihis vnorntng iand no Jeff was on har.d. Jurors j already impaneled to hear the ! case were ordered out of the box and another trial opened. Vaiious was hardly expected to i"" 50 " 5 , fo , r ( ' le d ^PP^«" ! « of today but other cases Jeff ' * h ° took u non ; sult . whc ", thc against the railroad were put aside ca ™ " rst came "P fo * ^ '"><* H in 1928, were advanced, but it remained for Virgil Greene, his attorney, to suggest: "I think he just got disgusted and left." Paul "Monk 'against the three here he .en by railroad special a£ents~~to- i obtain his confession to n Luxora' depot robbery. Rutledge entered a guilty plea to a charge of burg- InrbJng the depot in criminal court and was sentenced to 18 months in prison but has since teen fg?ed by the governor. The Tlutledge case was transferred here from Osceoia district court and 'be tHcd or continued and the way cleared for the personal injury suit. Will D»ny Brutality Sharp conflict in testimony as to what actually happened in the Crittenden county jail at Marion where Rutledge signed a written confession of the robbers 1 was expected following opening statements of opposing counsel. The claim for damages will be based on evidence that Rutledge was subjected to treatment so brutal that he v.-'as unconscious for a day and tore 23 marks on his back to show for (he treatment he received. Attorney Claude F. Cooper declared. Railroad counsel stated proof would bo presented to show that Hutledge was not maltreated in any way attar he was picked up bv officers here and carried to Trial Is Second for - Willie Peterson in'Birmingham Death Case. "Jeajous of my Maurice? How fonn'y," laughed the vivacious wife and forme;' stage partner of Maurice Chevalier. French comedian and Hollywood film star, as she visited San Francisco. "I'm giad women like him. If they like how ho sings, how the plays — that makes me proud. For the otic you love, you must not to selfish." Ahtbumn Youth 'lakni i'or l{ i <! <: Hy Voting Wontrti Alabama Cadets Honor Her VOViSIOh -cans lo Farmers Unable to Obtain Other Funds. WASHINGTON. Jan. 21. (UP) — The icconslrucllon finance corporation bill elicit to be on President Hoover's desk before tomorrow night. Chairman Sleugall of thi> DKCATUK, ' M*., .Inn. 21. lUI')-. A I0-si'.ir-o|d bay was war di'alH In a hospital here today. i:is victim „ .. "' lwo welly ulrls who plrk.-d Mm « i ;ii|i In n car late lust nl,;|il and link i M for u house banking committee snld today The measure received the signatures of house and senate confere'js shortly before 11 o'clock this morning. Blengall explained that under conference rules icjiorts must- lay over a day in lie house. Final approval by both house and senate Is expected tomorrow. The bill in its final form Includes ui> to $-200,000.000 for Immediate nil- vances to depositors in closed bank'; and nl lensl $50,000,000 tor loans lo distressed farmers. Within two weeks it is planned to have credit flowing through loans to railroads, financial Institutions, farm credit, associations, and receivers of clowd banks, J>a»rs Complies Marts Charles G, Dawes, who Is to head the reconstruction corporation. hnsi W hli<, >(.";»" virtually completed .skeleton plans ', ,, ,!?..,^ C , r ' !'^' 1Kl,,! of for a ride. Jack Cnrtcr, the youth, w.n fc 0:1 Ilii; He; Lino highway abou "»•<• nml a halt from Athens with n iKillcl wound In the c!:est inul BroJiuiiK Hint Ilicy had not him County oltlcers toitay were .vnrcli. '"8 fur u . Carlelon inrl IIIT niysii-rloiis (iirl companion who Ciir- ' ti'r snld invited mm t ride. Flood Swollen Cacho River Mas Left Us Banks Monroe Counly. n ROCK. jn,,. ai. iup)- Hlvers in s;viral sections of Arkansas continued lo ^rni over oollorn lands today, inund.'.iinc Ilioiisands of acres . BIRMINGHAM, Ala.. Jan, (UP)—Denial that he killed Avi- designed to revitalize credit anj Js- vclop • a buying psychology rather L i > Marion. A ripple of laughter ran S"sta WilliBms and Jennie Woods through the courtroom audience, 31 " 1 wounded Nell flfilliams last Auas E.'-Ii. Weatbrook, Frisco atlor-|8f st ' 4 was mad * tod *>' b >' Willie nevT" in speaking of a pardon I Petefeon. negro, as he. took the graut£d.' Hutledge, who has served Js*«n» *» ' " prison temis several times, referred to Governor Harvey Pamell as "our benevo'i?nt governor." Some twenty witnesses were ex- , . trial for 'tKe "murder of.:.the.. WUliams girl. "I never saw Nell .Williams before st^e end her friends h§d me arrested," Peterson testified. He said peeled to take the' stand during! he v;as at his home ths day of the the trial today. Included in the i shooting. ' group were Sheriff Curlin of Crittenden- county, president, of the Shooting of Peterson in the' c'oun- ty jail by. Dent Williams, young at- ... . , Arkansas Sheriffs association, sub- torr.ey and brother of Nell mid the peoaued by the defense, and Dr. 'elsin Augusta, was brought into the ,E. D. .Thompson, local physician, I trial u(h.en defense. • attorneys at- who is a, witness for Rutledge. tempted to '• show -that Nell handed A battery of legal counsel repre-|her brother the gun with which scnts each party, with Claude- Peterson was-wounded. Disclosure of this angle was not permitted .in the : first trial In December when jurors failed to agres. Servkes Are Held Here for Caruthewille Man Funeral services were conducted at the First Baptist church this afternoon for Tom F. Dolan, 50 for many years a resident of this city and late of Carutiiersville, who died at Caruthersvllle yesterday morning from pneumonia. The Rev. Alfred S. Harwell conducted the services and burial was made at the Maple Grovq cemetery. These served as pall-bearers: Albert Bratton, Bill Van Winkle, Herman Walpole, Jec McFall, G. H. Grear and Herman Osbome. The deceased is survived ny his wife, Mrs. Lizzie Dolan, and several step children. L. G. Moss Undertaking company was In charge of arrangements. ~ Cooper of Alexander and Cooper o'f this city and J. T. Coston,- Sr. and J. T. Coston, Jr., of Oiceola, attorneys for the plaintiff, E. L, Westbrook. of Joncsboro, district Frisco attorney, C. E. Sullenjer of Osceoia, Max Reid of Reid, Evrard and Henderson, - and V. G. Holland of Holland and Barham of this city lire counsel for the railroad and its agents. Other Cases Continued Several other cases against thc Frisco railroad were continued this morning and one case against the American Railway Express company was also continued indefinitely when the Rutledge trial opened." It appeared that the Hutledge case would occupy the entire session today. A jury, already impaneled for the -suit of Jeff Morgan versus the Chicago Mill and Lumber Corporation was hsld intact for trial of the case should the plaintiff, who has been missing, appear. Judge Martineau in federal court at Little-Rook yesterday granted a temrwrary order restraining heirs of the late T. D. Rhodes from further pursuing an action filed in circuit court here against the Frisco railroad. The temporary order Is retnrmble In May at which time tho federal court will determine whether the action shall be or otl San Antonio May Get Huge Veterans' Hospital SAN ANTONIO. Tex. (UP)— Plans for the construction of a 1.- .than one of hoarding. , Tf; e National Credit Corporation, i At j c L J fornic<1 ln si Octoter to stimulate scaped Murderer Sought- cram,-was eliminated from the In- for Attack - . .-. ' i ••-•— tttHj uunuii ILIL:. • Kobbery Ol EsCO^v ' j Carrltre Can Borrow ,,.: HONOLULU, T. H.,'jan. 21. (UP) l^"^ tm ^ companies, building and —Public alarm over an outbreak ot j . k' 550 '™'' 0 "*. Insurance com- leriorism was aroused again today I pcin , 105 ' mort «"Be '"an compnnles. .... :._ : • '• . . . I Cr€\llt lltimn r^-*rtrnl Ir.^,^ I ,._ . "v- u " lon ' when a young woma'ii- was attacks:! I "v-, . u ", lon ' ^'"^ and her escort 'robbed | joint-stock land banks, lsr "i "anks, i>dernl In- Thc attack, latest of a Icng riei of violent crimes which has tlirowu the paradise of the Pacific into a turmoil, spurred a search for Daniel Lyman, murder convict who escaped new year's ev? from Oahu prison. Both the victims, Mrs. Tnka Okazal. 29, mother of two children, and Taxed Horamotor, 24, her escort, asscrtcdly identified Lyman'ns their assailant from a palics 11.10- tograph. The scene was near a well traveled highway leading to Pearl Harbor navy base, where lour persons accused of thc slaying of a youns Hawaiian are awaiting a=aon by the territorial grand j;irj-. The assailant forced (hem to drive to a railway track where he tied Horamotor ami advanced toward Mrs. Okazai She screamed and attempted to flee but was caught and overpowered. Meanwhile Hora- motor freed himself and ran to a nearby airpsrt for aid. The attacker asked the woman whore sfio lived and then drove to within a black of her home where he put her o-jt and drove thc car away. , ; ., " cd " bank5 - al credit corporations, and livestock credit corporations, orgnnbed in t!:e United States. In addition, railroads can borrow on certification of the interstate commerce commission - that tiny cannot obtain neeied monev else- lon " P rov 'sion provides where. n-, t »rrt n «-• — • -unlit ) nut jvita that 150,000.00!) ot the total capital and "its extension" in the conation's securities, shall be available to the secretary of agriculture lo make loans to farmers in nerd and unnbic lo obtain credit elsewhere Representative Stsagall, author of this plan, saM this might, a ,ra\i- murn of $200,000000 dl(lo[| S WCr ° " l>orted in Soori , ^ A Z"° r n™™™* tile Cmlfn? I""""""'' Sl °*' IV fr °"> t'jc inundate,-) Mellon? of West. Monrc e <«Iav. and nlthmigh dnma 1 *," wai r tiP for ninnv hundreds of refugees Parker McComb, director c . the C ro« chnple r? „ e high wators wo.ld Monro, ducteil that remain over the nrc a for thre. An area of more than 50 sqimr miles on 1+.-. weC |, fcnn k or ]'« te .en under CREENWOOrTMIss., J»n. (UP) Call for I,(MM) Col ion Pickers All a iVlislaki; A MOiy publWiul in » Mcmpi,!, IIIIIH-I- jeslcrduy ti'liing of n call IIOHI MI--nKsl|i|i| KHiniy (or I.rwo Jubli-ss Mfinp.-.lAiVi to pick col I on proved to lie all a mlMakr. »iil|)li I'lcjii-d, H-cii'laiy tu Mnyov Ovrrlon. sl'il-.'j lo:luy th;it 111; stiry ild have- rend "loo callun p'.ck- ITE" Inslcad of 1000 and anyway the Mayor's Kmploymmt roininll- toc of (hat clly doesn't Inland lc rcfjt (he oili'i: Tin 1 IHO.-.I Ktalemont read (hut lilimii'rs In MlssKsl|>])i counly liud cm-red Jofe (o loan collOM Hlcki-rs nf Mi;ni}i}ils for 50 rents n inindvcd IMiiiuls inul ilii! noon mem frc^ l( IJIislnras rirnis nf Memphis would furnish trucks for iraimiiorliubn with the jilniiicrj, hen- rurnlr-lilir; (lu> gasoline ami drlvi-ri; The Jub'i were lo Inst 30 day*. "Memphis will not assume any re- hpoimlblllty for trniuitortkm of 112 ri'BUIcnts from one aiatu to another which makes ai lliibk' in cuss ot ac- cldenlx. Jolxs «t nuywiiy we have and dn notcnvo to fur onr uneniploycd i any of our ii'siionslblllty unto Arkansas" Mr I'lciml jiniti for Mnyor Overtoil lii u telephone conveisntlBn. A. M. King, plnnlcr of Pecan ; Point, told his son, residing In Mj m - plils. Unit he could use 100 colioii pickers, and that U how the slorv started, according to Mr. Plcard. Mury Mltclifll, ubuve, at Moot- Gomcry, Al»., '.mil liceu named honorary coJvin;! of tlio Uulveralty ot Alabama it. O. T. C. «t Tu«ca- loooa. Snc >s a member ot Alpha Cinni--o Bcita sorority. Aniiivcfsavy Will Bc .Observed Wi»h'. Sim pie Ceremony Tomorrow. Jewel Robbers Escape With $50,000 in Gems NEW YORK, Jn'n. 21. <UP)Three pseudo liquor salesmen called «t (he four story town house of ' . • , „ " lol " nn<1 s of jjorth MIs- (1f S " >l ",,I 10flil s " frc «rs. for with the milder temperature came thc prediction of more rain Nntlonnl Red Cross workers vie rushing food and clothing to Mori " f "^' c ' s "> Crowder, n toivn' of 400 in Qultman county. 'Hie belated call for help reached here lale, yesterday. Conditions tlicre were reported lobe growing steadily more serious. Sickness Is beginning to spread, owing lo crowded conditions. As many as five and «D the and ewap?d with $350000 ^^Si^n^-^-P -P.K- » Congress the plaintiff, and B. L. Westbnx* of Jonesboro for tlw. railroad, appeared before Judge Martine: yesterday when the temporary order was granted. Richard Kleberg. During a holiday visit to this city, the nz-x congressman also took oc- w-w Er-mted ' ln a lat>Dr dis P ute ' On!o:1 lab « leaJ- Trialof the slander suit brought cr f. are , Protesting employment of , E. J. Browne agala-t B. A. "^V : (1 , wh ! ch they dalm k will open tomorrow unless "mpsting with civilian workers on JlIHl n*i i "K^_ . , . . flrmu fnnc'rirntir,^ U« by Lynch — -. some cases which have been tentatively continued are caJ'-rd before the slander suit is reached. Browne is asking SIOO.OCO for remarks alleged to have been mada by Lynch, which he claims injured his reputation. Junior High Graduates Will Receive Diplomas! The Junior high school will present Its mid-term graduating claw, to the public In a program at thc school auditorium Friday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock. The Rev. P. Q. Ror'.-?, pastor of the First Methodist church, Is (o deliver the address to the class which will number 15 and 20 members. Numbers on thc program are: niano solo, TCathrvn Walpole: class prophecy, Virginia Davis; ciiss will, Delva Chapman: class gratitude. Eva Lou Hawkins: song. Lystra Brackin. Pauline Spradlcy. F*a Lou Hawkins and Ktitherlne Walpole; presentation of diplomas _ I in precious stones, police- an ;ed. It was the 25fn robbery in Beggars Exploit Babies in Appeals for Charity NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 21. (UP)Bables are being exploited by beg- Bars In their appeals for charity here. The Society for the Prcven- [J° n of Cruelty to Children report-id today NOW o r | Caris | S flooded W ith women who go about with babies in their arms seeking help. ... "•• wv-«. 1*1115 11C1|J. women who iiave no children of their own borrow babies for Ihis - pin-pose, it Mld army construction here. s been tnken by hoki- $50 Lswsuit Settled After Long Litigation . Art.. Jnn. 2t (UP) ^ Claude RU stx families are often found living .in a three room house. Fourteen members of the coast guard frnm Chicago arrived here with eight life saving boats and w,?re ready today lo aid In trans- portallon of supplies and in res- H'« «-nrk. Tile hck of boats has handicapped tclicf mid rescue work. - ' It Is rstimalrit floor! waters cover 803,000 acres. "lundson A. fo- ( , plalntiffs - [Innllv has been si circuit court Th .. as *' f r ' <K ' three times. Ls aipoie; presenwtion m uipiunuu> P tu mu( ..' mes. s nd honors conierred. Crawford ; o ; l ™ atci ' t <> have cost tlie county " German Needy WiU Get Power Com P a "y * orker Injured Near Monette 1 he may appeal.' Contraband Goods BERLIN. (UP) - Contraband goods, smuggled Into Germany, will no longer fca destroyed, as has been the case In the past, especially with foodstuffs, but will be turned over to the various winter aid organizations for distribution among ti-.c jobless, according to an order of the • William Stabbs. Arkansas-Missouri POTSJ company truck crivcr, sustained a fractured skull when a Snake Skin Imoorts Cause Rat Increase WASHINGTON, tempting to gel the truck oul ot a the ht. struck I nsll* I cft ble R«ich Finance Minister. " nlte<1 of - The a boom French Inclo- of Com- Iti a abled war veterans. Enormous quan- tll!(>«. nf CollWlH ftnjiJ- __ il* . * titles of available for th* needy, goods vlll become injured driver was rctiorted j ending SepI 30 ,39, Km well at the Blythcv:ii: r.r.v < of Indo-Chlna reptile skins has ro. cday, and his Injury is ^suited )n a not , ceab , e lncrcn ,. c , n '1 as ssrlous, accoroin.; io| the number of rats In both Cnn- physlclnns. First aid *.isjlho and Mytho. Cochin-China, the rendered at Hornersvlllc Slabljs' was brought biro. before j territory f rom I reptiles were taken; mo5t g , hc Hiccoughs Return to Mrs. Ethel Cantrell STUTTGART. Ark., Jan. 21 (UP) —After a three day respite from sn rttark of hiocoiiBhs which set dn> " tocrc Cllristmi<l con- v. unch-cltpd until Sundav Mrs. Ethel Cantrell of Humhhew Ark., suftered a relapse last night v- —.. Ark., .Ian. 21 (UP-)—Three score years ago tho University of Arkansas wus found- til. Tomorrow nmld simple ceremony the institution will obwrvo Iti 60th nnnlvcrwiry. • Hccords nn nie in tho udinlnls- trallve oiflres show enrollment at the beglnnliii,' of the first yenr totaled seven. Before the end of tba first term it had increased to 100. First classes were conducted In an old farm house. A shmt time Inter a two story brlcli building BIE LSE Measure Appropriates':;! $375,000,000 For Di- : Relief for Jobless.- , in illrtcl dsflnncc of nil-. ntlo)) I'.ollcy (lie senate njan-"- ii(ncli:n's coinmlitee today votcii to'' rt Invnrably n bill fi|>|>ro«rlat- =375,000,000 nf rcdei-nl .funds : Ihc doilltutf unemployed. '• . Tils ulll v.iw the nu'iiiiire S|X>n- ior«l by LnFoltetl6,"Rc- ' ,c- publicnn Wisconsin, and Costi 5 aii, : ' '' •u(. Colorado. . H would make $12S,OCO,OtiO iwatl- ''• noli: tcforo July 1, nn:l- the "ro' : mnlndcr the neat J!r,cnl ycs'r. '."-.' /*• Coiujrewlonai ncilon on thn $1J5,. : CCO.cco federal land bank bIU"w'aS foinplclcd today, ' ;' .-;• The measure. 1-, now ready for I'rosldcnt Hoover's signature'. The'' Wll was the flrat «f tlio ndmlnlitrn-, ' llon.1 nnancliil relief measures io'• flmilly upprovcd by congress'^ conleicnco roforts on Hi,, bill were-'• nileplcil by hone; arid senate with-''-• out iccord vote. • . ..--.;.! Denver Business Man . ^ Abducted by Gunmeh DENVER, Col., Jan, 21 ippj^X' rrcft ,n\k,- limn. wns ,„ rro3r( , 3s . loday.for Benjamin Bower. 52 o". - tlucled baking company oftlcla'l. Bower wu kldnnpcd from lilj homo nioro than 28 hours' ago by U-o w,ojl dressed nunmcn who told:' .,. '"-' wlf « that unless $50,000 rau- Woi-kers Are Reenforcing C'yoShw&wr*" 1 bC: toobad Levees But Anticipaiet' pollce were notified.a icw r»in-'. Kl * T 1 1.1 utcft n'tcr Bowfr wjut drtiffRvd ICO*M : 1>0 1 rouble. his home. Search was 'started im-' ,,|. ' medlntely but only one clue to With tlic- \vnlprs-of-.I3lg Lake lllc ; kidnapers hna been found! Laljcvcil nonr the -hl(h |»lnt :0f L| > 1 P '«*t'light police' discovered lire .present rlso, workers coiitln-1"' a . "iilnmoWIe used by tiij kfd- UfUTc'clay' lo fortify weak poihls n "l' prs - ' '•..';'' In. tho Drtilntigo' District n lo^-c, - J —• confident tlml there would be 'no bivok. H. C, Rose o( ttoscland told thp Coiil Jer Nf.vs ovrr lone distance '(•lephons this afternoon that jhc Into rose cnly six inches at Pelly- vlllo In the last 24 hours, com- parnl to eight. Inches for th c previous day. A'ttrthcr rise of from i!& 10 Inches Is .possible before the lake reaches a standstill, il is bclleud.. Ilfpcit.'i from Ki'iinrtt were that v.ater was falling In the big, vain- swollen dralnnse ditches of "Nlg- Eer Wool" swamp, which'' feed Into Big Lake and th 0 Little River . Ul ,. ,L lwo 5 , ory one* omimns ^'n," Cl i " or "" 5v i llc ftt '! le "end wns erected, which later was con- [ 0 L Bl * t ?^;, ] ? lnllcs ntlt > ve P <>W- verted nito n dormitory. President John C, Fnlrall, who joined the faculty In 1835, will preside at the anniversary service lo- LiltbRnck Salary Cut ; ^ Will Remain in Effect LITTLE ROOK. .Inn.. 21 .(UP)— Members of Little Rock's flre'-and -.' pollce department evidenced..dts- ' appolnlment today when . their nynlmonthly pny checks failed to '•• Include their regular salary. Tin: pay of members of both-des" partincnts »;03 reduced 20 pe'r cen( -.last August', owinit to d'cplctsd : city funds. At tliat time It was un- . dcrstood the cut would bc -eHec- ^ tlvc only to January 1. Council U memlx;rs said this mornlriB"tKe city's finances ' had sliown-ilffie signs of Improvement and trie cut would probably remain In effect Ihis year. ... Caruthersviiie Depositors Get 25 Per Cent Dividend jvllh nnd Highway 18 brldgcf'rc- ported the lake at n sttuKlstU II wos slated. A crew of 15 men was busy at [ : • * ; : IhL- lake today re-lnforcln B llic Roads May Join JH Plea "-?.. fail levee at a point about three mile? abovo Highway 18 bridge vlvth appears to b 0 the weake-.t j-.cnt In the barrier. Two oilier places .ire under observnlton. CARUTIIERSVILLK. Mo. —Ap- wosimalely $30.000.00 Is being distributed, largely lo people In this city and county, as tlio first dividend paid out by the First National Bank o( this city under direction of the comptroller, amounting to twenty-five per cent ot the amount depositors had on record it the time of liic closing of the bank in November, 1930. This is all being distributed at the bank, as no checks are being mailed and the depositor must call nl the bank for the check in order to sign the proper receipts. The bank Is expected to Day another dividend, possibly In the spring. Cotton Spinning Activity n r j • Declined in physicians fear may prove j WASHINGTON. 21. (UP)— „ She resumed hiccoughing slid- oenly and +»>• condition was re-' ported decidedly weaker this morning. Juror in Murder Case Cited for Contempt HARRISON, Ark.. Jan. 21 (UP) — O^orge Balnes. juror In the trial "' Roger Gibson on n mvd- ; r charge here today, was cited to snow CRUS? why he should not be held in contempt of court for al- lejedly disregarding his oath, Art affidavit mad? by .1. N. Bailey said he saw and Gibson together in the basement of the courthouse after the Jury had been Impanelled. The trial ended In a disagreement, as did » previous trial of the case. IColton spindle activity In the Unlt- 'ed States fell off during December, 18J1, according to preliminary figures of the department ol commerce which show, as ot December 31. there were 32,32G,52<; spindlej In place throughout the country. Of these. 21.637.864 spindles were operated at some time during the month. ThLs compared v-ith 21860.- C84 spindles operated In November and 25,5(9,782 in Dscember, 1930. Rotarians Hear Talk by Dr. L. H. Moore How to become a "painless" d?n- ll?t wos recounted ty Dr. L. H. Moore in a t.V.:< before the local Ills was an 1 for Lower Cotton Rates ST. LOUIS, Jan'. 21. (UP)—Poa-' slbllity lhat all railroads operating I Into tile mid-south coiton b^lt voulct p n il 1 u • i n ln nskln S tnc Interstate-com; rarm UUtlOOk Meetings jmcrco commission to approve prcw Sr>iaJ..| n J / P -J : pose* freight rato cuts o;i co)n- Jtueuuiefl lOr Friday, pressed cotton loomed today. I The St Louis San'Francisco has 'he agricultural outJeok for 1932 -joined Ine Missouri Pacific In ask-" will be outlined for Mississippi l«g for reductions from 30 to 35 per county farmers nt meetings to be',cent on the rates, and southeastern held here nnd at Osccoh to- j r <>nd officials awe reported to tins morrow by state and federal farm considered similar action at At- expsrts. ihnla yesterday. Thc BlyDievlile meeting will bc T «e notion is designed to mtct In the counly courtroom at the I"'** ami biucc ii, ls competition ccurlhousc, and will oi»n nt a and would -aftcct rates fr:m Mis' M - !.^l.«ippl nnd Ouachita river points The Osceoia meeting Is scheduled i" f »f south as New Orleans ' for 2 P. M. at the Osceoia court- I - ' room. j • . Bakers at both meeting will be Convict Population of State Shows Decline - "- "- ••••-^i.nij tvni tj D. J. Durleson, extension agronomist, and James Maddox, cconcmlsi of ttie University of Arkansas and the federal dcparlmi-nt of a-rl- ciilttire. Thc meeting EII-C designed to help ', iimcrs to plan their ojxr&iicnsJ ts.'i costs at these meetings' in v "nrs have proved high" ->' arp, expecte-3 to tittra* 1 attendances. LITTI.E ROCK, Jnn. 21 (UP) — A marked decrease in Arkansas' convict population was shown ir\ a rt on file In t: today. Deftmct Kansas B->aV Pays Out 160 Per Cent McPHERSON. Kan.--A •uniqr- record has been c5tnbll?hetl bv the > defunct First Nntion«l ;Mi,'k O f Llndsborg, near her;. The institution cloa»d In Nvcmb?r 1!WO and on September 23. 1931. the tel of three dividends, tota-ing loo peri cent for the depositors was p<Md. ; t Last week, an extra dividend of er of a series of vocational talks 3 596 per cent w»3 pnld to care by various local professional men. I for Interest to th« prisoners registered here and at the two prison farms at Cummtngs and Tucker. This is approximately 2CO less than last summer when tienrly 1.500 convicts were listed. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Showers, colder in west and north porllor.s to::hht. Fiiday cloudy, showers in east portion, colder. According to thc official wcathsr ol^rver, Charles Phillips jr.. the minimum (cmixxAture here yes- l^rdnv'was 47 decrees and tho maximum, CO degrees. Cloudy. Today a year ago tho minimum tem- lieraturc waa 27 da?rees and the maximum, SO degrees, de»r. ". ..'.'.

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