The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1932
Page 6
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;--M£) BJgcest Problem for Boss of Chamoions Will Be to iSelect Regulars. •..:•-;•. X°RK. <UP» - Probably the biggest problem Charles (Cab- bv) street, manager of the » w id champion St. Louis Cardinals will late In 1932 Is the selection of a regular pitching staff. The pStcl'ers that Street has 01 his roster probably form the mosl formidable array of hurlers ev« employed bv the same club tn modern baseball history. Eight veterans anri four rookies two of whom are considered surefire 'major league stars, will form the group. H*adlne the veterans Is Bill Hnl- lahan, strike . out king of the National League and one of the best southpaws In the game. Another experienced southpaw Is But Teachoiit, whom tl'i Cardinals re- cured In a trade with the.Chicago Cubs. .Willie Tcnchout Is more or less'of an.ln-and outer, faris be- lieVe he will strike a winning stride at St. Louis. •'. The other veterans are Jess Halncs, Paul Derringer, Flint Rhem, Sylvester -Johnson, James Lindsey, and Tony Kaufmann. Derringer was the prize rookie of 1931 and gives promise of developing Into one of (lie best right handers In the-game. Leading the parade of. recruits «ili bs Jerome Dean, self-styled "Dizzy the Great," and Ray Starr, the iron-man of the Rochester International League club in 1931. Both Dean and Starr ore expected to be retained. . . The other rookies are James Carleton, recalled from Houston, the Cardinal farm In the Texas League, and Albert Fisher, who was purchased from the Keokult. la., team of the Mississippi Valley I*tgu*. In nil probability, St. Louis will send Fisher to one of their farms for additional experience. . ' . | BRUSHING UP SPORTS COURIER Lack of Publicity Losing Irish Trade WASHINGTON, D. C., (UP) — Valuable Irish trade Is being rniwd by American business men because American shipping- lines . calling at Free State ports are not * hen , llc well'' known; - Consul Benjamin M. fumb!es ""d lets the ball roll out- Hulley, at "Dublin, reported to the !lde ' tlsuRll >' » » bench warmer. Commerce Department. Hes a greater help to his oppp- The reports cllw intUnces of " ent4 - th f n importers .who said thpy never P |n J' er ..« n o "IRE PWlAOB-PrtA ffiiLElicS SuFFEKED THREE uw IPSING STREAK i9K> AW> truy& BUSH WHOSE vJltfcftES rWU.1f ENDED EACH ONE AGAINST CIBJEIAND (9 (» &(SK RECORD of WAS Also HMTep BV BUSH ArTefL Tfle STRING HAD . GAMES CN'SJ«rE$5lVrTfJI&ffl$ BITS AauT caused to go out of bounds by (he Just ptoycr who touches it before Officiab frequently can't deterI: crosses the Hue. To start 'piny from mine who caused the ball bounds, llitr player stands out; When Bait Goes Out nr Booncli, Laufer Dougan and D'Oliveto Head^Card URoy Dougan, well known l)lv- thcvlJle leather pusher arjfl Scrip D'Oliv*; billed as bantiniwelght champion of.Mississippi, W jil meet In the eight round feature bout on a boxli)u card at the armory Tuesday, night which 'will open an at» • J - lmmy Hyde The En* »f J.oujrhran When B'.cvc Hamas bounced what was left of Tommy Lough- rau' from rope to ICIH: the other nlglit, (ho curtain went down for the last act In the Philadelphia boxing master's career. An't I wonder If Jack Dempsey read the ; work otit at Die local gym D'OlltV Pat Ml>!oiK! aml c; «^y Hart- has a reputation as a good tou»h " ea havc bccn ucikl »8 out ' dall ' ~ --|. —-•- • •*... tril H QVJVU, lUU£il i .. boy; • He. has never appeared here 1 aM * '" - • before. . .- • ' '8°' l! "° cjndlilon for thn •Dougart.,.holds one decision over lmK . an(1 n 01 . lnc ' tl one of ifte best ln'(he ganie in this part df.the.'country.though he has beeij In..the racket over 'a .period of years.; Doug* n has turned' back the test- boys that, could be sent : here from St. Louis -in the past year and expects to take D-Olive's measure.' • ''•'-. Otter bouts on: (lie card will be announced, later according to Craig, promoter. Joe BY CI.A1KE BV'RCKY (Copyright, lSt(, NE4 Service, Inc.] The basketball player who can't keep his passes inside the court, who can't stay Inside himself when he has the. boll, or who team, for the - - the ball to go had considered dealing""with""the m " 0( bo:intis forfeits U to Ihe United States «s they K-ere un- "HP 01161 " 3 aware that a'shipping service eos- !lm! O1 ' e some rules: (1) The toted.- • Dublin merchants, it-cnv P'»l'*r Is out of bounds when any cjmjfs, are- agreeii -to -consider ' >ar ' "'. ' lls b °dy touche.'i the dealing .with .the United boundary lin^ or the floor out- shlpplng,-'lines •:ar e ' publicized so sl ^ e ^ (S) tlle ball is out of bounds ' they may be. ajfonned ,of the po- wllen a »y Part of It touches the .tentlal American source. boundary line, or Ihe floor, or any source. -U,-8. Consul. Leslie E. Woods at; Cork,- - Irish rte« state, supplements Hulley'j instruction with » :nport thit merchants of Cork would purchase larger quahlities of American-made -goods 11 ti :c port ifcelved 'more cal-s '.c-.mi Americsn o (go vejssls. ROUND TRIP FARES AT 1V$ THE REGULAR ONE-WAY RATE How's tb* time to tab that trip and bttt'i tht wiy that jnHj uw you nxwey. Fintrt bow* m th« Sort>,«>nifott»bl« ndaiaf chain, Tropic-Air* net water feeatert, ilrilkd, irhrtn, eonvtnknt . Call today for COB- £»fcursion Round Trips Memphis ......... $ 3.3Q .Chattanooga ... 13.80 Paducah ,. ........... 7.05 St Louis ............ 9.60 Eyansville ......... 12.75 Birmingham ...... 12.30 Jackson, Term. 6.70 Low One-Way Fares New Orleans ... 11.20 New York ..... ; 29.40 Los Angeles ... 36.50 tTNION BOS DEPOT zna & Asb sts, phone 279 Tram That Touches It L» 5 t For. Mis It (o Rival] O16S IN FPOM OUT Of BOUNDS and throws to a teammalo on Ihe court. If he carries the ball in, touches it inside before another lias touched it. or tafccs mere than five seconds to put it'iu play, Coast Guard Dog Knows Her Rings SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., (UP)— ! Fanny, mascot of the Coast Guard i Cutter Golden Gate, Is' one dog 'who cnn answer a telephone. When the cutter, is In the San- Francisco harbor, Fanny leaves the ship and trots ' about her business, visiting with canine friends, or just loafing in-the'Customs house sriack. But, when, the ..pier tele- .phone rings hva.crtrtaln way, she drops whatever doing and gallops madly back to her- ship, because she knows that-the cutter has been called out.. She pays no attention to other rings. :,'•'• , More U. S. veterans are in hos- - —.. !.. B ^ pitals now" than' at any'.time since -— -- - .The .referee' se-lttin World War. a report'of the ec-ts Uo opponents and re-opera Veterans' .Adn-|nlstration shows, piny by tossing it up between ' ' -'them, as In the center; jump: Thi^ is done alwul n yard iriSlde ttr, boundary line nt rljht angles- to (lie sjiot whore'th» ball went-'out ' « it or If pat and Gabby . reading . Iho -stories, ou ihe Mesys Ma- -.™i! hucn pages ' . -, about b^ll playCi-.v ' : slashed? Pep!s,hm«nt Lon,; was ba.vcd Ira-:; from :n DID VOll KNOW THAT- Therc Jiave teen II lir-avy- n-cight cltajn|jlons)ilp battles In ihe last 13 years....In the 11 touts there were tj-i rounds of l£M'nr; .... (or S9,893,TO .... It fisurcs down to SSQ.275 per min- ,uic.. ..Imi tlic rate has been settinj more reasonnblc year by year.... Max SthmclliKj gnvp ihe tolks a )iai-|jLti:i nt Clevc- •'and lest whole ir.inds, at rtduccil nitcs nnd irom Hit- way it loults now, he is going to give one and all an even bigger bargain this year.. ..but ihcn some 13.COO Chicago people paid 530,000 te ste Kin;; Levinsky and raullno Uijcuduu the other night—so all the suckers aren't caught yet, Ague .CalieiHe, v.Ivcl) lie "owns part ln:!:cit. V;- caitre he ran up the odila on a horse named Linden Tree.. B^ron b;t on other horses in the ir.o.- >J:e price on LiivJ;:i Tree iviiuld n.xun(. He wanted the inice on Tree ;o nic'.iiii so l.e eou!(! sock the lxrkr:i;>.|.-eri. Ht- pdtsed the dp aro;:n-l generally tino bookmakers in :ili.ihc piuici- pal cities w»re .w.-.<i'd plen.y. Such punlshmi-nt as ;nr-.; mu.rf to the i^..fcn rn.iv be okny But how about bco'c.ualiiM-s -.vno, llnding themselves ivi'.h a lot ui nic'ney booked on a :i>r;:i.n hursc. : part of it to tin- tivick to cm n tho odds on His choice': the proc!s3 work belli ass? « 4 Bafc* Powlers Babe Herman, to bo .something of a problem, at that. fete Shnps Around We don't know yei. v.ho the iwxt featherweight champion of the world will be. There are about • a dozen featherweights struggling for the croivn that BIH Batlalino outgrow. Hut it is a pretty safe bet that when the new featherweight champion is o/Tlcla)- ly enthroned, Pete licilly will have a piece of htm. Pete had Routis, you'll remember, and wlie/i Battalino beat Homis, Pete bobbed up next day as Battalino's manager. The ne«- champion, by the way, may or may not be t'reddie Miller. Arc You There, Tony? One of the fine prospects for a battle this year depends • upon the matching of Batlalino and Tony Canzoneri for the lightweight championship. .- Canzoneri. by the way, sat and watched Battalino stop Al Singer recently. After the bout we asked Tony if Bat would be the next man" he fought. Can?oneri's reply was to the effect that he would like nothing better than to meet Battalino. And when he decs, this Junior High To (Mm. at Arihory On Tlinrsduy Night Tour Junior high basketball teams of this section, formed hZ a Junior league, will divide Tli',,-. day nlglu at the armory u' " whatever teams of (he City league sliow up. The Yaibro Juniors will lai Ihe Manila Juniors in one ' and the Armovel team will , 111 ,- t tlm Dell Junior school boys In ai , oilier contest. The Manila girls are also slated, to )ilny the Ynibro glik in an added game. Games of the Junior teams last Saturday night ended in triumph's for Armrel and Yarbro. In tlia first game Armorel look Manila's measures to the tune of 14 lo 5. Early In the game the la;!s from Manila yielded to the Ar- niorel quint a lead which was never threatened. 'flic hardest fought game of the niShL was .staged between Die stalwart Dell, five and the agressive litlle Yarbro team. At the hall Dell led by a margin of three points but Yarbro came back with' a fast breaking offense in the second half that sent the boys from near the state line into the lead. The final score was 12 to ? for Yarbro. na score was 12 to ? for Yarbro. I'resrnl SlandinEs' ^ '«»'" W. L. TV. 1 "!"'0 2 o MM' Armorel Manila 1 1 .500 i i .590 o 2 .000 one of , , , . , simp,e soul, is observer will have to pick Can who do derstand why the Brooklyn National League Baseball Club, Inc., which showed a profit last, should slash salaries right and left this year, Well, noiv, it does xoneri as the \vinner. Persons with incomes of OCO.OOO annually number 194 1930 as compared with. 504 year before. Sl«rrd Clear oj Injnrfcs • Erny Pinckert, All-America half-i back In 1930 and 1931, played three years of Southern California football ns a regular and sustained injuries In but on g»me, lhat against Washington In. 1930. Whtat I'aj-s Slarriaje : License Michigan, '.(UP)— Two' bushels of wheat were'ac- cepted recently for a marriage 1I T cciisc. While the grain .was worth little more than-$I, Justice William, Volkmer said hf -would hold the grain in • hopes .the- market would soar. A .marriage license costs 52. :..:.,..,..;•,•..., .; : ' LOOK OUT! : W E ^*" d » !i P^ 8 V"«t.s will soon be here. A quick stop mav , ?r avoid a crash. Just a few inches may save vou from an . . accident or cause one. Our brake adjustment front" wheel alien ... .ment and shock absorber adjustment will gi -e you thaf dife- ence between ordinarily GOOD stopping facilities and PERFECT ' R1TZ THEATER Last Time Today Matinee—2:30 - Night—G:45 Adm.—Matinee—10 and 30c Night—10 and 35e SEE 'Sooky' with Jackie Cooper and Robert Coogan Also News and Comedy.! : Courier LOOKOUT BRAKE SPECIAL This Mp'nth : PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Super Ford Service ';:,';....• - : '.j -Phones 810-811-777 : Speciftlized Chassis Lubrication 75c screen, W A L L A C for-i years onOLD oou> smoker You . ! . . in the wrong cig'rette ad! Was; I SHOCKED! You came right out in headlines bold And praised a fag dial's not OLD GOLD! Was 1 ROCKED! Nearly ever)' seasoned star Smokes 0. Gs. They're free from artificial flavor That hands your throat a rasp and quaver Cough and wlicczc. r noises The "mike" picks up those funny Smoke 0. Gs. Your throat, your taste, your teeth will hless you And all of Hollywood will "yes" you Won't you try''em?. . . PLEASE! WAU.ACE BEEKY'S nCKCri .Metro-6oJd»7iKM»r«rpicture "HELL DITEKS" Thursday and Friday Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adm.—Matinee—10 and 30c t—10 and 35c Ben lyon, The Four Kings of Comedy— W. C. FwWs. t*on Errol, Ford S, Chester Conku'n SMOKE PURE-TOBACCO OLD GOLDS , 0 GEM THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and Zoc Three Wise Girls' with Mae Clarke, Jean Harlow and jMaric Provost - ' News and Short Subjects

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