Passaic Daily Herald from Passaic, New Jersey on January 18, 1910 · 7
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Passaic Daily Herald from Passaic, New Jersey · 7

Passaic, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1910
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paJhSak: daily ui; n inv. .jaxtary k v.m. 4..44tt Schubert "V; Player Pianos I ' ' f ; - Also a number of second hand Upright Pianos in ebonized ' . cases ' SCHUBERT PIANO CO. 1 18 Bloomfield Ave. Passaic, N. J. Telephone 213-W i.444- To t'oet Officer H. and O. Atylum J The regular moulhly nieetln of tho Paaaalc Homo and Orphan Asylum Association will the glorie. and bcautie, of na.rfo fro- ternnon at tho 7" R dUiesUn J duced by the hsnd of tied, t.m.-era will bo l' V "r- I In tho aft. room. there waa an an In, committees thU or lienee which felt wall repaid for the ganlzlng the board for 1910. n,iht that lr. Hushed allowed into Tho members qf tire of edit- Browning. Hnbhl Hen Krw. was his ration met lasts nm ht to o over ths tuhjc t. Un. of the charm, of the ld.U f.,r furnishing the n-w hi,h bt'turo was Ins intdlltgent rendln of Jiool. The setvlnn lasted until II 45 tho poem. . this momlti and at that time the i The first slrht slansas of the poem eommitt-e had not derided on award- reads a. follow.: Ill, the contract. It Is likely that thaj . RABBI BEN EZRA. hoard will meet stain this week. Runaway Horaa on Main Avsnue. A horse attached to A delivery slcltlt of the Van !k Furflitur company of Paterson ran .awoy on Main avenue at noon today The animal wse caught after It had t"ue but a short dlntancs. Another Complaint Against Marshall Another complaint' ws made mnrntn atslnet Clar g e Marshall, a negro, who Is now in the county Jail on a clirgwJf atroohni assault and battery. Mafdiall w: nested last Thursday by Detective (Taw buck and Turner for striking an Uni- .. U..A -i.M . billiard ewe tn a saloon on lower Main atenue and fracturing his skull. Andrew DeOets. of D Clifton venue, Cllftoe. who whs In the saloon at the tlmd of tli tlgtt, this morning also preferrel a chary of atroobma assault and hattrrVaC gainst the prisoner. Del iris allegtl that he wse stabbed by Marshall when he ws trying to avoid the trouble. Mis Elizabeth C. Morris has returned to her homo In Mlddlelcwn af-b-r a visit with friend In Garfield. Mrs. T. M. Moore, of Passaic avenue. Is at Old Tolnt Comfort. Mr. and Mra. Robert Payne have returned to their home In Binghamton, after a delightful visit at the home of Mr. Payne's parents, on Paullson avenue. Swan! Ads li TOO IATE FOR CLASSIFICATION PlTfATinx WANTED' Young' man, IT. with five years exin rl-nco In New York real estate oltbu, wants to j ,,3r l""3 connect with live Pasasic concern a. ! ,luw fi,r ,an hat project thy soul on outiiiU matt. AdiireikS Box 181, Herald oflW. J1 8-3t , . m . S. FOR BALE-Empfv packing raft.-, and h" "" -ell the poet watte papey. Call Ware ft Diillev hud shown not only the individual company. Lexington avenue. Jlk-llt growth ind struggle but also the race WANTED An assistant shipping , problems. cl rk: rxperlenced: refen-nce. Apply Hammorschlaag Manufacturing Co.. cTartli Id, N. J. Jlg-St WANTED A small horse; must be kind and sound; not over ten year old. Apply John I Vriea, log Second street. . Jlg-Jt TAPs 3 DEATHS I t rrmiJwxiJWL wt EM MAX' g n Patna Ir, on Haturday. January 13, 191. Italic II. Emmons. The relatives and friends of the Tam- fr tcapectfnlly Invited to attend I i' funeral from hi late residence. No. a River Drive, on lVminyaday, January J9. at 2 o'clock p. m. ntrmiit at iwjr lawvt cnwtry. t convenience of family; JtJ-St Notice. Member of the A. t. Burt Command, iH meet at Co. A'a armory, at 5 I, m, Wednesday, to tak part tn !h funerRl. .. Notice ta Red Men. ,',Mlk Tribe. No. 74. L O. R M.. '1! m"el headquarter at 1 o cl.s k. eoneRday afternoon. January 1. to attend the funeral of their brother. I -ehe H. Emmons, MARTIN RHONE. I - Hagenumn. E. TVKeyser. C. of R. Establ.shed 1X94. Thon 111-R Paaaale. John Vander Plaal, , Funeral Di racier. v?1 ,r- Oarfleld, H. J. w gr box oonnectad with other Mtabi shmeet. - W - - - 'H - Pianos! i and i i Ji THE ART OF BEEINQ ART, (Continued frotn first page. UNHID UMN 10 SPBEUM GOSPEL Missionary Revival After Great Meeting in New York (By E. M Camp) By action uken In New York last Saturday and Sunday all Protestant churches tn this city and In this n-tire region nra expected to name a permanent committee if laymen whoa duty It will be to Inform all member of their reprt!ia congregations concerning the work of all Christian bodies In foreign lands, and to glv every tnaa a chaw to coo-trlbut eakly to th aupiiort of that work. It la said In some quarters that men no longer take interest la the church, much leas In iniaalona. Tb answer to thla charge Is claimed to be th fart that during the Laymen' missionary movement conventions Just holding in tunny rltlva, the lab grat numbers of men ever gathered for a religious cause in dhlr re.pee live dries are coming together and voting to work for and glv to world mlaalona. New York never saw larger numbers of men gathered for such cause than last Saturday, a week day, when twelve hundred leaders conferred, or last Sunday In tbe Hip-podrome, when there were five thousand men present. These men weie armu the foremost business and professional men of the city. The action Just taken Involves the Protestant churche of thla section In raising practically twins the sum for foreign mission that they have been raising In the past. The rhufi h.-a of the five boroi-glia of New York Voted unanimously, through their r.-prvacn tatlvrs, to Increea their gift from I ton. 000 to 72,000 a year, or almost double. The same Increase Is ex peeled from the chunhea In thla rlty, and It is to see that the purpose la ctrrlid out that It. committee la em h congregation are authorised. Home inquiries are already heard concerning work t home, f so much is to be given abroad The reply, of thou In charge of this rompnfgn Is that a rising tide lifts all hosts, an.l that all religious work will he tu-ne-fltted. The anm leaders cl.ilm thut the vest nur-it-ers of men attending Ihe prer-nt are ft demonstration In favor of the Bible and a renewal of faRh In Christ's opt. It ( ia certain th.'t Irot- stint unity seems H Midi tl-r are thi mUntr trt hv arrived. AU Crow old along with me! The beat la ret to be. The laet of life, for which the first was made: Our times are In Ills hand It ho aaith "A whole I planned, "Youth shows hut half; trust God: see alL nor be afraid!" .Vet that, amassing flowers. Youth signed "Which rose makes ours, "Which Illy Irate and then as best re call!" Not that, admiring stars. It yearned "Nor dove, nor Mara; Mine be some figured flame which blends, transcends them all Not for such hopes and feara Annulm -outha brief years, 1 remonstrate: folly whle the mark. Rather I prise the doubt Ixiw kinds exist without, finished and Unite clods, untroubled by a spark. Poor vaunt of life Indeed, Were nmn hut fi.rtned to feed Oil JuV. to solely seek and And feast: Huih feasting ended, then A sure an end to men Irk rare the crop-full bird? Yrefa doubt the maw-crammed beast? Rejoice we are allied To That which doib provide And not peruke, effect and not ceive! A spark diaturba our clod; Neuter we hold .of Ood Who gives, than of Ilia trihea that lake. I must believe. Then, welcome each rebuff That turn earth's smoothness rough, Each eting that bids nor ait nor stand hut guV Be our Joy three-parts palq! Strive, and hold cheao the strain; l-eern. nor account "the pang; dare, never grudge the throe! For tlien.-e paradox Which coiufo-s while It nioike. - Shall life succeed in that it seem to fail: Whnt I aspired to tic. And was not, comfort me: A brut I might have bcefl, but would not sink i the scale. What la he but a brute W hrfe flesh bath soul to suit, W hoso spirit works K-st arms and legs want play?-To man, - repose thla teal Thy tuidy at tla beat. life .imy man's three stages are the stages of doubt, the atuge of knowledge, and the stage of trust. Th stage of trust I a stage In which you pay for everything hut trust. Ti.ere I greater I doubt In our youth, am h aa whatj,n"n I,,nt' sn,l n I road road shall we take, what vocation to) choose? Hhall 1 read this hook or' the other book or perhaps remember It- And aa for my future profs ton, shall I b an artlat. a writer? No. these ar not great enough. Drowning pula his emphasis and bays that we uae up our youths trying to decide. I d m like to hear young finishing achordR." . . . ... ... rr), ,pcak of as But life ia I'aelf only a school haa no JlnlRhing. It dwelt for some time on the eft-quoted line: "Tiartb changes, hut thy soul and God stand acre. Everythin In this world change. Hasted one hour and one-half, and Yesterday become today and today j kept th prvabb'-nt from the regular become tomorrow. Te. ev')4ythlng I cabinet meeting. At Hi close of the chang. r. The world is on compM-l meeting, the two Insurgent leader change. Why do you try to do tome-j said: We called on the President and thing to be permanent. Things of rpok to him about the personnel of your Instance rise th arena m iff tb 'he llallingi r-Pin hot Investigating preparation for the year lvn Wh'i J committee but Y n definite cow hislon this nreent I th only t' 't ft !.), reached. Taft fela that It la ndthtr past, nor present. rr future. not fr him to fndirale, a chdce a For the thing that t pres-t-l In a to th future action of the house In minut is past, and tbe thing tint lr tills respect tail urged that the com-to bs comes present and another 1 mitto ahouM b comprlaed of men thing become past. You can't think j who are rcc-ognlx-o by tudh aides'of of an)th!ng cd that jou think (tithe hous a fair and impartial." In time and place and that ever on ! flight. Nothing' haves you sufflcientlv J Beard of Heslth Helds First Mastloj Imprsnewb Breaming haa UaAxilj Tonight, hi own soul and haa also anaXjxu-ti The first me'lr of the board of th course of mankind. Iheaib will be held this evening !n Ta all It on of th m -at lo- tblr rooaia In tb Nation! Bank l'gbtfu! lecture yst glvn and It ws b !'. !'r(. I'-PMF'KinillFY , Milta MUiitl Out-forKf kltnti H119 ml tackih or ntfmry li ic iter4 after few 4o. of IHorelMS. Filoi iu th Itaik, iiiln or loin. Tlwanwllc tr; li.-fii- ACiiu, m?rvountT, diXRinetl, AJdtoto' nitt, lulUmid or awolhn i ellvl. ' Ml -I omit folm .m.l , mmy other 1 symptom of cluEgftO. Iiun'lli kll- I air siu-pty vanish. . . j Krwi'imi painful and orcoutrullabls urituuiou due to a wok or (rriiabt tlmld.-r i promptly overcoius. Th iponrnt you snaps, t any kbl uey, bladder or urinary dlairilrr, or M rheumatism cumin. h.-gm lakln tli to liariitlrao rm-d. with tho knowledge thit there is no other medicine, at any price, muds any where else In the world, which will effort so thorough and prompt a dure, aa a fifty -cent Ireilnimit of Pope's Diuretic, which any druggist can supply. ' This unusual preparation goes direct to the out-of-order kidney a, bladder amt urinary system, r. suing, healing and strengthening these or gang and gland., and completes ths cure before yeu realise !L A few days' treatment with Pape's Diuretic means clran. active, healthy kidney a, bladder and urtnnry organa and you feel fine. Your physician, pharmacist, banker or anr mercantile agency will b ll you thut Pap. Thompson A Pape, of Cln clnnati. Is a large and raaponslhls medicine concern, thoroughly worthy of your confidence Accept only Papes Diuretic fifty' cent treatment from any drug stors' any wher lit ths world. a t delight to the members of the Aiowduy Afternoon club that avery erst In the hall waa taken and the audience au well aatisAed, IxxllM work toycthfr. A poire sliui flcitnt change haa herdlv taken place In c-nturic. And It Is the be'hf of many that It I but, the beginning of unity and' greater nrhltve- INSURGENTS KITH .TUFT l!l (Dy Direct Wlr to th Herald). Washington, Jan. II Recent mm-that I plications In the Insurgent situation resulted In a conference between Representative Murdock, of Kansas, and Gardner, of Maas., and Taft at th Whit Hons today, Th conference 'SIM3J03 fOB K?l ifrronDniiTifj cnr.'T. MMM SBBuAYS By Idreet Wire la th Hetuld ) New York. Jan. IJ. A plan to finance tin- c- .if'iui-i'i'U of $nw.tnM,iwi worth of nw subway III New Vim It prinwd today to th thirrhiiliT Bat !er the I11W Thorough Rapid Tint- . itt company liv President Hlumit, I. I. .Morgan red n niKiny arc ; hK, )( $nm f,,r to finance the ltl. iiwl.llu - th friichi-e ml r, ..i.Uitioti exit b . liffi'J IIM I (Hy Direct IVIre tit Ihe Herald) Tokki, Jau. IS A.-coidlttg to a well founded rumor here tods), Japsn Is praring to esnd the 1niied Stales an absolute refusal to accept Seer I tart of Slate Knoxs plan for the Beu - trallsatlon of ihe Manchurian rallwav. ! It Is bellcted lu-re that Rusala Slid Japan have agreed to send their refusal lo Knox's proposal almuliane-ously within the next few days. Staves from Diogenes Tnb r Alsaander. & HitaU Simat Casss Ba-deed Hera ul Is CiSar Stalls rEPti.SUtU.lTT OF RUKRIFF FDR I.TNOHINtl. Th Alabama constitution provides that when a prisoner la takeit-frotit Jell and killed, owing to the neglect of th. aherlff, th. olft.. may be Imiwa.hed. A routined la a Jail fr murder waa quietly liiken out and hilled by a few mashed ". who oveirame lit deputise on lru Fur twenty year tb sheriff liad been an officer of unuaual bravery and devotion to duty. The excitement which usually a lyhfMti sent. In State v. t'axala. M Fuuthel n Ibi porter, I. the Alaliatna auprent court held that the alterin' conduct mrUd tils rniol from u(TU Ha ,-ould not preauni that thoa who de-air to Invade th premia Will Inform-him of th fact, or make auch n dent-nnat rat lull on the atrecta a to adver-Use their Intention. When a crltn of unusunl enonnliy ha been commit-t,d, exciting public Indignation, and augaestlona ar made that the prisoner 1 lynched. It la a sheriff's duty to taka precautions that will effectually thwait au unauthorlxej entry of the Jail. MABIUTT For -AKflAI'l.T RFRVANT. While a manufacturer waa rreoaotlng bloeka pursuant to a contract, an Inspector waa appointed ,,hy th purchaser, whoa duty t iy In a I ttle velvet-nne.l ,prct the proceea. The It might be prodtiilnr I inspector and the engineer In charge were frequently Involved In brolla bordering on blow. Hearing of thla, the manager fortade the lielih-uee persona to enter the vat room unless accompanied by a third party. Eventually an encounter transpired In which gun figured freely. Th hipctor wa struck with a pistol em th hrad and hta upraised arms, his assailant assuring hint that his conduct was du to his anxiety lo get vn o old score more than anything else, and Hmt It waa an exclusively personal transection. In Cresay va. ilep. Cr. t'o, 121 Northwestern Reporter, 44, th Minnesota aupretn court allowed a recovery frotn the manufacturer for damage arising from th chaatla mnt, remarking (bat whan the maater, n in thla case, has not'r of Ilia procllvlly of th servant to do harm, ha la r-sHgialbl. DIAMONDS DETHRONED. On of the must u selva thing !n the world la that great diamond, the eat I mated" value of which la well UP to ri.ooe.taj. Its teal value to mankind I noth lug. It Is Ot for neither food nor clothing Iter abetter. He product! m gave no normal emplojment lo labor. I'h world baa outgrown the barbaric vanity for which so fabulous n bauble fite repreftfmtatlon. Tb market for enormous gema baa practically failed during th bel century and It I now Impossible to find purchaser for auch atone even among oriental potentates, The only potentate, today able U purchase emit costly toy are the hard-headed millionaire of the accident, who. however, pngcr to put their money Into dividend-bearing tocka and registered bond, wlik-h ar at otic more secure and inure productive. In th old dark da) a before law and ayalem and flnanrlal athllly war securely eatabllalied, and man 10 be sure of their property had ta have It in portable form and readily ta n concealed, valuable diamond were treasures Indeed. But II I vastly different now that coujton-cllpplnga hae become the favorlt and secure pastime of the'-. rich. Men With th money-making tnatlnct aufflcienlly developed to hav accumulated ar not, nowaday laying that amount away rase, when lx per rent Wliat will happen to thla marvelous product nature la that ft 111 be measured and divided according lo delicate mathcmatcal cab illation and tlencut up with expert car toellml nat any flaws or Imperfections, aild marketed In many piece. In th general leveling process which bt going on In this age. It maybe that a fragment of till Import'd atone will form the sparkler In 'he ring which th young fellow In Ihe shop pul upon th linger of hi beat girl a an engagement token. Ho far hav w advanced . frotn earlier condition. Ho far, too, the real polenta!, of tli changed place and stations. A trolley Cf 6ery, Ainoaing Incblenta Jlen occur on trolley vara. I wilt mentlrm a recent one. The cer had atoppev) at Acad emy atro ami a lady waa alaiut O rt off whn a be ash! to the condor- i tor. 'Tlw-re'a a ludy running for t! e "c:ir." What do 1 care ' anaWH'ed IK poadurtor. "lt her be ym tlm if a I, Wen's this car." This rooftfl the It of th man nearest th than-. It a chain to Start the car and a woman almost ready to get on It." I said. Another said, Just think how long tb poor woman may hav t wlt In th cold and snow for another car. To-ir car ar ne'er on time." "Tea," as! I th conduitor, and thla Is on reason why the ar not. W r ex-parted to wait for everyone who rona for a cor f en tf they ars five block away and then th cry hi heard about the ctrs nH being on time at tbe end." 'Welt, you should make exception on a nlgl t Ilk 4 this," declared a ftl man midway of th car. Th tt was now at Jefferson street, ft hod stopped at th corner of BloomfleM avenue and tho the woman waa t 11 running toward tho car. th earmuv wouldn't wait. When Jefferson atr-ei was rewhed th man near th door aid - Indignantly, You'll not start this ear again until that worn tn gets aboard, You vs given htr a long enmigh ehaa now." And he got up and stood beak I th conductor about to prevent him of he signaled to go ahsd. And It woman Anally caught up with th car and amid the general murmur of exultation from tho In tli rear who had witnessed the ehaae, th woman rohd on toward the station wher 1 d-etfn.d all the time and here lust In tlm (o board n train ? New Turk. JEAN IVARC. Cenex it. That man Bobbsiey strut around aa If h rcynnb-d blmwlf ns a ling. He H ab'iut th roost ctixtcrilcd chap Iv ever known." "l'cs; be even seem to regard Mr. Bobbsley as his rocrgsnailc wife." Chicago Record-Hera UL Cf FrfteH Hr. XAwyVt frrh wji aa ftt (Aa Ah t .imctli Lut 1 Irff y 1 f. o lot a r n Tfit ?, wUt 4?v ( t. m rr.tOQ At A r A L r ' a .'It ? -a Weak Stomach Teel Sample of Mien. Pies, If )(U ba.e ii.Jg.'sli m. dyapei'e'A, nr r oniach, diatlne or hlll-'U-nca, no liiatter how long at Hiding. .Vile Ha at.'mach laMet will cure, or .do r money back 1 houaemis are gethig rid ( Indi-ems'h.m by ulug Ml o-ne. Ileru I aha one man wriie.c I waul o eauik a go d wind fur and dnne f.r me. I suffered eumcthlng terilble with draia'Siala and hullMihm. It was aln.oat lm I netlhl for me In eg snilili. Iay after day I wstild u wllhunt eUug anything. One day 1 retd yeur ad. lu (he Mansur IHltV News, I d'd h t and before It waa gtm I could ait down In the table and eat anything, thanks to Ml-o-na." Hcibert I-: paiteraon. Brewer tBailkm ), Me, isos. ' , Ml-0a slumach Ubh' rw mad from ttm beat preecrlplon ever written thev cure to euiv lured, They relletc dllred stomach In cw minutes. They are sold by drugsl. n every town In America, and by Th yitemniernian Pharmacy A large box ccala but b'l cents. Tt free from Booth' Ml-o-n, Huffn!1. X, Y. UW CASES OF Earring. The Immortal Hhslieienr la said t has wont during, aud Charles I. I repuied lo hav (Ken I Its owner of a Magnificent plr of pearl earring, which he liequentlted to his daughter tli day before lie waa executed. . Th Related Langutg. Tb Teutonic tanu'mig'-a at a group of related lonyuacee. form lug on of tho bram he ot tle Aryan, or litdieHu-rotatt, family of sjKwth. It touiprl" til Mueso-Gotblc, Amlo-Kaxou, Old Haxon, Friesian. Iyt- lleuilxh. Old High German, Mhldla Hl;;h flcrman. Near High German, Icelandic, IVrrole, IiHtthh, Hwcdlah nd Nnrweglan. Th Fig. Th tg la I ha farorit fruit among aitliusla, and hofte. cows, hog, altcep and goal will sat thla fruit readily aa man. Th elephant consider It n dainty, while all th fowls greedily devour fly. ; Sttlsd. Two ladle cohtemlstl fur preroxlcnc In the court of Chart V. Tlx-y appealed lo ths mnnarch. who, Ilk Holo-omi, awarded." let lb eldest go flrat." Such a dbput wx never known afterward. Bailors Buparstitienw, Men on th sailing traad hav at : way held that scraping or -ral hlpg arrival I, (p, mainmast would bring a long period of go's! wsnlhcr. 31cn on tl. bug iiHklorn steam vcawl now lmt larly lilv that wrati tilug a amok-ala. k with lb Unger nail will lnur routlnncd fair wratber. TKa Oytrr. In II nstlv habitat the shell of til oyster li alwsya a little open, and ml' roscojilc waving hair act up current which 1 arry th food plsnl iu Its mouth, where they ar engulfed and aftcrsjrd dikv.ld. Bs sf Erai l-The lu-es of Brazil hang thrir Honey l couftB at the cud of the sleu-lcT- st tw.g. f-t Fi n-ry mu.i, :t of a ir.T, ) I e b.-, v J t 1 . f i h 1 i tc - rOlRTtlESTH STREET JANUARY SALE VF. SAYBir AOJY Beeatita He A'tton HI It Be to Your Profit COTTOSS ARE RISISQI Other Ooodt Are Advancing, Too OIR SALE SPECIALS ARE OREAT VALVES I Here Are Some for To-morrow N 3111 ar Talaphso Orders. Wemtnn Caracul IU Inf lrf iH-wnrth ftturli Mi dful Nw1 Women" Mrgllne VFnUtn All ! re I'scty 4X fronts rtxh JHurg in4 or srttto Vknitsrh f.M Women Lawn in idH New sDte. -valu 114..,.) Etna and ftllkv Bst'ste-fnmta ot atb-tef eeik'v In sye-islit tt.-h ps"""'--Itnely tuc.nt tweka-kuher tlll Uea iJioit, Twu. j4ttf)f Avf n tovlr rlrtr-g virik full - picitwl ) fcf M MU r Itaihwi- Isltnltp Th. Ctrl Wah Drcc t.6a with work mn 1 hip- In (hton for IWIU fI 'n 4R.1ii And fnitchr high Ad H'W.p , TtAd l! n r DRt ii And i AatibV ili , cirfUICy lOWf ItingJ 1 J will b fttodlfH for comiMA 17'tnr n-vaIha .to . . , . . . v 1 frtmmoel n aiIoua Atf'lo, tlih nA f, talnsit 16 yard saatara. and p.p.o.w U .hbl Lambrequin 54 Men Chambrgy Shirt! 04 worth .ts and I ' glass 14 I IT 8c, arade. .J ' Whit and sutnro wuh kordsr or alb giroii. Item iilt!y - pleaied -l:h aud ever d n-duli lso-.h est a ll hunt pluli. fsesd siesvss. , wld l.liuit. Two. Me" Hotet N'ght Shift,! ,7A -.toiir nsTri'msaro uL YAAnt 1r ! HA)A ftl Any nA- 16 te 90 roh , 1 rung AhliA fua.liu -poller Mr tUrlAA . I.. f I Women t Cortttt 1 j 95 If ts Id usuallv 4 Ftos VU,lts r-outlt asssst Ion ftnodftls; stss Fsacy gut bravados four silk sis-tics- Hftiuarkahl kauuss! j. Embroidery Hounclng ! 1 AIM (rM( (?oAr1nA-v- f Hltlf .99. .. ..... Unit haw Min on Wot, Knlfl' noli Ani Cmlr1c-All It Inffc Whit McrccrUtd Mdr, IpfCltL a flAuUftj) f irM tn4 trtp4 MMUAr(l 4rlnA-LnuH 46 jtamIx Whit India Linen 40 .11. Ma4a of ) eomid4 KtrptltA T tn IhAl flrN m4 fteaUMl wr fF ArQ f waiaia, AM.-UOkU 16 4a. Whtl LIngerl B8tltl 10 0 Inch rsgulartv -4 J HIMy msrsciiavd sagiilfthsly dalntv, ft M aervtcssSIs lu outer au tiuu.r Sr Din It Id yarda. SALE OF PILLOW CASES 42 g 14 special,.. j 60 X M-spslaI U 48 S 16 apscial ti I 64 X 56 s 4 9 1 UmUft MaII V . , p Latest Novelties In . Fine Wash Dress Fabrics For Spring and Summer of 1910. Embroidered Mouteellnet, Printed Silk Mixture , Embroidered Dot Swlteei, Silk Stripe and Cheek Chiffon MoueteUnet, Moueeeltne de rieur, Silk and Orgendy Mulfe, ' Mercerized foulerdt. 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