The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1931
Page 3
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Friends and Neighbors PAO.K THKCT.. [COME McCoy and Ben Hal- iickl Are Neighbors in Western Mountain Valley IIV STIJAIIT NIU Service Cr.rrispiHUli'al • MOSS ROCK, Wash.—HerD In this little VLillty. surrounded by tiotid-t-tppfd peaks and far from the ir.rn'blo of commerce, live the \si-.i survivors of l!n strange western inflation of the nuli'.lnj Il'J'.- flelds an;! the luttlm? McCoys. Shortly • atler the turn ol thi> present century, a group ol the feudWs, weary of tiio fighllns that had kept Wcsl Vlriinln :i:id Kentucky in a turmoil for several gen- ciatfcrs. «|iil»t!y siiuiud away and found a new home in the v.est. h'uanocly enoiijli. mnnhers cf I'O'.'u lamiHcs came here, bill lh;y nevrr resumed their warfare. T\vo men still !ive in the vnlby. T5"n (Dnni HalMd at on: end rial liill McCoy at tli; olhpr. They live in peace and plenty, but :il!ho'.rjh they are on good terms there is n) great depth of trirm!E'..ii> between slirm. The mon folks amon» tlic Ilainelds r.nd the McCoys arc fim- ny that way. evan the descendant" of tile earlier generations. Hatfield McCoy nf;ree on mcst things, but they sjilil on th? burning issue of tr.c day—prohibition. "I'm p. Temperance Halfield. and don't drinl:." n:n says. -McCoy a:lmi!s to taking a littl? nip no.v and tlien to warm his hones and obf.?rves, cul of his ex- perience—"1r. the old day.;: Ihey used lo mnk-o moonshine nut of corn. iNowadays, t!icy mak? HkV:?r out ol sugar, it is not near so good." ITayli Society—Personal Huffman News Miss Maiy Catherine Hiu'ensleln jentertained with a dinner parly a', her home Sunday. Sweet peas In u low Iriwl lormcd the center|i!ccv'! . of Iho lari'i' table. A four t'oin.sjlj: isr was served lo Ihc following ( quests: MLvscs Mnurim* MeNvll. Ewif linnc'M. Christine Gr.idy and All^s Doiothy Crfswt'll of St. l/jids. Til? Hayti Hoy Scouts aceomuan- Icd by HcGu'.mnsler Das Arurex enjoyed Tinnsdi'.y nnd rrlday on Wol: A parly composed ol Mr. ana Mr.'. • ; aim Nclhery Slid clillflrcn. Mr. ntr! ; l.Mrs. J. I.. McChiimhan tind son . 'Mr. and Mrs. Will Gill mill Mr. | |:<nd Mrs. Mancel McClanai'.an 1113- ! ' lorcd to ncr-lfoM ,I.:iki> near Tip- ; lonville. Tsnn., Sunday nml en- ' joyed a picnic. j The Uons ctnb wllh guests from . C.irnthersvillL!, Kennell and Blythc-) villc enjoyed a fish fry nl Won" Uayou Monday evening. On Monday afternoon. Hie Intcr- m'.'diate li.Y.P.U. members enjoyed n wcincr roasl on the l.iwn n.! the home nf Mrs. n. I. Allen. their | isor. Marslnnailows and u'clner.-; verc roasted and [tames were en- oyed during the afternoon. , Mrs. C. O. Stanflll and dmtghlM verc Memphis visitors Tuesday. Mrs. Jce Jallce and small son idwaul of Memphis arrived Sim- lay evening for a hvo wei-ks visit with Judge and Mrs. J. E. Duncan. Haiman Kohn of Kennell nttend- M •. and Mrs. J. T. fillllliuiQ anil, f/n of Cno'.cr. Mp., w.'ie priests of j Mr. and Mrs. W. W. TopjiM' W?d-! nrviny and Thursday. ! 1 Swnllord, sinttll son of I Mr. nnd ^frs. C. C. SuT.luinl is! seriously !|] . ! Mi. Mr.s. W, W. IVpppr lefl •.uir:iay for l.lllle Rork wheiv Mr. 1 <.i;)!'r will ptaclic? Inw. \ Mi:.. Callus )I1|)|K of I.".. visiliMl ivlallves lu'rr ii:- v\.»s accompanied hotne by !icr .!'.li:>r. Mrs, Taylor of lllylucvllle. Mi-.i I'ci^Ic Holmes is III this i-- k. Mr. :u:d Mr.s. I'mn-n:' })rawn 1--!ii|j]ils ivulrnwl in tlielr limiit.' Luxor a Society—Pcrsonnl Mrs. Hlcliaid novrrlc enterlahifd j n iiiiml):!!- of lillle lofe nl her liomJ 1'Ylday afleriioon lionorln^ ll:e slxlh birthday of lifr daughler. Doiotby. i Games AVIV played for Iwo liuur.i Infler ttldch iclrrslunonls were .served lo the* following uuesls: Turner. I.oulse Mallhcws, Jane Hichards. Mnrthn Wllllama. n,m- ces I.uveranl, Ilermnn Spleer jr., 'Joe Anna Miller, Knthryn Ui-y.'rlc °f i lli'leii Cockrmi nml Itinh Cui-knn ! Mr. iiiul Mrs. Hurry Scott iir.rt llo^t shown they coulaln :il- lies of Qcrniany'.s'-mo,tL lainoiis ra- springs. .,. Acove is old Dill McCoy with his little grandson, Vv'illie. on his knee. Beloiv, Ben HtttfleM with his dc?. Cricket. V/hy did these members of the great fightinx families move westward, just when Ihe war b2twei-n llieir clans was dra\ving lo a close? "The folks got tired of all the fighting and carrying on," says Ben Halfield. known as D.iu to many. "Out here we found a cjocd living and net all Iliat ruction. So hers we •..._ came, ana here we are." jfev But Bill McCoy, 20 years senior to Hatlield. dlsagroes. "Halfie]:l is all wrong," he declares. 'There was no McCoy or Halfield ever came west looking for •peace. The wsr was over back Ihere and we wnnlcd r.ew land, that's all. My'pappy had told me about Washington wlien I was a boy. and litre I am. If they had needed me back there. I wouldn't have en:i;c. Xo sir, no McCoy or Hntfield. cither, ever I ran from a figiit!" Bill McCoy's marriage was the talk of all Kentucky in 1895. Kor, like a page from Shakespeare's tender "Roiuc-o ana Juliet," lie took his bride, pretty Mary, from the IlatfieWs. "A few years before that, when Joisse Hutfield ran off with a McCoy girl, there was the dickens to pay." Bill McCoy laughs. "Hut tlnat was when the feud was hot. When Mary and I slipped off and go: marrie.i, everything; was rosy. Nobody cared then." Theirs has been a fruitful union. Five .'oi's were born, now scattered throughout the west. M.iry Halfield- -McCcy. a.grandmother nov:. Is visiting relatives this summer, and o!c! Bill is lor.eso:ue. "I surely miss the old lady." lie f.ays. "A man couldn't have lind M finer wife. Why mil? Tije Hatf.jtds and Ihc McCoys both am the finest families in the south. I've told my boys, and I'll :ell my cr.ind.soii. Willie, when he grows upT t'nal lie couldn't be luckier than lo get him a Hatfield for a wife." 1 an argu- ; wc . ve forgot , cn it n)1 _., field for one," says Halfield. "The old folks don't fig'i! that way; the Hatfield-McCoy feud was nothing The start of Ihe famous feud is; like.the dirty gang wars in Chi- anolher point of difference between ! cago. thc.-33 two men. Ben Hatfield holds j .. mck in Kentucky and in West to the classical, accepted ihccrv ; v ,i gilli!1 sorac ot Ul( , yomlg 0!le , that the family conflict, which j 4im fia , Jt a , mle wl ,, n „ ( caused the deatfe ol more than 100 ! | jku , rcd ., lp _ ullt om , 1cr(1 fhlleks persons, was started in — ment over a hog. -"All Hatfield knows atout It Is what lie read in books," McCoy laughs. "Ke was just a boy when lie c.ime '.vesl. I was a grown man. The veal siarl of U:e '-vholi 1 ironbli 1 was over elections. What finally stopped it was Che' governors of the t'.vo states. It was mighty hot toward the end. too." McCoy raises hojs. He is a ?ran'J- nephevv of the great McCoy leader. Randall McCoy, a fierce darcdcv:! who delishted in shfoling as many :i;miy afler Mwndlnu iw,> weeks .ciuldu-n .if Wynne. Ark., swiii Ur ^•atloii w-Hli reiallve; here. ! werk-rnd will) Mr. and Mr.s. C: K. Mr. nml Mrs. A. F. Mowld-i ol $<. m[ Slv:, Mo., allentk'd the ball »ani3 M,- S . j O | m .MJ WS ,,f uiytiicvllir ''!i', i. 1 ?'' ,,. , „ j nud Miss Ili'inlcs Coswl-k of Mcm" pills were Ihc in.esis o[ Mr. aiul Mis, II. C. Lanyslon nnd Miss Dnl- ly dnswlck Saturday. Miss Aiinn Muriitircl Wood spi'iil Sunday in Mi'inphls. Mis. Mnry Teiry nud daiii'.hlrr. Sam June,of Smachovcr nre Hie Hiicsts ot Mr. nnd Mrs, J. I. Mllf- lln. , Hev. - P. li. Klnsolvins spr-nl Rlia Rny ami | Monday nl Jimexbmo. wcitr une.sts of Mr. nnd Mrs. ( Mr . , m ,i Mrs . Tom H .,| 1( ,, v .„„ ••- Ca^lday Sunday. ; Sunday In Memphis wlicrp llisv luneral of Mrs. lliil- iinihcr, Mrs. F.innlc Hi!lTiii:<n, |;'.':ii the week-end with Misses M:i- Niliie liny. Miss liillic Lallln who has b:en :i:iendli:i; college at Knnxslllr, 'I mil., retiirmsl here last week for i il:e summer vrvcntlon. Mr. and Mrs. f MH rnid Mrs. ' lir.ickcn : i lutenioo:). I Misses Mnry Liielc nnd : Unison of -10 nnd 8 were en i Misses Jewell and Lillian Ucdmou ' Sunday. ed lo business here Monday. i .- Mr ' nmi Mrs ' """^l" 1 Cfc11 of Rev. J. W. CunnhiBlia!V. and family and Ben I. Allen motored to Poplar Bluff Monday wheie the Hev. Cunningham, nltended Ihe Bnpllsl tnhiistcrs conference. Ilnrold Curess who has been visiting his parents here has returned to Chicago to resume his studies nl the Baptist Mcody Institute where he Is (mining to be an evangelistic \vfin? whore: singer. John Max Sltirtn and Selbourn King motored to Rector. Ark.. Smi- dny for a vi?it with friends. Miss Mary Rose Arnold of Chat- Mr. and Mrs. Lelnnd Swell and I attended the Miss Hetty Swell ol lllytheville ;it- ! | L .«-' S cousin t.iuled .he ball e ame h=rc Sumlnyj Cl , lI(OIl j^ „,„„„,,„ n ! Thiirsdny from Faycllcvlllc '• he has been alteutlin^ Die unlver- for ihe past term, sses Lorcc anil Karl Hranlley !of Dlylhevllle six-lit Sunday will; Mis;; Louise Turner. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. 11. Wood spent Snndny In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Senion Jr.. of Osceola spent Sunday with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. B. O. \Vilklir. were visitors In Osceola Sunday. Prnnk Vollmer lefl Sunday morning for New Orleans on n business trip. City visited relative's here ! Saturday nnd Sunday. . ! A. s.. Miller nntl son. and J. D. | RnnicU of Gaoler visited relatives hpic Sunday. Keiser Gordon llnnipton of Osceola wai Ihe Quest of Miss 'Irene Nichols Snnd.iy. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ping nnd Mrs. D. Moore were Memphis vis- ilors Saturday. Mrs. KTfk Chllds and daughter ., ,\ "no. ivt.h. V^INKIA ;iuu IKlUKmCr , ck - cml 8llcst «"t" "'turned home Monday from - - iioinLt In Illinois where they have been visiting relatives. Tiieiish Ben Halfield aud Bill McCoy live in peace, stories of the famous flijhls of their relatives arc hisrhly interesting, to Herman Hat-i field. 11. and his 10-year-old brother. Harry. Instead of playing "Cop and Rr.b- Halfields as he cmiid. I3?n Hatfiold is a grcnt-ffrand- nephe'.v of the fiercest, "fightinzcst" Hatf.ckl of them all. old "Devil Aiisc" HatTield—a kindly, bearded patriarch, bat a very devil when it came to v:arriiv» on the McCovs. | Ben has a garden, a pretty wife, I two small sons, and some c.iitle. ! brr." as city boys do. they have pime of their own called "Hatfield and McCoy"—and you can be .stir; that the one who plays Hatfield always wins. "I wish I'd lived when Hatfields reallv shot McCoys." Harry stiys wislfully. "Shush now. son. cult tal'dni that foolishness." Rcnf!e Ben, their father, remonstrates. "It's nol nice." of Miss Christine Harmon. Mr. and Mrs. Al Hogtie had n ri their guests Sunday. Tkfrs. Terry Robinson and son. Percy of Heclor, Ark - i Mrs. Otto Kochlcr spent last week Mrs. L. R. Condlt nas as her | with Mrs. 11. P. Dnnavnnt. Ue Williams. Virginia DiinnvaiU and Bobbie Robinson returned Saturday from Searcy. Ark., whero they attended the League conference. Guy llotertson of Osceola wns the guest of Miss Irene Cailedge S'.in- da.v nijlil. Miss Margaret Robinson is visiting friends in B]y(]:cville tills week. Mrs. Lee Williams spent last L. R. Condlt has as auest. Mrs. Emma niiinelrarl of Jacksonville, Fla. Mrs. nhinclinrt was a former 'resident and teacher al Haytl. Paul Wiggins of Wilson was (he week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Bryanl. Mrs. Ralph Leonard and son Bobby have gone to Pine Bluif. Ark., for a two weeks visit with relatives. " ' - - ' Xieht Baseball in Ohio CLEVELAND, Ohio, (UP) Nteht baseball is beine played for the firsl time in Cleveland. Between the two, near the Mcs- ; number of independent clubs 1m- sy Rock postcffice. lives old Aunt J jn , equipped Schaaf Road park Sarah Hstncld. K years old. Near- i n ,, h IiBhtinl; equipment. bv. in a grp.^sy cotmlrv cemet<?rv. her husband. Mitchell Hnt- field. brother of "Devil Arise." sur- I rcunded by his three daughters, and Liuri. Mitchell di?d last year r.t Ihc ripe old age of 8?. He lived in Kentucky when the feud was al its height. They nil came out here when reaeo was ric- rl-red and th? families have m:- nieroui descendants scattered over this region. "One thin:,' is cerlah:- no Hatfield over took a McCoy for 'a ride.' nor did n McCoy ever take a Hat- ig cquipmen According to R. N. Heck, chief of the Division of Seismology of the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, tbcre were 23 earthquakes dining the first two months of'(his year and only six during Ihe first two months of 1920. Lcc Maxwell of Osceoln was n business visitor In Luxoorn Monday. Mc-sdames P. M. Bond and Ora Hill siKnt Sunday In Memphis. week at. Stecle. Mo.; vlsitln« relatives. Tests of waters that How from springs in Stone Mountain, Cla., RADIO REPAIRS riiono 121-122 Louis Green - Julius Shitle Bays of'49 Jusl otic of the entertainments provided for you at night at thit luxurious mountain resort—high up in the cool, green, Jemez Mountnins of New Mexico. And there are Western movies — private theatricals — masked balls — amusements of till kinds! And for the daytime —Ride—Hike—Swim- Hunt—Fish—or whatever you enjoy. The kiddies love it and thrive! Season — May 1 to Thanksgiving Day. •t Jer.iez Springs, Nev Mexico Write (ot full information to US EAST SUPERIOR STREET .CHlCAGCliLLlNOIS PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM jt:i nicd.^3 S car* IU :r Fj':!^ Impart.Color .inJ Btauly -" "T 'i'DIA. E. PINKHAM'S VCRC- M~J table Compound h.ii helped me wonderfully. I was <ve.'.k and rumlinvn tired. Often I would have to go to bed. "I rcjd ,i!xiui the Vegetable Coni- pntiml in the South FM Mhsnu- ri.m. I have t.ikcn sis bottles \vith potij ic^tilts. "Now I am ab.'e to work every il.y.-. I x\ill rccomnicnil your mcdf- cine (0 my ftientis. "Yim cAn use this 3^ a testimonial if \uu value it."—Miss £clnu liol- liiieiT. K. K. N'o. I, Box 15, ScJgc- ^iikville, Missouri. Notice to Tax Payers In istrict No. 17 Taxes Must Be Paid By July 1st To Avoid Penalty And Costs It is imperative that the interest on (he Bonds due Kcbi'tinry l?t, 10"), be |ini;i not later than July 1st. To do tliis it will lia netessary for tlie taxpayers to pay their taxes now. Under the very substantial reduction in the tax rata for the current year it is rx]>ected thai the taxpayers will co-<>r.eralc with the District fully and pay before penally attaches. CLIFTON H, SCOn, Receiver Drainage District Xo. 17 of Mississippi County, Arkansas. they've got to be good! © 1J31, liSGftt & MYttS TO6«.CCO CO. It's the combination that wins you! Made to smoke milder. And to taste better. That's Chesterfield! 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