The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana on July 4, 1890 · 2
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana · 2

Helena, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 4, 1890
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i. t I THEDAJLYJNBEPENDENli'i HELENA. FRIDAY MORNING. J ULY 4 1890. MfflEAINEWS . ; ! OF, THE STATE. f . . , boulder. ' lliu Bessia Bartlett, who haa been In Pw lor several months, returned last to bar home in Burlington, - -Miaa Ida Wall, aiater to Mrs. K. M. Cralle, Will probably organize a painting class for the summer among the ladiea of Boulder. ' Meaar. Vining A. Cook and Henry Dil-ome were ordained as elders in the Presbyterian church in Boulder last (Sunday, Sheriff Halford waa setting up the cigars In a happy mood the past week in honor of the arrival in hia family of a handsome lit-tl girl. Mr. Charles Nye arrived in Boulder Inst Thursday from Canton. Ohio, to visit her brother, Kev. T. A, Wickee, and family during the summer. The children of Itev. J. L. Gniler and Dr. E. L Fletcher, who last week were dowii with the sonnet fever, arc recovering from their illness withont any bad effects. llr. and Mrs. P. H. Paradise left for Phillifxburg last Saturday evening, in which town they will make their borne for tbo 'resent, Mr. Paradise becoming a druggist a store at that place. Mike Goldberg took himself a wife last week and hia many friends in Boulder wish him a happy and prosperous life-in his new relation. He has built an addition to bis the rear of his store and has gone to housekeeping. Mr. J. Vi. Kahle having found a location in Washington which suits him, Mrs. Kahle has decided to join him there, and Miss Belle Parkison, not desiring to continue the business alono, the firm has decided 1 to dose out the establishment immediately. The First National Bank of Boulder this week received its blank notes of issue to the amount of $12,600. The notes came in sheets of four notes ench, and after receiving the signatures of President Gaffney and Cashier Berendes they were cut into single notes and were then ready for genornl circulation. ' Sunday, the 29th, was a great dny for the Baptists of Boulder. -The oounoil for - the ordination of Bev. J. H. Spenoer was organized at 10:30 a. m., with Kev. C.r li. Allen, Jr., as ohairman, and G. B. Morse, sec retary. Rev. J. G. Pulliam preached at 11 a. m.j text, Phil. 3:10, That 1 may know him. After the sermon Mr. Spencer was ordained. Two faots made this ordination of exoeptionnl interest. It is the first ordination of a Baptist minister in Montana, and it is remarkable also and snggestive of the hopeful outlook for the denomination in the state that all the ministers participating in the 'service were under thirty-three yea rs of age. Butte. Judge McHatton has issued a mandamus directing Dr. Leavitt to appear before him July 12 and show cause why he should not issno a permit to Dr. Stoddart to practice in Bntte. By a runaway accident near Browns gulch Tuesday Charles Frudenstein, the owner of the Germania mine, was seriously injured. He had his arm and three ribB broken. Fire Marshal Jordan and the gentlemen of the city fire department have taken the initial steps toward having a new fire house erected somewhere np town. They properly urge that it -is easior for the apparatus, in the event of a fire, to be brought down hilLthan to be carried up bill. Tnomas Jefferson Davis, who is in search of the estate of the late A. J. Davis, has bv his counsel filed in the district oourt a list of questions which he desires asked of a number of witnesses in Iowa. The court . will examine the questions, and if they are ?roper will appoint a commissioner to take j he testimony, t William " Wehrspaun,- sexton of Mount Moriah cemetery, while digging a grave at I the oemetery Tuesday, oame upon a box containing the body of a child, whioh had been buried without the knowledge of any one oonneoted with the oemetory. This is the fourth unknown corpse he has found within the past few weeks. Missoula. At a meeting of the directors of the Gate City clnb Tuesday the following names were added to the roll of membership: Harry Bowan, M. ORourk, Vi. H. Verrick, F. A. Schmidt. Tuesday night, Deputy Sheriff J. A. Houston started for Lewiston, Idaho, to bring to -ihia oity-PotlatchFanny. whahaa decided to place herself in the hands of Montana authorities without requisition papers being issued by the governor. Last Sunday morning there was a very pleasant surprise to the Presbyterian congregation. Mr, Lamont held np to their View two beautiful sacramental cups of Solid silver and fine design. They were a present from the First Presbyterian church of Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Col. Andrews was the means of securing them for the ehurch here, and her thoughtful kindness is highly appreciated. .Tuesday morning at about 10 oolock as Fat McConnell, a Northern' Pacifio conductor, was crossing the HigginS avenue bridge, he heard some childs voioe call for help. Upon looking underneath the bridgo, bfi discovered a boy about 6 or 7 years of agehanging fraa lm' rods by, hia hands, and so completely exhausted that he was nearly ready to drop iu the river. As soon as possible be relieved the little fellow from his perilous position. The hoy had crawled onderncaQUhaJuidga on one of the braces and had taken hold of the iron and lost hia foothold and had been hanging by his bunds for several minutes when found. Stevensville, Mlstonla County. Road Commissioner Clark is about to make the Chinamen work on the road. The incubator on the Westler Bros, ranch is hatching out young chickens very fast. The Indians have been killing plenty of be if afid other animals on the foothills and - ia the oanyona lately. .. George Dalish, Mose Baker, J. F. Wilson, John MoLaren, V. C. Ahren and A1 Fowler were all up from Florence last .Saturday, attending Masonic lodge. , In the divorce case of Mattie Stowe vs. Matt Stowe, decree was granted to the Slaintiff at this term of court. She has also lie custody of the children. ' J. M. Johnson, of Helena, who purchased Mrs. Morgans house for a 2,000 consideration, arrived here from Helena last Tuesday evening, accompanied by hia wife, mother and son. The family took possession Wednesday and have become permanent fixtures in onr midst, Mr. J. will open ap a real estate and loan office soon. Grantodale, Missoula County.1 School dosed Friday for a two weeks' vacation. Rev. Wm. Hall, who has been preaohing In the valley for the past year, was married Monday last to Miss Sarah Reid, an estimable lady of Missonla. ' v Jeff Whit sell, of the upper valley, as down Monday. Jeff relates that Lee'Jones, of Ross Hole,.lassooed a young moose in the river. He has- the -Tittle fellow Booking a . cow and it ia fast becoming domesticated. Last Thursday in crossing the river at tha Terou ford in a wagon Oscar Judd, George W. Maynard and Mrs. Zigler got a good wetting, besides losing m the aggtegate about $30 worth of goods they had pur-chased in town. It seems' the wagon became uncoupled and the box upset just as they were nearing the shore. It was a fortune to oconrrenos withal that none of the party wre frowned. , IIo! For tha Races, Commencing Wednesday, July 2, and continuing daily np to and inclhding Saturday, July 5, the Montana Central Railway company WiU ran aeries of special trains between their depot in this oity and the fair grounds on each hour and half hour. The first train will leave Helena at 12-30 p. m Subsequent trains will follow each half hour until 7 p. m. Leaving the fair grounds at 1 p. m. and r"-ing regularly on each half hour until , 7-. p. u., except where the last race may f rw . i previous to 7 p. m., when the . t t-a-n Wul leave the city st 6:30 p, m., The Great Agricultural Center of The Sto rage the State, the Trade "l a r 1 I,.,.. yk - .. BOZEMAN Is the Eastern ..Terminus of . the . Butte & Bozeman Short Line and the county seat of Gallatin county. Gallatin County has more Coal Lands in a high state of development, more Water Power, more Timber, more Wealthy Farmers, and Greater Natural Resources than any county in Montana. E. M. FERRIS, - GARDNER & SMITH, and the fair grounds at 7 p. m. Tickets, including admission to the track, may be procured at No. 6 North Main Btreet or at the 'depot. ' The Helena Street Railway company will rnn a sufficient number of cars to and from each tram to accommodate the crowd. r B. ri. Lanoley, Geul Ticket Agt. ADVERTISED LETTERS. uncalled for at the Helena, Mont., postoffice on July 3, IS! O. In calling for them please say advertised. gentlemens list. Astley, J. Vi. Barnos, Frank Barker, Chas. Bellvue, Henry Bernard, Jnok llessee, Wm. (21 Bennetts. Wm. H. - Kginette, Joseph . Blackwell, Jasper Dr. Blue, Johnnie Bonchnnte, K. A. Boyd, Doo. Bruns, Herman Bryan, Albert Bruchheiser, Wm. (2)Bruce, C. W, Bulger, Arthur Card, Flank Cooper,- Frank Cufman, Mm. Diggs, Win, Dunum, Edward Kamos, Chns. 0. Fischer, Sam. A. Towier, L. H. Fraser, C. Gallngaer, James Gibson, F. Vi. Gill, H. G B. ------ Griggs Bros. Green, Emery D. Haney, Albert Hammer, H. Hass, Joseph G. Henderson, E. B. Hipp, John Howes, Mack Hewlett, Bernard Jones, Urban Johnson, Errick Kittle, Bruce Kirkebride, Wm. Lees, F. J. Lee, Mr. A Mrs. Geo. Luoas, Henry - Galligar, J. W. Geisler, Feter (2) Gilmer, John A, - -GuwiU, William. Green, T. J. Grinnoll, E. J. Haueser, Chns. Helena Broom Mfg. - Hewitt, H. W. Holland, John (2) llormand, B. Jarvaia, Philip Johnson, W. M. , Kenney, William Kilborn, E. P, Larnpie, Fred Lee, Miohael Luun, H. G. Manning, L. T. Mnrek, John Miller, David Monahan, J. Vi. Moore, Vi. G, Myers, J. C. McConnell, N. E. McCarty, Florence MoKelvey, John MacMahon, Fred Neisser, A. I. Noel, M. H. Patterson, Tom Kev. Poss, John Raymond, Thad F. Rogers, J. Wallace Roberts, B. B. Sanger, F. J. bchmickle, Geo. Schntz, Peter Shannon, J. Simpson, Leslie A, Smith, Geo. (2) Snider, Charles Stateler. Vi. M. Stewait, Samuel bvalen, Charley Switzer, John D. Todd, Grant Vinoent,- John Wade, Emmett Walbern, J. B. Webster, John Wildman, C. B, Wilson, j. Williams, B. ' Woodruff, Gilbert Young, J no. 8. Mnee, Chas. Mather, Robert D. Megorie, E. Miles, P. Mooir, D, G. Morrison, Robert Murphy, J. J. .MoOhuar, T. G. McGrath, M. J. (2) MoKelvey, James A. Miles. Paddy Nelson, Mai tin OShaughuessy, M. A. Patterson Karl P, Kadabaugh, E. B. Rifle, Peter Road, Jos. S. Sales, A. L. Sandy, Vi. L. Kev. Schumann, D. Schroder, Peter Skaeder, Frank Sims, Cbarlea Sniggeld, S. A. Spear, Edgar B. btnrsa, Joseph ' Eutphon, Frank Sweeny, W, 1). Tenff. Frank Van Alstyne, Frank J. Vinum, John A. Waking, A, W. Waterman, Max W lute, T. F. Wilkie, James ' Willis, J. W. , Wingfield, George Wood, N. D. Young, R. T, Wayning, Frank ladies list. Allen, Mrs, Texas A. Lynn, Miss Mary Buckstrom, Charlotte Mark, Miss Agnes Benson, Mrs. G. Carr, Miss Kattie tgi Mason, Miss llarv MoCown, Miss- Mar Nesbitt, 'Mrs.Carrie Oberg, Miss Hannah Uesternmn, Mrs. Wm. N. Palmqnist, Augusta Regan, Miss Lizzie Richter, Mrs. Bertha Sheriff, Mrs. Sarah Shilliery, Mrs.,G. -Smith, E. H. Condon, Miss Katie Coe, Mrs. R. O. Cook, Mrs. J. L. Connell, Mrs. Pat Davis, Miss Lnlil Dowe, Miss Kate -Fred kin, Mrs. John Fuller, May A. Gannon, Miss Marie Galiger, Florence Henderson, Mrs. F. L.St. John. Miss Millie Hinkley, Miss Emma Switzer, Mrs. Ella Houston, Clara Tuff, Min Sarah Jackson, Miss Sara (2Tuff, Miss JsUs u , . and Sh i p ping Depot for the Great Gallatin Valley, the Granary of MAN HAS NEVER HAD Tox Iai.brm.atIoji, Call or J3Ldd-ress: Jenkins, Mattie Updigraff. Mrs. K. B. Kennedy, Mrs, John - WilliamB,Miss Fannie Leneghan. Mrs. PatkZiramers, Miss Mary C. D. Curtis, P. M. If About to Travel or Emigrate, The voyager cannot be provided with a safer remedy and protective medicine than Hos-tetters Stomach Bitters. Abundunt testimony exiBt to prove that it nullifies hurtful ure, that it reconciles the stomach to unaccustomed food, and prevents injurious results from impure water. Mariners, tourists, emigrants and miners have all contributed their quota of testimony in its behalf, and its protective iiiflnenoe haa been most effeotuallv demonstrated in regions and under conditions where, if not really effective, that fact would long since have been exposed. In no class of disorders have its remedial preventive properties been more conspicuously shown than in oases of malarial fevers, maladies for which it is the most popular specifio in existence, both here and in the tropics, where its reputation is scarcely second to that whioh it enjoys on this continent. It is, moreover, a most agreeable appetizer and nervine. Ho for the Fourth of Jnlyr The Northern Pacifio railroad will make a Fourth of July excursion rate of one fare for the round trip between all points in Montana within a radius of J0) miles. Tickets for sale July 2nd to 4th inclusive. Good to retnrn nntil July 7. Chas. 8. Fee, - y k. D. Edoas, G. P. & T. A. Genl Agent. What Do Toa Know About tha Superb Pnllman Dining Can whioh have been recently placed in service via the Union Paoiflo, The Overland RonteP' They rnn on the fast Vestibule Express between Council Bluffs and Denver and on the Limited Fast Mail between Counoil Bluffs and Portland. If you want to get a sumptuous meal while traveling, dont fail to take the train on whioh these diners ran. Meals, which eannot bn surpassed in any of the first -clasa hotel in the oonntry, are served in these ears at 76o each. Fourth of July. Retnrn tiokets will be sold on Jnly 3 and 4 to all stations on the Union Pacifio system, within a radius of 3U0 miles, at single fare for the round trip, limited for retain until July 6, 1390. A. E. Veazie, Ticket Agent. Excursion to St. Pauli Account of the1 meeting of the National Educational Association at St. Paul the Northern Pacifio railroad will make a rate of one fare for the round trip ($13.75) with an additional $2 for membership' fee. Tickets on sale June 28, 29, 30 and July 1st, hthandtith. Good'to return until July 1(1. If desired limit will be extended until Sept. 30, by applying to the joint agent at St. Paul, tor tickets, sleeping car reservations etc., eall at the Northern Pacificoity ticket ofiioe, A. D. Edoas, Chas. 8. Fee. Genl Agent. i G. P. A. T-A- Helena. ( y st. Paul. J ant Received, 0 A carload Rocky Mountain Plaster, war-ranted fnUy equal to New York Plaster." Prioe $3.60 per barrel, H. M. Parchen k Co., sole agents. " i Sunday Excursions. Attention ia called to the fact that on and after Sunday, May 4, train No. 1, which leaves Helena in tha morning for Butte, will leave Sunday at 9 oclock instead of 9:16 a heretofore and will continue to depart at that time nntil further notice for the purpose of accommodating tha large number of excursionists who wish to make trips to our elegant Bummer resorts, B. H. Lxnolxt, General Tioket Agent. Special Rate for the Ogden Carnival. For tha Mardi Grai Carnival, held at Ogden from Jnly 1st to 6th inclusive, the Un-on Pacifio will sell round trip tickristo Og- Center for Eastern and Southeastern Montana. ' , BOZEMAN Has .more'- attractions, ...Better. Schools, more churches, more Shade Trees, Splendid Drives, Beautiful Lawns, and Comfortable Homes, the Best System of. Water Works, the Best . Fire Protection, the Purest and most Wholesome Water, and Lower Taxes than any City in the State. W. A. IMES, J-V-BOGERTt den, Utah, at single fare. Tioketa on sale Jans 23th to July 4th inclusive, good for return nntil July 10th, 1890. A. E. Veazie, Ticket Agent. Knights of Pytliins Excursion to Milwaukee Take the Vestibule Line. For the above occasion the Northern Pa-ciflctAilroad will sell excursion tickets, Helena to Milwaukee at rate of one fare for tht fowfld trip vigr $59.4is TiflkfltB to sold July, 2d to rth, inclusive. Good tore-turn nntil Jnly 24th. . No stopovers allowed in either direction. Remember that the Northern Pacifio railroad is the only line running through vestibuled trains to Milwaukee and Chicago without change. A. D. Edqab, Genl Agt. ... Chas. S. Fee, G. P. A T. A. Union Pacifio System Biennial Conclave, Knights of Pythias. Ths. biennial conclave of the Knights of Pythias from Jnly 8 to 12. For the occasion the Union Paoifio will make a rate of single fare for the round trip from all Montana points. Tickets will be on sale Jnly 2 to 5, inclusive, and passengers will be required to reaoh Milwaukee not later than Jnly 9. Tickets will be limited for return nntil Jnly 24 and must be used for continuous passage in both directions. A. E. Veaeu, Pass, Agent. Fabers Bolden .Female -Pills.. For Female Irregular Ules;uothlii(llkethcm on the market. AVirr mi. tmcoessfullT ured r prominent ladles monthly. Guaranteed to relieve suppressed menstruation. SURE! SAFE! CERTAIN! Dont he humbugged. Rave Time, Health, Rent to anv address, sec mo by mail on receipt of price, S2 00. Address, THE KPHRO MEDICINE COMPft,!?, tVe-tem Branch, Box 27, PORTLAND, ' ' Eold by R.S, HaleA Co., druggists, wholesale Agents, Helena.Mont. Merchants Hotel, Corner Broadway and Warren Streets ' Opposite U. S. Assay Ofiioe. HELENA, MONTANA. THOS. OBRIEN & SON, Props. Nawly fitted and newly fnrahhed throughout. Ladiea and grata baths, barber (hop, bar aad Billiard hall, with all modem improvement SAMPLE ROOMS With '.peciaIIaocommodtioL Roc CoouurclaL '.Travalm. A hlgh grwlelschool, pngjring lege, scientific school and dace dress class eduction; thorough coarse efitad Ad G I HOWARD. BnperlntendentOgdeq City. Ctah. NOTICE NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN THAT 1 have this day withdrawn from the firm of ztTOuusa. No, 8873. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. C. 8. Land Office. T Helena. Mont. May 2 . 1890. ) Not iee is hereby given that Charles A. Brosd-WRter. whose poetofiice address is Helena, Lewis and Clai ke county, Montana, has this day bled his application fur a patent for 37.17 acres of the placer mine bearing gold with surface ground, situated iu unorganized mining district. County of Lewis and Clarke, and Btste of Montana, and designated by the fie 1 notes and official piat on file in this office as lot No. 71, in unsurveyed township 9 north, range & west, of principal base tine and meridiiurut Montansrsaid being as follows, to-wit: Beginning at location corner, which is a grAn-ite stone, 20x12x15 inches, marked 1-279.1, for oroner No. 1, from which corner the Florence initial point bears s 89 degrees 13 minutes W, 4, 155.9 feetiranning thence n 8 degrees 50 minutes e,K09 2 feet;thenoe n 1 degree 10 minutes e,525 feet:tbenoe s 87 degrees 25 minutes w, 130.5 feet;, thence s 7 deg re-s 20 minutes w. 312 feet; thence s IB degrees 7 minutes w, 636.9 feet; thence s 23 degrees 86 minutes w. 709.1 feet: thence s 20 degrees , 16 minute w, 280 feet; thence s 10 degrees 47 minutes w. 2,520 feet; thence s 26 degrees 17 minutes w, 198 feet; thenoe s 45 degrees 20 minutes w, 134.8 feet; thence s 65 degrees 20 m. w, 1.310.5 feet; thence s 35 degrees 25 minutes e. 233.2 feet; thence n 62 degrees 82 minutes s, 769.5 feet; theuce h 5'J degrees 33 minutes e, 659.2 feet: thenoe s 85 degrees 40 minntes e, 121.3 feet; thence s 44 degrees 43 minutes e, 124.7 feet; theuce n 67 degrees ,27 minntes e, 107.4 feet; thenoe n 0 degree 10 minutes e. 525.5 feet; thence n 6 degrees 28 minutes e, 980.6 feef- thence n 13 degrees 18 minutes c.-980.1 feet; thence n 32 degrees 38 minutes e, 687.1 feet; thenoe n 7 degrees 20 minntes o, 565.5 feet, to corner No. 1, place of beginning. There are no conflicting claims. Magnetic variation 20 degrees 30 minutes E, containing 37.17 nertw. - .... The location of this mine is recorded u tha recorder's office of Lewis and Clarke county, in book h page 113 of said records. The adjoining claimants are nnknowA " Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion of said placer mine are required to file their adverse claims with the Kegiater of the United (States land office at Helena, in the state of Montana, daring the sixty dis' period of publication hereof, or thy will be barred by virtue of tho provisions of the statute. B. W. Lanoborne. Register. F. P. Btf.ulino, Atty. for Claimants. First pub May 28, 1890. R.Sr Hale&Co., Wholesale and Retail DRUGGISTS. Dealers ia , PATENT MEDICINES, FANCY TOILET GOODS, LANTERNS. LAMPS, GLASS, LAMP GOODS. PAINTS, OILS. SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, CRUTCHES. BRACES, ETC Wholesale Agents for j' Cure lor Couls anil Colds. We are also wholesale agents foe Kirks Pits O'ntment. Witch's Aigopodinm, Boeankos Medicines, Kilmers Remedy, Dandelion Tonic, Ore-gun Kidney Tea. Dntards bpecifio. -, R.S. HALE 4 CO. Dealer HAEBLE, . AND GRANITE, Vmonuntnts AND Headstones, A Porfoct Face Powder. jaFUBaifessC HHIJParchen & Co. vn LATEST PEKrcH exquisite fEUTa.UIAWATlU BOZEMAN 1 - - . : . Is the place to make investments, establish a permanent business, to build homes. You can buy Inside Property, Cutside Property, .. and Acre Property, Cheap. LINDLEY & GETCHELL RAMS EY & PERKIN S. Helena Lumber Co. (Successors to Rough and Finishing Lumber and. Factor 3r "Worls- . Ordea by M&U will receive Prompt attention. Correspondence eoliaitedL-And Factory near Northern Pacifio Depot SIXTH AVENUE, IN Imported and Domestic Goods at Lowest Living Prices, and see our stock. PAID UP CAPITAL $1,500,000. -LAWRENCE, -KANSAa. - - First Mortgage Loans and-Pebentures. If you are thinking of enlarging, or improving your farm, or wish to purchase stock; or, if you own a lot in town, on which you wish to build, and desire a loan at a low rate of interest, call upon 01 write to THE WESTERN FARM MORTGAGE TRUST COM PAN Y, Helena, Mont, who also make a specialty of handling al classes of desirable local bonds. FRED H., RICE, Manager. J " Ground Floor Power Granite Block, FURNITURE ! GARPETS ! Shades, Lace and Chenille Curtains. WAIL PAPER AT COST TO CLOSE OUT! - 7. as: s-ZLurrozsE), NO., 112 AND 114 BROADWAY, HELENA, SAND COULEE COAL! Ig ths BEST AND CHEAPEST FOB GEinCRATINO STEAM-E. G PERRET, Agent Room 11V Bailey Block. FOR Tuoht-McKehzj Pckl Compart, NOTICE OF PUBLICATION. Lxsd Omc at HzLiaA, Monfi, 1 J une, 19 1890, i I Notice is hereby given that the following named settler lx filed notice of his intention to make final proof in supi otl of his claim, and that raid proof will be made before the register and receiver at Helena, Mont., onJuly 22nd. 1693, viz: J. Leroy Mu-her on preemption D. 8., No. 9,!M). for the N E quarter of fifi, quarter o: Sec. 'ii. Ip. 10 N, range 4 W. He name the following witnesses to prove bis continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, vis, Frank li. Ke spy, 1 home T. Roberts, Leroy Bowman and Frank Newell, all of Helena, Mont. , 8. W. LiHOHolum, Begistso Tint IUeafionJiM 29, U99 OOM . H. CoombsO Yard 03ST, DIAMOND BLOCK. Good Fits Every Tima Com Helena, Blontuau. .MONTANA - Tar i. SALE BY I Don Datenpost Coal Oompw Helena Lumber Company PTHE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST Judicial District of the State of Voutana, in and for the oennty of Lewis and Clarke. In tbe matter of the estate of ' John Sutherland. -deceased: Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, sd-ir.imrtratrir of the estate of John Sutherland, deceased. to t i,p ere lit ora 1 1, and all persons having claims agarnst sa cl deceased, to exhibit them with the neceHccv vouchrs, within four months after the first publicatii n of this notice, to tha raid administratrix, at the law office, of Maeaenn huli an I, in the toid block. Main street, Helena, Montana. Dated at Helena, Mont., June 28. 1896. , MAttGiE SUTHERLAND, Administratrix of the estate of John Sutherland deceased. LFlrM publication Ja

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