Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on June 15, 1909 · Page 4
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1909
Page 4
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Lebanon Daily Iftwi ~" —II •_•!_! nrj-ij-.-.n.vw-w—v- - -i-ofyuum^i..!,! LJL- .. L'J J A. B, «Bd J. O. SCHROPP, Pablhfaor. «•< Froprtoton, A. B. ScJbropp, Maaaglag Editor. imc., Jtnnc IB, i«f*r BUY YOUR MODS IN LEBANON, THE WEATHER. Wednesday, fair: moderate north and northwest winds. Cheer up! The graduates are arranging to run the world. GIFTS FOR BRIDES The Bride knows IT'S GOOD if it comes from STATE HEWS IN BRIEF »;••••••••••* The more the courts line the lieof trust, the higher KO the prices. The "Vacation Idea" is to liave money enough to pull through. The entire country IB advocating a sane Fourth of July — for a change. The harder they hit the sugar trust, the more «aud you may expect In the sugar. If Germany and AiiHtrla were now to engage In war against each otuer, It would be the same as a man heating his wife. Mfg. Jeweler & Silversmith, 743-743 Ciinilicrlaml St. Boll 'Phone 372B. OLD PEOPLE'S DAY AT ST. PAUL'S U. E. KKV. KUI:M>U;H MSH AND (JKHMAN KKHMONS. Carrie Nation is cultivating cabbages—probably the satne kind that were thrown at her on aorne of her lecture tours. 'And now they are making clgara of alfalfa, but they ate the same kind of straw goods that are distributed in political campaigns. Over Fifty Persons Who Had Attain, «•<! (M) YVurg iuid Over In At- It la hoped that the Ohio professor who eays he can photograph sound will not g've iis specimens of work of the summer orators. the Are legs and fists and arms better than brains? Marathon ritttners, base ball players and prize fighters make more money than college professors. A Missouri editor wants to know how women policemen are going to wear hip pockets in order to carry their revolvers. Haven't women got hipe? SomjMjien are BO stupid, If Zeppelin Is really masterSnf the airship problem, as it seems he is doing, what's the use of Kngland 'building Dreadnoughts? The Germans would blow every last one ol them out of the water. Let the next dozen things you buy at stores be advertised things, then sum up the benefits you have derived . Sunday morning was Old People's Day at St. Paul's U. E. church, on North Eighth street, and more than 50 old people -who have attained the age of (ill years and over turned out to attend the services, despite the fact, that the weather wan unpleasant. J. B. Mlllard performed vul- able service with his automobile by bringing in many people who resided at some distance from the church, and who on account of their age did not dans venture out. Rev. H. D. Kreldler, pastor, preached :i sermon in English and German at the service, which began at 10:4,1 o'clock. Ur. C. B. Wagner, who is one of the oldest of the parishioners, delivered a prayer in English, while Samuel Wengert prayed in (ho Gorman language. Each of the old people was presented with a souvenir in the shape of a booklet, containing a number of Scriptural quotations and poems, which they greatly appreciated. The decorations were most appropriate and were attended to by Samuel Houser. A large mound of flowers was placed in front of the. altar and potted plants and cut flowers were arranged about the church. The choir rendered special music under the direction of Adam Snylor, leader. Miss Esther Bolz sang the solo part. The farms of the Berks countiane will bear enormous crops this year. Burglars at the Swift meat house in Shenandoah got only two watches and $.">0. Rev. A. M. Mehrkam, of Columbia, has accepted a call to the Lutheran church at Rochester, Pa. Hit by a plug from a water pipe, John Rumuiel, of Buyertown, had one of his leg s badly mangled. Crossing the tracks of the Delaware and Hudson, at Olyphant, John Hon- fhok. a boy, was killed by a train. Some citizens of Collegevllle nave secured permission from Council to oil (he street in front of their homos. Paul A., brother of Deputy Sheriff John L. Etchberger, of Chambersburg, is .strangely missing from home. An outbreak of typhoid fever In the eastern .section of Lancaster city, I »»•%•* to pit * stop to it by tr» mill of tax wa» def«a,t»4. u n Members of the Reading Boy»' Hlg School have decided to keep In th beat of health during the summer and organized a road club, for th purpose of raking eight vacation trips Marshall, the bright 10 year oK Syrian 'son of Mrs. Waddlah Kabbaz of Lancaster, spends several month In Reading every summer, attending th*» spring term of Reading's publl schools. The striking.moulders at the March Brownbaok stove plant In Pottstown are atill continuing their picket du ties, with the object of dissuading oth er men from taking their jobs, and thus far have been successful. has been traced 'o a well. contaminated HOW i KEEP MY HAIR YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL (By Mabel Graham) 1 know that every woman desires beautiful hair, and if they will follow my rules they will have as long, soft from saving a little on each. And In an(] fluffy ha C r &a j h . lve In the ' flm order to be a reaper of benefits from the 1 -store advertisements you must be an ad. reader. Men need not be too boastful of themselves. It is true that the style of hats they wear do not change much each year, but they change sufficiently to make the purchase of a new one 'necessary before the old one is really worn out. What the nations should do is to get together and make a rule that air- cannot be used in war. Then, by following this up with another rule to the effect that no other kind of ships can be used, either, war won't be anything like what Gen. Sherman said it is. Let us stop a moment to consider what this campaign to exterminate the houss fly means. There are twelve generations of flies each year Z:"":,,";::: r.r:,:i BETHANY ORPHANS' HOME place 1 wash my head well once or tw:Ice a month with a shampoo made as follows: Take half of a ten-cent cake of pure castile soap, shave fine, dissolve this in half a pint of water with aid of gentle heat; when dissolved beat In the yolk of one egg and juice of one lemon: stir until cold. Rub a little of this into the roots of the hair, and rinse thoroughly wih warm water and dry. 1 also use a quinine hair tonic freely, which keeps the scalp clean and th6 hair in a beautiful and healthy condition, and is especially good for dandruff and falling hair. I find the best tonic can be made by mixing a half pint of alcohol with half a pine of water and adding one ounce of beta quinol (liquid); or you can use one pint of Bay Rum in place of the alcohol and water. This makes a quinine hair tonic better than the high-priced imported makes and a whole pint only costs 65 to 75 cents. I am sure if every lady will try this recipe they will always have young and beautiful hair, and plenty of it. Jacob Meyers and Peter F. Speer, of Ackennanvllle, killed seven weasels whlls out, walking in the country on Sunday. For the first time in years every one of the 70 Jurors answered roll- call In Montgomery County Civil Court yesterday. Berks county is represented by eight young men at Panama, who are helping to dig the great canal across the Isthmus. Reading has 43SO business establishments, and the grocers lead with •''U7 stores; the dressmakers come second with 288. John Caparella was found not guilty of the murder of u!s cousin, Felix 20 YEAES AGO Reprint from Daily News of Two Decades Ago. Caparella, by a jury In Montgomery i yesterday. TUESDAY, JI;NB n, All of the employes of the Cornwall and Lebanon railroad company, Including the engineer'corps, from the bead of the company down to the laboring man, contributed a day's wages to the Johnstown sufferers. James Reilly, conductor of the Cornwall freight train, was thrown from the top of a house car yesterday at North Cornwall, and had his right Itnee severely bruised and his leftj ankle placed out of joint. A false alarm of fire was sounded at 7:30 -o'clock last evening.. Rev. Carter, who was called to the pastorate of the Fourth Street Pres bylerian church, occupied the pulpi last evening. Two of the Wsimer patent rotar cinder ears were shipped to Roanoke Va. A son of Henry Wentling, of Bis marck, had several ribs fractured by being run over by a wagon. Lebanon Valley furnace went out o blast yesterday. Sheridan furnace, No. 2, whose stack had undergone repairs, was blown in SCHAEFFERSTOWN Powerless to Abate Nuisance Existing on One of City's Highways WILL ASK STATE AID fiulon of to««rf la • honor of the OCCJUiOU. A The aiiuual convention of district* No. 2 and 3, at the P. 0. 8. of A., GEORGE H. BEKOER, OP SHEEP of L « ball o n county, waa Held h«r« , on Saturday. The following officers (were elected: President, M. B. Wenger, Camp 08, Jonestown; V. P.. Districts Xo. 2 and 3 .Het in Auumil H - p - Milter, Camp,228, Newmans- HILL, DIED O?( 8AXVRWAY. Conrentlon and Eltrt«0 Officers — Program .Rendered. the (lies there are at the present moui- ent and you will see what we are up against. ,!! T. Keabi'i- May Succeed to Presidency of Trustee Board- James T. Reaber. of Reading, is The dealers m natural ice in the large cities confess that they are in the complete central of the artificial mentioned for the Presidency of the Board of Trustees of Bethany Orphans' Home. Womelsdorf. to succeed the late Rev. Dr. Benjamin B. Baus- HP has served as vice presi- ice manufacturers, who can allow the { man. former M much or as little profit as I dent for some years. ihey sea proper. In New York the j • • * natural ice dealers have been selling,! §J_ JERK'S C, E. PICNIC their product at $5 per ton, while the | artificial See men are asking only^ $4 j Ovei . Two Hlimlrrd An . E njoyin s the. Day at Peiiryn. The annual picnic of St. Mark's Lancaster New Era. The result has been that the former County Court. One of Reading's youngest artists is George R. Matzberger, who at the age of 13 years is doing remarkable pastel work. A fall from the loft at big barn, near Emlgsville recently has caused the death of Melvin G. Nace at the York hospital. A farm of seven, adres belonging to Adam Swavely, a few miles from Pottstown, brought the high price of $241)0 at a public sale. Frederick W. Laner, of Reading, was appointed Grand Commander of •Pennsylvania Commandery of Knights Templar, for Division No., 12. Clarence Hollenback, a Delaware and Hudson Railroad bralceman, was killed at Avoca by another train, in front of which he stepped. Merchants of a West Market street block in York last night launched a carnival with one of the finest electrical displays ever witnessed there. Standing on a platform oiling machinery, Gynia Promitas, of Martin's Creek, wa s whirled to death -when his clothing caught iu the shafting. A handsome lecturn has been placed in Christ (Swedes') church near Norrisfown, in memory of Rev. A. A. Marple, long rector of that parish. Rev. Dr. Charles Rorer baptized 30 babies 'In the First Methodist church, Norristown, on Sunday, which was the record for that church ia one day. • The Penn street bridge, Reading, which has juat been repaired, was one of the oldest in Berks county, having been erected in 1814 and costing $50,000. An egg nine inches in circumference is the product of a Plymouth Rock hen owned by John F. Kelius, of Limerick township, Montgomery county. Miss Mabel Rothrock and Raymond Hutchinson, of South Bethlehem, nave anonunced that they eloped to Wilmington, Del., a month ago and were married. Grant U. Sennits, of Reading, invented a fender for trolley cars, which works at such a low point that it will not iiiiss any person who falls in front of a car. The breaking of an axle on a southbound Reading Railway coal train at Valley Forge caused the wrecking of eight cars and the blocking of traffic for several hours. One of the heating furnaces at the bolt and nut works, caved in lasi evening, necessitating the stopping off of the force. The fuhfl'in this city for the relief of the Johnstown sufferers amounted to The hoiyse of Rev. Israel Hay, on Mechanic street, Fredericksburg, on Sunday afternoon was struck by lightning. 'The bolt struck the east gable end and for some distance tore up the tjmjiwo-fing, and then descended down u> "the kitchen, playing sad havoc Witbfthe glass and chinaware. The store of .Tonas'K. Spayd, Church street, was broken Into and robbed of 124 peninee and two jars of candy. W. C Freeman, of Cornwall, sent a check to Drexel ind Co., for the Johnstown; sufferers. .Michael McCabe y.esterday was overcome by the heat at the Lebanon rolling mills.- WOMEN BRAVE DURING SIEGE Americans' Wives »t Oavao Praised For Conduct In Mutiny. Manila, June 15.—The courage and coolness under fire of the American women at Davao during the siege of the convent In which Americans were gathered during the mutiny when a part of the company of Philippine constabulary at that post revolted is the subject of warm praise iu a private message received from Davao. The riiessujre contaius further details of the ;iffair. After the attack In barracks, which fell into the hands of the mutineers, all Americans of the post and sixteen of the native constabulary who remained loyal gathered iu the convent and resisted the assaults of the mutineers. The wives of the soldiers remained cool and fearless during the defense of the building. They assisted the men In every way possible. Guptnin Allen Walker of the. Philippine scouts, governor of Davao prov- iuw, was wounded during the attack on the rhureh. The pursuit of tho twenty-three mutineers, who retired to the mountains when their assaults on the convent building proved unavailing, is under way. The mutineers are of the Visayan tribe. Two companies' of Moro constabulary will jolu the pursuit later. STJEVIVOES AT GIBBALTAK. Both of Pottstown's parks have passed under one management, and have lost from 30 to 50 per cent, of i Christian Endeavor society is being „ __ their business. The only point that | held today at Penryn Park and over! the people up there have concluded the capacity of the artiflciai plants in! two hundred arc in attendance. A j that a sort of Trust has even invaded base ba " •New York City is only about, 5,000 j "°™ " u " game was scheduled for I their pleasure resorts. * r * . , ithis afternoon between Hathaway A tons a day. and they are runnmg to, c . and the Christian Emleavor ' ' their full capacity already. How will ; . they do when Che lieats of July and August come along? As that amount is only halt or less of the total BOSS THIS HXAH YOU f ._ - ----- — — .. t , Indigestion, sour stovnneli, consttpa- gwioral miserable feolins. Do you amount consumed, the natural ice : Family Momcine will romove nil these troublps almost fmmedlatfly. If ymi <to raen may get back their last trade j iu/t know it. pet a paokaR<> todtvy at •gaiu, tor a time, lony druggists or dealers (25c) and you ! will b« glad we told you, During the eleven years that George E. Fair, of Reading, has been the Reading Railway instructor of rules he has taught l.\«!»o trainmen aad 1850 telegraph operators. For the past eleven years Potts- town'e School Board has increased its debt $300 each ye-ar, and an effort Slavonic's Cabin Passengers Praise C9s!nes9 of Officers. Gibraltar. June 15.—The Nortb German Llovd steamer Prinxess Irene arrived hore with the first class passengers of the Cunard steamer Shivonia. Attention Called to Possible Contamination of City Supply Dams Unsanitary conditions which prevail in Lebanon, and the menace to health and happiness which exists iere in an alarming degree, was again the subject of discussion at he semi-monthly meeting of the Board of Health in city hall on Monlay evening. The reference to the matter was brought about by another etter from Dr. Samuel G. Dixon, tate commissioner of health, who tales that he has again received a etltion from some forty residents, enaiiis and property owners, asking or the abatement of a esss pool nui- ance on one of the city's highways, t was stated iacidentally-.that .ooun- 11 of Salem Lutheran church, is to old a meeting this evening to. take ction on the same alleged nuisance, nd that another petition will prob- bly go to Dr. Dixon as the result f the meeting 1 this evening. •• ; But this was by no means the only omplalnt. In the center of the city ontents of cesspools are flowing into neighboring cellars, and there is trouble everywhere, so it was reported. CESSPOOLS OVERFLOWING. Even at places where there are no sinks on the public highways, private cesspools are overflowing, and in some of the homes unbearable stench comes from the cellars into which is pouring the filth from overflowing pools. "UP AGAINST IT." The most unfortunate part of the whole affair is that property owners whose cesspools- are causing the trouble are-powerless to do anything. Some of them who have been notified, are known to have spent hundreds of dollars to better conditions, but have failed. They say they are willing to spend any reasonable amount of money for improvements if someone will only suggest a plan of doing the work with prospect of success. There are a number of property owners whose places are most complained of who are only too wiling to provide relief, but who admit they are simply "up against it." With the heavy rains of the spring, the cesspools are overtaxed. The underground passages are filled up with water and sewage, and some of the cesspools are literally spouting wells of filth. In one instance one of the cesspools was pumped dry at reat expense, and it was filled up again the next morning. STATE INSPECTOR. All these things have been fully discussed by the board at previous meetings, and they -feei that there is nothing to be done. It -was therefore decided that nr. Dixon shall be told >f the cone ns existing, and of he willingneb. the property owners to correct e nuisances, and hen request him to send a state jealth department inspector here to ook over the ground with a view of getting the commissioner to make a uggestion which will afford relief. CITY SUPPLY DAMS. Attention was" also rcalled to-the possible contamination - of the city uppiy during toe operations at Dajn ^o, 2, at South Mountain. It was ointed out that the contractors here must employ much strange abor, and that it •-. is ;within he range of possibility that fevers might be dragged to the waters hrough the presence there of. so many men. It was suggested that he water board be reminded of the anger, and that they issue notices srohibiting any conduct which could ossibly lead to a pollution of the vater. No action was taken. Healh Officer Gingrich reported hat there is one home in the city till quarantined for contagious disease. President Riiegei presided at the meeting, and members Young, Werner and Houck were present, together .•ith Secretary Kreider. The Schaefferstown, June 14. locals were outclassed by ! town; M. of F.', Z. A. Bowman, Camp 18.7, Annville; p. $, t j. A . g ea bold, Camp 248. Ono; R. S., Win. Blessing. Camp 160, Rlohland; Treasurer, | Clifford Strauss, Camp 258, Fred- Richland and lost the game by the **™*™ ?<»•.>'• *.***>«. torn* one-sided score of 15 to 0, Saturday afternoon. 23G, Schaefferstown; Cyrus Snoke, -Ins., Camp 192, Palmyra; G. M. H. Bachman, Camp 87, Annvflie; Trim., Miss Dors Hoffman of Richlaud, J C. F. Walborn, Camp Gi. Myerstown. was a visitor In town Saturday af- j Next convention will be n'eid at/Avon,' ' ' ln Jlin e. 3910. Harry P.. Miller, of Newmanstown was recommended district president-of district No. 2, and Morris Nye, Annville, for district No. ternoon. Wayne Althouse, of Cocalico, transacted business iu town Saturday afternoon. George Fessier, returning from Lebanon Saturday evening, had a runaway accident at Flintville; he was thrown out of hi* buggy, broke his leg and had his head badly battered. His horse also was seriously hurt. George H. Bender, an aged citizen of Sheep Hill, died of general debility on Sat'urda'y and his funeral will take place Wednesday afternoon. Rev. A, j; Bachman will officiate and Interment will be made in the local cemetery. Children's. Day ex^rc^es were had . 3. The following program was observed by the convention: Forenoon session — Opening exercise; address of welcome, Harvey Weik; response, A. J. MoGlll; reading of minutes; general business of convention; Afternoon session Patriotism, In 'the Reformed 'church Sunday morning and evening, and good programs were rendered.... The altar and .pulpit were decorated with a..pro- , Clifford Strauss; Why Should you be a P. O. S. of A.? George Segner; general remarks, Dawson Light; restriction of Immigration, Rev C Harry Kehm. Evening session — Prayer; music- recitation; address, William Noli! music. "Get out," .said the hen to the duck's egg, !' you don't belong in my set. which ran ashore OB Flores Island, one of the Azores. John Mitchell of Milwaukee In describing the accident ga!d that he was awakened aV>ont 2:30 a. in. by a great crash. There was much commotion •when he reached deck, but -when the officers explained conditions the passengers became calm. Soon things appeared to be quite normal. Breakfast wns sorvod «s usual, and the jfchestra kept on playing for several hours. After hreakfnst an officer went ashore to make nrrangemcn<s for landing. The Slavonic lay only a short dis- tnnoe off Ftorcs island. No difficulty was experienced In transferring the passengers to land, and they remained there mitil the Prlnzcss Irene took them off. No one wns injured but according to Mr. Mitchell, i steerage passenger attempted to commit sul'.•hut did not succeed. A BEAUTIFUL BEAD of half !• A woman's richest treasure. O* not neglect it, let It become GRAY or FADED. USE Health «n« If will be BESTOBED to It* NATURAL COLOR and beauty; UM scalp will be clean, the hair healthy, glossy and luxuriant— something to be prond of and to ba admired. Then keep It so tn the future by Its rejrolar use. IS NOT A DYE. *S *«»«•*. BOTTLES, AT BftWCtSTS. Bay*« Iterftaa S**» cures Eczema, nd, rough aod chapped Lands, and all *kin di E«p» cklo 6oe and acft, 15c. druj plats. " E«p» cklo 6oe and acft, 15c. druj plats. S»d Jc. tor I «• books, "Tta Care of the Skio," Th« CjuWtbeCs!?. rfcito Hay S»«c. C*. Nftwarii* N. J. For sale by F. H. Atkins, Boger's Drug Store, J. F. Laehle, E. «. Mader, Ross & Co., Iksmberger and Co. - FOP the Summer's Cooking No kitchen appliancegivessuch actual satisfaction and real home comfort as the new Perfection Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook- Stove. I Kitchen work, this coming summer, will be better and quicker done, with greater personal comfort for the worker, If, instead of the stifling heat of a coal fire, you cook ,by '""' NEW PERFECTION JMck Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove Delivers heat where you want it— never where you don't wan thus it does not overheat the kitchen. Note the CABINET TOP ' with shelf ' want h- ith shelf foi ' warming pktes,«nd keeping-food hot after cooked, also convemew drop »1« v«^r*«*eftldea back whwnferifl B* and two nickeled bars for hbldjng towels. : ; • . ' • Thtee sixes. With or without Cabinet Top. * At your dealer'*, or write our nearest agency. the £*vTA*fp ntvtI di.appomts-Mf« f economical and a won«.-•-< 11- •, . , dclful 1; £ ht g'ver. Solidly made, beatitifnHjr nickeled. Your living-room will be pleawnttf with 8 Rayo Lamp. Hoot "fob your dealer, write our nearest agency. THE ATLANTIC REFINING COMPANY ;;••...;.,- 'Incorporated) ' ' • •• . 9th ft Willow Streets OUR FIRST | IS NOW ON Mattingsat the following Prizes CHINA IT $5.00 PER ROLL The $10 per roll kind for . $7.00 "J'l" " " " - - $8.00 ;|4 » » « « . $,o.OO '« $16 « « ...',, . ,, 2i00 Japanese at from $10 to $24, reduced to $8 to $20 yard ends, at 25 cents $1 t > must be 8een * the low price we offer same at A. C. ZIMMERMAN & CO.

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