The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1932
Page 2
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Iprf/.'V-, :r$-i?y-iir--t^ BLYTHEV1LLB, (AMC.X COUBIER NEWS Chapter of the D. A. H. in Mem- phl* Saturday afternoon. W. R. Dyess and A'. P. Spies* were business visitor* In Memphis Monday, • lot Thiniajr ' • .• of "th» local Masonic ct»pt«T awl 'their wives and nxtn- taH oj, the »st*m Bur will have a 'party, at.- the. )mll. Jlr«. L.' ! Griffin Bckle is hostess to Jhe Matinee Bridge club. The Thursday Luncheon club Is mt*UOf with Mrs. Otto Kochlltz- *y. Ure. B. A. Lynch Is having the MldrWeek Bridfe .club, Itri.'Oh'Mrlci P. Wood Is entertoli- l4f>the Thursday Rook club. . JTbe Woman's Council of the First Christian church Is having a parly lit: trie social hall for members ufo friends of (lie church, Tbe Woman's club Is meeting at tiM 'club house, -s. Clarence Vollmer and Mrs. f. Wunderllch are entertaining a bridge party at Ilia Voll- home, Club lias A'?lUtin<e Parly. jitejnbm of the New Tuesday Bridjt club were guests of Mrs. Clemons lor a matinee yesterdiy afternoon in addl- itt' to the usual weekly contract •" game. ': litter Melnj "Scoky" as the Rltz Ofttfre cards were played nt the hqJtKj' horn?, Mrs. Sam Manatl '»'6h the prize, a hand painted bud '«*•' . :Tft box pudding and coffee refreshed the two tables of members, . Bjji.>. I). Elects, j ! ^fhc Intermediate B. Y. P. U. Qt the- .Second Baptist church, which waV recently formed from it divls ioii-bf the junior and Intermediate numbers, held the ssml-anniinl election of, officers with.these .resu'jti: Cecil Ellis, president; Jer- orrie ! Hawkins, vice president; Paul- lae.Dftlly, recording secretary; Mur- B»>et Reeves, treasurer;'• Talc Roger^,;.corresponding secretory 1 , Juan- itf .McDonald, Bible leader; Ruby I>wls, chorister; Gladys Dozler and Reb» Hollj', group captatna; Mrs. Smlddy, adult leader. high Receives Holiday. . .The 8A class of junior school ras given a holiday for trj?.; final, period yesterday afternoon because of having had rlo «bwntees for a week. • !-'• • • « CH» Tc P«y Tmlll«n. rtaie Tuesday Contract club Is aijwber of the numerous bridge dobs of the city which will pay the; tuition of a high school slu- detot. for the second term of tins school year in the private school to';open January 25. ' This was decided st the parly g%n yesterday by Mrs. Hunter Stas. In the bridge games Mrs. J.;:,Nldt /Thomas won the prize hosiery. A salad course v.-tlh coilee refreshed the eight guests. - .' . » 9 » B«t-n Class n»s B«riii«s MMtinr. The Berean Sunday school class n, Hrst Pr csbytcrlan church will sponsor a silver social to be given at the church during Fcb- nilfr- 1.. „_!-( i, - & • *w raary in celebration ol Washington's birthday. George ; Plans for the affair' wero made In .' a business meeting of Mrs. T. - the ,, • y afternoon, presided over b> J. Crane, president -, ,*' a ^ also declde(1 «° Stldoo , a cleanser, and an et- dei ,~- * UI ^ ma * (o take. oriLcrs fof. .this commodity, the money to *? given to a worthy emise . Qass 0-fte proceeds of ^$21.25 from th KA.. Commencement play of (h Junior high .school, presented ] lay afternoon, will be given the Memorial fund as is the cus torn each year. vThe program, which includ«d Way, was given before a large an lilss Mary Ellen Stevens direct the production with Mia Eve Har »ieU at the piano. !£ musical specialty by Lystr 4f*ciin and Kathryn Waitwle wil a.:chorus "Bend Down Sisters" dialogue "Mose 'N Sastus" by ba McLean and Daniel Booiie.'n ta rtaftce by Mary Alice McAfee nn the: baby chorus "Music in in ringers" pr;ceded the one act pin ,Bj the pl«y Lystm Brackin. Mar Bail Fisher, Elmer Lindscy, Be E»her and Delia Chapnsan too part with Betty Lee McCntche 1 in the finale. The chorus ,_. _ danced and sunr by Bet lite' McCutchcn, Martha An Lynch, 'Jessaljn Blomc}«r. Jan Bnnon, Sin» Barries. Maril; Alice McAfee, Anna Bcil'stacy an irllch, Mrs. Clarence Vollmer and rs.' Horace T. Culp 'were guests ' Mrs. Bernard Oooch when she !so entertained (he Tuesday uncheon clulj at llie home of rs. welch Foster for an after- oon party. A salad course with sandwiches id coffee refreshed the three ta- es of players, For prizes Mrs. J. F. Lcnll vc- elved the club award, hosiery, similar glmc went to Mrs. Wun- erljch for high guest and Mrs. V. .D. Chamblln Jr., was given ath powder for t cut prize. • • * S. Class MttU Mrs. T'ranklln Worth was host- ss to members of the Eu unday school class of the First antist churth. The ten members and one visor, Mrs. E. E. Alexander, pres- nt were served chicken salad, nut read, divinity candy and hot ten n the" social hour which followed he business session. • • • Girl SrntiU OrfaBlu Tiic Girl Scout troop of (lie Central Ward clcninlary school as been organt/ed with Miss Mary Outlaw as captain. Members f the group are: Betty Blair, 'atrlcla Wood, Anita Foyc Beck, llalne Potter, Jean McLaurln, Ihurchtll Buck, Gloria Martin, Odle Rice, Mary Adah Robinson, fnrjorlc McBrldc. Officers arc: Elaine Potter, fcc- etnry; Mar>> Adah IZobliiEon, reasurcr; Churchill Buck, reporter. The troop is divided Into two pi- rols, the Blue Bird patrol of which elty Blair Is leader nnd the Red Brrd pntrol of which Jean Mc- •aurln Ls leader. Anltft Faye Deck is now a full .edged scout having successfully ased the tenderfoot test. Reports showed Hint the incm- jers gnve joy to a poor . girl, nl Chris tin [is by giving her dolls, doll jy, doll Clothes, Irults and nits. • ; • • • Church Society Mrtts Mrs. George SMl'.vell was lender f the woiimn's inlsslonnvy society Jondny aftemoon when members 1 the Yarbro group were guests of he Prohilsed Land society. Mrs. C. B. Etchison opened the letting with prayer, followed with lie-.'devotional by Mrs. La Forney. .' Ross Moore and Mrs. E.--'D, Walker gave n dialogue and a tlk was given by the Rev. O. Sutherland. After several contests n delicious ilalo lunch wns rerved by the members of the Promised Land °°t? r./xr. -.-.'.••• •• Circles fet«t 'Officers ' ' Circles of the w-omnn's mlsslon- rj' society of the First Methodist liurch elected officors for 1932 lii .lectings held Monday. Mrs. C. S. Stevens entertained Ircle. 1 when -there officers were lamed: Mrs. E. A. Goodrich, clialr- nnii; Mrs. C. S. Stevens, nssfst- nt chairman: Afi-s. w. A. stick- non. secretory; Mrs. F. D. Smith, rcnsurer; Mrs. Warner Hawkins, tudy leader. Mrs. Emma Bnrncy onducted the devotloiinl for the 3 present. It was decided to- <lis- 5e with refreshment nt tlic nonthly meetings with tile hostess Hitting Ihls money Into the trens- Circle 3 met with Mrs. W. F. Brewer with the result of llie elec- lon as follows: Mrs. O. C. Oanskc. clinirinnn: Mrs. w. F. lircivcr, ns- istant chairman; Mrs. V. G. Hol- nnd secretary: It was decided to ?ive a piny at an early date. Mrs. J. D. Barkstble led the devotional Mrs. B. A. Lynch was named chairman ot circle -1 which had— a luncheon nt the church. Oilier officers named were; Mis. N. B. Menard, assistant, catrninn; Mrs. Thomas n.'-Osbor'n'e, secretary; Mrs. G. H. Grear, treasurer. There were 33 present. Special .Rotary Program From Hot Springs Tonif ht The local Rotary Club has been invited lo listen in to a radio Rotary program dedicated to Rotar- lans ol this and oilier clubs in Ihls territory, to IK broadcast over Station KT11S at llol Springs, Arkansas, Wednesday night, Jnmi- ury 20th from 10:30 to 11:00 P. M., according to in umiounccmeul made today. Tlie radio pfogimn, which will feature on address of greetings by "6ld" Brooks, District. Governor of notary for Arkansas, Is being presented by (lie rtolarlana ot Hot Springs In cciupllmeiit to tlielr visitors and In commemoration of the fad timt Hot Spring (his year celebrate^ lls Centennial as America's oldest national park and health resort. Tomorrow. 8. F. Broaden Gets High Honor in Red Cross Course n. F. Brogden. former Blythevillc high athlete and no\v a student al University -of Tenncsrse Junior llcee nl Martin. Tcnu. lias been awarded an "Examiners Radge" foi his ncltvlllcj In a lied Cross I.lfc Saving conns at the school. Courier Keys Want Ads P.iy. Bits oj NetCs Mostly Personal Mrs. Jack Hill, who has been Isltlng in Jonesbovo, spent yes- erday here enrouto. 'to Osceola or a visit with Mr. and Mis. J. T. Ihcdcs before going to Los Anele«, Cal., n-licre she Join Jr. Hill for (he winter. lie inot- rtd out two weeks ago. Arthur Pallou, of Memphis and ornierly of hci'c, is a visitor lit he city. Ira Haley lias relumed from Mc- Cenzlc, Tcnn., ivher e lie siicnt •« hoit lime with his mother. J. C. Tliurman has rolinned to Is home In Hopkjnsvllle, Ky,, nt- er a visit n-ltli Ills daughter, -Mrs. .ute Hubbard," nnd lanilly, for two vccks, Mrs. Liit e lintibard' Is still conned lo her lioiij" because of nn ttnck of inflijiiiixa. Mrs. Oscnr nallcy returned S'es- eidny from n two days stay tn Cai-nthersvllle. ; Mr, and Mis. Tcni Healon 0 to St. Lo'nls the lasl of the week for R brief visit. C. L. Wylle has returned from :)evcland, Miss., where he spcfit wo days with his father. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Holt have as i'.cir guests Mr. and Mrs. B. c, Ellis, Mr. nnd Mrs. Trice Miller mi (lauBhtcrs, Elizabeth mid Jcn- ili. of Rldgely, Teim. Mrs. Ellis 1 MrB. Holt's. niq^er.. ; '•'.. Mrs.- Petty ' Or'iwtor'cf k better otter several weeks Illness, Mr. and Mvs. C. D. Scott have noved from Kentucky nvcmie to "12 West Main s tree I. Mesdamcs Ira Gray. Mnx „ clil, W. C. Hlgglnson. N. B Men- nrd. J. E. Crltz, W. L. Homer J W. Cochran, R. H. Denned, J D Barkidale. Enimn Bnrncy, George M. Lee nnd the Rev. and Mrs. p Q. Ron'e nltcndcd the officers' .raining school at Joncsboro yes- :crdny for th? Jonesboro dlstrlc of the Methodist church. Mis. Bernard Gooch went to Memphis today for a brief stay She v.-as accompanied by Mrs iec R. Calhoun. of Ridgctop Tcim.. who will be with Mrs. Russell Phillips ntirt infant son. Mrs. W. D. Chambllu Jr.. 1ms re- tmTid from Memphis where she consulted her physician. Her condition Is now greatly improved. Jixck Robinson, Izzic Ontcs, Car Oanske, M»x Logan and Z. Spald Ing attcnrteil the basketball gnme in Memphis last night. Tlw Rev. and Mrs. W. J. LeRoj Mrs. O. J. Rodgcrs, Mrs. Gu RoUgers and Mrs Harry Weldinni attended Ilic officers' tralnln school at Jonesboro yesterday fo officers of women's societies In II: Methdlst churches of the Jones boro district. Mrs. Harmon Scford. pspcu secretary of the CliickasMba nls ilct of the Red Cross. Is now con vatracing fallowing three weeks ill- Osceola Society- Personal The Baptist Womam Mlsjiioiurv Julon was entcrluined Monday Tf crnoon at the home of Mr» C • o iowen and was attended 'by- « cnioou's-lesson 'from" th* 'subfeot The QKurc\io! Tomorrow"-$& alks by MIS. I. s. Baton on "On he Road to Tomorrow" a resume f (he objectives of Junior organl- nUons sponsored by the W M u nd by Mis. R. H. Jones ' on Hulldins a Missionary church for Driver Grove Fieccnt rains have created condition here similar to those r of the flood year of 1927. Water his" filled the woods In the'lower p«rt of this community, and ro»ds in tome places ore under Mcsdime* Maude and Ezth*r Springer were the pmu of Mrs. Bertha Brock Sunday ifternoon. Hussell Springer spent Saturday and Sunday with Troy Bighatn. Ira Galnes of Half Moon spent Sunday with Eddie Oalnes here. Mr. and Mrs. A. J, Wicker vUlt- ] cd Mr. and Mrs. lead (lie af-' Lone Oak Sunday. Hayti Society — Personal E. Liles left for Memphis Sunday morning when? he wll vis- t indefinitely with hbi mother Mrs. Fannie Llles. ' Mrs. H. H, Homer and daughters •Sue and Christine were the guesta if Mrs. c. B. Sherril at Portage- VlUe Sunday. They were accom- »nied home that evening by Mts» dying church and the grow- 'here »f- U-'o'doct Sunday morning, and Sunday school at 10 o'clock, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sprlngei visited Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shaneyfelt at Half Moon Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Jones are tnklng a few weeks vacation will ng church were contrasted In a I relatives at Leachi'llle. lever dlalsguc between Mrs. J. T. thoadcs mid Mrs. Geo. Allens- vorlh, and a playlet, "Aunt Polly oins the Missionary Society," was >rcsentcd by Mesdames Clyde Calo, J. T. Rhoadcs. F. M. Sangster V ,M. Stewart and Andrew Florida' Instrumental music was render- d by Mrs. Prnlher and Mri. Al- ensworth sant. A radio party was planned for he evening of February 11. »t he home of Mrs. O. C. Bowen, i-ten young women of the church' vill be entertained by the W. M. J. a part of the ' cvenlng's:enter- aiiunent ueins a Young Woman'* Auxiliary program broadcast over In? rnilio from Shreveport. The ocal Y. W. A. organization will be perfected nt Ihls meeting. ". ' (,-. Following yesterday's program lellclous refreshments wera served, + • • Mrs. A. P. Splcsc was hostess to he Presbyterian ladles Auxiliary Monday evening. Fourteen irjern- xrs were present.- ' T\ •!• :','•' '-' ' .- ,• Mrs. F. L. Phipps laid trie' les' son of .'foreign missions. Delicious '' . refreshments-were Allwrt Hosklns of Half Moon was the dinner guest of his daughter, Mrs. Esther Springer, Saturday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Freeman Hu;y 01 Lone Oak spent last week end will Hfr. and Mrs. Charley Brock. Walter Boles spent last wiek end visiting friends at Blytheville. Keiser Neivs Fay Douglas of Wilson spent the week end with Irene Cotledge, who stays with Miss Douglas while . at tendingJEChool at. Wilson. Olim "' Chambers of Blythcvilli was a guest at Keiser Simdaj Clovis. Crockett of Wilsoi night. Mrs. with parts' on the; program by MescTaincs Frank' Howse, . spent Wednesday afternoon with Mr>.. Alice 'Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Weldrnan and' children '• spent ' Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. I,. Nichols. Thfij were accompanied by Miss Jamii .Nichols '\who. Is attending Blythe \llle hlgpi; school. • •• Mr. and. Mrs. Whitner will spent * . . . Several 6*«ys in Missouri visiting : velatlves.-' lnn i Ireiv; Nichols, 'who lias been in serious condition in the Baptls , „ to enter the Methodls P\ hospital for an operation. -Mr. andMrs. W. O. Hopper are "'«««' parents of a baby girl born 13. The child ' has been were present. Seventeen ' membe'rs of the S^The"^!,,*" trjo'k" Chrl lian Workers met Monday. NoveR;ber . 13 . 193 f Mrs . afternoon nt the home of Mrs, «ar.y_ Dean," Mrs. .Frank"Cofiwiftj lead- the -short devotional lf «rvic*1 and Mrs. J. C. Schurlock lead the: nCteiiioon's Bible study lesson from [he Hist and second chapters of :he Book of John. Delicious re} frcshmeiUs were served following tli? lesson. , Mary Virginia 'Segraves, stnaA daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. 13, Scgrovps, is ill of Influenza. )l Mr. nnd Mrs. Bruce 'Ivy and small son. Bvuce Junior, spent Saturday .'.happing In Memphis. L . ^ R .H. Jones nnd Joe' spent Monday In Memphis." Miss Catherine Harwell attended the pinno concert given by Miss Monata at the Ooodwyn', Institute 'n Memphis Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Tliad Fellon left Monday afternoon returning to Ihelr home in Houston, Texas. Mr. Fellon joined Mrs. Fclton who has spent the past three weeks with her pnrcnts, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.. Lovewell, here Saturday night. Andre*- Fiorida wns n business visitor in Memphis Monday. Miss Nell Rhodes spent Saturday in Memphis. Mrs. C. M. Harwell nnd Mrs Margaret Barblers attended a meeting of the William Strong |OVCT Mae. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cummingi announce • the marriage of their daughter, Mollle, to Mr. Silas place Cum: mlngs 'was a student at Kei.4 h'igh school. Mr. and -Mrs. Mead will make ttislr home in Keiser. Pecan Grove News Mrs. Bill ^ Robertson and Mrs Larson Crump were guest-i of Mrs A. C. Ashabranner Sunday. Mi's. Kubord Harvison and children were guests of Mrs. Lena Cokcr of Blytheville Monday. Mrs. Beulah Mac Brown of Blytheville is spending the w - cek \vitl licr .sister, Mrs. John Tackctt. BUI Robcrison spent Sunday with O .A. Brooks. .ifr. and Mrs. Eugene Davis speni Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wli McCaulcy. Douglas Robertson and Wilford Toland were dinner guests of Ole; Ashobianner Sunday. Ernest Koonce was the guest ha aunt, Mrs. Annie Robertson Monday afternoon. Same formult.. sune price. In original form; loo; if you prefer Geneva Carter, . Mary Moll; Jean Secoy. •; • ' » • • . V • - Coiaptetc Misnea Sroij- Members of the woman's missionary society in the Lake Slreet Methodist church completed the mSBlon study book in a meeting »t.the home of Mrs, W. J. LcRoy Monday afternoon.-.There werj 17 present. • la the busjness session it was derided to take subscriptions to the! Needlccraft magazine and . ttate were subscribed at that • n; Osihoun of RkJgetop,-Tenn., Mrs. W. J. Wun- SAME PRICE forovtr 40 Hospital Notes Miss Thclma Lloyd, city, and E. D. Johnson. Yarbro. were dismissed from the Blythevillc hospital today. New Low Prices tin Shoe Repairing Ladies' Half Soles Sewed or Vulcanized Leather or "Rubber Heels 25c Men's Half Soles Oak _.-- -------- t>i> c Tanco __________ 75c Trimc Oak •_.-—- ?1- Korr.v Kromc _. S!.2S Fkxfok -— -- ?i.50 Rubber or Leather He«|s 40c PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP \n So.-' 'Second St. — i Gypsy Simon ^ SMITH recommends "1 was suffering from a bod Cold.... Dr. Miles' Aspir-Mint relieved Me. 1 * These two sentences nrr from a letter sent to us by Gypsy Simon Smith. Mr. Smith spends his public life in.the germ-laden atmosphere of crowds in hall, church or t;,bcr- riaelc-. He goes from an «\-cr- nented meeting place into the outer air spiritually uplifted t,ul physically exhausted. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1930 .' ild Maud Heard, who had been the guest of Mrs. Sherril since Friday Norvelle Emerson of New Mad- was ,l>erc over the weekend n^fris uncle U. A. Emerson arid family. Angelo Mahonlls was 111 Monday and unable to be at work at Angelo's Pig stand. Judge T. R. Cole of I'ascola was here Monday transacting business Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Maxy of St. -Louis .ore here visiting the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A Maxy. Mr. and Mrs. Von Countess are In St Louis this week visiting rel atives. Mr. and Mrs. Kloyi! Neely have moved to Carutlif/sville, where Mr. Neely »ill be connected with the. Neely Brothers Implement company. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Roane ARTICLE NO. «3 BV WM. f. McKEN'NKV Secretary American Bridge League Don't lake what may p'ove (o be a losinj a possibility without a finesse, if ;h!s plan foils, yuu can, as a last rci'.H, fall back on the double finesse. The Hiddmg — -• .. nvmn; ic- North aiid South turned^ home Sunday from Union tie on e over one, City, Tenn., ivliere thc-y have been visiting Mrs. Roanc's mother Mrs. E. T. Rlf,«, who has been seriously 111 but Is somewhat improved BRIDGE losing finesse If there is declarer to iblllty of playing the hand small heart AA-K-a-1 ¥No«« • J-9-8 4.A-9-7-6 *4 VK-J-7- 2 « K-7-32 *10.B- 5-3 NORTH fe 5 SOUTH A 9-6 V10-8- 4 • 6-5-4 4.2 AJ-7-5.2 VA-Q-9-6.6-3 * A-Q-10 *Nnns 423 hand wllhout a finesse, ami best way io do this Is tc ^(ai). llsh a long heart for a Umnoiiti discard. Tlie proper play I'ti 1 n^ J ~ ' ' make is to u-jfl ^ - —. - from dummy ^nd trump It with the three of 5!j..J e3 Tlie seven of clubs should be'"ie- lurned by declarer nnd (ruinpcd In dummy with the five of SMitV, The five ol hearts Is led' Jroiii dummy and trumped by declarer .with the tight of spades, De- Iclarer then leads the nine of ! cluts and should play snfe Ly trumping In dummy with the jack lo! spades. The small luart Is re- jtunied from dummy and trumped I by declarer with the ten of j spades. Declarer then swings two jiuuiids of ipades which plc!:s"7ip I the outstanding trump of the op• ponents. His next play is die at present. ; John Dee Fields of Wardell here this-week visitinq his.parents Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fields. de-ilcr, opened the , . with one heart, West passed, and j eight of diamonds, which is won [In dummy with the ace — no •finesse telng necessary now, as I the declarer can lead the ace of hearts from dummy, which catches West's king. This makes both dummy's queen nnd nine of hearts were using | Bood, which is more than Eiiougli South, the lor the declarer, as only one dial mond discard ib needed, the declarer having the good North bid one tpade. Notice that dubs and the ace of trump. . this is a one bid over partner' cue bid and requires pa/tiicr to again bid. East passed, ff East were now to bid ,two cluw, it would be very easy for Norcn and Messrs. Charley and Lee Spencer j South to get into a grand rlf.m. were called to Paragould, .. Ark., I? 3 South would simply bil threa n void club suit n,id By refusing to tike a -finesse, and Instead setting up the long suit for the needed discards, the • declarer lias made o grand slam. (Copyright, 1932, NBA Service, Inc j '• were cae to Paragoud, Ark., 3 ou wou smpy Sunday because of the .death of flubs to show n void club s their brother, Steve Spencer. support for spades with sJ'i ' Jimmy Hcntoh Is ill this wrek H 1 ' 1 "- B "t with East' Jimmy Hcntoh is ill this wret with-a light case of.flu. ' Mrs. Carrie Mcatle returned home Thursday from Point, Pleasant, Mo., where she had been visiting her brother W.' W. Laws, who h.RS been quite 'ill.. . Mr. and Mrs. John Erying of Swlfton, Mo,, were here Sunday afternoon visiting Misses Edna and Irene Hageman, who accompanied them home that afternoon and will' be Mrs. -En-ing's guests this week. -'; Dr. and Mrs. J .W. Rhodes motored to Memphis Saturday morning and were accompanied-hoine by their daughter, Miss Mary Sue, Who'ls 111 and wll!'remain'at : homb this;-weelt. ..Mrs. B.'I,, Guffey of Washing- tori D. C. but formerly of this-city arrived here Saturday and.will -remain .this week on a : combined business . and pleasure .trip. Sunday she was the guest of Dr. and Mrs. JV W. Johnson and Monday she was the guest of'Mrs. Walter Do'f- ris. . .uth should spades. West jump would to t};reo pass, and North would be yoing to six spades. East passed and South, if he were a bold gambler, with the void club suit, might go to seven spades. .XhL- Play East's opening lead Is the king of clubs, which is trumped in dummy with th e deuce of spades. Declarer can easily sec fix c<id. and if the diamond fines=.e were tc work, seven-will be no trouik-, but if the diamond finesse wer? to fall, his contract would ba defeated. Before taking the finesse. Use declarer should try to mak? the Dr. J. A. Saliba / Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Ingram Building Corner Main & Firslf St. ace of Siveet Cream Butler 35c Lit BENNETT'S PASTEURIZED MILK 10c Quart Delivered I'hone 74 GEM THEATRE Osceola, Ark. fflaue Thursday-Friday Jan. 21-22 ' llis profession demands thai he do the very things that n( . jt,c)uU not do if Ire wanls lo nvoict catching cold. He is in position („ spea i< with authority on the subject Jf you have a Cold, or if you -•"-- 'rotn Headache. iVcumlgia is,- Rheumatism, ' for CoMs/Head- acJte, Neuralgia, Neuritis, Rheumatism, Sciaficc, Lumbago, TootJinc/ie, Baek-acri*, Muscular Pains, Periodic Pains. I your dr, ig jtore—JSc and ?5 C I.MILES Simmon's Inner-Spring Mattresses Greatly Reduced In Price No! only have these famous matresses been reduced in price but they have heen greatly improved in their construction and sleeping qualities. DEEP SLEEP Inner-Spring MaUrcss Kcduccii from : §23 to $19 SIMMON'S SLUMBER KING JNW 116.75 Hubbard Furniture Co.

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