The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana on December 18, 1891 · 8
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana · 8

Helena, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1891
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THE DAILY INDEPENDENT HELENA. I'HIHAY M01INING. DKCEMBBll IB' 189L 0 FERSONAL. TIIK CIRCUIT JKIDER. J0TTINU8 ABOUT TOWN. HE BROKE FOB LIBEBTY. Mrs. Wombs Bollard la visiting friend I Ureal Falls. Oka. L, ltyen went to Bh Paul yesterday over the Northern 1'notUe, - to John IV, Luka retnrnad yesterday after a tua ousel. pleasant month's visit on SANDS BROS. CONTINUATION r GREAT SLAUGHTER SALE. Daniel O'Leary Make Vf Effort Run Away From the Chain Can g. s Mrs. N. 8. Duller, of 1091 Butt avenue, , presented her husband with n nine-pound j Lor yesterday. i Tli Indies Hewing ooolety of the First I Evangvlioai Hoendmeviau church will hold an auotion al In the church Saturday evening at eight ooloek. Many nine thing suitable for Christinas presents will be sold. , Word oomes from Chioago that tba board of construction of th It or Ids fair have I aooepled th plane for tbs Montana building prepared by Oalbrnllb and Fuller, of Mtaaoula, end aooepkd by tb state board. Drought Down by One Bhot Fired by Wa toyman QulU Lawrence Klfbi eew oait elegaal open ateok pat-ma of dlnoarworo lo from irMily prim, J J Jbdwartia, lift; boulli Mala itmli . Alnazing Reduction in Extraordinary Values L. V. l'yhris, a wall-known marohant and contractor of Dillon, la In town for a few days. Among tha aaat bound passenger over the Inion lnoiflo to-day are Wui. Fisher, for Omaha, aud Q. A. Chapman, for Kaaaaa City. O. O. Johnson, B. Helakal! and J, Hale-kall, of lloamuau, were in Hlena yesterday. They go to Chattanooga, Tana., over tho Union Fsoiflothis morning, A. W, Campbell, manager of tha llotel Broadwater, end bln wife, were among tha pneaangei over the Great Northern yeatsiw dnv. 't hey will apond tha winter iu Penn-ilvanla. Among the east bound passengers over the Northern Pacific yesterday were Maggie Eduor, lor Hntohmeon, he., Frank tionaoal, for Moutreal, and J. A. llamas and wife, for Atlanta, Us. Dr. Parberry and wife, of Wblle Bnlphnr Springs, were in Helena yesterday. '1 hey will spend the C'lmstmns holidays in Seda lie. Mo., leaviug for that plao this morning over the Union Taoifio. Look over Tho Pro Joes books Wn Woia Uiiil dt COs Prices Slaughtered ; . . ' in Dress Goods. A BilM la Ula Mack That Mar Land to farions Kssnlts A asl Bd Cxellemsat. IN SILKS. CLOAKS Ms lull $urvtves In the ftnrel Districts ef the South, "Tha old olrooit rider, who long ago van-iebed in fit north aud wait, atill anrvtvea to aomo extent in thaaonth," aald lUv, O. M.Urandlaon. praaident of Bennett oollnge. North Carolina. "A few year more and ho will bo it remlniaoeuoe, because railroad ar beginning to penetrate tha primitive communities exlsteut In n great portion of tha aonlhefn stats, The old olronil rider waa a remarkable man, twit type, a it were, of tba class of men Who peuetrated tba wilderness of the western world in ad-vano of civilisation. In all that stand fst oourage, - enduranoe aud resolution, Tho olronil rider sowed tha aead that w of this generation are reaping th harvest. x "The old oirouit rider waa th event oonrier of Methodism in Amerloa. It could ride all day, txhort and sing at ri vlval at night, throw himaelf down on th oabin floor for a few hours, rie early and reenm hia jonrnay to aorno other a pot whir there were soula to lave; handy with hia flats if aatailed, aud last, bat not least, be waa a good judge of horseflesh, and th worldly brother that oonld gel tbs better of him on trade had to be extra sharp, Tba old oirooit rider, I am aorry to say, had aoui small vioea, snob aa ehawing and amoklng, and occasionally took bis dram and in my region aoms few still retain those habits. I he horsey, tobaooo-Ioving elders, howsvar, ar rapidly disappearing in tba southern atatea. W in the aonth ara baginniug to draw tha line firmer in Iheae things. We dont object to bis owning a good place of horseflesh; bnt yonng man who oak to be ad routed to the ministry are sharply questioned aa to whether they use tobaooo or not, and it ia understood that tba use of tobacco in any form is n bar to admission. By ao doing wa are gradually raising np a class of men in tha ministry who are cleanly in their habits. Than, too, tha exborter ia no longer tba iguorant man that be ono was. Wa now 1 to Y A aml K. Davie1 ffpoolaU IXVKSTMSHT STOCKS 1,000 Bannister (dividend payer), A I Investment. 2.200 Iron Mountain, 8 Stfo. Block of Helena and Victor, ffrst-olass InvoMtment, fi Bald Butts (last call), f 2 Colored Surah Silks Reduced from 60o to 35o a jmrd Colored China Silk Reduced from 85c to OOo a yard Colored Cashmeres ' Iieduood from 40 o to 25o SO Inch Dark Fluid Itoduood from COo to 40o 1,000 Foorman (dividend), 1.07V. lO.OIlOjOopper Bell (must be sold), Wo. .Ngver before have such bargains been offered la Helena; never before bave wer had such a crowded Cloak Department, or ao many sur prised and pleased customers as during tha past week. Notwith standing het we have greatly reduced our surplus stock of Cloaks, we have atill a full assortment and for this week will ottpr the same surprising valves. Note the prices: I,kfl0 Camber land (euap). . 3,000 Cumberland in lots,, good purchase, Booms JO and if7, Bailey Block. J arrivals s The Melees Bacors, Marys- f T. Newton, Ctiloaeo. Canton Silka in Evening Shade Reduced from $1.25 to 80o yard French Flaidn, Stripes, Fanoiee, Cheviots and Mixture Reduced from 85o to 62 o I I V mil the etteotloa of our numeron pati tli (sot time iUr. Gppenheimer. while In 1 erk lie. Mmarmi the .ole emnoy of the mnoy of the itrone New mle-bmted himtton A bterm cutue. Oppunliwlnivr inch. Mineral Marinas Hotel, Black Satin Rhadame Reduced from $LO0 to 70o All Wool French Serge ' j lieduoed from 85a to 670 Fine French Henrietta!) Reduced from fl.00 to 75o yard See Weinsteins tansy basket. F. W. villr, K. J. llnditeon, Desverw E 1 ioott. cit.r. u. It. Leoolyer, Cin-da ati. M. i. Oar, New York. K. 11 iulcoti, Livina- ton, J. 11. Finn l ivinmion. Us. 1 t aa ey, Living-rlun W. A Corey, Cralir. I, C. l'Uiire, i'lljoiu Nun IVru.ry. 1 i-marok. V. it. Prior, Hope. IV. O Jar I or, Sallai-e J. J. Galbraith. Mia-sou la. J. U 'looker, city. .Mrs. James 11. MUis, Deer Lodge. J. Al. fox, Ited Lodge, D. J. Anderson, Liv roastou. A. L. Upton, Chicago. W. l. Stanley, billon. M. W. Warren, ijpo-kaae. W m I. Trimble, Covington. by. Black Satin Rhadame Jackets, -Capes Reduced from $1.25 to 00 JUmh of Ko.ea. Gentlemen wonld not nee Boses" if it waa a paint or Black Satin Rhadame Reduced from $1.00 to $1.15 BLACK GOODS. "Bldah e powder, o eonrse not. It is aa oiear aa water, no sod' iment to till th pores of the akin. Its mission ie to heal, cleans and pnnfy the complexion of every iinperfeotion, and insures every lady and gentleman n clear, smooth, complexion. bold by Kiss Jolla P. Lawrence, room 11, Brown block, Warien street, Helena, Mont. Price 75 ceuta. I Blaok Groe Grain Silk ' Keduoed from $1.00 to COo Arrivals at the (trend Central, Mrs E It. Grant, oity. G. G. Johnson, ItOAO- Black Silk Warp Henriettas Reduced from $1.00 to $L10 1 uoouroge a regular coarse of study for ad mission to tho ministry. A large percentage of onr most poweiful prsaohors have in the past booti men who oonld preaoh th word with singular power. But how maoh more effective would they have been iu their work had thoir minds been properly disciplined in early life. Blaok Groa Grain Silk Reduoed from $1.25 to 80o Blaok Silk Warp Henriettas Reduced from $1.75 to $1.25 1 Daalol OLsnry, a oltj prisoner working on at (eat eroding with what la known na "thaehaln Rang," wads a break for liberty , about 10 oclock yesterday morning at Fifth and Montana ayennea. Aa a raanlt ha la now In tba Sisters boapital on Csth-olia kill, with a bullet hole in tba back of tba neck, a piece chipped off one of the bonea of kia spinal column, a ohuuk of load lodged aouiewbere in bia throat, and hia faoa bruited and aoratched. The allot which atoppad bia e.Torta to eaoapa was firad by Wstoliniau Quill Lawronoe with the purpose, . ha dcolaroa, to 'wing" -I the man.' hut not to hurt him seriously. The injuries to OLearya face wore the reault of the fall after he bad been shot. The bullet wound is not of Itself nocoa-' aary fatal, though pnralyala through injury to the ipiual column, or lockjaw from the iujury to tha muaclea of the neck, may re-ault. Watchman Lawrence baa charge of tha "chain gang, whioh coraprieos potty offender against city ordinances, who are nnable to pay thoir fines, and are obliged to seres for the city at tha rate of $3 per day until the score is. wined out. bad been sentenced to pay a lino of $15 for committing the somewhat indefinite offense of "Tegrenoy, which means that a man cannot demonstrate to tbs polioe that be has some reasonable excuse for living. OLeary had been on the chain gang before for drunkenness, and this was hia second time to handle pick and shovel for the oity. To make up the 15 fiuo OLeary would have had to work eight days. Had be not attempted to eeoape yesterday, he wonld have completed one-fourth of his sentenoo by inn-down. There were five men on the gang ysstenlay morning when they started in to grade that pait j of Fifth avenue just west of Montana ave-nne, so as to make a good drive to Lenox. They were working qn the south side of Fifth avenue digging away s bank vari ing in height from two to five feet. OLeary was handling one of the picks. He oom-plained ef it being dull, and Lawrence, who was standing on top of the bank keeping gnard, told him to get another a few yard away. OLeary went to the point indicated, and said nono of the picks there were sharp enough to work with. Lawrence told him to go to the tool box, . Whioh wasen tb-other aide -Of-Fitth ave-nue. and get one to snit him. Carrying J pick O'Leary I I u 11. F J. ( bit old pick with him, OLeary went to J. now th dny, Blaok Faillo Francaioa Reduced from $1.25 to 95o Dolls of all kinds can bow be seen at The Bee Hive. Kul dolls, b,Bque head dolls, china limb doll rubber dulL, china doll-, rag dolls. Ur.wd sad umireaMHl dolls, in fact every kind atpi' Blaok Silk Warp Henriettoa Reduced from $2.00 to $1.50 1 Blaok Faille Froncaiae Reduced from $1.50 to $1.05 Bozo- man. II. K llomkell, Bozeman. ('haw. R Gaylord, Chioago. W. lkrkin, Three Forks v. lioynolds, l'lar W. Be Luroniz anJ wife. oton K. itailo, llimioi. F.ugone ncot, Wicker. v. Beattie Cieo. Schurf. Wickes. M Lyons Butte Joe F raker, hldorado iinr. Frd B.CintclinsButto L Bowuiau, hast lloisna. Mia Lambert, Ten Mile it. Smith, Klkborn. Alex (iiliinm, Boulder, hiauk K. Bill. city. ('ha', t V. Sidirefhoitl'k it Dean, Vickos. Blaok Silk Warp Henriettas Reduced from $2.50 to $1.00 Hurled Down an Embankment CflxsBTTALn, Kan., Deo. 17. The southbound passenger on tbe Southern Kansas was wrecked two miles north of this oity this morning. The express ear, regular coaohes and sleeper we're" hurled down n high embankment, with about forty passengers on board. Twenty-six persons were injured, three fatally. U1SQ Ttuw. A. Banuiug, Chicago. L M trie, Chicago. C. K Frit, Salt Last). 'J had ilroiiMt'ir, uo.iYer VV. 0. Flow art), Manhattan. W. H itogara. Toton. l)avui Ft n we I, V bite bolphur pringa. t T. i, ton, bilter, tiiaa. :ch.4rf, iiokrs. Frank Nf.idu, Uino D. McCarthy DluluraJo ar. D. H. Warriner, Botte. rank ledvand wile Can) on ( rcog. H. iottiutf, Marys-ille Hen i riccr. Marjsviile, U jiat'irick, idlt-horn. Joliu luu I, city W. tioorH, I'anjou ('reek. ('. ( auly, Seattle. Mrs. i ( K (i. D. A. K Black Faille Francaiae Reduced from $1.75 to $1.40 Hrlek Work Wanted. Tba Boulder Smelting company will accept bids for the building of a hot-air stove at their works at Boulder, Mont. Brick mason oan inepeot plane and specifications at the works at Boulder within the next week. Boiikbt Bticbt, Bnpt. Fine Seal Plush Coats. DRESS PATTERNS. I Faille Francaiee Dress Patterns in Street Shades, twenty yard lengths Reduoed to $1.00 a yard ('heap bedroom sets and stoves at Taylor's, on Broadway. The Bee Hive has formed with bums Claus, aud that well known iudivu nal will buy all of Ira proeunte for hie young friends as tuiu mtablidhmeat. co-partnership ' d- HELENA IN B1MEF. Our magnificent assortment of Rich I Novelty Dress Patterns in London, Parts arid American designs at Faille Francaise Dress Patterns In . Evening Shades and Brocaded Combinations At about Half Price Jaokgone mueio store, Bailby block. Dawson, Muuonla. Nicholas Weis, bheri- C. 8 llenestich. ttlute Toadies and childrens hose at leas than Sulphur bpnugs. W. Fonaford, Bozoman. One Quarter Off P. O. S. OF A. Washington Camp No. 3 meets Friday evenings at 1. O. O. F. Hall; visiting brothers cordially invited. This is an American order; non-political, non-sectarian and not unfriendly Iu good citizens of foreign birth. Qualifications for membership are: Natiie eitizenehip. belief in a supreme be 40 Inch. Plush Coats From $25.00 to $16.98 42 Inch Flush Coats ; From $35.00 to $23.50 45 Inch Flush Coats From $40.00 to $27.70 50 Inch Plush Coats -s From $50.00 to $36.70 Elegant Seal Flush Newmarkets From $60.00 to $45.00 From Regular Prices A Critical Examination ing, support of onr pnblio school system, opposi tion to any union of rhurch and state, sod of coet at tlje I. X. L. Bazaar. For bargbienin Christmas presents oall at the L X. L. Bazaar, one door eonth of Fainter Drug Co. ' Bishop & Averill have the only dental office where yon oan make engagements by telephone. Their telephone is 391. Clothing, dry goods, ladies and childrens oloaks. jackets and capes at less than coat at tne I. X. -L. Bazaar, No. 18, foot of Broadway. - Ladies and gents woolen and cotton underwear in all colors at leas than cost at the' I. X. L. Bazaar, No, 18, foot of Broadway, next door to Faynter Drug Co. au interference of any oreign power, directly or indirectly, in tho affaire of onr goverment. and Comparison Cor H. M. Huuaps, li (i. Davies. iiecnrding e xrotary, President. - Holiday Display Now -Open Select Knights, A. O. U. W. dially Invited- Special inducements offered in our Fur Department on Alaska seal Garments, Seal Sets and all Fur Goods. Meet every Friday. j A regnlar assembly of Montana Legion No. TJie New Merchants, Operated by the Merchants Hotel company beg to anaouncs that it is open for reception of guests. Board $8 for tWenty-one meal tickets; $7 tor twenty-one contiunon meals; fifty cents for each meal; room? $125 pernay,'( parlor floor), $1 per (third floor), seventy-five cents per day, (fourth floor), liooms at loss rates by the week or month. Patrons are at liberty to board in the hotel and room elsewhere, or room in the house and take meals outside. Ail modern improvements, steam heat, electric light, return eleotno call bell eye-tern and eutisbiue in every guest obauiber. Brussels and velvet carpets used exclusively throughout the hotel; elegant bar ii n.l billiard toom. cigar stund, palatial bitrber shop, and oflice and uining loom on first floor. The dining department ia operated separately, by the Nagle sisters. Select Knights, convenes at their ball, in Odd Fellows .Temple, this evening t at 7:30 oolock eister legions are cordially sharp. Comrades of invited to attend. C. A. DONNEbY. Seleot Commander. N. P. WALTEK8. Hoc-order. Sands Bros: SANDS BROS. Sands Bros. BABCOCKS Xmas Neckwear. Newest Shapes Positively the Last 14 Days DeGember i : 0 TO CLOSE ASSIGNMENT. IN HELENA KNOWS EVERY CITIZEN THAT THE- Attractions Brew Boot and Shoe Stock O The San Jobs 1 Mullah, Idaho, Deo. 15. Special.l The San Jose mine on Chloride hill, now under bond to Hon. Willis Sweet, Idahos congressman, and Messrs. Stannus and Miatogf Moscow, Idaho, is being worked by a force of men in charge of A. A. Headrick. This property ia one of the Chloride bill. group and will undoubtedly, in the near future, prove to be a valuable mine. Lettnok Bros, are pushing work on the Grand Kepnblio mine, at tho Bitter Hoot summit, and will continue the work during the winter, 'i he Grand liepoblic shows plenty of galena aud carbonate ore ou the snrface and the tunnel, now being run will tap the ledge at great depth and prove the value of the pioperty. Everything points to a large body of ore in this mine. IS STANDARD; NOT SLOP SHOP AUCTION STUFF. the box, alongside which is a small wooden shad. Owing to tbs grading of tha street, the level is about three feet below the bank where tha tool chest ia. lteaching the piece, O'Leary threw his pick hastily aside, apiung np the bank between the tool box and the shed, and started off at fall speed aoroii the lot in a diagonal direction, vanning in zig-zag fashion with the idea of disconcerting the guard'! aim in case he should firs. Lawrenoe draw hia pistol, a 3d calibre, and ealled four times to the fleeing prisoner to stop, at tha same time waving hia waapon. OLeary looked over his shoulder several times, saw the officer and gun, and continued to ran. When OLeary had gotten abont 100 yards from the point where th gang was at work, and where the lot begins to slope down toward Sixth avenue, Lawrenoe tired. OLeary pitched forward on his face and lay there motionless. The other four pris-- oners, with Lawrenoe, ran to the prostrate man. and raised him op. There was a pool of blood where he kad fallen, bat it waa from bis nose and mouth, which had come in contact with the ground with great force. A hole in the back of his neck, from which . another sinali stream was trickling, showed where he bnd been hit. OLearys fellow prisoners picked him np and ovrned him to the boose of Mrs. F. . E, Ward, 315 Montana avenue, where he waa placed in bed. One of the "trusties among the prisioners was sent for a physician and returned with Drs. James J. Mao-Donald and J, J. Leiser. They probed for the ball and succeeded in locating it. It had entered just to the left of the spinal column and gone torward, missing the jugular vein and lodging somewhere in the muscles. India passage it, Mod taken ofi i the projecting part of one of the vertebra, and this Bhock to the spine had prodaced a partial paralysis. Ilr. MacDonald, who was left in charge of the case, decided not to make any effort to extract the ball at present, and ordered OLcsrya removal to tli hospital. By this time tuo eemi-paralyeig bad worn partly off aud the man was able to move hia aims with comparative freedom. I be doctor does not consider OLearys condition necessunlyfatal, bnt says that it ie impoa-aible to tell just yet what tbe outcome will be. Just now bo is doing as well as conid be expected, though suffering about his face aud lulenBe i nms botweou big shoulders. '1 he wounded man is about 35 years old, and is from Canada, but has been around these parts for noma tune, having worked in Butte aud Helena. When arrested for being drank not long since ho gave the name of John L. fculliv.iu, and acted ns though he wanted to fight. Ho said be lrad 40 Per Cent Reduction in Prices Since Dec. 1 Seleot nr hol-ilay prtmnts now end avoid the rush al The Bee Hive later on. THE - MINERS FAVORITE. We will display novelties in our line useful for presents. Those iesiring to make their selections should do so now, avoiding the rush ind having the advantage of selecting from a large and well assorted stock. We call especial attention to our magnificent line of " 1 Htr UamboHIt. - At a recent meeting of th Humboldt Consolidated Mining company Amos Johnson was elected . president; (Elisha Foed, vice-president; Mttsseni Ballard, secretary and treasurer, 'lhese gentlemen, with John btewsrt, C. Hoskme and J. Gainew, make up the board of trustees. Messrs. Stewart and Johnson recently took nine samples from the property, and tbe assays went from $8 to $13 per ton. HERCULES POWDER.) We will not be undersold. KLEINSGHJMiny. S BRO., Helena, ge rts. Mervs, Boys7 and of cigars by tho Weinstein makes a specialty box for liolid vy gifts. wilt Shirts. GKild Suits, rervs I.lghtnlng Gray Copper. There will be a special Meeting of the stockholders of the Lightning Gray Copper Mining company at the office' of the company, in the Bailey block, this after noon, at four p. in., to decide upon a future coarse of action, under the recent decision of the supreme court, . B EL ENA, MONTANA, DEALER IN INVESTMENT SECURITIES s Novelties FflrTSk BABCOCKS. MONEY TO LOAN IN THE PREVAILING SHADES. On Improved Property and Banohes. Will pnrchss County, Mnnioipsl Bonds and 'War lasts. Commercial Paper and Sobool and Mortgage Notes. Corresevadeace Sollslted. Ne. 1 Edwards Street. Msrehuta Natlsnal Bank Ualldlnc. OVERCOATS RICHMOND CREAMERY BUTTER UOYEY & BICKEL, CIVIL AND MINING ENGINEERS. The World Enriched. ' I f If tilities of tbe present day for khs reduction of everything that will condno A the material welfare and comfort ol r-ackind ars almost unlimited and whan Syrup of Figs was first produced tha world wav enriched with.thsoniy perfect laxative known, as it ia tbe only remedy whicn is truly pleasing and refreshing to the tast tnd prompt and effectual to cleanse tb lyste'm gently in the spring time, or, in fact, tt any time, and th better it n knows the wore popular it becomes r r a l1 c a fi c T; been working for Ex-btreot Commmiiioiier Brsdy, and had money coming to him. After bis relt-Hsa he got u job cutting wood at a private residence, aud worked along there awhile. He negotiated with the Indy of the hoastor a con) and vest, agreeing to work for them. He ss gtvi-n th coat and vest, batJts tho lndv Sew him wrapping np some othir articles withthem, he was dismissed. The coat and vent he bad o when shot. The second time be wa arrested O'Leary said be had gotten what monev wan coarng to him and bad "blown it in. Thu was tbe time be was sagged. OLeary remarked us be lay in bed yeetordav afUrnoun tut te thought it hurd that a ninu should hi- shot for nothing. He said he did not expect Jawrenc to shoot Watchman Lawrenoe sav OLeaiy had made a proposition to another of tin: gang to make a break yesterday morning, "lied the other man told me of thin, continued " ") LUillUlUvU We desire to .inform the public that our butter is Bold in . . . Helena only through ROOM? 24, 23, THE A., R. GATES GROCERY CO. Our Mr. L. Gans, who Is npw in Europe, has added materially to our Furnishing Goods line, having sent us many Novelties, Foreign and Fashionable Among them are: , , Mrrbanti National Bauk Baiiatn g. ( Ash raid for ironil hand houftehold furniture by (j. Ji. iftyior, on Hrotdway. Who have arranged with us to take the entire product of our creamery. Also that our goods are not branded excepting tho two-pound bricks, which bear the name of Richmond. Consumers of this butter will find it equal to any creamery product of any market. Helena, - Montana. jlaberdashery, Dress Shirts Lawrence, "it would have all been avoided, for I wonld have yaat pots chain on ,m. Why Is ltweky Fork (oat Ileconiln So Popular and giving sneb great satisfaction? Because hey are down 1,100 feet and it is very compact, AH orders filled promptly by Gilthcist llitos. A. Edo a a IJTHE RICHMOND CREAMERY COMPANY: Robes de Ghambre, R0b2s. de Nuit. Smoking Jackets, jiosiery, . The Wwklf Indepemleut, l'-l pajefl to Jan. 1 1JU3, lor $ i. --You Must Rely on the Brand. VOTirB TO CREDirORH-TN THE Hlft-triot court if the h e b te of MuntaaaiQ and for the County of Lewi aud lne . in the xraMr of th estate ef William New-ooinL-rJMfr, ce Cl t i-e i hereby given by the undersigned, ad LiiBiratir of tim etae of Mili atii Nivruule Gardner, derai ed to the creditor of and all !re . k Ciaim ara uafe the asid i- (X'Sii, La eiijU ti.iiu. with tie vone icr. within ton moathsafi'r the firt Qidicatioa f ihi t the aaitl adniinia'rati)!. at toe law oftn ef k'aawoa b'Hiard, room No. , Cold, in toe edy of liaU na. county of Ijewia aid lark, atata of JdontAiiS the name hein ta plaro frr trie tanactou of the baeinaoi said eatate ia aaid ceuoiy of lwts ami 1 Jk. Jir t.AKDNJ-K. Administrator of the eatate of WiUtain New-qairi (ltnlnat, dfkaL I ated rwin)r S, 1"WL. . i Umbrellas, Canes. BatK Pobes, Tho diupny f fare ca in ilnh. IrW. or. clajiio.p. f r. fKjli-heti wootl, muk, MtiD, evi amt haiiti toft i cannt I n fvjoiUeJ to tiiat no ou exiubmon at like ice lalkO- JE U I don t like to Chain t msu, bowev. r as it shows him up to everybody, and vui cau't get as maoh work ont of hmj, I didn't mean to shoot this man to kill, but aimej to bit aim in the arm and make him stop, elf i bad bad my big pistol-with me I could have com pretty Dear bitting him iSre I wanted to. I couldn't leave theotLermu to chase him, and either had to shoot or let him escape." Marebal Sim. aya he I very sorry for the shooting. .He would rather, whe-ea petty offender mad n clash for !ib rtv ht the man get off than bare him shot. 1 he chance were if a prisoner (p-cuped he lr,Hu lh tji af terwar J. Though he had sever known the qntslioii to b i brought up befope, yet he believed a gnard bad a right to a boot when a prisoner wnn trying to escape. Otherwise, if the primmer learned they would not be bot iisepUnGaln r no Idle boast WHEN BUYING FLOUR. A glance el bur lias will conylncej you that we utter In claiming to display the finest Jine west ol New York. -FULL OF NEW GOODS B FLOOK3 ITLOORS- tea Rocker Ha opened a hay; crnitL feed, produce and commission bnsituM oucorner Main street and Kiahtb aTenne. Give him a call. There I 5 can obtain Thefe is no other way io he sure ogeltinjj the best, are marly inflations of Minnesota Flour for sale. YGiY the genuine article by ordering your grocer to send you ' ' 1 1 Elevator (inspected) to ail floors. ASSnssMNT-NOTICE-OFflCtf OF C AU k caio Laud ComiaBy room I, i owr build hiTf n!y iih lfft L doll, v luumt clows Uu ia out. i v liich to ml) 1 lia A'rovMior. DlC t'iilf Cent on tbe Io!!ar. WASHBURIIrEROSBY CO.'JI-'-'BEST" FLDUB. . ntiem is hfrby givan that at a tarular month y oimodic of tha trnkiaa of tli( acato Land 4 o.. bald on tba 10th day of liacaniLor, js. i, an fewflurout of twenty I ID cento par liam waa Javiad 0wn tie catiitnl ftck of said i aaca to I and Hinifln payasda on t li. Ilftb day A fine line of clothing aud cant9 faraiah-in? pood uiuat Hi rlord ont immediatolr. !nr. Call soob in ba&dsll.oa , Whn rirtBum r foatiy 4 O turn Um-t inTh in ihir big mi U 4 in th In m Waknburn mis le.u':. .nT, ceb-braiBj wfh tfj wnora Pw m-a ai d , 1 Ar line of faery norr)tiM eoi table for ptoM?ui at lit 4 tee iave Madi in the Waslffurn Mills, Minneapolis, the largest and movt perfectly equipped flour mills in the world. J si nudt-ra u-Tn quantity at nWi,4a Svsiiica tin, Vtaael roJ w ; St la of January, lai. to ii. Hruwti, Kcrwlary of said rnnitiib). at the comiany a oiiir, roam i, buildiBg. iri the oily of lieboa. Moiaua Any stack npJD which a-aewmeat hall remain onpa d am th luth day of Febreary. hVi a all Uitmacd (lliN)WDt ud flhil be duly stiver liwl fr mIi al publta aoetton. and notoae pa elat ir made before, wtH be wld ao ue lHfi dajr of VarrU, 'lvi tfl pay dchnqrvmt ai-w'rof'ut- '.A)t with coets of edrerttoiuc aud .zp-cu.of R BHOWN. Gsorstarjk Date4 Deo. 10. ISOt. lislena. Host. Leading Clothiers, Hatters and If aberdashers. Z rim i.jtrf fluur b, tl, - .rei S, TlTr oau .f-r I''" i . to 1 1ID4 rrorora k.n sa Try Irky Perk Lrap Goal your furnace aud bard caaT burners Only per ton. (ttsauBT fine. r Bbos. A in Hs h- burn, m.hy u , , (.nwery Go., wnl lemta, liable.' ,U fm Sale M. fleiuis anil The A. B. Gales Grocery Co. 1 J

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