The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 20, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS -. , - tat DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP M^Km^^^SsSsSeilSoau ^* " ^ | Herald.' Leader. Biythevllle Courier )AV. .IANUAKY 'M SINGLE COPIES FIVE jf \ GREENWOOD, Miss., Jan. 20 (U \) P)—An Investigator for the Red ^ Cross left here today In a fast : motor launch to investigate reports that 1.000 persons in Panola county, north of here, were in im- mcJmte danger of starving. The investigator, w. A. Cox, was instructed to call upon nearby Red Cross chapters for Immediate delivery Of Supplies If ;i crisis cx _' isled. Panola county is in the diurict first co\ered. ay the flood waters. Parts of it have been under water more than a month. The report came from refugees fleeing the district, it said disease would llke- . ly break out. Netro Rescue Worker Drowns Jake Thor.ipson, negro, was drowned when he fell from a boaU \vlille attempting to rescue a fam- . ily marconed on a house top, Two other deaths from drcwniug, both negroes, have been reported. Other reports said livestock Jesses were Increasing daily. While Red Cross officials were hurrying the Investigator northward the weather forecast brought added worries to hundreds of flood victims. Th,? report said rain would fall over the area within 36 hours and- that 'rivers and streams would rise. The flood threat meantime was most, severe south of here near Belzoni, wher e a break in the dike poured water onto the district. • • > . The flooded area Is 125 miles - I long and 35 miles wide. Approx- ..- Y water,'Jan area several timeT'the •suauif-the. state of Rhode Island ' Ninety-nine per cent of Oreen.•*°° d , s . streets are under water and the convict gang of 300 faced its hardest task today in keeping the levees intact. Appeals ^ Court'Remtes Conviction of Banker ST. LOUIS, Jan. 20 (UP)—The federal circuit-court 1 of appeals lo- J day reversed the conviction of I Walter Co!e Hudson, Pin e Bluff, ;A»-k.,,bank proslduil, charged with ;WilXiiI of funds of the in- 1 jMtiullon lie headed. The court held that It had not een established in the trial that Hudson misused funds of the bank '-t that tank funds had been 1-v pletccl by his part in allegedly withdrawing lunils of a drainage • i > »\.iu wiav it. *JUU JIUL Refugees Tell of Critical ». e "- c ; i(ablisiled > .»* i'''«' ""u Conditions Among Pani . rs ola-County Residents. Paragould Man; Owner of Truck Involved in Accident, Is Defendant. . Circuit court, actions seeking a total .of $15,250 from Tom McDonald of Paragould; .Ark., were /fed today by members of the H B. Sprayberry family''.for injuries sustained when the Sprayberry car and a track, owned by the defendant, collided on Highway 81, near here Saturday night. Jack Norton driver of the truck, will be given a preliminary hearing Saturday on a manslaughter charge . growing out of the death of. Billie O«ne Sprayberry, is .months old who was Injured in the accident. . Complaints -in the two actions Bled are slm'iUr, both charging that the heavily, loaded cotton seed truck was negligently operated by the youthful driver and that the truck was on the wrong side of the highway when it. crashed Into the Sprayberry "carl In one action J3.000 is asked for the fatal injury of the infant, $5,000 for Injuries to the father, Homer E Spra**rry, iisoo for. hospital bllta for.the family..«idr*7G6 Jor dirh'i ftpe- lo ~the car. -In another com C. Sprayberry is 'for injuries: Me T* ear o"* l*w» LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 20 (TJP>- Thc Arkansas river continued to rise today, reaching- near flood i levels at several points between Fort Smith and Little Rock re- Ports to the United Press ^id Meanwhile other streams receded Kradually and flood danger In fouth Arkansas -lessened . Near Little Rock the Arkansas ithto * fflot <* ">e top plaint .Miss V seeking 15,000 sustained;-'. ^ Jack Norton; driver of the cot-; ton seed truck, was to : have beeri given a preliminary hearing today but postponment until Saturday 1 was. granted by Judge -W £>. Gravette pi 'municipal court due to illness of the'defendant,.'who is ttill confined to his bed as' a result of -Injuries.he sustained in the accident. • Norton is at- liberty . • under 'tl',000 charge. Kh <> m it hid already reached flood stage. Smackov^r Can't Decide Upon Chief of PoBce SMACKOVER, ,tt if Srnackover will have either to get along- without the city marshal or split, the office between its two police chiefs. At a municipal election early in December the contesting candidates, Day Police Chief Carl Hines and Night Police Chief Gray each polled 84 votes at a run-off' election yesterday each received 99 votes. The city treasury can't very well stand the expense of another election. One city official said. "I suggest they toss a coin." Hiccough Victim Will Suffer No 111 Effect* STUTTGART, Ark., Jan. 20 (UP)-Mrs. Ethel Cantrel), Humphrey, Ark., victim of a 4*-day siege of hiccoughs which ended Sunday- night, was rapidly regaining strength today and will suffer no permanent effects, according to attaches at Drennen hospital here. She was brought here Sunday to be x-rayed. Soon after striving the malady suddenly stopped. Physicians expressed the belief the rough ride In the probably cured the hiccoughs. Unemployed Laborer Win* Suit Against Town DEDHAM, Massachusetts, (UP)— The town of D3dham never hired John W. Leonard, 63-year-old laborer, but he sued for a week's *ases— and collected. Jt teems that he applied to Su- P«rtnt«iident of Streela David W. K.? ng .l tOB ' but was « {use<1 a J° b - ;~f heless - Leonard peeled off his coat and went to work. C0llrt ' later ' the . on the' crirainal ' It Is understood that the'Mc- . t»"i^».y i ia» .uouecuons tms Bonald trudt,-driven by Norton;'!? J' ear ' as security for their red'emp- covercd - by inability' insurance. tl " n -- ..'-•-. i covered - by inability 1 insurance. Claude P.- Cooper of-. Alexander and Cooper has been retained to represent- the -insurance -company in defense of trie complaints filed Will Save $1,346 Annual.. • ' f Robberi Kidnap Buker'i Family, Flee with CHICAGO. Jan. 'JO I pi')—Rvi' robbers kidnaped Die enllre Ii»n- lly of M. e. Moll, cashier of tb* Mate bunk ut Muniteloln. took them to the bank rnrly today mid held thj-m six hours before (hi- vault and taking W.OOO. The gong ivas the same thnt kidnaped Ihu family of father, 1119„ • - . tncr a "d lour children last April I ax Assignment to '" cx " cll ) f »« same way and es- .„, „.,, . . cnped silh $10,000 of ====^==^=r=r=.^===L. -... __^_. oii^M. lAgUgt FIVE CHl^S 1 N TRUNK ill! Prnnk Slayer" Goes On .Pay Water Bill Approved The tily counc.ll last night: Apirovtd an agreement with the Arkansas-Missouri rowr' (cmpiny cfTtctin; a 2« prr c»nl reduction in the city's whlte- «sy and. £lrrct UiMlag bill, partly by hnnr mtcs and partly tj cnrl.'illRwnt of service. Authorized isuiance tn the rt- «lver fir Associated Utilities, lik., ot wrlllkates of indebtedness in the amcunt of $4,900. ;ecuii:I by assignment of the city's share of the reneral property la.v payable this yrar, in settlement 'of the citj'a water bill. Advised representatives of Associated Utilities, Int., that revision or water r.ites would be etnsidmd by the council at Its wit rt(«tar .meeting, February 8. Settlement,' for five years at east, o! the controversy between he city and the Arkansas-Missouri 'ower company over street lighting -charges 'was reached last night with the approval by • the council of a five-year contract for while- way and street" lighting at a reduced rate. Under the new agreement the city will save li.3«,40 per year, on the basis' of the present number of lights, which la-'a reduction of exactly 20 per cent, but the white way, except for top , p Ights on the corner poles, . w ill be turned off at : 10 p. M. every night .except Saturday night, Instead of at midnight as in the past. . "... .-. The agreement i with rtipect to street 'lighting -does' u&i uHc-st the Kent action of. the*'council In ordering a. flat reduction of 2G per cent in all charges- 1 for electric currerK, no»- a raiting, court determination. ' / Tax . AtdfiuncDt ' Approved Settlement of the 'City's past due account with .Associated Utilities, Inc., operators of the local -water ilant, was effected through adop- ipn of. a resolution ' authorizing ssuance brcertincales-of indebted- the. amount of ti.OOO arid assigning the city's share ,"of '. gen- . eral property tan -.collections this - . ™° ^ tlon was taken, pn 'the 'gen. f* 1 subject, of, water rates, but ' Aller locking th p family In .the bank basement the gun£. loaded Paul Mou. •», ,),e eldest • son. Into theh cur mid drove him 12 miles inio the country where, they uushed him out, threatening -tho youth with death If he spread Ihe alarm. - • SUIT IS PENDINC Morgan vs. Chicago Mill Case Scheduled for ..Trial! This Afternoon. Trial of a. J25.000 damage oc- " lpll(! r Irom plato Tieasurcr Uon- tlon, which wns. instituted In 1928, nri1 to County Auditor Paul -Ccoley . ------ ...... --------- .v« ...,„.„, with Jen Morgan, who lost sev- ' eral fingers In an accident- at the Chlcago Mill a.nd Lumber cprpo- lles ° r post-Martlneau law roiid dis- rat.lon's plant, here, as. plaintiff «ml lrlcls '» !hl« county. Tim letter the lumber corporation^ defend- "plained that the 75 per cent of ant, was lo open this afternoon 'in sllch maturities payable out of ?lrC[tlt rVltlt-f )l«m • ' . thf (VlM/ltu't vdfipn nf *.._ n l.^_t. court ..^"iv i_uurv ncrc. ouys smre of turnback Trial ol the damage suit was' to (um!s mnoiints to »71,000 this year begin Immediately on the nh.i'h of nml lll!lt the anticipated turnback' closin ar lo tllls o closing arguments In th e case of lo tllls county: for the year Is only „.. A.. I/. ' Honnpr versus thn n \»r $35.000 or S4S ono u;h!r-h mni>.. u "" s Ktr e A.. L. ' Hopper versus thp O, W. »?5.000 or $45,000, which makes It, Swlhart estate. The Hopper'-Swl- evident that there will be noth fiart case was expected to go to ' rt '* * *-' ' •' jury at 2:45 o'clock. --•- j«-« _• «k. «.-ii_i u LJULK, rtpproxl? • •"•• "• »*«i 1 13^11^ tvuiiiy juuge niately $500 Is Involved iri the 8ald tllls morning truxt he planned oilt .Mith Hopper seeking to re- lo ln( l ulr e into th e ' legal authority cover from a Mrs. /Lancaster, of lhe slat « treasurer lo withhold •vho -wa the widow 'of O.-: W. I93 '' l uintmck money to apply o ' gn r ' .- . Swihart, money he clalrna 'to have . on Srtj " -,. ; .--. .-.-i, ,...-. IT^; o y q\7IJ. before he took'-over a-'store operated, by Swlhart. lie " tmned the store back ,„ awl - iiarl and started suit to recover on debts hci paid for Swlhart. The .'Leachvlllc postmaster and - gn "^ r 9 ad district .bond*' mntur ltles - ' -'"' ' • Tllc ' cxtrl1 o™ ore . Ilop'oer later votcd b V ll « 1931 legislature "fo ck to H»l- ll 'e benent ol county . road- funds, those funds In Mississippi county not at all. The Un, It Is estimated, costs the automo- Hill, 'district manager for tc , * U a - 1 * Ioss when'i in oeiense 01 tne complaints mea "«^-">ted Utilities,- was notified l 1 *^!? 1 ? to » cce P' the hay. by Harrison^ Smith.and Taylor. It he.matter would probably be tak- fi , I'l ° * 25 ' 000 damage is hardly .probable that the coses en up February 8. Atty. P. C ^ „ y Harv ' e y .McCall- again storekeeper died after . the con- blle °«'ners of the county approxt- test, started and his widow, who mat cly $40.000 a year. In 1931 the las since re-married,-is prlncinallv """"'" '"" J "^"' ' ntcrcsfed in defense of the ca«t Virgil -Qreeiie 'is counsel for M--S iJincastef and Reid, Evranl and Henderson represent Hopper A. V. Goodin of Charleston Mo was awarded $109 from' Ira Crr.v- ord by a. jury late yesterday. The- ury. held -that the sum was due Gpodm.on.a carload-'of hay Me -hipped Crawford but.-.was forc-'d to. sell at a loss when'Crawford . invu*Ajie ui«b HIT vtuxrs -•• . W K itw*««ij ?. rttgy. r. u. -^ rji V -"A^^aii n^aiiu tried during 1 the present) 0 *' 1 ?!" reported to the council , "^""^ds, which ,h»d" been circuit court.. ' i'hat he had been, unable to find i°. r today, was continued ferm of circuit court.. he had been, unable to find a copy of a water rate ordinance IS Posting of Reward Brings Letter From Notorious Reed Oklahoma Bandit. waer rae ordinance on motion PWsentea last summer. Farris ?{ *e defendant today. Wils Davis. Stmon ' > IeMler in the movement M« m PW5.»«orney, appeared as dc- for lower rates ^ 5um m", ad- '^ T 1 "* 1 vised the council that the ordin- ^ verai "ses in which the Prb-o QVina hnA !._>.-. ________ > i ... TQlllTtArt 1C j1cfnnr1n«|. 1 _____ mce had been prepared by Atty. Zal B. Harrison, and that if the original, had been lost could undoubtedly be obtained from ?' Pi him. $25,COO OKLAHOMA. CITY, Jan. 20 <TJ ).—Acjing Governor Robert Bums today received a death threat in an anonymous letter which he te- lleves was mailed by Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd, notorious machine gun bandit. The letter was mailed from Altus «t 3 P. M. yesterday. It was dated Sunday. The letter follow: "Robert Bums: You will either withdraw that $1,000 or suffer the consequences. No kidding. I have robbed no one but the moneyed man." * The letter was not signed. Monday Burns posted a $1050 state reward for the arrest and conviction of Floyd for who-r a state-wide manhunt is In propess. T robbing many Ohio Briof s Bad OU from F«W«e<lJpeS 1| Bee, SANDUSKY, Ohio, (UP) _ T h« old fashioned spelling contests, which were th«. fort* -of mother snd d«d in their Khool daw,' »re becoming popular H 'in in the" Sandtuky public school*? "Spell-downs" vt tt revived here by Principal Carl M.ckey, of a ju- nlor high school, who In.ugurated a. process of elimination to br^e wK ther(hlheHscl J 00 ^ «wt spellers the finals a copy Salary Cots Ar e n railroad is defendant have „.-„ set for. tomorrow. Included ' in the 8 roup is the suit/of heire of ?• P; Rhodes, who ar e seeking ?%° SI a r <*ulf or "the <ta-/; 01 .vir. Rhodes who was struck by a Frisco train. A motion for a Pectlve candidates for city offices at the April municipal election it ought to be untte«tood that it will probably be necessary to reduce the salaries of those, offices, city clerk, who now receives SO a month, the city attorney, who now receives $62.50, and *ree aldermen, who new receive 110 monthly, are the officers to le elected In April. Under the »w changes in the salaries of elec- :ive officer* can only be made at the beginning of their terms. No action on the matter has yet been laken by the council, but proposals lor reductions will,undoubtedly be considered at an early session. Several thousand dollars a year has already been chopped from city expenses through the r 1ew street lighting agreement, which Is effective as of January 1, 1932, through reduction of interest char~"i through purchase of city bonds, " "" - • cuts and pay- in state court is be- urt at Little . ....„,„,.< ggufnjt the railroad has E. H. Taber as plaintiff. The American Railway E*- piiJEs company l s defendant in a suit appealed from an inferior court In which the Radio Sales company is plaintiff.' A small sum is involved. . HOKUM Society Saves Circus Menagerie ST. LOUIS, Missouri, (UP)-Bjt for the Humane Society, Leo the lion, Topsy th« bear, and two hy- n ort hern and flT e monkeys would have flar- in. w*st ved to death. ^ted David P. Hasten, owner of a i land. JHTOH, Tole sTntll circus, arrived here to wt up I Detroit as well as winter quarters and only had 4?0 ,' Continued until ? B y of next week on motion' _ T «"» Gas May B« i . » ,, , Into Buffalo . _ CLEVELAND. (UP) — Construe on of i 1,500-mlle natural ^ discussed by the same Interests which constructed a similar conduit into Cleveland reports. this year, jccoidlng to ruction cor- to » oup of southwest- Ir0!n * " but there wert no takers. 50,000 millions. 1 rcasurer Intends to Apply bst 1931 Turnback lo • 1932 District Debts.' Not only Is there scant possibility Of Mlsili'jlppJ futility receiving any Mule highway turnback money In Wtt. Iml it apparently Is Ihe Intention of tho stato Ireasiuvr lo withhold this county's shiu- c ot the extra one ufiiit gasoline tax for the Inst qmirter of 1931. January n U WHS mmauncrd at I.ltlle 'Rock by Slute Treasurer Hoy V. Leonard that warrants fer the inmrterly, iltstrlbiitlon o[ thy cn c «nt guEollno tax levied for the benefit of county road funds lin<l bcm mulled to the county IMIsslsslppl county's slime wns given os S7.31C.49. Nu Turn Batk Thh Vrar When sc\ernl days 'passed nnil ic wnrrant fRll«l to arrive county olllccrs began to look Into the matter. Tlio explanation cnme In ">tl»ft tlint ^thc • iiionby .«,is being 1>cM to upplybn 1932 bond mntiirl- the county's of turnback ' or 'he county. county Judge, ga»llrw'. tax, for county received about $13,000 in turnback. This year, It. 'appears it will receive nothing.. In 1930, Before, .the extra tax. was applied, 'no. county received about $31000 •'.. Hesull of Act.63 • : The'.sl;uatlon involving this count's share of tho last quarter turn- oack for 1931, as described atove, s-cited by county officers-as 1 another example of the tendency on :he port of Mttl e Rock 1 officials ;o make public .-announcement of slate payments lo counties ihnt lot always are actually made. NCt ong ago, It Is recalled by Roland Oreen, deputy treasurer, announcement was made at Little Rock of .urnback of severance tax 'receipts to the counties. This county's warrant was received In due order, Jut when the treasurer attempted o convert It into cash it wns re- ,urned with he notation that no funds were available. Loss to the county of highway turnback funds Is the direct rc- " a clause in Act 63 ol the version of a sufficient part of !0ch county's share to pay 75 per cent of principal and interest ma- s of highway improvement t-1 organized in the county 1927. .Mississippi county is one of the few counties in the stale having a considerable num- of such districts, practically »H In the southern part of the Jounty. Vigorous protest against 'his provision was made by rcsl- *?«* » ' ** 1 * ' 5 'he tim ln 'he legis —. .,.,., ^ , u tllc icyis- uuiia oi uiis law, over a Dtuion ature, but Hep. E. E. Alexander dollars annually, eventually will *. *. ^P'* 111 .'td to appear be- cause breakdown of the greatest days country ever conceived." 'ore the house in the session and made passage. ..... aid to — county goss to pay the bonds is- to build roads serving a Mrt of the county's total «,.„ leaving no slate aid for roads serv least three-quarters of _ KENKFTT. MO Jan Place cratlc club, with Mrs. Paul Bald- of Homersville and ana. u. i 2l£. of ^""P 1 * 1 '- The women hav. themselves to get out wo- in general. iking sketch, drawn uy Art Kreni,' staff ortist.tov NEA Ser' , . vice und Courier News, '.shows an unutual character • Bluoy of MM. Winnie Ruth Judd, who Ls no*, on trim for her life, at Ph'ocntx, Ariz! She Is being tried nrst for' the slaying of Agnes Lerol, x-ray technician, three muntlvi ajo. A separate- murder Indictment- charges her will) staying and dhmr.mberlng Helvlg Samuelion, tubercular conyaltjccnt. Long Candidate Eiuy ~ Winner in LwD*iuu NE\V ORLEANS, Jan; ifl (UP).Returns from- 'IXiesday's --,-0*010- cratlc. primary today 'piled ;iip an increasing lead for O. K. AEen for governor and demorutrated that Huey P. Long's hold on the state electoroto was Intact. . • ' Election day .was marked . with persistent flr.rc-ups, occasional violence and.a .dlsplaj-.of arms ovtr South LuulEloru. Texas'.^ulhbfities;Seek- Injunction '.'Agaiiut Cotton -•Planter; •'...•-.' .'.'''•'.' .i\ FRANKLIN, Texas,-Jan. 20 (UP) —Corutltutlonallty of tlw new Texas cotton, acreage- reduction law wat;:tiken to Judsc W, C. Davis of'the 81st-'district court here tp- diy by County • Attorney T. L. Tyson, ZT-year-'pld proseciilor, and Assistant County Attorney C«rl L. Matthews. •' -• • : '• •• They asked tho court for an In- Hnr Snrinoc Man 'Pr>lov, -function to restrain Fred li. Smith, not Springs man tnletS Robertson county cotton farmer; Congressional Race on Repeal Platform. ' HOT SPRINGS, Jail. 20 (UP)— Believed to be one ol the first , from- planting more than 30 per cent of Ms cultivated 'land in cotton this 'year. Law . JACKSON, Miss., J«n. 20 (UP) — ' ^jn.m,*t,u iw i^; UIIU \Ji me IlrSt *" •-""--~*"-i •—«-*j., unu. *v \ur^-~ candidates to reek nn Arkansas Mt5sl6sl Ppl's cotton ncreige reduc- congressional scat on a wet plat-r tlon '»*•. fcftoctcd during the late form, W. C. Boulc, fdrmcr Gar-j sp<!cl a 1 sesifcri, became a dead let- land county prosecutor, today an-j'- r "^ 1Ioon today. One of ", - nounced his Intention of opposing Congrcsman D. D. Olover, Malvern, far the Democratic nomination at tho August primary. The former prosecutor, outlining his wet stand, snid: "It Is not difficult to see relief from present conditions can come . its provisions was that states producing three-fourths of the cotton crop must act similarly by noon today or the Mississippi law would be nullified. Senator W. B. Roberts, co-ar- thor of the law and leader of the acreage reduction fight in Missis- .. v ... K ,L.»>,V i.ujiiniiuiL> kun come "-itdfic imuwuun iiifiit in inissis- only with restoration of industries ! 'PP', declared today that there Is now closed. We can realize the no hope of reducing 'acreage by . tremendous expense which haj tnis ..~...... n j W uo v.-ij^-njt n 1111,11 ut^f r*.^»»4«k.n^ii iiiia ycur unu RQVlaCCi been brought about through the Mississippi farmers ,to diversify demorallzlnft conditions Incident to and liv e at home, our liquor laws has had much to do with It. T)K huge expense placed upon business through violations of this law, over a Wlllon Cotton Exports for 1931 Exceeded Those of 1930 WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 (UP)— ., . _. tvnontrtUiUrt, Jan 2Q (UPJ^- HfipMsenumvc Qlovor represente cotton exports from the u! 3. In , an ^ C °? ? r tflnd | !931 "«">"> ""«* <" th < P"" Is an avowed dry. |, ous y^ by y,j m M ^ ^^ Ing to data made available today by the commerce department. *££ Pri»n Chaplain HM Faith After Death WaQu . Because of the drop In cotton prices 'these exports were vc'.uc Women of — Ak • .'"'!"» Ul L County OnaidZC ***«' *lth them on the march" to the galloa^. ki prices'these exports were vc'.uec ««« »' the Lake Street Method- about IWB.000,000 lets than those ^ c ^ rc , h Ji 1 ,'! se3 tonighl with ths of 1»30 Rev - P« ul Qalloway, of Kelser and 'Til ToUl exports for 1931 were 6.- ^! ner ' IIpt 'Sl l , ln L- th ', Cl f 1 s ""^ 01 ojftnisA i._,.. _. . ... - mon. He trill h*> nKqletpr h« th* POtSOM PRISON. Cat.. (UP)-, _ . . Father P. J. Cronin, chnplain of..T™ «P°rts ... ... Folscm Prison, has talked to thou- ?JfS** btl * s «raP«red with 6,sands of hardened criminals, and ' 75 .°°' oaks in 1930 . He has learned to know well men convicted of horrible crime*. He haj known congenital criminals. v ct he still believes in the "In- n«t« wholesome neu of hum«n ns" PJ«d «h 7«,000 ,n December, ««™ :. as vice-pres- {Vi £ "Society Is not to blame lor Reduced Cotton Rates to Pick , Jury . ; for Arizona Woman's Trial, Continues, i •' "'.'..•' Out of a sky ii. 50 Hie II dropped tho hint today lllal "In Hum Judd-may'try to s i,o" w ' : . that sliu was .not slorie In tlv kin- '' ing "f Agnes Annie Ltrn[ if«Kl>' admits slwdld It at all '-.. '' The . Intimation was carried liii. question addressed to a live Juror by o»j t n« i-inan LewkowlU. It was ly objected to by the .,„ Judge .Howard Speakman the queitlon out, so that kowltz had no opportunity •note broadly at what he mn Uwkowlt?: auction was'lonft.- anil Involved but in effect IV wi» this: If you sit In thlsiirlal as i'-i Jutilt; nnd evidence Is produced'-' placing a rcuonable amount'!of : suspicion ot) someone, else, would you acquit this defendant.?. Sharp objections, were promptly sustained and the question went" - unonswered. ' . . •-:--.-.• Earlier defense questioning "'of prospective, jurors had Indicated «ri Insanity deftna. Mrs. J udd Is b>- Ing tried for lus..rn,nrder ol.Mrs • Urol, whose body- with that,of ; Ml&s Hojlvtg ISaniuel5on,.wa<rfoiirid -. In a . Los .Armeies. railway station bfit October 1». Thb'bodlen were sent from PlHimlx by Mrs. Judd an Child Stmiy Authority to Sptak Here in April OaroMne >H«geri of "thp'SuV.% i McConajek -.Memorial:: , : pf"v r :\s viiKHfo- : (ltd:%...fiddly:known,jiii- il- thorlty-on~6itil*i-Btudy,'«Wlll -ylslt'.-'y* Oils city April'M.'- .- : ,*". •••' i' She Is ti» speak before the irwet- -, ..IK ot ,tlui . Mississippi County Council of Parent-Tcncher- asioct- atlons on "What' A Community Owes the Child" and that nljht ". she-will appear at the city .'•• «udl-- tdrlum for n Iccturo on "Adolescent" Ajge."...;'- . .. • v •';; It Is aii unubunl tvcnt .-(or Dr. H*d«er .to. visit .any .meetings . oilier than stato or national j(att> trlngr, and .education leaders of the • country aro looking .forward , to her lectures, , . • • . - -U Wffl Admit New Pupil* fe Only at Sudbury School ' Pupils entering the first grade "it' the .public schools at t'he opsniny of -•. the second semester -Moridayy.. ; i ^ will. be accepted only; at the Sud- ' : 1 bury school, Crawford 'pr«ri»,'---l5 superintendent, announced tpd»y. u ft'i Due to present conditions in .the ":i* Central Ward grammar school :and- f* at .the Lanse school in .the third '.(• ward, It will be en- -.[/ roll I-B pupils there, Mr. CSreene K pointed out. Pupils enrolling-for r- the I-B class at the . Sudbury - J. school at, mid-term must be six i.;' years of age or within six *eeks '•-!.-; of six years of age, it is.stated. : -" '!'• Monday In the senior and Junior '•' high schools will bo devo!«j'fc> •'.. registration in the new private j' school, according to announcement. •{.." Miwistippian Is Y. M. G. 'A.' iBtematiqnat Secretary NEW YORK, Jan.' 20 (UP) — Prancls 8. Harmon. 37; editor of :he Hattlesburg, Mtss., American, has been, elected general secretary of the International commission of he Y. M. C, A.-to succeed,,John R. Mctt, .who rssigncd last'auni-,. ncr after 17 years of service.-;:-' Uke Street Meeting • Close Tonight The evantsllitlc meeting in pro- at the Lake Street Method- , - mon. He will be "assisted by the Rev. S. H. Hood. ' The host pastor,. the Rev, :W. J. >r EATHER Other officer* nf ik» nm.nt,. ««ieiy u noi w wame lor W«OHIKUI\JN, jan TO iUP>— '- tlon include Vrf Minnie ou^n cllme ' »" h ou!h it Is a social phe-|Th« interstate ccmmerc* cornmii- .. „, ..! ncmac ... Mts - . Mnnle <3 ulnn n-^enon." Futher Cronin said, lion today authorized t»llvoad$ to "The tlevl at Ion of crime Is a mat- reduce rates on cotton shipped Approved by CommtWOI ARKANSAS-rncreaslng cloudiness, probably showers tonight and Thursday. Warmer tonight. WA8HINOTON, Jan W iUP) According to th e official 'weather ; otsen'er, Charles Phillips, Jr M the [minimum temperature here yes»* teV«-^taTb«ft ,c K^eSSS SSTpoSr in th^ 1 o°u n «h, 5 H ^'^."Td^ISi P'S JdtL" ght tWnWn * 4nd ^^^O^ • • -Sum^grSHlo^' Jl .-' JuCUA, The BCtJ/ili urns (oV»n In M-A**. j... • ,. , . •15 for. the Democratic T^' O hapun n Is »g*lt»t punliihnwnti The action wi»3 taken In order that railroads might meet com- potltlon by truck* and tarft Urns. the To- , , . day a year ago the .inlnlmuhi teni- peruure TM 30 degrees and the maximum, M tfegrecc. ,

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