Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 15, 1931 · 19
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Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · 19

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1931
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J wrnvrsntv. nix it io.ii- -piTTnrnnn r t : r. r a n r n- -fuhrr Depa rlmenU. fiRnnt fl'firi- -vivrTFrv MIS PUBS MINT TREATED EDWARDS GASE 16 a'nd alone, studying art INVITATION BY BASKET! Imply Ore Maih-d I m!) Islam (hullo I'topl.rl 1 EEfl P0S1 IT in ESS IIEU 1 Bk$ NxVf 1 'J ... .;.et r,.kf'''.'- !; f- "1 K ?mA M-A Photo by IMtltvirfh Hiifl-T'kiirapfl. POSTAL EMPLOYE PREP A RISC TO DELIVER SOME OF 5.000 Some of the 5,0110 empty rhip baskets- that Islam (irnlln. Ma-tonic aortal organization, mailed In lit members in lirealer 1'ilts-hurh ilh an invil.itinn lo nlace Ihrrrin lunches and alt'ttri I lie erg niaaliim'a annual pirnir a( Chester. . a., Friday, .1 ill v 21. Rrttthers Wins Stay Of Iingle Sentence CHICAGO. July 15.-AP. -The commitment of leo V. Brothers, of St. Louis, In the penitentiary at Juliet lo .eic a 14-yea-r term for the slaying nf Alfred J. 1. ingle. Chicago ciime reporter. 1 wus held up today bv a writ of supersedeas issued bv Cinef Justice ricriuic H. Uc Young, of the Illinois Supreme C'mirt. ' The stay whs planted In roi-neetion th an a)-al of the cae to the Supreme Court. PendirtK the outcome of the appeal. Brothers will remain in Cook County Jail. National Alliance Also Hears Coleman, Taylor, McGovcrn and Anderson Service rendered by Negro r.oitrfl workers wa praised by i sentor jme j. invn, speaK. ! in(! at the sixth biennial con. I vention of the National Alli-I ance of lotal Kmployet in the ! Kbenecr Haptiat Church, Center avenue and Devilliers 'kiirrl. Uxt niRht. Other apeak-i era ere Couiitv Commissioner (Cliailea C. MrOmern. Mrsl Aa-fci.oiunt PoimaMer Cleneral Arrh ; Coleman. I'twlmHster Jamea B 'Andrraon and Avsitnnt City 1 Solicitor H C. Tavlor. i h i i.i i or Duvi said: ' "Hv tuur Individual and rol-j rc live erf oris ion do a treat deal I more work than any other postal din e In the world. Thl la a rim nl r v where the Individual ahinea. When e lime our Individualism e are loot. It la likewise a routilrr of loyalty. Ihr man al the helm of the Republic ran le trusted lo do all that la humanly and legallv pos-kiltle In prnmiite the f eneral wrllarr." M I.IOMI S DII.KiATr S Cmnmivsioner MifJovern Raid: "llethenv aunty and the City of I'ltlshurth have murh lo nfler sou. Me anl you lo rnkiv II all- The three rounty rominlsKioners upend for the central fiscal manacement of Ihe ( nunlv about S.tO.OOO.OMO a year. 'I he Count, with a population of l.tiOAOOO. ha R00 mllesi id excellent hlrhwayt. and 400 hndcea rancini In rosl from SH3.000 lo S7.0IMI.8OO. 1 he vlein-llv abound In historic interest. welcome you on behalf of Ihe CniHitv" j TIIAU's' SI.Kltl: liltOWTII I Piwtinastrr Anderson traced the Riowth ft the postal service. He "l.ach (eneratinn has handed down this protection amplified and Improved." first business- sessions or ine . rnnven'ion ere to begin today, A ! tour of the city was to be made duriii the afternoon, when 1 ieath ete to be pluced on the Slave of Stephen C. Foster, composer of Neifio melodies. A one-hour suiK'nt eivne was to be held at the Foster homestead, 3600 Prim aenue at 4 p. in. I The tour "'d "n a vis" t0 the Air Mail Flower Show at 867 penn avenue, where there will be 1 displays of flowers received by air ; I mail from U Aimele. New Or- I leans, St. I-oun. Milwaukee. J- Nii,e h ii.d ied ki,( t- I'll'' 'teH'riiei.ts ee unen jlili'.s u the Tu'i'-ri uio-i.s Lcnirir lo-'i'i. Ite()f,,i(j aven le ami W4ii'l!es, street m June i (orl;r.it to s re-lort l id today by Al.ee K .S'eart. t'er.i-tal kuperinten'leiit of the eatu- lit tliis rinir.V'r . rll.'iO wne mill tieutmei.tt, i,d the umamder ai!.fi(.l lul.t I These tren'mer.ts hue lx-en u by the Tuurci.!is Lcsuue unte tl:r,'heiapy h,i inened ie(ouni!ion in tne trea'ment of tuberculous A buiiet.n iv.ufd by the National Tubei ulon A rfj-riati-in. an affiliated onuwat.'n wains fuffereis acaiiist k'.im.!- trilt to l.dht ttea'nieiits H'ept under epert piesct:ption As nmi h harm as kj1 can tie dni.e the pubhi ai.oti savs by is dlMrilllinate use of helimhriapv because the science i t.l in an experimental ta'e. Wllin. M-AINS S V. Ji.I 15 'AP 1 Th"n-.as WenMrom, 34 "rai-i,ici vaie.-mall, was In lb county ja.i toiiiiy lit default of bcl cliarsed w.th l-erj'jrv. at't roile .nil r,e -..ned a false affidavit U t Mf(i that he had reen t'i:!'y .f rniscnnrt'H t l'h Mis Wihiarn If Mwarrts. 'ife of the (firmer coiiccor of internal ieMi'ie for Ne Yoik The aR.d4vit came to ll'-'ht sev. eral inontn hi mhen D.8 Bll f.r!aias. e.rrn'r Princeton f'jot-r,a!l s'ar f3 a roun'er ult lor c!;vorf chic:r.s infidelity, after hit wife had ar-cised. hirn of men-til rrir!!y and r.on-support in i Mil' lor setjara'u.n Wwtrcm admitted to Dtstriet A!'oir.ey rafik H Covr.e his story r.ad bien faorica'ed and alio con-feved he t.itd tU':rfl a fslse riepo-ition fr'im Frank pao, Rrons i hnurte.ii, to be u-'d 'I'h u in Kii aid1 u;t Nuttid tr.e di-.iire nor the wp.tirtUni, case has vet been fjeaid. l:KCI.t'MIVR I'H'lT') li pilura Sun Tl'rj EML SITKA, IS AND AlONE ASD OUT OF WORK. PAINTIHC IS THE GARRET THAT'S HOME f-.mil, hit father dead and hii Invalid mother John Kane. Strip artist who has reached Inter-In a home, wnrkint in an abandoned convent. national fame, f mll la untutored in art. lives 1711 Liberty avenue, with painla discarded bv precariously hv odd jobs c finds in Ihe city. T MEET IT T mans. New Voik. and other nties. A conference of high school and collene instructors of vocational and industrial arts will be held today and tomorrow in the Fac- 1 ulty Club of the Carnegie Institute of Technoloey. under the . joint auspices of the University of j Pittsburgh and Carnegie Tech. ) The first speaker this afternoon , was to be Dr. L. H. Turner. Other j speakers will be William Rasche. of Milwaukee and David P. Jarkey. of the State Teachers' College. c Resume Installation Of Home Gas Lines WAYNESBURO. Pa.. July IV Work of Installing domestic con- ( sumer gas lines in Moi risville was resumed yesterday after being ' suspended because of injunction ! proceedings brought by the Manu- ! facturers' Light and Heat Com- i pany. Pittsburgh. The injunction j was dismissed last week. Jcxtile Strikers 1 Ignore Peace More j CENTRAL FALLS. R. I July , 15 AP. Strikers of the General Fabric Corporation failed last night to attend a meeting called by a Department of Labor agent and a citi.ens' comnuitce to discuss means of settling a textile strike, which has been ac-eompanied by three riots in a i week. Letters made public by James 1 P. Reid, president of the National i Textile Workers' Union, a Com- munist organization, Indicated the strikers' committee would not al-' low a third party to negotiate a settlement. Miner Fatally Hurt ! When Hit by Auto FREDERICKSTOWN. Pa.. July 15 James Peirko. 47. a miner, was fatally injured when he was j run down by an automobile driven, police said, by Fred Mid- ! dleton. 40. of Clarksville. near his j home last night. Police said the victim stepped Into the path of the car. SUREJ I'M KEEPIN' MyiADLt .1 i p ff j CELLOPHANE SEALED M At W A V WITH CLEAN. CELLOPHANE SEALED OLD GOLDS Maybe he says it with a twinkle in his ye. But he means it just the same! No self-respecting husband wants to salute the wife and kiddies . . . with a breath like an ash-tray . . . heavy with the reek of stale tobacco. Two things about OLD GOLDS make them odor-clean and fragrant. FIRST, they are PUR E-T0BA CCO . . . free of greasy, breath-tainting, teeth -staining, artificial flavorings. SECOND, they are never stale or dry. For they come to you factory-fresh . . . sealed in Cellophane. Whether you're a stalwart steel-worker . . . or a dainty debutante . . . you'll like PURE-TOBACCO OLD GOLDSI Their clean, sun-ripened, Nature-flavored tobacco will make "Keep Kissable" . , , a real and pleasant fact for you. YOUNG ARTIST SUPPORTS SELF ! In the garret of an abandoned convent at 1711 Liberty avenue, in a loom adjacent to the one from which John Kane painted t his picture of the ' Strip." theie lives another artist. 16. out of work and seeking an education. I Since the death of his father and the removal of his invalid mother to the city hospital at Mayview a year ago, Em:l Sitka has strived to eke out a living doing odd jobs after school hours. He attends Central Catholic H;ph & hool. In what spare time a p?ip:l who rams his own living hus. Err.il paints and sketches Willi a set o paint discarded by John Kane, he recently completed his first attempt at oils Nlagaia Falls. The walls of the third-floor room ate covered with the youth's pencil and charcoal sketches of persons whose likenesses appear in newspapers. He has never attended an art school. The room was given Eniil by the Rev. Father James R. Cox. Food and clothing are problems which the boy must solve himself. Emil wants work of any kind, but most of all he wants employment that would teach him painting and drawing. JONASSON'S-Liberty at Oliver-AT. 6200 Airy "Nothings" these Important EYE LETT Q3ATD SHIES On Sale! $fc& If you'd like to wear as rear!y nothing as the law allows and yet the smartest wmttktng. decide on Eyelet Batiste. These would be much, much more were it not for a special purchase. Rose and daisy eyelets and the darlingest of wee sleeves. C..tt..ti Mi j'. Tl EIGHT Til SAVE tmmm JEFFERSON. O.. July 15 'AP. A petition in error was filed in behalf of Mrs. Julia Maude ; Lowther. 23, confessed slayer cf j Mrs. Trilby Smith and the first woman in Ohio to be sentenced to death in the electric chair. The petition contained 850 pages and listed 24 instances in which ; Mrs. Lowther's attorneys con- ' tended the court erred during her trial. One of the charges alleited abuse of discretion by Judge i Oglevee in qualifying Jurors. Mrs. Lowther testified she killed j Mrs. Smith for love of Smith, who ; also is under a death sentence. X cult-Found Island )'ields Silver Ore EDMONTON. Alta.. July IV AP.i Silver ore specimens from the "treasure island'' of Great Bear Lake were being taken to ; Ottawa today by T. O. Donovan. ! of Detroit, discoverer of the Island ! and its outcropping. University of Alberta experts said the specimens had assayed $1.0.15 to the ton. However. Dr. J. A. Allan, head of the department of geology, warned against any stampede into the area, say- . Ing considerable development 1 woik must be undertaken before Ihe existence of the ore m com- j merrial quantities is proved. I Fx-Wife Sues Her j Successor for Iialm PORTLAND. July 15. 'AP.I ! Suit for SL'OO.OOO damages j charging alienation of the affections of her former huband. Clarence M. Frank. Chicaco stock j broker, has been filed here bv i Wllma Bennett against Mrs. C. I E. Dnnt. wife of a Portland lnm- ! her man. and her daughter, Mrs. i Kathryne Frank. The plaintiff alleges the two ' schemed to win the affections of Frank, who married Kathryne j Pant last May, six months and I one one day after the plaintiff I obtained a divorce. , Sandino Captures ! Town After Rattle MEXICO CITY. July 15. (AP.i ; Dr. Pedro Zepeda. foreign rep- resentative of August mo Sandino, i said today the insurgent leader had captured the town of Limay. ; Nicaragua, with a force of 400 ! ment last week, wiping out the : native garrison and confiscating large quantities of arms. Six rebels were killed "FRESH tIKB . HONEY TO YOUR THROAT OT A COUGH IN A CARLOAD O P Lorlllntd Co .lnv. NO "ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS" TO TAINT THE BREATH ... OR STAIN THE TEETH Looters of Laic Offices Get SI.) Thieves who ransacked three' de.sks in the offices of Snyder. Craig fc Shrums. attorneys. In the Law and Finance Building, Rot $15 yesterday, according l police. Their loot included abofil 4 in stamps. Rose Eyelets a flaiterin; frill of a eoilar and just sleeve enough, in wtille. blue, pink, t:rnn. or jellow. 14 to 40. Se'f Flower . nn the much hi-her priced types, as Indeed these are fdtnv eolor as firt model. 14 to 40. VioncK-ish diagonals anil tlie jh-iip-i how sieves and .-k'rt fl,ii While, blue. pink, tieen, i" yellow. 14 to .'('. Frilled ivvt't in vnki's aru, Mnw -l'H-v.'5. Vfii'. . pinU, rroti or yd lo w 1 4 to 4 0. M l!T 1 12 J O Nii 3 N J V

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