Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 10, 1931 · 1
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Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · 1

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1931
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i 1 f tOIM The World Qucsiicm. Hi Heart Cnl Out. In l ive 1 00 Years. Wholmlcrslnnds Money I Rv AKIIH K BRISIUM!- TMK WORLD que t inn l: "What Is Germany' ion-dlli.ni?" The aernnrt question: "Whl aould happen la the world If lifrmm hiduslrv and finance ahmild i-IUpe?" That piiiliHhlv atll mil happen, although On man rlloit to borrow sSOOOOOOOU In bolster Ihe Reiclisbank, ho how ctifTirult the situation I, even after President Hnnvei ener-gretic anion tempoiailly Mopping payments under the Young rlan, Vntl nEMKMtlKR. rw.haps. that this column ha nftrn advised mimnM buying foreign hnndx, indiscriminately, an investment niM hum I a.ifer In such time a lhr.r. Some, that piff'itH foreign Investment, templed by higher Interest rates, or glowing salesmanship niciilm. realize, 1 lescntlv. if thev ha.r rri none ko already, that the warning given here whs needed, THOSE THAT know anything about finance huf known for year thai Germany rould not fulfil the of ,he Young plan. Germany knew khf could not possibly live up to the trim of the plan, on the verv day thnt she signed. What Germany wanted to eel nd of foreign soldiers. French. English, and wme nf ours, holding possession of Herman soil, at On nun expense. Khf would have wgnei anything ' to eel rid of thm. she dirt sign. i und gnl rid of tncm. Now she Bets nd of the Young P'n. , COTTON DROPPED $1 50 a , bale yesterday. Wheal went to a new low pine. Senstoi fap- per wants to know how farmers can afford to pv h:Kher ' freight rates, in rase the Inter-atate Commcice ComniHMon consent lo mem. Wall sheet yesterday like the old Canadian lady, who used often to my: I ! (rll m husband I dnn'1 know what to tell him" "Wall sheet didn t know hat ' to tell Itself yeMeiday ! ANOTHER RACKETKF.R killing in New York City , e mphasiwv horribly, the brutal-, tty and bitter hatred that in-apire these killing. Carmello ' Liconfi. racketeer ionii led I with the Brooklyn haiucr' and longshoremen' union. the 1 Victim. Hi throat had been I iiashed. the head almost I aevered from the oodv. and h' heart had actually been cut ! oot . I Human nature develop hideously, when contempt for law ' become universal, a It has tione recently in the I'nited States, when oft'rlals suppoM-d 1 to enforce the law shaie the I profit of law-breakers. and, i fear of punihmer. w removed. I JOHN D ROCKFm.t FR I mv he hope to live 100 veass anet hia fellow citizen hope that 1 he will. He has lendeied one i great service, proving Hie foolishness of unrestricted compel l-' tion. the most wasteful thing in ' the world. And. having accumulated hundreds of million, he spends 1 them usefullv for unenre and ! education. The people would like to see him live lo 1 000 YEARS, except thai It would ' not amuse him. LTJIGI CORNARO'S raieer 1 proves that men. to some extent. can control their length of life. Told by doctors at 4(1 that he ' had oniy a short time lo lur. he said he would .see about that. . and did. He experimented carefully ' witli his diet, and wrme hi i book. Discorsi Sna Vifa SotVin. when he was 92 ycais old. ' mounted hi horse without help i for a daily nrie when past 90. , He wrote lo the arc hbishop: I had to live to he 90 to 1 learn that the world was I beautiful," He died at the age of 8. , He took 12 ounce of solid food, and IS ounce of light Italian wine everv da". Mr. Rockefeller onvls the wine. 1 THE WORLD'S diflerc r.t . money situations are strange. Germany heps lor ciciiit. lo ken her Industrie. nliv. Wp re .pond . with $100,000,000. winch isn't difficult, for we haf o nuich nioncv we don't kiio what I" do with II. In Wall street y est 'I'd a v money lent as low as one-half of 1 ppr cent a year, on first -class acceptances. Stock exchange loans were at l'a per cent, private bankers lent at 1 per rent. Who understands finance? NOBODY. SENATOR BORAH tolls Colliers Weekly, out toriav. (hut canceling war debts is dangrr-nii --the sums brlonR lo the American taxpayer." And if these debts are cancelrd, Senator Borah says there must he "some reasonable assurance thl American taxpayers will en.ioy some economic advantage." The Senator la also ai'ruld Hint money saved by Europe will be invested in war. also thr.l our private citizens may lose some of the seventeen billion dollar that, they have lent, privately lo Europe. ' THAT IS a case of. the horse 1 and the bain aonr. Americans may lose many of the sevenlon billions lent, lo Europe, and the money we are not noing to get , from "war loans will probebly be spnt largely for war preparations. As for economic advantages." the ndvantnse of Ktiiope is the question of the moment, not. that, of the United Htates. tOpvrig!t 131' Km' rtr, 'suit.. Inc.) MVI III It Shim en prnbahle limit hi; Saturday fair, slightly narmer, i llelailrd report Page 3.1 llnlv f'Kol.ilrth Kr.mr ennllni Inlrrnmiuiial Sm n(tlr IM.4lrhr. Child's DOAK CALLS Parley With Men Follows Failure of Operators to Agree; 'Reds' Ignored IntrrnattMial Smt fUrvIr. WASHINGTON, July 10. John L. Lewis, president of the United Mine Workeri, and other union officials, today were summoned to Washington next Monday for a confer, ence with Secretary of Labor Doak and Secretary of Ctm-meiie l.amont. leciKKlmg condition in the bituminous coal fields. This action is belieed to have been prompted by President Hoorer in another attempt to find a solution of the problems confronting the soft coal industry, following the failure of operator to gree on any concrete proposal after a four-hour conference with Secretaries 1-amont. and Doak. Alter that conference Lamont issued a Matement saying: "Many of the operator held the view that little rould be accomplished of advantage to the public, the Industry or tha worker engaged in it by summoning: a national roal conference at this time." It was learned that representative of the National Miner' I'nion. the so-called left-wing group, would not be Invited lo Monday's conference because they are opposed to any ronleience between opera i or and miners. U. S. Parley to Aid Coal Trade Falls WASHINGTON. July 10 - Efforts of the federal government lo adjust difference between the bituminous coal mine operators and workers will be abandoned, it was indicated today following the conference yesterday between representatives of the operators (ntln4 mi rntr lhrrr. Cnl. npn. The Pardon Board today commuted the senlence of Tony Dell. 2". of Ihe Boulevard of the Allies, arrested at Allen's drug store. Nohle street. Swissale. duiinR an investigation of an allrged liquor ring that preyed on druggists in the Unst BoroiiRh.s section in 1929. Dell was sentenced to five to 10 years in the Western Penitentiary for stealinc liquor and wines fiom the dniR stores of Sam Hollander. 914 Rradriock avenue, Braddock. and Howard I. Miller. BOO Braddock avenue. Braddock. lodged in the Rankin police station after his arrest. Dell, police say. Jammed the lock of his cell door with a small match box and Inter made his erape. He was recaptured at Hie home of his faiher-in-Uw. P. Connishok. in Clalil.in. Pa., two weeks later. Swisale ami Hiinkiii police snid l)c and two allcgrd acorn -pines were Involved in numerous whisky thefts in HomewocKl, Rankin, Swissvale and Wilkmsbiirg. Pirate dame Off; Dual flill Tomorrow Rain forced a postponement of the Pittsburgh-Chicago game at Forbes, Plrld this afternoon. Pirate officials announced that the postponed contest would replayed off as part of a double-header tomorrow. Skeleton of 9 Years MUNCIE, Ind., July 10. dNS. - Identification of the skeleton found In an air shaft at the Central High School building here as that of Perlie Ouelsby Hogg, 15, an orphan, formerly of near Har-risburg, III., missing for nine years, was announced here today by Coroner Cla retire Piepho, of Delaware County. At the same time the coroner said he would return a verdict of probable suic ide" In the strange case. The skeleton was discovered accidentally yesterday at the bottom nf the sealed ahaft by plumbers. Indications pointed to MINE UNION LEADERS RUM HAGKETEEH GETS PARDON CALLS i J VOL 8-NO. In 31 3Gi:S I-'IMPA V. .Wl.Y 10. ViM Assailant Kills Rescuer . ft . r ft ft fnlg)c,fo)(g Checks Bad Held for Court j'liiiti. h. 1 iit.itttli ji.n- l!eiMi.rt. j MISS Kl Til I'KOYI). IS Miss Krod. I iirbes street. ; held for court fin five charges of passing "bad checks" in pav- ment of clothes she had bought in several Braddock store. OFF CAPE COO PROVlN'CETOWN. Mass.. July 10. i INS I Tw o big steamships, one a round-the-world pitssenuer liner, ran ashore of! Cape Curt today In h heavy fog. The Do 11 iir liner President Hayes went hard and last otr Shovelful Shoal. Moiioinov Point, at the southern end of the elbow of the lone sandy arm of the c ape. A short time previous the Bri'-ish freight steamship Crandnn went on a bar oil Peaked Hill at the northern tip of Ihe rape. Approximately 1"0 officers and men were aboard the President Hayes, which was en route from New York lo Boston without passengers, and 30 officers and men aboard the Crandnn. Student Lost Identified the boy's death nearly 10 years ago. Identification was made definite today, t lie coroner said, when Mr. Rnd Mrs. Charles Cooper, the former an uncle of the boy. and Mrs. Efne Owens, an aunt, identified Ihe shreds of clothing, shoes Rnd Ihe Boy Scout knife found with the skeleton. The identification also whs corroborated by a Mrs. Smith, a neighbor of the Coopers, with whom the boy lived here. The boy disappeared December 21. 1922. after making threats either to leave town or kill himself, Mis. Owens told the coroner. fin AM & iv 4vng.r f k 3 -m i ! GROUND (DEM mm mm slain T McKeesport Girl Sees Father Stabbed Near Home, Hurls Glass at Killer in Chase Mike Itney wm known to hi neighbor in McKeesport 'as a man who loved children, j That love cost him his life ilast night, when he died from a knife thrut through the i heart. I He had left his family-"our of j his me ihiwici ana nn r -! sit ting on the ti -p of hi home. : Jerome stree-t. to go to the rescue or neinnoon rr.iia si-tacked by man. who hd been annoying children of the eistn.-i for .seeial week. ! f S( APIS PI RSI'IT One of hi rtaughter. Miry. 14. saw the stabbing ind cave : chase to her fther i asjitant. j hurling glass aaeainst ins head ; as he escaiied. Two dayi ek Jener worked a a laborer In tl-e National lute Work. During anis off day Fe took hi children picnicking cr swimming or played with tnem In the yard of the homt, Rt'SHKS TO RESCl'f Ijst night, some of Mike's friends weie holding a party. Hi wife, Ann, aisked: Vhr don't yi , Mike?-And he answered: "I'd ralhrr atay here and plr with Ihe kids." While he at on the teps In front of hi homo shortly after 9 p. m . child iv ieamed In the alley at the side of the house. For several week.., his wife said, a man ha been enticing children into the alley bv offering them nickels. Several times, she added, her husband had chased him away. Jeney knew what the scream meant. He ran Into the alley and grabbed the man. The child fled. ! CHILD riRSlF.S SLAVER There was a brief ati uaaJe and the man Jenev was asrappling with drew a knife and plunged it into . his captor's rhest. i Jeney fell and hi assailant fled. Maty gae rhase, hoirmp: a tumbler in her hand. Seeing she could not overtake the man. she threw the glass. Today she said: 'I hit him rich, bark of the ear. Cm sorry it -sni an s. In the meantime. Jenev staa-I'cii d into Ihe kite lien, where he again collapsed. Neighbors took hun to the McKeesport. Hospital, but he died as their car entered the driveway. Police said they have clue to the slabber's iden' itv. Lady Aslor f,om To M. r. at Golf WALTON HEATH. England. July 10. i AP. I.riy Nancy Astor was eliminated in the semifinal round of Ihe Parliamentary handicap golf tournament today by Lord Castlestewa rt. who won by a single hole. l ady Astor was the only woman competitor In Ihe field of nearly , 100 which Minted play several i weeks ago. She had handicap of '22. while her conqueror had only ; io. Hamilton of Films Faces Alimony Jail LOS ANGELES, July 10-iAP.l - Lloyd Hamilton, funny man of the films, had to choose today between Jail and making a $50 alimony payment. Superior ..frige Walter Oiierin yesterday ordered Hamilton to make the payment today and another of $50 by noon next Tuesday. Br 1S5A UN In Today's Paper All in a Day - . Po Cno fat, 14 Comic i Pas at 32, 33 Daily Trut Story . . Paf 32 Financm . . . PagtB 28, 2S, 30 Just Playing Arouncf Pag, 32 Magazine, licliom . . Pnfi 24 Mavirt, Thtattrt , . . Pagt IT Pari, FoMhlan ,.. . Pag, 14 Radio P'f 2!i Society Pag,-I4 Spnrt, tag,, 2e7, 27, 30 Waller Winchtll . . . Pag, T WHERE DRIVER WAS PINNED FOR HOUR Wrecked Cub Ripped by Firemen to Remove Injured Man r ? v m THE CAB WITH TELEPHONE POLE SMASHED INTO IT OF WRECKED FIVE-TON TRL'CK .u. l.j r..k from mhi.h 130"! Arrh street, lodav after thev had worked . i.. a t. ik. .i.rin ..ri...lr ininrrd Hrivrr John Dresrhel. 19. skidded, upset jCMFT WITNESS' dies in subway; i NEW YORK July 10 iAP Traugolt F. Keller, thief engineer 1 of the City Dock Department, who has been under quest lonmg in a legislative investigation of New York'. government, was killed in a subway today in what railwav ! officials called leap underneath ! the train. ! Keller was ground under the oiind under the hmg aouthhound wheels of a rus express at the Bowling Green I Station, near the southern tip of ! Manhattan. He was 45 and had , been in city service 21 years. I In his pocket, police said, was a subpena notifying him to appear before assistants to Referee 1 Samuel Seabury. who is conduct-, Ing the city inquiry. Saw Death Daughter. 14 V it & rolo tty Pit'hiirh n-Tlerapli. MARY JINF.Y, 1 1 Miss Mary, 9.13 Jerome street, McKeesport. who saw her father fatally slabbed and hurled a (lass at his fleeing assailant. I jng""" iff. , " -roc rSs r 7 I- a WTiegraph ahl in extri. an hour. The Mellon III With Cold In France CAP FERR AT. France. July 10 -'APj-secretary Andrew W Mellon caught cold yesterday-while he was on the beach and today remained indoors. Members of his family said he felt belter this morning, but he did not plan to go out tonight. i ,-,.1 . 4 ,... Sidney Lcnz Accepts $5,000 Bridge Bet NEW YORK. July 10 'AP Comes Sidney l.enz to accept a challenge and a bet by Ely Cul-bertson as to contract bridge. Cnl -berison offered to wager $5,000 to $1,000. charity to take all. that he. his wife and his bidding system could beat any team designs 'ed bv a group of rivals. Tune and place, like the next Schiiif ling figlll. aie uiisei tied. 1 Hawks Rival Starts Coast -l o-C oast Hop Bl'RBANK. Cal , July 10 AP James Goodwin Hall. World War ace. hopped off at 4:18 a. in. i Pacific standard time' today on one-stop flifiht to New oik. but said he would not try for a record. Hall had planned an assault on Capt. Frank Hawk's mark of 12 hours 25 minutes and 4.1 seconds, but insisted he is flying east for a new propeller. Rains Here to Keep Mercury Xear 75 Today's rains, expected to continue tonight, will keep Pittsburgh's temperature around 75. Weather Forecaster W. S. Brotz-man said. Saturday promises to be fair and sliphlly warmer. Brotman said there was no In- i dication of an immediate return lot excessively warm weather here. Director Clark 111, Confined to Home Public Safety Director James M. Clark is confined to bed with stomach trouble at his home B7B5 Penn avenue. His condition is not regarded as serious and he is expected to be bac k at his desk next week, according to employes of his office. 0 TIIHKK f'KNTS With truck ran wild. broke pole. in Verona boulevard .last t.nd. TRAPPED DRIVER Firemen woiked fran' c .il'.v f-M : nearlv an hour todav M ec ie I John Drechsel 19 of LIO- Arch '.street. North Side tiapp d fc-neath a five-ton truck whm i.;i-1 set after it got out of io.i-ioI cn Verona boulevard. D r c r h s v ) crushed and suflering fro.n miss of i blood, was taken to Pr' -oui ! Hospital where it was s-:id his condition is serious Doc'ois at-d an ambulance stood by to id tile pinioned man. i In its dash down a steep, slippery grade, ihe machine ci ashed into a telephone pole and tcpn'.ed over, imprisoning Drec-bs 1 b--neath the steering wheel nd s door. Firemen cut the sieeunc wheel with a hacksaw tj elli-ct Drechsel 's rescue. Francis Neal. of 406 Siij p.o.i street, riding with UhcI'-ai crawled to safety. He miITch . slight lacerations to lu a.ui Drechsel is emploved bv tilt' Nonii ; Side Packing Cuiiipnny. Steel Orders Show 141,129 Tons Drop ! NEW YORK. July 10. 1 AP 1 Unlled orders of the United States Steel Corporation showed a decrease of 141.129 tons in June to a total of 3 479 323 tons June 30 In May a decrease of 277,277 tons was reported. ; June is normally a month of de-I rlinins buying orders. The industry is now looking for little or no improvement for at least another month. Tunney Retracts Verbal K. 0. to College Head CHICAGO. July 10 -In this coiner, James INS i ... Joseph "Oenc" Tunney, retired heavyweight champion, and m thut coiner, Robert Maynarri Hutchins. president of the University of Chicago. i Thus might a fight announcer , broadcast a lecent incident in which Tunney snubbed Hutchins ! and refused to talk to him on the 1 telephone, but later hastened lo apologize. j Hutchins railed Tunney to in-i quire about the vacation charms ha 45 r-0 tWt Knife STATE WAITS REPORT OF SLEUTHS Citizens Committee Charges Borough Police Won't Act; Protest Meeting Called The Citizens' Committee of McKees Rocks today ake4 State Police to investigate the bombing of the home of Thomas J. Conley, reform political candidate, which occurred early yesterday. Capt. Albert Carlson, in chrge of the Greer.sburg barracks. as-Ked Alfred Williams, who made the request s general chairman of the corr.mit'ee. to it report from county detective ho in estimated the case yesterday, TROOPERS WAITING If results re not forthcoming" fiom the- county s'.'-iTris or the 'borough police, Carlson said, he . sould confer with Williams at once. Williams said this afternoon: "The borotith police have not done their dutv and they give no intention that they will try to do M. 'We asked for the slate trcmperw to protect our eiliien from Ihe? local police officer." BRYAN BI.A.MIS CAS Other developments In the wake of the bombine. which wrecked the front of the home of the 70-year-old -and'.rl.ve for ju.stice of ihcipeace. early yesterday, were: 1 Miles Rrvan, for 40 years Republican boss of Mi Keel Rock and aiainst shorn the committee's drive i centering, issued a statement denying- that the explosion had political ig-niflcanre. He said it was probably rau-ed bv accumulated ga inside the house instead of a bomb. 2 A mass meeting mas called hv the C'atiiens' Committee for tcimihl in it headquarters. 293 Brnadwav. for the announced purpose of nmaniiing a "cleanup" of the boron I h politically. S Leader of the committee announced thev would engage in attorney this afternoon to direct their investitation of the bombing and tofnrwarl their request for Male police to llarris-bun. 4 The committee, through Chairman Williams. denied limns statement and said that his Investigators who had reported the explosion caused by a bomb. ere Irving lo conceal Ihe larts. Lenders of the Citi-ens Committee met last n:sht and formulated plan for the -cleanup" to be launched tonight. ASSAILS HRYAV Williams told them: "Condition in McKees Rocks have ibout reached a point where it is a question of who siirmrs Itrvan or Ihe law-ahiclint element. This bombing lu bren detrimental to Hryan-ism." After 'lie meetiiK. more than. 150 m 111 Or: s of the committee chIIciI mi Conley iii his home at 311 Cuthei me street and extended to li.m suraiirp of their support. He said; "lam not frightened. Thi I goini lo make me fight all the harder for re-election." Bryan's statement was issued this m.nnin n . It lead : , "It I alcuri to assume that the unfortunate damage at Mr. Conlf' home was the result of any political reprisal, "Rrpula hie persons who In-vestiiuled -Mr. (onley's house CinllnneH fit Twn, Col. Two. I of Bnonl Island in the Adriatic, where Tunney spent his honeymoon with the former Polly Lauder. He nf informed: "Mr. Tunney's secretary reports that lr. Tunney does not talk to Chicago." Seieral days later. Tunney cnlled Hutch i ns and spent 10 minutes in apoloKizing and 2f minutes in desot ibinE Brioni Island, for whk'h Hutchins started yesterday. fo)(n1(niPf

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