Cicero Life from Cicero, Illinois on May 2, 1934 · 2
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Cicero Life from Cicero, Illinois · 2

Cicero, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1934
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- JOMM . i , . Page Two rw $ 7e Bee Line By ANNE BIRD Y'ing i ' count i Mn. , THEATRE PARTIES Richard of Bordeaux ia becom-increasingly popular and, of S 9 course the reason is Dennis King. Mn. Joseph Humel, Mn. Leopold Kranx, Mn. Tom Kubecek, Mn. Frank Kozelski and Mrs. Albert Voss were in one party on Tuesday afternoon and Mrs. John Rogers, Mn. LaVerne Hassett, Mrs. Koubek Hrada, and Miss Margaret Koubek were in another on the same afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Charles - Hospis had tickets for Girls in Uniform last Monday and at the same time Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Fried were enjoying Affections Ltd. DANCING PARTY Eight young people made up-a merry party ,at the Olympic last Sunday. Those in the group were Mary Sikorsky, in blue satin, with . Pete Hunter, Phyllis Grishe, in brown organza with David Markus. Peggy Kozlowski with Joseph Do-rgn and Ruth Hermanek with Kenneth Heindrich. Peggy was wearing red taffeta and a muff of white flowers and Ruth wore black satin and several rhinestone brace- - letsi Thanx, P.K.) KEEPS UP WITH WORLD Our last weeks Colliers informs us that Raymond Drozda has been "keeping up with the world. Hes from Berwyn. HAPPY HOUR CLUB MEETS Friday afternoon the Happy Hour club spent their time rehearsing for the Mothers' day program they are having this month for their "best friends. They are planning such a lovely afternoon, but Ill wait until it is all over before telling about it, as they want their mothers to be surprised. , TRI BETA PARTY Members of Tri Beta held an evening party at the home of their secretary. Miss Thelma Lentz last Sunday. Fan Tan was played and prizes awarded to Virginia Gondry and Pauline Hend'erson. An ice and small cakes completed the evening, TEA FOR LUCKY 13 The Lucky 13 club met with Mrs. Clarence Tabors last Friday evening. Three tables of bunco were in play and prizes awarded to Mrs. Edward Shatts and Mrs. Edward ft.l Reed. Tea was served after the games by the hostess assisted by S-v. her daughters, Mrs. Tabors Hullett and Mrs. James Roland of River-u side. Other guests at 5001 West ,30th were Mrs. Frank Hazenski, ft Mrs."" Peter KraulowVek, Mrs. yr Mary Hermanek, Mrs. 'Pauline Martin, Mrs. Fred Ogden, rs. Jo-iK-eeph Zitek, Mrs. Ed. Topinka, and Mrs. Mary Roland. Y: ATTEND RECITAL, :Miss Helen Siegman and Julius Arnold, Miss Elsie Wolff and Mendel Stein, Mr. and Mrs. Sol Wagner and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hillman were enthusiastic spectators on Sunday at the Jewish Peoples institute, where Fara Krasnopolsky gave a series of modern dances. Miss Krasnopolsky is a former Ravinia ballet-member and has many local acquaintances. NEWS OF THE RUSSIANS And here comes the OGPU again, after all these weeks. It seems they are and have been very active during the winter and their - roster now boasts 65 names. The elvtb, with a nucleus in Grant 1 ", Works, now lists members in all of Cicero, Berwyn, Lyons and Riverside. And youre still as much a mystery as ever, girls or is it boys or both? : CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. James Reilly celebrated their fourth wedding anni- 1 versary with a theatre party (for two) last Saturday. They saw"The - Shining Hour and afterwards f went to the Club Paramount. Mrs. T - Reilly Doris to her friends wore 2 brown moire and a corsage of gar-t - denias. A grand combination! T.i, . . f 7 C. LARSONS ENTERTAIN ' Mr. and Mrs. Clement Larson - entertained members of their - bridge club on Friday. Two tables of contract were in play, the money ' being carried home by Jack Dom-? v brow and Pearl Miller. After the i ' games waffles and creamed chicken V were served. The guests at 1854 - - South 61st were the Paul Millers, 1 . Jack Dombrows and Benn Spauld ings. - t ENTERTAIN MOTHERS J r The chllrdren of the second - grade of the Havlicek school en- - tertained their mothers with a n Mexican program last week. A 2 2! typical scene of Mexican life with 2 songs and dances and talks given by some of the children. After the program, delicacies of that country were served. Miss Mildred Gary, the teacher, was congratulated by all who attended. MISS TAYLOR IS HOSTESS The Double Four Bridge club met with Miss Dolores Taylor the past week. High score prizes were carried home by Miss June Lake and Miss Helen Meyer. A four course luncheon with pink and blue as color scheme, followed the games, Favors for each guest were talisman roSes. HONEYMOONING Mr. and Mrs. W. Cantrell left on their honeymoon for Hobart, Okla. Friday, April 20. after their wed-ding. The bride is the former Ann Shuber. Ann wore a dark tan suit with brown accessories and a corsage of gardenias. The couple will make their home in an apartment at 61st avenue and 19th street. STRAWBERRY SOCIAL The annual Strawberry Social sponsored by the ladies auxiliary of the Sacred Heart academy will take place at the beautiful social center of Our Lady of the Holy Mount parish, 2416 South 61st avenue, next Tuesday -at 1 p.m. A colorful program is being planned by the social chairman, Mrs. Anna Silha. Beautiful prizes will be given away. M.M.M. CLUB ENTERTAINS The M.M.M. club held its first party at Simpachs Nighthawk cafe in Lyons last Saturday night. Between dances to the music of Irv Castners orchestra, the couples refreshed themselves with beer. Rose Zigmund, president of the club, Jerry Pavelka, Georgia Boucek, vice-president, Edwrad Pavlis, Ann Buranello, secretary, Robert Jind-rich, Virginia Hansen, treasurer, Louis 'Vitus, Rose Dinish, Frank Kasper, Camille Peluso, Anton Ru-sicka, Adeline Babslcky, Rudolph Hoch, Anne Simpach, Terry Jacobs, Frances Procek, Frank Metel-ec, Irma Sticha, and Joseph Iantria completed the party. After the party most of the couples motored down to Thatcher inn for barbecues. ANNIVERSARY BANQUET The Italian-American Womens league of Cicero is giving its anniversary banquet. May 20, at the Parkholme Community house, 1820 61st avenue. GETTING WELL Miss Betty Kosner, 1421 Home avenue, a stqdent nurse at St. Anthonys hospital, is slowly recuperating from an operation for ap-pendicitus which was performed several weeks ago. ENJOY SPRINGFEVER OF 35 The Socialites enjoyed a hilarious evening last Friday when they attended tne play, Spring Fever of 1934. One and all enjoyed themselves immensely and are looking forward to the same play next year. CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY Donald Andrew Sender, 3825 South Oak Park avenue, celebrated his third birthday with a party at his home last week. The little guests were June, Henry, Dick, and Bob Stolfa, Lucille and Lorraine Hansen, Faylene Peters, and Donalds brother James. ' SURPRISE NUNS Last Thursday the nuns and stu dents of Nazareth academy, La Grange, were pleasantly surprised by having Mrs". G. Krump, Mrs. M. Keckeirsen, and Mrs. C. Bouvia of Berwyn do a skit of Topsy and Eva for them. Accompanying them at the piano was Mrs. Estelle Sender, Elaine Novotny, James Mehren, and James Sender were also on the program. Elaine and James Sender played saxophone solos and Ray presented 'Southern Melodies. Mrs. Sender brought the program to a close with I'm an Indian. SURPRISE MR. HORN A surprise party was held last Saturday night for Mr. E. J. Horn of the Ridgeland Floral shop, 2607 South Ridgeland avenue. Guests included Mm. Anna Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Reif, Mr. and Mrs. James Horn, James J. Kotatik, Edward Cerny, James Cerny, Miss T. Cerny, Elmer Horn, Mr. and Mrs. James J. Horn and daughters. Dr. and Mrs. Frank Kotalik dropped in for a short visit during the evening. Mm. E, J. Horn served a delicious luncheon. e LARGE ATTENDANCE AT BAND. PARENTS MEETING A large group attended the monthly meeting of the Morton High school band paMnts on last Wednesday.. A discussion on the dance was held. Plenty of refreshments and dancing 1 was had by everyone. As there were a lot of pMparations to be made for the trip to Urbana on the following day, a motion was made to close the meeting early. t , I r Washing Machine 7ringer Rolls AT LOW PRICES REPAIRS on All Makes of , WASHERS , Service Calls Phone Berwyn S27 rsbnECEJX eidtte. 6237 West Cerm&k Road I :! WEDDING ANNIVERSARY A 40-year anniversary surprise party was celebMted by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hosna, 2722 South Centml Park avenue, at the Stick-ney village hall last Saturday. The affair was attended by 300 guests, most of whom lived in Berwyn. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Masek of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, were among the guests. A comical mock wedding was performed by Mr. Novak, who acted as minister. A good supper was served after which there was dancing. After the mock wedding, the eouple received many beautiful gifts and speeches were made by Eleanor Hosna,' Jerry Hynek and his entertainers arrived to start the whole affair over again. FIRST OUTING Last Sunday the Inner Circle idcial club of Cicero held its first outing of the year in the forest preserve at Joliet road and Grain-ard avenue. The main event of the day was a treasure hunt which was won by Mildred Kucera and Adeline Lauferski. Other games were played including a three-legged race, gunny sack race, baseball and a weenie roast. Those taking part were Anna Zitek, Wayne Foster, Myrtle Farrell, Frank Sebek, Mary Hennen, Frank Kucera, Hank Brousil, Violet Ziebarth, Lyman Ziebarth, Libby Pohayda, Charles Benes, Lorraine Sirovatka, August Namors, Edmund Foster, Mildred Kucera, Elbert Houillon, Vince Benes, Elsie Ruda, Fred Ziebarth, Virginia Skala, Hank Kucera, and Adeline Lauferski. Clyde District Activities CLYDE COMMUNITY BLDG. 2730 61st Avenue May 2 Cicero Womens club, luncheon. , May 3 Young Citizens Improvement league, regular monthly meeting. May 4 American Legion Post No. 96, regular semi-monthly meet--ing. - May 5 Dinner party, Mrs. May Kostka. May 6 Dancing and-dinner, Mm. Zbornik. , May 7 Veterans of Foreign Wars, auxiliary No.-2838, regular , oint semi-monthly meeting. Veterans of Foreign Wars, No. 2838, regular joint semi-monthly meet- Siay 8 Clyde Womens club, regular semi - monthly meeting. Mothers club, regular monthly meeting. WARREN CLYDE COM. BLDG. 5635 West 16th Street May 3 Cicero Community Republican club, regular monthly meeting. Cicero Community Republican Club Juniors, regular monthly meeting. May 4 Cicero. Regular Republican club, regular monthly meeting. Troop No. 2, Girl Scouts, regular weekly meeting.-May 5 Dinner - party, Mrs. Weichbrod. -May 6 Cicero Go-Getters, drama. May 7 -West Town Civic association, regular monthly meeting. May 8 Veterans ' of Foreign Wars Auxiliary No. 1485. regular monthly meeting. Parkholme Tennis club, regular monthly meeting. Cicero Public Schools Activities May 4 Assemblies, 2:80 to 3:30 p.m. -Civil Works Educational Service May 4, 7, 9 Homemaking,. 10 to ' 11:30 a.i. CICERO STADIUM 1909 52nd Avenue May 3 and 7 American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps, 7 to 10 p.m. EDEra. dSefpt. Fins Hum 09c pt. DEER 10c a bottle f ALL LEADING BRANDS SUN-SET, 90 proof . 04 -QA WHISKEY full fifth diet V MY SIGNATURE, 93 proof, straight Kentucky Whiskey pt 50c pl 95c Wednesday, May 2, 1934 WCEKMAK RD.liHMg1 ft THE LARGEST SHOPPING CENTER ON THE WESTSIDE ' Wed., Thurs., FrI. and Sat. May 2, 3, 4, 5 - MEAT DEPARTMENT Kosatka Concertina Club Dance Saturday Another good time is in store for those who attend the annual May dance given by the Kosatka Concertina riub next Saturday at Karel Jonas hall. Music will be furnished by the clubs own 12-piece orchestra. Chop Suey, Fresh Cubed Round Steak and Pork Butt Linoleum- Carpeting ARCADE FLOOR COVERING inc. 7S32-S4 W. Madlsoa St. Koreit Park Porcat tso Villa 5339 ESTIMATES FREE ' Rosa and Cnpcta ClwiRed Like New Friday and Saturday PURE RENDERED lLau?(i REDUCING and SWEDISH MASSAGE CABINET AND TUB BATHS PHYSIO-THERAPY Treatment by Appointment LILLIE J. KRAFT Graduate Moaaeuae 144 8. Oak Park Av. Berwyn HU Snow-White, Tender May 2 Suburban Smart Set, cards and bunco. May 3 Warren Park Ladies Republican club, regular monthly meeting. May 4 Sacred Heart academy, prom. May 5 Sigma Tau Lambda dancing party. May 6 -Sunday program, Young Peoples Interdominational services. May 7Cicero Community bank, regular semi-monthly meeting. 'ey 8 American Legion auxiliary No. 96, regular monthly meeting. Civil Works Educational Service May 3 and 8 Dancing classes, to 3:30 p.m. PARKHOLME COM. BUILDING 1820 61st Avenue May 2 Ladies Friendship club, regular semi-monthly meeting. Guaranteed Permanents For months and month after you've obtained your permanent here youll be pleased with It soft natural wav a' $2-50 $7 Rose Petal Beauty Shop mbs w. Slat PI. Phene Cicero 4103 M. Kowal. R. Stanfel Cut from Milk-Fed Calves HOME DRESSED Snow-White Veal Roasting or Drolling Chickens 6 FISH SPECIALS PERCH 12c HALIBUT 19c HERRING 2lhs-Sf)c COLD MEAT ASSORTMENTS Liver, Veal, Mince or Salami SAUSAGE POCKET ROAST it. Ideal for Dressing Thursday Only Special lib. Tender Deef liver 1 Package DACON ; lb. I All for NATIVE TENDER JUICY ROUND STEAK Fresh Cut Lean Pork til Shoulder Roast Si lb. t iiiiuTii 6IIIMM MX MXeeX.Ui. il.illlf With er Without Positively guaranteed work. You ba the judge and aee for yourself the advantages of our special oleaning process. Clothes cleaned Bacall Free Plek-ap Way" last longer, and Delivery BACALL CLEANERS 2133 Lombard Ave. 3S Year I S Door Reliable Sendee I from I, Station PHONE CICERO 4414 RATES REDUCED ON AU LA3S wrtefm tm a ON AU 200 TO 300 mm thmt parts m loan oeer flSS , To only a month, Om that part a loam lM (ham 0150, you pay jj thm regular laustai mharya aSyfaper month. 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