The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1932
Page 3
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jIOXPAj\JAXi;Anv 18, 1932 Coj));>jc-.« receipts for Die SMSOII are ne.ninj; the 100,000 bile unrk. The icyan, of the Arkansas Cotton TraiJf- .Delation as o( last Friday, Jatim-.y 15, shows 88.M3 Inks rj- celvcil lure, an amount execidsd only l>y ihe compresses at Little Rock. Pins BlulT an:! West Memphis. Total receipts for th? state h?', '.vcek were 33,241 tabs, compared lo 6.030 ti:e same week last year. 'Ills Arkansas total for t!i? season is 1,243,956. compared to Til,03!) ;o tits fame dale lasl season. Following arc receipts last wcek and lor tile eeasou at leading Arkansas ]»lnis: West. Memphis • Lictlc Hock ... Pine Blctr. Helena Blylhevillo Camden Texarkana . 7,300 •1,847 3.512 2.T!(i 2/118 2,400 1.133 What $22,000,000,000 Means lo Uncle Sain BI.YTHEVIlJ.rc. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Following are receipts las', week and for tlic .season a 1 , northeast Arcrimp: ci tile .-rcst City [.•esboro Leachvillc Marlnnna Marked 'IVeo not lister! atov:: 3=[> 19,051 005 .10.001 127 19.289 210 658 no report Newport T29 Kcclor 182 Trnmann nn repsrt Walnut ffidge TCf Following are receipts last week I and for I!i3 season al southeast illy Missouri compresses: Carmtersville 2,592 Hayti SfH 153 Hayti Society—Personal DEBT —•> *i »>VM.»-^I ti i-^« » "v-^JLi^ COST US.f 750. FftMILY. BILLION DCXUR2 WOUiD 23.C17 27.104 22.485 39.333 10,919 6.370 42.025 war debts as prophesied in Europe each man, woman and child in the Chancellor BrueniiiR of Germany would cost the United States gov- who snys his nation cannot, contl ernment, 522,000.000 in principal and interest from 1032 until 1Q88. or an The total due to be paid Die Unit- average of S184 per capita, gav?rn--|rd States under existing-agreements men* economists estimate. This Ls more than the combined real es- wouW be an average o! S750 per | (ate valuation of the states toucii- family, figuring the family at the ling the Mississippi river, including Mrs. n. L. Gilbert was h the Ann Cunningham class of the Baptist church al her home Friday tifieincon. Mrs. Frank Foster conducted [he devotional program at the business session, presided by the president, Mrs. Melbourne Frye. Officers for 1932 were elected as follows: Mrs. Wilbur Stilton, president; Mrs. Harve Haynis, Ui vie? president; Mrs. Melbaurn Frye. 2n-J vice president; Mrs. H. L. McClan- ohan, secretary and treasurer; Sirs. Will Gill, reporter. Mrs. E. G. Walker pronounced fee benediction. I i ™ J. W. Sawyers of Wardell was riovV, Fricjay evening and attended a meeting' bi the Oddfello-vs. He remained overnight in Hie home of J. H. FieMs. James Roanc, who has b?en attending school at Tiirrcli. Avk.. rc- turned here Saturday and will attend high school here, having enrolled Monday morning. J'iss Eve Harris of Wulf Bay3u rricnt the week-end here with her sister, Mrs. Herbert Henderson. .Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mathis of Steele were here over the week-end visiting Mrs. Mat'nis' mother, Mrs. Morgan Warth. Miss Jasymn Sanders, who is teaching in the Portagsville schools, spent the week-end here with h^r parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. 5as- ders. Earl Fatchett of Chafle* was her; Friday visiting friends. Mr. Fatchelt wcrkcd at tlie Frisco station here last spring. Ellis Cmiry of Wardell was a Hny- li vsilor Sunday afternoon. Tile following out of town people attended the PortagcvilU- and Hayti basketball game here Friday aflcrnoon: Norvcll Long and Bruc? F:shcr of Cariithersville. Key O:l- lard of Wardell. Miss Mary Fisher and C. Fuller of Porlagevil!?. Miss F.dna Khonric- had as her guests Sunday. Mrs. Sfiischr-il ilam- *i and Miss Pauline Harr.ra of Ca- /•ilr.crsville. y Miss Ruth Haiue.t iinti Joh:i D. .'Til! of Wsrdell accompanied Mrs. Curtis Sawyers here Saturday morning. Mrs. Sawyers remained until Sunday aftri'jioo:) v.ith htr parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. F.cU.s. m which lime Ihey accompanied her home. Mrs. Cecil Brannum. whJ is (each- ing t'ne Bragg city schoais. spent the wc.°k-en<l here with l:er husband. Cecil Brannt;ni. Mrs. Rrsn- num hnd as her guest ever the weekend Mrs. Olive Beaver, who also teaches in the Bragg City school. Judge T. R. Colo of Pasco'.a at- nur.c.l ;c bi'sincsi r.ere Monday. Mr. and Mr.i. Shirley Maxy of St. Louis are he:e visiting the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Maxy. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Oltinger returned home Friday from Dlytha- vlllc- where they have been visitins •Mrs. otlingcr's sister, Mrs. J. T. Puliam. Mr. and Mrs. John T Buckley,' Mr. and Mrs. J B. Buckley. Miss Dana Croom and Fred BtankeiiFhip attended th; Red and Whitr> slor^ banquet n t niyt!:evil!e bsl \Vcd:i:s- day evening. J. L. Wright motored to Cipc Girardcau Monday. spending the day on .1 combined business .^nd Pleasure, trip. Lloyd J. Muilins bit for Sulplmr h? .I!, 6 .? 1 , Mo " Saturday where h? will 1 tor several days re:oivini Ireatmem. Mr. Mullins has In P°"r health for sonic tlm;. v*. ;•J™; 0111 ™^.' ^.K^; , paying reparmions, Premier Mus sollni of Italy who says all debts should be canceled and Secretary Mellon of (he United States, whos coffers would suiter, arc Uiroe of tlx: principal ligures in the situation ; oiled bread pan. Let rise 20 minutes and bate 50 minutes In a mcderat? oven. Either of t;;e bread doughs, yeast or baking powder, can be made Into tiny bUcuits or roll 1 ; and served liot- Uutlere.1. Wednesday njghl guest Miss Vlr ginla Merrill. . Mrs. George Perry was trie Thurs day afternoon guest of Mrs. L. F TOMORROW'S MKNU BREAKFAST: Stewed prunes with lemon, cereal, lemon, raised BY SISTER MAKV NEA Service Writt 1 buckwheat pancakes, ! coffee. syrup, milk, ...... .j*.>.n. 1r »iki:i liONCHEON: Russian beet soup, Fancy urc.ids of all kinds make j peanut butter and rye bread sand- delicious sandwiches to serve with wiches, rice custard pudding, milk, various salads ' and aflernoon tea.Uea. Orange bread particularly is good j DINNER: Broiled halibut steak, with tea because its distinctive fla- baked macaroni and tomatoes, cab- >r is mosl compatible with the hot i bage salad, bran bread, deep dish beverage. Pljin bre apricot pie. milk, coffee. Pljin broad and butter sandwich- ! es are dainty and inviting, but if a • HufflttQn men elabDrats sandwich is wanted. cream cheese combined with nuts snakes ns cxcjllenl filling. Either yeast bread or "quick" •ead can be flavored with orange. The yea:-l bread keeps belter, so if fore wanted this rule is more de- bread must bs made long be- sirablc. * * * Orange Bread (Yeast Method) Out! cake compressed yeast, 1 cup orange juice. 2 tablespoons grated orange rind. 4 t.iWespcons sugar, 2 tablespoons melted butler, 1-2 cup candied orange peel. 1 egg yoik. 1 teaspoon salt, 1-4 cup lukewarm water, 3 cups flour. Dissolve yeast cake in water. Add orange juice, half the sugar, sail- <nd 1 cup flour. Slir with n spoon until smooth and let stand covered in a warm place until bubbly and doubled in bulk. Add remaining sugar, butter, orangr risd and finely chopped candied p:el and egg ! Mr. and .\i rSi E . B Necly caUc( j on Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Moore Wed- mlth called Wedriesd I _Miss Willie B. Ray had as her I; "' — • — Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Adklsso; were host and hostess to .Mr. am Mrs. E. B. Neely and Ron Soloi Friday. Mrs. Hesier Hughe.! was Ihe ant nrday night guest of Miss Marth Adams. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Hasslelt en tertained a number of young peo pie wit ha play party Saturda night. Mr. and Mrs. Hulon Holmes o Blytheville were guests Sunday o Mrs. Ella Ray. Mr.(and Mrs. Johnnie Webb an Miss Mnxlne Copeland motored t Memphis Sunday afternoon for visit with friends and relatives. Miss Agnes McKay is the gues of her sister, Mrs. M. E. -Wilson of Caruthersville, Mo., a few day A. F. Bowlds of near Tyler, Mo was a visitor here last week-end Miss Louise Bidncll of Manila the h'ouseguest of her aunt,' Mrs Emma Peery. HV J. n. CRITX, County farm Afrnt way to reduce espouse on this yrar is 10 pasipon:! of Hi'w machliH"./ and Is nnd rcpslr tlie cl;l ones, w 15 a (him which ninny fann- wlll do, thus making li e.ssen- 1 -M aitoillon lx> given to up nnd repairing farm Im- neiiis during wlntpr months ana HC ilu'rp is. a demand for Ihe °f (lioii) In planting 1111J cu'lil- I'ropi. Tno repair of faun Impoiujnts ' IOIV ll 'e busy season slurls snv-s m« .••ml expfMf. Kcpalr of Hum iu!eiu,.|iis c .,n be mado with li.. w 'SI In Jnnuaiy than in April. Th3 irts IOM no more nnd tin; owner of no iMipK-incnis hns lime to do s:m-> the work where he m | H hl hire n leclinnk- in do Ii if the work In le crops werepresslnif / F«iiners can snve the dolny of [>vli>c to outer pans (or furiii'livt- ensoiiiA by checking over llu> lm- .eini'iiK diirhu; Hie winter months ud ordc'riii B parts w |,i c |, l]mj , ^ K1 <l''d. If tills I* delayed until nl- iost time (o mr the Implements ostly delays nmy result. Tnls Is in r,..i.s 0 .| f or ••].•„,.,„ i m] ii c] , lom5 is-Up Week" January 18-aa. British Royalty Kept Busy During Holidays LONDON'. lUP)-chrlstmns Is a usy lime for the roynl fninily. Tlie I'rlnce of Wales gave a pars' at York Mouse, for his houscnold tall, with their wives and families', The Prince distributed presents. Even-body received some appropriate, gift, which he had chosen personally. . George hold n number of •cry informal receptions at Buck- ngliam Palace. Ocntleuiee of the loaseliold, senior • members of ttic :(aff, anil those not. in "ctow wnii" ns ocllve duty Is described in court circles, utre summoned to hi apartments. After a short chat, they were presented with some'little souvenir of the season. How to Reduce Colds and Their Costs This Winter One of Family's Biggest Problems Met With Vick "Control-ot^Coltls" Plan Actual Test of the PUn Is Of- ttrti By Blythcville Dru;eists On a Trial Guarantee. kned to jn ng oowl. cover and let rise Sliaps into a 1 When double "quick" mrtt: money involved. To reduce the drnin of this burdensome family "Colds-Tax" is the purpose of the Vick Plan for teller "Contro!-of- , — r munbT . form ' lf >' ou prefer). Spread ' 'thick Drops at once—just- a few drops u each nostril. Repeat every hour o so if needed. This will prcven many colds by stopping them be iore they get beyond the nose a. throat—wrier- most colds start, J-— After a Cold Starts Al night, massage the throat an chest well with Vicks VapoR (now available in white "stainless Icvif. mettaMiws s bak- | M ..,, rit y anrt taste than, the yeast i Tht Vick ipi'sin'is'inade"possible . . . 'with Vicks Nose fc Throal Drops. Oran;c Urea,! |Q,,ick Weihci) '^"^ ? & " eW W(51 f ° r "P reve " 1 "Fr,, I«I«WK .vic.ncut i ]n g- co!dSi thjs !IC1V v(ck discovery °"[ ,".''* paEtr >' f!ollr - G tea - it companion to Vicks VapoRub, salt i 2 elm «!!,?- -,' , ,J caspoon ,'"« m °dern way of "treating" colds, nelirrf urn T?'M ^"^P 00 " 5 i aids and supplements fie dX.; • i' . 2 , tablei P° < " ls 5 rat - other for better "Con rol-of-Co!di' a orange rind. 1-2 cup orange mar- nalade. 1 egg. 1 1-3 cups milk. Mix and sift flour, salt, sugar . , and baking powder. Beat egg un- .iiid add wi;h . remaining incrcdier.ts to dry mixture' thoroughly and turn isto well Here, briefly, is the Vick Plan: 1.—Before a. Cold Starts Watch yourself irhencver you have been exposed to anything that you know is apt to give you a cold, such as— Contact v.ith others having fresh ..- —• --i-*™** ii&Htiiic:ui. colds—crowds, stuffy ill-ventilaicd without the risks of too much Jaces--a night on a tcrnal "dosing," which so often ana cover with warm fla. Leave Ihe bed-clothing loos around the neck M that the m« vapors arising can be Ir hilled all night long. If th c air-passages are bad elagped with mucus, melt son VapoRub in a bowl of hot watt inhale the steaming vapors fo several minutes. (If there Is ecugb, you will like the new Vic Cough Drop—actually mcdicat3 with ingredients of Vicks VapoRub During the day—any time, ai place—use Vicks Note Drops evci few hours as needed. This givi you fu» 24-hour treatment company courier New, AtU ALL NIGHT If you ma* get up repeatedly at night; a vou hiTtVbmi.- mg, uncWorttb!*, wrroo. fethngandarisefanhemorn- ins tired out, your kidney* nwy be ciusing the troable. Use Gold Medal Hairlen Oil Cspsulej regnlarty and ttt X -, you don t sleep soundly, feel 1 younger, grow ttronjer. Dnr. i - ">« 236 year* this fine, oM i I preparation h« helped mil. II ' ! ' W<>rth ttTin? ^ FREE prim your nime «nd a'ddresi GOLD MEDAL HAARLEMOILCOMPANY i30 —36th St., Irookhrn, H.T. .rooms, public places--a nig*,* -•• ] Pullmen or a dusty automobile ride ]—sudden changes "in temperature- inhaling smoke, dust, gases—exces- ceo In living, such as over-eating, rmoklng. or drinking, wliich re- Offer By Local Drajtlsts Your druggist ts offering VicV Nose Drops and Vicks VapoRub o the following trial guarantee: U: . ........ - _ ....... these preparations together as d Then— if you feel that stuffy, reeled In the Vick Plan for belli sneezy irritation of the nasal pas- [ "Control -of-Cotds." Unless you ar sages. Nature's usual signal that a ('plighted with results, your mone cold is coming on— use Vicks Nose I will be refunded. _ duce body resistance—after a hard day when you are over tired. sets digestion— especially of chl dren Dr.PaiiiF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MQ. Phone 85 Iniploiticiit.s One 'Way of Saving -Money Savs Oil/ PAOR TRREF grandchildren are older thnn their youn^-sl iwlus. All of the of llobblnsdah., Minn, lurln; the '"^ Some of their r -„ — ....,,-.. .... vt kl(v , VWllW ftt'p 11C'til UlV Pllt! I'nn Oiil f n "?t)h- !'™ ra ^H, l °"°"; H 111 /" 0 "' " lother l " " 1LS "'""^ T " u IB V» »~= N-»«" « M C JLI.. old llecij BIUI Hnrold, five; Wm.dn nnd Wane!,,, elkl.l: Jun,- nnd Junior, eleven. Mre . H.inloy wintm them, rtu-re «re two oilier children In Ilio [imilly, Loih mnnlctl. Anolhtr died. "»" «n»n.lp.«,tt S ,,1'men "»'"«» SPECIALIZED FORD LUBRICATION * *. * «• •* « //'« -4 Case of Ho/for* ™rf Cents • l • • C Kw-d yon like to put fiOc In the bank every time, your neighbor cponiis $ c. $ c S c * - 00 on scrvlcc ((lr hlii-cnr? No, it LsiVt 11 d«am, It's 11 fncl^En- c - . e elnwii iiKrcc (Hal 00% of nil repair tills could be avoided with proper $ i: S c • $ e lubrication. We're Ford Specialists mid know when, where nml how Vowr Ford should b: hibrlcnlcd, ' ' ' Lubrication Special This Month 75c •Our Specialized Ford 'Clrassls t-iibrlcmln? 1 will save you money.' PHILLIPS MOTOR CO* Super Ford Service . . Phones 810-811-777 >' tea- ,, .* lcta TUtcco C* I play safe by sticking to LUCKIES OH, WHAT A CA1 (S MAffl SM't e«« of DM a«»iM >mH«» flwt ««n *» ceMra ««i noHlifltr. Sorrow <xi prafttuonol tod l«ct f ollo««d hw for ftan. Now iht'i a biSii... .*» thK&x cteMr tar hw . RADIO riCTUSE ii "MEN OF CHANCE".. .tWl to y«u, Mary Aitorl W«'r« gtad you mo4« lUCKItS and M'K graMM for ttwt bta}«ln •U a «nt "I can't aflford to take chances with my voice. So I play safe by sticking to LUCKIES-they're always kind to my throat. And I'm doubly grateful for your improved Cellophane wrapper which opens so easily with that clever -<r Its toaste YourThroot Protection- oflatntttiritcrtten- ogqiiutcouflh AM! Mefeti**ArMf CtHtftiMt KM?* ttot TooM" Rnw £nr Fnt* f" 1 " <«te«w «»a WohrrWtadrfl, y ami SaatrJay oxnng om-H. B. C. rKtui

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