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Muncie, Indiana
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-4 i- i TUESDAY MORNING 'this machine binds our premium books BRIEF. THE NEWS Mouse ta tmW tri to the ettl H.eoa eut, le tbsetty of Mabel. la Centre Oaten Manager of the Whitely Land Oo Is a Bad. John Kotr.meli wo Sturuib, for wiiidj Are lo John McKerUee AlTy iaa)In, Mnf iui ib-bertt, I I twUlni of said city, Sui. ow rJ 1.

Fnwliih- lhooof 1 jror, mors! Bos, cot la the Silver Joan is an rngn-i. hlWl hM-omin tatnxlsatsd aad telngd. la HeraforX lira in tots, hit- liroiofobtiniD(llOfnitioMllliilii(ct. Stewart, his coll.ajuv from Nevada in liqaoiw, will aw to appticstloa le tha Bo-rl tu, T'nUoH u-ira imiio -roa born in I'oraalwHam of Jm Cosnly of Delaware the InMed i la theauueof the'i mro arHep. yna eounry, Naw York, In INI.

Both to goer S-eslon for the year Ikd, ooroiB-nffl Tows. hip. Dele were County, sdtaaa. end to Ii 1873 this country had on ol ths worst panics of modern Umss. At ths tims ths Rpublicsns wars in control ol government affairs, bat they did not lay ths disaster to tbs ladmistration.

Republican who ars now howling about Democratic times should refresh their memories on tbs disasters of 73 aad then go out and kick them t. MmIUoo, reliable bustMbS tM that be had a had taufh tor tf( After the Crip PREMIUM LIBRARY. TV of W.AJKEPIEL ot a bottia of flood' Karaapartlla aad raliaf at one. I ara teksu tlx bote and flood's" Cures gnoi 1 am moeU bolter iu yftrj wsy.f I i By OJiver Goldsmith. I Tbl bsiullful'y IUutruted edlttna of (smou, CDfllsh elsaale will tnrreuss Ita ettrsctlons for tho who reonssixs tbs olslm It bee, ewsuttslljr Som book" lor tbs whole issuing world, Htr WaKer eooM rud ot It, -wsr-ct lbs Viosr of ek.neld le South eel In and rsturu It sgsln cud and wq hiss the memorjr ofaKuuihur wSooostrlv i eowsU, to roconol ww human natur.

i 1 I I Ths books which we offer are saperior in every way to those offered in ao called tree book diatribation and which are dear, at any prioe. 1 Oar readers will see this at a glance by sending for tbe work offered above. Send three Book Coupons for this charming book and yoa ill bs delighted with oar offer. Previoaely published Reverie of a Batch lor. Lays of Anoient Romo.

Tilly loss 8caodsl. Ths Honso of Ssvso Gables, Cranford, The Coming Race, Confessions of an English Oplam Eater. Frankenstein, A book cf. Golden deeds, Jiosaee from nn old Man, The Soarlet Letter, Eeaaye of Elia. Addreee Book DeLLi Hxbald OfEoe.

i i 1 1 1 i I IIP' I rial GtrooerlisandTiniBoyfi I' Nothing is cheap that yoata la bui rk givea aatisfaotloo, tor yon ooitainly wont bo satiafiod it tbe prU is not all right Al matter of fact It ooats infinitely more to bnybad groceries than it does to pare baas good groceries. Between tfid right the wroot a kind, no level bead ed bnyer will heaitate in.ehooaing. Wbat we eay ol oar grooeriee before we ael Jtbem, yoa will a after yoa have bought them. A Aaae that Is overstated is damaged. Dont take oar word for it take tbo experience that a trial will give yoa.

i vget No Danger from Street Care. Come One, oa MocOay Heptrmher 4lk lma, tor a license toartlAU fe1o4 o( intoxicating tlq ora, vis: ptrttoott. tIdoom a Ml malt liquar for a pr rod pt ou year, in quanlUte lat thaoaquart A lima, to be drank upon and la ihtprra fKYUth- fuMvheieM, UMvti: AtiPd ia I be wt corner room oa tbe flrwt or iimt fndt floor la liw two-otory brtefc tool dine, attua aJ on rtoutbwaatooraer of Loll la Hiock tin barvn AdUoi to Moaeotown, bow cl of onefa, Dalawara Coaoir, Indiana Haiti om ftdtf numbered 4) north Walnut Htreof, and being on tha Korthoaat eora of Walnnt and Waabtngton Btraaca, tbo prtffnw pal entrance hereto bolng froa and off of aid Wa nut Street, la front, by aaeaaaofa door. Am Dbcmm. Vanelo, An mat Bib IMS.

I Laqoor Mottos. Kattca It hereby gtwra to tb of tha xto Ward In tbo city of Mu bole, la Oatro Townships Of la ware Coo a tyv Indian a and to ali other prrwooa whom It may or might con-. that Patrick Ryaa, being a male la habitant of ttd city, county aoa Bio ohf tbe age of rearm, a norU maa, not In the babltof becoalhg Intoxicated aod bMngoo Brow cf obtol otog a to eall Intoxiooi lag llqoora, will make application fo the Board of of the County of Delaware, la toe ate of Indiane it tbeir goiar Hep Umbtrttoiiot for thejrnr oomoencioc IHMt, for ft UoeoM ob MondBf, tots tar 4th to Mil Mil Kiodw ol Intox oatlof iVqaom, vit: find molt Hqaori (or pr-M of om (exr, In quanUUM toM Ul I qar to be drunk upon sad th prt ulM wtw told, towtf: At lnd Ik Ita wbo of llrto or greand floor (ooMtmini of od room) of thoo ood otohtlf iitory frmme but dtn fUuxtod oo tho If rthwoto ooroor of tho (ollowlngiWsrlbM root tattle Ik Delaware luntr, Iixlltiii, io wit: The Weet to 13 frel of Lot So. II ik Mot'ttlloi JohbMWR Additom 10 ihe nlty of Muoelo. bold build-in fronting oa Onot Rireet, Ik Mid cly of Miuole, knd tho prlktpol enlrenoe to Mid rfO bring from OAfl off of ld 4 rant btreot ok tbe eatq hj dmu of I door.

kTlrlOK KTAM. Mnoto, IndM Angoei KUi toto. Liquor VoUoi. Notloo It hereby given to tho eltlMDl tf tho Fifth Wkrd. ik tbe tty of Muocte, In Centre Tovublp, UelBVirv Couiitf, lodlkkk, aod to other pemoce whom It niey cr Might eok-oerk that kliixaft l.

Wrloter, be hi naif InbeWunt of eotd city, county knd tuto, over Ihe age of yokie. morel mek, not Ik the bkbit of beeomlDg Iktokcklod knd belkg dtolftuv of ohtklklkg lioonee to ell Intoxt-oktln Ibid ft, will make kpnlieetlon to tbe rd or ommlM oQi of iho County of )ekr ta tbe Ptote of Indlenkp kt their iritikr Mptemtat He too for the yeerlMH, ootnmeorlkg on Monday, eeptemOer 4ik iww, for Mot owe to veil ell ktkde of Infr xloetmr llquort, vln plrituouk, vtnoue khd mu liquor for period of om jtmt. In nutotUI le tbnn kctkArik'kttme, be drunk open kod Ik the prMulnni where told, towU At kod In the whole of flmt or ground floor oot eiilng oc one room) eitttued on tbekontbetot corner ol the fo lowing rrni eotkte In Id leu rwkre Ckmnty, trvwit; begiktilng kt tbo koaibekHeoroerof lxt4l Alex. A wlltlon to Maori, runnlog thenee Wklmi I remoot Htreet lui fei; theooo Mori pomltol with the Went lie of Woinat ktieet to it tbimoe ImI to Woinat Hueet nt point to iLf Nor of the ploooof heglnnlLg. khd Dll tbenoo Mouth t) tbe pine of beginning Kidding being the Mortbwent eei O' at end Fremont ktr ete.

loenldclfy he princlpnt er irmtsc to Mia ro tein from oivd off of Mid nut Htreet, Iu front ok tbefCt, nod Mid Fremont ktr et. On Uif, koatb, by inexM of doom i WiiLUM D.Wnim, Makcle, lnd, A ague (Kl IMS, Liquor Notice. Notice hereby given to the ettloene of Centre Townxhtp, in Delnwore t'Oknty, iDdl-idb nrd to th ciriMne rf Mnoce, in Mid Townxbip nod County end to allot her per out whom It may or might oonorra, that I. Kettnr. helog male inbebittot of Mid city, ooutity nod the use of year moral mao, not Ik the bvblt ot Woklfig lr toxtokted ond being delronti of obtain tngo llornee to oeli IntoxicwUng llquom will mvke opt licktion to the Hoard of Comm) tonereof tbo County of lk owero.

In the Bine of Indl km alUtrlr regular Reptembtr He elon for the yeM Mk, ComtDenelDg on ond y. tap temher 4tb tmi, for tteenM to eeU al kinds of Intoxicating Uqoom, a IrHuoux, vinoux i nd malt liquors for period ofoneyeer. In quaBtttlNlmtbaik qoxrt at a. Ume, lobe oruuk npoo and In the premiere where a ldv to-wit; At end In ibe whole of the onetory frame building, eoutletlng of two room, ituated Ok the Houtbweet corner of Lot 14 Ik Bock M), In Jam Boyk Addition to Hun rts In Mtd County, irM Addition being commonly known ox Boyce town and located Nortlieaat of Mid etty of Munde, Mid build irg being located on tho Northewt eorner of Bei Iklre Htreet and Heima Avoane, and tbo principal entrance tbere to belkg la front from and Off of Mid Heima Aveane. EBRH4RT KnTTMBk.

Mnnetoq Augnet 8tb itM. Zdqnor If otftco NoMce le hereby given to the Plena of Center Townahip, Delaware County, Htato of Kndtana, and all other pereona whom It na; concern, that Hanrv Marahatl, being a maJ Inhabitant of Mtd Tuwnahlp, over the egeif 1 mrt not In tbe bkbit of be CftUd aad a At peraon to nottn tbe bkbit of brooming Intoxl-bo entrusted with the Mleof Intoxicating liquor In quantltiea leae tbnn a quart at a time, and betrg dealr one of oiUdniDg a tlocnao to aell tntomlcating liquor a aforeekld. that I will make tloa lo the Bord of CommliOner A lela ion ware County. Indiana at Ita rego'ari enmmenol oa tbe Amt Monday of Repfem ber A D. DM the oort Hour In th Ity of Monde, In Mid Counly and Htatc, torn lloenae to toil ail kind of Intoxicating Hquork lv It: Viaou.

malt and spirit aou liquor, for a period of one In le qnantitieo than a quart at a time, to be draak upon aod In tbe oiemlaea where eotd on tbe following deeartbod preralaea, la Center Towexhip, Delaware Coanty, ktate of Indtaaa, to wf i In the gronod floor room of tho one etory framosblngle roof bnildlag 1 mated at the nib Weal corker of Vine street and Baltimore A venae Center lownehip Mid County 4 State and being looatetf on lot nnmier otto in block number two hundred aad forty three A) la Tbe Monde Land com panytubdJ vision Of tbo Wateon Trae tho Mme being aa Addition to tbe city of Maa ete, in Mid aad ktato Afore eald Ha id building and room tronlaon Via' afreet and Be It I mere Avenue anl haft en traneee by mean of doom troaa the Baal Vwl and North thereof. Hsbst Miuiiu. Zfilqnor VottM. Net tee I hereby given to (be Httom of Center Townohlp, th tIUneM of Ue eity Of Mnncie nnfl to the eltlieneof the Oobero A Luptoa ub-4livllon bring an kddlt od to the city of Mancie, In Detowme eoantv, Ik the Stole of Indiana, that tha nnderalgncd wtU apply to the Board of OomralMloner af Iela ware ennnty, Indiana, kt Ibelr regular Hep temberterm, IM4, for a lloenae to Mil all kind of intoxieatlDg llquom to- wit: apinuiooa, 1 Tiquora, tobeeoid Suora, tobeeol me, with ibe privilege of allowing tbe mum to be druuk In he rein) tea wham aold. That lha preralaea In which he retire to veil Mtd Imoktcatlm llqar, I a one atory f'ame building locate oo lo? nnmberatx block thirty-eight (to).

In Goborn A Lnrtoke auiMftlvtolon of the Waning farm totbe eltyof uncle, Delaware coumy, Indiana, bald building frot Macedonia street and baa entrance tber to by kMMM of doom in the front no rear thereof That ihenndemigned teamalk Inkkbitakt of the Htate of Indiana, and over tbe age bf twenty-one yem. WlLLfAM NBAMABAVs Monde, UfL, Ang, II. WM. (Zdqoor Vottok I f1 Oeaier townablp anf ety of Mnaeie to tbe eua Notice hereby given to tbe eltla 3 to the Put of Indiana, thatfha the citlseo of the of Delaware In IHV rmi wi inuisus. nO lotfifrigaif, male Inhabitant of aa Id Htate over the age of twenty-oae yeara, wUI apply to the Board Of Conaty wmHPtooora of Delaware eooaty Indici at tbe keplember term thereof com-mendng oa Mooday tbe 4th day of Heptember leaf at the Court boom ta the city of MtaoU lo raid eouaty, for a ltoeaao to retail tor a period of ene year, eptrltoooa, vtooua aod malt Hqtontk les quaottttoe than a qua tat time, tha Mire to be aold at la and npo the tollowing deaenbed prembtoO fo wt; The one atory frame bU Iding aituat-d on MWMi.

block Nk tola ktaaioa T. Needle addition to toe euy of kuaoia Jamb Rtan. Bus. 11, ism. Stop I Look! Reudl Tbs thief wbh stole my gna off tbe teooe sly 8, 1893, bsd better retaro it at onoe, Bad save a trip to Miobigan City, ho ia known, dllitf EbNctttxo.

006 South Walnut Street. i -I I 1 Formly known as the St. Elmo, Meal Tickets $3.25.. Open From. 4a.

m. to 2 m. i i i i 1 ii i loals 25d. TV -r Everything Being Renovated. C.

D. Caton, who reoently cams to this city from Pittsburg to assume the management of tbe Whitely Lind went wrong last night. Yesterday afternoon he received by express from Tbos. Liggett of Pittsburg, President of tbe Land Co. Tbe money was to meet tbe pay roll due a gang of men under contractor Jonea who arc at work on Wysor Heights.

Caton began drinking and epent about IM of the 1750. Jones heard of Catona action and captured him, taking him to the land He made an attempt to escape but was prevented by Jones who made him turn over the remainder of the money. Fifty-three dollars was das Caton for alary and hs relinguiehed all claims on it to Jones. Hs then left ths office and thia morning left the oily. I i I Charles Wilooxen will leave for Chicago tomorrow morning whsts he will attend the.

Fair. Mias Allis Dodd, of Peru, is tbe guest of A Botkin and family. Run ell wei to.flertfjid C.ty this morning on bueiuees. i The etandard blood purifier, strength builder and nerve helper is Hood's Sarsaparilla, Ins'et upon Iltods, besauss Boon's Cossa. Notice 1 will bay deposits of any kl bald oil ths Uitissns National bank 120 East Jackson street.

dl45l6 Viemon Davis. nd Dont Take Poison. I heap whiskies ares' mild from of poison, Consumer arc warned agaioel their I. W. liaarsas NbuoM CnuirTT WmassT le a standard, high Kentucky Whiskey which reacheSj me dliect froui Kentucky, and whose purity I can conscientiously guarantee to those reeking a stimulant tor medical or sjclal use.

RsarscrruiXT, Txv Fasbiom Me wets I IJuk Hall; Prop Is It Theft? I This afiernooo Wm. Miller from near Stideler reported at police headquarters that a horse and buggy bad been in a woods on the Sludebaker pike, near Sbideler aud that no ownei; could be found. There was nothing about tus rig to identify the property. A bottle of csrbolio acid with a Mont-pqlter druggist label was found in tbe buirgy. Tbe rig was left in tbe woods sometime last night.

A Baser Burned. James 1 Manor, baker fofr Jeff Lockwood's bakery, was burned this morning. Hs lit ths gas ia ths furnace to heat the oven and went aDont other work think? ing the gar wat burning. UponTe-lurntng later he disoovoyed' tbe fie ia tbe turnace to be out and thinking it bad been turned, out tbiww a burning paper into the turnace and was tbs set of turning on tbs gas when bugs fUmefilssped from the open fhrnses door- into his faos burning bis right arm and part of bis shirt off him. Hii breast and faos was badly burned.

Although not serious bs was very painfully burned. I P.O.8. of A. Washington Camp No. 8.

of A. will give a pnblie entertainment at tbeir hall in Patterson Block Tuesday evening August 22 and tbs following will bs tbs PEOOEAM. Opening Singing ths Opening Ode. frayer Rev. Hay a.

uaio nartette. I trod netory Rev. L.M, McDermott Address Post State President I 8odgwiok, oi Riohmond. Song nartette. Remarks Rsv.

G. H. Hill and other patrlotio dtiaeaa. Prayer Rev. S.

B. Clark. Every one is invited to corns. dU5t3. Xxeursions Tib LXRV.

Kr. To RnuhviUa end rstora Aug 93nd, account of Cash Whltelju circus, cood rcturnlnx Aait 93rd, 1.76. To Csmbrldcs Oity sod return Anc-nat I3rd, tickets od retarsinf Aafust 33rd snd 94tb, L90 round trip. To Ft Wsyns and return Auk 14th to 19th exclusive, tickets (rood returnlnx to snd Including Aug 90tb, 3.60 for tbe round trip. 1 The rmnU ef Mao.

In i wlutor, Um froM mui 4 Wm hid by mwv ta trary lot, I whibed Uutt wiHMP had ooaaa amad mrydaai wm bollinc hula la wnnar, wm Xhm waatWl wmt Aud tha humldtt7 IntoMa fa kmgfug for a wintry mtorm Aad nowdrifti bifhar ibaa tba Cmma Cbkaca Baacri Mad a Dllbmui Meaasvrcf Kallroed And you want 91L SOU domaires for tbe breaking of a maa 'a leaf Yoar Akuth are pretty eteep, arent theyf Why. we had a maa last week who eked only 4,000 for a broken leg. Lawyer Yes, bat my client's Ule broken la twe pieces. New York Pra Aa ftiwnM, Tsecber Thi sentence speaks of wbo is aa elanuUt. Do yon know vbot that men meuast Hrii.hl ly Vr'us.

IteaoieseBllamna weft tries la boy who to go firbin on UomI Nrwe. The Hemingray Glase Work Will Bi Stirred- 1 I Th First Glass Industry To Placed la Operation After tbe Vacaton. Other! Fitoorlra To Start. This morning Hemingray Informed a Hxbald man, that tbe Hemingray Glass would start on furnace Tuesday morning. This is cheering news to the gla workers as it means that all bb furnaces ir tbe large factory wi be plaoed in operation before many days roll by.

1 be furnace will be fired tonight and everything will be in readiness to blow glass by Tuesdayi i i I Hsmiograys is ths first Ol Munoie's msny glass factories to sUrt sines tbs annnal summer ration and from appearance it evident that tbs lissers Hemingray ars not affected in tbs; least by tbs financial stringency. A 8 MALI FIRE. Tbs Patrol Wagon Was Bent Out Any Policeman. WltA 1 i Ij Lnst night about nino o'o'ock tbs firs department) was called to aoatb Liberty street to extinguish blase In lbs root pf a Big Four shanty. Tbs new pktrol wagon re ponded to tbe alarm, bsnlirg so-body ut ths driver.

Captain Tur nsr and offioers Benadnm and' Gallagher started for tbs petrol barn when tbs alarm rounded, but tbs driver did not wait for them. It is ordered by ths po'ios commissioners that tbe wagon be run to every fire with the police Why tbei wagon was sent out last night before soy policemen arrive! is not known and the commissioners should Investigate tbe matter. (J Crosby, chief elork of the National, speot today with relative in Albany Gbarles right of lodianspoli, alteoded tbs races yesterday1. I i Hon. Dsrusll went to Indian-apolie Ibis morip): 1 Oi II Hubbard of Hertford Gity was in Mancie yesterday.

ra, R. A. Thomas, ol 8ih street Whitely will leave Monday morning for Springfield, Ohio, abort visit. I Miss Grace Patterson ol Hartford City was ini tbs city yesterday. Mee Jessie Fisher, of Middletown was in the city yesterday visiting her numerous friends I W.

W. Edge, of Troy, Ohio, ws iu the city yesterday. I Miss Clara Ben bow. of Chesterfield spent yesterday in the city. Herman Usurer returned yesterday from a two weeks visit with relatives tbioagh Ohio.

Rev. Frank Hys has re turned from lodianspolis and will preach in tbe Presbyterian church tomorrow morning. Mia Jennie Cross went to Winchester today to visit relatives. Mrs. R.

B. Thomas of Whitsly will start Monday morping lor Dayton, Ohio, to visit fnrnds tbers. Mrs. Rosa Cora and family ol Montpelier, wbo have been' visiting bar sister, Mr Roy Shull lor a lew days retsrnsd horns this morning. 1 I I Sunday Services at the rlous Churches.

KKOLUn jLUTHSSAK. Va Southeast cornet of Uowsra and Lib erty sties' Sabbath school at 9:30 a. m. Y. P.

it. C. E. at 9:45 p.m. Preach-Ins at 10:30 a in.

and ,7: p. m. All invited to atu nd. Krv. P.

Crouse, psetor. 1 vwitxd rSaiTTsniAM cnnacn. I The United Presbyterian chdrch, cor-er Adams and Kb Ight streets Preach ing service at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 m.

Rtbbath sc bool 11 :30 a. m. Meeting at 6:30 p. m. Young Prayer Peoples meeilngoo Wednesday al 7 m.

I Geo, T. poojrr, Pastor. sics bis bos naan, Tbe Muncke Christian church bolda err Ice ever 7 Sunday at 10:30 a and 7:30 In Blue Ribbon ball, Boyce block. Bunday school it 9 a n. Prayer meeting Thursday evening al 7:30 The pubtid cordially invited to all these service.

Waesisotos, Pastor, ft i Faixsoa Cncacs. Usual aervioea 10:30 a. m. Y. P.8.

C. X. at 9:46 p.m caLViav csarxL sarrisT. Sunday school at XrerybiMiy Invited. Thursday evening.

I pf m. (sharp.) Prayer meeting on ST. rac ut erasis svasosucL ass cstmos. At HomoiePe Hal). Morning service 10 :30 a n.

No evening service. All ars cordially Invited to be preeent. Has Zumstsis, Pastor. i J08 8. Monroe 8C ion rrmmrr u.

a cvcacs. Uaua. aervioM at High St. X. X.

ohureh rxoept la evening wean union eel yloe wdi be held. Fibst Barnsr Cnoaon. There will be worship la this ehnroh in the morning school alter the mo nlng service. Yoeng People's meeting at 9 p. m.

Ths public generally tnvited, 8. 8. Caasss, raster ran rasBavmtog cmvmcm. Frank Hays, paster. Suadsy erheel at 9 :33 a.

e. Chr aliaq Xcdeevor sseWlng at in. Pieecbiog by 'wrrir la the penr at 10:46 even were educated in Ohio. Both went weet when the gold erase broke out oo tbe Pacific cowat. Effie Horubark, aged IS years, oornmit-ted suicide at 1'olumbua, lad.

She said her future was all dark. Po-t waster Willla of Nashville, baa got the newspapers of that city oa bis trail by issuing an order forbidding the letter carriers, under pain of dismissal, from commenting oa tbe financial situation, "as sensational reports are at this time mischievous and dangerous. 1 he boiler of tbe Wellington roller mills at Lexington, lia, exploded, killing Engineer Ki chard Johiwn and a boy named Prank Albin. Mm Helen Gould is planning tha erection and endowment of a hospital fa New York. William Daniels la ondar arrest at Nashville, -IUa.

He is one of tbe burglars wao have been operating tb is Ed Beno, a laborer, while beside tbe track apparently asleep was struck by an Illinois Central passenger train at Pane, Ilia, and killed. G. W. Johnson and Alta Goldsmith of Osceola, Neb were arrested at Peoria, Ilia. They eloped aad took 1400 from Johnsons father.

A portion of tbe money was reoovesed and tha ooupla released. Byford E. Cunningham, a conductor on tbe Ohio and Mississippi road w. a killed by falling from his train. Dr.

S. U. Duggect, who aided the women of Delphi, in tbeir crusade against the saloons for selling liquor to habitual drunkards, was brutally beaten by one of tbh men wbo bad been posted ae a drunkard. I At Cincinnati the Sons of Veterans granted authority to the division of New York to confer tbe gold cross on W. 8.

Oberdom for services in uniting tbe order. Tbe gold cruse was also conferred oa Colonel M. D. Friedman, Alabama and Ten-rases division. According to an old tradition silver was first used as a coin in Grant Britain years ago.

Bub-Inspeotor A. J. Sturgis is missing at 8auit bte. Maria Hs started In tbs dire tlun of tha rapids in a rowboat. Fragments of tha boats bava been picksd up.

Tha Nebraska Democratic state convention will meet at Lincoln Uut. 4 to nominate one candidate for the supreme bench and two caudldates for regents of the tat university. LIVE 8TOCK AND PRODUCE MARKETS Cklwfo CeicAOO, Ans. IB raliowtns were tbe quotation vn the Board of Trade today: Wb4 Aosait, opened tlita elueud 'dt SepUmlMr. opened tlfoi.

Sirawd aiei Uetember. opened SSii elowd Corn Ancnst, epyoed Wo, elwed September, opened Olio, olo, SWt: May. openel ilito, eioaed eHo. 01 Auoi, opened eloed bptm ber, opened Lie need Mo: My, opened tn, cleeed Peru Awwl, opened eioaed September. opened 1110, eioaed (UBH October, opered SIB OS, eioaed ,111411 lord September; opened S.1H eleeod W.rjd Live tuoh The prices nt the Union Stock yards today rsoged aa foliowa: Hog KU mated reeetpte for the day, led ever about quality (ood; market fairly aetlee on peeklay nod ehipptns no-eount, but feeling neek and price ruled 1AS lower, mure part cularly oa henry pradee; aalaa ranqed at til plq A tie lb light, tl.O&dl rough packing, pt Via .4 iixd.

and St Se4 heavy packing and hipping lota Cattle Kail mated raoeipta lot th day. quality fair; markat rathar nrttro local and ahlpplng noooimt aad price without change; eolation ranged at at el ffl Weholo to extra shipping aieen, 4 lnt good to choice do. SS.tUot.iiU fair to good, d.oe t.A common to medium do, lAiPSi 7A hutch- Steera, Stocker, OBTuodel foedara, 1 rd iu com, hallara, SkUmaBSt bulta. Texas steers, and Ah takW veals cal rea hhaapKatlmatad veeaipte for the day, quality (air; market rather actlra on parking and shipping account and prices were Steady; quotations reaped at 6X.4U td per PM lbs westerns, tX.U-iBd.tM Taken, Itwatlii anile end iamlia Prodnoet Butter Taney ea para tor, ib; fancy dairy, MM-bUMo; packing took, Ue. Kgga I rash etook, toe off, lde pardoa Lire poultry Spring uuiokeoa 11 per lh bane, be; ruoMers, So; turkeys Hr; Sueks, bo; geem, BAbukttt per doe.

Men pole toe Early Ohio. I1.HSII1 per bhi. Apple New, Mbiuin per hhi. Honey-White elerar, 1-lh eaotioaa Ulk broken eomh. Me: dark comb, gool condition.

i4 lte; sx tree led. per th. 1 Bast BorrALO, Aug. IB Cattle 117 ears through, load oa sal: market steady fee good handy stack; ran and baiter.; good btsera, fair exporters,

Hog tA earn through, lb lauds oa sal; market lower; goad York i sad light hogs 9 phea, I4t Bh routh. t.a4att; medium and beery, 8.. tuu. Hheep and lamb XI ear through, lead oa rale; markat slow end steady; good mixed sheep, 4J.loa-OU; ohoioe, Mil good lambs, A.uugL' 9t.tiiB4.7a. Sr.

Loots. Aug. IA Wheat Lower; cash, tee; Augnet, STHe; September, Asfoot October. Me to; Dear: naked Cora Higher i.c; Aeguat, He; September, Set her, ito hid; year, XlMo ahanlnai. Oats iue.

oseb, mMo bid; August, tgtfe hid; aptemher. xSlqo hid. Perk Lower; Lard Lower; 64. UH- Whisky Mleedy; 91.14.

Mew NuwToao, Aug. IS beet September, W)qBS b-lSo: Ortw 1KB 641 December. ISKBTSHb. H) Weak aud doll; western, Ha Cera Market a toady aud doll; September, CM t.Mel December, 7loi Na A t7W Gate No. A dull and steady; Siam, 41 Br; wsstera, UBtto; Sepumber, ve bid; November, Stvse.

Park Firm and quiet; new meat, IU.H4U.IB Lard Dull aad bom Dotawit. i I Dereorr, Aw. IA WTaaat Mo. lad eoaB. W-; Vaptsm-or, S-Kul DbObnabsr, lu bid; No.

I whits oah, into. Cars No. vaaB, MKo. Uau I Mo. wblt ooah, Ms.

A Toledo. Toludo. Aw- IA Wboet Cash. Ko B-ptom'wv, SIKcl laosmbor, Uure No. oaab, 4w.

Oslo Nartbins Coins. i-U 4e. Cuwsr ooS Ootobw. 4 VI. Mllaaaka Xitsmn, Aw IS Whwl-Caab.

ISn; ntcBibar, i Slat; D. aw bar. Slo. Dorn No A Me; N. A to.

01 No wSlw. SKB41o; Mo. Ido. XT Sib. Kr Na A No.

A WBdn Barter No. booiloallr 4Ss; ooaapioa ua-i I ntonsoj. Ohlcsgo. 1 Ths L. W.

will ran Another xesrsion to CbioBgo leaving bars 8stnrdsj svenlog at 10:5 p. m. $3.00 (or round trip good for ten days. Tbeir will be plenty of obnlr room and it nan 1 ba reserved by calling nt tb office. Mr J.

C. Bo, well, one of tb beet known and meet respected eitlxeu, of Bowswood, Texas, auflered with dlairbovs for long tim and tried msnr different imeJieu without bene fit until Chamterteln Colic, Cboleie end Dtanhcen Renwdf we ueud that relieved him nt ence. For aale by 84 an A Durham, Druggists. BncklsaE Xrniea fialvs The Best sslvu In the world for Cult, Soros, Ulcer. Salt Keum, rover Soros, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chtblslna.

Corns snd nil 8kln Eruption, sod positlvulv cures pUes, or no meoey required. It guarantee i k) erfeot snrtefhotlon Price Efiu per bvi ea. B. Andrew. selves for tbe niw doing.

bowling they are Sown days ago Prof. Perry, ol Williams college, had a very able Utter in tbe Indianapolis Mews-This letter has been very favorably commented on by a number ol Republican papers throughout the life. Tbe professor is complimented iu high terms, and roanyoi tbee same papers speak about tbe obaptef oo money in the prole work on Puliiioal Eoonomy add oommend it to their readers. Now when these same readers have finished tbe chapter on money they and the Repnblican editors as well, should tarn to tbs ebsptsr on tbs tariff in tbe same book and read it. Tbsy will find it mighty interesting reeding.

Kepablicaoe sy the administration is not pacing any of ths pub-ho dsbL Tbers is a very good rea. son though why non is psying. Tbs Republicans not only deputed tbe but antinipstsd ths inooms of tbs governmout for asv srsl yssrs to corns by voting all mannsr of claims and subsidies to political henchmen. Not only that but just befors ths Harrison ministration want out, a dsepsrats sffort mads to inorssss tbs bondsd indebtedness of tbs oountry to ths tuns ol fifty million dollars, and ali beoausa Wall atraet wsntsd to maka oms big monsy out of tbs people. Tbs Espublicao party is liks tbs small boy; ths less tbsy bsvs to say about public debt, ths lees 'unfavorable attsntion it will attract.

1 A oarsful canvas of ths situation leads to the conclusion that bi met. allism will be tbe fioal outcome" in the present contest. It is in fct the west and south against ths east, and no one who has studied tbs qneatloq can doubt tbs final oot-come. Tbs east will be compelled to accept tbe compromise and take bimetallism ae tbe baeie of agree lent. Tbe rolio of 1 to 20 bae been iggeeted, and no doubt something like this ratio will prsvnil.Tbs old ides of demonetising one metal so that xnotbar will have a big ad-vnlaga will not take with this fiongreiis.

Tbs people want to buck to tbs plan that prevailed before tbs act of 173 was passed, nd what the people want is pretty pure to win in the end. The fight lor a single standard will be brave one, but the chances are in numbers aod these ars undoubtedly aids of bimetallism. In the mrautlms the eyes of tbs people are on congress. The psopls want action soon and sure. 8I10KT AND SWEET- I CM of Compilfid BrUf.

Th, Palr 0fr krl Oompsllsd to Hustle Again, Professor Baldwin mads aa sx oellsnt baloon ascenelou and parachute leap at'lbe lair grounds ys terday afternoon Superintendent of Polios Miller nd wife went to Winchester this morning to attend ths wedding oi a nieoo. Buck Banter has reeigoed his position at the United States Express offios, sms Miller's horse beoams ds-oidly ornery yesterday and kioked a handrome buggy into kindling wood. Mrs Myers and daughter Miss Mery of BellsirsObio who hats been pending several weeks with GUntoa Millikan and family returned to their Buokeys home this morning, Mrs. Mysrs is tnaob pleased with ths Msgio City and will probably remove hero next month. The Lebanon and Indlanapolie base ball teamplayed at Indianapolis yesterday.

Before ths garni i ended several players aad friends oi tbs clubs engaged in pitohsd bettls. LuckiUynoons was seri-ously 8 Aero Lots For Ws have a traot of land that ws are selling ia lota of three, five or ten acres at a low price. Beautiful high rich land very desirable for suburban country home or gardening situated only a little over one quarter oi a mile from city limits oa Hoyt avenue. Property selling rapidly. If you want one of thi tracts, call early.

F. W. Heath 121 Weet Main St, Msaoie lad. Oeitage Steam Landry. -Having put la a mangle wa caa do family work, rough dried aad all flat work iroaad, each at table Iiaen, bed Been, Ae, for 25o per Ill North Jeffereoa street.

dlUU Book Coupon No. 79 si the i pace ham bared dtlTarsour isejr eamltar A too. ea tbsy srs dlfterrso, s.d send is US with four east stamp south book ordered If rou wUi hs eeal (res ax Kama. treat. as qeeWe qeeeSeei Toe ef Book wanted.

I ese A Addrse ltok DspA- oWAr Ii oerner; LARPHBL CK Come All MAGUIRE, PRO. i AYERS Hygienic COFFEE. mah A Health Drlsk, Nerve end Brain Feed. I. Cat.ii.

sit lb Saw stw yms faqsira. PrapM-ri by M. 0. Ak I Bewaa. A Vxtanaa larsuwy ysan.

Frlc, OO Cents per Found. DlrttUtm. for lte msm CoSm, tote aa, toon, thas tss-lli ttl to stvcb tor mm iim wuw, or so tahUqinwilul iur tw lug p. NaUew Sw dirasusM a4 yas will mm ilia Ssd hr ksk a IM Rafam, priot IS OM x. a AYza, lei rati trmnrr, bostob.

For SnU br P)bor MoCmlght.i GEO. HIGMAN, i i I 1 107 E. Jackson Bt. MUNCIE I 1 4 I Parties having monev to! Loan on First Mortgage real. floods Bills eul 11 li-r ill.

blllouooooa, etndlco, todlgoatUm, pick hoadaoba. a The Drily Herrld. ar Ivhl, Inept luday Herald Printing Co. met I I Mil -Mil HlueS. Msath, Weiss jSrt, itl.iit.

indls'io. r. 1 c2ILUP RAIMBAUGH, Kinross Is ft'SLisssse know aooui erntrsotinp work should guy sway from public job THS ncit tiir tbe Worlds Fair manager givo an loiernational war dancs and don't invite Indians inv thore Republican trouble. 1 1 i WniT editor i will bs vOuld peu bays done his place in a very pertinent question to ask soin oi tb fellows Wbo talk so glibly about be governor xndKoby' i Ode neighbor, the, Time, pro fere the Durham (N. Globs an' authority on southern wsr claims in preterwnoe to; tbs constitution of tbs United! pistes, YotNO fella ws who! firs the grls, 'of single jefandsrdj met should rusk reference to the nil ver Sbe might tjoil tbe old man and hs kick the silverjts of! tbe front slepst j.

It is aid when amsu i very druuk ho imagine tht every maa be meets is intoxicated. -Munois Time. Not having had ny ex peiieno )n this linp vt ire per-. fectly willing lo takjn our neighbor aa authority on tbe 'queetion. 5 i- ji 4 1 Bishop Turner eaid, lo thecongr as on Africa at the Ghjoago the other day thl ail men re black in tbe beginning, bm did not state wbat state kiud ol bleohiog powdera fell Into the hat ds of the now whits people.

There is a Joks about it some piacs. No went to pear, C-U bueiuess prosperous pieces in 'a month It takes tune to wreck a firmly established business. Repub licana wbo harp bont Democratio times i should, remember this and then examine ths past vicious legislation. i If 1 I t-5SsSfe: WE'suggwet that northern Republican editors and southern war nlaima be put in the arena for a fight to the1 finish' the eooeUtntion of the. United State tuloe to be used, is of qurso if ths editors are willing to jaooept such authority, 1 Bitfit tbs death of Teneyeon England hsa been without sncffioisl poet and now Gladstone declares that be will rot appoint one.

A very! good determination on the part of the "grand old man for the field Is thna left open to asy and all Wbo feel tbe poetic muse stirring their spirits to action. i a I Rue At visitors to us Worlds Fair ifurnish tb alleged reporters on Ghiesgo papers no end oi material Out cf which, a weekly stipend can be learned; weakly will also Eppl to much pt tbs stuff written. It is apparent that much ol tbs 'Worlds Fair atuff ia Cbioago Crises is asytking bat metropoll-t ti i itx maks-up. Guarantees 13 year old Liquors and first-class treatment. Link Hall, Prop.

ALL COMFOBTS HOME; includea the great temperance drink Hires! given New Life to the Old Pwlkk, Plcarare to thn Parentn, 1 Health to the Children. All 1)88 AM Ita Tli qeMf yrka avxkc )) Hfiuradgrt Hutaa. NEW LIFE. Pa. m.

r. wawrs nkrvx and brain tlKBATMKNT, A epsolOe (or bjMvrte, duui-seM, SU. Beurslste, heed be neresu prse-Drstiol euuiwS br eleobol er tobseno, ws-Biases, ueatsl Sspreeston, soften Inf sue preln, iDaoclir, Sesth Traoisiarsold ss. harmbeeeii, we powsl le teipoteaoy. lenaerrlHBa u4 el fetes weaknesses, iBToluntarr Ineswe, eper AtorrncBa ceases br sear-exertion of In, elf-ebu to, oer-tldalirenoa A roenlb reet-bsnA 41.4 for Ball.

VI boxes cure Im, artier for 1 boxes, wilk 64 will sens wnilse xuarautee to rsfusS eared. Uarnntea Iseued MI7I7 U. U. aa-retro, sole Afeot, Mancw, led. Geo, H.

Andrew, Bole Agent. 1 WE Will per tbe above reward for an, ease of Llesr Oomplalbt, Djrtpepeia, Ueadaoha, lndlftotloii, Uoostlpalioa Dial or Ooa West a Vf UeeaeasWe 011 not rare table Liver strictly Pomp Vegetable and eeeer fall to fire IMIal. Um boxes, non tel nine Rills 44 oeom Hwre of and lint. lUane Tbe pealM urttoie mens factored only by Tbe JOHN Unt CO. CHIOAWO, Hold hy (1.

B. Andrew. wllk 4- DR. JACKSON Has removed hi i office to 120 South Walnut St. First tairway South of the When.

J. S. M. D. (Domoeepetblo) PhvBioian! and Surgeon Off os 800 East rials 8L TelepbaeS Keetdeeee 1M.OOSS UB Hetioe to Ciai manta.

Treatury tiepertmsnt, I Offloe o( tb Oumptrollev ot th Ctrrenoy, Wasblnfton, D. AUfttst 14, IMM Wot toe 4 hersby ft re ts all perse wbo may bar olslm. Sfalest "TM C'lUeee No Uoaal book of Nuaalr Isdiass, lht 4b esq must to Arthur w. Urady, Bssrlesr, with th leqal proof tbsrsof, wltbla Uil, dets, oi they may Wires woe the (raw disallowed. JaussH.

yv-xtcl. 14 9w. Cox ptrollsr of tb Currettey ants. Lost. For Sale Beat fcte WANTED.

Hocsb. Six or saves rooms and kin hen wlthla four or six squares of the court bouse square. Address K. (1. IU Woe! Main street.

Wanted I will exen-mge first class reel rotate at whtl It is worth for certL fiuatss of deposit on ths Ci Isons Nstloosl bank, H. HnMuxm, 114 W. Jackson street. jroa EBHT. Boom Front by MS T.

J. Alien, 400. Beat Charles street. dWltf. hooin Four rrotusoo 7 street I Whitely.

Enquire of K. Tyler Jr 114 Ka Washington 8L Telephooo ld Roonv Three furnished nlorly eated. Enquire at 311 Wall street. 4Kt3 to Rooms Farotehed for booeekeepl or gfg with nee of ffottlh prankliit street 4. All d14R I Children Ory for ii 4 A c.

CARTERS CURE "ek Kmdsflb sad miters thstesuMw i biUoi atotoof to lymaLxiil aa tttoffff, Dh ta IM hlle UMfirwj GiGIZ yvt Offf4ra Lttfla Lvm Pitl ir qially raallnf toMMWoytowentui'iMnt. wtW tlhvk ffmeiftU Ittnflfin of ihehinMtoiwMat A twoff anfl Mfolala to bovala. tlhkqv4 tor from toladi tntmir.g cotmflnJnl bwhorti nMaqr tofipo4a mtwUiesaw4 ih lie mo try Ohm J1 tm1 Itaw-IittM paheWB'1 tto to a kfif way ImI ILf will mo to tetewtUEOtt Umo Biiafcrauajkht ACRIE fM Wat aamanyl uk. sr pot boast. OapUlsewsM hr4sboA OMabUUbUwr Pm or vary Moll aA ry swy to taka Os or law ullla uek do, by tosstrteuy vrpMbtesnd ds so grip.

aria bat by IMr snuciMn ftoa 11 w'-mtbm. lavtoleetusaentoi Stobwtl. S.I. Sraesteto every wbeea sreeet by mul. casts mxotonra nw vom.

pill siua smiipRtr- gpuo Suclj CQKOEtm rMA 1 rviuc5 Meat fit km fit every-day; cotrrmtmci rf a aj-hmr tuxury. Psrv and rtotewfr.e, repared with scrupulutis exfe. Hig'wit rrxrd et ill Pure FjoJ Expouitkms. mcLdje mskrs two large fiiss. Av-f Kstions xxtd itiJsf on Paving dn NONH SUCH brand.

I kWBPii SOU1 fvmaxee. A Noted Divine Oayts I h-s H(f Tws Usov Veils fr Pyipisilb, Wsate Ivwm, WUI, WhA ATI A CrZCIAL William eon's Xxebange. Flour oi ali kinda, oora meal feed of every variety for sale at Willianaona Exchange. Htgbeet cash price paid for oora and oats. Good delivered at any point in the Remember location, 8oath-oat corner of Wnlnnt and Waehington streets.

Telephone 1 Willi am ton Co eatite security, ehould and See' us at once. GEO. N. HIGMAN call Children Oryfcr ntc-ro Mg 14 A i 4r.

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