The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 19, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ^ THE KffllWANT NEWSPAPER OF NOR^ST^ij^S A*'fiSrf!S^,J^ X " "" T? kj HOME EDITION XXVI!!—NO. 20L Daily News, BlytlievlUe Herald " ~~ ~ ~ ~ Vanej^Leader. Blyllievlllc Courier.' W A"1'11KV1U.K, ARKANSAS, SINGLE COPIES FIVE ASKS DA WES TO HEAD RELIEF CORPORATION iiniinnriifMBni* -,,. _ ~~—~— — ,, .., ^^^ ^. ..^P He's Ruler of- w' Mat ion Much of Greenwood Under Waler; Seven Delta 1 Counties Affected. i GREENWOOD, Miss.. Jan. 19.! <UP>— Flocd waters loday spread | over seven north Mississippi conn- tie.';, threatening to inundate tws large towns and dozens of villa^ 1 and crass road settlements. Break in thc levee 18 miles north of BelKrni was beyond repair today and. water had started to spread over an area of 400,000 acres B«- tween 7.COO and 8,000 persons live in this area and many have started to evacuate. The break .came late yesterday and today had spread until it was 100 feet across. Here 3M convicts from Parchman I prison' farm and 30 county prison-' ere were working on Isvees. The Yazdo, one of the principal rivers, of Mississippi, was overflowing its banks, battering its dikes from its headwaters to near w-.»re it flows into the Mississippi Far< of Greenwood Flooded The nortii and east sections of Greenwood were under water. On- neighborhood of expensive residences is under water. Convicts were roenfOrcing downtown buildings by placing sandbags against their foundations. Mayor VY.'K Clements said he was hopeful they mav 5*WC t ^ in *««i« ' •• city. the situation approached a crisis Approximately 2,000 persons remained, trapped in the district and relief agencies have said ttey have not enough boats for speedy rescue It to feared some may drown befor" reLef reaches them .'-Authorities at Glendora, Webb . and.Suniner.have.started a;general health survey to test drinking water and inspsct refugee camps. Reports said lack of good drinking water and general unsanitary conditions are likely to result in an outbreak of disease.- Arkansas Near Flood Stage LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 19. «JP)_ .Clear weather today brought relief . from constant rains. How-ver rivers in south and central Arkansas continued to rise slowly. ,,.-fh-^''r 3 ' 11 ' 111 the A^ansas was within 3. few inches oi flood stage At Little Rock the Arkansas rose five feet yesterday and last ni»ht reaching the 21 foot level. Flood stage is 23 feet. At The damage in the Camden area -'-.5 reported as not great despite n f-mn H r«s1 r. ~r . _ . "H" 1 - e ay save the main levees protecting the in the Tippa basin north of here i Levee Slide r Above Lake Is Reported Word \',::s rscelvvd ill-re i-llcrno.n Hint u bliu> had this, u?- I ,. . • vwu iiuiii uiu .riiMju ruuruaci "ere is King Feisal of Iraq, the Jack Robb, engineer, will be ar- country which is expected to be eucd before Jutfee Martineau at full independence and made Little Ro:k tomorrow. Railroad a member of the League of No- j attorneys notified counsel for the J Dismiss Actions Against Ex-Bankers; Insurance Cases to Federal Court. .Two actions uuainst J. F. Rod.<tick and Karl Roderick, president kiKl cashier of the delunci Ban'* jcf Lcaclivllle, .have Ijcen settlci. icul of cunt anil dls:nlst;u] of (lilt rises without prejudice was grant- led on request of Attorney R. A iVcJson ihls morning. J. F. Rod- Click defendant In n suit on a S3.CCO rromissory iu:te and Earl Hode.rlck defendant in a similar suit involving $4«. No details of (he settlement .were reve»le4., Transit!- to federal court of all cases involving claims by heirs' and trustees of the late Ooah Barnes war) formally granted U|»n petition of seven defendant insurance companies. Approximately $75.- CCO in duube indemnity and accident policies Is sought by th'j plaintiffs. Petition for removal to Icderal court of a similar action brought by Mrs. Clara Da\is, widow of the late Dr. H. S. Duvlti, was eranted a defendant Insurance company. The plaintiff would compel payment on a 55,000 policv. Motion for a temporary order [restraining the heirs of the late T., D. Rhodes from, seeking S25,- COO Irom the Frisco railroad nnd jii.i.iiu.n Li.iu u tulip nun «A- CUITCM] l:i ;t levei; un Hie Et"l« lint.. t'.:tth nl:o\|. lily lake, which Mt :IIL- kvtj :-t ihni point only to :r 12 liichc.s .ilxive the raiii-swolli-n AHUT.S of thp tillch. tions when the League Council meets Jan. 25. Iraq, formerly part of Turkey and once known as Mesopotamia, has been.a British mandate for the last decade. The mop by the court here/ E. L. WesV showa the location of Iraq. plalntilf thai the restraining order would be sought after their petition for removal of the suit to federal court was denied yesterday brook of Jonesboro represents the railroad, a ml Harrison, Smith and Taylor,, the. plaintiffs. - • . . •Joige L'rjM Diligence Members ot the bar went through the formality of again electing c. A. Cunningham as special Judge this nKrning at 10 o'clock. A question of legality as to the procedure used in election ol Attorney Cunninjham as special judge yesterday arof.c alxl members of the bar agreed'to exercise proper precaution by going through the procedure again cne day after the presiding judge was absent when the term opened yesterday. Judge UKliANA, 111.. Jan. 19 (UP)-- p- E - Kcok, the presiding judge, Mayor of Illihois Town Orders Business Suspended for Rest. of Week.. , .. . -- -Mriyor Reginald Harmon today or- emergency holiday for dered ° f the weck • so hun(1 ' ccu ot bottoms m* oms under water. A rapid ri s; in the Cache river near Cotton Plant s« n ' several families scurrying to hi»her ground. " the hysteria brought un by the closing of three banks. The mayor issued the order calling for the closing of all business places except newspapers, public utilities, drug stores and places dispensing food after an all night conference with leading citizens. Two Champaign banks and one Uibana bank closed. The Charn- imtitutioiis nere dcpositor- TT- u :""u" 'J«ituuiitM5 nere UCno^irnr- Jr'&r^,,^^ °' ^.^^^. °< ~ -' , . - ' ---..-„.» n j»u.mrtv,e ui fair wjatner to rikih repairs on culverts bridges and roads damaged by thc torrfntia! rains and ov^r- flowing streams. hundreds of university students had accounts In them. An armor»d car carrying $1,000.000 gathered in Chicago banks sped to Champai 6 n tale yesterday after an all day iun on the banks that remained open. Mayor Harmon, executive of Urbana, adjoining Champaign, sii- 1 he spoke only for his own city, but hoped the holiday would be ob- Union Leader Asks Facts on Railroad Obligations CHICAGO, Jan. 19 IUP>—The railroads were challenged by their ••"»- t « iiit nuuuuy \\c workers today to tell frankly what servei1 '« Champaign, bills they owe and whether the I *S5 ™£^ft£" Ultle P ama K e . Lot5 ol Noise in Uptown Fore An oil stove explosion in an apartment in the Ingram building Main and. First streets, brought out two Ire trucks but did little or no damage early this alternoon. The fire was in the apartmsnt of Miss Clara is ill at his home here. In his remarks to members o! the jury panel Judge Cunningham emphasized thc necessity of utmost diligence of the court and jurors In order to dispatch as much business as possible. The' court pointed out that no term was held last summer because funds 'were not available and slated that although financial troubles still beset the county it is imperative that this court term be held as many cases await disposition. Co-opera- ticn of jurors and .members of :he bar in speeding up as much ns possible procedure of the court was asked. A SGO lawsuit over a carload of A crew with snndbaes VVH'S to nwikc tlic trill (c the scene by boat this allo'iiocn us soon as'lnformu- l!:n could be sent, lo J. W. Meyers, dlslilt-t engineer, who \vns. dlrcci- Icvce icixilrs On' tin 1 Ill's afternoon. : No I'urlteiLlur apprehension fcl' lhc slide it was suied lii.t icjinivs will be as quick •v as possible. Tho water l«vel at the lake is sliil several feet bf.'- dnnuiT poln:. ; en LIE- Only Possibility of Trouble Is On Old Embankment South of City. KENNETT, Mo., Jan. 13—While some apprehension It. felt for the 31. Francis river levee near here, ittle actual danger.of a break is thought to exist by those w!:o understand the water situation. ; North of Ke'nnelt along the re- :cntly constructed levee in District Ko. 1 absolutely no danger of a ireak exists, according to J. F. Mc- laney, member of the levee district icard. A similar view is tuken, by Charles Garrison of Campbell, another !»v»e board member, 'who declares the levee able to withstand t much larger volume'of water than has - thus. far'.reached, hsre..',.- ;•;.. Both men and others who-have viewed the situation declare the piesent How of water could not possibly damage the new levee, that several feet more of water would be necessary to create a positive menace, and thai before this situa- lon could occur weaker portions of he old levee . south of Kenr.ett vould break, thus rclleveirig nr»s- •ire. - .• , • Some apprehension is. fell by res- dents of thc district protecled by he old levee from the point wh«rc t is tied in with the nsw to a point everal miles south.of here. A vlgl- anl watch is being maintained, lowever, ana constant patrolling has been in effect for two days to prevent a surprise ' break, rtein- orccment of the levee in Its weak Jlaces by means of sandbags has Iready been effected, and an ?,dd ; - :onal supply of. sandbags can be procured at short notice sho'.ild thc situation suddenly demand such further action. The river is not yet at Its crest and the addilional flow of wafr may create more of a menace. H Is possible, however, explain levee and river men, that enough water will empty through thc- Arkansas channel of the river to equalize the ad- bempts Only President and Judiciary From Proposed Reductions. WASHINGTON, .Ian. ID lUP) — * bill tn ivdiK-f fiMlerul Mliirli's exccpl I host oi (lie president nml Jury was Introduced in lhc e today, by Senator llonth, lii:])iibllcnn, Klnho. llor.ihVi bill would reiiiicc the salaries uf iiom SS.OOO to J7.000 by (J per cent; $7,000 lo tlO.OOO ten per cent and UIOSB above JIO,MO by 20 pr.r win. Eimclincnl lhi> bill would tost Boruh $1.000 ninnmliy in salary. Will I'robc Iloldlnr Companies The house loday niilhorlml a thorough Inquiry Into public utility holding companies including radii), telephone nnd lelcjjj'.ipli, avl- alicn. pipe lines, busses anil other agencies of transportation nnd cmn- iminlcnlion. It adopted a resolution by Chalr- iiinn Rayburn. Democrat, Texas, of the interstate commerce com- f permitting- his committee to conduct thc hiqilhy. Hoover Opiicnn Pensions President Huovei-'u upposiliim to MuMmi-nt at this session of I>en- £iciii inr widows nnd orphans of World War veterans was cxpies- sc.-i loday by Frank T. nines, administrator of veterans affairs. "The president has advised mo this legislation itocs not' nccortl with his flimnciul progriim," Hlnes luUl the house veterans committee. Says Enforcement Prohibition could not be. enforced even by the whole urmy Representative Samuel Dlckstelu. -Democrat,' Nt-w York, asserted'.-toddy bcforV (he senate beer committee. n tjv lartoui^ vici <i vai.vau ui !.«-» ui njt; liver IO FOUfllf hay occupied thc opening session ditonal flow from above. cf circuit court here today. It v/as the only jury trial of the day Surface water from local rains has covered much land in this vi- ^.«j i..*t u.uj jui.* in", u. me uaj "wo >.uy(;it.-u mucn land in this vi and at 2:30 this aftcrr.oon a vcr- | cinity. but. little damage has been die: hud not been reached. The I experienced except (o com cuse went to the jury shortly af- remained unharveslcd. -_^ j .H-^M-OOVO-, ui isiAi ana naa mauc ner an, Charleston, Nfo.,: V--4L c i r- ,'home here ever since. She had lived plaintiff in the ac-i'* cnn MWDa farmer to vvltn lier daughter. Mrs. Luta Plck- David B. Robertson, labor head requested the nine railway presidents assembled here with representatives of 1,900,000 workers, to ignor e unimportant technicalities such as disputed figures on valuations, v.age comparisons, and standards of living. "If your roads are in dire mcd tell us v/ha; you need nnd. what you need it for", the labor Ijar'er Ruble. ques', for wage cut. tcday In answering the rc- a one-year voluntary . Truck drivers of the fire department now have standing orders to State Schools Add Vehicle Code to Studies HARRISBURO. Pa. (UP)—Many rural and,city schools In Pennsylvania have added Ihe Pennsylvania Vehicle Cede as part of their cur- r| cuhim in an effort to promots safety. Motor Commissioner Eynon said "J 6 Highway Department will fur, , «hools, free of charge, copies °i toe Digest of the Vehicle Code, mer *;n as tho Vehicle CoOc- "prl- HI^ , " of alcono1 from I cd th^T r ? r Powcr use has cau ™,n«L T" 011 Of a P !3 »t f °l- " purpose at Johannesburg, s, A tci- noon. A. E. Goodma farmer, i< the p.- _ ticn and Ira Crawford, local man, .is defendant. Goodman asks compensation frcm Crawford for loss snstaintd. when hc was forced to sell at a low price a cnrlcad of hay i-hippcd to Crawford which the latter leluscd to accept. Heid, Evrard and Henderson are attor- which Dicksteln the first nf six Deinccratlc conarcssmen lo appear before Hie currunluee to urge fnv- ciable action in the Blngham four per cent beer bill. lecided today to Ignore ..., speech of Governor William H. alfa Hill" Murray who went before thc (try organization convention last night with thc suggestion a retreat from prohibition might be necessary. "There is n possibility the final «":',m,rK"o=s sBJ-a-S 1 =s Vrc T.lllr* Oi^Vnr.l 1A*^ n^l-l _. L ^''K 1 * 1 -- Agetl Resident Survived by Many Relatives and Friends Here. Stfmsoii Will Succeed ..... »ier Ambassador at Geneva Aims Parley.. ,..; WASHINOTON, Jan. ID. iifji)_ Presldcnl. Hiiuver lins asked-Cllarljs O. Dawns, w ; lu rnccnily'«sl[jii«s.-as' U. S. iimbaifiiidor to Orcat^ Britain, to of the $-J,o6o- chMl " 1 former Mti, K c Mar. Shu 1,-ft th c University oi d ,. ulll ." " V ' . in IK» , 0 ,„„. ull . an married him. Her dutlt, „, caring ,o, , home .nj Ih, w , win* orccd her to give up the singe. No, s l,o I,,,., "twinl'Tn l»lns wltllc to ,u her home In Mlnncaix.Its, Minn. Conner Takes the Oath as Mississippi Governor JACKSON, Miss., Jnn. 10. (UP) -Kartln Sennctt Conner became. Mississippi's 44lh governor shortly after noon tocluy wl:en he reputed the oath iidmlnUKrcd by Chief Justice Sidney Smith. Governor Connor then began dc- livn-y of his inaugural . address Brilliant .sunshine and warm tsm- IKrnluri- enhanced the ceremony Iradlng to this climax. IFMBILL'S DRY M . . Secretary of Btalc atlmson 'would '' ; HS hood of the-Ajnir- ' Imi Mvgtuan („ ( | lc Geneva nrrnj '•'' onference, .• ' Euganc. Meyer 1 , head of the 'f^'! f»l rtseivo beard, has beeii named :i halnnaii of the board or dlrcctori' if !ho nnnncc corporation, " "Vh'e president announced. Mr.- Hoover lrt He uames of the other Oirec- rs or the nnnncc - corp6ratloa-" : would be announced utter confer- - ciiccs wlilch will lollow the final jmsngo of ilia fl ni ,,, re cwiioralloa" 1)111 In uonnre.^s. . The preslt'snt snld he wanted'. 16 ' mninlnln tl)c non-partisan complex 1 * " on of th c corporation. 1932 Bond Maturities Are Greater Than Estimated Revenues for Vcar. LITTLE ROOK, Jan. 19.—Maturing principal and Interest of stale highway obligation* and pre-Mar- llncau law Improvement district ob- »galton.i In .1632. M; exceed estl- mat«il rovcniws of the department tot- (no year.'by nearly $2,000,000. It Is revealed, by. a. financial slntemcrit Issued yesterday by the'departmsm. Maturing obligations amount ic - J«n.01fl,MO.lo. Auto license anil gas LiOVCnior Jells '"* «v«au«i In 1W1 were npproxl- A .• n i f D jmately J8,055,000, -•-"- - Anlioaloon League Ke- tionai »40o,ooo is treat May Be In Order. "" chalrman - f highway commission, has nn- Pickard. 1044 Ciilckasaw . . avenue, at 0:45 o'clock this morn- Ing. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 lomornw alternoon at the residence, Mrs. Webb is survived by four sons. John, Frank. Jim and D!ck Webb, all residents of this city, 10 grandchildren and live great grandchildren. All members of the family with the exception of cue grandchild live here. The deceawd, widow of. George Wt-bb, moved here from Riplcy. Ten- nrsscssec, in 1900 and had made her . Tlic ijrejmreil text of hlx .5[>ci?ch had raid "prohibition win not prove (h c wisest legal solution of the control of the liquor traltic." After Ills tnlk Murray sal<l, "I'll Hand back cf everything in my written speech." Murray's plan for regional liquor control among stales tvas described by Scott McBridc, Mijicriiitcndcnt of the league, as un old wet argument with PO new jihnse except neys for the plaintiff and Nelll HEcrl fcr the defendant. tmcks on Acting Judge C. A. Cunninsham ! dismissed members of the Jui piine! not engaged In hcr.ring U.^ C.rcdii?.n-C:awford lawsuit when It developed- that no other cases vould fc": r:aiv for (rial this afternoon. y =>arm in the business district. New Jeney Assembly Votes DryJLaw Repeal TRENTON, N. J., J an . 19. (OP) _ Republicans and Democrats n the New Jersey state assembly jolneJ ° r . c " to P«» • dry repeal bill 42 . a ™ove on the eve for thc The house, Democratic £ m* T " yeara ' c committee last night th« . can measure repealing the Kob»rt law, the state's prohibition act OT the statute books since l»a The ' m ™ rity P art >' surprised but srprse but wet Republicans voted, for the meas- drysc" Have Plenty of Pork with her daughter. Mrs. Luta Pick ard and family for a number of years before her death and had cn- — - Joyed good health until the last Joe D. McCain, wlw resides on a I Vear of her life. A member of the iarm near the steel bridge, will!Methodist church and long a rcsi- nave plenty of meat this winter A '"""' "' "•" """ *'~ <"->-•- •---• Poland China hog wlilch he killed recently dressed 740 pounds. .«i ?^? year old s * lne »•» » and a half feet j n length. West Coa*t Indians Thousands oi Britishers 'Lack Dog License Funds LONDON. (UP)— Thousands of (logs were turned Into the streets during the first few days ol 1932 because their owners were unable to renew their licenses. Dog societies have be ed with applications to help people retain War for Fishing Right* PORTLAND. Ore. '(UP) -Indians along the Columbia river are on the warpath, after many years of p^scc. They s«k. however, to settle their *™<r»nces in the white man's court.- Members of trie Yakima. Warm Springs. Umatllla and Lspkal tribes have entered formal protest against asserted violation of treaty right* oy prlvale property owners near Thc Dalles. dent of the city Mrs. Webb had many friends. The Rev. P. Q. Rorie, pastor of the First Methodist church of this city, will officiate at (lie services to | be lick! tomorrow. Interment will bo made at Maple Grove ceinctcry.-Thc following will act as pallbearers: M. A. Isaacs. J. T. Collins, W. M. Burns. B. P. Brcgdon. Oscar Gan- !.ke and W. M. Cro£. Funeral arrangements are in charge of thc Cobb Undertaking company. bomu the latter part of this year. If no market for highway department notes or bonds Is founu It np- jwars lhc department will iiavo insufficient funds to meet nil of its bond malnrlilcs. lo say nothing of departmental overhead, maintenance, or new construction. Of the total due this year o'lly $7,116,879.83 as Interest and $10883.72 ns paying charges. Payments due during the year on old rond. improvement district bonds on which the stute has paid nil nm- tiirilics since the adoption ot UK Martincau law, total 86,217,032.47. Lerncr Suit Against Henry Lutes Remanded the mcllXHl of controlling liquor' LJTTLE ROCK, Ark.—The slate " 'supreme court In a decision hand- wllhln the states. McBride said the Oklahoma governor was introduced as n dry rd down yesterday held that the Mississippi county circuit court leader ai:d hail repudiated his own convictions by deviating Irom his Lcrner vs. Henry Lutes prepared speech. Chairman A. J. i v . cr£Cd nml remanded 11 BfirtO'.l Of thr 1 CXrCU' 1 -- "' ^ Phf^lrnetv l.-i ^,>*..», said he could EST i erred in a ruling In the case of J Lcrner \s. Henry Lutes and retie cose lo the it rman . . case utive committee/' 7 clll( ' k ns-iv,ua district of th no reason why '. M| sslsslppi county circuit court a B1v . - n J^ . Ia(n . do *n<'«, the Indians say, most every case there are far more 'Indians deeded n«-' applications than funds. ito the g 0vernmen ™'p^dedVex- Approxlmattly three million dog j change that the Indians were to be licenses were Issued in 1931. .allowed all fishing rents and alss An official of the National an- called for exclusive reservalions me Defense league said lhat In i United States Attorney Geo-ee answering applications for assist• ;N'euner hu been authorized to brine »nce, th« claims of old-age ivs- suit against the private owners If stoners and ex-service men arc giv- necessary, according to th* Denort- eh Hrst co.isid«raUon. »>e«t of *- • ™ t0 M Ucpart tuju i;c coiuci sec 1 no reason why ."""-"-^'FF' thc league should comment official- I BI - vtl "!Vlllc. ly on Murray's speech. It will x ' rlltl '"Prenu court held lhat lhc answered amply. Barton and Me- ; clrcult cou '<- f"ed In not holding Bride said, by formal declaration lh " '"*" "' -—-'•' -- • cf lhc organization's policies. Oklahoma Boosts Taxes On State Corporations OKLAHOMA CITY. (UP)-Okla- ED ID Did , 8tim , son *'"'' not e the delugattcn. for Geneva t'fc morrow, It wsvbroiiijht out.- Hush ' Oluson, u. S. ambassador to Del- ' Blum und u member of llu del >«-•''' tlon, will fill ailiiBin-j-plucc al'as/- "tvu for the Urns being. ' " Father and Daughter Killed at Crtsiinj , 40P)-A. 19-' ' year-old high school 'girl-ana -hir ' lnllicrvycro...kl!leu when, their auto-'S, n*»' £lritc>r ' b y"' i -•«««!'- tllc, Chattnnnoen nnd Si. Lank i2 n Rl o crossln; In u. rcjIdsndM ' district todnv. —--.fcjiuiv^.nii y^j i i t \wri—\JKlit- I TU» *i homa"s ad valorem tax collections I nr act ', 011 °", whtch t!l for 1932 will b; increased by $3.000- IPf'Tr ' P Involved a 000 on mibllr « P rvl« rn-nnMii^. i bj J ' ^f"" lo collect en a Princess Elizabeth Sets Color Style for Juveniles LONDON. (UP)—Princess Elizabeth has started a new color fashion in Juvenile society. Just as her summer outfit brought forth a new color, "Princess Betty Yellow," so her winter costume of holly red Is likely, to produce a 'Princess B«tty Red." Elizabeth wore her new color first hen ahe went from London to Sandrlngham for tho Christmas holidays. She wore a short coat of hol- '5 red. & little matching hat, and «*Ilc socks. In her arms she clasp« a large doll, dressed like her- that the »Tlt of garnishment of J. Lcrner and T. B. Davis against funds belonging to Henry Lutr6 constituted a prior and paramount Hen against snld funds, nnt! in holding that, the lien of the Arkansas Grocery company, D. -ale. et al., was a. prior one. tllc s11 ' move 000 on public service corporatloss alone, it was estimated by Melvln Cornish, head of the state tax commission. As result ol n drive by Gov. William H. (Alfalfa Bill) Murray the total assessed valuation -of public service companies was raised approximately SG4.000.0CO, to a total of $108,495,142 for 1931. The tax fate is approximately five per cent. The newly created commission. In operation less than A year, was one of Murray's principal campaign policies, Thc commission examined re-cords of public service companies, appraised their property and recommended asscwmtnts to the stale board of equalization. Although the tclnl assessed valuation of one corporation was raked from $19,000.000 to $29,000,000 only one protest has been made lo the state supreme court; nient obtained against Lnles i;circuit court. Lowel Taylor, Memphis attorney, represented Lcrnsr. and Reid, Evrard and Henderson were counsel for ih c ArXaiv.r, Grocer company, D. Canale and others. Traffic Lijht Signs Urge Careful Driving SOMERVILLE. Mass (UP)-Sijns posted on ever)' traffic light in Som- ervllle urge motorists to "Make a New Year resolution by drlvlns carefully." Miss Annie Louise' Fortner w.« Ins.antly killed, She was hurled^0 feet through the windshield. Her -nther, R. r,. -Fcrtncr. 55, died icr^ly after the accident. Witnesses salil the minor, ilriv- I'lf the cur, .apparently did not' sec the anproa'ililng [ruin. ' M'jne Union Organizer Beaten by Officers KNOXVILLErreiin.. Jun 19 (cj J")-A national' cruanizcr 'of 'iho •Jatlrnnl Mjn.eis Union bared-"-'his mck here tcdny and exhibited two ool-loiig welts or bruises he" 'iSm •' were administered by the Hartaa county "law" early last Saturday it Lynch, Ky. . ••-" ire was Joe Weber of Pittsburgh.' who with Bill Duncan, member of-' he N. M. U. at Pine-vino, Ky., had been missing since Frldny night They told a dramatic stcry of al- cgcd death thread; on .1 wild auto ' noblle ride throujli tuo states \.etiT nnd Ditnc«n wer e found ierc In a smnil hotel. They said hey drove from /upalachia Va. where they lind spent t vvo days Irv lifd recovering from their wounds'.; ' SeH Defense Js Plea in Boone County Harder HAHRISOW, Ark., Jnn. 19 <uj>j •Dsfenst. counsel In the trial-of Roser Gibson, charged ^ith murder " -liinrctlon with tte ^ yln? ot Mnrin, Mountain Home merchant a year ago, today presented evidence hi support of Jiis self defense-plea. Credit Ambulance RJde With Curing Hiccoughs STUTTGART, Ark., ,Tan 19 lUP) -Prail Mrs. Ethel CantMll.' 23 Humphrey, Ark., victim of hic- coughs since tr.e day after Christ- ' The malady was checked last " ? , u y P h 5' sidsn s in Drennen hospital here where she was taken «.- lerday. Dr. prannen saw t;-.s rough ««e In an ambulance from h«r lipnie probablj' had much to to wIUi stopping the hiccoughs. WEATHER ARKANSAS- Pair and warmer tonijht and Wednesday. According to the 'official weather obc:rv?r. Charles Phillips jr, th- M., W John J. Murphv .uggest- M^m^^Th^M: 1 t nf> *\n&f*vttr ae t-»,l,, - *i u ..^j .._ .•«_. __ . «"t i\, jvoi^t- . ed the slogans as helps taw.irj reducing fat.ilitlea during' 1932. For several years fatalities In Massachusetts have averaged about 15 tloy was 33 dsgrwj and the maxi- nium 53 degrees, clear, Todrty , , , t , r ngo the minimum temperature was 34 degrees and the mwimum i»

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