The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1932
Page 6
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He's Still Marathon Ace Investigation or No, Nurmi Will Be on Hand for the - .Olympics. BY WILLIAM BRAUCHt'K NEA Service Sports Editor .NEW YORK.—A bald lillle old man, with 34 arduous yeais behind I •him, is running all over Finland. One day next August he will srum tcr out onto the track at the Olym pic Stadium in Los AHficlcs. ProU ' ably he will be munching nonclin lantly at a couple of doughnuts, a few apples or a sack of banar.ns. v The timer's e"n will bark. Th bald little old man will run awaj from everybody—on u 20-mile miu- alhoti jaunt. And when he crosso the finish line two hours Inter, 1 fflll be announced that Paavo Nur. nil, competing in his fourth Olym pic gamts, has Just established [ : new record lor the 46.263 kilometers, cutting something like hnlf ai hour off the old time made by Kol- S-hrha!nen In the Olympic games o -12 years ago.' C.AU this is surely going 10 happen, because Pnnvo Nurmi jsays il .will. Bald head, 3-1 years and all iiurpiL remains the greatest long distance runner in the world. AIK if he tells you that he will run 26 miles, 383 yards Sn 2 hours 1 inln- • lite and 10 seconds, he will do it even though no man ever lias done It before. You cnn make your bets How, : The Olympic games will furnish mighty spectacles, but there will be none to 'equal that of the Flying Finn, coming down the home- h. pnt-pat-pat. with that dead J his showing no effects of th« milling pace he sets— ".And then, jogging across thc track to, ttic dugout, for his sweater, stopping perhaps to remark to n friend that,"this California nir certainly «• wonderful for rheumatism." ' V • •' • • » : The other day a little dispatch from Helsingfors related that Nur, mi was oeinu "Investigated." The Amateur Athletic Union of Finland • wms peering into his record for the .taint of professionalism. II substantiated this charge would bar Nurmi Irom the Olympic games. But there need be very little worry about that. When the Olympic track and field events begin. Nurmi \ will be here. He has been invesl,!- I gated-by experts. : Just after the 1324 Olympic games Nurmi toured America. He took part In some 50 meets. When he 'got ready to go home a. super-investigation was launched. The result \vns the .disbarment of Hugo Qulst from amateur athletic*. Hugo,' ostensibly, was Nurmi's trainer. As a matter of fact, he arranged for the meets in which Murmi participated. He was a pretty good arranger! All during the trip Nurmi had plenty of fish and bananas to eat. good clothes to wear and mysterious money in his Jeans, The big squawk came at tlie time of the Drake Relays, ft seems that the fact was somehow conveyed Id the Drake people that Nurmi would be glad to run away from nnybody they might name, but the trivial item of his expenses from Helsing- fors to the scene of the relays would have to be taken care of by the Drake Relay people. This slight demurrage might range between $2000 and $3,000. A mighty yelp went up. tlie super- investigation was launched, it was discovered that Paavo Nurmi was o poor misguided paper-hanger from Helsingfors who didn't understand English, and Huso Q,. kt WM ex _ posei to the world as a fiend in human form. -By which you may gather that a rolling stone might gather som= moss, after all. day night. The score was 18 to 1C. The Cooler flik also won over he Steele lassies marking the 4th Imc this season that- Cooler hns ran a double-header victory. The ;lr!s score was 21 to 16. Tlie boys game was one ol the ardest fought'clashes ever wlncss- d on the court here. The win of the 7ooter team was iu_ the nature of n upset as the Sfec-le team has wen rated 05 one of the outstanding-teams In southeast Missouri. A large crowd turned out for tli« ames. Tan Pfajrr ffbo Can Control Toss- V»lmable P.rt of Any Bas- Offtnsive. '.- ••:;'• W CLAIRE BURCRY (Copyright, 1932, NEA Service. Inc) ^Control of the center toss-ups is wobably the first part of any basketball offensive. The tallest men or at least the highest Jumpers, usu- •Ey gain this tdvantage for their tcnos. '. The referee tosses the ball up- Tard between the two center players, each standing with, both feet on or iasfSe the circle and each in Ms own half. The toss must be IS5? ^a.dHier pl»y«r can touch. Neither jumper may leave the clr- cle until the ball h« been - to the ,„,-. . ** <*** tow-upe, the jumpers ucome the SUM position twn to ««ch *»di other; I arras Is a personal loul AItK.1 COtJRIBR NEWS PAAVO NUKM1 Cooler Stock Jumps With Win Over Steel< COOTER, Mo.—Thc Cooler ...... Vlldcats. loomed as strong contenders for the Pcmlscot county boys :agc championship when they de"'-! the Steele quint, (or county title Cardwell Teams Divide Pair With Rector Squads OARDWELL, Mo.—Friday cve- ing, January 15, (he Cardell high school boys lost for Die .ramrt time (his season The girls ddert another victory. The games, •1th Rector high school, were play- d in the Cardwell high sehoo! gym, While a large number of people •ere present, and much interest hown, the games did not prove so eally interesting due to the fact hat they were too one-sided. Scores ere: boy's, Rector «0. Cardwell 22-' Iris, Cardwell 42, Rector 12. Hu- wrt M. Wilson refcrecd both games-' harles W. Mickey, scorekcepcr ardwell llne-iips: boys, L. ( Fn« Ifwart, g; O. Mizei g; Killloii c- . Miz«, f; Cunnlnghom, f; N. Stcw- rt, g; Bishop, c; Wells, f. Qiri s to, f; Dean, f; Bishop, jc; Leser, re; North, g; Moore, g. To date the boys have tost two ames and the girls have lost one he Indians meet Senath o: Cardell, Jan. 22. IVlday afternoon iho Antioch rade school boys and girls basket- all teams played Cochrum school t Cochriim. Antioch won both amcs. The boys score was 1-10, nml he girls score 21-30. 'ortageville SpUts Two Games With Hayti Cagcrs HAYTI, Ato.-The Hayti Indians. eal high school cage (cams, piayixi double-header h«rc nt the nvin- asiuni Frkiay evening, with 'the ortagevilic high school trams The <«ncs were witwss«l by many bas- etball fans o( Poriagcville and layti. The local girls won wilh n point lead. The Hayti girls were ervous during the first, half, mak- K poor passes and fumbling quite bit The score of the first quarter >s 7 to 8 in favor of Porkigevlllc ray kept thii l«i(j all during tlie first half. The ^^ oi thc J « uart«r was 9 to 11. But In the wend half the local girls showed some f their usual pep by bringing the 'core up during the third quarter ,„ '" favor of Ha >' u - Still g the pep In thc last quar- «r the game ended with the score 8 to 21 in favor of Hayll. Poster " m ' tes ta scorln ? with a tolal of 13 Irst quarter Portogeville. luarter the better Durin _uunng made three score for the In favor of the second s were show- DID YOU KNOW THAT— When John McGrnw debarked at Miami bound for Hnvann. Mr. Will Klein \vns on himil to wish Mm n liuppy landing . . . The line ot jockeys walling for jobs at Tropical Tnrk 'would use up a half hour passing a given point • . . salaries for the boys liavc come down, too ... joefeey.s with holdover contrncu; figure themselves as lucky ns tlic winner of n y>0 slraiRlit parlay on a couple of 50 to 1 shots . . fillers who used to dictate their Q«J1 terms are said to be anxiously nwnitlng word from their employers . . . former star jo:ks are rree-lniicuig, taking any kind of mounts they can got ... by the way, people who patronize th; ponies ought to get a pretty uco:l rkle for their money nowadays. in favor of Portagovllle. Barnes was high point man on the Hayil team The lineup for the Hnytl teams was u follows: Girls, j. Alsnp 13 !• I-. Poster. 15, f; O. iromer, c- G Al- S"P, c; C. Hngenuinn. g: M Haee- ' g ' ^' lbS ' Provow ' Holll "!<i. Boys. Wllbanks. 4. f; Trnlnor f-' Schumacher, c; Burrcss, g: Martin' 2. g. Subs, Duncni), names, a The wrnes were refereeil by Sellings ol Biil of Lading for Skves Recovered ATLANTIC CITY. (UP1-A bill of lading for 46 negro slaves from Baltimore to New Orleans on Mar -3, 1844, has been recovered from the city files by George O. Ortlip. Under terms of the document, Hope H. Blatter agreed to pay $12 or each slave more than 10 years of age. and $5 for each one under .hat age upon their solo delivery n the southern city. WARNING ORDKR CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Nellie erase. Plaintiff, No. 5019 vs. Oscar erase, Defendant. The defendant, Oscar erase. Is varned to appear, \\ithin thirty days: in the co:irt named in - the option hereof and answer the :omplaint ol tho plaintiff, Nellie 3rnse. D-.:(ert Jnn. 16, 1332. R. L.- .GAINES. Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, Ally. Ad LitCJii. I8-S5-1-8 : Sour major league clubs are send- ns <;:it railracii for thc Ivory ob- JcK d'art wllli which they expect o decorate t'nelr ball parks during thc summer. That means spring cannot lie far brlilnd. .Mostly, flic teams w,-;i go'bacit o where they lett off last spring Hie exception Is the Giants who aie going to California. Mr <i aw likes llic flowers out that way ;J Hie lurger K ai«s. That will make four t;ams training in Call- foinla this year—Glnnts, Cubs Pirates and Timers. Florida still Ims the upper hand Jack Dalwn, with eight major league te.ims-thc Reds, Browns Hrnvos. Yanks, C.uds, Macks I'hili and thc.Ilrooklyii National League Baseball Club, Inc. (formerly iiio Hnliliii). The Tncliiins. after flirting with California, decided to go back to New Orleans for .iiiotficr siege of •raining niid crawflsh-strangliiiK Clark Orimih h taking his men 'oung and old. to Uiloxl, M^' 1'licrc Joe already h getting his -cdan died up to haul the portable typewriter boys profitably to the "bawl pahk." Sox \hru: in Texas Lsv: Pon.iecn will conduct his set of Muffed uniforms lo San Antonio where he will iry to breathe into them the breath of life. On the way down n railroad iwrter named Snmbo Is going to wake everybody up in the car by exclaiming at the size of SmcnU Jollcy's shoes. 'Hie Sox mny o; may not become lonesome for ihe Ginnta who used to battle them • in spring training gnmes every year. Fonseca's Futile FIU-HCCM. indeed, are quite isolate from other mnjor league clubs M-c nearest being (he Indians, at New Orleans, a night ami half-day away by train. ' » • + i Hot Air In Florida. There will be sonic noise and color nl Br.Klciuon, furnished by Dizzy ucan idling about how he set the Texas League on its ear last year. There will be some more at St. Petersburg where Art Shires will condescend to train with the Braves. There BRUSHING UP SPORTS^ , JANUARY 18, m will bq some more at Clcarwutcr, where Manager Maximilian Carey will launch the noble experiment of leaching the Brooklyn National League Baseball Club, Inc., some "smart baseball " Well Casey Stengel will be there' with him, nnd Casey always is a lot of fun. So will Jack Quliui. and he's fun, too-but Max says they are not going |o be so funjiy in Ihe future. If he has Jus way; iv .^i i ' al ! n . Bmch E«XI ow GETT/N' •foo otp IFOR ON JAN. 2O JACrx QUINU VETERAN BIG spiTsALu PITCHER SIGNEP TO Pflcii •5EM1-PRD BALL IM CHIG40O. HE KOOG-HT HE WA<? THROUGH MAJORS NOW HE FOB BROOKLYN. CHICK. MNG- PODE AT LEAST ONE WAITER. EVERY PAY FROM DEC. 30, \91\ TO JAN. i<5, i9u AT THE FAIR.GROIWDS?. NEW OQ.LEAN2 Win Tonight Would Insure Blytheville of Share in Ark-Mo Race. Coming down the stretch In ihe final spurt (or first half honors In the Ark-Mo league, tho leading Bytheville quintet will uke on tlie Otceola five nt the nrinory tonight. Only two nighls of play are left in ihe first half race whlc.i clcses on Jan. 25th. Right an t.'ic liesls of the leaders and threatening to overtake them at any moment are the Yarbro and jSlcclc quints. Steele oiicouuters Cooter in the nrsl game en tonight's I program while Yarbro takes on a j rejuvenated Armorel clan in the ! secant! game. The Blylhevltlc-Osce- ; ola clash is the nnal on tlie jii»lu's |card. | A victory for the Blylhevilte twin ;orer Osceola tonight will clinch at : least a share in top honors for the l ". l ." ha [ 1te the local boys, should x Ulythevillc «lu tonight ihe bei . either Yarbro or Steele could do ifc / he event Blyt^villc loses its iin al start on the night of Jan. 25, would to He for first place. Slandinfs .Team w lUlythevillc 5 ' Yarbro . 4 Steele 1 Cooter '.'.'. 2 Armorel 2 Osceola ... , I'ct. .833 .C6C .608 .333 .333 .1GC •ermen.'none of whom "happens lo now how lo drive. The Red Sox this year will irain at Savannah. On. . Anyway that eliminates that train ride from Jacksonville to Pensacola. concerning which the less said, the better. AUGUSTA, Nte. (UP)—Nearly 8000,000 young trout, salmon "and tongue were slocked 'in lakes and streams of Mnine during' 1931 Oorge J. Stobie, .fish and game commissioner, has reported. Bill Killcfcr be putting Phil Jails club through whatever paces the Brownies can stand being put through. Ana Lefty Stewart probably again will kindly lend his auto- noMlc to a few deserving newspo- XOTICE OF COMMISSIONERS SALE ' Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned, as commissioner of he Chancery Court for the Chick- asawbfl District of Mississippi bounty, Arkansas, acting under au- hority of a. decree rendered No- •cmber 15, 1931, In a cause peud- ng therein wherein W. I. Dcnton. ct al., were plaintiffs, and N. j! lows and Vlrgie Jones, were de- ondants, will, at the court house n Blytheville. on the 23rd day of January, 1932, oiler for jale to he highest *nd best bidder, upon i credit of three months, tlxe mdivided. Interest of the defendants in and to the Fracdnal Vorth Half (NH) of lli c Norll-- east Quarter (NEK) of Section Twenty-four (W, Township Fil(15) North, Range Ten (10) .urlty, and a lien „ .v, nu ivu ipon the property until the pur- :hasc price Is paid. my hsnd as such com' this llth day of Janu- R. L. GAINES. Commissioner. Solicitor for Plaintiff. 11-18 WARNING OKUER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OP r>fISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT . Jennie .M. Butler, iPlaintiff No. 4975 vs. Uary Holmes, et til., Defendants. Waggle Mason, formerly Maggie Villlmns. one of the defendants In he nbove cause, is warned to ap- >ear In tlie Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas ^hickasawba District, within thjrt;' Inys und answer thc complaint f the plaintiff, Jennie M. Buller Vitncss mj- hand as clerk of said court nr.d the seal thereof (his IHh day of Januarv, 1932 (Seal) R. L. GAINES, By Hnrvey Morris, D C 11-18-25-1 GEM THEATRE Last Time Today Matinee—2:30 - Night— 6:.15 Adm.—Matinee—10 and 2oc Nisht—10 and 30c SEE 'Star Witness' with Walter Huston, "Chic" Sale, Dickie Moore and Sally Blanc News and Short Subjects KITZ THEATER l«t Time Today Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adrn.—Jtatineer-10 and 30c '' •SEE I • Gret?i G Ramoiin NovaiSo m lataflaffi News and Short Subjects Tuesday and Wedn^day Jlatinee—2:30 - Night^-6:45 Adm.—Matinee—10 and, 30c Night—10 and 35c TOGETHER AGAIN! JACKIE COOPER l-ovable scamp of "THE CHAMP" and ROBERT COOGAN ivith their mothers, playmates and dads — in a lilting, laughing classic of the most priceless era in , life — YOUR kid days! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Adm.—Matinee and Nighl JO ami 25c 'Three Wise Girls' •with Mae Clarke, Jean Hai-low and Marie Prevent News and Short Subjects Depression Delays Haircut ROCHESTER. N. H . tUFJ-The Rochester Courier, under a North Straff ord dateline, said recently that a resident ol that town has ^ hair cut twice a year-lndepeudence Day and Christmas-hut had to forego the 1931 Yuleticie trimmin? because of hard times. Again Reduces Prices Buy now! Don't drive on worn, einoolli lircs when you can have new Firestone Tires at llicsc low prices. Never before, could you buy such remarkable values You get extra strength, extra snfcty, extra service with every Firestone Tire because of thesccxtra Firestone construction features. G»-Blpplng, the r; r «, on c pattn.e.i «lr« process that makes the cord Ixxly loughcr and ilronger. •Tw. Extra C»rd Fllc« Under «be MI *•••» « paten(«l (irntonc construction that §nc»ackle<l protection aR.instpuiiclurrsamlblo!,- outt and •Irongrr bond between tread and cord Tongher, Iblekcr n»»- s kid fr*«d that R.v« greater iion- s l,id protection and longer non- akid wcfcr. 1931—thc year in which values counted most — was f or Firestone a year of great accomplishment. Because of Firestone's iincqiialco! position in h.iying raw materials — rubber and cotton — efficient factories and economical distribution, they gave car owners tlie greatest valuca in their history. Drive i» today. E<j u i p y pur car , v . ilh Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires and enjoy their cilra safety and satisfaction at the lowest prices in history. The screen's Champ cheer leader is up to new tricks in Shantytown! n: Adapted from the book "DEAR SOOKV by PERCY CROSBY Directed by Norman "Sklppy" Tanrojf News and Short Subjects Speet«l bc»nd tires »re mmlc l>y f,SdSitribulH.n by mail order l, wo b«nd,. Th«e t'rc-. lWUty, identity or ^ •IC rM through ritcstonc Service pr* complelo r-rvicc. \ m , gc , «• 5Vlr»l°he" o,,..cry lire Firc^onc r . , , , ",""'? ^ ' "" 11 !li8 nam '- J ', slribut<> ™ ""<*" p " Mic w'«hout the «s»nncTirai Sln «» who thc nmluc Ererj' tire minuf«rtured bf t'iresloae bain the carries their and our irn- lintitrd guarantee. You pre Joufcly prolecl-,j. & BATTERY STATION I'hone 777 ,< DRIVE IN AND EQUIP YOWR CAR TODAY tfonffa) jVfcfitOtvrjV.B.C.

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