The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1932
Page 5
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Y. JAMARV J8, CLASSIFIED ADS If'Va cents a word lor first Insertion *nd one cent a word [Tor ttcli subsequent ln«rttJO (No advertisement taken for JMU than soc. Count the words and |jtci>4 the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SAUE—Baby chicks, nil varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blyttievlllc 18clf 1'OR BE.NT FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 700 West Walnut, 2GC-T1-' L'Olt KENT—My BO aero (arm. «ls e of town, end of Franklin street, formerly rented by A. G. Byrimi. Write J. B. Byrum, Sikcston. Mo. 1P-K22 FOB RENT — 320 acres on hard road 4 miles west Oseeo'.a, Ark. 3fiO acres 4 miles oast of BlyUie- ville, Ark. Will vent in tracts ot 40 acres anil up. Tenant must lie able to arrange for his furnish. Sec J. W. Badcr, Blytheville, Ark. 15C-K19 FOR RENT—Five room furnished house, 200 West. Kentucky. Mrs. Allic Sisk. Phone 072. 1GC-K20 FOR RENT—Bungalow, turnished or unlurnlshed, double garage, servants room, chicken house, !!' acre, 1 mile from Main out Franklin St. Mrs. Ai'chillion. 1CC-K19 FOR RENT—10 acres, BCIHJ farm land, u room house. Want (o sell (cam and farming outfit. Mi's. Archillion. I5C-K1U FOR RENT—605 Chfckssnwba St., Five Rooms and Until. Apply at h c New York Store. 15OKH OR RENT—Furnished apartment. 108 West Kentucky, Phone 683. 13P-K20 Tivo four-room houses, lira and three room furnished apartments. Mrs. Ted Green. 18pk25 WANTED WANTED-Waitings. Mrs. M«o Kimuall. 505 Lilly street. Call Red Cross. K-TP WANTED—Fresh Cream. St. Louis prices paid. Bennett's Dairy, Blytheville. • 7C-K31 WANTED TO EXCHANGE-Team of mules for truck. J. C. Ellis, .oute 2, Box 114. HC-K21 LOST AND FOUND LOST — Bunch ot keys marked with owner's name. Walter Eusk. Call 123. 15C-K1S STOLEN—Purse containing valuable papers and aluminum cigarette case. Parties known. Two Dollar Reward if cigarette case returned and no questions asked. Mrs. .\fay Winters. SC-KTP LOST—Brown leather zipper purse between Kentucky avenue and business section. Reward. Phone 23. 15C-K19 LOST—Boston Terrier, ,ma!c, brin- dlc and white. Bormn's. 15C-K20 Novemncr 16, 1331 Treasury Department. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Notice is hereby given to all persons who may have claims against "The First National Bank of Blytheville, Arkansas," that the same must be presented to at. L. Bradlcj-, Receiver, wim the legal proof thereof, within three months BLYTHEVTT.LE, (ARK.) COUniEK NEWS SECOND HAND FURNITURE BOUGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-303 K. Slain AUTOS RENE W E U Expert Repairs to Bodies, Fenders, Hoods, Etc. Paint Colors Matched. Acetylene Wclriinj for Fenders, Frames. Duors, Etc. Tops, Glass, etc., Replaced. Prices Reasonable. Phillips Motor Company rhones 811-810-177 PROPERTY OWNERS! Better place your REAL. ESTATE tor sale or rent with CAUD1LL. Particular attention given to renting and collecting rents on Farms and Kousos G. O. CAtDII.L, Phone IDI-TO BUY OLD BEN COAL 's CIc;m t PJiouc 100 C. Robinson lumber Co. BY KA' HKHtj TOUAIT *"* «•• t/tCILT rE.NWIGK v*., Ikrlr "»»«"rtuor,'HAinil V<:i:«. .n< ihTlriirmMpartnlp, I • 1^-^ -^B^^ » -^»^^ CLEAVER STRAHAN •,<v ^. - cl.l »>r°ii>lbUllr, Am*. \ih> U 18, J«^"""kl« (• m*TTT ruiL ECHO\1>, rv^Mtf Imrtjrr t« wh*ii Hh« »n. brm <rmf*ftt for rt«kl »>ra. CrrlU. 'j:, |.v» HA^IHY MlKKEL. »• r*clmr*T, k«t ikt. kf praimm «»[• rtfuif, I« »n>» Ihrll xtd4liv dale fur <be mama rr»«». Mary-' rancri, 15, aHl »tlll U • rbouT, strike* •]> »m »c«M»lMlHBte wit* BAKL DBjtU«Ol'\'T, »•<«. Jillt, nctio, »< meet* Urn mtfttl- ly. lie Irlr* (• p«raiu4« k«r t« MfaMv hl a •(:**• p«r4»cr. .««• •«< rill narrrl wtra «k« hfar, l.t^TTV K1NC. nko work> I« I'kll". «au, Ij.llOm, nd.rcu KIM %v[|li rHdrnrmrnu. J)« Arnmuiit fn»llM«r« t<i «rrc Mary-r'rnurr^ to tofn hU tit-i «•« torbrd w l«t lm« Awn Irlr* r l"r nranid HJllrll, rlofc j . _ Nk^ IrarMB Unrrj k«« >vllko«l trlllnc kcr cl Plill by c»- K1:\NET1I NOW GO ON WITH THI: STOHV CI1APTEU XXXV J^jn. G. 0. CAHMIUUAEU prcat- deut and solo owner of tbo Pomc-.MalU Bakery Products Company (Carmlcliael's Big Cream Loaf. Carmlehael'3 Cookies for Cnrmlehaers Cakes for Cliotco Occasions), stood on nls front porch and frowned across bis well-mown lawn over to his bugles* pink roses nnd sighed worriedly. Gray haired, healthy, clean shaven, excellently tailored, In ap- ccaranco iia resembled a banker— or thought that ho did. His ambition Tor 25 years slnco he bought his first small shop and stopped doing bakiui; for tlie other fellow, liaj been to look llko a banker. That, then, must navo been so much to the good on ibis early Monday morning. Also, conscience clear, be had slept well, Had arisen, breakfasted satisfactorily. Mssed his wife whom ho loved devotedly, and had gouo now—as far as tho porch, at least—to a business that was thriving robustly at a time when mauy businesses were falling. Neither surfaces nor depths Eeerned to provide reason for Mr Carmichacl'3 depression. Peace should bare been dropping slow wo; hi htard tlwn whUperlu* in Mary-France* might not Uw h* m/loj* *mA *«M»k* »V_._ .L _ d..^» .•_!.. ™ . ~T" T ' - wind and Citght them on tht •Inc. No duty, no mttUr to whom t belonged, vu tait «n;where near Mr. CarmtcbML MaryTrine«» F«awlck «u com- os down ttu walk on b«r w»y to whooL Mr. C*ralchiel. adectlni strolling tall, m«t tier by ttu pink roses in bis parkins. "Good, morning, my dear." hs said. "Good niornlnf. Mr. Carmlcnsel." "Mica morning, Isn't H! On your way to Echool, I suppose!" "Yes, Mr. Carjafchao!." "School soon out now. Isn't It?" "Yes, sir. W«'r» having our finals his week. It [3 algebra today, I im dreadfully worried about U. It's 10 bard." "CPEAKINQ o! KortlOB," said Mr. *•* Carmlchael, TT8 been quite i bit worried myself, aero of lat«. I'cry Queer thing. For some time now I'ra noticed a young couple over In your yard—right near the corner. They r*eet there frequently. . woudcr if your grandfather would Ike to bavo that sort of tiling solus on In hip. yard?" 'What sort ot thlngr said Mary. Frances. 'Love making, I hare no doubt innocent lovo making,™ modestly nslsted Sir. -Carmlcliael. "out— night after night. No. 1 am cer- aln that your grandfather would not llko It." "1 don't much' think he'd care," Mary-Frances comforted. 'I'm not BO euro ot that, young ady. I'm not so sure ot lliaL Here 3 a peculiar thing. Tho girl Is 1'our sizo and Wild. In fnct, If 1 didn't know what a sensible little . you were, I'd bo positive that stia was you. But i know you too well to think that you'd bo spark- Ing out In the, yard, nlglit alter light, when you should 09 In toe houso studying your algebra. That's the way I know this girl isn't you. You understand, I'm sure sh» isn't. !n tact. I'm so sure of it that, unless I see tbi tb^.coup!a-,.t_b,efa:«piln,._I.;»e Srandfatber at all Ot course, '.1 I should ever see them there again, even once more—and I (eel It Is my duty to watch out—then I'll be bound to inlorm your grandiathor, and no ll's nor and'a about It." Mary Frances' cheeks dimmed -- ---..—^ the roses'color. She said, "I'll bav« But, l:ad someone come Inquiring to hurry now. 1 guess. I always go ~ by for my friend, Ermlntrude Hill. Coodby, Mr. Carmichael," and walked away so last that she heard Mr. Carmichael any, "A word to tho V.ISD," only once, though ho said 1L three times before ha said. "Woll, that's off my mind," and entiled hfs satisfaction, and went to take his car from tho garage. ,, . . % •T wan a pity, a great pity. But • for Mr. Carmichael and hig duty, tliero la a slim cbance, at leist, as to the absenca ot tho nine bean rows and tho hive for tho honeybee, ho would have been told tbat Mr. Carmichael had a disagreeable duty to perform. Dulles wera Mr. Car- mfchael's fetishes. Kindly, well meaning, earnestly mistaken about many things, Mr. Carmichael did not need to sea tla duty to do It- He scented duties from afar and made them kto m with a whiff ot flunked uat la hw tlfebr* euml- nation; and thent U a (tout ctr- lalnty (hit th* n«T«r would DATS written to Earl D*Arnount; Utir Prlac* Wonderful: * All hu been dlicorerexJ. W«fl»r» noTcr m«t in In. Whsterw you do, don't c«ni» to;e* m* tonlfht. J mean It rtally. Tbla. dearest, 1> our IIrat enforced absence from each oilier, Beloved, let us put cur hearts together and get comfort. It Is not a trua separation to know Hint another part ot the world con- latns tho rest ot aic. Oh, the resl ot mo, th, rest ot m« that you arol So, tbluatiij; ot you, I can never be tired. 1 rest youri. I will jtve this letter to my friend to take to you, and it you will answer ID tbc inc.'oseii, addressed, stampod envelope I should get It boforo I go lo school In tlio morning. Answer et once, nml bo sure to use iho envelope, lieoauso It Is Ermlutrudo's w itlng. nnd if the family should seo It before 1 do llioy would tblnk 1 was sotting n nolo from Ernitn- trudo. Dearest, 1 lovo you too much, loo much. I cannot wrlto It. 1 am your most uuhnppy and loving, Kranklo. It la dirnciiit to know what to do with quotation marks la Mary- Frances' letter. It la so mixed up. Perlinna tlio sections that she crlbhcil can bo detected without pointing at them. The child had a certain genius for getting hold of books slio would Imvo done Just as well or bcllor without. Her plai for acquiring tlieru had. as hs:. much of genius. Its roots, at least. In simplicity. She hunted hard, and hlsu and low, for books that hail tho word "lore" ia their tttlo. excluding only those tbat »ccmcd to dwl with religion or nature study, Rosalie's mind lived going tho easy, anthologlcal ways, and sho frequently confessed that, though aware of her folly, (he could read better with a pencil In bor flagerB; so the small bamhoo stand behind her door ("My own Intltnato collection.—my dearesl trieada. Ono 1 should^-bavs- them close at haud; don't you agree with rao7") KOS richly fertile with ready reference material for Mary- France?, Tho EngKslncoman's Love Lcttert, however, had not been found In Kosallo's room. Tholr thin Tolume had been squeezed crooked between TVejt Coast Sfielfo and An Epi(o«« of Modern European Literature (1S83). In tho library downstairs. It was filled with pressed, powdery four-leaf clovers, wulch were a nuisance. In tho front of It was n bookplate, umlecorsted, which, road, "This Book Is tlio Property of A. N. Monks, and Must Bo Relumed to Him Without Fail." In tho back of It, rubber stamped', wore the pur- plo words, "This Book IB the property of tho Cozy Nook Circulating Library, .Wendllng, Utah." Another of tbose black-sheep Tolumes that iro l«loj 10 »tray ami cot lost on llio most moral, dljiiltlcil, and |nw- •Wiling bookslielve*. Poor Illlto lilng, 11 nil groaned Its Irago'V IM Mnry.Vrauccs pliovcd It tacit Into lla plica. • « • gH.MI.VTHUUa wlio tmd own waltliiB during tho long process ot tho htlcr's' construction, MlJ, "Well, if yon'ra through at lust, don't waslo tlio Mnry-Fraiiccs. let's go. dole afternoon." "Wnslol" "Waste!" reproached Mury-Fraucen, nuil toHoweil Ermlntriiilo out ot :i>o ioi:r, <!;uX old library into tli< warm, fragrant bouquet of Juno. On llio front porch Krmlntnide auEed to eay again—slio Inul mid I several times before—"1 Just •kin ceo any sonso In It." crooked her nrui around Krmlntrinlo'H vlnmii ftiilbL "(.'umo on, ilnrtlnt;. I'll wullc as fur os llio llro house svltti yon." "No, but wluu 1 mean," extiliilncd Kriiilutriick>, as she allowed heisi-It to bo led nloiig, "Is Unit U yon'ro Kolnj ng far na tlio llro bunao, 1 don't sco why you can't go on (tie rest ot iho war nnd call on him you real t a ml tell Mm yourself about ^!r. (J-'inlcliacI nnd nil, Instouil ot "10 calling on him and living him a Idler." "All 1 can say lo that." deplored •M.iry-Fritnc(.'S, "Is that It you ilon'l j'.ist naturally undcraliinil a thing H!ro tlilH, Brmlntrudo, just nutiir- nlly understand It, It wouldn't ho lay uso In ilio world tor mo to try I'd do n.i much Ami, anywuy, don't tlilnk It la nncli an awful lo <lo. consldcrliiB tlinl I'm rlglit OURBOAUDINGHOUSE lo csidaln It lo you. for you. nny tlmo. ', ALVJi^i , MV BRIGrh" AMP DOLLARS' SEI.LtMO THOSE . r /MP I UJOMPE!? IF LCifl*j VdUR GOOD CLP DOLLARS TO liELP A>J tiHPoR~rM~T~ PE.-1L. / I GIV/E YOU MV WORD, IS AS SURE AS -TH/vr i WILL PAV BACK WELL ~~ ou-r OF MV secR&r r(ipi«aa ptAce J ~~ I'LL MAKE Vcul PROMISE- "l^AT SQuYL T>AV M& BACK o/kj WASriWOTbdrs BlRTHPAV, BECAUSE He NEVER ~ibt.p A LIE., AH.' you CA&C QQ BACK oil VOUR WflRP OfJ BOOTS AND HER (JANUWAY! . In tlio mldnt ot u Ufa tragedy mid , said Ermln- truJo, ",-va Jou positively corinlii tliat you fiu:,kcd algebra this luoru- 'ng?" "Tlml's alwut tho hnnilrcdth tlmo you'vo asked tno. What's tlio uoo of lalklug about It nil tho tlino'f "Yon don't «rcn caru, do yon, int wo won't get our poutca to rldo lucarap nor auylhlnB?" "1 do (no caro. But I tlilnk your father will got yours nnywjy. It woaliln't ho right not 10 got your'a lust became I flunked." "Tlie troubla with Daddy," sfglic'd Ermlntruilc, "Is tliat ho nlwuva ilocs Just exactly what ho saya ho will. and lio never docs wlmt lio says ho won't Ho Bald It wo liolh passed In overyllilng he'd Bet us both ponies to rldo. And If wo hod, lio'd ot got tho poulos It ho'd bad to go to 1'endleton or iiome placo and at«al 'oui. Hut alnco you flunked, bo won't, anil that's all there IB lo It I guess I know my own father better than you Ik, Continued:)' from this date or they may be j'lsallowed. J. W. POLE, Comptroller of the Currency. Il-ISC—K2-IG-32 WARNING OKUEK 11. A. Ncteon; T. C. Alexander, as Trustee for The New England iecurities Company; The New England Socurities company; and Henry C. Flower, receiver for the New England Securities Company, are warned to appear in the Cliau- ""-y Coiirt for the Cbickasswba kansas. \\ithin thirty days,' and answer the complaint of St. Louis Union Trust Company. Dated this January 18, 1332. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Reid. Evrarri i: Henderson. Attorneys for Waintilf. 18-25-1-8 WAKNING OH HER Gordon Carmnn; mia Carman; E. M. Terry. Trusted; P. SI. Wright; A. T. Earls and Mrs. A. 1'. Earls, arc warned lo appear in His Chancery Court for the Chicka- District of Mississippi Coun!y, Arkansas, within thirty days, and. answer the complaint or Un>n Savings Buildirig & Loan Association. Uated January. 18. 1932. R L. GAIXES, Clerk, Uy Harvey .\forrls, D. C!. Reid, Evrard k Henderson Attorneys [or Plaintiir. ,-,, . 1B-25-1-8 Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T. ... 118 7 8 Anacon.a Copper .•.•;;;„ ' New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 18. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close an 660 675 665 C60 ,Iar 674 G84 674 61ii ,Iay "690 700 G83 601 'Illy 7C6 117 706 709 )Ct 72S 733 725 725 >CC 741 748 140 742 SpDts closed steady at COS, unchanged. New York Cotton \ British Seaside Town NEW YORK, Jan. 18. (UP)-Cotlon eioscd steady. Open High Low Close Jan M9 iiis MS 1^3 Mar 675 085 «75 t!7B May 091 703 BOO 69U July 108 718 707 111 Oct 728 740 723 73.') DOC 748 755 745 752 LONDON. (UP)— James Gardner, u blind nun, disci suddenly from | pneumonia, despite the rnct that lie was wearing: three tlanncl imilcr- vcsts, two pairs of trousers, two S|K>ts closed steady at 685, up 5. coat. vests, a hsavy shirt, anil a thick FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Mourns Gull's Death KEBSINGLANn, Norfolk, England. (UP)—This little seaside village is mourning a dead seagull, Billy. Everybody knew Hilly. Jic had fed Irom thousands o[ hands. His owner found lilm finite yomit; about years a«o and taught him many tricks. Every morning iU elahl, Kilty knocked at tlic door with his ucak. was admitted, and fed on bread and inlli;. But a, boy caii^hl billy and beat, him o duatli. 6O«V GOOO TrVlMc, •ww w<xno SET WEHOE , "WKV cities s.. c «.-> Cola ........ '""m 12 Continental Baking.. e General Electric .. " 2 4 i 4 General Motors ... 2 7 , I Montgomery Ward . " g q , New York Central ... '"32 12 Packard ...... . ' : Radio ......... ; Simmons ... Standard of N "j Texas Co ..... •.... ...... u. s. steel ....... ;;;;; o j ,7 ^ ylc yc !la , ;=cen set by Lady Kurncss. daugh e", ,01 Harry Hays Morgan ct N e » York, ami one of the leading t-trsof the Princsof aMdr, of friends. It is the fashion ot wearing long red gloves with ring <« with single stones culsld--:. THATS (3MAT- 1JO-JJ 'f VlE'LL 6ET A CCOD NICK V'See,THE MOLE I IM TH 1 Roof VJILL. / TAU:£ Cfae. op \ THE £l/.o*6 /(. i'"j!''J|! ~ A^'I) TOASTY! WASH TUIifiS TELL- VJ£ OUo-tTP _ --SToTVe ^ SSoUsO.,iT.S ALWAYS A \f T»iKMea covJjj f\. T^sae .'.' •'"1— CCfp By HftS MAPE A FlU£ STAR! HESSW5& FOUND IM TWE COIHi IS To GUESS w. THAT FIRST VJOP.O— (T TH^S FINE. MoyJ we KNGUJS THE , ^,, ^.^,0 Levre.R. "S 1 ; AW TKNT FILLS our I TOO. AN' » THE. vJORDS "LOOSE" AN' "STOMEr/ BEICHPk 'KT By Cnwi UMpeR LOOSE CTONC L\OM'S PEN.". ^ ITS SOLVEP1!

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